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January  - 01


For the foothill people

Dear Editor,

Lower Siang district with its headquarters is yet to see the light of the day. But there are already too many controversies.

The prime reason for creation of a new district by a state is for effective and efficient administration towards its citizen. But in the current context, the creation of the district with its HQ is more kind of a political commitment and political bargain then need based, where hope and aspiration of the people of the foothill is undermined.

In the hour of crises the people of foothill only depend on the state administration and the respite will be only when the district is created with its HQ somewhere near the foothill. So, the state should not fail on its part to live up to the expectations of the people of the foothill.



Itanagar, (on email)



Resolution to keep

Dear Editor,

I would like to wish all the people of Arunachal and rest of the citizens of this country a very happy new year.

The whole world observes New Year with new hope and new resolution. People observe various festivals as these festival give a chance to strengthen the bond between different tribes and help us celebrate our diversity thereby maintaining brotherhood among us.

We know that Arunachal is called the land of Khusi-Khusi where politicians make their own rules, bureaucrats create and modify rules according to thier own convenience and other pressure group break the rules.

On the New Year, I would like to request all to resolve to respect human rights.

This year, let’s follow the rules and make Arunachal Pradesh a peaceful and successful state.


Joshua Baki

Daporijo, (on email)



Check the system

Dear Editor,

All Raga Area Students’ Union reportedly alleged that the candidates who were absent in written test qualified for viva voce in SSA teacher. If it is true, it is not only mockery of system but a big blow to the Education Minister Bosiram Siram who many believe is bringing good changes in the education system.

The minister should immediately intervene into the matter and give exemplary punishment to the concerned officer or officials involved.

Even if there are thousands of good rules and regulations, unless there is transparency in appointment of teacher and good teachers are not appointed, don’t expect any miraculous change in education scenario of the state.

Hope the minister will do something about it.


Concerned student,

RIMS, Imphal,

(on email)



Preservation of language is preservation of culture

Dear Editor,

With reference to T. Sono’s letter “Instead of blah-blah, teach children to speak in mother tongue” (Dec 30, 2010). I don’t want to argue much with T. Sono regarding Nefamese.

Nefamese is a naturally evolved dialect because of natural interaction among different tribes. It is not an imposed language. It developed as the north-eastern civilization grew, just as Hindi grew in many parts of North India. Every place has its own style of speaking Assamese. Can the dialect or variant of Assamese in Nalbari be called a duplicate of the Assamese spoken in Sivasagar? In Sivasagar boy means 'lora', in Nalbari, it is 'api'. Even words are different! So there is nothing called duplicate, it is only variety or variation from place to place.

If I begin to write how tribal languages have influenced the language, I have to write an entire thesis. The phonetics of Assamese, Nefamese and Nagamese is due to the influence of Mongoloid languages, or languages of Mongoloid origin and Tibeto-Burman and Tai-Ahom lineage, apart from the Alpine Caucasoids.

All the tribal languages should use the Roman script as it is understood in many parts of the world and we can read each other. Nefamese should also be written in the Roman script so that all tribes can read it and even people from other parts of north-east can access our newspapers, be it small or medium.

As for culture, we can retain it to a large extent if we revive our tribal languages, bring out more song albums and films in our languages and bring down the number of Hindi programmes in TV and radio.

We can also use sub-titles of tribal languages in the respective areas in the TV programmes. If not cinema halls, our tribal language films can be brought out in CD form and can be circulated in homes. Language and culture is inter-related to a large extent. Preservation of language is preservation of culture.

We should use more and more of our indigenous musical instruments when singing and performing on stage. We can ask our students to wear traditional coats and jackets to schools. The boys and girls can dress in jackets of their respective tribes. They will instill a sense of attachment to the roots among children. Parents and teachers should talk to them in their native tribal languages. We should teach our children the hyms sung by our ancestors when praying to God. We may be Christian, Donyi-Polo followers or Buddhists, but we can say our prayers in our tribal languages. There should be singing competition of tribal languages and dances rather than Hindi sons and dance contests.


Takam Yayi,

Naharlagun, (on email)




Does Arunachal Times have any obligation?

Dear Editor,

This concerned citizen needs to know if The Arunachal Times does have any obligation towards the people of Arunachal Pradesh regarding the latest updates on the PDS issue. Was the esteemed daily just propaganda tool in pressurizing the government to seek the release of the Veteran Apang? Was the daily just a tool in the hands of wily political craftsmen? The media fraternity as a whole while asserting its right to free expression owes to the people the duty to provide true information without bias in every relevant public issue like PDS, Apex Bank loan scam, Hydropower Memorandums, Relief scams etc etc... what is your call?


N Tade

Itanagar, (on email)



Overhyped CBI

Dear Editor,

Previously CBI failed to recover the stolen Nobel plaque won by Rabindranath Tagore. Now, it has miserably failed to nab the culprits behind the ruthless murder of the innocent Aarushi Talwar.

It is high time this overhyped organisation be brought down to earth and people and politicians desist from demanding a CBI probe immediately after any untoward incident. CBI is in an urgent need of a drastic overhaul so as to earn its earlier reputation back.


Kajal Chatterjee,

Kolkata,  (on email)



In need of practical guidelines and tips for doctors

Dear Editor,

This is apropos the article by Ajay K. Tripathy about life imprisonment to Dr. Binayak Sen by a court in Chattisgarh(Dec.29).It is indeed very unfortunate that Dr. Sen be convicted for sedition and awarded life imprisonment merely because he helped another human being (Naxalites). We pray and hope that his innocence will be proved in higher courts, since a very senior lawyer Ram Jethmalani has decided to fight for him.

Code of Ethics for doctors state that their first consideration should be the health of the patients. And a doctor should consecrate his life to the service of the humanity and should never permit consideration of religion, nationality, race, party-politics or social standing to intervene between his duty and his patient (Geneva Declaration).

After spending almost 6 years in an insurgent dominated state during my M.B.B.S. course and another 5 years in a troubled district of our state, I have seen many instances where professionals or village leaders are caught in between the security forces and the insurgents. But fortunately I have not experienced such situation myself, and hopefully won't see in future also.

But now, I would like to request the state government, the health department and Arunachal Pradesh Medical Council to seriously ponder about this issue.

Some practical guidelines and tips should be given to young newly appointed doctors to handle such sensitive issues, to safeguard themselves so that they can serve the humanity better. They should be given fresh training to handle medico-legal cases also, since practically in our state's contexts, it is quite different from what we’ve learnt from textbook. Difficulties faced by our colleagues in far remote jungles should be emphatized, who always misses trainings, chances for further studies and many other benefits.

Once again, I pray that Dr. Sen wins the legal battle in next higher courts. And also pray that no doctor in our state face such trouble.


Dr. M. Loyi

Bordumsa, (on email)





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Special Arunachal won’t face fund constrain: Chidambaram

TAWANG, Dec 31: Union Home Minister P Chidambaram said funds would not be a constraint for Arunachal Pradesh and advised the government to take up need-based schemes as per people's choice.

Arunachal shares a special place in our hearts and we will always pay attention for its development at par with other developed states of the country," Chidambaram said while addressing district officials in Tawang during his one day visit.

"There will be no dearth of funds but there must be clarity in all projects and schemes to be implemented," he said.

“Exhorting officials to properly monitor all projects in the state, the home minister stressed on maintaining accountability and transparency on funds spent.

Chidambaram who arrived here accompanied by Minister of State for Planning V Narayanswamy in an IAF helicopter inaugurated a ropeway connecting Tawang Monastery to Gyangong Ani Gonpa and District Commissioner’s office.

"With the inauguration of the ropeway and the DC office, a new era of development has started in this remote district," he said.

The ropeway was constructed by the state PWD at a total cost of Rs. 330.89 lakh. 90 per cent of the funds were sanctioned by DoNER ministry under the non-lapsable central pool.

The foundation stone of the ropeway was laid by former president Dr A P J Abdul Kalam in October 2002.

The ropeway is 1,184 meter long with a difference of 164 meter between upper and lower terminals. Having a capacity of carrying 8 people, the ropeway will take 8 minutes to cover the distance.

Responding to a memorandum demanding grant of a Rs 150 crore package for developing the district and preservation of Bhoti language, Chidambaram promised to take up the matter with respective ministries.

The Minister said that efforts would be made for preservation of Bhoti scripts in digitized form.


FCI questioned for non performance and shoddy deals

ITANAGAR, Dec 31: In the past, the Food Corporation of India had grabbed headlines for its reluctance to carry out their assigned job. Under scrutiny for deviating from laid down rules and execution of shoddy deals by the CBI, the FCI has never been in news for anything good. The latest to question the work of the FCI is Namsai Lamp Co-operative Society Ltd. operating in Lohit and Anjaw Districts.

The Society alleged there were anomalies in tender process and that required food items do not reach on time. It said that food and essential items for three months is yet to reach the destination. (see table)

Alleging delay and harassment in giving release orders by FCI Banderdewa and its inability to stock food at FCI/FSD Tezu, society stated that capital to the tune of Rs.24,21,681/- has been blocked with the FCI.

FCI authority issue release orders for lifting food grains/sugar from FCI/FSD Tezu even when the storages are empty thus incurring huge amount for obtaining and extending validity period of orders.

It further questioned the poor performance of FCI appointed carriage contractors particularly appointed for handling & transportation works from Railway siding/FSD Tinsukia to FSD Tezu.

The Union further alleging anomalies in the tender process said that in January’2010, FCI authority invited tender for the handling and transportation works from Railway siding/FSD Tinsukia to FSD Tezu vide their tender No.S&C/TENDER/REGULAR/RO/AP/2009-10 Dated 12/12/2009 and the date of submission of tender was 7th January’2010. The society which participated in the tender process said that result is still awaited. The Society further alleged that FCI authority invited tender for the same work vide their tender inviting notice No.CONT/HTS/RGLR/TENDER/RO/AP/2010-11 Dated 28/10/2010 with last date of submission and opening of the tender fixed on 3rd Dec. It was later informed that the tender process has been cancelled without circulating any notice or corrigendum.

The Society further alleged that DGM Padam Singh invited Ad-hoc tender without serving any notice depriving many of chance to participate.  The deals were sealed with handful of contractors without following laid down rules, it said.

The Society said that despite complaint lodged with FCI Guwahati, no action has been taken.  The earnest money is yet to be  released by FCI authority despite many reminders and visits.



1. L/Sugar - 416.30 Quintals for August’2010

2. Rice APL - 545.75 Quintals for October’2010

3. Rice AAY - 1100.00 Quintals for November’2010


1. L/Sugar - 138.00 Quintals for August’2010

2. Rice BPL - 3.56 Quintals for October’2010

3. L/Sugar - 43.01 Quintals for October’2010



Indigenous Faith Day celebrated across Arunachal

ITANAGAR, Dec 31: The followers of Donyi-Poloism, Rangfraism and Intayaism across the state celebrated the Indigenous Faith Day today.

During the day long celebration, the believers displayed traditional folk dances and songs of their respective society and took a pledge to preserve, promote and rejuvenate the indigenous faiths and beliefs for posterity and wellbeing of the human kind.

In the state capital, the Day was centrally celebrated at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun under the banner of Indigenous Faith and Cultural Society of Arunachal Pradesh (IFCSAP).

Speaking on the occasion as Chief Guest Nyishi Elite Society, President Bengia Tolum called for proper mobilization of the Indigenous Faith movement by utilizing the available resources in the state in order to inculcate a sense of responsibility among young generation for preservation of culture, rituals and practices.

He further briefing on “invasion of culture and religion” appealed to the people to stick to ‘religious tolerance’, and uphold the secular fabric of the country.

Tollum further appreciating the Adi tradition folk dance “Delong” by Karduk Delong Yameng, Naharlagun strongly advised the people to showcase traditional items in such celebration. Further he urged the gathering to impart and give local language education to their children in their respective homes and added that every citizen of Arunachal should be imparted local language education at least upto class V standard in all the schools of the state.

He also suggested inter tribe and inter-district interaction programme among the believers to promote indigenous faith and culture.

IFCSAP, President Nabam Atum highlighting the activities taken up by the IFCSAP, assured to work more dedicatedly for the promotion and preservation of the indigenous faith and added that today is a red letter day for the people of the state. He appealed all to participate in the IFCSAP conference which will be held in the month of February and also appealed the believers of the different prayers centres to take active participation in the conference.

IFCSAP general secretary Augung Bengia also appealed the people to preserve and promote indigenous faith in the state.

Besides hoisting of religious Donyi-polo flag, drum display by VKV, Nirjuly and prayers, various cultural troops displayed cultural items.

At Seppa, MLA Tani Loffa advised the people to maintain health and hygiene to live a healthy life and also urged them to follow own tradition and culture for identity.

Parliamentary Secretary Forest and Environment Kumar Waii advised the people to follow their own religion with perfection.

Both Loffa and Waii announced Rs 5 lacs each for the completion of  Nyidar Namlo building, Seppa.

MLA,Karya Bagang, Er. Pai Dawe also spoke on the occasion.

On the occasion, prayer and cultural programmes were also organized to mark the day.


Mixed bag for Arunachal sports, individual shines

M Doley

ITANAGAR, Dec 31: Despite limited facilities and lack of support from sports mentors, Arunachalee Sportspersons continue to shine making their presence felt even at international sports arena winning glory for the state as well as the country. The year gone by saw sportspersons from the state achieve few milestones in some selected disciplines.

Yukar Sibi, bagged two gold medals this year at Commonwealth Youth Weightlifting Championship and Continental Grand Prix in 62 kg category in Penang, Malaysia. Yukar lifted a total of 259 kg (110 +150) in Men’s Junior category in Youth Commonwealth Championship and 268 kg (109+159+) in Continental Grand Prix which was 9 kg more than his silver medal winning performance in Youth Commonwealth games in 2008. Another upcoming weightlifter Hitlar Tagru had won a bronze in boy's 62kg category in the same event with a total lift of 211kg (87+124).

Both Sibi and Tagru hail from remote Tali area of Kurung Kumey district and are students of Army Sports Institute Pune.

Tapi Mra, who became the first Arunachalee to scale Mount Everest in 2008, added another feather in his already decorated cap by climbing Mount Kilmanzaro, Africa in February.

His next attempt was Mt. Alaska in North America. However, the expedition had be abandoned halfway due to inclement weather.

Mra was awarded Kardungla Trophy named after Kardungla Pass in a function at Army HQs of 14 Core Command, Leh by Lt. Gen. SK Singh in October last.

Two climbers Nima Lama and Anshu Jamsenpa also registered their names in mountaineering by climbing Mount Nepal Peak (7169 mt).

The year gone by also saw upcoming shuttler Laa Talar clinch two national badminton titles.

Talar, pairing with Sai Tanuj of Andhra Pradesh, won the doubles title in 24th Sub-Junior National Badminton championship in November. They beat the pair of Aditya Joshi of Madhya Pradesh and Harsheel Dani of Maharashtra 21-17 18-21 & 21-19 in a thrilling final at Ranga Reddy Badminton court, Hyderabad.

Earlier, the pair won the doubles title in U-16 years category in prestigious Krishna Khaitan Memorial All India Junior Ranking Prize money badminton championship in September. They beat Chaitanya Reddy and KP Chaitanya 21-16 21-17 in the final.

Talar also won a couple of titles in Arunachal Pradesh State Badminton Championship.

He won singles titles in Under-16 Boys and Under-19 Boys category and Men’s Singles Open titles. Talar pairing with Jokom Ribya, another budding player of the state, also won the Under 16 and 19 Boys Doubles titles in the championship. Arunachal Pradesh hosted few national and regional sports events this year. Among them 5th North East Zonal Boxing Championship at Rupa, 5th North East Wushu Championship at Kimin and 16th Senior National Archery Championship at RG Stadium at Naharlagun in January 2009 are worth mentioning.

Arunachal Pradesh also fielded a 131-strong contingent at the 24th North East Games at Shillong, Meghalaya.

Arunachal Pradesh bagged 35 medals, including five gold, six silver and 24 bronze.

The state karateks, as expected, have done exceptionally well in the meet by winning as many as 15 medals, including four gold, three silver and 8 bronze medals. Almost half of the medals came from that sport. The fifth gold medal came from boxing.

The state also bagged three silver and 11 bronze medals in Wushu, a bronze each in archery and boxing and three bronze in Judo.

Arunachal Pradesh won a Gold, a Silver and two Bronze medals in the boxing championship held at Rupa, West Kameng district and Arun Kumar Limbu of Arunachal Pradesh was adjudged the ‘best boxer’.

In Wushu Championship at Kimin, Arunachal notched up as many as 28 medals, including 5 gold, 11 silver and 12 bronze.

Arunachal Pradesh also participated in various national and regional level football tournaments. But, none of the junior or senior team could go beyond the first round.

The senior Men’s team had lost their all group matches in 64th National Football Championship for Santosh Trophy. They lost their first two matches against Delhi and Madhya Pradesh in equal margin of 1-3 goals before going down tamely (2-7) to Uttar Pradesh.

Although they could not cross the first hurdle, the performance of U-16 boys team in National Sub-Junior Boys Football Championship held at Tripura was better than their senior team. They held a goalless draw against Tripura and drew 1-1 with formidable Manipur.

Bamang Taji XI representing Arunachal Pradesh took part in Dr. T Ao Memorial Football Championship in Nagaland. Arunachal crashed out of the tournament losing their both the preliminary matches against host Nagaland and Tripura 2-1 and 2-0 respectively.

The Under-16 Girls Football team which took part in National Sub-Junior at Uttarakhand was also knocked out of the tournament in the first round. It is worth mentioning here that out of 17 Arunachalee players 9 were disqualified for the tournament due to over age. Arunachal had to field a team of eight players in all the matches they played.

In domestic sports, the Tadar Tang Memorial Football, State level Karate Championship, the first state athletics meet, State level Chess championship, First Nyari Welley Open Women’s Football Tournament were worth mentioning.

Lower Subansiri won this year’s Tang Memorial Tournament defeating Papum Pare by a margin of 2-1 goals.

In Chess championship, Bharat Linggi and Techi Umpo both from Roing won the Men and Women titles respectively.

Sangay Lhaden Sports Academy (SLSA) emerged overall champion while Papum Pare finished second in the first ever State Athletics Meet.

Recruitment of over 65 meritorious sports persons in state police department, selection of 12 Arunachalee boys by Army Sports Institute, Pune and their enrollment in ASI were some of the off field development of the year in state’s sports.

It would be a golden opportunity to the sportspersons of the state to show their mettle in their own soil in the new year as the state is all set to host North East Games and National Weightlifting championship.


The student who doubles up as a teacher

ITANAGAR, Dec 31: Gautam Gurung is no ordinary boy. All of 18, he is a student of Class - XII in Science stream at Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Nampong, 12 km from Indo-Burmese border in Changlang District.

What is unique about the boy is that he doubles up as a teacher in the same school he studies.

He attends Maths and Physics as a student and when its time for Chemistry class, he becomes the teacher. The part time teacher teaches Chemistry to students of XII, XI and Class – X!

The authority took the extraordinary step after the Senior Teacher (Chemistry) O.P. Gaur's retirement in Oct this year. The Principal of the school,  Tomi Doke informs that provisional arrangement had to be made as 60% of the total course in Chemistry subject was left untouched. He says that with the initiative of this young boy, the academic agony has been reduced to some extent.

The life of this young boy should be an inspiration for many.  Looked after by his sister after the death of thier parents when he was still very young, today he has become a role model.

He hails from Moran near Dibrugarh and has done his initial school at Holy Child School Tinsukia, VKV Niausa and Oyan. In his matriculate exams, he secured 86% and thereafter he came to Nampong.

Amazed at the caliber of the young boy, Dina Nath Dubey an AE with PWD Jairampur) gave him shelter. He commutes everyday between Jairampur to attend school.

The local MLA Setong Sena has assured an incentive of Rs. 5000/- (Rupees Five Thousand) till the completion of academic year to the talented boy.

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News Impact


ITANAGAR, Dec 31: All Upper Siang District Students’ Union condoled the premature demise of its assistant cultural secretary Karung Minno, who died at Yingkiong hospital on December 29.

The executive members of the union observed two minutes silence and prayed to almighty for the eternal peace of the departed soul. They also conveyed their heartfelt condolence to bereaved family to bear the irreparable loss.

Minno was a sincere and dedicated hardworking students, his untimely demise is a great loss for the people of Upper Siang District and the state, release added.