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January  - 12


Arunachal and the marvelous Vivekananda Rock Memorial

Dear Editor,

I had an opportunity to visit the marvelous Vivekananda Rock Memorial at Kanyakumari a couple of months back. The display of a big board at a conspicuous place on the rock attracted my attention and I keenly read the contents written on it. The board was meant to display the names of the big donors who generously contributed to the Memorial for its cause. I became nostalgic and recalled my days of studies at Tinsukia when we sold coupons to collect fund for the Memorial.

The first name on the top of the list was of the Big B, Amitava Bachchan against a sum of  ` 11 lakhs. I rolled down my eyes and found the names of almost all the state Governments, Central Government and some other donors. The amounts displayed against the governments were very small, not even touching a lakh to speak. I found the name of my state Arunachal Pradesh too in the list. Till now it was alright. But, suddenly I heard my fellow visitor murmuring to me “How ungrateful is your state! It donated such a paltry sum when the Vivekananda Kendra has pressed its entire effort to serve your state. Amitava Bachchan is so generous that he donated such a big amount”. I was shocked to hear the comment and realized the misgivings that the board displayed.

In fact, Bachan’s donation came in the year 2009 when the other donations including that of Arunachal Pradesh were made in late sixties or early seventies, i.e., 40/45 years back. Today, the value of those amounts is not less than that of 11 lakhs. The way in which the information about the donors is dispensed to the ordinary visitors who do not know the background as I stated, shall obviously provide wrong impression about the donors. Thousands of Arunachalees visit the Memorial every year and they certainly feel shy to see the amount against the name of their state. This misinformation can be removed simply by putting the years of donation against each of the names.

Vivekananda Kendra may like to note the matter to remove the deficiency in dispensing the information to the visitors who are lakhs in number and from all walks of life.                        


Dipak Deb

Tinsukia (on email)



Pasighat through the times

Dear Editor,

Come 17th of January and all roads will lead to Pasighat. As the countdown begins with the ticking of the clock, the administration and the general public are in great enthusiasm for the upcoming mega event, "Centenary Celebration", of the glorious existence of Pasighat.

Glorious?? Does the word really fits in? Pasighat, as I know is the same as it was during my primary school days. The only improvement being the establishment of College of Horticulture and Forestry(CAU) and till recently, the Siang bridge. The premiere town which came into existence with the Abhor Expedition of 1911 that boast of almost every first in the state is just like any other normal urban setup of the state. The vibrancy of  the NEFA days are a thing of the past. So what can she really tells the outside world about herself? About the long queue in the first bank of the state, SBI and not even a single sub-branch within the town for better public convenience, the first AIR Station with its low frequency that even after its long establishment few decades back, only the Pasighatians and its periphery can tune into, the Nursing School that can't be upgraded atleast to a College of Nursing or the first Post Office where speed post is just a name or about the first college of the state, JNC, even after accredited as college with "potential for excellence" can't introduce traditional subjects like sociology, anthropology, public administration, statistics,, et.al amidst dismal infrastructure. The list can goes on and on and on.

Nevertheless, hoping against hope, with the as-semblance of crema-de-la-crema of Arunachal and central dignitaries, expectations are high. The vibrant and nerve centre of the good old NEFA days can't be revived but with the dawn of another century, being a premiere town, Pasighat through this celebration should commemorate a new beginning to add a feather to her hat, as, it is her perquisite.


Onong T

Itanagar,  (on email)



Tips for tourism

Dear Editor,

Being a Diploma holder in Travel and Tourism Management from Rajiv Gandhi Govt Polytechnic, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, I would like to give a tourism promotional tip to policymaker and planner of tourism of Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh for the success of tourism.

Concerned department could construct model of Tribal Houses of all major tribes of Arunachal Pradesh at the vicinity of Ganga Lake (Gyakere Sinyi) Itanagar depicting the social and cultural life of entire Arunachal Pradesh. Such model houses of tribal will draw domestic and international tourists to understand and enjoy the cultural diversity of state. It would also motivate and create curiosity among the tourists to travel to Arunachal Pradesh enabling the state to reap economic benefits. The financial involvement of the project would be cheap or low cost because the materials for the village houses of ours states are generally managed from resources available locally which is eco-friendly raw materials.


Tacha Lusi Sorum


(on email)



Abstain from derailing the process

Dear Editor,

The demand for Lower Siang District by 28th Likabali AC and 36th Nari-Koyu is primordial and have been clarified time and again which though seems repetitive are facts which cannot be denied. The facts are very simple and there is no point for complexes or conflict of the issue. The government of Arunachal Pradesh conceded the demand for Lower Siang District of the aforesaid two constituencies in the year 1997 which was initiated way back in 1994. So in this situation Basar AC is a new entrant to the Lower Siang District not Nari-Koyu as it is purportedly shown. Every concern must understand that the demand for a District by Basar AC emanated from one point memorandum which in vernacular Christened the district demanded as “Lepa Rada” or “Heartland” in English. The excuse that any other name suggested was welcome is not tenable. There is no restriction on choice of nomenclature of neither a district nor an exhaustive list given by the Government from where they are bound to make a choice. The cogent reason for choosing “Lower Siang” was that it was on the verge of creation by the moving of memorandum by group of Cabinet Ministers who are also the final authority who decides such creation. We have clarified with the government on various occasions by representations, talks etc.

So, in our struggle for a district since 16th long years under the nomenclature of Lower Siang District, the name of Basar does not figure anywhere and its inclusion would be undermining our sentiments and not be tolerated at any cost. We don’t have any objection if Ego Banggo is included in the new district as recommended by Galo Bane Keba, provided they agree to abide by 25th July 2010 declaration.

Therefore, any individual or a third person without having proper knowledge or gauging intrinsic intensity and seriousness of the matter should not comment/suggest irrelevant things using the print media.

It is very unfortunate the way and manner in which Gojum Basar, Chairman DDAC exults and invites the HPC which indicates as if the matter is pre-decided or otherwise trying to lure, entice the usual way they do it.

We also reiterate the demand for immediate restoration of power to issue PRC, LPC and S.T. with the SDO, Likabali and simultaneously condemn such arbitrary act inflicted against the poor villagers who are already inaccessible. The reason given by the Government behind withdrawal was some irregularities committed by the SDO, Likabali in issuance of LPC. So the right step could have been to punish the erring officer who had caused such irregularities but not the common man. The wisdom under which such extreme step has been taken talks volumes of the incapability and incompetence of these BABU’s.

We would like to appeal one and all towards attainment for creation of Lower Siang District and abstain from derailing the process as its creation is the only hopes and aspirations nurtured by people of foothills to a better living condition. Therefore killing the hopes is a virtual murder of an individual. And one must remember that the dying man can do anything.


Dugel Nada

Jigo-Yego Youth

Association (on email)



Cricketing merit has no place

Dear Editor,

In the 2010 edition of IPL, Sourav Ganguly not only scored as many as 493 runs at an average of 37.92, brilliant in T20 standard with commendable strike rate of 117.66; his aggregate was also the fourth-highest. The point to be noted is that those who fared marginally better than Sourav --- Sachin Tendulkar, Jacques Kallis and Suresh Raina --- were/are still in touch with international cricket, unlike the retired southpaw and also played a couple of more matches than him. Thus it can be safely concluded that among the batsmen, Sourav merited the greatest credit and he also proved that many years of glorious cricket were still left with him. Moreover, his electric fielding was nothing but a matter of envy for the youngsters. Still Kolkata Knight Riders ignored not only the icon of the city, but its most successful batsman in IPL 2008 and 2010. The other franchisees also preferred to overlook him.

The IPL auction has proved that cricketing merit has absolutely no place in a system where not sportspersons; but industry captains, film stars and company executives call the shots. The noble game of cricket and all things logical have simply yielded place to brute monetary muscle and whims of non-cricketing "bunch of jokers".


Kajal Chatterjee,

Kolkata,  (on email)






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DNGC hostel cries for attention

ITANAGAR, Jan 11: Hosteller of Tai Bida boy’s hostel, Dera Natung Government College, Itanagar is facing multiple problems due to lack of proper infrastructure. The hostel was established way back in 1979 but till now does not have proper toilet and bathroom. Overflowing toilet is not the only problem in the hostel, which is in dilapidated condition.

It might come as surprising, but the hostel does not have ceiling fans!   Hostel Prefect Ninde Taring has requested authorities to carry out renovation work at the earliest for the benefit of poor students who stays here.


PDS and non-delivery system

Tongam Rina

For an average citizen dependent on Public Distribution System (PDS), it does not matter whether the quintals of food items are transported through motor bikes or head loads as long food reach them on time.

A hungry citizen would not be bothered whether Food Security Bill actually takes shape. We would not want to know whether Special Investigation Cell looking into anomalies in PDS has any plans to wake up from its deep slumber. We don’t even care whether the state government is still in the process of streamlining PDS delivery system as promised some five years back. Citizens won’t even question the quality of rice as long as it fills the stomach. With such backdrops, it is unsettling that food depots in many places in Arunachal are empty.

For a state hugely dependant on Public Distribution System, it is a rather uncanny that people of the state has to wait for their monthly quota of food grains.  It’s even more incredible that after we made it to the national headlines because of the notorious PDS scam, Food Corporation of India, state government and the contractors seems not too bothered whether essential items actually reach us. To make the matter worse, everyone seems to be blaming everyone else for such utter incompetence and laxity.

 What stops FCI and the state government from giving us something that has been kindly allotted to us by the centre?

Is another scam waiting to be unearthed? What could be the possible explanation for empty food depots? We come across as a society that’s not bothered about others as long as we are stuffed.

If the people’s first government really cares, it is about time FCI is made to explain to the people of this state the reason for empty depots. It would be a welcome change if the FCI makes news, for once, for good reasons rather than constantly being in news for corruption and inefficiency.

FCI and state government must ensure that responsibilities are discharged on time so that people get to eat on time. Blame game does not fill a hungry stomach.


Winter T20 Cricket Tournament

Jairampur United play Bull Dozers in final

ITANAGAR, Jan 11: Jairampur United thrashed Senior’s Eleven by 39 runs and stormed into the final of the Winter T-20 cricket tournament at general ground, Jairampur today. Batting first after winning the toss, Jairampur United made a modest total of  139 runs in 20 over. Nanju contributed valuable 40 runs to team’s total.

It was the two timely wickets taken by Hankam Tangkhu that restricted the opponent from scoring further.

Senior’s Eleven, while chasing the  target of 140 to win, crumbled at regular intervals to the pace attack of Simon and Anand, who took 3 wickets each.

The clinical 39 by Hankam Tangkhu wasn’t enough for the Seniors Eleven to book a berth in Wednesday’s final as they fell short of 36 runs of the target.

Earlier, in the first semifinal, Bull Dozers beat Manmao Youngstars by one run to enter the final.


Union questions RLR

ITANAGAR, Jan 11: Kargu Kardi Students’ Union (KKSU) has alleged misutilization of fund sanctioned for construction of Rural Link Road (RLR) from Poyo to New Barurakshap by the then EE, RWD division Aalo, West Siang.

According to KKSU, an amount of `21.04 lakhs was allotted for the work during 2008 under PM package in addition to the `18.22 lakh of the State fund under AOP. But the road remained unfinished even after 24 months of fund placement, it said. While questioning the role of the third party monitoring team appointed for the road project, KKSU demanded the authority to take prompt action against the defaulting engineer and direct the department concerned to complete the unfinished road length immediately.


Condition set for Siyum 1000 MW project

ITANAGAR, Jan 11: The affected people of 1000 MW Siyum hydro power storage dam, Reying under Payum circle of West Siang district will oppose the construction of the mega dam if certain terms and conditions are not met.

While demanding the authority for cancellation of the proposed mega dam, the Land Owners Welfare Action Committee (LOWAC) and panchayat leaders of Payum/Kaying anchal segment, on behalf of the affected people, said that dam will submerge entire Payum area beside destroying all cultivable land and forcing extinction of numerous endangered species. Further, the area falls under high seismic zone and in the event of any dam breakage there will be catastrophe in down stream area, they said. "The impact of sudden release of water or of dam failure can not be ignored. The excessive rainfall or over filling of reservoirs may make it necessary to suddenly release large quantity of water from the reservoir in order to protect the dam structure. Such sudden release can be disastrous for people living down stream, for their crops and entire ecosystem" .

However, as per provision given in the MOA, the project at the same location may be allowed if it is a run off the river project as the hilly area like Arunachal Pradesh is not feasible for storage dam, they said.

The property and land compensation to the affected families of the project must be fixed as per Supreme Court verdict before cadastral survey of land for acquisition, they demanded.

Shifting of headquarters from Kamki to Kaying before the construction of the dam and award of contract works to affected local eligible contractors through limited tender policy were some of the certain terms and conditions.


Foundation Day

ITANAGAR, Jan 11: The 4th Sunday School Foundation Day of Christian Revival Church Doimukh was observed yesterday. Songs and dances, prayers, praise and worship, Biblical discourse, literary competitions, documentary show, marked the day long observation at the church compound where hundreds of Sunday school children and their parents participated.

APCRCC vice-president David Pertin attended the programme as speaker and advised the students to cling to what is good, develop positive attitude in one’s inner self and strive to be a proud heritage for the parents and the society. He also gave away prizes to winners of literary competitions. Pastor Teli Galo and Sunday school in-charge Wage Tazap also spoke.


Awareness campaign

ITANAGAR, Jan 11: All Nyishi Contractor Association conducted two days awareness campaign cum cultural programme on HIV/AIDS, drug abuse at Dullungmukh/Kallaptukar under Subansiri Hydropower Project on 9th and 10th January.

Nido Tor, ZPM, Dollungmukh and Om Prakash, General Manager NHPC was chief guest and guest of honour respectively for the day.

Also present was Vivek Dwivedi (Chief Engineer), D.K Ghosh, deputy manager NHPC and K Ronya officer in charge Dullungmukh, police station. Large number of ordinary citizen, labour and community leaders also turn up for programme.  

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News Impact

Demand for SBI branch

ITANAGAR, Jan 11: A group of panchayat leaders have demanded the SBI general manager, Itanagar for opening a new SBI branch office at Mariyang for easy monetary transaction.

There are more than 5000 households within the circle excluding other government staffs and private labourers and most of whom are operating their bank accounts at Mariyang HQ and Adipasi of Mopom circle which are at a distance of more than 52 and 92 km from Yingkiong respectively.

They also urged the authorities concerned to establish a police station at Mariyang, one of the oldest administrative circles of Upper Siang district, to maintain law and order situation. Further, security was the first and foremost question for establishing a bank branch in the area, they added.


Samarpan Diwas

ITANAGAR, Jan 11: The Bharatiya Janata Party Arunachal Pradesh today celebrated Samarpan Diwas to commemorate the day Pundit Deendayal Upadhaya lost his life.

On this day, party workers contribute for the party funds and accepts contributions from the well wishers through which it runs various activities of the party towards the people.

Tagak and State President, Yuva Morcha, Doni Nich highlighted the life, contributions and sacrifices of Pundit Deen Dayal Upadhya for the nation and the need for good politics required for free India.


Bomte-Garu joins the race

ITANAGAR, Jan 11: A group of panchayat leaders and HGBs have proposed Bomte-Garu area for setting up the headquarters of the new district proposed to be curved out of West and East Siang districts.

While supporting the proposal, they said, in a release, that the proposed area was suitable for district HQs from all sides considering its location, necessary facilities like road communication, availability of power supply and also from law and order point of view. Further, the local land owners have offered the land required for establishment of the new district HQs, they added.


Increase the police presence: ARASU

ITANAGAR, Jan 11: All Raga Area Students Union (ARASU) has demanded authority to increase number of police force at Raga and Dullungmukh town. In a representation to superintendent of police, Lower Subansiri district, ARASU also sought construction of bachelor barrack with beat post at both the town.

Claiming that Raga area often witness law and order problem, union said due to insufficient police force crime rate has multiplied. On the other hand Dullungmukh circle need more police because of constant border dispute with Assam.  


‘Provide drinking water and electricity’

ITANAGAR, Jan 11: The people of Karsingsa Revival Church Colony have been suffering a lot for want of drinking water and electricity.

According to Karsingsa Revival Church Colony Committee, the colony dwellers are deprived from drinking water and electricity facilities since last 15-16 years. It appealed to the authority to provide the most essential basic amenities to the colony dwellers at the earliest.


Subcommittee on scams and corruption

ITANAGAR, Jan 11: BJP has formed four members Scams and Corruption Sub-Committee for Northeastern states headed by the former Union Minister and National Spokesman, BJP, Ravi Shakar Prasad (MP) as Chairman. The other members are Bijoya Chakravorty (MP), Secretary Dr. Kirit Somaiya and former MP Tapir Gao.

The sub-committee is to submit report in a month which will be taken up with the President of India followed by actions the coming days throughout the country in its movement to cleanse the system. The sub-Committee has placed its preliminary report at the recently concluded National Executive Meeting (NEM) Guwahati. Meanwhile, the party is shortly coming up with a Blue Print and Development strategy for the Northeast region.


Society appeals  

ITANAGAR, Jan 11: Expressing serious concern over rapid deforestation at Sangri Gabe (Sangia Gabe) between Kukam Nallah, Mullam Gabe and Langpung Nallah measuring 3X4 sqkm under Parang Panchayat of Papum Pare district, the Parang Panchayat Youth Welfare Society (PPYWS) has appealed to the authority to immediately stop the self-destructing activity.

The on-going deforestation activity will lead to severe ecological imbalance if it is not checked timely, PPYWS said, and appealed to the forest department officials to visit the spot to assess the magnitude of the destruction.

Meanwhile, PPYWS appealed firearms  owners not to lend their weapons to other persons. It said that some people are seen carrying other’s weapons without having gun licenses which is illegal.



ITANAGAR, Jan 11: Nabam Tayang, Tame Takar and Rutum Tudu have been selected as president, general secretary and vice-president of All B-sector Naharlagun Youth Welfare Association. Nido Vijay and Singku Sibey Maga have been appointed as chairman and general secretary of Boori-Boot Yullo Celebration Committee at Raga.