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January  - 20


Escalating prices and common citizens

Dear Editor,


Through Your daily I would like to criticize the rising prices of essential commodities. Rising Prices is becoming an acute problem these days. One has to live from hand to mouth. It has made difficult for everyone to meet both ends. It has forced people to live a miserable life. Necessities are being sold at a great price. The hardest hit is the common man, that is, the average consumers and the below average consumers or we can say the middle class people and the poor people. Due to price rise, the purchase of essential commodities like pulses, rice, sugar or medicines etc is beyond the reach of one’s pocket. Not only the price is increased for the essential commodities, but also gasoline prices, crude oil prices, diesel prices are also rising high day by day. While Petrol prices has risen six times since June-2010.Recently the price rise of Petrol will cause the hike in prices of essential commodities and ultimately the sufferer will be the common/poor people.


B.L Pancharia

Naharlagun (on email)




Dear Editor,

I would like to lay down few points regarding continuous hiking of petrol rate in India. It is surprising that within 4-5 months, rate of Petrol has been hiked three or four times.

When petrol and Diesel's rate is hiked then automatically the rate of other goods will be hiked on the pretext of transportation charges. Price raise directly affect all the people except government.

It’s really a funny game of government of India. If they want to retain power in future then they must think twice and control continuous price rise.

Otherwise they need not expect the vote of poor in future.


Moge Dirchi

Itanagar, (on email)



A commendable effort

Dear Editor

We the Kargu Kardi Students' Union (KKSU) do heartily welcomes the 'Free Medical and Health Awareness Camp' organized by the Kargu Kardi Welfare Society (KKWS) in collaboration with the State Health and Family Welfare Department and Rama Krishna Mission Hospital, Itanagar, which is being scheduled at Darak in West Siang  from Feb 23-24.

This is the first of this kind of health camp ever being held at any remote or outpost area of the entire West Siang District and it will be a great privilege for the poor people of Darak and its adjacent areas where even basic medical facilities are barely available.

We are greatly to the society for coming up with such programs and plans for the welfare of the rural people.

We do appeal the public especially of the Darak circle to cooperate the KKWS team to make it a successful one.   

The union members will be there to render volunteer support. Also we do appeal the PWD Yomcha and RWD Aalo Division to maintain the Darak-Kamba road for easy transportation of the medical team and also for the needy people of the nearby area.


Bomli Yomgam

Binya Ronya




The creamy layer

Dear Editor,

I would like to share my views on the ongoing tussle between the Arunachal Teachers Association (ATA) and the APCSOA -the cream of all  the service available in our state, which explains why there is this wrong notion perpetuated that the noble professions like that of the Teachers, Doctors , Lawyers and Engineers etc are non-creamy or second class service.

I don’t understand why APSCOA is so hell-bent in blocking the promotional avenues of the other service cadres. They do not want the District Art and Culture Officers, District Food and Civil Supply Officers, District Transport Officers/Station Superintendents, LRSOs and others to head their own department. They are intimidated by the Lawyers who are fighting in vain for the separation of the executive from the judiciary in the state that is known to abuse privileges of the chair.

As a cream of the society they should learn to accommodate the feelings and frustrations of other Government servants too.

As a cream of the society, I request them from keeping office peons/chowkidars/Load Carriers as personal manservant at home, when most of them are not entitled  to these benefits. Its a gross violation of human rights and affront to the personal dignity of those unfortunate Government servants who are misused by their superiors.

The collection of unnecessary charges, for which no receipt is given mostly by the District Administration for forms or for merely putting a judicial stamp on paper amounting to crores of rupees for the past many years need to be made auditable  by the Accountant General, Itanagar and accountable to the general public. Why should they tax the Scheduled Tribe people of the state when the Union Government has given us a waiver? What for the OE/OC grants every year given to the officers for stationery support?

Of course there are a few truant officers in the Education Department: But what about the multi-crore theft committed by a senior APCS officer at Anini a few years ago? It still rankles the mind of the general public!

It is not to suggest that the entire APCS fraternity should be blamed for that biggest theft in the history of Arunachal Pradesh. In fact I agree that APCS officers are a special elite team like the Swiss Guards recruited to protect the life of the Pope at Rome; they are efficient, diligent and fit to serve.

APCS officers, especially the ones recruited in the last few years, are contemporary and the best of the best. It will be a loss on us if their talent and efficiency is not utilized to the maximum.

At the same time, I should add professional people like the Doctors and Engineers should not be sidelined. Remember, they were the better students than the most in the 10 and 10+2 level and got into Medical and Engineering colleges to most of our envy then !

In this utopian world, all the top university and colleges will be taught by the cream of the society, whose sole criteria for judging talent and skill in a human being will be to pass the civil service exam. That is where life starts or ends for our sons and daughters who need not look beyond the narrow purview of its monopolistic world.



Itanagar, (on email)



AAPSU’s lost agenda

Dear Editor,

By supporting the point called "The Bangladeshi Factor" published on 16th Jan in your daily, I would like to write my views about the role of AAPSU(All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union) in the state. We really appreciate the role of AAPSU particularly present leaders for the welfare of students body as well as state.

The Motto of AAPSU was to drive out refugees like Chakmas, Hajongs, Tibetans etc, from the state in early  "80's. In these movement innocent students from Govt Higher Sec School Nyapin, our beloved brother Late Kipa Kachey sacrificed his life and many more were critically injured when the CRPF marched inside the hostel and fired at those who tired to escape. After all these happenings the agenda called Refugees has merely lost forever. Nothing has come out.  

Only tears, memories and pains are left with the parents of innocent students who sacrificed and lost everything in the movement.

I want to ask whether the AAPSU has sold this agenda.  Is it true that students leaders are only interested in those subject which  help them become an MLA, MP?  

If not so it is my humble request to our present AAPSU leaders to revive these decade long agenda.


K.  Kame (on email)



Help fight a cause

Dear Editor,

This is to inform the mute public that RTI activist Payi Gyadi has done a wonderful job by unearthing the corruption in education department, East Kameng District. The arrest of concerned officials is a good example shown by him as to how voice be raised without compromising attitude.

But, it is came to be known that several people including MLA, officers and students' leaders are trying to pursue him for compromising this case. This is not a good sign of a healthy society.

Also, it is come to know through some reliable resources that investigating officials sent by the directorate are trying to influence the material evidence and make those culprits a scapegoat.

Let me remind that trying to collude is not an easy task and we have a group that are determined to let judiciary punish all those culprits who are siphoning public money.

Once again, I request all the statue like public and students' body to come forward and support the man who is fighting for common cause. If the facilities of education will be good enough, we can provide better education to our village child. Education is the foundation of the future of society.

Lets stand upright!!


D. Kashyap

Delhi, (on email)





All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        


Mallo Tarin passes away

ITANAGAR, Jan 19: Death of veteran politician and prominent social worker of state Mallo Tarin who passed early this morning has shocked everyone. He had been unwell for quite some time and the end came around 4.25 am in presence of his wife DC Mihu Mallo, daughter Indira Mallo, son Mallo Tado, daughter-in-law Rima Tado, relatives and close associate B K Ghosh Dastidar.  Proud son of late Mallo Niya and Mallo Yaso, late Tarin was born in the year 1950 at Kamtla Village in Papum Pare district. He started his formal education at Doimukh and completed his school education from Basar in West Siang District. Thereafter, he graduated from St. Antony College, Shillong.

In his early days, late Tarin worked as a Nyishi dialect translator cum-announcer in the All India Radio (A.I.R) Dibrugarh in 1970 and served upto 1974. Later he took up business as a profession and was the founder President of the Chambers of Commerce & Industries from 1986 to 1991. On the political field, he joined the Indian National Congress in 1975 as youth worker. He served as the Vice-President of the Youth Congress of Arunachal Pradesh from 1984 to 1987 & was also the treasurer of the INC, Arunachal Pradesh, and member of the Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee. He also served as the first state Unit President of the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) of Arunachal Pradesh in 1996. As an ardent Social entrepreneur, he held the post of Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rural Bank, and President of the All Arunachal Pradesh Tea Planters & Small Grower Association. He was among the Nyishi pioneers who first organized Nyokum Yullo festival at the community level at Doimukh.

He contested as BJP candidate in the 11th Lok Sabha Elections held in May 1996 from 01-West Arunachal Parliamentary Seat and in the 3rd Arunachal Pradesh state Legislative Assembly elections held in October 1999 from 13th Itanagar Assembly Constituency again on BJP ticket.

Meanwhile various political parties including ruling Congress and BJP has expressed sadness over his demise. Remembering immense contribution of late Tarin towards establishment of party in state, BJP, while mourning his death stated that it will be hard to fill the void left by him. Meanwhile, state BJP leaders led by party national general secretary Tapir Gao paid last respect to the departed leader at Naharlagun. Arunachal Pradesh Congress committee has termed his death as irreparable loss to the state and prayed for eternal peace of the departed soul.   

All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) has expressed sorrow over death of late Tarin and described him as role model for many present generation youths for his contribution to state of Arunachal. Nyishi Elite Society while condoling death of late Tarin prayed to the almighty to bestow enough strength to family members to bear the irreparable loss.

Indian National Trade Union (INTUC), State Secretary General Jalley Sonam also expressed deep shock over the untimely demise of a veteran Nyishi leader Mallo Tarin.

He prayed almighty god to bestow enough strength to the bereaved family members to bear the irreparable loss and also prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul and conveyed his condolence message to the bereaved family members.


Forum calls for proper survey and investigations

ITANAGAR, Jan 19: Londa Hydro Project Downstream Immediate Affected Peoples’ Forum (LHPDIAPF) while welcoming the construction of 225MW Londa hydro-power project urged the constructing company to make sure that proper survey and necessary investigations are conducted before construction of the dam to avoid any future complicacies.

The Forum recently organized an awareness campaign highlighting the merits and de-merits of big dams, its multiple impacts on surrounding areas and local people.

Lota Singhi, chairman of the Forum explained that since the area falls under highly active seismic zone proper investigation must be conducted before constructing the dam. He appealed GMR to work systematically in a disciplined manner without harming flora and fauna of the area. Development without disaster’ being the motto of the Forum, Singhi said that people will fight against all such activities which may hurt the sentiment and interest of the affected people. He appealed to the authority to be very cautious in this regard.  Singhi, meanwhile, urged villagers to avoid the practice fishing by using explosives in rivers to avoid water pollution as well as to avoid mass destruction of aquatic animals.

The local people of the affected areas hoped that construction of the hydro power project will provide them with job and bring some changes in developmental front.


Arunachal, Aksai Chin in China’s mapping website

Beijing, Jan 19 : China yesterday officially launched its state-run mapping website that rivals Google Earth, showing Arunachal Pradesh and Aksai Chin in Jammu and Kashmir  as part of its territory.

The map called 'Map World' displayed on the Internet in Chinese language is already being used in I phone and other mobile and Internet user applications in China.

It shows Arunachal Pradesh that China has always claimed as "southern Tibet" as part of its territory. The map makes no specific mention of southern Tibet but its shows China's borders covered up to Arunachal Pradesh.

The Aksai Chin area, which India asserts as part of Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir has been included by the map as part of China's Xinjiang province.

Both areas are part of the border dispute being negotiated between the two countries, which so far have held 14 rounds of talks.

The map, however, displays the Line of Control (LOC) in Kashmir region acknowledging the both sides of the areas respectively under the control of India and Pakistan.

The unresolved border issue has been a simmering issue in Sino-India relations for a long time.

The online mapping service called MAP WORLD is meant to offer an "authoritative, credible and unified" online mapping service, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

Search engine Google entered into a confrontation with the Chinese Govt over issues of censorship and hacking and also closed down its operations in the mainland for a brief period.

China then launched a blistering attack on Google and quietly began work on its own search engine. China is the biggest Internet market with more than 400 million users.

           ‘No Chinese intrusion from across the India-China border’

Chief of Army Staff Gen V K Singh has said there has been no penetration by the Chinese from across the India-China border.

Terming claims of it as 'media hype', the Army Chief said such occurrences were blown out of proportion because our media over reacted on sensitive issues. The Chinese media , on the other hand, was under control and did not do what their counterparts were doing in India, he said at a press conference yesterday at Ambala.

He also said that although there were 1 to 5 million maps on which boundary line had been drawn there was no line on the land which could be called a boundary line.


Army always ready to support good cause’

WAKRO, Jan 19: It was a memorable day for Apnes who were invited to the  prestigious Dinjan Military Station yesterday. Geeta Katoch and Maj.Gen

G.S.Katoch, VSM warmly received the girls with ASSET delegation in the DAH house. Geeta Katoch let them explore the DAH house. The GOC also led the children and the team atop the Dah tree house where he discussed about education in Arunachal Pradesh.

He opined that the government agencies and organizations like the ASSET must put in more efforts to improve the quality of education. He also informed that he had visited the Sarada Mission girls’ school in Khonsa and was happy to find great efforts being put up by the teachers and staffs of the school. The GOC further assured that the Army will always be willing to support any good cause and work.

The ASSET chairman informed the Convenor Dah FWO and the General Officer Commanding of the Dah division that the quality time spent by officers of the Indian Army especially of the 82 Mountain Brigade and the DAH division has made a marked difference in the lives of many rural children. The fruitful interaction with Army officers has a very positive impact in young minds and their confidence level has gone up desirably, he added. The Chairman ASSET also assured the GOC that he will not find ASSET wanting in serving the people and society. The Apnes also greeted Col. Chouhan, CO 26 MLI and Brig. Vikal Sahni, Commander Lohit Brigade on the Army Day.

Geeta Katoch informed the delegation that a senior statesman and a retired General of the Army has adopted an Arunachali child. She further expressed hope that more government authorities will also come forward to ensure that the children in North East especially in the border state of Arunachal Pradesh receive good education. The Katoch duo were delighted to learn that personalities like Dr. Syeda Hameed, Member Planning Commission, Jija Madhavan Hari Singh, DGP, Karnataka, Filmmakers Dipti Bhalla and Kunal Verma, Robin Hibu, IPS, Prashant Lokhande, Ameya Abhyankar, IAS, the print media in Itanagar and host of committed leaders were keenly supporting education in rural Arunachal.

The children also visited the War Memorial built in honour of the brave soldiers who laid down their lives in the 1962 war and various counter insurgency operations. The girls also saw the Howitzer guns of the WW-II exhibited in the Div headquarters. It was inspiring to see the Puffing Billy train engine used in the Burma Campaign of the WW-II.


Ramro Paatang

Katan Yomso

ITANAGAR, Jan 19: The flood of 11th June 2000 still remains afresh leasing out fears among the people of Pasighat Township. The so called flash flood out-flaked and inundated all the low lying areas of the township. Amidst all the miseries one of the most important remains of the D-day is the Ramro Korong Lake. The Ramro Korong/River was a small stream flowing along eastern side of NH 52A, watering the rice fields along its both banks. On 11th June2000, the Siang river water out-flaked all barriers and entered to flow along Ramro Korong. The receding flood left behind a great lake instead of the stream thus changing Ramro Korong to Ramro paatang, viz. lake.

Ramro Lake is situated near the National Highway 52A between the places named 2 Mile and 5 mile of Pasighat-Ruksin Road. It is about 3 Km in length in the north-south direction and the width varies from 50 to 200 m, the depth of the water varies from 2 to 10 ft. The lake water is mostly covered by hydrilla, eichhornia and other aquatic plants. The eastern side of the lake is covered by deep forest containing bamboo, big trees and grassland, whereas the western side of the lake is mostly covered with bamboo, herbs, shrubs and other trees. The source of the water is natural with numerous spring waters oozing out. During rainy season water from Siang river enters the lake form the northern side when the water level in the river is high.

With the passing of times, the Ramro Lake is zooming to become the paradise of varieties of fishes and birds. For few people of Pasighat Township, the location has become a place of good recreation/ pastime. It would be a good location for the development of aquaculture. This lake has the potential to fulfill the fish requirement of East Siang District, which currently depend upon other states for the supply of the fishes. With numerous migratory birds flocking around, the lake could also be developed as a bird sanctuary. As far as the know-how of the reporter, it seems the lake is being visited by few rare birds like the Great Indian Bustard and Brazilian Jacana commonly known as Water-pheasant, a bird which can walk on the surface of the water.

The lake is totally unexplored as far as its aquatic diversity and water quality analysis are concerned. As for the bird species visiting the lake a good ornithologist is highly recommended for ornithological studies. Therefore, this lake deserves top priority from the National Institutions of Fisheries as well as Birds.

The need of the time out and out calls for preservation of these rare fish and bird species. My appeal to the Government of the Arunachal Pradesh is to immediately ban fishing and hunting in this lake and its periphery. I implore on the visitors to the lake not to throw human waste hither and thither, especially polythene goods.


Society allege intimidation

ITANAGAR, Jan 19: Rangfraa Faith Promotion Society (RFPS) has alleged that Central Rangfraa Administrative Council (CRAC) received an official order from W. Chaktey, Central Intelligence Officer (C.I.O.) NSCN-(K) dated 4th Jan 2011 with seal and signed wherein, order was served to stop the activities of Rangsomhum (Rangfraa Temple) of Kothung Village of Tirap including Lazu Circle and whole of Changlang with effect from Jan 9 without fail.

It further said that during an emergency meeting of Central Rangfraa Administrative Council Bodies called on Jan 15 at Changlang, the representative of Kothung village explained that the villagers didn’t obey the NSCN  order after which Priest and Secretary of Rangfraa Administrative Council (RAC) of Kothung village were summoned to their designated Camp vide their letter dated Jan 11.

Religious practice, according to Rangfraism, is a God-given birthright hence it is purely a personal matter. If we don’t have the right to practice our indigenous faiths and cultures in our own land; where is the land for us and where is our freedom, it said.


News Impact

Arunachal at the Nationals

ITANAGAR, Jan 19: Kr. Hillang Agapi (Class IX) and Kr. Dongche Bapu (Class X) of VKV Sher represented Arunachal Pradesh at National Level for Science Exhibition under the topic ‘Agriculture and Technology’ with sub-topic ‘Chemical Fertilizer Vs Organic Fertilizer’ conducted by Science &Technology Dept. of Government. They are selected for Inter-National Science Exhibition.


BJP leader on China tour

ITANAGAR, Jan 19: BJP President Nitin Gadkari leaves for Beijing tonight on a five-day goodwill visit to China. This is the first ever goodwill visit by any BJP President to China. The visit is aimed at promoting party-to-party high level contacts. The BJP attaches great importance to the visit.

Gadkari’s delegation includes party general secretaries Thawarchand Gehlot & Vijay Goel, joint organizing secretary Saudan Singh, Secretaries Laxman Kova and Arti Mehra, his political associate Vinay Sahasrabuddhe and joint convener of the party’s foreign affairs cell Vijay Jolly.



ITANAGAR, Jan 19: Karpe Riba and Bomkar Gara have been appointed as president and general secretary of the All Arunachal Pradesh Motor Transport Workers Union (AAPMTWU)’s West Siang, Upper Siang and Upper Subansiri district units.

The Election Commission of the National Students Union of India (NSUI), New Delhi has appointed Subu Ganku from Lower Subansiri district as returning officer of NSUI internal election for Uttar Pradesh with effect from Jan 16 to Feb 3.


Church dedication prog.

ITANAGAR, Jan 19: Arunachal Pradesh Forest Corporation vice chairman Jabring Venia and East Kameng district TMC president Rojo Cheda have consented to be chief guest and guest of honour of the Church dedication programme at Pipu HQ on Feb 13. Evan. Jackey Tayung, Missionary A-VI sub-council CRC would be the Speaker.


Training in Food Processing under REDP

Itanagar, Jan 19: The one month training programme for 30 trainees on Food Processing under REDP sponsored by NABARD and organized by the AMYAA (NGO) based at Namphai-I has started. This training is organized by the AMYAA (NGO) based at Namphai-I.

Secretary AMYAA R. K. Paul Chawang, highlighted the number of food processed items that will be taught to the trainees during the course of the training. He said that through food processing ordinary agri-horti products are given quality as a result of which food items such as pickles from chilli, ginger, garlic, gooseberries, bamboo-shoot, meat, mango etc. and juice, jam and jelly from local fruits are produced which has a demand value and price in the local and national market.


DCC approved

ITANAGAR, Jan 19: Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee president has approved the 31-member East Siang DCC executive committee. The committee includes one president, five vice presidents and six general secretaries.


Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda

ITANAGAR, Jan 19: Joint General Secretary of Vivekananda Kendra T. Kishor was in Itanagar and briefed the meeting of a few associated members of Vivekananda Kendra in presence of Dr. Joram Begiji, and Rinchin Dorjee, member about the forthcoming 150th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda.

The year 2013 January 12 to 2014 January 12 will be celebrated as “wake up Bharat!  enlighten the world” by Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari all over India especially in Arunachal Pradesh. The current year 2011 and next 2012 will be used for the necessary preparations to observe this significant occasion in befitting manner.

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