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January  - 05


EPF dilemma

Dear Editor,

I would like to apprise the matter related to Employees Provident Fund (EPF). I am a casual employee of BSNL since 2001 and presently working under SDOT, BSNL, Ziro.

Since September 2007 every month an amount of ` 286/- was deducted @ 12% from my salary. And again from the beginning of 2009, every month an amount of  ` 648/- only was deducted @ 12% from my salary. Till this moment it is being deducted.

Four years has elapsed, still I have not received even a single copy of my EPF account number nor the EPF balance sheet. When inquired it was informed that it is being prepared and will be sent.

So, I had the suspicion whether my hard earned money is being deposited in the EPF account or not. Now I have insecurity that in future whether I will get back my hard earned money.

I would like to request the authority to look into this matter and bring transparency in EPF matter.


L.T. Sanga, Ziro(on email)



Lessons to learn from  AAPSU

Dear Editor,

I would like to appreciate AAPSU executive members particularly President and GS for successfully conduct of the first ever Martyr cup cum inter tribe youth in Itanagar which concluded recently.

The festival provided us opportunity to interact with each other as well as show one’s talent in the various arenas like culture, literature, sports and beauty contest.

The AAPSU laid the platform for all the students who are pursuing their studies in different parts of the state in various discipline.

Festival like these give a chance to bond among different tribes and helps us celebrate brotherhood. The AAPSU is one of the strong organization of student community in north east India.

Only AAPSU can bring under one umbrella all the different tribes of the state and ensure unity in diversity and maintain communal harmony in the state. So I strongly believe that the spirit of present AAPSU executive members will be continued and nourished in future by upcoming executives.

I appreciate AAPSU president Takam Tatung who showed his caliber to lead the AAPSU to top level of the state.

I request all students organization of this state particularly ANSU to take note of the socio political functioning of the State. I hope that all delegates who are participating in upcoming ANSU election will choose the right leader, so we may not regret after election.

I appreciate present AAPSU team who have tirelessly worked step to step and door to door for the cause of common people of the state.


L Taha (on email)



Please, no reservation on reserved seats

Dear Editor,

This is in response to open letter to chairman, board of management, NERIST by some leaders of Nirjuli panchayat where they have placed various grievance of people of Nirjuli and concerned for unemployed youth which is good and appreciable.

However their demand for provision for reservation of seats for children of local land donors and 5% of seats earmarked for APSTs be reserved for the inhabitants of Nirjuli Panchayat is not at all acceptable and genuine.

The seat reservation should be on the need basis of the whole state not the local basis. As a land donors, they can demand for either direct monetary compensation or in terms of preference in grade IV staff employee, or for some campus business establishment like grocery shop, college canteen, supply works etc.

Demanding the seat reserved for whole state depriving the fellow Arunachalees is not justified. Educational institute should follow the prescribed university rules as per academic is concerned not the rules of some local settings.


Tago, Itanagar

(on email)



Problems confronting us

Dear Editor,

The extravaganza and bonhomie amongst the patrons and delegates during the 8th General Conference of the cultural and literary society of Mishmis (CALSOM) at Hawai, the head quarters of Anjaw District from 21st to 25th December last year can’t distract our attention from the grim reality that the Mishmi society is confronted with plethora of problems.

This apex NGO of the Mishmis was constituted in the year 1992 with the noble objective of preserving the indigenous culture, social reformation and to eradicate the existing social maladies. I have the deepest respect and regard for those elders, who in their endeavour to preserve our culture and tradition, conceived the idea of constituting the CALSOM.

However we have to admit the stark reality, that nothing substantial has been achieved by the society till date. Today our society is crippled owing to illiteracy, ignorance, religious conversion, polygamy, opium menace etc. There is impending threat of demographic imbalance and cultural invasion due to the influx of outsiders in the name of so called developmental activities, which needs to be countered.

Therefore it is expected from the new executive body members of CALSOM that they’ll rejuvenate the organization and work diligently for the Mishmi society, which is at the crossroads.

The new office-bearers are exhorted to fulfill the noble objectives of this NGO, rather than submitting to the whims and fancies of some influential people, who often put at stake the society for their vested interest. The onus of uniting the society lies on them, which is polarized on political ground.

At the risk of sounding cynical, I must say that if they take the society for a ride under the banner of CALSOM, it’s credibility will fall, which would lead to  social degradation and the disintegration of Mishmi community.    


Suraj Tayang

Tezu (on email)





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Concerned at Anini crisis, AAPSU questions RD celebrations

ITANAGAR, Jan 4: Reacting to the report of Anini town reeling under heaps of problem, All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) has expressed serious concerned at the crisis.

AAPSU which has been rigorously pursuing Dibang Valley crisis with state government for past many months asked government to solve crisis before 26th January.

In a press statement AAPSU President Takam Tatung, stated that when Arunachalee citizens are facing major problem at Dibang Valley, it is futile to celebrate Republic Day in the state.

“It’s going to be almost a year since Anini was cut from rest of state due to heavy rains. Governor and chief minister visited there but till now there is no road connection.

This is a state shame that when whole world is ushering a New Year, people of Anini are suffering because of lack of road connectivity,” said Takam Tatung.

 Meanwhile, AAPSU has demanded immediate posting of subject teachers, vice-principal and principal at Anini government higher secondary school. It also urged government to renovate JNV School and upgrade medical facilities at Anini as early as possible.

Blaming central and state government for this mess, Tatung said, “Anini is situated near Chinese border and strategically very important. But there is no road connection for last 10 months and defense ministry should have by this time rapped BRO and state government for such negligence.”

“Governor JJ Singh had visited Anini almost six month ago but there has been no improvement. He being from defense background, we expect him to take up road connection issue with higher ups at Delhi. It will be great service to the people of Anini region, if governor can pursue Anini crisis with central leaders”, he said.  

Tatung also urged eastern Member of Parliament Ninong Ering to raise this issue at Lok Sabha.

“Ninong Ering represent eastern constituency of which Dibang Valley is a part. People are looking for concrete work and MP need to answer to the people of Anini about why he is not able to raise this humanitarian crisis at Delhi”, he said.  

 Tatung also urged all civil societies to come out in support of people of Dibang Valley. “During Kargil war and Tsunami people contributed their bits. Now our own Arunachalee people are suffering at Anini because of no road connection. Where has civil societies and NGOs gone hiding? Please come out and support them,” stated AAPU President.

 Further he wondered, if road connection is not restored in winter season, then how state government plan to carry out work in summer when it rains heavily in Arunachal. AAPSU also demanded that chopper service between Anini and Itanagar should be increased and there should be chopper service from Guwahati to Anini.

AAPSU President further took dig at union Home Minister P Chidambaram for only visiting Tawang during his visit to Arunachal. “Places like like Anini is strategically important. Why did he evade places like Anini and even state capital Itanagar? Arunachal in charge V Narayanswamy should also visit Anini and place their grievances at Delhi,” said AAPSU President.

Tatung further urged government to end Anini crisis at the earliest and warned them not to compel AAPSU to take their own course of action.


Time for a reality check

Tongam Rina

As we were getting ready to welcome the New Year, there was a heart breaking appeal from Sanjay Kumar’ family for his release.  

A supervisor with APMDPCL Coal Mine, Kharsang, Changlang, Kumar was kidnapped on November 24 while he was on his way to the coal fields. There is no news whatsoever from any corner apart from assurances that efforts are being put to secure his safe release.  On May 13 last year, an Indian Forest Service Officer Vilas Bardekar was kidnapped in Arunachal Pradesh by the suspected National Democratic Front of Bodolannd. He was released on August 1 after centre and state government of Assam and Arunachal threw its force to secure his release.

Unlike Bardekar’s case, where the agencies had clue right from the beginning, in Kumar’s case, the scenario is different.  No one seems to have any idea who kidnapped and why.

Is it one of the factions of NSCN, active in Changlang district who picked up the Supervisor or is it some individuals who have a stake in mining sector in Arunachal? There seems to be too many contradictions and possibilities as well.  

The people of the state are patient but it would soon want to know why someone should be kidnapped while he is in Arunachal and why there is total silent from the investigating agencies. We would want to see that kidnapped official is safely released and reunited with his family members.

Kumar and Bardekar’s abduction are indication that all is not well despite tall claims by the govt. Though the state might not have to deal with home grown armed rebels, there is no denying the fact that Arunachal continues to be used as a hideout by militants from outside the state.  Not only these rebels use this state as hideout, they operate with impunity.

NDFB has a clout in at least four districts bordering Assam while ULFA, despite Chairman Arabinda Rajkhowa’s arrest and subsequent release has its presence in Lohit and Changlang.

On the other hand, Changlang and Tirap continue to be the favorite playground of both factions of NSCN.  

Its not very clear why NSCN has come all the way to Tirap and Changlang, which is home to the Tangsas, Tutsas, Noctes and Wanchoos, who share the same ancestry as some tribes of Nagaland and Burma. NSCN was formed with an aim to secure a separate Naga nation. It’s a different issue that with time the whole greater Nagalim issue seems lost in some quagmire as both the factions can’t seem to decide what it really wants for itself and for the people who it claims to fight for.  On the other hand, Indian government is having the last laugh while the factions fight among themselves and the Indian Army. Ceasefire has a completely new meaning here.  

However, Tirap and Changlang continue to suffer. In the name of Naga nation, it’s the people of these districts who are the worst sufferers. Apart from living in utter confusion and fear, dealing with massive unemployment, drug addiction, the whole process of development has been derailed. A huge chunk of fund is taken away by these organizations and government employees part away with at least 2 percent of their salary every month.  The problem does not end here. There is utter lack of accountability which has lead to widespread corruption in all institutions. Its time, we and they do a reality check.


Border and need for cordial inter-state relation

Ojing Tayeng

ITANAGAR, Jan 4: Malinithan, the legendary holy place associated with Lord Krishna and Rukmini the daughter of King Bhismaka, built on the classical tradition of Orissa and situated at the foothills of Likabali Sub-Division, West Siang is reeling under numerous problems and needs the attention of the authority for its proper management and promotion.

It was painful to note that there was no major changes in last few years in its upkeep.

There is no any visible development within the premises of the temple. Like Itafort, Malinithan is also not free from problems like land encroachment and disposal management till today despite lots of lectures on promotion of tourist spots and tourism in the state by our leaders and government officials.

But the principal thing, which struck me more than any other development during my visits was the boundary problem of Assam-Arunachal, particularly in Likabali market area. It looks like Likabali is left on its own despite being a sensitive town, bordering Assam.

Today outsiders can move freely without ILP in this tribal area and one wonders why there is  Arunachal Pradesh Police check gate within the Arunachal territory whereas it should have been at the main demarcated boundary.

It is also known by all that despite ILP checking in all the Check gates of the state there are numbers of outsiders residing in the state without ILP due to porous inter-state boundary.

So, we should not totally blame the officials of check point in this matter. To check such illegal infiltration, the concerned officials of respective districts have to chalk out a routine ILP checking within their jurisdiction. The government should also remember that establishment of Check gate in appropriate place is needed for boundary issues also; merely putting up of check gates for checking ILP will not serve the purpose.

As a result of past negligence in the inter-state border management, people of Likabali have faced lots of border-related problems in recent times due to rapidly expanding population in the area.

Kimin of Papum Pare District is also facing the same problems like Likabali and needs attention of the authority.

It is necessary to draw a proper boundary in these sensitive inter-state border areas by constituting joint committees representing both the state of Assam and Arunachal to maintain peaceful relation.

Of course, there may arise some problem of identification of exact position of the border on both sides but presence of immovable properties of the locality would make it easy to demarcate. Further, besides demarcation of proper boundary, unless and until, the check gate is shifted in the Assam-Arunachal border area, dreaming of peaceful coexistence among the people of Assam and Arunachal, particularly in the Likabali and Kimin areas in near future is futile.


MLA appeals for health infrastructure

ITANAGAR, Jan 4: Tali MLA Markio Tado urged the authorities concerned to provide necessary infrastructure like, building, staff quarters man power etc for Tali Primary Health Centre (PHC) to improve the healthcare facilities in the most remote area.

Tado, who visited the Tali PHC today, said that the PHC was in urgent need of infrastructure, including building for the PHC and staff quarters.  There is not a single quarter to accommodate its staff and due to which there is always shortage of man power to deliver the health services properly, he said, in a release.

The MLA was accompanied by Dr. Dilip Singh, advisor to Director Regional Resource Centre, NE Guwahati and few others.


100 years of Poju Mimak

ITANAGAR, Jan 4: The people of Kebang village have decided to commemorate 100 years of Poju Mimak (the 4th and last Anglo-Adi war), 1911 just the way they had commemorated the 150 years of Bitbor Mimak, 1858, in 2008.

As a first step in this regard a ‘Commemorative Centennial Calendar 2011’ has been released in which some of the historical heritage sites at Kebang village have been portrayed.

Although Kebang village had played pioneering and pivotal roles in the various Anglo-Adi Wars but no historian, scholar, researchers etc. had ever visited the village and interacted with its villagers. As a result, Kebang version of the history of Anglo-Adi relations remained untold even today and literally many a history books have been irretrievably lost forever with death of many village elders in the due course of time, a Paator Gumin Heritage Preservation & Research Foundation (PGHP&RF), release said.

Realizing the important and significant role the Kebang people had played in the Anglo-Adi wars, some like-minded youth and intellectual group of the village, with the spirit of ‘it is never too late!’, had formed the ‘Paator Gumin Heritage Preservation & Research Foundation’ (PGHP&RF), a non-profit oriented voluntary organization, with primary objective of putting Kebang village back in its pride of place in history of Arunachal Pradesh.

It is worth mentioning here that our forefathers, many of whom had laid down their valuable lives, had fought with the Britishers with true spirit of patriotism to defend their tribal land, the release said. PGHP&RF on behalf of people of Kebang village expressed its indebtedness to Nyoi Welfare Society, particularly Dr. Jayom Karlo for providing two all important old photos of Kebang village taken by British during 1909 and 1911 respectively.

Such type of support and encouragement will provide more impetus to our endeavour and help to go a long in realizing our dream, the release added.


Central team at Tawang

TAWANG, Jan 4: A Central Monitoring team consisting of Senior  Joint Commissioners of Ministry of Water Resources, inspected the on-going and completed Minor Irrigation Schemes of Tawang District from Dec 25-29.

The team visited Irrigation Projects at Magnam, Namtsering, Sanghar, Hoongla, Surbi, Khrimu & Grenghar village and interacted with the beneficiary farmers.

The team was satisfied that the projects are serving its intended purposes.

All the Schemes implemented under Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme (AIBP) were found effectively functioning and fully utilized by the farmers.

The team observed that the projects would require maintenance fund in due course of time and resource outlay would be required from the State to carry- out the maintenance works.

The team also admitted that the hilly States like Arunachal Pradesh require Central support for Land Leveling and Shaping as bench terraces for efficient use of Irrigation Water and Conservation of fertile top soil.


Social awareness campaign

ITANAGAR, Jan 4: Tadar Abu Charitable Society (TACS) recently conducted social awareness campaign at remote Paying circle under Upper Subansiri district against various social evils like child marriage, forced marriage, polygamy etc. Campaign mainly emphasized for providing quality education to female child and improving living standard.  

Senior members of TACS including Tadar Yadir, member, Arunachal Pradesh State Women Commission and Dany Maling, social worker, took part in the mass awareness campaign as resource person.

On Dec 28, a Cherom-Chera rally with its sub-clans Chera, Rarey, Tadar, Takhe and Taih, the descendents of Atu Chera inhabiting Papum Pare, Kurung Kumey and Lower Subansiri belonging to Nyishi tribe participated in the rally. Sub clans like Haging, Maling, Riamuk, Lingri, Ginglo, Paktung, Tachiring, Haning, Baring, Payeng, Tarba, Kaji, Dolorupu and Jami also descendents of Atu Cherom belonging to Tagin tribe of Upper Subansiri also participated in the rally.


BJP condole Gupta’s death

ITANAGAR, Jan 4: The Bharatiya Janata Party, Arunachal Pradesh unit expressed deep shock over sudden demise of Arun Gupta, National Convener, BJP Trade & Industry Cell, in Kolkata, West Bengal recently.

The ranks and file of State BJP and frontal wings chiefs and party workers in a special condolence meeting at state BJP headquarters today observed two minutes silence as a mark of respect to the departed leader, and prayed to almighty for eternal peace of the departed soul.

The state BJP president, Dr. Tangor Tapak, MLA on behalf of the state BJP conveyed heartfelt condolence to Mrs. Suman Gupta, wife of late Gupta. He spoke to her over telephone.

Gupta served the nation in the capacity of DIG of CRPF and later joined the BJP after his retirement.

His contributed a lot to the state BJP, especially during the State election in 2009, a BJP release said.

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News Impact

Child artiste meet

ITANAGAR, Jan 4: Sanskar Bharati Arunachal Pradesh will organize a 2 days child artiste meet at Arunachal Pradesh Science Centre, IG Park here on January 8 and 9.

Around 100 child artistes are expected to participate in various events such as, painting workshop, classical song and dance competition, patriotic song and dance competition, folk dance, folk song and poem recitation competitions etc.

The objective of the programme is to promote art & culture as a medium of education in the society, especially for the younger generation of the country. Few talents would also be selected for participation in the state and national level cultural events to be held in 2011 in various places of North East and the country.


PR leader clarifies

ITANAGAR, Jan 4: 2-Nirjuli Gram Panchayat, Chairperson Vijay Bengia responding to a press statement given by some panchayat leaders to the chairman Board of Management, NERIST on non appointment of local people in NERIST and other problems, said that due to communication gap between the NERIST authority and PRI members of the panchayat, there has been misunderstand between the two.

Vijay informed that, during 2010, seven local youths of Nirjuli area have been appointed in NERIST and responding to the NCWA President T Gamro’s memorandum to the BoM, Chairman regarding 47% job reservation for ST in NERIST during the last board meeting, the BoM Chairman had also assured to take up necessary steps within three months.

It further said that NERIST authority is also providing land for construction of rural link road from NH52A to Nirjuli village-II and Aniya village.



ITANAGAR, Jan 4:  Boori-Boot Yullo Celebration Committee, Itanagar has been constituted with Nido Povitra and Longku Tania as its Chairman and General Secretary respectively.

Youth Under Volunteer Activities of Arunachal has reshuffled its executives members with Chiram Bhukan and Kipa Simi as its vice president and General secretary.

Charu Yasuk has been appointed as women chairperson of Senki Park Welfare Society.


Voice of Arunachal postponed

ITANAGAR, Jan 4: The organizing committee of Voice of Arunachal (VoA) has postponed its elimination rounds of the VoA to month of April due to coincide of the programme with the annual examination of various school of the state.


School inaugurated

ITANAGAR, Jan 04: MLA Techi Kaso inaugurated Sanglo Putung-II village primary school under SSA yesterday.

Kaso assured for a approach road from Lagnylaya Minder to Sanglo Putung-II and sanctioned a sum of Rs three lacs for construction of teacher quarter.

The programme was attended by Yura Tugung as guest of honour.

Meanwhile, Sanglo Putung-II village welfare committee, President Yura Taniang urged the villagers to work for the development of the village.


Federation demand teachers

ITANAGAR, Jan 04: All Upper Subansiri District Intellectual Federation (AUSDIF) has demanded the authorities concerned to immediately post a Principal at Govt Hr. Sec. School Muri Mugli for smooth functioning of the school.

AUSDIF, in a release, also demanded posting of a computer teacher at Govt Sec. School, Taliha, a mathematics teacher at Govt. Middle school Dagam. It further informed that the Dilling Primary school was running without teachers.


Naming day

ITANAGAR, Jan 04: United Christian forum, Kerang  comprising of all the denominational Churches of  Kerang celebrated New Year  Day, the “Naming day of Jesus Christ” at Christian Revival Church, Kerang.

All the Christian believers from nearby area like Kaying, Aalo, also attended the programme.

A.K.Rukbo, Executive Secretary, Upper Siang Christian Forum was the speaker of the programme.  In his New Year message, speaker appealed the congregation to follow the path of love & unity and sacrifice.

There was   a cultural competition and a joint  fellowship on Jan 2.  


CWC appeals

ITANAGAR, Jan 04: Chandranagar Welfare Committee (CWC), in a release, appealed to the authorities concerned to stop the on-going ‘controversial’ work at Power House, Chandranagar section under Capital Electric Division until an amicable solution is arrived.

The maintenance work of Chandranagar Power House which is being carried out by the department itself was earlier denied to CWC on the pretext of non-availability of fund, CWC said in a release. But, when inquired Rs.6 lakh has been sanctioned against the work under SPA scheme on March 31, 2010, the release said.

It said that the departmental EE (E) has started the work by using his own JCB and Tippers. A government employee can not undertake any contract work as per norms and guidelines, it added.


Yana gets bronze

ITANAGAR: Takio Yana won a bronze medal in the on-going 6th National Youth Weightlifting  Championship at Yamuna Nagar, Haryana today.

With this, Yana became the first Arunachalee girl to win a medal in any National Youth Championship.

She lifted a total 136 kg (Snatch 58 kg + Clean and Jerk 78 kg) in girls 58 kg category.


INTUC meet

ITANAGAR: State INTUC President Padi Richo and Secretary General Jalley Sonam are leaving for Nagpur tomorrow to attend the 278th working committee meet of Indian National Trade Union (INTUC).  The two day meeting will start on Jan 8.