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January  - 08


Waiting for the arrival of HPC

Dear Editor,

Ever since the Chief Minister’s assurance of 10th December, 2008 at Basar, followed by cabinet’s in Principle approval for creation of a new District bifurcating the existing West Siang District, with ‘Basar’ as its Headquarter of 7th August, 2009, on the basis of the legitimate demand of the people of the areas, the order vide No. DAD-22/2009, Dated Itanagar, 24th December, 2010, issued by the Govt. for having duly constituted the HPC, with an instruction to the committee for submission of its reports at the earliest is most well come.

The announcement which has come after long wait of more than two years would help expedite Govt’s commitment. The DDAC lauds the Govt’s pro–people policy of prioritizing its promise. The people of the areas do express their sincere thanks and gratitude to the congress Govt. headed by the Dorjee Khandu.

In fact, on the event of arrival of the HPC, at Basar, the DDAC and the people are enthusiastically waiting to offer warm civic reception and extend full cooperation on the ground feasibility examining committee to deliver Justice to all concerned in determining the boundary and HQ. of the newly created District. The people of the area are eagerly looking forward to early arrival of the HPC, at Basar.

Gojum Basar, Chairman, DDAC, Basar,

(on email)



If Arunachal do not rise to the occasion

Dear Editor,

Apropos Taba Ajum's article "The changing face of Arunachal"( 6 January), if the indigenous population and the Government of Arunachal Pradesh do not rise to the occasion, rural areas like Laptap also will cease to retain the tribal culture of the beautiful, diverse and rich state in very near future.

Of course migration cannot be stopped, but certain restrictions on outsiders and privileges to the sons of the soil can certainly be adopted just like in Jammu& Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Nagaland or Mizoram.

Else rampant intrusions from other regions are bound to adversely affect the demography and culture of the soil, which will certainly not show India's democracy and diversity in praiseworthy light. Since Kolkata and all West Bengal towns are presently nothing but extensions of Patna, Lucknow and Jaipur put together; with Bengali culture gasping for breath in rural areas; I appreciate the pain of Ajum and all self-respectful people of Arunachal Pradesh.

It is high time Arunachal Pradesh desist itself from surrendering to the Hindi-imperialists, learn to respect and accord topmost importance to their respective mother-tongues and the Government needs to see to it that large chunk of land, jobs and business be reserved for the indigenous tribals. Else, the whole state will go the suicidal Itanagar-Naharlagun way with the outsiders calling the shots, the sons of the soil becoming mere non-entities.

Kajal Chatterjee,

Kolkata, (on email)



Only we can bring changes

Dear Editor,

Whenever I read various dailies of state, my blood pressure goes up. So usually I avoid reading newspapers on daily basis.  And reason is quite obvious. I really feel situation in our state is getting hopeless with each passing day and hardly do we get to hear any good news about our state in newspapers. People of our state have become mean and are only busy making their personal life comfortable. Some are busy in earning money, some busy in making money, some busy for searching job and so on. Only handful of people remained who really cares for the society. I am also one of the common people who is busy in his own personal life. But it’s also true that whenever I see or read about sad condition of our state, it angers me and I sympathize with my fellow Arunachalees. Anger comes out for those persons who can do many things for our state but they don’t do anything, Sympathy for those Arunachal people who lives their life in pain. I really wish that I may be one of those able people so that at least I can try to lessen their pain. But unfortunately I am also one of those common people.

If present situation is not reversed, then day will not be far when our state will become next Tripura, where outsiders have become majority and locals reduced to minority. But we should not forget that future is in our hand and if we wish we can have better future. Today multi core PDS scam, boundary dispute, state as well as international, corruption in every field, Chakma refugee problem, militancy, Mega Dams, poor infrastructure and many more problems have turned Arunachal into a lost state.

However, even in this grim situation there are groups like AAPSU which is working for all around development of the state. I appreciate AAPSU and also student bodies like Galo Student Union and West Siang District Student Union for relentlessly fighting against PDS accuse. We can’t dream of changing Arunachal, if we do not change ourselves. So, let’s first change ourselves than automatically the State will change.    


Kago Laliyang

Naharlagun, (on email)






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Lifter Sibi creates national record, wins 3 gold

M Doley

ITANAGAR, Jan 7: Continuing his outstanding performance, lifter Yukar Sibi won three gold medals with a record lift of 148 kg in Clean and Jerk in 6th National Youth Weightlifting Championship at Yamuna Nagar, Haryana today.

Sibi’s lift of 148 kg in Clean Jerk is a new national record in his weight (62 kg) category. Sibi won three golds in snatch (108 kg), Clean and Jerk (148kg) and total with 256 kg in 62 kg weight category, according to information received from Indian Weightlifting Federation Joint Secretary Abraham K. Techi.

Arunachal Pradesh notched up as many as 7 medals-- 6 Gold and a Bronze-- in the 6th National Youth Weightlifting Championship.

Earlier, Soram Hitlar Tagru had won three gold and Takio Yana a bronze in the championship.

Tagru won his first ever gold in snatch (96 kg) clean and jerk (122 kg) and total with 218 kg in 62 kg weight category while Yana had an effort of 136 kg (Snatch 58 kg + Clean and Jerk 78 kg) in girls 58 kg category.

Nine weightlifters, including two women, from Arunachal Pradesh participated in the championship.

The participation was mainly aimed at exposing the lifters from Arunachal at national level championship, Coach Kumar Doka said.

It is worth mentioning here that Sibi had won two international gold medals in Youth Commonwealth Weightlifting held last month in Penang, Malayasia while Tagru a bronze.

Meanwhile, Sibi is leaving for China on January 12 along with IWF Joint Secretary Abraham to participate in China Weightlifting Grand Prix.

The Weightlifting Grand Prix will be held at Fuzhou the capital of Fujian Province, People’s Republic of China, from January 14 to 17 next.

Indian Weightlifting Federation (IWF) president BP Baishya will join the 2-member Indian team at China on January 14.

Only a player from a country is invited for the Chinese GP and Sibi has been chosen from India.

Meanwhile, Capt. SS Rao, in-charge of Army Sports Institute (ASI), Pune has expressed his willingness to tour remote areas of Arunachal Pradesh to expose hidden sports talents. A team of ASI, led by Capt. Rao last year had conducted a sports talent hunt at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium and picked and enrolled few talented boys in ASI which has now begun to bear fruits.

He said that Arunachal Pradesh has immense talents, especially in Weightlifting and Wrestling. But what is lacking is Infrastructure and exposure, he said.

Abraham K Techi, who is also the president of Arunachal Weight Association (AWA), praised ASI and Capt. Rao for showing lots of interest in Arunachalee boys and girls. He said that Capt. Rao is likely to visit Arunachal soon, specially remote areas, on talent hunt.


Govt modify order; include East Siang

ITANAGAR, Jan 7: After much hue and cry and 24 hours bandh call, the government today finally heeded to the demands of the people of 28th Likabali and 36th Nari-Koyu and included Nari-Koyu constituency of East Siang in the proposed Lower Siang district.  

It had formed a high powered committee to study the creation of the district excluding East Siang district which angered the people of the area.

In a modified order it stated that “in the first para of Govt. order No. DAD-22/2009/535 dtd 24.12.10, the sentence “from the existing West Siang district” may be read as “from the existing West & East Siang districts”. All the others terms stipulated therein shall remain unchanged, the order read.

The government decision to exclude East Siang from the proposed district has come under heavy criticism and prompted organizations from Likabali and Ramle Banggo area to call a 24 hours bandh which started today.

The organizations stated that the govt action to exclude East Siang has grossly surpassed, breached, and made redundant the cabinet corrigendum No. CAB/B/07/2009 dated 12th August 2009; press clarification by the Chief Minister dated 12th August 2009.

Angry at the exclusion of Nari-Koyu from the proposed district, the NCP leader Kenyir Ringu had urged the District Administration department to review the territorial jurisdiction of High Power Committee.

However, even with inclusion of East Siang in the proposed district, the problem is not yet over. Likabali and Basar have been at loggerheads demanding the creation of the headquarters at their respective places.

Till recently, the government had refused to dabble into the affair and maintained stoic silence even as Basar, Likabali and Nari-Koyu engaged in war of words.


Centre asks States to remove all bottlenecks

ITANAGAR, Jan 7: Centre has asked States to ensure that all bottlene1cks in the supply chain are removed to address the issue of rising prices. In a letter written to State Chief Ministers, the Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee has asked them to take steps in this direction at a faster pace to bring down the food prices.

Pranab Mukherjee has pointed out that three fourth of inflation is due to significant increase in the prices of a few items like food, vegetables, milk, meat, poultry and fish.

The Finance Minister said that the prices of cereals and pulses have come down. He added there are weather induced supply constraints on some of the items adding to the inflation besides widening gap between the wholesale and retail prices. Mukherjee also said this is also due to rising income levels. The food inflation rose to 18.3 percent for the week that ended on 25th of December.


Centre to examine issue of paid news

DELHI, Jan 7: Government has constituted a Group of Ministers (GoM) to examine the issue of paid news. The group, headed by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, will suggest remedial measures to curb the menace.

The GoM is also likely to seek the opinion of experts in the field. It will also call for suggestions from the industry and study a recent report submitted by the Press Council of India on the issue. The GoM has been tasked to devise a more precise methodology to adjudge paid news. Paid news is being viewed seriously by the government as the Election Commission of India had also convened a meeting of political parties. The other members of the GoM are Home Minister P Chidambaram, Law Minister Veerappa Moily, Urban Development Minister Jaipal Reddy, Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar and Information and Broadcasting Minister Ambika Soni.


ABK conference begins

JIA, Jan 7: The three-day 17th General Conference of Adi Baane Kebang began at Jia, Lower Dibang Valley District yesterday.

On the opening day, ABK website was launched along with releasing of ABK Souvenir “Gokying”,  and Adi Audio album.

ABK President Ajin Apang, ABK Secretary General Tani Jongkey, President District Unit Basu Perme, and VEC Chairman and DASU Jimmy Boko were among those who spoke on the occasion.

On the occasion, MLA Jomin Tayeng, highlighting the communication bottle neck and problems faced by the people of Dambuk Sub-Division and demanded the visiting officials for creation of an independent ADC headquarter at Dambuk. He also demanded for creation of a Circle Headquarter at Parbuk along with Police and Fire Service Station and up gradation of Jia Middle School to Higher Secondary School.


AIMSU calls off indefinite blackout

ROING, Jan 7: The All Idu Mishmi Students Union (AIMSU) has called off its indefinite blackout of Roing town following assurances from District Administration for restoration of normal power supply line. Since many months only the ‘VIP’ lines were in operation and normal lines were facing continuous power breaks.

The assurance came in a meeting called by the administration, the union members and officials from electrical department.

The peak requirement of the town is 2 MW and at present is receiving 1.5 MW from Assam, which as per the department meets the current requirement.

 Despite the allotment of the needed power supply to the town, the head of the department admitted that it failed to draw the required supply line.

 Meanwhile, AIMSU in a letter to Ajin Apang, President of Adi Bane Kebang has expressed regret for any inconvenience faced due to their protest. The ABK is having its 17thGeneral Conference at Jia village near Roing.

 The union said it took the decision to protest after taking in the confidence of student leaders from Dibang Adi Students Union (DASU) and AdiSU.


Employment generation against the backdrop of the emerging tribal societies in Arunachal Pradesh

R. K. Paul Chawang

Allow me to begin  with some preliminary remarks. Never seldom but often times, we cast aspersions on the government for its inability or failure and attribute the problem of insurgency, frequent social unrest and anti-social elements or forces, etc., in the North East to unemployment problem. We rap government’s knuckles for its callous attitude and for doling out a step-motherly treatment towards the seven sisters. Taking a deep plunge into the problem, I find that perhaps, at times we are over dependent on the government for everything and anything including job and employment. We want to be spoon-fed. We want to be always at the receiving end, whereas we expect the government to be always at the giving end.

Instead of concentrating on our own human and natural resources at our disposal, we empty the whole load of our problems on to the government and blame the same. Instead of exploring the rich human and natural resources, which offer us various possibilities for generating employment, we sit idle and cry over government’s failures and negligence. We must very well understand that Government’s failure in providing jobs does not nullify or negate the possibilities of self-employment. Self-employment opportunities and feasibilities are numerous but if only we can translate this proverb into action and make it a reality in our lives thus, - “Where there is a will, there is a way”. Employment Generation - Three Basic Levels:

Against the backdrop of emerging modern tribal societies in Arunachal Pradesh, irrespective of any particular tribe, I envisage three basic levels of employment generation for our people and region 10 years from now. If we want to generate employment for our educated youth, these three basic levels are to be taken care of in all its seriousness:

1) Individual level:

The basis for generating employment lies at the very grass root level of each individual person. The process of generating must begin from within and not from without. Acquiring qualification in black and white on the certificate is not enough. In this competitive world, one has to be highly competent and qualified in whichever field one wishes to excel and work which entails individual hard work and keen interest in their particular field of studies. Another important aspect to be taken note of is that we must always encourage and promote individual initiatives.

2) Social level:

At this level, each society must study, reflect and work together towards finding different possibilities, ways and means in order to generate employment.  Unemployment is not only an individual problem alone but also a collective problem, which affects the whole society. Who suffers ultimately? It is the society at the receiving end which suffers at the end of it all. Therefore, society as a whole must involve itself fully and be supportive of individual initiatives and creativity. A network of different corporative societies could also be formed to provide timely assistance to budding individual entrepreneurs especially in financial matters. The society must also ensure and provide an ambience conducive for carrying out various commercial and business activities.

3) Educational level:

The problem of unemployment must be addressed to and tackled at the grass root level in our educational institutions. Right at the beginning, intellectual pursuit must be combined harmoniously with activity-oriented learning experience for the students. In the schools and colleges, vocation-oriented education must be imparted to the students or at least vocation orientation programme must be organized for the students. This will help the students to stand in good state in the long run. Today the standard of education has become so commercialized so much so that it teaches students how to eat fish and not how to catch fish. One important point worth to be considered here in the need to go for different specializations and diversified courses in various fields of studies. Specializations will help open the wide scope of employment for our people.  If all of us study for the same type of job, do you think all of us will get the same job after completing our studies? It is simply next to possible.

To conclude, yes men and women in the State of Arunachal Pradesh has achieved milestones and made incredible breakthroughs in different fields and walks of life in the past. Nevertheless, in respect of employment generation, we have not done adequately nor made any substantial achievement. Where is the root cause of the problem? We don’t need to go the Prime Minister’s office nor to the Chief Minister’s office seeking for a solution. I am the problem and you are the problem. Perhaps, what is required of us is to sit, reflect and make a serious study out of it.  But we should not stop with that, action must follow our reflection and probe.

If the above-mentioned three levels are taken care of, I think we can achieve much in the next 10 years and our young educated people will ripe the fruit and enjoy the benefit. Let us stop blaming the government machineries, institutions and other organizations. Rather let us blame ourselves for our lack of vision and enthusiasm, for being lethargic and indolent. The tedious journey of generating employment has to begin from within you and me. (The writer is  an MSW)

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News Impact

CCYC mourns party man’s death

ITANAGAR, Jan 07: City Youth Congress Committee (CYCC) has deeply mourned the untimely demise of its vice president Tai Tugung yesterday after a prolonged illness.

He was a sincere and dedicated party worker and his death is an irreparable loss to the party, said CYCC in a release. CYCC members conveyed their deep sense of condolence to the bereaved family and prayed for eternal peace of the departed soul.


District Unit INTUC meeting held

ITANAGAR, Jan 7: Indian National Trade Union Congress, Arunachal Pradesh, West Kameng District unit level meeting was held at Rupa under the chairmanship of Vice President DK Thongdok recently.

In the meeting all the block and sub division leaders from Kalaktang, Shergaon, Dirang, Singchung, Bhalukpong and Trizino attended. The house resolved to organize district level mass rally cum meeting soon at Bomdila, formation of INTUC sub unit of West Kameng district, intervention with government department, big industries and small scale industries on labour matters. It also decided to conduct membership drive in NEEPCO, NHPC, Small and big industries and other private workshops.


Appeal  for compensation

ITANAGAR, Jan 7: The villagers affected by the proposed road from Chambang to Pha via Puji Harak, Periyer Horing, Tungte Techi Pu area and PWD road from Chambang to Yangte via Pushi Geyku have appealed to the authorities concerned to compensate them suitably.

Duri Land Control Committee (DLCC) chairman, on behalf of the affected people,  in a release resented that the authority had never felt it necessary to obtain views and seek suggestions from the villagers while conducting the survey for the proposed road works.

According to DLCC, different species of bamboo gardens and cultivable land will be affected by the said road project.


Computers for school

ITANAGAR, Jan 7: 8th Garhwal Regiment handed over 6 computers with accessories and a power generator to Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalay, Maganton.

Lt Col Sri Vikram I Kumar handed over the computers to the school in the presence of Chairperson, R.K.Mossang Memorial Society Komoli Mosang.

A small but colorful cultural function was organized by the teachers, students of KGBV, Maganton, R.K.Mossang Memorial Society School, Jairampur, Elementary Residential School, Jairampur and others.


EC targets young voters

ITANAGAR, Jan 7: Election Commission has launched a nationwide initiative to enroll young voters. This campaign is part of its diamond Jubilee celebrations. A symposium to promote participation of young voters in the election process got underway in New Delhi this morning. This is the fourth such symposium organized by the commission. Election officials of nine States are participating in the daylong symposium. A photo exhibition was also inaugurated on the occasion. The commission has already organized three symposia's in three different zones of the country for the purpose. Director General of the Election Commission Akshay Raut explained the aims and objectives of the initiative. The commission has announced an award of one lakh rupees for a District Election Officer practicing best electoral practices every year. AIR correspondent reports 2 lakh 21 thousand young voters have been added to the voters list in the National Capital since last one year.


APPYWA appointments

ITANAGAR, Jan 07: Nabam Issac Rickam, Tarh Niglar and Kaha Nabam have been selected as president, vice president and general secretary respectively of All Pan Panchayat Youth Welfare Association (APPYWA).


PI passes away

ITANAGAR, Jan 07: All Habung Welfare Society Capital Complex expressed grave sorrow on the demise of Habung Sala, who died after brief illness at the age of 80 at his Ziro residence on January 4 last.

He served the society as political interpreter and was also a priest.

He is survived by his wife, five sons and two daughters. His demise is a great loss to the Apatani community and the state, release added.

The society extended its condolence to the bereaved family members and prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul.


Society formed

TARAJULI, Jan 7: Tarajuli Dechi Village Wildlife Protection Society was formed here recently with Gyamar Loma and Tana Monghal as its president and general secretary, along with Taba Yana and Taw Annu as the president and general secretary of it women’s wing.


Child Artists meet

ITANAGAR: Near about 140 child artiste would participate in painting workshop, patriotic, classical song and dance, folk song and dance and poem recitation competition at the two day child Artist meet, organized by Sanskar Bharati Arunachal Pradesh from Jan 8 at AP Science Centre, Itanagar.

President Boum Kakir Mission Sunjoy Tassar would attend the  inaugural function while renowned singer  Taba Yall Nabum would attend the valedictory function.


Engineer passes away

ITANAGAR : Domo Ngomdir, an Assistant Engineer, PWD, Mechuka sub-division, died on Jan 6 at his Yeggo residence at Aalo.

Born on 2nd April 1965 at Beye Village under Pushi Bango Circle of West Siang district, he is survived by 5 sons and wife.

He did his Diploma in civil engineering from GB Pant Polytechnic Okhla, New Delhi in 1987.

He joined as a Junior Engineer, Government of Arunachal in 1987 and was promoted as an Assistant Engineer in 2001.

He was an AAPSU activist during his school days and was General Secretary, Adi Yomgo students union in 1980-82.

The Pushi Bango student’s union, Memo Ao welfare society, Yeggo Area Welfare Society expressed deep sorrow at the sudden demise of late Ngomdir.