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January - 20


State Capital wakes up for new look

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Jan 19: Very often state or country’s capital is considered to be gateway for remaining region. Being doorway to the rest of states, it becomes essential for capital to give glimpse of what’s awaiting visitors in that state. Sadly Itanagar and its adjoining areas somehow do not reflect true beauty of Arunachal with land grabbing, improper waste management and haphazard building construction destroying elegance of capital complex.

Most of the time dustbins in twin town of Itanagar and Naharlagun are littered with waste and animals making maximum use of provided opportunities.

Though department has been trying their best to regularly clear all dustbins but ever increasing population of capital complex have added to the misery. Number of dustbins available in markets and residential colonies are no longer able to carry the load heaved upon them leading to straying of wastes in the roads.

Another area in which capital complex has been found wanting is lack of public sanitation. Other than few ‘pay and use toilets’ in Ganga market, majority of the capital public are often compelled to relieve themselves in open areas. “In most market areas there is no public toilet facility which creates so much of trouble. Especially in Naharlagun area people often urinate nearby football stadium causing embarrassment to visitors and stinging surrounding areas,” told one lady shopper.

Keeping in mind numerous problems faced by people, capital city administration held a meeting on Tuesday to give facelift to Itanagar and Naharlagun. Legislator of Itanagar, Techi Kaso and Capital Deputy Commissioner (DC) Padmini Singla along with officers from all departments took part in the meet.

Later the DC informed that soon district urban development authority will launch a project for the beautification of capital complex. “It is responsibility of entire residents to make our capital beautiful and they have to co-operate authorities in their endeavor. As a beginning we will conduct sanitation drive on 30th and 31st January to create public awareness on the issue of garbage disposal,” said Singla.

She further informed that in the second phase of drive some residential sectors will be developed as a model and issues like door to door collection of garbage in vehicles, placing of twin bin litter box, etc will be carried out. “From administration side we will take every step to make our capital beautiful. We will involve school children, like-minded NGO’s and VIP’s for our cleanliness drive,” concluded DC Padmini Singla.


Oil and Gas Conservation fortnight begins

Ojing Tayeng

ITANAGAR, Jan 19: Oil and Gas Conservation Fortnight, 2010, was inaugurated at state capital today with an aim to create importance of oil and gas conservation amongst the masses.

Addressing the gathering, Parliamentary Secretary for cooperation, health and family welfare Nido Pavitra urged the organizers of the Oil and Gas conservation Fortnight programme to include awareness programme on HIV/AIDS in their agenda next where ever they organize such programme.

While underscoring the importance of oil and gas conservation, he urged the participants including students of Kingcup Public School to share the oil and gas conservation massage to the common masses.

Earlier, senior divisional retails sales manager, K J Roychoudhury brief about some tips on how to minimize consumption of oil and gas and urged the people to judiciously use the limited resources at home, Offices and other places.

Meanwhile, emphasizing the importance of renewable energy resources to meet the demand, he informed that Oil India is launching solar lantern in state of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh from February next, which will be made available in petrol pumps at the cost of around 2500 per set.

Arunachal Pradesh Energy Development Agency Director, Marki Loya also appealed the people to conserve energy. He further briefing the activities of APEDA, underscored the importance of replacing the present street light system with solar street light system to conserve fuel and energy, and added that the traffic problems in the country and the state capital in particular also account for consumption of extra fuel.

Later, Pavitra flagged off Itanagar to Naharlagun Bike rally here at Hotel Donyi-Polo Ashok.

Oil distributors of the state capital and students from King Cup Public School, Itanagar and teachers attend the programme.


Fuel saving tips

* Do not speed up your vehicles unnecessarily.

* Turn off vehicles in stop signal and heavy traffics.

* Always maintain the recommended tyre pressure.

* Drive vehicles at suggested optimum speed so you can save 30 % of fuel.

* Improve your vehicles mileage by regular oil change and servicing.

* Avoid using air-conditions unnecessarily.


LPG Saving tips

* Always cook in broad-bottomed vessels.

* Reduce flame when boiling starts.

* Soak rice, pulses etc before cooking.

* Always use lid (Dakhan) and pressure cooker.


Electricity Saving tips

* Always use CFL (Compact Florescent Lamp) as its gives more light and less energy.

* Always use LCD Screen as it uses 50% less energy as compare to other screen of TV or PC.

* Always switch off TV, PC, lights, fans etc from the plug switch when not in use.

* Always set Air Conditioner to automatically shutdown and startup at intervals.


Five days in-service training gets underway

SEPPA, Jan 19:  East Kameng Deputy Commissioner Pige Ligu inaugurated a five days training  programme  for the untrained regular teachers of  the district at DIET, Seppa yesterday.

Speaking as the chief guest in the function, DC urged the teachers to be a torch bearer and leaders in bringing the revolutionary changes in the quality education. Time to time training of in-service official, orientation programmes for all cadre of the Govt. servants is extremely necessary to update the knowledge and skill and make the incumbent more efficient in discharging the duty, he said.

Education does not necessarily means an acquiring bookish knowledge only,  it also contributes in making a better and responsible citizen, he said and suggested the participants and the resource person to use the programme as the platform for sharing ideas through open discussions. He also assured all possible assistance in creating a congenial atmosphere for the teaching and leaning in the district. Tapip Ramsing, DDSE, urged the teachers to be dedicated and sincere enough in their profession. He opined that degrees alone are not enough to impart a quality education rather it should be accompanied by proper motivation and sincerity towards the profession.

P.K. Chakravarty Principal DIET while welcoming the participants highlighted the importance of quality education in the school vis-à-vis the utility of attending such In-service training programmes. Among others Kata Rangmo, DAEO,  R. Raman, Principle VKV and Principal Oju Mission were present on the occasion. DIPRO


VHAI demands handover of staff quarters

ITANAGAR, Jan 19: Informing that the Government has not yet allocated a single staff-quarter to the Medical Officer or staff of VHAI at Deomali CHC for which they have been undergoing hardships since six months period, Voluntary Health Association of India (VHAI) today said taking the advantage of non-availability of quarters some unknown miscreants have partly-damaged the personal car of Dr. B. V. Topno, VHAI’s Medical Officer, when it was parked at Doctors’ rented residence in Deomali in the late night of January 18. Subsequently an FIR was lodged in Police station to investigate the matter, said VHAI in a release today. Should the Government allocate staff quarters to VHAI’s staff this kind of incidence could be prevented, it regretted.

VHAI  has been managing Deomali CHC of Tirap District since August 2009 under PPP project of NRHM.


Assistance to fire victims

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Jan.19: Resident of Dokum colony which had witnessed devastating fire in first week of this month has something to cheer as authorities distributed relief money to victim on Tuesday. As per the assessment, in total 56 families were affected by the fire and 27 houses were damaged. Three categories were developed for the distribution of compensation depending upon the types of building damaged.

Those victims whose houses were of Reinforced cement concrete (RCC) and semi permanent type (SPT) have been paid amount of rupees twenty five thousand each. For MIBT house owner compensation amount was fifteen thousand and for OBT it was ten thousand. Additional deputy commissioner of capital Bokar Basar himself co-ordinated with local MLA Techi Kaso in providing compensation.


Nyedar Namlo foundation day

ITANAGAR, Jan 19: The 10th Nyedar Namlo foundation day would be celebrated by all the functioning Namlos in Nyishi belt of Arunachal Pradesh on January 27.

The function at Doimukh would be attended by parliamentary secretary, food and civil supply, Nirm Tasser as the chief guest. Cultural troupes from various tribes, including Apatanis, Galos, Tagins, Mishings, Nyishis etc. will display their colourful cultural programmes on the occasion. A devotional audio cassette Khumnam, vol.-2 produced and sponsored by Central Nyedar Namlo will also be released on the day, a Central Nyedar Namlo release said.


MPW trainings

ITANAGAR, Jan 19: Multipurpose Worker Training was held at CHC, Koloriang on January 14 and 15.

Kurung Kumey District DMO Dr. Higio Tama and DRCHO Dr. Tale Gongo attended the inaugural function as Chief Guest and Guest of Honour. Altogether, 16 MPW from various CHS and PHCs of the district participated the training. Meanwhile, Dr. Boni Toluk, Buru Tacho Sultan Ahmad and Gyamer Taku attended the training training as resource person.


A review of ‘The Voice of Arunachal Pradesh’

By Ranjit Sinha

Till late 80’s the common people, particularly people of rural and secluded areas were of the view that the politics was the subject matter of well off class and politicians were the people who maintained separate standing in the society. With the advent of information technology coupled with economic liberalization in the early 90’s, the notion of political beliefs and politicians has significantly changed; the people realized that they are very much part of the system, that is called democracy and are in the helm of affairs directly or indirectly.

The good news is that almost all the political parties including national and regional, are now endeavoring to infuse new blood to bring in transparency and accountability in their party as well as administration. Reportedly some political parties and NGOs are also coming ahead to train the elected representatives on parliamentary affairs or dealings in the state assemblies.

And here “The Voice of Arunachal Pradesh in Rajya Sabha (Parliament of India), by former MP of state Nyodek Yonggam comes as a conduit for the young politicians in their attempt to become booming politicians and true sentinel of the state and the nation in the highest platform of the democracy. However, in real sense the book is an assemblage of speeches made by former Parliamentarian Nyodek Yonggam during his tenure as Rajya Sabha MP from 1990-1996.

Are we all short-sighted?


Dear Editor,

We are all short-sighted, and very often see but one side of a matter; our views are not extended to all that has a connection with it. From this defect I think no man is free.

We see but in part, and we know but in part, and therefore it is no wonder we conclude not right from our partial views. This might instruct the proudest esteemer of his own parts how useful it is to talk and consult with others, even such as come short of him in capacity, quickness, and penetration;  for since no one see all, and we generally have different prospects of the same thing, according to our different as I may say, position to it, it is not incongruous to think, nor beneath any man to try, whether another man may not have notions of things which have escaped him, and which his reason would make of if they come into his mind.

Thus, one thing that I want to questioning the beloved people of our state through your esteemed daily is that “Really the government of our state is doing development activities for our state or not? Really we the common people of the state got benefited from those developmental activities or not? We have heart and mind to think, and eyes to justify. Have you ever seen the poultry or diary farm like various educational institutes or health centers of the different parts of the state? Have ever seen the highly designed multi-storied structures of the twin capital complex? Do you know to whom those multi-storyed structures belongs to? Try to find out, you will shock. 80 percent of those structures are belong to the political leaders and officer or officials. Do you think it as a part of development? If it is than our leaders and respective officers have done tremendous developmental activities but if it is not who is responsible for it and in such circumstances what we common people should have to do? Do you know how many former and present political leader and retired and regular officers and officials are there in our State? Do you feel that each and every one of those leaders and officers work with true spirit for the beneficial of the state and its people? Just imagine if everyone were of same notions how our state would be!

I am not against the any political leaders and officers but scenario of our state compelled me to think and comment.  Whether I am thinking Right or Wrong I don’t know but as a true citizen of the state it is our duty to share our knowledge and wisdom for the beneficial of the state.

See if you can think out what that has to do with the question I have been taking about. You are like a wheel, even it is a very tiny wheel, in the great world-machinery of trade and industries that is always busily at work providing for the wants of millions of people, and you must put your back into it and see to it that your particular task is always done as well as you can possibly do it.


Ngai Rida(Jilen)


on email



‘Smallness has its own greatness’


Dear Editor,

Apropos the article published in your esteemed daily on January 16 under the heading --  ‘Roads, education, garbage appalling in districts’, I would like to inform you that Bam village has been misspelled as Bame. Whatever may be mistaken done by reporter it hurts and touches the hearts of Bam Ao. Bam was misspelled as Bame by the BRTF personnel during the construction of roads and other outsiders who could not pronounced our Galo dialect.

It has been corrected and registered by the Government more than two decades back led by Tabom Bam.

I would like to inform you all take care of it and keep in mind a saying ‘A spark neglected burns the house’ and never neglect a small thing because ‘Smallness has its own Greatness’.


Dr. B. Bam,

RIMS, Imphal.




Clarification of the reporter

We appreciate your response to the news item.

Although you have mentioned that the misspelled words were corrected two decades ago, the inscription on the milestones near Bam area remained as ‘Bame’. Moreover, on  the big hoarding at Aalo, Basar and Daporijo tri-junction, you will find ‘Bame’.

Now, who is to blame for this ‘inadvertent’ error -- the reporter, the concerned citizens or the authorities of the area?

Born in March 1, 1946 (as per school record), Yonggam is now serving as state Chief Information Commissioner.

The book has total of twenty-one chapters and each chapter contains an important topic related to the burning problems of the then North-East that had been raised by former MP during his tenure. And to the readers’ delight the former MP also incorporated the replies of the then ministers of concerned ministries for the advantage of upcoming legislators, political scientists and common people who are interested in political activities. In addition to above, he replicated some rare photographs which will help the readers to re-visit Arunachal of the past.  

The former MP had raised almost all the important issues during his tenure. Some of the issues include improvement of power supply in Arunachal Pradesh, separate post-graduate institute of medical science for North Eastern states, introduction of helicopter services in Arunachal Pradesh, domestic airport at Itanagar, adequate financial assistance for flood control/ protection in Arunachal Pradesh and creation of the separate ministry for North Eastern region.

“I am happy that out of the 21 issues of urgent public interest raised by me in the Parliament, at least 13 of them seem to have materialized,’ Yonggam said in the prologue of the book. The book, perhaps first of its kind in Arunachal Pradesh, will not only attract the young parliamentarians, academicians, but also the students and youths who want to expand  the domain of their knowledge  and be acquainted with  the problems and their solutions  that encircled  Arunachal during a certain period of time.

I have no knowledge whether the speeches of all MPs of the state (both in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha) were published in the form of book or not. Hope, some organizations  or conscious people will  come forward  to collect the speeches of former MPs (right from Chow Khamon Gohain, nominated in LS, 1952 and  Todak Basar, nominated in RS, 1972) and publish in book form (if not published earlier) as a treasure trove for the people of Arunachal Pradesh.   

The must buy and read book priced at less than hundred is available in all leading book stalls of the state.


WSDSU new executives elected

ITANAGAR, Jan 19: The IVth general conference-cum-election of West Siang Districit Students’ Union (WSDSU) was conducted at Govt Hr Sec School Aalo.

Chief Engineer PWD (highways)  Er Bora Ete was the chief guest who formally inaugurated the conference on January 15.

While addressing the large number of students,  Ete urged upon them to put all efforts to build their personality and improve their academic career so as to build a healthy society in West Siang. Students should refrain from anti-social activities which may bring bad name not only in the district but also in state as a whole.

The guest of honour and AAPSU general secretary Tujum Poyom urged the students leaders to discharge their duties sincerely and fight against corruption in organized and meaning way.

The conference also adopted resolutions for socio-economic development of the district including improvement of infrastructure at Donyi-Polo Govt College, Kamki and Upgradation of District Hospital, Aalo to General Hospital.

Karyom Loyi, Tali Yorme have been elected president and general secretary of the new executive body  of the WSDSU.


Power connection

ITANAGAR, Jan 19: Executive engineer Naharlagun electrical division in a release informed that the Electrical Sub-Station and Associated HT/LT lines created Under Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana (RGGVY) Schemes  covering the villages, namely Zingkang, Yari Babar, Pachin-I, Pachin-II, Model Village-I,II,II & IV, Rakap & Hellong (all uncensused) shall be charged on  23rd January positively. Therefore, it requested the the public not to touch  the live line directly or indirectly for safety of life and property.

Similarly, the Sub-Station  amd  LT line of Changlo Putung  and Dokum village shall be  charged on 25th January.


AAPSTEWA condoles mechanic’s death

ITANAGAR, Jan 19: The All Arunachal Pradesh State Transport Employees Welfare Association (AAPSTEWA) expressed grief and sorrow at the demise of Tame Tallum, mechanic, STS, who breathed his last yesterday after a prolonged illness.

He left behind three sons and a daughter.

While conveying its deep sense of condolence to the bereaved family, AAPSTEWA prayed to almighty for eternal peace of the departed soul.


Nyokum Yullo Committee

ITANAGAR, Jan 19: Nyokum Yullo Celebration Committee, Nirjuly has reconstituted its NYCC, 2010, with MLA Techi Kaso, Toko Audil and Tana Sora Tara as Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary General respectively.


APPDSU fastens its stand

ITANAGAR, Jan 19: Reiterating its decision to boycott  the forthcoming VIIIth Nyishi Youth Convention, All Papum Pare District Students’ Union (APPDSU) said that no individual, collegian and university students representing Papum Pare district are allowed to participate in the convention. The union in a release further said that it will not participate in any issue and movement lead by ANSU till completion of its present tenure.


‘Set up NIT at W. Kameng’

ITANAGAR, Jan 19: Three district students unions of West Kameng, East Kameng and Tawang, in a joint meeting, have demanded the state government to set up the proposed National Institute of Technology (NIT) at Dedziling area under Bhalukpong administrative circle of West Kameng district.

The local public of Jamiri-Buragaon and Thrizino have also decided to donate land free of cost for the purpose, the meeting claimed and appreciated them for supporting the move wholeheartedly.


NCP mourns youth leader's death

ITANAGAR, Jan 19: The rank and file of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), Papum Pare district unit have condoled the sudden demise of Techi Tayo, president, Nationalist Youth Congress, Sagalee block.

Describing him as an energetic youth leader, NCP in a condolence message said that his death has created a vacuum in the party. They conveyed their heartfelt condolence to the bereft family and prayed for eternal peace of the departed soul.


NABARD Supports HRD in SHGs

ITANAGAR, Jan 19: Under SHG Bank Linkage Programme, NABARD in the state has sanctioned a five-day training programme for 28 office bearers of five NGOs for getting training in formation and linkage of SHGs to the banks. The training programme will be conducted at Mahila Shakti Kendra (MASK), Balipara, Sonitpur District in Assam from 24 to 28 January 2010. NABARD has also sanctioned a one- day training programme for members of 16 Self Help Groups promoted by R K Mossang Memorial Society, Jairampur, Changlang District for imparting training to the SHG leaders in Book Keeping and Bank Linkage of SHGs with the banks which will help in skill building for 32 leaders of SHGs.


Computer training

BOMDILA, Jan 19: Taking one more step in the E-governance of  West Kameng district, a training was imparted to all the officers and accounts staff of all the departments in the district on Pay Roll 4.2 Software, developed by NIC, so that the pay bill can be prepared in time without errors.

Inaugurating the training function today DC Swati Sharma appreciated the steps taken by P.K.Thungon, DIO, NIC, Bomdila and his staff in training. She also described advantage of the package.

Guest of Honor Gombu Tsering, EAC(MV.LM) also appreciated the NIC team and also gave a brief note on the advantage of using the computerized system on pay roll.

P.K.Thungon, DIO gave the insight of the package developed by NIC for all the State. All the HODs of the district were also present for the occasion.


Society conducts NREGA training prog

ITANAGAR, Jan 19: The Handicapped, Orphan, Widow and Old-Age Society (HOWOS)  has conducted a week-long NREGA training programme in all blocks of the Upper Subansiri districts from January 12 to January 17 last. All the block officers, APOs’, GPMs and village elders took part in the programme sponsored by the SIRDA, Itanagar.


Gurung to attend APCSD meet

ITANAGAR, Jan 19: All India Congress Seva Dal, Organizer PA Gurung would attend the Arunachal Pradesh Congress Seva Dal Pradesh level meeting at IG Congress Bhawan, Naharlagun on February 1 next.


Ram Thakur’s b’day

ITANAGAR: The 150th birth anniversary of Sree Sree Ram Thakur will be celebrated with religious fervour on January 25 at Kali Mandir, Naharlagun.

Organizer Jai Ram Seva Sangha will also conduct a cleanliness drive at Naharlagun market are on January 23 to mark the celebration.


Army recruitment rally

ITANAGAR: Indian Army is conducting a recruitment rally at PTC, Banderdewa for recruitment of male candidates in Soldier (general duty) and Soldier (Technical/Nursing Asst.) from January 19 to 23. Those who are interested to participate in this drive may report to PTC, Banderdewa by tomorrow. The candidates should be of age bracket between 17.5 years and 23 years, according to an official release.

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