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January  - 19


Towards growth of tourism

Dear Editor,

State government might know Tourism industry is one of the world’s largest fast growing industries that can generate lot of employment and revenue. But for that purpose, Tourism industry requires tourism experts as well as tourism professionals. As per expert research tourism industry is going to overtake Oil Industry in the field of employment and revenue generation.

But Arunachal Pradesh is still far behind in spite of getting huge amount from central government to develop Tourism sector in the state. Preparing of costly brochures, marketing of state as a tourist hot spot in internet, recruiting staffs in tourism department to fulfill political promises and preparing project to draw huge amount from the central government is not sufficient for the development of tourism sector in the state. If we properly prepare and implement tourism policy, tourism industry alone can make the state as a prosperous economically independent state. Therefore, as a concerned citizen I put forward few tips for state government for their consideration for the development of Tourism Industry in the state.

Recruitment of Tourism Graduate and Post Graduate to the Post of TIO & DTO, recruitment of District Tourism Officer (DTO) through APPSE, introduction of private Public partnership and setting up of Arunachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation are some issues that need to be looked into.

The Hotels including Tourist lodges should be provided proper minimum requisite guidelines for quality service.

Tour operator, travel Agency, Hotelier, Restaurants, Resorts, etc. should prefer local tourism professional while recruiting staffs.

Introduction of Tourism as a one of the compulsory subjects in every educational institutions, creating awareness on importance of tourism industry at villages, coordination between forest department and Tourism department of the state, especially for the development of Eco-tourism should be other initiatives.


Suresh Pait

Naharlagun, (on email)



Centenary celebration – a mockery of the Adi pride and prestige

Dear Editor,

It is very unfortunate and sad that the much hyped-about grand Centenary Celebration of Pasighat Town has been postponed time and again just because a particular dignitary or person is not available to grace the occasion. An event that comes once in a hundred years has been treated and handled with such insensitivity and casualness -dashing all the anticipation and enthusiasm of the Adi Community in particular and Arunachal Pradesh in general. It is truly appalling and ridiculous beyond description. It is a great mockery of the collective pride and prestige of the Adi community and people of Arunachal Pradesh.  An event that was supposed to showcase the pride and prestige of Pasighat, Adi Community and people of Arunachal Pradesh has been made into a ridiculous affair of Indian National Congress Party (INC) display of political sycophancy and expediency.

It is perhaps unprecedented in the history of such celebrations that till the last moment things are still in a limbo.  It is distressing that the collective sentiment and sensitivity of the people of Pasighat, the importance of Pasighat as the first town of Arunachal Pradesh and Prestige of Adi Community has been compromised to gain political mileage for few individuals.  How can any person or individual be more important than Pasighat – the symbol of pride and prestige of Adi Community , the fountainhead of modern civilization in Arunachal Pradesh?  How can anybody be so important that the masses of Adi area have to bend back and forth to accommodate that person? Is this fair and democratic?  Where is the respect for the sentiment of the Adi Community? People need to ask this question. In democracy, it is people who are more important, not the people’s representatives.

We much understand that Individual comes and goes but Pasighat will always remain. We have to realize that the opportunity to celebrate the same event will come only after another 100 years. Unfortunately, the political leaders in charge of organizing the event seemed to have missed this very important point. Instead of according more importance to the place and the people, they seemed to think that a particular person is more important than the whole Adi Community and the people of Arunachal Pradesh.

Repeated postponement of the momentous event has not only dampened the spirit of the event but also has heaved great deal of hardship on the government functionaries, staff, school children, scores of public leaders  and the general public at large.   The government officers, staff and local public leaders of Pasighat has been working tirelessly , day and night for the last several months to make the event  a grand success but the repeated postponement of  the Centenary celebration has killed not only the enthusiasm also taken the charm away from the grand event.

Logistically speaking, many people from all over the Adi area and different parts of Arunachal Pradesh were planning to attend the event. Many more may have been planning to come from outside the state as well as from abroad but the repeated postponement created whole lot of confusion thereby spoiled everyone’s schedule.  We have to realize that people are busy in their various engagements and therefore they need advance notice to plan their travel.  Many people who would have wish to come cannot come now because of the uncertainty of the date and they will miss an event that will come only after another 100 years – long after they are gone.

It is also learned from sources that there is a proposal for renaming of Raneghat Bridge to Rajiv Gandhi Bridge. If it is true, it would be another low point in the history of Adi Community. From the time of our forefathers, from generation to generation,  Raneghat is known as Rane Pigo. Many historical events are connected to Rane Pigo.  Now, to overlook this fact and to rename the Raneghat Bridge to Rajiv Gandhi Bridge would tantamount to an insult to the history and prestige of the Adi People. There is limit to political expediency and sycophancy. The Indian National Congress Party (INC) cannot compromise the pride and prestige of the Adi people.   An individual is not more important than the collective sentiment and prestige of a whole community.  If the INC party much rename something in Pasighat during the Centenary celebration to please its political bosses, then why not rename Pasighat into Rajivghat?

It is very unfortunate that an event that could have showcase the history, pride, prestige and potential of Pasighat has become a damp squib and an embarrassing affair for the Adi Community. I hope history will forgive us for this fiasco.


Mongol Yomso

National General


Nationalist Youth

Congress, (on email)



Lip service won’t solve the problem

Dear Editor,

Rajiv Gandhi University Students’ Union (RGUSU) strongly condemns the recent issuance of Stapled Visa to Arunachalees by the Chinese Embassy. We also condemn the attitude of our government in particular and Government of India in general as it’s been long that Chinese had tried to jeopardize the position of Arunachal Pradesh at international arena.

Mere verbal assurance that “Arunachal Pradesh is integral part of India” without trying to solve the issue, does not suffice.  What I feel at this stage is the government should change their trend and do something regarding the issue. But I have witnessed that the state government has no respect for the sentiments of their own people and central govt. has no respect for Congress run state government of Arunachal Pradesh.

I appreciate the effort made by AAPSU under the leadership of Takam Tatung for raising the issues that confronts us including the stapled visa issue.

The efforts made by AAPSU are for the sake of indigenous Arunachalees.

So, I appeal all students’ organization in particular and all Arunachal citizens in general to support the AAPSU for our greater cause.


Taba Billow

Gen. Secretary, (RGUSU)



Destroying growth of a Broader Hinduism

Dear Editor,

The people of Assam views BJP as the political party of Hindi heartland which wants to promote Hindi and the North Indian and Bengali style of Hinduism in Assam and other vulnerable areas like Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Tripura and Meghalaya.

The BJP is not concerned about the demographic invasion from Bengal, Bangladesh, Nepal and Hindi belt. Just because French and German are followers of the same religion Christianity, doesn’t mean the French will let Germans set up base in their country. Several areas of Assam, especially in towns like Tinisukia, Dhekiajuli etc., the native Assamese are a minority. Should the people of Assam sacrifice their identity in the name of Hinduism? It would be safer for us to convert to Christianity in that case. If Hinduism means to sacrifice ourself for Hindu migrants from Bangladesh and Nepal, it is better to give up Hinduism to save native languages and native cultures endemic to Assam only.

The BJP should realize that Assam has its own style of Hinduism.

Assamese Vaishnavism or the Assamese Shaivism is different from mainland India. If BJP thinks that Hinduism means saffron in Hindi belt, in Assam and some parts of north-east it is about white. Priests in Assam or Manipur wear white, not saffron. In the pretext of nationalism, BJP-RSS has made Hindi and Bengali Hinduism a ploy to spread Hindi language and prayers like ‘Hanuman chalisa’ and ‘jai mata di’.

In seminars and conferences and meetings, we hear Sharmas, Goswamis and Chakrabortys talking about Assam being a part of India because of things like Pragjyotishpur or Kamrup and blah blah blah. If Hinduism is the plank for Indian state, Nepal should be annexed into India. It is the only Hindu kingdom in the world. The largest temple in the world is situated in Angkor Wat, which is in the country Cambodia.

Cambodia should be annexed into India. Buddhist countries should be annexed into India.

The aggressive Hindi brand of Hinduism promoted by BJP-RSS is making Hindus in fringe areas like Nepal, Assam or even Manipur phobic to Hinduism. On the other hand, Christianity and even Islam is spreading in China. This is because no political party has been formed on religious lines in Christianity or Islam. Nationality is not equated with religion. Iranian clergy or political leaders do not talk of inducting Indonesian Muslims as Iranians because they are Muslims by faith. The Germans do not talk of merging Chinese Christians into German nationality just because they also worship Jesus Christ. If the BJP-RSS keeps on harping India and Indianness on the lines of Hinduism, many forward looking Hindus will have to give up Hinduism and take recourse in a more liberal faith which helps in restoring the regional identity of the people.


Vox Populi(on email)





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AAPSU to boycott Republic day celebration

ITANAGAR, Jan 18:  All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) has decided to boycott all the national holidays including forthcoming republic day on 26th January. AAPSU is taking this step to protest against step-motherly treatment meted out to state of Arunachal and her citizens by central government.

Referring to recent humiliation when budding weightlifter Yukar Sibi and another Arunachalee Techi Abraham were not allowed travel to China because of visa row, AAPSU said all this happened because of lack of will on the part of Delhi government.

Decision to boycott national holidays was taken during meeting of central executive members of AAPSU held today.

Later in a press statement AAPSU President Takam Tatung stated, “We have been closely monitoring response of central government towards Chinese claim over Arunachal for past one year. There seems to be lack of will on part of Indian government to give strong response. This situation is making us confused.”

“While Chinese have built highways and airports on their side of border, but no proper development is taking place in Arunachal Pradesh. Green field airport at Karsingsa remains in paper till date. Trans-highway work is progressing at an snail place. Delhi government is purely neglecting us.”

He said by giving stapled visa to Arunachalee citizen Yukar Sibi and Abraham Techi, Chinese has challenged the Indian rule over Arunachal. “But central government’s response has been very lukewarm. Why does budding sportsperson like Yukar Sibi has to face such problem for no fault of his? Delhi and Beijing governments should work out border issue at earliest, so that Arunachalee citizen does not suffer because of border conflict,” said Tatung.

AAPSU also claim that Indian government is yet to seal border with China despite repeated appeal by them in the past. “Till now border has been demarcated as per our tribal custom. Never did Indian government try to demarcate border on their own. We know India-China border problem is international issue but it has been dragging on for too long and Arunachalee citizen’s patience is being tested,” he added.

He said AAPSU had repeatedly protested against Chinese claim over Arunachal and lodged protest at Delhi too but central government is yet to take any concrete steps. Tatung further said as per all actions, Indian government does not seem to treat Arunachalee citizens as Indians, so there is no point in celebrating republic day in Arunachal. AAPSU also criticized state government for not pursuing Chinese issue properly with central government.


                     AAPSU has taken serious note of recent firing incident at Tirap district involving various factions of Naga rebel groups. AAPSU questioned why home minister Tako Dabi is not visiting district to take stock of the situation. AAPSU further urged rebel groups not to trouble ordinary citizens of district in their turf war.



A Chinese new year gift

Tongam Rina

Issuance of stapled visa to weightlifter Yukar Sibi and Indian weightlifting Federation official Abraham Techi came as huge surprise, given the fact that China considers Arunachal as its own. Even as China maintains there is no change in its stand towards Arunachal, it is a clear policy shift if we go by precedence.  The latest move should come as a relief to the country and jingoistic Arunachalees. If it is anything to go by, atleast we have been upgraded from being “theirs’ to “disputed”.

Until now, China has issued stapled visa to people from Jammu and Kashmir which it considers a disputed territory.

Notwithstanding the fact that we have a democratically elected government under the Indian Union, Arunachal is considered a province of China!!  

On the other hand, China does not have a consistent visa policy for Arunchalees. There have been contradictions as it refused to issue visa to IAS officer Gonesh Koyu, which prompted pulling out an entire high profile Indian delegation while a delegation of women leaders including Jarjum Ete, Komoli Mossang and Dipti Bengia visited the country on normal visas. There are other examples too where its lack of policy stand exposed.

These instances clearly show lack of clear cut policy. But whether China has a policy or not, it has always managed to upset Arunachalees more than the Indians!

In one instance, All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union courted arrest in Delhi upset at the claim while the Indian leaders busy with their usual jobs had no time to meet the students.

In this case too, its been the Arunachalees who have gone overboard including burning of effigy of Chinese premier, upset at the Chinese move.

The Indian media made a brief mention of it while Ministry of External Affairs issued a meek statement.

Like it or not, every time China says something, it irritates Arunachal more than rest of India. Maybe it’s a case of wearing our patriotism on our sleeves, but do we really have to? Maybe a meek statement would more than suffice.

China will not stop being an irritant. But India has to look for options to tackle this issue.

On November 12, 2009, the Ministry issued a travel advisory, cautioning Indian citizens that Chinese visas issued on separate papers stapled to passports would not be considered valid for travel out of the country. It basically means that people of Arunachal and Jammu Kashmir will not be allowed to visit China. We can do without visiting that country, but will India react more strongly than just stopping its citizens from travelling to China. With increase in trade relations and opening of traditional trade routes with Tibet, India needs to come up with a pragmatic approach.

A tit for tat is not going to work as it will not help thaw the volatile relations the two countries share. But we sure would not want a situation where we have to be embarrassed by China’s treatment of us and India’s complacent stand.  Arunachal would be watching the next move of Indian government.


Dams in Arunachal a bigger scam than 2G scam

ITANAGAR, Jan 18: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) today expressed the fear that scams involving signing MoAs/MoUs between the State Government and various power developers against mini and mega hydel projects in Arunachal Pradesh might beat the 2G scams in terms of magnitude.

Describing 2010 as a year of scams in India, BJP National Secretary  Dr. Kirit Somaiya in a Press conference here today said that the Party has so far found six major scams in Arunachal Pradesh which include hydropower scam, SGRY scam, Subsidy (Transport) scam, Mines and Mineral allotment scam, Drinking Water Mission scam and the infamous Rs 1000 crore PDS scam.

He expressed doubt over efficiency and the very existence of various power developers saying that many of such power developers were formed only to get power projects.

He also expressed surprise over the fact obtained through RTI that many of the such power developers have not yet prepared or submitted DPR even after 3 years of signing MOUs/MoAs.

Meanwhile, the party in its letter submitted to Secretary, Department of Hydropower demanded further study of various power developers regarding their technical, financial and working capacity, present status etc. and requested him to submit the finding details.

BJP in its recently held two-day national executive meeting at Guwahati constituted a committee headed by  party general secretary cum spokesman Ravishankar Prasad as chairman to study scams and corruptions prevailing in Congress ruled states in North East under BJP’s corruption cleansing movements throughout the country. Dr. Somaiya, who arrived here yesterday to study corruptions in various NE states as entrusted by the party president Nitin Gadkari, said that the committee would submit its detailed reports with evidences to President Pratibha Patil on February 15 next.

A booklet entitled 'Loots of North East' had already been released and the BJP would raise the issue in the ensuing budget session of Parliament, Somaiya added.

The national secretary, along with Bijoya Chakravorty and Tapir Gao, had visited several hydro-power project sites and found non-existent companies being allotted projects with the violation of the prescribed guidelines.

He also claimed that altogether 21 scams were reported in the Congress-ruled states in the North East.

The BJP further alleged that Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu has floated some fake companies in Navi Mumbai in Maharashtra and allotted hydro power and mining contracts worth thousands of crores.

The party demanded that a probe be launched by the UPA government to unearth the truth. The BJP further vowed to unearth all the scams before the public.

Somaiya also flayed the Centre over contentious stapled visa issue and vowed to take up the matter with External Affairs Ministry.

“The party would not tolerate China issuing stapled visas to the people of Arunachal Pradesh and we will pursue the matter with MEA for immediate resolution of the long-pending issue,” Dr. Somaiya  said.


Priority to conservation and efficient usage of petroleum products”

Oil and Gas conservation fortnight

Ojing Tayeng

ITANAGAR, Jan 18: India is emerging as a major economic power due to remarkable growth in the core sectors of agriculture, industry, transport and infrastructure and to sustain economic growth, adequate and cost effective energy supply is essential said State Level Coordinator, Arunachal Pradesh Samir Sinha during the inaugural function of the Oil and Gas conservation fortnight here today.

He further said India imports about 80% of its requirement of petroleum products, resulting in huge loss of foreign exchange. Therefore, a high priority has been given by the government for conservation and efficient usage of petroleum products and the Ministry of petroleum and natural gas, government of India has set up petroleum conservation research association (PCRA) in 1978.

Meanwhile, highlighting the activities of PCRA, he informed that the organization has been actively engaged in promoting efficient use of petroleum products through various activities like energy audits, driver training programmes, technical seminars, process and technology up gradation for adoption by industries particularly Micro, Small and Medium enterprises and also conducted awareness campaigns to educate the masses about the importance and efficient utilization of available energy resources.  He appealed the people to adopt simple energy conservation measures in day-to-day life and also urged the educated citizens to spread conservation awareness message among all sections of the society and help the nation in energy conservation.

Deputy Manager, IOC and Retail Sales Manager, Ujjal Gogio also spoke on the occasion.

They also appealed the people to conserve the limited resources and highlighted the importance of oil and gas conservation.

On the occasion, besides audio-video presentations on fuels, gas and electricity saving tips, quiz competition relating to oil and gas conservation was also conducted.


Congress condemns China’s claim

ITANAGAR, Jan 18: Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) in its extended executive meeting today adopted resolutions condemning China’s claim over Arunachal Pradesh and also registered strong protest on the stapled visas to Arunachalees by China. It urged upon the AICC president to take up the matter with the Central Govt to resolve it bilaterally and diplomatically with China.

The PCC meeting attended by AICC secretary and Arunachal in-charge Sanjay Bapna and all MPs, CLP members, AICC members, heads of frontal organisations of the party and senior Congress workers also extended support to the resolutions adopted in the 83rd AICC plenary session. It further decided to hold rallies in all the Assembly constituencies to highlight the programmes and achievements of the Congress Govt in the state and Centre.

The meeting further resolved that a monitoring committee would be constituted with members from Council of Ministers, CLP members and party functionaries to monitor the execution and progress of the schemes under PM’s package and other centrally sponsored schemes. Addressing the participants in the meeting, Bapna advised the ministers to have more interaction with grass root level party workers and stressed that women should be given opportunities to perform. He also assured the members to take up the points discussed with the party high command for consideration.


Hundreds turn up at Jengging health camp

ITANAGAR, Jan 18: The Itanagar Mori-Rotgo Banggo Welfare Society  conducted   Health Camp on Jan 15-16 at Jengging, Upper Siang.

MLA Alo Libang in his speech as a Chief Guest emphasized regarding health camp and urged the people to take the advantage of the camp and services of the specialists who had turned out for them.

He categorically spoke on ill effect of tobacco and alcohol consumptions which causes many diseases and cancer.  

President of the Itanagar Mori-Rotgo Banggo Welfare Society Dr. Rajen Kombo, in his address at the inaugural function explained the aim and objectives of the Society and requested the people to help the needy.

In spite of heavy rain with spine chilling wind and snow falls nearby hills about seven hundred patients from nearby villages including Jengging were benefited with free treatment and medicines in the two days Health Camp. Five (5) cases of cataract were screened for surgery by Dr. D. Pait, Sr. Eye Specialist; and minor surgeries were performed in the camp. Impressive power-point presentation on tobacco related diseases, alcohol and breast cancer was presented by Dr. S. Tsering, Radio-Oncologist, General Hospital, Naharlagun to create awareness among the villagers and students of Jengging, Karko and Yingkiong area of Upper Siang District. Awareness campaign on DoTs was presented impressively in very simpler manner with audio visual aid by Dr. A. Miyu, DTO, Yingkiong.


Gao questions Govt on Tirap fiasco, renaming of Siang bridge

ITANAGAR, Jan 18: Former MP and BJP National General Secretary Tapir Gao today flayed the Dorjee Khandu led State Government for not taking any initiative to contain the prevailing situation in Tirap that arose after clashes between the two factions of NSCN which left the people of the district to live in fear psychosis.

“The state Government has not shown any interest to visit the area even after 10 days of the clashes, Gao said here today and demanded the Chief Minister to immediately rush  to Tirap and take stock of the situation. He also criticized all the seven MLAs of the area for keeping mum on the issue.

Meanwhil, Gao criticized the State Govt.’s conspiracy to rename the Siang River Bridge after Gandhi family.

“Khandu should first change his surname to Gandhi before renaming the bridge,” Gao said in a lighter vein and suggested the state Government to name the bridge after one of the renowned social workers, reformers or educationist of Siang valley.


Committee demands schemes for project affected people

ITANAGAR, Jan 18: While endorsing the demand of All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) for rehabilitation and development projects for the down stream project affected people of the 405 megawatt Ranganadi hydro project, Lichi Sher Ranganadi Hydro Electric Affected Area Management Committee (LSRHEAAMC) demanded implementation of rehabilitation and anti-erosion schemes at both side of river bank, appointment of local project affected people in C & D grade posts, 5 per cent free power supply to affected villages.

The committee said that NEEPCO authorities did not pay heed to its memorandum submitted earlier for implementation of rehabilitation schemes.


DoNER suggest enhancing Industrial Environment in Pre Budget recommendations

ITANAGAR, Jan 18: The Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region has submitted a list of recommendations to the Ministry of Finance on changes in tax policy (indirect and direct taxes) for inclusion in the regular Budget for 2011-12, to give a boost to the industrial environment in the Region. The need to develop the Region as a Special Export Zone, among others, has been stressed. As the NER has a vast international border, the requirement to develop export oriented industries has been highlighted. In line with the norms of the SEZs, the eligible units of the NER should be exempted from the levy of Service Tax.

The recommendations include a series of measures to augment the provisions under the North East Industrial and Investment Promotion Policy (NEIIPP), 2007, based on consultations initiated by  B.K Handique, Minister for Mines & DoNER, with different business bodies like Indian Chambers of Commerce and other Associations of Industry and Commerce of the North Eastern Region.

The amendments of made by the Ministry of Finance and Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion ( DIPP) dilutes the provision related to Central Excise Duty in context of the North Eastern states. As per the earlier provision, a manufacturer was entitled to a 100 % excise duty exemption on goods manufactured in the Region. However, after the amendments, with effect from 1st April, 2008 the manufacturer is stipulated to get the refund of only duty paid on value addition in the place of unlimited refund of duty paid in cash. The Ministry of DoNER has requested the Ministry of Finance for Restoration of Curtailment of Excise Duty Exemption on finished products made in the North Eastern Region , with proper safeguards to ensure a strict assessment of cash duties paid  towards restoring the pre March,2008 position. Alternatively, Ministry of DoNER has also suggested that this issue may be looked at liberally in order to boost investment in the Region and that the general percentage may be hiked from 36 % to a much higher one. For direct taxes, the industry associations of the Region have requested continuation of 100% Income Tax Exemption as provided by NEIPP 2007, exclusion of NER from provisions of Section 115 JB relating to Minimum alternate Tax (MAT) and for the incentives/subsidies to be exempted from Income Tax Net. Ministry of Finance has been asked to take a serious view on these.

In the case of Power Generating Units based on both conventional and non-conventional sources, Ministry of DoNER has requested for enhancing the limit upto 200 MW in place of 10 MW for a unit to be eligible for availing the Capital Investment Subsidy, Interest Subsidy and Insurance Subsidy. The Ministry has already furnished detailed comments on the Revision of Transport Subsidy Scheme (1971) of the DIPP.

Ministry of DoNER has also recommended for widening the scope of NEIIPP 2007 so as to cover emerging sectors like higher education (technical/management/health) in the private sector as well as in the PPP mode.


Educational tour ends

ITANAGAR, Jan 18: The week-long socio-educational tour cum awareness campaign organised by All Tei-Temir Welfare Society (ATTWS) in various villages under Kamporijo circle in Lower Subansiri district concluded on January 15.

The main motto of the campaign was to bring awareness on compulsory education for children, discourage forced marriage and polygamy and use of tobacco products.

The valedictory function was addressed by ATTWS president Pegmir Tarak, Raga BDO Togu Mugli, Raga Assembly segment development chairman Nido Tagum. All of them stressed on proper education for children and discouraged social evils like polygamy, children and use of tobacco  substances.

B S Radakrishnan, head of Subansiri Middle Hydro Project, who was special invitee, assured to conduct a medical camp at Kamporijo.

Cultural programme and valley ball competition were also organised to mark the conclusion of the programme.


Affected people demand renaming of project

ITANAGAR, Jan 18: The Dam Affected Peoples Forum of Yapik (DAPFOY) has urged the authorities concerned to change the name of Naying Hydro Power Project to Yapik Hydro Power Project since the Dam construction and its inventories would be established within the jurisdiction of Yapik area and also considering the historical importance of Yapik area and its people who are attached to it since time immemorial.

The forum urged the authority to constitute a committee to physically investigate, verify and assess the land of people likely to be affected by the dam, if constructed, for their resettlement.

It also demanded atleast 70 percent job reservation for dam affected people in both technical non-technical sections of the project.


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News Impact

Maro youth conference

ITANAGAR, Jan 18: The three days Maro Youth Club Conference began yesterday at Maro.

The function was attended by the youth of the Maro area, panchayat leaders, GBs and general public.

The president of the Youth Club, Tanya Taji, appealed to the youths of the area to come forward and share their duties towards development of the area in particular as state as a whole.


Sonam wishes speedy recovery of Tarin

NAHARLAGUN, Jan 18: Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC) state Secretary General Jalley Sonam today visited the veteran Nyishi leader Mallo Tarin, who has been ailing for some time  at his Naharlagun residence.

Sonam enquired about Mallo’s health from his wife DC Mihu Mallo and daughter Indira Mallo (IAS) before wishing him speedy recovery.

He described Mallo as one of the senior leaders of the state who contributed immensely towards the overall development of Arunachal Pradesh.


Aircel network resented

ITANAGAR, Jan 18: Arunachal Pradesh Abo Tani Clans Youth Organization appealed to the authority of Aircel Company Pvt. Limited to look into the Aircel network problems in the state.



ITANAGAR, Jan 18: Jimmy Jebisow, Basy Khonjuju, Barun Khaduju and Tsering Wange have been appointed as president, vice president, general secretary and chairman respectively of West Kameng District Unit of All Arunachal Pradesh Public Transport Federation in a meeting held at Balukpong yesterday.

Gangte Young Star Society for Educational Development has selected Gangte Tuglo and Gangte Apo as its president and general secretary along with Gangte Rangkey as women secretary in a meting held yesterday.


Rape condemned

ITANAGAR, Jan 18: Dibang Adi Students’ Union `extending their support to the victim, condemned the rape incident of a girl by PHED Executive Engineer Kripa Pertin at Tinsukia recently.

The union appealed to Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for Women to take up the issue seriously, and also appealed the Adi Baane Kebang (ABK) and ABK women wing to intervene in the case for speedy justice.


REDP on mushroom

ITANAGAR, Jan 18: The 28th Days of Training in Mushrooming under Rural Entrepreneurship Development Programme (REDP) for 30 rural beneficiaries began at Khasan Jugli Village of Kharsang, Changlang.

Altogether 30 participants including 5 men are taking active part in the training. This training is organized by the AMYAA (NGO) based at Namphai-I, and supported by NABARD Regional Office, Itanagar.


Farmers’ awareness campaign

ITANAGAR, Jan 18: Upper Subansiri District Farmer Society, Daporijo has conducted farmer awareness campaign at Dasi village, Chetam circle recently.

During the campaign, developmental aspects of agriculture, horticulture, poultry, piggery sector etc were discussed.

Altogether, 120 farmers attended the programme and shared their knowledge and idea.


Foundation day

ITANAGAR, Jan 18: Totpu Panchayat Youth Welfare Society is celebrating its 4th youth foundation day on January 28 at Totpu.

On the occasion, awareness campaign on wild life protection, forest conservation and preservation will also be conducted.


AASSATA’s demand

ITANAGAR, Jan 18: Claiming that authorities today assured to fulfil the genuine demand for early regularisation of remaining 6000 SSA teachers the Central Executive Committee of AASSATA appealed the SSA teachers to be sincere in their duty as the steps are being taken to full its demand.



ITANAGAR, Jan 18: All Raga Area Students’ Union deeply mourned the sudden demise of school boy Rakhe Talek, who died at Raga yesterday.

The union also conveyed its condolence message to the bereaved family members.

Further, the union appealed both the bereaved family members and the contractor, in whose work site the child was crushed to death by JCB to maintain peace.

The officers and staffs of the ICDS project, Seppa

and Chayangtajo have expressed deep shock over the demise of Nabu Lama, CDPO of Bameng ICDS project, East Kameng who died at Tawang on Jan 11 last. He leaves behind his wife, a son and two daughters.

His untimely death is a great loss to the department in particular and state as a whole. The employees conveyed deep sense of condolences to the bereaved family and prayed for eternal peace of the departed soul.


Tai Khampti Rising Day

ITANAGAR: The Tai Khampti Community  of Namsai Sub-Division of Lohit, are celebrating the First Tai Khampti Rising Day, commemorating the red letter day of 19th January 1839, on which the Khamptis under their Chief Chau Pha Plang Lu, alias Rranuwa Gohain revolted against the British rule and dominance and killed Colonel Adam White and its soldiers at Sadiya.

The celebration will start with a mass public procession with patriotism & nationalism as its main theme which will be followed by Flag Hoisting, Foundation Laying of the Statue of Chau Pha Plang Lu.


MES resents renaming of Bridge

ITANAGAR: Mebo Elite Society (MES) expressed resentment over the government’s decision to rename the bridge over Siang River as Rajiv Gandhi Bridge. It appealed the government to reconsider the decision.

The society said that historic or indigenous name given to place or location cannot be changed without public mandate simply for political benefits. The decision should be rectified immediately to protect and preserve the sanctity, purity and originality of the traditional and historic value of particular place or location.

It further appealed the government and any section of the society not to misunderstand the ongoing protest over the renaming of Siang Bridge and also urged the people not to mix it with politics as the objective of the movement is only to maintain the historic value of the Raane Piigo (ghat).