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January - 25


E-governance making rapid strides in state: Khandu

ITANAGAR, Jan 24: “e-Governance initiatives have improved in the state remarkably in a very short span of time and the implementation of National e-Governance Programme (NeGP) is being carried out in a war footing manner”, stated Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu while presiding over the review meeting on NeGP projects here in his official residence office building today.

The meeting was attended by Parliamentary Secretary IT & Science & Technology, Jomde Kena, Parliamentary Secretary Planning Tsewang Dhondhup, IT Commissioner Hage Khoda, Joint Secretary Finance Amit Singla, Director IT and Science and Technology and his officers along with representatives of various IT companies working in one or other project in the state, discussed in detail over the implementation of various projects in the state and the issues coming on the their way during the process.

It is worth mentioning here that Arunachal Pradesh has bounced from the last to 3rd position in the country in implementation of State Wide Area Network (SWAN). The project is almost in the completion stage as the infrastructure creation work has been completed in 13 districts and the remaining would soon be completed, informed Commissioner Hage Khoda.

On his part CM acknowledged about the delay in clearance of files in various government agencies and assured that he would pass on directives to the departments to clear the development files on speedy manner. The chief minister advocated for employing local educated youths for the projects which are supposed to be run by the company in PPP module. To these the companies agreed and also assured to provide proper training to the employees.

Participating in the meeting, Kena emphasized for strict abiding of the standing guidelines while implementing the IT projects. He highlighted the need of proper monitoring of the projects while ensuring that quality products and software are installed in their projects as per approved specifications. “We shall not compromise with the quality and time frame” he said. PRO to CM


Seppa BWC conducts mass social service

ITANAGAR, Jan 24:  Responding to the clarion call made by East Kameng Deputy Commissioner Pige Ligu, Bazaar Welfare Committee (BWC), Seppa today conducted a mass social service at main Bazaar line in Seppa.  All the shopkeepers, local residents specially the youth of the main bazaar line enthusiastically took part in it.

Pointing out the resolutions passed in order to maintain cleanliness of the Seppa township at BWC meeting on  January 22 , the Committee called upon the shopkeepers and local residents to keep their surroundings clean and healthy.

Meanwhile, the Bazaar Committee once again requested the higher authorities, specially UD and PWD Minister to provide  garbage and waste pick-up/disposal vehicles at the earliest.


Scientists to investigate mysterious fish diseases

YINKIONG, Jan 23: J.K Panggeng, Parliamentary Secretary, Fishery, Law, Legislative & Justice along with John Modi CO I/C SDO Maryang, Kenbom Chisi DFDO and other officers and public leaders visited the Yamne bridge point, Upper Siang to assess the mysterious fish death in the tributaries of Siang on Jan 22.

In most of the streams in the district, a particular species of fish is dying mysteriously since last few months. J K Panggeng instructed the DFDO for proper investigation of the disease to which the DFDO informed that correspondence has already been started and some fishery scientists from Bhimtal will be coming soon to diagnose on the spot the fish diseases in the affected areas.

J K Panggeng exhorted the public to stop indiscriminate hunting of wild life and fishing so that the ecological balance is not disturbed. He also advised the locals to go for fishery and animal husbandry as alternative source of meat and also for socio-economic upliftment of the state. DIPRO


NABARD supports SDPs in 3 districts

ITANAGAR, Jan 24: National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) in its efforts to evenly spread the various developmental and promotional activities implemented by it across the 16 districts of the state,  has sanctioned 5 numbers of Skill Development Programmes (SDPs) on handloom, cane & bamboo handicrafts, woolen hosiery manufacturing to National Youth Project, Arunachal Pradesh Unit.

The training programmes will be conducted at Chowkham, Wakro, and Namsai Lohit district, Meryiang in Upper Siang district and at Itanagar in Papum Pare district. Each programme will be of 35 days intensive training with 25 trainees per programme,  selected from SHG members, artisans, women and unemployed youth from the three districts.  A total of 125 trainees are expected to benefit from the training programme.  

Representatives and officials of district level like BDO, Extension Officer (Industries), Extension Officer (Credit) and officials of banks will be involved at various stages of implementation of the programme.

NYP will co-ordinate with various Govt departments, banks for the successful implementation of the programmes, according to an official release.


Miraculous escape for driver

ITANAGAR, Jan 24: In a car accident which took place near Durga mandir in Karsingsa area along NH52(A) one person was seriously injured. According to Banderdewa police, lone driver name Pura Tami an IRBn personnel lost control of vehicle and plunged into Dikrong River. However he escaped from the jaws of death miraculously with deep injuries.


Arunachal Pradesh -- the land of union, association, society….

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Jan 24: The words ‘union, association, society, organization, NGO etc’ have become the most used terms in Arunachal Pradesh. In every nook and corner of state there will be one association or federation claiming to be representative of some group or communities. It is difficult to make out what is the real aim behind congregation of such groups but there is no denying that there numbers have been rising higher and higher in the whole state.

Trying to gather the exact number of these groups is an uphill task and despite audacious effort, their true figure could not be found. Even government agencies were not able to provide their accurate count immediately as their numbers are voluminous all over the state. “To get true number of association, society or union who are active, one has to scrutinize files of every district of state. Moreover, many of these groups are not registered under law which makes it more difficult to get their precise number,” told a source on the condition of anonymity. He went on to add, “In every district there are so many groups and it is virtually impossible to get their exact number as count will go on and on.”

However, according to an estimate at present there are around eight thousand non-government organization’s (NGO’s) in the state. It is hard to identify whether all of them are really working sincerely at ground level?

In the midst of all, it is those groups  who really work for social causes that faces scrutiny for generating funds. “Of late sponsors and donors have become bit skeptical of NGOs because some of them did not carry out their work honestly. Just because of few NGO’s misdoings, everybody is facing lot of problem,” informed a NGO worker.

Also presence of large number of unions and associations at times has lead to the clash of interest resulting in petty troubles. But those people involved in union works believe there existence is must for better development as they act as watchdog of society.

“In our state union and association provide important platform for presenting local issues and grievances to the government. Also these group acts as pressure to prevent corruption,” told Tarah Eha, who is legal adviser cum spokesperson of All Papum Pare District Student Union.  Further he added, “Indian constitution has given us right to form association and union under Article 19(1). So, we believe there is nothing wrong in forming union or association”.


Lohit identified as model DAPCU district

TEZU, Jan 24: Lohit District AIDS Prevention & Control Unit conducted three days induction training for DAPCU staffs from Jan 19 to 21 last. All stakeholders including doctors, PRIs, NGO and HoDs attended the consultation works on DAPCU operator guidelines .

The resource persons from NERO Shantanu and S Gautam from NACO-NERO Guwahati spoke in detail about the objectives of the workshop and advocated the needs to make Lohit as a model DAPCU district to launch the programme effectively in the eastern region of the state.

While gracing the function as chief guest and guest of honour S K Deori Tezu SDO and H N Dubey EAC appreciated the effort of the NACO–NERO – APSACS and DAPCU Tezu for launching such important campaign and stressed on creating awareness on medical knowledge about HIV/AIDS. The Project Director APSACS Dr. Emi Rumi in his key note address emphasized the need to create a comprehensive district profile and district HIV / AIDS action plan within 5th February for onward submission to government. The three day long training included over view of development plan , planning process , work on inter sectoral convergence, formalisation of DAPCC, road map for DAPCU etc.

The DMO of the district Dr. N Ninu , Medical Superintendent Dr. P K Saikia and District Program Officer DAPCU Dr. J Ado extended  their thanks to one & all for attending the all important workshop. DIPRO


Advance course for SM and GC

ITANAGAR, Jan 24: Hage Tatung, joint director of school education attended  the valedictory function of the week-long regional advance courses for Scout Master and Guide captain at State Training Centre, Bharat Scouts  & Guides (BS&G), Polo Colony on January 22. He appreciated the BS&G for their self-less service towards building ideal citizens.

Altogether 50 members including from Manipur, Meghalaya, and Arunachal Pradesh took part in the programme in which topics like daily good turn, discipline and programme related to national integration were discussed. B Tiwari ALT (Scout) of Arunachal Pradesh and C Lowang SOC (Guide) were the course leaders among the national training team.


51 Arunachalee boys qualify in ASI talent hunt

ITANAGAR, Jan 24: Giving a major boost to the state’s sports, 51 Arunachalee boys have qualified for final selection in a talent hunt conducted by Army Sports Institute (ASI), Pune at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium on January 22 last. Of them, atleast 10 to 15 would be finally selected for enrollment at ASI, Lt. Col. Dr. Puneet Handa of ASI, who led the drive, disclosed during his meeting with Governor JJ Singh yesterday.

Handa said that he has seen a lot of talents in Arunachalee boys and if they are groomed properly, they would certainly bring glory to the country. In Nagaland leg of the drive only seven have qualified the test out of 600 appeared. Whereas in Arunachal Pradesh 51 have qualified the test out of 157, he informed.

Handa and Capt. TSS Rao, also from ASI, called on the Governor yesterday accompanied by the officials of Arunachal Weightlifting Association.

While appreciating the Army for conducting the talent hunt for the first time in Arunachal Pradesh, Singh assured all possible help and cooperation from his side to AWA for promotion of the sport in the state. He also assured AWA officials to help approach the state Govt. in procuring sports goods and accessories needed for weightlifting.

It is worth mentioning here that, Governor JJ Singh was the founder of ASI with the sole aim of winning gold medal for India in Olympics. He founded the institute when he was Army chief under “Mission Olympic programme” with specific aim of “Catching the Young”. ASI products have so far won 272 international medals in various sports disciplines. It may be mentioned here that lifter Yukar Sibi is also a product ASI.

Kudos to police


Dear Editor,

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to traffic management authority of the state police for implementing compulsory helmet while riding bike in the Capital Complex.

I would take the opportunity for narrating an incident to make clear as to how helmet becomes a life giver for a bike rider in road.

On the direction of the traffic police who was managing traffic movement skillfully near the secretariat I stopped the bike to allow the vehicle of the other side to move on January 13 last. Within a few second I was thrown up in the air and after few second I fell down, as a result my head hit the ground first and I received severe injuries in my body and leg. After a few seconds I could realize that I was hit by a car from behind and my bike was laying few meters away from my body.

Now I realize that if I did not wear helmet that day, another life may be lost.

Although the matter was solved amicably by both the parties according to the advice of the traffic police, I felt all the bike riders should wear helmet and request the traffic management authority to implement the traffic rules and guidelines strictly in the Capital Complex and take action against traffic violators because life is precious.


Tanyup Kopak

F-Sector, Itanagar






Education way to better society


Dear Editor,

After more than two decades of acquiring statehood, Arunachal is still a bewildered infant. We may be living in the land of rising sun but practically everything looks like `kushi  kushi'. The famous quotation "kushi kushi" itself sounds funny to utter, but the fact is that we are living in that downtrodden and backward society. Despite the fact a thing to ponder upon is the impetus that makes us consider ourselves superlatives. But what is that which makes us so proud and conceited. Our old values and new visions are buried under unbridled lust for instantaneous affluence; no youth is willing to work in patience, their movements' extent beyond their primary duties, many of them are motivated to participate in bandh calls and other vested interests tricks by cunning hoaxers. As we grow older many of us become conservatives and focuses simply on special advantages confine to our own community. As a matter of the fact, we as god fearing individuals will never be able to escape from such obligations, but it is our fundamental duty to educate our people to think beyond the activities of their villages and districts, so that we firstly as a human learn to live our lives, and then as; where on earth we are from, and then as anyone from any region or community.

The separation and discrimination will end if we are educated. But there must be good education system, by good it doesn't mean every facility but there must be discipline. Every student must be aware of moral science before they begin to be taught physics, chemistry, biology and maths. But transgression of a section of politicians, officials and other influential people has tainted the young minds of our state. The student today is more willing to participate in rallies and agitations rather than to sit in competitive examinations. You all know the reason why.

The only key to unlock the healthier future and the most important issue today from my point of view is education, if the leaders of today do not help impart a better education for today's generation then all other developments are useless. There is a greater challenge ahead of us, everyone need to aware of the future, it is important to ensure whether we have the wisdom to use the wealth that is earned today, to advance the quality of our civilization.

Tomorrow's progress is depending on today's decision. The improvement is only through valued time investment in shaping today's society where every student can find knowledge to enrich his mind and to enlarge his talents. The development that we want to see in future truly starts from today and from every class room of every school of every village and every town.

It is very sad to witness that in many schools the class rooms are over crowded and curricula are outdated. Most of our qualified teachers are underpaid. The responsibility must be burdened by both leaders and officials of not only the concern department but by the responsible Govt. of Arunachal as a whole. There must be basic facility to give every child a place to sit in a classroom and also make available regular teachers to learn from.

Also we must provide the best of education to every child and for that reason poverty must not be a bar to learning.


Haku Tatak

E-Sector, Itanagar

Handa and Rao also met PWD Minister Nabam Tuki and said that Army guarantees  jobs to all outstanding sportpersons.

Tuki, while appreciating the conduction of the drive, thanked Army for giving job to Yukar Sibi, who created history by winning Silver Medal in Commonwealth Youth Game 2008 held in Pune. Sibi won the silver in the men’s 62 kg category with a total lift of 259 kg.


Check flooding of foreign goods

ITANAGAR: Expressing concern over the flooding of foreign goods in  Tawang  and other parts of the North East states,  All Tawang District Students’ Union (ATDSU) in its meeting  held at Tawang recently observed that  if such entry of large number of foreign goods are not checked and controlled properly,  the day will not be  far way when even the guns and drugs will make their way to the state from foreign countries.

Stating that 70 per cent of the goods except edible items are foreign goods in Tawang, the union urged the government to take immediate step to check flooding of foreign goods.


CoSAAP to celebrate foundation day

ITANAGAR: Confederation of Service Association of Arunachal Pradesh (CoSAAP) has decided to celebrate its foundation day throughout the state in a befitting manner on January 27 next.

In the state Capital, the foundation day will be celebrated at Mopin-Solung ground, Itanagar.


Vigilance cell

ITANAGAR: Upper Subansiri district Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) in its meeting on January 20 last has decided to act as a watchdog in the district. Party also constituted a monitoring and vigilance committee with NCP district unit president Tapa Garam (Baki) as president and Pongpo Mara, former ZPM as member secretary to  monitor and disseminate awareness on centrally sponsored schemes in the district, according to an NCP district unit release.

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