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January  - 11


Towards early creation of Lower Siang

Dear Editor,

This is in reference to the ongoing controversy regarding the dist Hq for Lower Siang. That the proposal of Siki Rima as Hq by DDJAC  will delay the process of dist formation since the place is a barren land totally cut off from the outside world.

There are other feasible places like Likabali, Basar, Gensi or Garu, and the need of the hour is immediate.  I believe such demands that ought to keep the issue pending should not be entertained by the state govt.

If Nari-Koyu has so much attachment with their present hq in Pasighat thereby prompting them to lobby no other than Siki Rima which is very close to their place then it would be better they leave Lower Siang for Likabali and Basar. The development is a state affair where everyone’s stake is involved.  As a person committed to development of the state I firmly believe that no more delay should be made in the creation of Lower Siang dist.

We should appreciate the govt for including Nari-koyu in Lower Siang, while at the same time cooperate in early creation of Lower Siang.


Concerned Citizen,

(on email)



An Open Letter to the BJP

Dear Editor,

The people of Assam views BJP as the political party of Hindi heartland which wants to promote Hindi and the North Indian and Bengali style of Hinduism in Assam and other vulnerable areas like Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Tripura and Meghalaya.

When LK Advani was the home minister of India and BJP was in power at the centre and in friendship with the AGP, why was the illegal migrants from Bangladesh pushed back into Bangladesh? When in power, why was the BJP leaders sleeping then? Was it because elections were over?

LK Advani, just like K.P.S. Gill are mass murderers in Assam. It was during the tenure of LK Advani and Prafulla Mahanta as CM in Assam when millions of innocent Assamese people were killed in the heineous ‘secret killings’ in Assam.

The BJP is not concerned about the demographic invasion from Bengal, Bangladesh, Nepal and Hindi belt. Just because French and German are followers of the same religion Christianity, doesn’t mean the French will let Germans set up base in their country. Several areas of Assam, especially in towns like Tinisukia, Dhekiajuli etc., the native Assamese are a minority. Should the people of Assam sacrifice their identity in the name of Hinduism? It would be safer for us to convert to Christianity in that case. If Hinduism means to sacrifice ourself for Hindu migrants from Bangladesh and Nepal, it is better to give up Hinduism to save native languages and native cultures endemic to Assam only.

The BJP should realize that Assam has its own style of Hinduism.

Assamese Vaishnavism or the Assamese Shaivism is different from mainland India. If BJP thinks that Hinduism means saffron in Hindi belt, in Assam and some parts of north-east it is about white. Priests in Assam or Manipur wear white, not saffron. In the pretext of nationalism, BJP-RSS has made Hindi and Bengali Hinduism a ploy to spread Hindi language and prayers like ‘Hanuman chalisa’ and ‘jai mata di’.

In seminars and conferences and meetings, we hear Sharmas, Goswamis

and Chakrabortys talking about Assam being a part of India because of things like Pragjyotishpur or Kamrup and blah blah blah. If Hinduism is the plank for Indian state, Nepal should be annexed into India. It is the only Hindu kingdom in the world. The largest temple in the world is situated in Angkor Wat, which is in the country Cambodia.

Cambodia should be annexed into India. Buddhist countries should be annexed into India.

The aggressive Hindi brand of Hinduism promoted by BJP-RSS is

making Hindus in fringe areas like Nepal, Assam or even Manipur phobic to Hinduism. On the other hand, Christianity and even Islam is spreading in China. This is because no political party has been formed on religious lines in Christianity or Islam. Nationality is not equated with religion. Iranian clergy or political leaders do not talk of inducting Indonesian Muslims as Iranians because they are Muslims by faith. The Germans do not talk of merging Chinese Christians into German nationality just because they also worship Jesus Christ. If the BJP-RSS keeps on harping India and Indianness on the lines of Hinduism, many forward looking Hindus will have to give up Hinduism and take recourse in a more liberal faith which helps in restoring the regional identity of the people.


Vox Populi

Guwahati,  (on email)






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A school with a difference

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Jan 10: In the year 2010 Arunachal Pradesh witnessed historic occasion when education bill was passed with aim to improve the ailing education sector of state. With much fanfare education minister declared that this bill will herald beginning of new era in education sector. It’s too early to comment whether this education bill will bring in any remarkable changes in near future. Various state run schools across the state are pinning hope on education bill 2010 to bring in new era of change. One such school is Tanihapa government middle school, located around 15 km away from Sagalee town in Papum Pare district. Established in the year 1986 as primary school, it was upgraded to middle school in year 2003 but infrastructure never improved. Even today school is running with bamboo walls and without cement flooring. Teacher quarters are also in pathetic condition and it’s a shame on education department that they expect teachers to give their best when they can’t provide them even proper shelter to live.

Talking to this journalist one of the student told, “During rainy days it becomes tough to attend classes. When rain accompanied by winds hits the area, the entire classroom and hostel gets flooded.”

He further added, “When we go to Itanagar sometimes for medical work and see those beautiful school buildings, it really makes me very sad. What mistake we have done to be studying in such pitiable condition? We want government to immediately improve the infrastructure of our school, so that even we can compete with other students of state.”

The most surprising aspect is that Tanihapa government school situated nearby Sagalee is hardly 3 hour drive from capital city Itanagar. If this is the condition of school situated nearby state capital, then one can only imagine what will be the condition of those schools situated in far flung districts.  It’s time education department do some serious introspection.


AAPSU pitch for Budum Lengne preservation

ITANAGAR, Jan 10: The All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union has pitched for proper preservation of Budum Lengne, comprises of two Nyishi word-Budum(one type of snake) and Lengne (boulder) loosely translated in English as Snake Boulder, perched high on the mountain located west side of Satang village which is about 15 miles from Doimukh town in Papum Pare district.

AAPSU leaders called for preservation of Budum Lengne after a 50 members’ team led by the AAPSU President Takam Tatung, Vice President Nabam Tamar, Convenor Ringu Kuku, took 2 hours trekking and treaded through the stiff and perilous jungle route to take view of the historical site. The students’ leaders were of the opinion that Budum Lengne, the mythological boulder does not only hold importance for one particular community but can be proved as a rare asset of the State government, if proper steps are initiated for its preservation and promotion.

Meanwhile, it has asked the State government, especially Tourism department, civil societies and concern community organizations to take cognizance of  historical/mythical value shrouded in Budum Lengne.

These students’ leaders also viewed that tourism sector can get a major boost if proper arrangements are made for the adventurers, tourists and believers while vouching that there are many who wants to take view of revered shrine. A new trekking route can be developed, AAPSU felt.     

Budum Lengne is associated with the Tei Bida and his legendary Mithuns. Legend has it that Tei Bida mourned in this Lengne (boulder) when all his Mithuns were drowned into the Geker Senyi (Ganga Lake) near Itanagar.

Here one may find a footprint (right foot) permanently imprinted into a stone and is strongly believed to be that of Tei Bida. On the left side of the Lengne there is a small opening (hole) from where snake Budum supposedly danced before the grief-stricken Bida.  

All Nyishi Students Union General Secretary Nilly Likha Tabo, Vice President Jigom Hiri, Co-Convenor Byabang Joram, former ALSU president P L Murtem, students’ leaders from All Papum Pare District Students Union, All Kurung Kumey District Students Union, Nyapin Phassang Sangram Students Union, RGU Students Union, DNGC Students Union, All Palin Chambang Yangte Gangte Tarak Lengdi Students Union, All Sagalee Students Union accompanied AAPSU to Budum Lengne expedition.


Remote Peel gets school

ITANAGAR, Jan 10: MLA Bamang Felix inaugurated the Govt. Primary school at Peel Village under Sangram Circle Kurung Kumey District on January 8. Peel village is one of the remotest villages under Nyapin Assembly  constituency which is also the village located at the highest altitude in the constituency and can only  be reached after hours of foot march.

The school has 14 children in its opening academic session (10-11) and equipped with 2 (two) classrooms and 1 teacher.  

The MLA emphasized on quality education despite all impediments. He congratulated the People of Peel village for getting a school for their children though lately and sought cooperation from the general public of the village for smooth functioning of the school. He promised to help in bettering the infrastructure of the school and facilitating the village with basic civic amenities like proper water supply and electrification. Tai Gungte, a representative of local youth thanked the concerned authorities specially the efforts of the MLA, ZPM and local Panchayat for realization of the distant dream of the villagers for having a school at their village itself.  He also expressed hope in the capacity of the local MLA in early redressal of problems at large in the village.

A memorandum was later submitted to the MLA by Tai Hipik, ASM of the village.

ZPM Tai Yapang was also present on the occasion.


Irked customers to surrender 1000 BSNL SIM Cards

Aalo, Jan 10: Irked at irregular BSNL network in West Siang, 1000 SIM cards would be returned to BSNL. This decision was taken at a meeting held at Aalo which was attended by former Minister Doi Ado among others.

The meeting further taking serious note of burning problems of West Siang District has formed a committee to start Mass Movement against issues in February next. The irregular BSNL network appeared prominently in the agenda and Committee has resolved to surrender 1000 SIM cards to BSNL to show its displeasure for poor network service in West Siang District.

The poor maintenance of Aalo-Likabali road for the past many years by the 44th BRTF, immediate opening of SBI branch at Aalo to do away monthly rush and two lane road from Sipu Bridge to Hissam Bridge Aalo-Yingkiong road by 44 BRTF also figured in the meeting.


Child meet ends

ITANAGAR, Jan 10: Sanskar Bharati Arunachal Pradesh organized a two days Child artiste meet from Jan 8 at AP science centre IG Park Itanagar.

230 child artiste from various corners of Papum Pare district participated in various competitions.  President Boum Kakir Mission Sunjoy Tassar, who attended the inaugural function as chief guest, asked the participants to love and respect their mother land and traditional culture. He said that such kinds of program not only provide platform to the budding artiste of our society but also help foster the feelings of national integration and patriotism which alone has the power to clean up and defeat the feelings of hatred and all other anti-social thoughts and elements in the society.

Renowned singer Taba Yall Nabum suggested Sanskar Bharati Arunachal Pradesh to jointly work with Arunachal Pradesh Artiste Forum for better relation and more success in future.

Chief Sanskar Bharati North East Danajoy Kushre asked the participants to continue their learning and develop their talents in true sense.  


Wushu players bag two gold medals at national event

ITANAGAR, Jan 10: Two Wushu players from Arunachal Pradesh Abo Lukham and Ganesh Das won a gold medal each in National Kick-Boxing Federation Cup held in Udaipur, Rajasthan from December 28 to 31 last organized by Rajasthan Kick-Boxing Federation under the aegis of Kick-Boxing Federation of India.

Lukham won his Gold in below 56 kg weight category while Das bagged the yellow metal in below 48 kg weight category.

Both the players have been selected for World Kick-Boxing Championship to be held in Ukraine, Europe during June-July 2011.

Meanwhile, Arunachal Pradesh Wushu Association (APWA) president Toko Teki has congratulated both the players for their achievements.


For a price

Tom Simai

In recent time, Jairampur, a small sleepy town on the Assam-Arunachal border in Changlang district has been flooded with private taxis, inviting many new faces with clouded background to the town. The unregulated taxis are making a big hole in the pockets of the poor residents because the fares are too high. Not surprisingly, it’s happening right in front of the local administration because of the fact that they are letting it happen.

The taxi drivers/owners says, ‘the profit level is 400% and it’s safe to ask for exorbitant fare because the administration are deaf and mute in Changlang district. May be because of this reason, here most of the taxi owners have embellished their garages with new cars in a year or two.

Evidently, it’s not the surging economy but the prolific nexus between the taxi owners and the local authorities that has enhanced the private taxis. The nexus stand exposed as none of the taxis posses’ taxi permit which means so far they have also eluded the tax meant for the development of the state.

Paying Rs 100 monthly at the police check gate is cheaper for us than to obtain taxi permit that will cost us more than Rs 5000 annually was the reply when enquired why they don’t procure taxi permit.  

Moreover, the authorities have not regulated the fare which has authorized the taxis to loot the naïve and poor passengers as most of them come from the nearby villages. Those taxi charges exorbitant fare during medical emergencies. For instance, a taxi needs Rs 200 fuel to reach the nearest medical in Margherita (Assam) which is just 45 Km from here but they charges Rs 1500 which makes the profit level more than 400%. Unethical but who cares.

When asked about the exorbitant fare, they said, we are here to earn not for charity work and the authorities are also content with the fare we demand. The answer simplified how they have been extorting the poor people with assistance from the legal system.

Unfortunately, the taxis are flourishing by defying the government norms and the authorities are content licking the extra cream in their monthly budget. But what about the naïve and poor people, who are being grinded mercilessly due to this nefarious affinity?

Evidently, it seems that the authorities are adamant in encouraging the elevation of unregulated taxis instead of barring it to ply without the permit. Moreover, continuation without permit means evasion of tax, looting the poor and also putting the life of the passengers in peril as most of the drivers are with blurred background.

In fact, the local administrations are responsible for the safety and well being of the citizens but sadly, here in Changlang district they have tampered with the security system and compromised with their ethics - for a price. (The writer can be reached at [email protected])


West Siang-XI beat MP-XI in T20

ITANAGAR, Jan 10: West Siang XI defeated MP XI by two wickets in a T-20 cricket match played at Indira Gandhi Park here today.

Choosing to bat first after winning the toss, the MP XI led by Takam Sanjoy scored 129 run in stipulated 20 over losing seven wickets.

In reply West Siang XI eased past the target of 130 run with four balls to spare and two wickets in hand. Captain Nyamar Karbak contributed 16 runs.

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News Impact

Senior Philologist passes away

ITANAGAR, Jan 10: Ivan M Simon, a popular Philologist who worked under various capacities like deputy director of research (Philologist) and director of research during NEFA administration passed away on 8th January at Shillong. The veteran Oxfordian late Simon was born on 1st March, 1921, at Shillong. He was pioneer Philologist of state and extensively carried out cultural research.

Late Ivan M Simon contributed number of books, booklets and research papers documenting rich culture and tradition of state. Even after his retirement in the year 1980, he kept contributing numerous research articles about Arunachal Pradesh at regional and national forum.


Exchange program

ITANAGAR, Jan 10: Ten days Youth Club Exchange Programme (YCEP) got underway from Jan 7 organized by Nehru Yuva Kendra, Tezu at Lekang Block .

20 Youths from Various Youth Club & Mahila Mandal of Lakhimpur District, Assam is visiting as part of the exchange program.  The main objective of the programme is to enable the participants to understand the critical role of youth club and community based organization towards bringing about change in their own surrounding for promotion of peace and development.

During the 10 days stay youths from Lakhimpur will be visiting various youth clubs & Mahila Mandal in Lekang Block affiliated under Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan.



ITANAGAR, Jan 10: The foundation stone of Silsango circle headquarter would be laid at Silsango on February four next.


Church inauguration

ITANAGAR, Jan 10: Pentecostal Christian Fellowship Church, Palin would be inaugurated on January 15.



ITANAGAR, Jan 10: All Ha Bangoo Youth Welfare Association conducted its second conference at Govt Primary School Ha recently. RT Hake, ZPM and Nayang Tatum, ASM, attended the conference as chief guest and guest of honour respectively.

A 22-member executive committee of the association, headed by Ha Tama and Ha Tadu as president and general secretary was also constituted for the year 2011 to 2013.


Scout and Guide camp

ITANAGAR, Jan 10: Bharat Scout and Guide, Papum Pare District unit conducted two-day camp at Government Higher Secondary School, Ganga on January 7 and 8 last.

Altogether, 128 scout and guide from various private and government school attended the camp.

The objective of the camp was to developed skills and character building among the scouts and guides.



ITANAGAR, Jan 10: The Bagang Welfare Society Capital Complex (BWSCC), Itanagar, mourned the death of Takia Bagang, ex-ASM of Namchar Village under Chayang Tajo Circle, East Kameng, (A.P), who died on Jan 9 at Papu Hills, Naharlagun due to prolonged illness. He was 80 years old and left behind 5 sons and 7 daughters and other family members. The Society prayed for eternal peace of the departed soul.


Drinking water and electricity scarcity

ITANAGAR: The people of Karsingsa Revival Church Colony have been suffering a lot for want of drinking water and electricity since last couple of few days.

According to Karsingsa Revival Church Colony Committee, the colony dwellers are not getting drinking water since last 15-16 days causing great hardship to them. It appealed to the authority to restore supply of the most essential basic amenities at the earliest.


Boori Boot Yullo

ITANAGAR: Nido Vijay and Singku Sibey have been appointed as chairman and general secretary of Boori-Boot Yullo Celebration Committee at Raga.


Demand for service regularization

ITANAGAR: All Arunachal Pradesh NREGA Employees’ Association (AAPNEA) has demanded the authorities concerned to regularize the services of all the 106 employees under NREGA programme in Arunachal Pradesh.

Despite working sincerely in the various fields of rural development, Panchayat Raj related matters etc. our future is now at stake since there is no certainty in extension of working period, AAPNEA said in a release and appealed to the authority to explore all possibilities to regularize their services.

AAPNEA also demanded the authority to enhance the salary of the employees, who are working under MGNREGA with consolidated payment, as per sixth pay revision.