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January  - 06


Didn’t I just elect him/her?

Dear Editor,

In apropos to Tongam Rina’s article, “Time for a reality check”, it gives me pleasure in commending her for taking the initiative in finally bringing to our collective consciousness about the militancy problems in the districts of Tirap and Changlang.

Militancy as a solution is a misnomer. The track record of states dominated by militant groups has only served as a catalyst in alienating each of their states from the rest of the country. Why would a private investor or XYZ invest in a state where there is a stark and reality check perceived threat to their lives? Each of them may as well shift base to other states where the business environment is more conducive.

Our state is so caught up in an intangible mesh of wired loops, it gets difficult in locating the beginning and the end of it’s problematic spectrum. We are primarily obsessed with the government jobs, contract works, bribe money, late to work-early home syndrome, meaning of accountability is not accountable etc etc. Eventually, our elders and the present generation needs to do so much more if we are to see our state grow and compete with other accepted benchmark states for investments across varied opportunities. At the current rate, we are only leaving behind a legacy which 20 years down the line will become a  40 year back log of bad governance, inept policies and no proper framework on the basic issues of education, unemployment, infrastructure and preservation of our cultural ethos (I say 40 because the last 20 years has already been wasted). In case people say that there are existing frameworks, then I ask where are the results.

So, while we are all busy in our mired dreams. Like other states, this militancy problem will slowly but surely spread its wings in the other districts and eventually turn out to be a major problem for the state. Every person that I meet, cutting across illiteracy, intellectual or social lines are aware of the existing problems in these two districts. But, somehow either we don’t realize the magnitude of the problem or we are too busy with our lives that social groups, student bodies or even the media isn’t conducting investigative reporting or bringing forth this problem at a State level very often, which should have ideally been the case. Let’s imagine a scenario, the year is 2015, a militant group from a different state has its presence in Itanagar and is collecting a monthly toll of 2-5% from our salaries. Doesn’t that sound ridiculous? It does, but this is the reality of today in Tirap & Changlang. So, think again.

We are all so divided and persistently trying to outdo and cement each others communities footprints in the state, that each of us forget that we all collectively make the state and not with one less or two. So, no one tribe is more important that the other irrespective of numbers. Our leaders should understand the broader picture with the presence of these militant groups and work across party lines to formulate a broad policy envisaging a 20-30 year vision for the State in eradicating militancy and bringing forth more development.

If nothing turns out right in Arunachal Pradesh in the next few years and more of the years to come; always reflect about, not how bad the situation is in our state but, “Didn’t I just elect him/her?” .


Rommel Kuru,

(on email)



The trend

Dear Editor,

According to reports in your daily, it is seen that Anini HQ of Dibang Valley, which can become the Switzerland of East Arunachal,  is cut-off from rest of the world for many days. But the system and trend of development in Arunachal is guided by the principle and theory of jiski lathi uski bhains.

So, if such type of trend is continued, it will take another 100 years for full road connectivity in Arunachal.

I being a common citizen of Arunachal will suggest my brother and sisters of Anini to wait for your "lathi"



Itanagar, (on email)



Job information on the website

Dear Editor,

I would like to request your daily to please provide a “Employment Section" in the website so that information can be disseminated timely to the jobseekers. Youths from far flung areas are unable to access the recruitment information timely because of various communication bottlenecks.

If information is put up in the webpage, it would go a long way up helping the unemployed who are looking for job opportunities.


Ruzing Bellai,

Tezu, (on email)





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Kurung Kumey without PDS rice

ITANAGAR, Jan 5: Kurung Kumey have not been able to lift rice for the month of December as the Food Corporation of India failed to stock food at the base depot Ziro. The reasons for the delay are not known.

The monthly rice requirement of people of the district is 2780 quintals under Above Poverty Line (APL), 536 quintals under Below Poverty Line (BPL) and 1224 quintals under Antyodaya Anna Yojna (AAY).  

The district is heavily depended on PDS items.

Kurung Kumey Inspector, Food and Civil Supply Tarak Kama said that even the alternative FCI base depot Lakhimpur, has run out of food stock.  

Every month, the districts have to draw the food grain from the designated depots within the 20th. If the food is not lifted within the stipulated time, clearance has to be taken from the Ministry of Food and Civil Supplies.

Many districts have complaint that FCI has failed to provide the required quota to the depots on time.

The FCI currently battling investigations for irregularities has not been able to sort out the many problems afflicting the organisation. Even as the multicrore PDS scam rocked the state, nothing much seems to have improved when it comes to distribution of food item to the districts of Arunachal.


Upset at arbitrary constitution of HPC, orgs calls bandh in two districts

ITANAGAR, Jan 5: Taking serious exception to the recent announcement of the constitution of the High Power Committee (HPC) by the state government on creation of Lower Siang district, the Jigo-Yigo Youth Association (JYYA) and Ramle Banggo Students Union (RBSU) has called a 24 hours bandh from Jan 7.  

The bandh will be effective in the entire areas of 28th  Likabali AC and 36 Nari-Koyu.

Angry at the constitution of HPC which excludes Nari Koyu area from the proposed Lower Siang, the organisations stated that “Lower Siang district was and is meant for the foothill areas viz. 28th Likabali and 36th Nari-Koyu AC. The nefarious design of some vested few is evident from the fact that Nari-Koyu is excluded from the proposed district. As such, the HPC so constituted fails to address the basic issue of the problem”.

Until appropriate measures are taken to address the issue genuinely, no HPC will ever be allowed to visit or pass through Likabali-Gensi and Nari-Koyu, the organisations said.

The mandate of the HPC fails and neglects the core values of the numerous discussions and memorandums submitted to the government. Assurances-written and verbal- given by the Chief Minister nowhere finds reflection. The sudden announcement of the HPC without consulting the stake holders is arbitrary and provocative. This is an act of nepotism and favouritism impeccably blemished with high handedness of supreme order, the organisations stated in a press release.

The action has grossly surpassed, breached, and have made redundant the cabinet corrigendum No. CAB/B/07/2009 dated 12th August 2009; press clarification by the Chief Minister dated 12th August 2009, and doomed the hopes and aspiration of the people of both the constituencies, it further added.

  The bandh is also being enforced to demand immediate restoration of power to issue PRC, ST and LPC etc to SDO Likabali. The rights were withdrawn by the government recently and the rights subsequently transferred to the office of ADC Basar.


Case against officers for violation of norms

SEPPA, Jan 5:  A case has been registered against East Kameng Education department including DDSE, JE (SSA), BRC/CRC and contractors for the violation of the norms of SSA and for having forged the signature of  VEC Chairman, member secy. (Headmaster), BRC, CRC, ADEO and APO under Pipu and Gyawe Purang circle under 9th- Chayang Tajo of East Kameng District.

The case has been registered on the basis of FIR lodged by group of  individuals that include Chairman, Sango Lamte Foundation, Payi Gyadi and  leaders of All Pipu Gyawe  Purang youth welfare association (APGPYWA).

They have alleged that the construction of school building and Hostel were in paper only as no actual physical work were done against the sanctioned works.  This include the  fifty bedded girls hostel at Govt. Middle School Tagang Warrang, amounting to `23 lacs, additional class rooms for Govt. Primary School Kapu Dada amounting to     ` 2.52 lacs,  govt primary school Papiwa amounting ` 2.52 lacs, govt. IB School Wotte Cheda of the same amount of ` 2.52 lacs.

The construction for the girls hostel at Middle School Taging Warrang was awarded to a contractor while the rest of the bills were prepared without issuing work order, the NGO alleged and stated that  bills were drawn after producing false signature of VEC Chairman, member Secy (headmaster) and other important post holder of the department.

They also alleged that  final payment were made on the basis of the fake completion certificate with photograph of existing govt. building and quarter of  Seppa township and Gyawe Purang Circle.  

Two photos submitted to the DDSE office by the contractors were the guest house of Gyawe Purang and old Class building of Tagang Warrang ME School.  

 Sango Lamte Foundation(SLF), Chairman also appealed other NGOs, students bodies and other civil societies of the district in particular and the state as a whole to come forward and extend their helping hand to fight against such corruption rampant in the society. He also requested the persons in the top brass not to interfere in such cases by allowing the law of the land to take its own course of action.


Strengthen the party: Pala

ITANAGAR, Jan 5: Union Minister of State for Water Resources Vincent H Pala advised Congress party leaders and workers to strengthen the party and support AICC Chairperson Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to reap the fruits of development.

Accompanied by Indian Youth Congress Coordinator Nyamar Karbak, Pala said this during a visit to the Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee office.  Conveying the message of UPA chairperson and the Prime Minister, Pala urged party leaders to visit the party workers at grassroot level to further strengthening the party organization.

Pala is in State Capital in connection with Si Donyi Festival celebration here where he would attend the festival here as chief guest.

Karbak highlighted the guidelines and instructions issued by AICC to connect the Government and general public.

APCC general secretary TC Tok also spoke on the occasion.


A village with a difference

Ojing Tayeng

ITANAGAR, Jan 5: Mangnang, a small hamlet of about 60 household in East Saing District is one place that's still waiting for proper road connectivity and electricity despite being in the vicinity of Pasighat.

The inhabitants of this rural area still reels under darkness after the massive Siang flood in 2002.

The village is not one of its kind as many villages in Arunachal have no access to electricity and proper road connectivity.

However, what is different is that there used to be power before the flood and no serious effort has been put to restore it.

The school children uses Kerosene lamps during study hours and some manage to study under dim glow of solar-powered lights which were distributed by government agency on subsidy two years back at Rs 1500 per lamp.

More interestingly, except few battery operated radio, mobile phones and one or two Television sets, there are no other modern electrical gadgets in the households.

Recently the department re-erected some electrical posts in the village but it remains to be seen how soon power reaches homes of this small village which was affected  by the Siang floods.  

Further, Mangnang is just few  kilometers away from NH 52A but despite this the village does not have proper link road. Moreover, the road constructed under Prime Minister Gram Sadak Yojna (PMGSY) was also halted half way.

Even the drinking water supply is another big problem for the villagers. Most of the time, they rely on the streams and the river as the water supply to the villages is just two hours every day. The whole village has five-six departmental water taps and there is just one Well.


The changing face of Arunachal

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Jan 5: “Itanagar has nothing to offer to the visitors. In fact it looks like any other gali or market of Delhi” said a friend who came visiting Itanagar last year.

Ever since then, often I also feel that twin capital towns of Itanagar and Naharlagun resemble any other colony or suburb of cities like Delhi or Mumbai.

Pitiable road condition, poor drainage system, erratic power supply and illegal construction activities are some problem synonymous with capital complex.  

 With due respect to mainland Indian friends, I see more number of migrant faces than tribal people in capital complex. Also everywhere people can be seen fluently speaking in Hindi. At times I wonder whether I am back in my hometown or still roaming around in Karol Bagh market of Delhi.

But last week, I got rare opportunity to finally feel at home when I visited Laptap village near Sagalee town to attend the “Orange festival”.

I along with couple of media friends reached there at early morning around 8 am. Moment we arrived there I felt like finally I am in real Arunachal.

Villagers who welcomed us started conversing in Nyishi language without bothering to know whether I am Nyishi or not.

Large number of villagers from in and around Laptap had turned up to participate in the festival. Even in these days of modernity, villagers could be seen wearing traditional Nyishi dresses. Also everyone was conversing among themselves in Nyishi.

The most surprising part was that some of the migrant workers present there were seen interacting in Nyishi language with locals.

Also for the first time, I saw more number of tribal faces among the crowd and truly felt like I am in my own state. In the last few months I had rare opportunity to travel length and breadth of Arunachal. My observation tells me that now real Arunachal exist only in rural areas.  State capital Itanagar and all the district headquarters of Arunachal has turned into any other colonies of big cities.

Being part of India, no doubt we have to welcome anyone who wishes to come and work here. But large amount of migration from mainland India into Arunachal is rapidly changing the demography of this tribal state. There is simmering fear among citizens that Arunachal may become next Tripura and day may not be far when we will have a chief minister with Sharma and Singh surnames.  

Visitors from across the world visit Arunachal in hope of getting glimpse of tribal tradition and culture. They come here to find peace and be away from maddening world of big cities. But just when they reach Itanagar, they get biggest disappointment of their lives.

But thanks to villages like Laptap and various other rural areas, tribal culture of Arunachal still remains intact. It’s time department of tourism tap such potential and promote rural tourism across Arunachal. Just organizing few festivals in the name of promoting tourism do not make much sense.


Home stay in Ziro begins

ITANAGAR, Jan 5: Young Mission Adventure Club (YMAC) under the sponsorship of National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development (NABARD), regional office, Itanagar has started its one year project on rural tourism at Ziro, Lower Subansiri.

The project includes capacity building for service providers, tourist guide, Home stay operation, food and beverage and adventure trainings.

The objective of the project is to employ the unemployed youths and rural women of the state so that they earn some income from the tourists.

Recently, the secretary of YMAC Yomjum Yongam along with two foreign tourists stayed at Home Stay at Hong village, Ziro to see for themselves the progress.

The first training on home stay is being given and such training and project would also be established in other districts of the state soon.

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News Impact

Picnic prohibited in Poma area

ITANAGAR: Poma-Rillo Youth Welfare Society has strictly prohibited organizing picnic within Poma village area to keep the village area neat and clean.

The society in a release said that picnic parties coming from different areas have made the river bank dirty and unhygienic by throwing empty polythene bags and bottles. Anybody found organizing picnic within the village area would be taken action as per society bye-laws, it cautioned.


Fresh tender demanded

ITANAGAR: All Yachuli Students’ Union (AYSU) demanded authorities concerned to call tender afresh for the road work from Yachuli to Doimukh.

While condemning the district administration for failing to tackle the December 13 incident at Yazali PWD office, AYSU demanded the authority to constitute to fact finding committee and also appealed to the public, work agency to withdraw the case from court to settle it locally.