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January  - 13


The changing rules

Dear Editor,

Every community and clan has its own culture, tradition and ethos. They protect their culture against invasion of modernity because the wave of modernism is full of materialism where survival of spiritual is in danger. Nyokum is one of those cultures which is suffering because of our modern method of celebration against its actual identity.

The modern method of celebration is not the actual way to celebrate; we must feel sorry for losing or changing extensively the rules of celebration within a very short period.

We should not bow down before modernity. If you change any culture and religion drastically then there will be no spiritualism. One or two decades ago it was celebrated in accordance with tradition.

But today we have seen the celebration is totally ironical of those days. Many celebrate with fake Nyigiang(where mithun or animal are sacrificed) without Nyibu(priest). If there are no Nyibu in the Nyigiang it is like making a joke of our festival. In fact after animals are sacrificed, we don’t touch or destroy the Nyigiang till it dismantles itself because there is a belief that it could hamper one’s wishes.

Nyokum is a festival to appealed god of land to protect humanity irrespective of caste and creed. This institution should be observed properly as per its nature of rituality.

But today there are major changes in method of observing Ane Nyokum mostly in towns. As we know culture is a bond that ties the people of a region or community together. It is that one common bond, which brings the people of a community together. The customs and traditions that the people of community follow the festivals they celebrate. If we talk about culture preservation then why we can’t prevent such misuses and betrays on our culture and beliefs. Culture is seen as a system of social control, where people shape their standards and behavior. Community gains a character and personality of its own because of the culture of its people. The cultural values of a community give it an identity of its own. For an effective transfer of culture from one generation to another, it has to be maintained strictly.

Hope this year we will celebrate our mother Nyokum in her actual identity to gain lots of blessing and shaping her in actual form to check decaying culture.  


Lota Singhi,

RGU,  (on email)



Missing names from NPR

Dear Editor,

I would like to draw your kind attention towards National Population Registration (NPR).

According to official notification, census of the population of India shall be taken during the year 2011, the reference date for the census shall, except for the state of Jammu & Kashmir and snow bound non-synchronous areas of Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand be 00.00 hours of the first day of May 2011.  The Schemes has also been launched all over India, under the provisions of the citizenship Act, 1955, and the Citizenship (Registraton of Citizens and Issue of National Identity Cards) Rules 2003, the NPR will contain the details of all the 'usual' residents of the country regardless whether they are citizens or non-citizens.

It is also very important that it will help detect illegal foreign nationals.

In pursuance of the National Population Registration (NPR), the state govt of Arunachal Pradesh has already completed the 1st phase of its enumeration programmes.  But many eminent, prominent as well as common citizens of this state has been left out in the 1st phase of enumeration. In this respect large numbers of indigenous and bonafied citizens of this state raised objections in the 1st phase (NPR) lists. Some of them have also filed representations to the concern authority for getting themselves registered in the 1st phase, which has remained unanswered till date.

In view of the above facts and circumstances I urge upon the state government to take appropriate measures to ensure that in the 2nd phase which is going to commence from February - March 2011 all indigenous bonafied citizens of this state are covered.

I also appeal to the census officials, citizens, NGOs', Political and Student Leaders to give their best to ensure that in the 2nd phase each and every genuine citizen finds their name in the National Population Register.


Taniram Mingki

Chief Auditor, ALSU,

(on email)



Unnecessary attention due to a name

Dear Editor,

In reference to the letter 'For the hill people' dated Saturday, January 1,  I have would like to clarify the following points as I have been subjected to unwanted and unnecessary attention due to similarity of names with the author of the letter.

The author of the letter is named as Jikom, Itanagar (e mail).There is no surname and the place is provided as Itanagar. I would like to clarify that my name is Jikom Riba and 1 am from Naharlagun. The name Jikom is a Galo name, albeit uncommon. It cannot, further be discerned whether other tribes of the state use the similar name for personal identification. It is also just another coincidence that the crux of the theme of the letter relates to the creation of the Headquarter of the Lower Siang District which is the primal bone of contention.

It is also another coincidence that I am the Patron to the Galo Welfare Society (G.W.S) which is embroiled in the quagmire with regards to the issue of District Head Quarter.

Therefore in this regard I would like to clarify the stand which I had taken and will further propagate for the well being of the Society as a senior Patron of the G.W.S as well as the Galo Tribe in whole.

In all the meetings (to which I was invited) by various committees relating to the District Headquarter Demand Committees I have advised and categorically paraphrased and repeatedly stated that it is most appropriated and logical, to wait for the proposal of the High Powered Committees(H.P.C) set up by the .government and not be biased.

All the District Headquarter Demand Committees, in the mean while ought and should put forward their respective agendas and proposals before such a H.P.C and create a salubrious milieu for their respective demands or concessions so that further dialogues can be encouraged.

To maintain the camaraderie and fraternal fabric of the pan Galo community by having perpetual dialogues among all the District Headquarter Demand Committees, even in the thick of adversaries, with regards to the same through the aegis of non political neutral senior members of the Galo Community, to break the impasse.

I would further request Editors of various local dailies to please write the full name so that people do not confuse the identity of the author with people who have similar names from the names from the same tribe or other tribes.


Jikom Riba




A serious blow

Dear Editor,

Salman Taseer, Governor of Punjab, Pakistan's most populous province, was assassinated on January 4 . Twenty-seven bullets were fired on him by a man hired to protect him. He believed in democracy, freedom and that the strict blasphemy laws instituted by General Zia have been frequently misused and ought to be changed.

The assassination of Governor Salmaan Taseer is a serious blow to civil society and the minorities in Pakistan. To honor his memory, those who share his voice or the voices of millions like him in Pakistan's future must not stay silent about injustice. They must never be afraid of their enemies. They must never let them win. The beleaguered nation must take stock of the declining situation and arrest the decay.


Liyi Diyum  

Bangalore, (on email)





All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        



Nervous China does it again, issues stapled visa to Arunachalees

ITANAGAR, Jan 12: Repeating itself for the umpteenth time, a nervous China has issued stapled visa to two Arunachalees who were to travel to China to take part at China IWF Weightlifting Grand Prix.

Techi Abraham, the Joint Secretary of Indian Weightlifting Federation, and lifter Yukar Sibi, who were issued stapled visas by Chinese Embassy, had to return back from Indira Gandhi International Airport this morning as immigration officials did not allow them to travel.

Yukar Sibi was invited to China along with Abraham and IWF president BP Baishya by China Weightlifting Association to participate in "China IWF Weightlifting Grand Prix’ scheduled from January 13.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Embassy at New Delhi said that the Visas issued to Abraham and Sibi were ‘appropriate."

"When I approached the Chinese Embassy today that as to why such visas were issued to us, they replied: the Visas issued to you were ‘appropriate," Abraham said quoting Chinese Embassy officials.

"I have already informed the matter to the higher authority," Abraham told this reporter from New Delhi.

India in 2009 declared as invalid the standalone paper visas given by the Chinese embassy and consulates for Indians from Jammu and Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh, and issued a travel advisory asking those going to China to ensure their visas are pasted on their passports.

Such paper visas stapled to the passport are not considered valid for travel out of the country, the external affairs ministry had said.

A stapled visa is issued on a separate paper rather than on the passport.

In spite of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's assurance that his country will take serious note of India's concerns over the issue of stapled visas, the embassy handed out stapled visas.

India sees this as an act amounting to questioning the state's integration with rest of the country.

In 2007, China had denied visa to senior IAS officer from Arunachal Ganesh Koyu who was a member of 107 strong IAS officers' team on a management programme to China.

The entire trip was cancelled at the intervention of the Prime Minister because of Beijing's refusal to grant visa to Koyu.


A Mithun Breeding Farm where there

are no mithuns

ITANAGAR, Jan 12: The Mithun Breeding Farm in Sagalee has come under the sharp scanner of All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union. AAPSU has expressed their ire when they were told that there is no single Mithun in the much hyped Farm when it checked up with the villagers during its expedition cum social service at Budum Lengne on January 9 last.

The apex students’ leaders were literally dumfounded when the villagers told there is not a single Mithun in the Farm and that there is only one casual staff  to look after the infrastructure.

ASM Taba Tama, on behalf of the villagers, told the students leaders that after 1998, 3 years after being formally inaugurated by the then Animal and Husbandry Minister Mukut Mithi, the farm had stopped functioning.  He also told that villagers have donated the land free of cost to the Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Department.

Tama made it clear that the land donors may take back the Farm land, if it is not functional.    

In a press statement today, AAPSU president Takam Tatung has asked the Department to set their things right at the earliest. He also questioned why the state government cannot provide subsidy to Mithun rearers while citing the importance of Mithun, socially and economically.

Tatung pointed out that there are livestock insurance scheme for other animals in other state and demanded to know why same cannot be implemented here in the State.

The AAPSU President also asked the government to issue gazette notification on the status of Mithun as the State animal.

This is worth mentioning that AAPSU have been demanding recognition of Mithun as the State animal after it was unceremoniously replaced by Hollock Gibbon by the State government.


IMWA calls for adequate staff at Itafort dispensary

ITANAGAR, Jan 12: Itanagar Market Welfare Association (IMWA) today urged the health authority in the state to post qualified doctors and nursing staff in Itafort Dispensary, ‘C’ sector here in the interest of common people.

The hospital located at Gandhi Market, C Sector serves thousands of poor people residing in and around the Capital Complex and has been in the service of needy people for more than a decade, IMWA president Bamang Taji said in a release. According to estimate, atleast 200 to 500 people rush to the hospital from around the city to receive various treatments in the department of allopathic medicine on daily basis; he said and urged the authority to upgrade the hospital to a multi-specialty hospital with atleast capacity of 50 to 100 beds equipped with modern equipments and facilities.

He further informed that five doctors and few experienced nurses posted in the hospital were transferred out.

Itafort hospital is the only hospital that exists within a parameters of 30 km distance excepting General Hospital Naharlagun. And, in the absence of doctors and other allied facilities, the poor people will face hardships in hour of danger, especially at a time when they will find no vehicle to carry their patients to the nearest hospital, the release added. On the other hand, non existence of a well equipped hospital would directly or indirectly encourage establishment of private hospitals and other money making business houses in the capital complex. Further taking treatment in private nursing homes at Itanagar is highly expensive which is not affordable for all, it added.


Bulldozers ‘bulldoze’ United XI to

lift Winter T20 Cup

ITANAGAR, Jan 12: The Bulldozers of Jairampur won the Winter T20 Cup defeating United Eleven in an exciting final played in GHHS playground, Jairampur. Batting first after winning the toss, Bulldozers made a low total of 88 runs in 20 over setting a target of 89 runs to win.

Bongbong Tikhak was the bowler, who wrecked havoc by taking most of the Bulldozers wickets with accurate line and length.

While chasing the small target of 89 runs to win, United Eleven collapsed to the pace attack of Jomin Tikhak and other bowlers.

Tikhak was declared as Man of the Match and Man of the Series as well.

The winner received cash prize along with a trophy awarded by Izmir Tikhak, former ZP Chairman.


National youth day

ITANAGAR, Jan 12: National Youth Day was celebrated throughout the state today commemorating the 150th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda.

VKV, Vivek Vihar played host to pass the message of Swami Vivekananda "Man Making and Nation Building" and value based education among the children by conducting various competitions held in different schools like drawing & sketch making, Essay writing and drama etc.

More than 100 children from different schools, including Govt. Middle School, Polo Colony, Gyan Ganga Vidyapeeth, Vivekananda Residential Public School, Vivekananda Central School, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir, VKV Vivek Vihar rejoiced in different innovative programmes.

MLA Karya Bagang encouraged the children by distributing the prizes and asked them to have value based education which is the ultimate aim of VKVs.

The National Youth Day was also celebrated at NERIST. To mark the occasion, a seminar on Voluntary Blood Donation was organized at the Conference Hall of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences. It was jointly organized by the NSS Cell of NERIST and others.

Addressing the gathering, Prof. P. K. Das, Director of NERIST exhorted the youth to come forward for blood donations voluntarily. Sharing his own experiences, Prof. Das justified the motto of Voluntary Blood Donation (VBD), ‘young blood brings a ray of hope.’  The Director has also suggested that at least 50% of the total requirement of the blood in Naharlagun General Hospital could come from NERIST and also stressed upon the need to adopt villages or localities under the NSS scheme of the institute.

NSS Programme Officer of NERIST, A. Dinamani Singh, in his presentation on ‘Benefits of Voluntary Blood Donation’ highlighted the importance of young blood and provided with the details of the tests and procedures involved in the process of collection of blood.


Corruption rampant in Cong ruled states: Gao

BJP accords heroic welcome

ITANAGAR, Jan 12: The state BJP unit gave a heroic welcome to newly appointed National General Secretary Tapir Gao. Interacting with party workers and media in state BJP office this afternoon, newly appointed  national BJP general secretary said that the central BJP has recognized  and repaid the relentless service rendered by its workers, by appointing him as the General Secretary.

Briefing the media, Gao said that the mis-governance of the Congress led  state government will be soon reflected in centre.

He vowed to fight against corruption which he alleged is spreading in all Congress governed states in Northeast.  

Gao further informed that the recently concluded BJP central executive meeting has resolved to root out the rampant corruption in the northeast. He informed that a book “The Northeast Loots” will be soon released by the party. He informed that the book contains issues like PDS scam and Hydropower while adding that the congress run state will soon be nailed and brought to justice.

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News Impact

Social awareness campaign

ITANAGAR, Jan 12: The 4th mass rally cum social awareness campaign of Tarh welfare society held at Balijan in Papum Pare district concluded yesterday. Members of Tarh clan from Papum Pare, Kurung Kumey, Lower Subansiri and East Kameng districts participated in the campaign.

During the campaign various social issues like child marriage, forced marriage, witchcraft etc was raised. Also issues like need for conservation of flora and fauna, importance of education and need to control spread of HIV/AIDS were discussed in length. Meanwhile it was decided that the concluding series of the mass rally cum social awareness camp will be conducted in state capital region next year from 8th of January.


Association appeals

ITANAGAR, Jan 12: Arunachal Pradesh Junior Economics and Statistical Personnel’s Welfare Association (APJESPWA) visited various encroached land of directorate of economics and statistics office and residential campus around Itanagar on 10th January. Association discovered that various parties have encroached departmental land and destroyed government properties. Union has urged authorities to immediately solve the matter at the earliest.


PR leaders seek posting of admin officers

ITANAGAR, Jan 12: Panchayat leaders of Mariyang and Mopom has written to authorities seeking posting of various government officials for proper running of administration in the area.

According to Panchayat leader’s post of circle officer (CO) is lying vacant in Mopom circle and till now state government has not deputed any officer there.

Similarly post of circle officer and extra assistant commissioner (EAC) are also vacant at Mariyang circle. Panchayat leaders claim that public are facing hardship due to such negligence and has urged state government to immediately post officials for the benefit of ordinary people.


Nyedar Namlo body re-constituted

Seijosa, Jan 12:  The executive body of the Nyedar Namlo, Seijosa has been re-constituted with Taro Natung as chairman and Anand Bagang as secretary. The decision was taken in an executive body meeting at Nyedar Namlo, Seijosa on Monday.  The new Committee executives hope that the indigenous movements in Seijosa will see a new dawn under their leadership.


School inaugurated

ITANAGAR, Jan 12: The newly upgraded Lobi Upper Primary School and Lobi Health Sub-centre was today formally inaugurated at a function organized by Lobi Welfare Committee here.

Local MLA Techi Kaso attending the function, assured Lobi Welfare Committee (LWC) to initiate the soiling and metalling works of road from Museum to Lobi colony under SPA.

Earlier, LWC president Hura Khrime, on behalf of the people of Lobi and Kula Cam colony, submitted a 3-point memorandum to the local MLA requesting him for providing fund for construction of the school and health sub-center boundary walls and metaling and black topping the school approach road.


APWWS demands prompt action

ITANAGAR: Aruna-chal Pradesh Women’s Welfare Society has condemned the alleged rape of a girl by an Executive Engineer Kripa Pertin working with Arunachal PHED on Jan 9.

Shocked and disgusted at the incident, the society president Gumri Ringu called on the authorities to give exemplary punishment to the accused so that such heinous crimes do not reoccur in a civilized society.

She further called on the authorities to move all rape cases to fast track court for speedy delivery of justice.

A student at Tinsukia college, the girl was allegedly raped by Pertin, who is her own uncle, at a hotel in the town. According to reports, Pertin was to drop the girl at her hostel. Instead of dropping her, he forcefully locked her up at the hotel where she was later physically assaulted.

A complaint was lodged at Roing Police which has referred the case to Tinsukia.


PRIs election

ITANAGAR: Bye Election to vacant seats of 55 Gram Panchayats, 11 Anchal Samity and one Zilla Parishad segments in Arunachal Pradesh would be held in the third week of February, 2011.



ITANAGAR, Jan 12: Yumlam Kaha has been selected as secretary of National centenary celebration of Don Bosco Alumni.



ITANAGAR, Jan 12: Kangku Circle Social Welfare Committee is going to organize its first ever public rally cum general conference on 25th January at Balisori village under West Siang district.