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January  - 21


Held APPSC exam at the earliest

Dear Editor,

I would like to appreciate the APPSC for fair conduction of prestigious competitive exam and completion of whole process in a year. However, I have been put to confusion to the fact that commission has declared its intention of conducting the exam annually several times in various news daily which created great hopes and enthusiasm for the thousand of aspirants who are waiting for the same.

However, it has been almost 3 (three) months since the declaration of final result of 2010 APPSC exam but the commission is delaying in advertising the next exam.

Therefore, I would like to appeal to the commission to advertise the next APPSC Exam 2011 immediately without wasting time.


Aspirant candidate



Resentment over compensation amount

Dear Editor,

This is regarding the compensation amount being paid to land affected owner of the proposed district connectivity of Trans – Arunachal Highway from Yupia to Hoj (7.00KM to 39.50KM). As I know right from the beginning all concerned department like District Administration, Agriculture, Horticulture, WRD, PWD, RWD, PHE & WS and Forest Department had joint verification and assessment for various property within ROW of highway. As per approved design and drawing from Ministry of road transport & Highway ( MoRTH), Govt. of India,  the final estimates were prepared by them and submitted by DC Yupia to Chief Engineer Highway Zone. After duly checking and endorsing by CE highway Zone. The compensation amount sanctioned by MoRTH Govt. of India has been deposited to district administration Yupia for disbursement of affected owner of building, land and other properties.  

And for final disbursement of compensation amount, the LRSO Yupia had measured all assets including my RCC Building and took my signature on it. As per measurement my building (17.65 x 12.20) x2 = 430.66 Sqm (rate is 17800 per Sqm of RCC Building) the approx. amount should come around Rs 76.65 lakhs. LRSO prepared my Bill and ready to pay me only Rs 16, 17,300/-(Sixteen Lakhs Seventeen Thousand Three Hundred) Only.

When I refused to receive the cheque for compensation amount as it was drastically deducted from the billed amount prepared from actual measurement, LRSO told me that   if I won’t accept the billed amount he will divert the highway alignment. Then I argued him, but LRSO scolded me and said “You will not even get a penny of it and I will divert the alignment of highway”   Being a village person I got nervous by such words of LRSO and accepted the amount after giving due apology. But whole night I was sleeplessly thinking about how it will be, when authorities dismantle my front RCC Building. I am still very tense and wondering how that amount will compensate my building as I spent around 70 to 80 lakhs to construct  my building.

Therefore, I request all my concerned citizen and think tank of state to raise voice in this regard.

Last but not the least I want to know from MoRTH Govt. of India and Chief Engineer Highway zone -- is the LRSO of Papum Pare the competent authority to divert the highway alignment if  requires so,  if not, release my whole compensation amount.


Tana Taha Tara

Hoj Main Market

Papum Pare



Corruption a major problem

Dear Editor,

Corruption becomes a threat to our society and a corrupt society sets itself on the road to self destruction. Corruption is an age old phenomena. Selfishness and greed are the two main causes of corruption.

According to Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index (CPI), India is one of the least corrupt governments in South Asia. It has a CPI score of 3.3 (rank 87th), compared to Pakistan (rank 143th), Bangladesh (rank 134th), Nepal (rank 146th), and Sri Lanka (rank 92nd) in 2010.

A 2005 study done by Transparency International in India found that more than 75% of the people had firsthand experience of paying bribe or peddling influence to get any type of job done in a public office. In  2010, India was ranked 87th of 178 countries in Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index, with a CPI score of 3.3, which is a slight worsening of it's 2009 score of 3.4 (rank 84th). India compares favorably with other BRIC countries, with China having a CPI score of 3.5 rank 78th, Brazil 3.7 (rank 69th), and Russia 2.1 (rank 154th).


A Student




Live and let live

Dear Editor,

We have countable IAS/IPS officers in our state. But it so funny that there is tug of war regarding who are in creamy services and who are in residual or obsolete jobs in govt. The APCSO Associations whom we considered as one of the backbone of the state machinery should not claim that they are solely running the state machinery. There are man powers in other departments who too are putting equally for the development of the state. If they consider other profession as third class job, we too have to defend ourselves saying that I can become CO/EAC if I wish but an Arts graduate civil service officer cannot become Engineer or doctor. Let us not criticize other profession but strive to give our best of service for betterment of Arunachal people. Filling our stomach at cost of somebody 'Roti' is not advisable. Live and let live.


John Pinyo, Itanagar






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CBI arrest one of the accused in assassination of former Arunachal MP


IMPHAL, Jan 20: A CBI team has managed to arrest one of the accused in the sensational assassination of former MP from Arunachal Pradesh in 2007 from Imphal. The accused is reportedly a cadre of the NSCN (IM).

Led by Deputy Superintendent of Police Arijit De and Inspector Pravin Kumar Dubey, the CBI (Special Crime Branch, Kolkata) arrested self styled lance corporal of the Naga rebel outfit Kaping Luikham of Kongkhan village in Ukhrul district in Imphal's busy north AOC area on Monday evening at about 5.30.

Former MP Wangcha Rajkumar was gunned down by two unknown armed men while he was playing badminton at Deomali multipurpose community hall in Arunachal Pradesh on December 23, 2007.

Produced before the Court of the Chief Judicial Magistrate on Wednesday, Imphal West by the CBI, the CJM acceded to the prayer of the agency to grant seven day transit remand. Subsequently, the CBI team took the accused on a regular flight to Arunachal Pradesh minutes after the Court granted the prayer.

Official sources said that the late MP was instrumental in imposing the controversial Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act in parts of Arunachal Pradesh.

In its transit remand prayer before the court, the CBI said that it has established that the accused Kaping Luikham, then a self-styled private of NSCN (IM) was operating in the Nocte tribe area of Tirap district under the Khonsa ‘town command’ of the ‘Shongshen Battalion’ of the outfit.

In connection with the case, the CBI has already pulled up two active cadres of the Naga rebel outfit including self-styled sergeant major Ramchan Langleng and corporal Tache Wangsu on different dates last year, sources added.


Orgs oppose plan to rename bridge

ITANAGAR, Jan 20: The Bogong-Banggo Kebang (BBK), Peoples' Movement of Siang Valley, Forum for Siang Dialogue (FSD) and the Mebo Area Bachao Committee (MABC) came down heavily upon the East Siang district administration for the ‘arbitrary, anti-Adi and  anti-Arunachal policy’ in renaming the Rane-Pigo bridge as Rajiv Gandhi Bridge.

The 3 organizations in a letter to DC requested him to convey the state Govt not to take the identity and pride of Adi Tribes for a ride. The Adi warriors who have fought for the freedom of the country should not be humiliated and an intended attempt to humiliate them won't be tolerated at any cost by any Adi people, the letter said.

Political mileage can't be attained by anyone by simply hurting the indigenous people of it's identity, emotions and sentiments, it said.

The organizations urged the administration to rectify the move and plans of re-naming the Rane-Pigo Bridge to Rajiv Gandhi Bridge before January 21. Failure to do so will be treated as an intended insult to the Adi tribes by the Govt and Adis shall be compelled to take up it's own course of action to keep up the pride and honor of being an Adi.

The BBK, FSD and MABC also asked Sonia Gandhi, the UPA Chairperson  "will you be very-very happy in knowing that some section of the people have used the name of late Rajiv Gandhi for their own cheap political motives, which have in turn brought dishonor to the identity, prestige and history of a tribe of Arunachal Pradesh".


It is time for Centre to pay back

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Jan 20: Recent controversy over issuing of stapled visa to Arunachalee citizens Yukar Sibi and Abraham Techi generated lot of interest within state and outside too. This controversy once again has brought forward few difficult questions in front of Arunachalee citizens. Every now and then China claims Arunachal to be its part. Even before ministry of external affairs reacts, it is citizens from Arunachal who respond with anger over such claim.

Most of the present generation Arunachalee youths grew up watching cricket, bollywood movies and pledging “I am an Indian and all Indians are my brothers and sisters.” When India looses a cricket match, whole Arunachal joins the country to cry out. Similarly, when India won Twenty Twenty World Cup cricket in the year 2007, entire state erupted in joy with rest of the country.

Numerous Arunachalee citizens have fought bravely with fellow countrymen in various wars against enemy of   the country. Whenever any natural calamities strike any part of India, Arunachalee citizens voluntarily comes out and offers all assistance. People of this state wear patriotism in their sleeves. But broader question is, do government of India and their representatives in state really care for ordinary citizen of Arunachal Pradesh.

Arunachal do not have any airport till now. Majority of villages in interior areas are yet to have road connectivity and still live in darkness. In many border areas, camps of Indian army lights up with petrol and diesel operated generators but villagers live in complete darkness and depend on firewood for survival.  For even a minor provocation, neighbouring state Assam imposes economic blockade causing immense trouble to Arunachalee citizens. But does central government care about these problems?

When citizen complain to state leaders, they pass on blame to central government. In between them it is poor citizens who are at the receiving end. People of this state had enough of jingoistic nationalism and it’s time to look beyond it. Instead of keeping away from China, government should open up international border and trading should be encouraged.

Our grandparents often narrated us tales of how they used to trade with Tibet and it seems that trade was quite profitable.  Keeping aside the conflict, if border trade is encouraged it would definitely help poor Arunachalees living along the border to get access to cheap Chinese products. This would go a long way in solving their problems and also would generate source of income.

Indian government should start paying back the people of Arunachal for their immense contribution in shaping up of Republic of India. Arunachal and its people have acted as natural barrier against Chinese influence in whole north-east region. While other north-eastern states rebelled against Indian rule, Arunachalee people always stood for Delhi rulers.

Whereas central leaders always took people of this state for granted, in the name of development, mainland Indian culture was introduced here. People of this state also felt by speaking Hindi and watching Bollywood movies, they have suddenly become modernized.

In fact Arunachalees have to thank China for whatever developmental activities that they are witnessing now.  It was only after China started rapid developmental activities in Tibetan autonomous region, Indian government woke up and subsequently Arunachal saw some sort of developmental activities being initiated.


Foundation stone of Military Station at Rayang laid

H.K. Roy

PASIGHAT, Jan 20: A plot of land measuring 600 acres, acquisitioned by the District administration of East Siang district for establishment of Military Station at Rayang village, under Ruksin subdivision was officially handed over to Indian Army through L.K. Pegu Defense Estate Officer (DEO), Jorhat on recently.

The formal inauguration and foundation stone of the said Military Station was laid by the Lt. General COG 3 Crops N.K Singh today amidst Brig. M Yadav, Dy GOC 56 Inf. Div, Brig. Harge, Cdn 103 Inf Bde, Col.

Nikhil, Lt. Col. Rahul Mudgil of 41 Field Regiment and land donors of Rayang village. Speaking on the occasion the Chief Guest Lt General Singh said that various developments, security scenario and economical status of neighboring state Assam and Arunachal Pradesh would be improved after setting up of military establishment at Rayang.


Death of Tarin condoled

ITANAGAR, Jan 20: Sammonay Gut Cooperative Society Ltd expressed deep shock over the untimely demise of Mallo Tarin.

The members of the society described Tarin as a pioneer in socio-cultural and economic development of this Himayalan state.

The society conveyed their deep sense of condolences to the bereaved family and prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul.  BJP pays homage: Meanwhile, State Bharatiya Janata Party team headed by its general secretary, Tai Tagak also attended at the last rite of the former state BJP President, Mallo Tarin today at his Naharlagun residence.  The team comprising of members of state office bearers, functionaries of state Yuva Morcha, Mahila Morcha, Functionaries of Itanagar Capital District BJP Unit besides senior party members and workers also paid homage to the departed leader.


Centre must act to avoid future conflict: ACR

ITANAGAR, Jan 20: While reacting to the China’s claims on Arunachal, the Arunachal Citizen’s Rights (ACR) said that the People of Arunachal has always been supportive of Indian Government’s position that Arunachal Pradesh is a part of India but that does not take away the fact that China claims Arunachal Pradesh as a part of its territory. Hence internationally, Arunachal Pradesh is a disputed territory.

It is the responsibility of the Indian Government to resolve the issue as fast as possible by involving people’s  representatives from Arunachal so as to avoid future conflict with the people of Arunachal, the ACR said in a release.

There has been continued harassment and uncertainty for the people of Arunachal. This time again, weightlifter Yukar Sibi and his official Techi Abrham were made to suffer for no faults by our own people and the government when stapled visa issued by the Chinese Embassy which was latter  not recognized as a valid travel document and they were not allowed to proceed to China. This cannot be accepted as a responsible step taken by the Government.

While both the countries should resolve the issue diplomatically, our people have the right to travel anywhere  as China has no right to stop our people from entering into their territory, India Government, similarly, has no right to stop our people from entering China taking umbrage to territorial dispute when both the countries have valid diplomatic relations.

A sealed border is not a solution nor seeking first user right a solution to damming Siang. The solution lies in resolving the issue by upholding the rights of the people of Arunachal Pradesh. People have suffered for no fault of their own. Both the countries must respect our right, the ACR chairperson Bamang Tago said.


6th North-East Business Summit to address key issues

ITANAGAR, Jan 20: The Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC), along with the Ministry of DoNER,  Government of India  is organizing it’s annual flagship  ‘North-East Business Summit’ in Mumbai on January 21 and 22.  The prestigious Summit, now in it’s 6th year, is the largest trade and investment Conference cum Exposition on India’s North-East region .

The 2-day mega ‘6th North-East Business Summit’ will address key issues related to the overall socio-economic development of the North-East, which, despite being a region with tremendous economic potential, has not been able to grow as expected, and has literally remained untapped. The Summit will have focused Sessions on strategic areas like : Prospects of Mining in North-East ; Enhancing Infrastructure in the NER ; Agenda North-East – Opportunities & Strategies ; Action Agenda for Agro & Food Processing in the region ; Opportunities in the Tourism & Hospitality sector , etc. The Summit will also have an Exhibition on the North-East region wherein all the States will display their indigenous products, and showcase their comparative advantages to investors. More than 1000 delegates from across the country, and also from neighbouring countries are expected to attend the Summit, which is happening in Mumbai for the second time after 2002, when the 1st Summit happened.

The 6th North-East Business Summit  will witness the coming together of a very large number of top Indian and international Cabinet Ministers, Chief Ministers of the North-Eastern States, Policy Makers, Govt. Representatives, Bureaucrats,  Industry Captains, Economists & Analysts as Guest Speakers and Experts.


Gadkari to hold talks with Chinese leaders

ITANAGAR, Jan 20: BJP President Nitin Gadkari, who reached Beijing this morning said that he was looking forward to meetings with senior leaders of the Chinese Communist Party for talks on a wide-range of issues of mutual concern and bilateral interests. During his five-day goodwill visit, the BJP president is accompanied by a delegation of senior party leaders.

The Chinese Communist party is attaching great importance to this first ever goodwill visit by any BJP President to China aimed at promoting party-to-party high level contacts.

Gadkari is scheduled to meet Li Changchun, one of the nine senior most leaders of the Communist Party of China. Changchun is a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC. Gadkari will also have wide-ranging talks on issues of mutual concerns and areas of common interests with head of the international department, CPC, Ai Ping. The BJP delegation will have an interaction with the leaders of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC).


High power committee urged to recommend Siji as district HQ

ITANAGAR, Jan 20: The Siji Area District Headquarter Demand Committee (SADHDC) has appealed the chairperson and members of Govt constituted High Power Committee to recommend Siji area under Likabali sub-division, West Siang as new district headquarters for the new district to be created by curbing out West and East Siang districts.

In a memorandum to the high power committee, the SADHDC said the people of Siji area voluntarily agreed to donate 400 hectares of land (approx) free of cost and without any condition to the state Govt for establishment of new district headquarters.

Highlighting the feasibility for creation of new district headquarters at Siji, the memorandum further said that Siji area is well connected by all weather BRTF road.  The double lanning of BRTF road will make Siji an easy approachable area with the state Capital and district headquarters like Ziro, Daporijo, Aalo, Yingkiong and Pasighat, it said. No huge financial involvement will be required for construction of the road to provide connectivity to the new district HQ, the memorandum added.


AAPCA announces team for NE Chess Championship

ITANAGAR, Jan 20: All Arunachal Pradesh Chess Association (AAPCA) has announced a 22-member team for the 4th North East Chess Championship to be held in Shillong, Meghalaya from January 24 to 31.

The team: Bharat Lingi, Hina Nabam Mavan, Tamche Kache, Hage Lasa (Nado), Rapuk Dui, Papu Gyamar, Nabam Kayang, Take Robin, Teshi Umpo, Otel Lego, Agami Miri, Likha Taram, Tapi Shah, Raluk Dui, Yomi Karbi, BP Lahon, Nabam Chada, Mikbom Doke, Horki Diyum, Bigam Doke, Geter Lombi, Yebi Doke (Manager).

The team is leaving here for Shillong on Jan 22.


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News Impact

AAPSU stand supported

ITANAGAR, Jan 20:  All Upper Subansiri District Students Union has supported stand of apex student body AAPSU not to celebrate republic day this year in protest against centre’s indifferent attitude towards Chinese claim over Arunachal. In a press statement union asked all the student communities to boycott republic day celebration as mark of protest against centre.

It is to be recalled that AAPSU has decided to boycott forthcoming republic day celebration to protest step motherly treatment meted to state of Arunachal and her citizen by central government.  

The Arunachal Pradesh Colleges’ Forum (APCF) has also strongly supported the decision of the All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) to boycott all national holidays including the Republic Day in protest against step-motherly treatment meted out to Arunachal and its citizen by Central Govt. It also condemned the humiliation when budding weightlifter Yukar Sebi and another were not allowed to travel China because of visa row.


APSCW intervenes

ITANAGAR, Jan 20: Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for Women, Chairperson Komoli Mossang condemning the report of rape of a girl student by an executive engineer at Tinsukia, (Assam) recently informed that the commission is taking up the case with concerned authorities of Assam government for immediate arrest of the accused. She appreciates the concerned authority of Assam government for their immediate response.


Intervention sought

ITANAGAR, Jan 20: Alleging interference in  implementation of schemes under Panchayat Yuva Krida Aur Khel Abhiyan (PYKKA) in Bamang area by Bameng MLA,  the Khenewa/Pabing ASM Yayung Pordung has sought intervention of competent authority and requested for necessary directions to the authorities concerned for effective implementation of the PYKKA schemes as per guidelines of the central Govt. The ASM further said that panchayat body in the village is being deprived of their right to implement the schemes due to political interference.



ITANAGAR, Jan 20:  Er Sangkoli Cheda and Tanyang Cheda has been appointed as president and general secretary of newly formed Gyadom Cheda Welfare Society.   


Commerce graduates seek jobs

ITANAGAR, Jan 20: All Arunachal Commerce Students’ Association, in a memorandum, has urged the Mission Director of National Rural Health Mission to prefer commerce graduates for recruitment to the post related to the subject, such as Accountant, Auditors etc. in various departments under Government of Arunachal Pradesh.

"The candidates from commerce background are well equipped with various commerce subjects. But none of the commerce graduates are preferred for recruitment to the post related to commerce subject in various state Govt departments," the association lamented. There are good numbers of department under Arunachal Pradesh Government which demand professional and specialized candidate from commerce background to lead and mobilize their organization in most effective and efficient manner, it said while drawing attention of the Mission Director to consider its demand.



ITANAGAR, Jan 20: Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan(NYKS)felicitated Gomar Basar and Teetu Yoka for their contribution to community development work in the state.  Teetu Yoka, the founder of NGO Action Aid Society of Arunachal received outstanding youth club award from D Nath, deputy director,NYKS. Gomar Basar, who has been honoured with National Youth Award recently shared his experience and called upon the members to involve in community development.


Regularisation sought

ITANAGAR, Jan 20: Arunachal Pradesh Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Contractual Employee Association in a memorandum to concerned authority has appealed for immediate regularization of non teaching employees appointed under SSA.

Association also sought enhancement of salaries of contractual employees which should be paid as per state government pay scale. They have also demanded release of 30% enhancement salary which has already been approved by PAB during financial year 2009-10.