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January  - 18


Religion and tradition

Everyone will believe that due to the growth of Christianity in Arunachal Pradesh, it has brought many changes in every society.

Thanks to the church leaders for the use of hymns book in our own language and recent introduction of bible in our own language. You have done great job for youths at least to read bible and sing in their own language. These would and is only the kind that is saving our language from going endangered. The folk dances and songs competition is also another kind which is keeping alive our tradition among youths especially of towns. Hope every NGO, association and union of Nyishi community will do something new to save our tradition from going endangered.

Now going to other side of the story, with the ever increasing Christian population the Nyokum yullo celebration is going rare with decreasing participants. The reason behind is because the church does not encourage them to celebrate Nyokum yullo. Now I am not against the bible or the church leaders. I would say it’s not an evil spirit but our traditional way of worshiping almighty. This is what our forefather has taught us. So we need to come forward to keep alive instead of discouraging the fellow believers.


Debia Hania

Davangere, Karnataka, (on email)



Headquarters and their mandate

Dear Editor,

Recently a lot of drama has been witnessed for the creation of Lower Siang district both in the print and in the public domain. Above all this high drama the most interesting one being a place called Siki Rima which is 170km(approx.) from Likabali's Durpai village under Kangku circle and 150km away from Sibe Circle being claimed to be the proposed headquarters for the proposed Lower Siang district.

The DDJAC even claims to have a unanimous mandate or backing of people from both Likabali and Nari-Koyu. There comes two question. Does it have the backing of Likabali people in full in support of Siki Rima? Did all the land owners of Siki Rima willingly donated the land without any terms and conditions attached to it? Before the DDJAC say yes the next question is: Do they have the support in written and land being donated in written declaration duly attested in the court of law?

Way back in 1995 the movement was started by Kardu Taipodia, former minister with Jaji area in Siji village under Likabali as its headquarters but Nari-Koyu showed no interest. The reason being they don't want to leave East Siang. Then Late Rima Taipodia, former minister took up the cause with the same agenda. Again Nari-Koyu not interested. The reason was they have all their business interest and commercial establishment at Pasighat.

The movement got reignited with lot of strikes at Likabali in MLA Jomde Kena's time. Govt. took notice and talks about new district showed hopes to be turned into reality. Now enters Nari-koyu into the scene. The reason being both Likabali and Nari-Koyu faces the same problems like boundary etc.etc..The entry of Basar was a jolt for people of Likabali but for people of Nari-Koyu a big opportunity. They put forward Siki Rima as the area for the district headquarters taking into or making murky arrangements with some vested interest people of Likabali. DDJAC was formed with Sengo Taipodia of Likabali as its Chairman and with the sole agenda of Siki Rima as its headquarters for the new district. Why wasn't Jaji area under Siji Village even being put forward for consideration, which of course is the most centrally located or Lepa Rada(the heartland) as Basar puts it, for both Likabali and Nari-Koyu and which had been the proposed area since 1995.

Then HPC was formed and Nari-Koyu was learned to have excluded from the New District. Likabali erupted in anger and Nari-Koyu was included again of course at the cost of hard work of Likabali people.

But now of course i don't intend to delay the process but my request to the DDJAC Members from Likabali and people of Nari-Koyu to have a more humane approach to whatever decision it makes.

Nari-Koyu has three circle Hdqrtrs and Likabali has four circle headquarters. Will any arrangement as to job reservation, land allotments and others related to the new district be on this line?

You have Siki Rima as headquarter. No Problem but there surely will be a problem if you try to be an opportunist this time. As for Basar, my request to elders is to please be kind hearted and real to our problems.                                                                                    


Concerned Public

Likabali, (on email)



Identify who is who

Dear Editor,

I would like to express my apprehension on the recent growth of NSCN factions in state particularly in Tirap and Changlang District.  After the recent rocking PDS corruptions, anti mega dam and Chinese claim over Arunachal; an article published in 16th Jan  on “two dead as NSCN factions fight to gain control of Khonsa and formation of Arunachal Naga Liberation Front (ANLF)”, the state seems going deeper and deeper toward backwardness like other insurgency affected areas in North East states of India.

These NSCN factions are very advance in arms tactics and political diplomacy. They are well organized rebel groups and maintain a regular Army pattern of disciplines. They run parallel government in Nagaland. The Govt there neither interfere in their internal conflicts nor impose its controls until they harm the normal people. As we pay tax to Govt. of India, likewise they collect tax through their separate tax collection divisions.

NSCN groups demanded sovereignty but later lowering their sovereignty demand, they turn toward the unification of Naga inhabitant areas bordered to the Nagaland. These proposals was strongly opposed and criticized by Manipur, Assam and Arunachal. The Govt. of India scrutinizing and may accept the unification proposal by NSCN groups given that the proposed areas are inhabitants by Naga people. So, to make  the presence of Naga people in the regions, the NSCN groups follow the main tactics by infusing more and more cadres into neighboring border areas where mostly innocent and ignorant local people reside.

Firstly, they brainwash the local people, use their muscle power and provide weapons to fight local administration with very small financial benefits. Later, they infuse more cadres which consequently destabilize whole local administration.

Besides, they have many other tactics to terrorize the local people like engaging war games among their cadres. They are none other than their indiscipline cadres. Another method to terrorize is open surrender by cadres so that the local people will recognize them as militant group. The surrendered rebel gives more mental torture to local resident and gets work easily done for which neither police nor army can take actions.

Such formations of insurgency groups are very common in other parts of North Eastern State, but it may be rare in Arunachal.

Arunachal Naga Liberation Front (ANLF) is pre-plan formed terrorist group supported by NSCN factions. They use Arunachal name to get more sympathy from people but they are none other  than NSCN. This formation is purely politics to make the presence of  Naga people felt in the region which itself was known from the news “the control over Khonsa”. So, we the people of Arunachal, especially the people of Tirap and Changlang should identify who is who and what are their motives, and discourage any form of activities which hampers our future of existence.

Jony T.


(on email)



Give a chance to others

Dear Editor,

This is in reference to the news item about the proposed renaming of Rane Piigo to Rajiv Gandhi Bridge. I oppose the renaming of the bridge because the local heroes/leaders should also get their proper status in the society, they also worked hard for the uplift of the society.  It is not only the members of Gandhi family who have worked for the society.

There are around 12 central government schemes, around 52 state government schemes, around 28 sports/Tournaments/Trophies, around 19 Stadiums, around 5 Airports/ports, around 98 Universities/Education Institutes, around 51 Awards, around 15 Scholarship/Fellowship, around 15 National Parks/Sanctuaries/Museums, around 39 Hospitals/Medical Institutions, around 37 Institutions/ Chairs/Festivals, and around 74 Roads/Buildings/Places named after the Nehru-Gandhi family. So there is no need to name some more places, roads, bridges, institutions, schemes, awards after the Gandhi Family because there are many other leaders in our society and many have sacrificed for the betterment of our nation and they should also be given preference. No doubt that Gandhi family has sacrificed for our nation but it doesn’t mean that we should forget all the other leaders.


A student,

(on email)





All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        


Picturesque Dirang to host NE Games 2011

* 8 Archers leave for Jharkhand * 27-member squad for 33rd National Games

M Doley

ITANAGAR, Jan 17: Arunachal Pradesh will host North East Games at Dirang, West Kameng district during April/May, 2011, according to confirmed sources. The 11 events to be played in the Games are Athletics, Archery (Indian Round), Badminton, Boxing (Men & Women), Football, Karate, Judo, Taekwondo, Table Tennis, Weightlifting and Wushu.

Subhash Basumotary, Director, SAI, Guwahati is arriving in the state capital on January 21 to finalize all programmes related to organization of the mega sporting event, the sources added.

Meanwhile, a total of 27 players from Arunachal Pradesh have qualified to participate in 34th National Games to be held in Jharkhand next month.

The team comprises seven Boxers (5 Men and 2 Women), 8 Karatekas, 4 Weightlifters and 8 Archers (4 men and equal number of women), the source said.

Arunachal Pradesh had won a bronze medal each in Archery and Wushu in 33rd edition of the National Games held in Guwahati in 2007.

Meanwhile, an 8-member archery team comprising 4 boys and as many girls from the state left here today for Jharkhand to participate in the 30th National Sub-Junior Archery Championship beginning at Dhanbad from January 19.

It is worth mentioning here that all the participants are from Sangey Lhaden Sports Academy (SLSA), Chimpu.


NYKS conducts state level inter-school sports competition

M. Doley

ITANAGAR, Jan 17: The two-day State Level Inter-School Sports Competitions organized under Panchayat Yuva Khel Aur Krira Abhiyaan by Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan (NYKS), Itanagar, began at Sangey Lhaden Sports Academy (SLSA) playground here today.

The competition mainly aims at promoting games and sports in Arunachal Pradesh under Centre’s Panchayat Yuva Khel Aur Krira Abhiyaan (PYKKA), said D. Nath, Deputy Director, Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan, Arunachal Pradesh zone.

"The activities of NYKS is generally confined to non-students only; but the NYKS has been entrusted for the first time in Arunachal Pradesh to conduct the tournament by its HQs at New Delhi under PYKKA, he told this reporter today.

Nath said that the first position holders in various events would be taken to Jharkhand to take part in the National Level Inter-School Sports Competition to be held at Ranchi from February 3 to 6 next.

Various field and track events, including running race, long-jump, high-jump, javelin throw, discus throw, shot-put etc. were conducted today.

Eighty-One participants from six districts Upper Subansiri, West Siang, Lower Subansiri, Lohit, East Siang, Papum Pare and SLSA took part in the competitions.

The results:

Long Jump (Boys): 1st: Bubon Dai (Lohit), 2nd: Kogam Potom (SLSA), 3rd: Getu Perme (East Siang); Long Jump (Girls): 1st: Yami Mara (SLSA), 2nd: Namia Boa (L/Subansiri), 3rd: Chera Noke (Papum Pare); Shot Put (Boys): 1st: Tanu Pakshok (U/Subansiri), 2nd: Likha Sonam (Papum Pare), 3rd: Kabak Takam (L/Subansiri); Shot Put (Girls): 1st: Osiri Pertin (SLSA), 2nd: Jumbom Lollen (West Siang), 3rd: Miter Kadu (East Siang); 200M race (Boys): 1st: Taewo Ngadong (SLSA), 2nd: Mobiya Sira (L/Subansiri), 3rd: Lirik Nyodu (U/Subansiri); 200M race (Girls): 1st: Anjali Sagro (SLSA), 2nd: Hema Konwar (Lohit), 3rd: Arati Tamang (?); Javelin Throw (Boys): 1st: Ingtacha Mantaw (Lohit), 2nd: Puji Bai (Papum Pare), 3rd: Kabak Takam (L/ Subansiri); Javelin Throw (Girls): 1st: Yamoli Jerang (West Siang), 2nd: Nabam Para (Papum Pare), 3rd Yatu Richi (U/Subansiri); Discus Throw (Boys): 1st: Puji Bai (Papum Pare), 2nd: Ingtacha Mantaw (Lohit), 3rd: Basing Dupok (East Siang); Discus Throw (Girls): 1st: Osiri Pertin (SLSA), 2nd: Miter Kadu (East Siang), 3rd: Yamoli Jerang (West Siang); 400M race (Boys): 1st: Tamar Tatuk (East Siang); 400M race (Girls): 1st: Eyaphen Longri (SLSA); High Jump (Boys): 1st: Nyinge Jini (West Siang); High Jump (Girls): 1st: Onam Mibang (West Siang), 1500M race (Boys): 1st: Soma Pao (SLSA), 1500M race (Girls): 1st: Yibi Basar (SLSA); 100M race (Boys): 1st: Taewo Ngadong (SLSA); 100M race (Girls): 1st: Anjali Sagro (SLSA).


Know your army campaign at Aalo

AALO, Jan 17: To increase the awareness of local populace about the Armed Forces, Along Military Garrison has organized a ‘Know Your Army’ Mela in Along during Yomgo River Festival from Jan 11-15. This presentation by the Army commemorates the ‘Army Day’ which is celebrated on 15 January every year.

The aim of the exhibition was to showcase the Army to the general public and youth in particular during Yomgo River Festival being celebrated at Aalo. The highlight of the exhibition was the display of an astounding array of weaponry and special military equipment ranging from rifles to Multiple Grenade Launchers. The proceedings commenced with a spectacular display by the Regimental Pipe band where Army Pipe Band presented popular martial tunes and mellifluous numbers to keep the people thoroughly enthralled.

People of all ages and walks of life thronged the venue to have a glimpse of the arms and equipment. Young aspirants, keen to join the armed forces, made a beeline to the motivation stalls specially set up for them and were suitably enlightened and motivated. It was a close encounter for public with the sentinels of the mother land during Yomgo River River Festival.


ABK oppose govt decision

PASIGHAT, Jan 17: Adi Baane Kebang organized a  consultative meeting with the representative of Dapi, Dapi-Moli, Detak, Korang, Sido and Mane of East Siang District on 16th January last at Ruksin Community Hall in which the inclusion of the villages in the new proposed Lower Siang district was taken up.

The ABK (East Siang) President Okom Yosung informed that in the joint statement that the inclusion of the six Adi inhabited villages in would be new district is unacceptable by the people of East Siang District.

It appealed the government to maintain natural boundary of East Siang district saying the these are the integral part of the present East Siang. The release further added, a signature campaign is being launched by the ABK (ES) in this regard to strengthen their stand.


Conserve oil and gas

Ojing Tayeng

ITANAGAR, Jan 17: Oil and Gas Conservation Fortnight will be inaugurated here today.

This fortnight is observed every year in order to conserve or minimize consumption of oil and gas in the state as well in the country.

However, it is yet to be seen whether the whole motives of observing fortnight is actually gainful as there is no any such follow up study or report on the subject matter by the concerned department.

Last year, Senior Divisional Retails sales manager, K J Roychoudhury emphasizing the importance of renewable energy resources assured launching of solar lantern by Oil India in state of Arunachal Pradesh at Rs 2500 per set.

On the occasion, Arunachal Pradesh Energy Development Agency Director also underscored the importance of replacing the present street light with solar street light system to conserve fuel and energy.

However, both the proposals remained only on paper. Hope this time the authority will take up remarkable steps to fulfill the motives of oil and gas conservation fortnight in the state.


Fuel saving tips

*  Do not speed up your vehicles unnecessarily.

*  Turn off vehicles in stop signal and heavy traffics.

*  Always maintain the recommended tyre pressure.

*  Drive vehicles at suggested optimum speed so you can save 30 % of fuel.

*  Improve your vehicles mileage by regular oil change and servicing.

*  Avoid using air-conditions unnecessarily.


LPG Saving tips

*  Always cook in broad-bottomed vessels.

*  Reduce flame when boiling starts.

*  Soak rice, pulses etc before cooking.

*  Always use lid and pressure cooker.


Electricity Saving tips

*  Always use CFL (Compact Florescent Lamp) as its gives more light and less energy.

*  Always use LCD Screen as it uses 50% less energy as compared to other screen of TV or PC.

*  Always switch off TV, PC, lights, fans etc from the plug switch when not in use.

*  Always set Air Conditioner to automatically shutdown and startup at intervals.


APCSOA reacts to govt decision

ITANAGAR, Jan 17: The Arunachal Pradesh Civil Service Officers Association (APCSOA) while welcoming the decision of the state government to post an IAS officer as Director Elementary Education (DEE), however, has said that the assurance of the state government to replace the IAS cadre Director (DEE) after one year and promote the senior most Joint Director to DEE is not at all appreciated by the fraternity nor would it be in tune with the government of India’s notification which stipulates majority of Directorates to be headed by IAS officers including the directorate of School Education.

It is appalling to note that the state government has buckled under pressure from the Arunachal Teachers’ Association’s ultimatum and assured to sideline APCS officers by promising to shift out P.N.Thungon, APCS, from the post of DEE-cum-SPD. Such a move by the government is a blow to the prestige of the State Civil Service (APCS), supposed to be the cream of all services available in the state, it said.

Till date APCS officers have been rendering their best services to the state in all fields including the Education department at District and Block levels. But for the initiatives of the APCS officers, the schools in districts and Blocks will never run smoothly; and the Education department cannot deny this fact. Now, if the state government concedes to any demand by any organization threatening to jeopardize the normal functioning of any department, the APCSOA is also ready to try that method to fulfill its long standing demands pending with the government, it said.

Since the APCSOA considers itself to be the custodian of the state government machinery, it has been requesting the government to approve its few demands. The APCSOA is waiting patiently for positive response but its silence should not be mistaken for timidity nor surrender against the injustice meted out to its officers, the release added.


No change in stand on Arunachal: China

Beijing, Jan 17:  China today said its policy that Arunachal Pradesh is a "disputed area" remains "unchanged", days after it issued stapled visas to two Indian sportsmen from the state which it claims as "Southern Tibet".

"China's position is consistent and clear about the China-India border issue including the disputed area of Eastern section and the Indian side is aware of it. The position has remained unchanged," the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman's office reports news agency, PTI.

Eastern section of the India-China border covers the Arunachal sector which is part of the dialogue mechanism to resolve it. India-China so far held 14 rounds of talks without much of success.

The Foreign Ministry issued the clarification today to a question asked last week over the controversy of issuing stapled visas to two Indian sportsmen from Arunachal to take part in the Weightlifting Grand Prix at Fujian province.

The two were turned away by the Indian immigration officials as India do not recognise the stapled visas, while External Affairs Ministry stated India will not honour such visas.

The Foreign Ministry, however, did not clarify whether the issuance of stapled visas or paper visas as they are known meant any departure from its purported previous policy of not to grant any visas to people of Arunachal Pradesh in support of Chinese claim that the state is part of its territory therefore its people did not need visas.

However Rong Ying, a Senior Research Fellow at the state-run China Institute of International Studies, said while China's stand on the dispute remained unchanged, perhaps the stapled visas were given as a "pragmatic" step to allow people of Arunachal to visit China.

"Certainly we have to take the reality into consideration as it is a disputed area and also we have to be pragmatic if people wants to travel to China," Rong, an India specialist at the Institute told PTI.

He said personally he believes that the stapled visas were issued to enable the people of the area to travel to China while the two countries made efforts to resolve the boundary dispute.

Both sides have to be pragmatic keeping the reality into consideration, he said, apparently meaning that India too should permit those with stapled visas from Arunchal to travel to China.

"I think there is no shift in China's policy but it will be good to facilitate their travel," he said, adding that otherwise the people of the area cannot travel to China until the dispute is resolved.


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News Impact

AIMSU condemns rape

ROING, Jan 17: The All Idu Mishmi Students Union (AIMSU) today condemned the rape of a girl by PHE Executive Engineer K Pertin.

The union in the meeting also appealed Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for Women (APSCW) to pursue the case to ensure exemplary punishment to be served to the culprit.

 “The union is with the victim family and we assure our full cooperation for justice to be done”, said AIMSU President Unti Umbrey in an executive meeting called by the union.

The incident of rape took place on Jan 9 last in Tinsukia hotel. A complaint has been registered with the Tinsukia police.


BSNL service

ITANAGAR, Jan 17: Bharatiya Janata Party, West Siang district unit and state BJYM activists meet BSNL general manager (GM) on 14th January regarding poor service of mobile and WLL in the district. During the meeting they discussed about improving BSNL mobile service at Aalo, setting up of WLL tower Baririjo and BSNL tower at Tato.

In the meeting GM assured to set up new mobile towers at Aalo before 2nd week of February without any fail. This will go long way in improving mobile service in the area. However party stated that in case problem persist they will resort to district level protest.


ANYA appeals

ITANAGAR, Jan 17: All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA), Capital Complex unit appealed to the ministers of Arunachal Pradesh to main impartiality and equality while giving appointments, visits etc. to public.

ANYA alleged that some ministers seem biased to some public in such matter.


Org clarifies

ITANAGAR, Jan 17: All Lower Subansiri Youth Organization (ALSYO), in a release, clarified that neither the organization nor any of its member was involved in the land dispute at Taung-Tebin/Pepsi.

ALSYO said that it was looking forward to a positive result from the fact-finding-cum-boundary demarcation committee appointed to redress the grievances and settlement/rehabilitation of homeless and landless people at Joram Top.


NBCC youth conference

ITANAGAR, Jan 17: Nyishi Baptist Church Council conducted its 26th annual youth conference at Town Baptist Church, Yachuli from January 13-16.

Altogether, 5000 delegates from various parts of the state attended the conference.

Rev. Kara Tayo and Gyamar Baba attended the programme as speakers.  



ITANAGAR, Jan 17: The officers and staff of Directorate of Social Welfare, Women & Child Development condoled the death of Nabu Lama, CDPO, Bameng, on January 12 last. They, in a condolence meeting, observed two minutes silence as mark of respect to the departed soul and prayed to almighty to give enough strength to the bereaved family to withstand this hour of sorrow and grief.

Meanwhile, All Forest Department Driver Welfare Association expressed sorrow and grief over sudden demise of MB Likha, driver of Banderdewa Forest division, who died yesterday morning after a brief illness at the age of 48.

He left behind his wife, a son and three daughters. The association conveyed its deep sense of condolence to the bereft family and prayed for eternal peace of the departed soul.


Association resent officers

ITANAGAR: All Pip-Sorang Circle Youth Welfare Association (APCYWA), in a release, expressed resentment over Govt. employees’ reluctance to stay at their respective posting places at Pip-Sorang inspite of the fact that there was no accommodation problems for them in the circle.

It urged those Govt. employees, who are not staying in their posting places, to shift their camps to Pip-Sorang in order to run offices smoothly. Otherwise, the association will be left with no other option than launching democratic movement to fulfill its demand, APCYWA cautioned.


Conservation fortnight

ITANAGAR: Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Guwahati Integrated Division Office cum State level Coordinator, Arunachal Pradesh is observing oil and gas conservation fortnight from January 18.