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January - 11


Siang River Festival begins today

Ojing Tayeng

AALO, Jan 10: The Siang River Festival 2010 will get off to a colour start  from Jan 11 in order to promote indigenous art and culture as well as games and sports. The preparation of the festival has been completed this evening.

Various tribes from different parts of the district have also been arrived to take part in the Mega celebration.

Besides, displaying of different cultural activities of respective tribes, stalls have also been setup to show-case their local cuisines.

The District Sports Association, Aalo  is putting  all efforts to make the festival a grand success.


NBM Mission director calls on governor, assures bamboo training centre

ITANAGER, Jan 10: Mission Director of National Bamboo Mission (NBM), Dr. Gorakh Singh, Commissioner, Government of India called on the Arunachal Pradesh Governor Gen JJ Singh at Raj Bhavan here yesterday and assured a bamboo training centre for the state at the earliest without administrative hassles such as MoUs etc. He  also assured the Bamboo of  processing units.

Impressed by the Poma project, Mission Director called for replicating such centres in other parts of the region.

Apprising on the initiatives of the GOI to the Governor, Dr. Singh who is also the Horticulture Commissioner informed that fruit processing units, establishing marketing channels, provision for buy back programme, supply of high quality seedlings, focus on off season cultivation and establishment of Science block are in the pipeline for the State.  

Earlier in the the hour-long meeting, the Governor gave a detailed picture on the potential of the state in the bamboo sector. Stressing on need for providing adequate focus on the sector, Gen Singh said, if we can ensure realization of even 50% of the bamboo potential of the state, the whole of the rural economy of Arunachal Pradesh will be transformed and that will certainly give impetus to the development of the state in true sense.

While referring to the Bamboo Processing Centre, Poma, he added, with little initiative we have been able to built a multi- dimension rural development activities centre, which not only involves bamboo related activities, but also organic farming, bee keeping, handicraft works etc. that is certainly going to ensure socio-economic upliftment of the people in the whole of the area.

Now the people of the State understand, we just need to provide direction to their enthusiasm. We need to replicate such centres, at least five more such units in different parts of the state and NBM should provide the necessary assistance in its setting up, the Governor stressed.

Calling for popularizing fast growing species of bamboo, Gen Singh, one of the few high profile personalities who took interest in visiting Van Vigyan Kendra, Chessa pointed, it is doing very well in its research works but promotional aspect is required. The centre needs to propagate, so that farmers of Arunachal Pradesh benefit out of its research works to the optimum.

Giving emphasis on providing trainings on value addition methods, Gen Singh urged upon the Mission Director to establish training centres for bamboo, such as Cane and Bamboo Technology Centre, Guwahati.

Dr Singh   was accompanied by Director of State Forest Research Institute, Chimpu, G.N. Singh in the meeting.PRO to CM


Traffic management action plan launched

ITANAGAR, Jan 10: An action plan was launched today to check the rising road accident in the state in presence of large gathering at Vivekananda Hall here.

Speaking on the occasion IGP Dipak Mishra said a proposal would be given for enhancing the fine of Rs 100 for non-use of helmet.

Earlier DIGP (Traffic) Robin Hibu through a Power Point presentation highlighted the statistics and horrendous pictures of accident victims.

Large number of  drivers present on the occassion underwent a technical training for three hours later.

Meanwhile, All Arun-achal Pradesh Public Transport Federation appealed the state Govt to speed up the process for construction of the 4-lane road in the Capital Complext with provision of fly over to minimize road accidents.

The Federation appointed Karikho Kri, parliamentary secretary transport as its patron and Jalley Sonam, chairman of the workers welfare board as its chief adviser.


Governor appeals again

ITANAGAR, Jan 10: Arun-achal Pradesh Governor Gen J J Singh, who was on a visit to Poma-Jote area, 30 km from Itanagar yesterday was disappointed finding plastic glasses, paper plates and other materials in the river banks. Worst still, the garbage such as disposal plates, potato chip wrappers, mineral water bottles and glasses were found floating in the serene streams.

New Year Party at what cost? This was the reaction of the  Governor after finding garbage lying at the picnic spots, which the area is popular for.

Gen Singh, who always has been advocating for plastic free Arunachal, appealed to the Arunachalees to keep rivers and its surrounding clean. Clean and pristine environment is the identity of tribal people and we should not loss it, the governor said.

Gen Singh has made an appeal to elite of the society, government departments, NGOs, media and  the youths to be proactive in carrying the message against these non-biode-gradable materials during outings.

If at all it is used, it should be carried back and disposed off in proper manner. PRO to Governor


GWS celebrates foundation day

ITANAGAR, Jan 10: The apex body of the Galo community, Galo Welfare Society (GWS), today celebrated its eleventh foundation day with gusto, which saw the outgoing chief Patron Tumke Bagra, Secretary (Power), hoisting the GWS flag in tandem with rendering of the anthem song.

Bagra expressed optimism about the capabilities of each of the new team members while, outgoing General Secretary Tomo Basar spelt out the unfinished agendas of the last team.

Addressing the gathering, the new chief patron, Tape Bagra, Secretary (RD & PR), said that he along with the new office bearers would try to shoulder the responsibilities of expectation to the best of their abilities and sought the help of outgoing team as well as members in running the organization.

However, the day belonged to the first ever lady president of the Society Jarjum Ete, who acknowledge her selection as symbolism to include women leaders for betterment of the Galo community. She termed her appointment as an initiative towards gender equation shift in sharing socio-cultural space and went on to laud the performance of outgoing team and expressed her optimism to emulate high standard set by them.

Summing up her maiden speech, she shared the rough sketch of goals to be achieved and exhorted all and sundry to pull up their socks to gear up for the next Baanv Kvbaa, which is due in January 2011.


Join hands in nation building: Sanjoy

ITANAGAR, Jan 10: Lok Sabha MP Takam Sanjoy today called upon the non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to shoulder the responsibility for upliftment of the society.

Addressing the 2nd General Conference of Palin Employees Association (PEWA) on  Jan 9 at Palin as a Chief Guest, Sanjoy said every individual and organization have to play pro-active role towards nation building in the democratic set up of government.

Criticism always lies there in the way of development, he said and added that  when the NGOs and other organizations equally share the responsibility, the development takes its shape and progress become visible.

Sanjoy also  said that education should be priority sector in the area and called upon the PEWA members to play a pivotal roles in nation building. He said that in spite of many challenges organizations Are doing their best in their respective fields in the state.

Mentioning the information technology which becomes the way of life in modern age, Sanjoy said both parents and teachers should  take the responsibility of moulding the students in right direction.

He also called upon the students to excel in their chosen field including co-cirricular activities.

MP further said that more and more subjects about Arunachal Pradesh and North East as a whole  should be included in CBSE curriculum. Takam Tagar (Pario),MLA Palin and Biri Son,President,PEWA also spokes on the occasion.


Tayeng stress on coordinated effort for all round development

DAMBUK, Jan 10: Jomin Tayeng, MLA 42-Dambuk Assembly Constituency today started his first official tour to different corners of the Dambuk sub-division after being  elected as MLA.

Tayeng soon after arrival at Dambuk Sub-Divisional Headquarter held an interactive meeting with the HoDs, GBs and Panchayat leaders.

Dambuk which has produced first IAS officer and first doctor of the state has regressed instead of progression in the last 60 years, he said. Recalling his school days who has witnessed the establishment of the 2nd Primary School of the state in 1949 at Tapat  which is now under river bed of Sine Korong, Tayeng  has expressed displeasure over the present condition of the school building and the dilapidated hostels.

Regretting the present pitiable condition of the road, lack of proper power supply and health care facilities in the area, he exhorted the Panchayat leaders, Gaon Burahs and HoDs to work in coordination keeping asides party lines and personnel grievances.

He also told the Panchayat leaders not to sideline the Gaon Burahs in the developmental matters of the village as GBs are the parts of law enforcement and has to work in consultation with the GBs.

He also called upon the people to refrain from encroaching the govt. land and destroying govt properties rather to maintain and protect them  for further development.

He informed that in order to improve the power scenario of this remote place 33 KV power line from Mebo and Roing to Dambuk would be drawn under RGVVY. A proposal for up gradation of present Sub-Divisional Office to Independent ADC headquarter has already been submitted to the Govt, he further informed.

Referring to the much opposed 3000 DMP, he said that though there are some genuine reasons to oppose it but totally opposing its construction by fearing of washed away will be a loss for the people as many infrastructural development and economical benefits would be followed for the local people of the district.

D. Tali, SDO Dambuk has expressed his grievances due to shortage of staffs and vehicle. He requested the people to give written complaint against those who destroy the govt properties so that a proper investigation and action can be taken against them as per the law.

Later, He visited the new SDO Office complex which is stretching around 20,000 Sqm and asked the SDO Dambuk to prepare a master plan of the same before allotting to any department for office construction inside the complex.

The MLA was accompanied by Mibom Pertin, ZPM Meka Anchal Block, HoDs of various department of the district, Panchayat Leaders and Public. DIPRO


Reh festival


ROING, Jan 10: State Governor  Gen. J J Singh has consented to attend the Reh festival as chief guest.

Meanwhile, Central Reh Celebration Committee 2010 has been constituted recently to celebrate the forthcoming Reh festival at Rehko Cheta-II from Feb 1 to 3.  Vishan Mepo and Tone Mickro have been appointed as President and General Secretary of the celebration committee.


Humble beginning of tea cultivation movement in state

ITANAGAR, Jan 10: A group of 30 selected tea growers from Arunachal Pradesh left here today for Assam to attend one month’s training on organic tea cultivation and improving the existing tea plantations at Tocklai Tea Research Association, Jorhat.

Seeing off the team, Thangwang Wangham, Parliamentary secretary for trade and commerce, opined that taking up of tea cultivation in the state will lead to economic freedom of the people of the state. He hoped that the trainees will able to adopt scientific and systematic tea cultivation after attending the training. This will be an effort towards humble beginning of tea cultivation movement in Arunachal Pradesh.

Trade and commerce commissioner M Pertin, who was also present on the occasion, advised the participating trainees to extract maximum benefit from the training and disseminate the same knowledge to other farmers of the state. This will give a fillip to tea cultivation in Arunachal Pradesh, he said.

Trade and Commerce Director Tokong Pertin said that the training was possible only after the visit of the Director, Tea Board of India, NER to some districts of Arunachal Pradesh during June, 2009 to start a new and ambitious scientific tea cultivation in the state. This visit also resulted in establishment of a camp office of Tea Board of India in Itanagar and receipt of a letter of interest for establishment of TRA branch institution in Arunachal Pradesh.

As per statistics of tea production in North East Region, Arunachal Pradesh has been rated high in its quality as compared to other. To make an ambitious beginning of tea cultivation in Arunachal Pradesh which endowed with rich and virgin soil, favourable climatic condition and  vast natural forest vegetation, this type of training is the need of the hour, the Director said.

The broad objectives of the programmes are improving field productivity of the growers by maintaining scientific methods of field management like proper infilling of vacancies, management of shade trees, proper application of field inputs and plant protection inputs, creation of proper drainage facilities. A week of the programme is being dedicated towards organic tea cultivation and organic certification process.

The training is organized by Tea Board of India in collaboration with Tea Research Association, Tocklai, Jorhat, the department of Trade and Commerce, Govt of Ar. Pradesh and Arunachal Pradesh Indigenous Tea Planters and small Growers Association.


Choice is yours!

Ranjit Sinha

Smoking cigarette or chewing tobacco products, though sensitive, is a personal matter. These were first motivational words of a resource person in a workshop on tobacco control the other day.

Predictably, the abstract of the speech was that it is you, not laws, to say ‘no smoking’.  Interestingly it is also our constitutional right to claim clean air to breathe; no body can cause harm to other people to express their liberty of smoking.

30 years back this cool writer had read an article on tobacco and smoking and its related diseases. Surprisingly, 30 years after our Govts and NGOs have been on move to control tobacco, and more surprising in store is that when majority of the people in developed countries like USA say no to smoking, India, a first developing country is occupying second position, not in human development index, but in number of maximum smoking population in the world.

India has 229 million male tobacco users (including oral tobacco users and smokers), while female tobacco users are  nearly 12 million, according to a report of the American Cancer Society.  

The death and diseases we invite through use of tobacco products are abundant. If smokers have courage to be familiar with the poisonous substances like tobacco products, I am sure, at least for a moment, they would  say good-bye to smoking. But reality shows the other way, a smoker can not do so all on a sudden as he is already addicted to it. After all it is his personal decision; nobody can apply force to do so. Interestingly, we keep on giving advice to others which we do not generally follow.

This is another story, why the Govts do not take step to impose total  ban on tobacco and tobacco made addicted substances. This reporter also has no courage to peep into the dreaded episode.

But the good news is that laws have been enacted at least to corner the smokers, make them realize that use of tobacco products are nothing but a gradual process of inviting death knowingly or unknowingly.

New modified rules under COTPA 2003 which came in to effect on Oct 2, 2008, clearly say that no person shall smoke in any public places including public offices, court building, educational institutions, etc.  Section 5 of the Act also prohibits direct or indirect advertisement, sponsorship and promotion of tobacco products.

There are many rules and guidelines to control use of tobacco. But it is not known yet whether the law enforcing officers in various levels are themselves addicted to smoking or not, or about to give up this bad habit if addicted.

By the way, I am still undecided whether I should ask one of my friends to stop his lucrative business on tobacco products on moral ground or say no to his financial assistance!  May be, dear readers can help me out....


Befriend  with books for joyous life, says Bhagi

ITANAGAR, Jan 10: “Library books can fill your life with strength and joy. Make the best of them”, exhorted Col. M.S. Bhagi, Commander, 48 BRTF, as he inaugurated the “Dimwe Children’s Mela” on Jan 9 at the BRTF campus at Dimwe, near Tezu.

More than 200 children and youth from 7 schools and 3 youth libraries attended the Mela, organized by  48 BRTF to mark the first Annual Day of the Tiny Tots Library, a unit of the VT-AWIC Youth Library Network.

Col. Bhagi also lauded the VT-AWIC Youth Library volunteers for their spirited efforts and assured the full support of the BRTF in promoting reading habits among the youth of remote rural areas.

A variety of contests to highlight the joy of reading were held for tiny tots to higher secondary students, bringing cheer to parents, teachers, library volunteers and BRTF officials, who had gathered together in the Mela.

The highlight of the Mela was a series of witty skits & mono-acting events presented by various teams, while exuberant nursery rhyme recitation by the tiny tots brought loud cheers from the entire audience.

Guest-participants from the Bamboosa Library, Police Welfare Library and the Thyagaraja Centre for Music, Tezu, enhanced the joyous environs with their imaginative skits and melodious renderings.

The first prize in the skit contest was bagged by Kr. Vibhav & Kartik (Kendriya Vidyalaya, Tezu), followed by Anjali Majhi & team ( Govt. Middle School, Dimwe).  The patriotic group song contest was won by Km. Indu & party (Govt. Middle School, Dimwe), followed by Km. Pooja Pande & team ( Kendriya Vidyalaya, Tezu.

Expressing her great appreciation for the spirited show by several children, Bindung Dindo Jumi, a cl. XII participant, hoped more such melas would be organised to benefit youths in other areas of the district.

Addressing the Valedictory session of the Mela, Chief Guest M.S. Bhagi lauded the participants for their imaginative presentations. “Use every opportunity to bring out your hidden talents”, she urged.

Rekha Dimri, Head mistress, Tiny Tots School, Dimwe welcomed the gathering and Yealiang Tamblu of the VT-AWIC Youth Library Network  proposed a vote of thanks.

As the Mela came to a close amidst loud cheering from the participants, one thing was clear, as Col. Bhagi remarked: “The Dimwe Children’s Mela has come to stay.”


Commissioner visits Horti farm in Lohit

TEZU, Jan 10: Dr. Gorakh Singh, Commissioner Horticulture, Govt. of India along with  state Education Minister B Siram, Horticulture Minister Hongchun Ngandam  and horticultural director visited Tezu yesterday.

While visiting  Changliang horticulture compact garden along with other dignitaries Dr.  Singh assured the farmers all possible bio-technical help as well as financial assistance from government of India to promote the orange and other horticultural farming   in Lohit district.

Addressing the horti farmers, especially organge growers Ngandam urged them for good production which can give a good return in terms of money.

Karikho Kri, Parliamentary Secretary Transport accompanied the dignitaries at Compact Garden. Kri also called upon the farmers to use latest technologies and ensure quality  productions. Zila Parishad Chairperson Mrs. H. Kri submitted memorandum to the Commissioner Horticulture on various farming issues.

Meanwhile, Siram assured the Tezu people that Science stream in IGG College will be introduced soon and Tezu Secondary School will be upgraded to Higher Secondary School.

Addressing the students at IGG college, the minister urged the student community to improve reading habits.  Teaching is most noble and prestigious profession, he said and urged the teachers to render their sincere and honest service for quality human resources.

Siram also visited Tezu secondary School. He was accompanied by Lohit Deputy Commissioner Kaling Tayeng, Lohit & Anjaw DDSE, HoDs , Tezu ZPM and other political leaders.

IGG college Principal S Khandu explained various hurdles and needs of College. College Student union general secretary Ajan Pul while pointing out various problems of the college, called upon the minister to introduce Science stream, besides upgradation of Tezu secondary school, various middle school in Lohit & Anjaw.  DIPRO

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