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January  - 17


Gandhi Pradesh


Dear Editor,

This is in reference to the news item about the proposed renaming of Rane Piigo to Rajiv Gandhi Bridge. I would like to put my protest and extreme displeasure at the Govt of AP for renaming everything after Gandhi-Nehru family.

No doubt Rajiv Gandhi was great leader but we have enough institutions and places named after him and his family like Rajiv Gandhi University, Indira Gandhi Park, JNC pasighat, Rajive Gandhi stadium, RG Bhavan etc.

Instead of renaming everything after them, I would suggest the govt of AP to rename RGU to Arunachal University, Indira Gandhi Park as Abotani Park, RG Stadium as Tomo Riba stadium, and JNC as Daying Ering College; otherwise it is better to rename Arunachal Pradesh as Sonia Gandhi Pradesh.

Concerned student

(on email)





Dear Editor,

Apropos to an article 'Resentment at renaming of bridge over Siang' published on 15th Jan, I would like to comment on re-christening of Bridge over Siang.

Though our state is Congress ruled state but it does not mean that all the important institutions must be named after former Prime Minister Lt. Rajiv Gandhi. I agree that the Rajiv Gandhi was an eminent leader but it is not necessary to christen all important institutions, buildings, bridges, roads etc after him. Rather it should be named after the heroes of our state such as Daying Ering, Bakin Pertin, Matmur Jamoh etc.

 Koj Kapa, (on email)



An Appeal

Dear Editor,

We the parents and relatives of successful candidates in APPCCSE 2010 request the concern department  to take the necessity steps for appointment at earliest possible time. It has already been a month we haven’t had information from the department. We are thankful to the Public Service Commission and its office bearer for their wonderful job and hope they continue their service for many years ahead.


(on email)



When reductionism takes on young minds

Dear Editor,

There is no room for ambivalence, no room for misgiving about the fact that we are living in a highly sophisticated technocratic era. The world presents itself like a piece of cake looking so tantalizing and so tempting to the extent of trapping us into hordes of problems and difficulties. Against this backdrop, I intend to pin point one danger for which our contemporary society is yet to realize, underline and take notice of it. Perhaps, we are not well equipped sufficiently to take on the problems and dangers that the younger generation of our society is facing today.

One of the problems and dangers that young people encounter today is the tendency to reduce and downplay the value and purpose of life, sex, marriage, and education, etc. Reductionism simply reduces the value and worth of things; material or immaterial, animate or inanimate. Today’s young people have the proclivity to reduce anything and everything to sensualism and hedonism. Their outlook towards life and the world is simply narrowed down to merely satisfying their carnival pleasure and passion. Their existence seems to be nothing more than fleshpots of sensuality and enjoyment. This sort of reductionist tendency or attitude could originate from a certain degree of self-complacency and happy go lucky sort of life. Negativism towards oneself could also compel young people to escape into easy indulgences. Instances are numerous to be cited like premarital sex, early marriage, teenage pregnancy, drug addiction and alcoholism, theft and robbery, dropouts, etc. Hey! Mind you, instances of this sort are no more cocks and bulls stories of some decadal happenings. These are doleful happenings here and now concerning us. We may bark at the moon, pin all the hope on ourselves and say, ‘Oh! It’s enough to dole out our ready-made answers and solutions when they take recourse to us for help and solution.’ But reality bites and I wonder and simply wonder, how are we to handle the situation? Are we willing and prepared to guide and lead them? Are we ready to make a difference in their lives by changing our own way of life? Or are we in the same boat?  Where lies the root cause? We ought to give responsible and satisfactory answers to these questions.

Fellow Public Leaders, Politicians, Bureaucrats, Educators, Social Activists, Educated Parents and responsible sensible citizens,  we cannot simply shirk our own responsibility and put the blame on our illiterate parents for the lack of solid human and religious upbringing. Educated and knowledgeable people as we are, we have a greater moral and social responsibility towards our young people especially in their human formation. We got to play a greater role in guiding them, leading them and showing them the right path to tread. We have to mould their character and prepare them to take on their life and their future by instilling in them greater self-confidence and hope of a brighter future. It would be a terrible mistake we could trip on if we are indifferent and ignore them to fools paradise. Young people need our pat on their backs. Our little words of encouragement and support, little deeds of kindness, little reaching out of our hands in time of crisis and difficulties, short and timely sweet advice and corrections would go a long way in their process of maturing as responsible adults. After all, “tiny drops of water make a mighty ocean, and a stitch in time saves nine”, so saying the English proverbs.


R. K. Paul Chawang, Namphai-I,

Changlang,  (on email)




Go according to the customers need

Dear Editor,

I would like to attract the attention of S.B.I. and all other banks authorities, regarding the problem of small notes and coins scarcity. According to the R.B.I. the banks should provide the note exchange  facility to their customers. After going ten times to the S.B.I only once I got the change of ten rupee notes.

Being the most trusted and largest bank of the country, it should provide small notes and coins and should satisfy the needs of their customers. And all other banks like Vijaya bank, Central bank, United Bank etc should also provide the small notes and coins as per customers/Traders needs.

I would also like to request the associations like A.C.C.I and all B.W.C (Itanagar, Naharlagun and Nirjuli) who look after the problems of traders, to talk with the higher authorities of S.B.I and all other banks to solve the problem of small notes and coins in the market.


Bajrang Lal,

Naharlagun, (on email)



New district

Dear Editor,

We have heard much talk on the controversies relating to the creation of ‘Lower Siang’ from both the conflicting sides. My humble request to your esteemed daily is to kindly refrain from further entertainment of the repeated clumsy comments of few individuals on the issue which seems to be gimmicky. Rather, if possible do let one of your reporters to make a survey and write an article on the issue from the ground realities. I doubt whether the two demand committees namely DDJAC and DDAC really represents the mass of the three constituencies. The ground realities so far tell a different story from both the sides. The DDJAC which should be leading the massesof Likabali, kangku, Gensi, Garu and Nari,Koyu, is comprised of few sections of vested interest people who feels that if Siki Rima is made the new district Hq then they are to be the most privileged one. They forget that if Siki Rima is made the new district Hq then we are to face more problems from our neighbour ‘Assam’. We have to pass through the national highway of Assam everyday to reach the Hq and which cannot be afforded by the people of Likabali, Kangku, Gensi, Garu, Dari and Basar. It will again take another 10 to 15 years to get a surfaced road without touching the land of Assam.

If Basar is given the Hq then there is no use of creating a new district for us and kindly let our people be with the present district only. So the most suitable and better solution to the problem can be choosing places like Siji or Garu which is the center of the proposed new district and accessible from all the side within few hours of journey. Now the matter is left in the hands of HPC to do justice with the common people.  

Concerned Citizen


(on email)



The Bangladeshi factor

Dear Editor,

I would like to state that our APPSU are straying from their main objective. As we observe that Bangladeshi population are increasing day by day and our student union and govt is only counting their population.

I think from much shouted APPSU slogan the word clean drive is missing. So it is my earnest request to APPSU members to launch a clean drive within this year.

If you observe then you will find many colonies of Bangladeshis within Itanagar and Naharlagun. I’m not trying to mutilate the image of APPSU, I m just concerned about the growing population of Bangladeshis. The day won't be far when one day our state will be electing Bangladeshi CM, who may be some Hussain, Ali, Rafique and one of our major places will be named as Zakir Road, Hussain memorial etc. So please take some drastic action to minimize the infiltration of Bangladeshi. This is not only the duty of APPSU alone it is also duty of all Arunchalees to Protect Arunachal from Bangla-deshi.


Concern citizen,

(on email)





All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        


AAPSU to close down Ranganadi

Hydro Electric Project

ITANAGAR, Jan 16: All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union is all set to close down the 405 Mega Watt Ranganadi Hydro-Electric Power Plant (RHEP). The Union has served 10 points ultimatum to the RHEP when it called on the Head of Project, Nepuni K Mao on Friday at Yazali, urging him to fulfill all their demands within 1 month or face the consequences.  

Mao, reportedly, assured to forward the points to his higher authorities for its early address.

AAPSU president Takam Tatung claimed that the NEEPCO have failed to keep up its promises made to the affected people of the project.

“Decades have passed but local Arunachalee have not benefited from this project,” Tatung said.  

The apex students’ organization of Arunachal said that the 405 Megawatt hydropower project has changed the whole topography of Yazali and its adjoining areas. “When this project was implemented local people were mostly uneducated and did not know much about the effects of dam.”

AAPSU has demanded the NEEPCO authority to ensure 50% of water to be allowed to flow so that agricultural activities do not get affected at downstream. The Union also urged the NEEPCO to provide fund for anti-erosion work at Lichi, Hawa Camp and Kimin.

“NEEPCO should carry out downstream impact assessment studies, cumulative environment assessment studies and impact on flora and fauna of region at the earliest. It has been brought to our notice that NEEPCO never carried out any such studies during initial year when this 405 megawatt project was implemented. Also, decades have passed since this project was executed and its time NEEPCO carry out new detail study on whole project.” Tatung added.

Other important demands were changing of nomenclature from Ranganadi to Panior, which is the original name of the River over which the Dam is being built, fish ladder provision, 5% free power to all the affected villagers, 100% job reservation in C &D categories for the project affected people and 50% be reserved for Arunachalee citizens.

Tatung said that local populace has not got due representation and ‘outsiders’ have been preferred over them.  Construction of schools, hospitals and various institutions for benefit of affected, construction of Potin to Doimukh Road were also included in their memorandum.


Central BJP leaders to visit Arunachal

Itanagar, Jan 16: Central BJP in-charge (Prabhari) in Lok Sabha and national BJP vice president Bijoya Chakravory accompanied by former MP and BJP national secretary Dr. Kirit Somaiya is arriving in the state capital here tomorrow on a 2 days programme in the state.

It may be mentioned here that national BJP president, Nitin Gadkari had recently constituted a committee headed by former union minister and national BJP general secretary cum spokesman Ravishankar Prasad, MP, as chairman with Chakravorty, Dr. Somaiya and National BJP general secretary Tapir Gao to study scams and corruptions prevailing in Congress ruled states in North East under party’s national corruption cleansing movements throughout the country.

The committee has already released its preliminary report in the recently concluded BJP national executive meeting in Guwahati and the final would be published and submitted to the national president within a month’s time.

The BJP would take up the matter of corruptions with the President of India, and thereafter, the party will seek her intervention on the issues. The party would also take up the issue in both the houses of Parliament in the coming monsoon session and reach out to the people throughout the country by organizing rallies, meetings and other democratic means for transparency, accountability and responsive governance at the Centre and in various states as well, according to a BJP release.


BJP demands roll back of petrol prices

Itanagar, Jan 16: The Arunachal Pradesh State BJP today criticized the Centre for hiking petrol price and demanded its immediate rollback.

State-owned oil companies last night raised petrol prices by ` 2.50 - ` 2.54 per litre.

"This hike is totally unjustified and is nothing but loot of the common man," State BJP general secretary Tai Tagak said in a release.

"When the whole world is witnessing a stable price regime and the food prices are going down in major parts of the world, India is experiencing turbulent price regime only because of lack of cohesive policy on the part of the UPA government," Tagak said.

The double hike in prices of petrol in hardly a month by the UPA will have multiple effect, particularly on the people of Arunachal Pradesh.

"It will cause automatic and unprecedented rise in prices of all commodities in Arunachal Pradesh hitting hard the common people since the people of this state mostly prefer petrol vehicles due to hilly and rough road condition, Tagak said.

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News Impact


ITANAGAR, Jan 16: Kara welfare society has mourned the sudden demise of late Radar Nyokir who died on January 15. Late Nyokir was working as assistant teacher at Baririjo middle school and is survived by his wife, two sons and a daughter. Describing his death as irreparable loss, the society prayed for eternal peace of departed soul and sympathized with bereaved family members.  


Bharat Jyoti Award

ITANAGAR, Jan 16: India International Friendship Society has awarded “Bharat Jyoti Award” to the recipient of Best Citizens of India Award Ngoichung Phaichulupa recently for his outstanding performance in social activities.


National youth day

ITANAGAR, Jan 16: Sala Panchayat Rural Youth Sports club under the banner of Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan celebrated national youth day cum volleyball competition on 12th January at government middle school Gai. Various other sports activities were also conducted during the day. More than 100 youths from various villages of Sagalee circle participated in the celebration.


Village for Puroiks

ITANAGAR: A new village and school were inaugurated at Bogi Nodi near Kimin town.  While ZPM Kimin-III Bamang Yayu opened new government primary school at Bogi Noi, Circle Officer Tasso Gumbo inaugurated new village named Lali. This new village is exclusively for the Puroik community. Speaking on the occasion ZPM Yayu urged Puroik community to cooperate with Panchayat leaders of the area for more development. Circle Officer Tasso Gumbo and EAC S Lowang also spoke during the day.


Inter-school sports competition

ITANAGAR: Nehru Yuva Kendra Sanghathan, Itanagar under Union Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports is conducting two-days Inter-School Sports Competition at Sangey Lhaden Sports Academy complex, Chimpu from tomorrow.

Participants from West Siang, East Siang, Lohit, Upper Subansiri, Lower Subansiri, Papum Pare and Sangey Lhaden Sports Academy will take part in the two-days field and track events.