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January  - 03


The gap

Dear Editor,

I went to visit one of my acquaintances just to wish him an advance new year. It was early morning with the sun rays trying to penetrate through the branches of the trees and shabby buildings. Naturally the conversation switched on to some other topic. Increasing traffic in the capital city, sky rocketing prices, the shabbiness of the town and many such topics were part of our conversation, until we finally dwelt on the upcoming youngsters, their lifestyle, and their education and so on. My acquaintance started putting out his frustrations and spoke out his heart. His wife intervened in between and expressed her disgust in the same tone.

All the frustrations and disgust was related to their son. Their son had recently passed class X, CBSE exams and with this the expectations of parents about their son had soared high. But as days unfolded, their expectations began to dwindle.

Now, let me not wrap you more into the clouds of mystery and come open like a straight forward country man. The parents were worried because their son who is in class XI now has gotten into ill habits like drinking, biking, spending the whole night conversing on phone. When all this things were being discussed in the early hours of that particular morning I was a bit enthusiastic to offer my comments and thus I commented that there is a huge generation gap between our children and us.

We had seen civilization, a civilization that glorified our cultures, traditions and mutual respect for one another. We had also seen modernism sprouting during our yesteryears but as far as I could rely on my memories those modern aspects were used to enhance our lives. Motorcycles were used for long distance communications and it was considered to be a great family asset. Education had to be completed undergoing all the struggles related to agriculture and financial hardships, teachers were revered. But the huge gap between the youngsters and us is that they have taken birth into the already techno-savvy world unlike us, education is provided to them unlike us who sought for it, assets like motorcycles are a part of their plaything, mobile phones have to be kept updated according to the latest models and versions and all these at the expense of the parents exchequer who otherwise are afraid that their children may go astray.

Its true that we cannot deny the generation gap between us and the youngsters but we can never deny at the same time that it is always hard work, strong dedication and patience that we can always get the best result of anything on this earth and history stands testimony to this fact. So millions of parents who are upset about their children just as in the case of my acquaintance friend whom I met recently  will just have to remember that the swords are the sharpest when put to regular use and also when sharpened regularly. Do not let your children go waste, sharpen them regularly because they are the future stakeholders of the state.


David Meitei




Teaching by students

Dear Editor,

This is in reference to the news item about Gautam Gurung, student from Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Nampong, who doubles up as a teacher in the same school. It is a wonderful job and to be appreciated.

Although, I was not brilliant and unique student like him, I was often asked by my teachers to take class of class one when I was just in class IV. When I was in class V, then I taught students of class ii &iii. During my middle school days, I taught the students of class IV & below whenever I had the chance.

Those classes were without any incentive, but somehow I learnt some arts of teaching and became more interested in classroom teaching.

During my higher secondary and college days, I didn’t get any such privilege although I always wanted to give a try.

When I was working as Medical officer in Oju mission Hospital, I taught biology to class X students without any extra incentive.

Then again, when I was working as resident medical officer in BTM Hospital, I taught human Anatomy at the Homeopathic medical college Itanagar with Rs-two hundred per class as an incentive.

Then when I was working as junior medical officer in District Hospital,  I taught Angwanwadi workers for 3 months with minimal honarium as prescribed by deptt of social welfare.

Now, I am teaching MBBS student in Medical College as a part of my post graduate medical course and dreaming to teach MBBS students when Arunachal Medical College comes up.

I am just sharing my experience to make a point that in every school, right from primary level, there should be a provision of class room teachings by the student within the school and every student should give a try when regular teachers are absent because it is a wonderful experience.

It not only gives a platform to the student to develop some arts of teaching but also draw the interest of the student toward the teaching profession.

Over and above it freshens ones knowledge.

Although some students are better teacher than a regular teacher, however, this kind of arrangement cannot fill the gap in absence of a regular teacher.  

Hope all teachers will encourage their student to take up teaching in their schools.


A doctor

Aalo (on email)





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Anini’s woe intensifies

ANINI, Jan 2: Plagued by frequent communication disruption and deteriorating health conditions, Anini, the district headquarter of Dibang Valley has been in the news over a regular period of time. Much publicity on the crisis isn’t helping either. It’s scaring the government employees as Anini is referred to as ‘punishment posting’.

The situation has already started to take its toll, severely affecting the education scenario in the district.

The Government Higher Secondary School at Anini, with 450 students on roll is running short of teachers. Since two years, the school hasn’t been deputed with Vice Principal and Principal. The students are practically on vacation.

Similar is the situation at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya (JNV) School of the district headquarter. The 120 hostel inmates share a single toilet and a open bathroom. Perforated by roof leakages, the students are forced to share beds. The sick are carried to hospital on back.

The All Idu Mishmi Students Union (AIMSU) and the Dibang Valley Students Union (DVSU) are protesting that their appeals on the crisis aren’t yielding results. Similar concern was shared by Dibang Valley AAPSU unit.

Worried at the deteriorating situation, they had threatened to shut down the office of Deputy Director of Secondary Education at Anini two months back, alleging its failure.

The government responded to the protest and promised to depute required teachers, Vice Principal and Principal for the Anini School. Protest was called off after verbal assurance from the Education Minister.

Since then, it has been a long wait. Its New Year now, and the teachers deputed for the school have not yet reach Anini.

AIMSU Secretary Rajiv Mihu informs that the two teachers and a Vice Principal deputed for Anini School had sought transfer to another district, even before they were to join their duty.

“None of the government employees want to serve in this remote district”, says Mihu. “The people of Dibang Valley aren’t scaring them away. It’s the pitiable living condition that is driving them away.”

Education Director, T Taloh is slated to visit this district on Jan 3. There were earlier visits of high level dignitaries too, but situation hasn’t improved at all.

The student pressure lobbies aren’t able to comprehend on how to address the issue. There had been several appeals, bandh calls, picketing and protests over the crisis. But it failed to create ripples in the state capital of Itanagar, enough to prod the politicians to act.

“Anini is neglected politically”, feels Mihu. “Similar protest action in Roing would have shaken the political corridors of Itanagar.”


ALSU reiterates demand; defer bandh call

ITANAGAR, Jan 2: Arunachal Law Students’ Union (ALSU) reiterating its earlier demand has called for termination of illegal appointees from the post of Inspector, Tax and Excise department and suspension of those officers involved in the illegal appointment.  Despite repeated demands, the authorities have not terminated the illegal appointees nor suspend the involved officer, it said.

The Union further demanded the arrest of culprits involved in vandalising of its general secretary’s car.

The Union demanded that the Home minister resign from the post due to failure of the ministry to fulfill the three point ALSU demands and handle law and order situation during his reign.

It further expressed displeasure over the concerned department for its failure to fulfill the ALSU demands while adding that despite giving all the related documents and clues of the incidents to the investigating officers of the case, they have not been able to book the culprits and even trace out the culprits after three months of incident.  Meanwhile the Union has deferred its proposed 24 hrs bandh call scheduled on January 4 to January 11, due to Si-Donyi festival.


Efforts to stop hunting of wild animals

ZIRO, Jan 2: In an effort towards protecting precious wild flora and fauna under GOI-UNDP CCF-II project “Biodiversity conservation through community based natural resource management in Arunachal Pradesh”, the Nature Care and Disaster Management Society (NCADMS), Ziro in collaboration with GB Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment and Development (GBPIHED), Itanagar have constituted 15 Biodiversity Management Committees (BMCs) across the Apatani plateau.

In continuation to these endeavours under GOI-UNDP CCF-II project, BMCs, Hong (Niichii & Niitii villages); Divisional Forest Office, Hapoli Forest Division; NCADMS, Ziro and GBPIHED, Itanagar conducted patrolling-cum-awareness campaign to stop hunting of wild animals which started from “International Mountain Day” (11th Dec, 2010) and ended on Dec 31.

The patrolling-cum-awareness campaign was carried out for 21 days long in Apatani plateau, during which numbers of banners and sign boards were placed at various sites along with extensive patrolling across the forest by more than 40 member teams representing traditional Village Councils, Gaon Buras, Village Panchayat and member of BMCs and NCADMS and Government staffs to minimise the hunting of wild animals and unsustainable extraction of natural resources.

The awareness campaign was broadcast for one month in local television channels, besides, publishing in local weekly news paper and announcement made in various public places. Second phase for patrolling-cum-awareness campaign will be initiated from mid January which shall last for a month. However, BMCs, NCADMS and forest department shall monitor the hunting, unsustainable extraction of natural resources and selling of wild animals in local market throughout the year. The violators will be imposed penalty as per the traditional norms or prosecuted under Wildlife Protection Act.


Rural Lekhi opposes urban projects

ITANAGAR, Jan 2: Lekhi Panchayat held a meeting on Dec 31 on urban projects in the rural areas of Lekhi Panchayat. In the meeting, the PR leaders opposed the already tendered project C/o Truck and Bus Terminus at Lekhi Village.

PRIs opposed taking up of Urban projects in the ambits of the village without due consultation of the PRI leaders. The public will agitate if it is further taken up’ read a resolution.

It further said that if after due consultation with PRIs and the local bodies the urban projects are taken up then a MoU will be done in favour of the villagers and the entire C and D grade Jobs will be permanently reserved for the eligible candidates from the village itself. It the conditions are not met  the projects will not be permitted to be taken up at any cost.

A general meeting will be conducted related to the Hot Mix plant and the steel factory and on shifting of projects already taken up. Resolution further stated that Departments of the Union or State govt abide by the decree to avoid protest.


Assam orgs assures cooperation

PASIGHAT, Jan 2: Various students organizations, including All Assam Students’ Union (AASU), has assured people of Arunachal Pradesh to extend full cooperation and protection while travelling through Assam during Assam Bandh.

They assured it in an inter-state consultative between Adi Bane Kebang (East Siang) and various organizations of Upper Assam like Takam Mishing Porin Kebang (TMPK), All Bodo Students’ Union (ABSU), All Assam Students Union (AASU) held recently at Oyan, East Siang under the chairmanship of Dist. President ABK (East Siang) Okom Yosung.

Speaking on the occasion president Yosung and secretary Onyok Pertin, headquarter ABK, East Siang unit presented a concept for peaceful resolution of disputes. They stated that several district level conventions were held during last few decades and some interstate problems were settled peacefully.

In order to increase familiarity, members of both the states should use their domestic legal systems and trustworthy ways, they added.

Earlier, the meeting highlighted the problems faced by people of East, West and Upper Siang districts in particular while travelling through Assam during Assam Bandh on emergency works, such as interview, medical treatment etc.


Mere assurances do not impress much

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Jan 2: During the closing ceremony of AAPSU Martyr cup cum inter-tribe youth festival I was carefully listening to speech by a minister of present Dorjee Khandu led government who was guest of honour for the evening. Minister spoke eloquently about tapping the rich bio-diversity of Arunachal and described them as biggest asset of this state.

Well, ever since joining Arunachal Times on 5th October 2009, I had the privilege of listening to various visionary ideas by our politicians including chief minister himself. But what appalled me is that their visions and ideas never get implemented in reality. They are the policymakers and if they can’t implement their visions, then on whom do poor citizen like us pin hope. It’s a common phenomenon that netajis are known for making big promises but never delivering it.  And our Arunachalee netajis seem no different.

On many occasion, politicians can be seen talking in two different angles during one programme.  Once, I was covering an event on need for conservation of natural resources. A minister and parliamentary secretary were present as chief guest and guest of honour during the day. The chief guest very diligently emphasized on the need for preserving our rich natural forest and wild lives. He was passionately appealing young audience to desist from forest cutting and hunting. After that it was guest of honour, who took to dais. While he spoke about need for conservation but he contradicted himself and his minister by stating, “We need hydro power project for the development of this state.”

Our dear netaji appear to have forgotten that construction of mega dam leads to destruction of large tracts of forest land. He was present as guest of honour in a programme aimed at promoting conservation of natural resources and was supposed to dwell on the need for their protection. It seems our Arunachalee netajis still think that they can fool around with citizens of this state like they have been doing for past so many years. If that is the case, on behalf of every young citizen of this Arunachal, I want to remind them that time has changed. Now their each move and each word are being carefully scrutinized by the citizens and they need to be on the tenterhooks. Just giving lip service will not appease the present generation youths. They want some real work to be done and had enough of the lip service. On this auspicious occasion of New Year, citizens of this beautiful state will be hoping that our netajis carry out some real work and come out from the coma of lip service.


Thwarting the green generosities

Tom Simai

We don’t need to be an eco-scientist or eco-expert to comprehend the ailing health of our forest and environment. Even a toddler can understand the bare truth and the lingering threat that we’re digging our own grave by balding the opaque mountains and defiling the pristine environment.

Few years’ back, disasters engineered by cyclonic winds, torrential rains, landslides, floods, forest fires, etc. were strangest nouns for young Arunachal but now the devastation caused by it frequently embellishes the front page of state’s newspaper. Sadly, it reflects how our traditional proximity with the forest and environment has deteriorated with the transiting years.  

The mounting disregard of tribal society in managing the forest and its resources has solidified the nemesis of nature. Ruefully, as the tribal throngs are getting more educated and exposed, so are the appetites to adopt and amplify the contemporary lifestyle and doing so, we’re grisly annihilating our primary source of sustenance and subsistence.

Some years back, the organic vegetables and medicinal herbs flourished in our backyard but now we’ve to import the same things from the neighboring state in much higher prices. Most significantly, it has impacted drastically the indigenous designs of our bamboo thatched houses because the shrinking of forest has compacted our traditional homes to a shocking extend. In brief, the sempiternal track of nature’s ruination is alerting us about the greater desolation that’s narrowing by. It’s time to fight back.

Figuratively, the forest covers has declined from 80% to 60% and it has also lost the designation of being one of the top 10th bio-spot of the world. In addition, the reinvented Timber Industries and unregulated open cast mining are also hastening to efface the colossal covers of forest, worth billion of rupees. So far, none of the above mentioned commercial giants has ever assayed to regenerate the faded greens and shockingly enough, even with the trifling contribution records for the socio-economic welfare of the state, they’re allowed to loot and ravage the stockpile of green resources. Neither the concerned department has executed any rigid regulations to monitor the illegal extractions nor have the conscious citizens voiced against the rapid disappearances of green turfs.

Besides it, the ethnic liberties, zamindari greed and contemporary needs are also equally guilty for the decline of forested areas. It may be little harsh but the truth is that the past generation, who have generously chopped down or allowed to fell down the trees in huge quantity for expanding their currency reserves or adding more meters of commercial or plowing plots,  has sowed the seed of destruction and the present generations are yielding the nature’s wrath.

If deforestation and defiling environment continues at the same scale, the day is not far away when the dawn will greet with tragic news and the dusk will grieve for the man-made tragedies. But by then, my friend, it’ll be too late for any kind of preventive measures or rescue incentives.

In simple words, we’ve to agree the verity that buying a car doesn’t simplify our daily maneuvers but it only adds one more source to ail the ozone layer as well as by uprooting the countless hectares of emerald tracts, we’re straightway disregarding the green generosities. Considering the facts, the solutions to intercept further devastations are with us, a petite alteration in our daily wonts, for instance precluding the rampant use of papers, plastics, electricity or fossil fuels can calm the brutality of Mother Earth.

Lamentably, each one of us know about the natural calamities deforestation can influx but still we intentionally snub our social obligations, justifying that it won’t make any difference in the way we live our life. The saddest reality is that everyone evaluates about the mandatory modulations but none pioneers the transitions.

Optimistically, we can curb our callous habits and contain our rapacity to calm the ferine temper of Mother Nature by planting trees upon deforested areas as well as prohibiting the inimical activities that might provoke her fury to extreme. The logic is as simple as it can be, if you can’t grow trees than avoid felling them.

In conclusion, the life changing responsibilities weights upon our young and stout shoulders and it’s time to take decision, the decision whether to consolidate or curtail our contribution for a little greener and much better Arunachal Pradesh. (The Writer can be reached at [email protected])

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News Impact

ARASU calls off bandh

ITANAGAR, Jan 2: All Raga Area Students Union (ARASU) has called off its 48 Hrs proposed bandh on January 3- 4 in connection with the SSA interview. The Union which had earlier alleged that there were anomalies in the selection process of the teachers under SSA, retracted its statement.

The Executive Members of ARASU Headed by its General Secretary P.T Maga, has unanimously decided to call off the 48 Hrs Bandh Call.

It further said that there are no anomalies in the selection of candidates in the written test and 71 sanctioned posts for AT & JT were meant for entire Lower Subansiri District.

The Union further said that being Indian citizens, candidates from outside the area will also be eligible to appear in the interview.


Imagine you are a tree

ITANAGAR, Jan 02: Office of the Director of Postal Services, Arunachal Pradesh Division Itanagar conducted letter writing competition on the theme “ imagine you are a tree living in a forest” at Guardian Angel School, Itanagar today.

On the occasion, besides officials of Postal Services AP Division, Prof Dr. Ozwal Mendonca from Kasaragod government college, Kerala also attended the function.


Hiir Liipi

ITANAGAR, Jan 2: The cave of Neelam Chotum (Hiir Liipi), the ancestral father of Neelam clan, was found and relocated at Hiir Yorda under Pistana circle of Lower Subansiri district on December 27 last, according to Neelam Welfare Society.

The cave is believed to be used as shelter and runaway home from epidemic by Neelam Chotum most probably in the middle of 18th century, the society said.

Meanwhile, the society in a gathering at Hiir Liipi, decided to preserve and protect the Wiseman’s cave.

It further resolved to put a total ban on hunting, fishing, jhum cultivation and extraction of forest resources for commercial purpose in Neelam clan inhabited areas, particularly Neelam, Deed, Kamta Radpu, Dem, Seya, Khach, Pania and Tom Meya panchayats.


Donyi-Polo Day observed

PASIGHAT, Jan 2: The people of East Siang District observed the Donyi-Polo Day along with the rest of the State on 31st December last with religious fervor and gaiety.

The main function was observed at the Central Ganging, Pasighat organized by the Faith & Cultural Society of Pasighat.

Prayers were held for peace and prosperity on the auspicious occasion.

The newly constructed Ganging at Balek was also inaugurated on the occasion. Floral tribute was also paid to Golgi Bote Talom Rukbo.

The celebration stressed the need of preservation and propagation of indigenous faith and culture.


Classical Dance and music workshop

PASIGHAT, Jan 2: The five day-long Classical Dance and Music Workshop organized by Sanskar Bharati concluded at the IGJ HS School auditorium, Pasighat on December 31 last.

The main objective of the workshop was to select some talented artistes for higher level cultural events in future.

Principal Amit Kumar Mukharjee and Vice Principal Suchandana Mukharjee of Nritayagyan Dance and Music Academy (NDMA) and Ram Naresh Kumar and Shitala Prashad, local vocalists imparted training as

resource persons. Altogether sixty students participated in the workshop.


Birth anniversary

ITANAGAR, Jan 2: District Level Committee (DLC), Arunachal Vikas Parishad, Daporijo observed the birth anniversary of Bala Despandey, the founder of Akhil Bharatiya Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram at Daporijo.

On the occasion, the DLC felicitated the Donyi Polo Namlo priests, land donor of Donyi Polo Namlo centre and other social workers who had dedicated their lives for the promotion of indigenous faith and culture of the tribal communities of Arunachal Pradesh.

Besides these, school children of AVP Balwadi School Sippi, Dugi, Daporijo and Pakum colony displayed cultural programmes on the occasion.


Indigenous Faith Day

ITANAGAR, Jan 2: Indigenous Faith Day was celebrated at Koloriang. The function was organised jointly by the Koloriang unit of Donyipolo Nyedar Namlo and Arunachal Vikas Parishad. In the morning the believers of Donyipolo took out procession covering the entire town followed by public gathering. A colourful band display was presented by the students of VKV, Koloriang and traditional cultural display by the Nyedar Namlo goers.

In Palin the prayers were held in the Nyedar Namlo by the devotees of Aane Donyi followed by public address in the ground. The function was organised jointly by Palin unit of Donyipolo Nyedar Namlo and Arunachal Vikas Parishad.

President, Nyishi Indigenous Faith and Cultural Society Techi Gubin said that Donyipolo is a religion whereas Almighty Aane Donyi is the unseen power and creator of this entire universe who created the Sun, Moon, stars, planets including living and non living things on earth.


Association appeals for review of HPC

ITANAGAR: Jigo-Yego Youth Association (JYYA) has demanded the authorities concerned to review the high power committee (HPC) failing which it will resort to democratic movement.

The order excludes Nari-Koyu of East Siang from the ambit of the new district.

"It is not only arbitrary, partial and biased but also undermining the sentiments of the people of both Likabali and Nari Koyu constituencies. The order is in complete breach to the cabinet corrigendum given in August 2009 in response to the demand made by people of both the constituencies," JYYA said in a release. .

It reiterated that the highest forum of Galo community the Galo Welfare Society has already endorsed the creation of Lower Siang District as demanded by District Demand and Joint Action Committee format on various Bane Keba’s consultative and general body meetings and the related documents have been duly submitted to the authority by DDJAC.


Slogan witting competition

ITANAGAR: Directorate of field publicity, Government of India, Ziro unit as part of its multimedia campaign for national voter’ day organized a slogan writing competition for the students at Ziro on December 30 last.

Altogether, 21 students took part in the competition. Similar competition would also be conducted at various schools of the district during this month.