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January  - 22


Arunachal-- ‘South Tibet for China’

Dear Editor,



Ever since China's control over Tibet, Chinese seems more clear and deliberately making claim over Arunachal now. Be it the questioning of Indian prime minister visit, opposing of ADB loan to a Hydel project, denial of visas to senior IAS officer and most recent the stapled visa case. India on the other hand has no courage to support the Tibetan cause is now facing the consequence as Chinese claim over Arunachal is based on Tibetan history. The Chinese calls Arunachal as "SOUTH TIBET" which infer clear sound of their intension.

I fear the day will come when we the Arunachalee will be forced to exile and get asylum somewhere in central India, wail for freedom without any reinforcement like those of Tibetan people facing now. India with its lukewarm attitude towards the matter is creating a room for doubt among people. Everyone is questioning about the credibility of India's policies now. Thanks to Sir Arthur Henry McMahon whose demarcated line is still playing the role of LAXMAN-REKHA.

The matter seems more like a nightmare with dark premonition which needs a grave attention. The Arunachal government should be thinking about it and AAPSU must play its role to keep burning those issues among the people. Ultimately it is us who is/will be suffering. Wake up fellow Arunachalee!


Dhon Bagang,

Seppa, East Kameng.




Dear Editor,

Chinese claim over Arunachal Pradesh is not new to us. On many occasions China has affirmed and reaffirmed their claim on our state by saying Arunachal Pradesh as 'Southern Tibet' and Arunachalee as their citizens who doesn't require any visa to visit their country. Visa denial to many Arunachalee including ministers and officers happened on earlier occasions too, but this time AAPSU woke up (atleast). And though the matter could have been responded with such intensity by AAPSU earlier, we pin hope that this time the decision to launch democratic movement do not die down like the much touted 'banning Chinese goods' in the state by AAPSU few months ago.


Alexander T.Tako

Ziro (on email)



Review selection process

Dear Editor,

An interview was conducted under Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) at West Siang DC office on January 4 for six reserve quota for the people of Basar circle.  But surprisingly an applicant from Aalo circle has been selected under reserve quota meant for people of Basar.

Therefore, I on behalf of the applicants of Basar circle request the authorities to review the selection process  and give justice to the genuine candidates of Basar.


Epe Nyodu




Elect the right candidates

Dear Editor,

It is said that students are the backbone of the nation and they can play a crucial role in upliftment of the society, especially in backward state like Arunachal Pradesh, where matter does not materialize without movement.

Upper Subansiri is one of the most backward districts in Arunachal Pradesh where school dropout has become a matter of grave concern. It is mainly due to shortage of teachers and lack of proper school infrastructure, including desk and benches. Almost all the schools in the district are running without sufficient teachers, infrastructure and other necessary facilities. But who cares? There is corruption everywhere. But who will raise voice?

I, therefore, appeal to the students of Upper Subansiri district to elect an efficient and sincere executive committee for All Upper Subansiri District Students Union in the ensuing election, to take up all these matters with the authorities concerned for the betterment of the student community as well as the society.


Deepak Hali,

Itanagar, On E mail



Differently abled persons and illegal appointments

Dear Editor,

Just after appearing some interviews for Govt job in recent past under 3 percent reservation quota for differently abled people in the state, the illegal appointments and its impact on reservation quota for differently abled and sports person struck my mind.

In last two/three interviews, it has been observed that though numbers of differently abled people are large in the state but the numbers of candidates who appeared in differently abled quota is quite less.

I think that, if there were no illegal appointments, almost all my colleagues who appeared the interview under differently abled quota would have been appointed by the concerned authority and by the end of the year, the unemployment problems of differently abled persons might have come down to 1% or 2 %.

Just only because of illegal appointments in various government departments, numbers of vacant post have been reduced, which also automatically lead to decrease in job avenue of differently abled persons.

Hope the authority will increase the reservation quota or minimize the illegal appointments.




East Siang District



Everyone is crying for help

Dear Editor,

I would like to draw the attention of government of Arunachal Pradesh towards poor road condition in capital complex. I want to urge concerned authorities, please kindly pay attention to the voice of common people residing in capital complex. Many people have written about poor road connection of Itanagar but still there is no improvement. Since I am a student of Class- XI (Sc), so I don’t know whose responsibility is to maintain the road and therefore I appeal to the responsible persons to please do your work sincerely and honestly.

Forget about national highway, if you go around in sectors and colonies, you will not get scare from dacoits but from bad road condition. As a concern student and children of this state, I request authorities to urgently improve road condition of both national highway and colonies at the earliest.    Yours,

Joram Hania,

Student of Govt. Higher Secondary






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AAPSU raises Chakma-Hajong refugee issue with Canadian HC

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Jan 21: A team of All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) today called on Julia G Bentley, counselor and head of political and economic program, High Commission of Canada, New Delhi. She was accompanied by Madhusri Das, senior political and economic analyst, high commission of Canada. AAPSU team highlighted various problems faced by people of Arunachal to the visiting dignitaries.

But it was refugee issue which dominated major chunk of discussion. AAPSU team explained in details how Chakma and Hajong refugees have become majority in many areas of Lohit and Changlang districts thereby reducing indigenous tribal’s to minority. Visiting guests were also told about how Chakma-Hajong has got strong lobby all over the world, whereas Arunachalee citizens never get their voice heard at right forum. Julia informed AAPSU team that she herself had traveled to Lohit district before coming to Itanagar and got hint of burning Chakma-Hajong refugee problems in Arunachal. Discussion also veered towards finding a solution to vexed issue of Chakma-Hajong problem. Representative of apex student body told them that until government of India deport back all the Chakma-Hajong to their place of origin, AAPSU will continue to fight. They also blamed central government for dumping Chakma-Hajong refugee in to Arunachal and asked them to solve this issue at the earliest.

AAPSU team also spoke about how Tibetan refugees have gone on to obtain Arunachalee citizenship in districts like Tawang and West Kameng. Later talking to this reporter, AAPSU spokesperson, Tobom Dai who was also part of team said, “We have apprised them of how Chakma-Hajong refugee has become such big problem for this state. We have requested them to help people of Arunachal to fight against wrong propaganda carried out by Chakma leaders.”

Visiting guests also wanted to know about various developmental activities being initiated in Arunachal. Accordingly AAPSU members briefed them about poor infrastructure condition of state like pitiable road connectivity, unhealthy status of health care system and non-existent of airport. Issues like student exchange programme between Arunachal and Canada were also discussed during the meet.


Discourage imposition of fine

ITANAGAR, Jan 21: Tajo Welfare Society, Itanagar conducted its annual meet today. Speaking on the occasion, All Arunachal Pradesh Workers’ Union President cum INTUC, State Secretary General Jalley Sonam while underscoring the importance of peace and harmony for over all development of the community, advised the members of the society to maintain peace and harmony and cordial relation within the society and also with other communities of the state.

He further advising the society to be a role model in maintaining peace and harmony, strongly urged all the members of the society to discourage imposing fine in case of any untoward happening or accident and suggested them to solve any kind of untoward incident amicably.

Member, TWSI Changma Tajo also appealed all the members of the society to maintain peaceful relation with other societies or communities of the state and advised the youths of the TWSI to work for the all round development of the society and the state as a whole.


SLF seeks AAPSU’s support

ITANAGAR, Jan 21:  The Sango Lomte Foundation (SLF) has appealed to the All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) to play a crucial role and approach the state Govt for arresting the corrupt officials allegedly involved in SSA fund embezzlement in East Kameng district.

SLF chairman Payi Gyadi in an appeal letter to the AAPSU  president Takam Tutung said,  the apex body of the students would be proper platform to convince the People First state Govt to issue directives  to authorities concerned for nabbing the absconding officials at the earliest.

Pointing out the pathetic education scenario of East Kameng district, Gyadi further said that this is heart breaking for all the individuals that the district is recording lowest literacy rate in the country for decades together.

Narrating the recent SSA fund embezzlement unearthed through RTI, the SLF chairman further said an FIR was lodged in Seppa PS with sufficient substantial documents to take action against the  culprits but it could not yield any result till now regarding arrest of  officials who are roaming freely.

The FIR is completely related to welfare of students and the role of the AAPSU would be very effective in pressurizing the Government for taking effective measures against corruption and corrupt officials, the SLF said.

Meanwhile, Arunachal Law Students Union (ALSU) has strongly supported the movement launched by SLF along with other NGOs against rampant violation of norms under education department in East Kameng. While condemning the officials and contractors allegedly involved in SSA fund misappropriation, ALSU also appealed the Students union in East Kameng district to cooperate with the SLF in its fight against corruption  and for early arrest of the officials involved in it.

All Pipu Gyawepurang Youth Welfare Association APGYWA expressed displeasure over the non arrest of the culprits involved in the SSA fund embezzlement in East Kameng district. Such carelessness on the part of concerned authority in nabbing the culprits will encourage corruption in the district and the state, it said.

It demanded the authority to immediately arrest the culprits and also appealed for proper construction of buildings and water tanks of the schools.


Do we have the guts?

Tom Simai

In the bleak backdrop of 2G, PDS scam, Hydro Power controversies, and the lurking threat of Chinese incursion, we’ve celebrated the New Year 2011. I ponder, will it be just another year of personal resolutions or it’ll be an incredible Year of initiating our coalesced crusade against the state’s oldest foe, ‘Corruption’.

Traumatically, Arunachal after attaining statehood in 1987 hasn’t progressed as it was destined to be. Still with bruised pride, it flaunts the term, ‘Potential’ to conceal its failed ventures. Still its entire mechanism functions on central charities and still the local throngs are baffled, whether to celebrate or mourn its minimal developmental accomplishment after 62 years of Independence.

Theoretically, if we speculate, considering the state’s small population and colossal natural resources, it should be dominating the progress graphs in every domain. But unfortunately, as per the records, forget about the dominations, it still dawdles far behind from the rest of the NE states.

In fact, the lamenting sight, Arunachal standing dejectedly with bowed head and grieving heart at the bottom in every section of National Survey List regarding progress and development is humiliating enough to shatter our concrete optimisms. For instance, our state is several years behind in various sectors like agriculture, horticulture, education, healthcare, tourism, road connectivity, communication, trade and commerce, etc. comparative to other developing states.

Interestingly, the journey from NEFA to Arunachal Pradesh had one honest confederate all the way called ‘Potential, the parroted word ‘Potential’ that was and is exploited repeatedly to describe the prognosis of tomorrow’s prosperity but sadly, it seems, tomorrow’ never dawns in my state. During social or political interactions, for a while, the word Potential’ render euphoric trance and coerces our hopes to fly higher, but only to be tattered into countless pieces by letting it to fall from that height.

Apparently, the various ‘Potential’ sources can yield millions of dollars for the states exchequers but nothing is done to convert it into employment and income generating mediums. The state’s economy is at its nadir due to the undeniable fact that corruption is crippling the working process.

The 2009 Global Corruption Barometer indicated that bribery graph across the globe has elevated severely. India ranks 85th in Corruption Index and Arunachal are no exception as it has also attained high level of corruption. As a matter of fact, the paucity of transparency has veiled from the world the degree of corruption in every vital services and department of the state.

For instance, it’s an open secret that across the state the Police Check Gate illegally extorts in the name of entry fee. The engineer’s fraternity savors the most expensive chai-pani tips during March endings and the same can be said about the medical departments also because the private pharmacy’s pays certain percentage on every medicine sold through the doctor’s prescriptions, etc. It’s a disturbing scenario; every section of the vital services and govt. departments are governed by corruption.

In layman language, it’ll be a buffoonery act to anticipate the alteration wave, where the hefty percentages of the funds are diverted to quench the individual’s greed. Liberty from corruption can only rejuvenate the hopes of change. Or else, the promises to elongate a bright new future by underlining the weary word ‘Potential’ will be an intended efforts of ridiculing the expectations of its own peoples.  

This Year, will any brave heart, make a resolution to refrain from offering or accepting bribe in any form as well as dare to pioneer the thought process of creating a corruption free society?

By the way, the million dollar question is, “Do we have the guts to lead an honest life by unchaining ourself from the corruption spells?” (The Writer can be reached at [email protected])


Elaborate arrangement for celebration of Reh Festival


ROING, Jan 21: Roing is going celebratory mad in preparation for its famous Reh Festival which kicks off next month.

The event, which is celebrated by the Idu Mishmi community, is held each year on February 1-3. It is worth heading down to Dibang Valley during this season to experience nature’s beauty and colorful festival.

The festival is being supported by Tourism Department, Govt of Arunachal and Ministry of Tourism, Govt of India.

The Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, General JJ Singh (retd) will be the chief guest for the occasion.

An elaborate arrangement is being made underway. Border Roads Organization has been requested to keep the Roing-Hunli road clear during the season when it is experiencing heavy snowfall.

The chief guest will land at Hunli, 90 km from Roing on Jan 31. He will then head towards Roing on road crossing the breathtaking Mayudia pass situated at an altitude of 2656 mtrs above sea level.

The festival is expecting large number of visitors from outside the state as well and from foreign countries.

“The season is fully booked by foreign tourist”, informs Jibi Pulu, a local tour operator, who owns the famous Mishmi Hill Camp.

To meet up accommodation for visitors, the district administration has roped in Jindal, NHPC and BRO to provide lodging, besides full preparation are made at government guest house.

The festival will have 14 exhibition stalls depicting the rich cultural heritage of Dibang Valley, including a food stall that will serve local dishes.

The Central Reh Celebration Committee 2011, responsible for organizing this year’s Central Reh Festival is also publishing a ‘Reh Souvenir 2011’ that will include contributions from writers across the community, highlighting the various socio-cultural aspects of Idu tribe.

Other highlights of festival includes fashion show and beauty contest.


BJP regrets non-inclusion of Arunachal in cabinet reshuffle

Itanagar, Jan 21: The Arunachal Pradesh unit of BJP has regretted that the Congress -led UPA Government did not induct a single representative from the border state in the newly reshuffled cabinet.

Arunachal Pradesh has three representatives in Parliament - two in the Lok Sabha and one in the Rajya Sabha -all from the ruling Congress party.

In a statement yesterday, the party said that denial of a berth in the recent reshuffle was a major demoralization for the people of Arunachal Pradesh, especially in the backdrop of the recent Chinese claims over the state.

It observed that a berth in the union council of ministers for at least one of the representatives from the state could have instilled confidence in the people and sent a strong signal outside the country.

The party, however, maintained that the decision on constitution of the union council of ministers was a prerogative of the Prime Minister and the internal matter of the Congress party.


Sports festival gets underway

ITANAGAR, Jan 21: First ever U-16 Sports Festival, 2011 has been started today at PTC Ground Banderdewa, in which 6 teams from different schools and villages were participated & around 300 students are participating.

 The sports festival is being organized by L.E.O Club of Arunachal under the official guidance of Circle officer, Banderdewa. In first football match has been played between St. Francis School Karsingsa Vs Govt Middle school Pichula where Francis school had won the match by 4-1 goals.

Hibu Tamang Principal PTC, Banderdewa has graced the opening ceremony as Chief Guest. In his  speech, he has encouraged the youths  and explained about the importance of Games and  sports as career to earn name and fame.


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News Impact

ALSU team visit college site

ITANAGAR, Jan 21: Team of Arunachal Law Students Union yesterday visited site for government Law College at Jote village. They were joined by officials of PWD during the visit. While appreciating land donors of college site, ALSU urged implementing agency to take urgent step for approval of technical sanction, so that work can be started at the earliest.

ALSU also sought construction of flood control and boundary wall before actual construction of college begins. Urging villagers to cooperate with concerned authorities, ALSU said with construction of this government college, a long cherished dream of union will be fulfilled.



ITANAGAR, Jan 21: Arunachal Pradesh Mahila Congress Committee and District Congress Committee, Lower Dibang Valley deeply mourned the demise of Mallo Tarin.

The members of the committees conveyed their condolence to the bereaved family members and prayed almighty god to bestow enough strength to the bereaved family to bear the irreparable loss.

Nirjuly Market Welfare Committee also expressed grave sorrow over the untimely demise of Mallo Tarin.

The committee members prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul and extended its condolence to the bereaved family members.



ITANAGAR, Jan 21: Citi Rimo and Marbam Tagok has been elected as president and general secretary of All Arunachal Below Poverty Youth Organization.


NCP calls for early solution to  conflict with China

ITANAGAR, Jan 21: Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) state unit have condemned the recent publishing of Chinese map which claimed Arunachal to be part of People’s Republic of China.  In a press statement NCP state unit vice-president Tad Tana has questioned the silence of central government towards Chinese provocation.Urging central leaders to stop giving only sound bytes in media, he sought strong diplomatic action against China for acting provocatively against India.  Tana also asked state government to pursue Chinese issue seriously with central government and solve this conflict as soon as possible for benefit of Arunachalee citizens.


RGU VC Belliappa resigns

ITANAGAR: Rajiv Gandhi University Vice-Chancellor Prof. KC Belliappa has resigned from the post of RGU VC on Dec 31. The President of India in her capacity as the visitor of the university has accepted his resignation today.


Five houses gutted in fire

DAPORIJO:  Five houses have been completely burnt down in a devastating fire at Siritring Colony of Taliha township of Upper Subansiri district in the wee hours of January 20. Property worth lakhs of rupees have been lost. However no loss of life or injury has been reported.

The Hangu Foundation, a Daporijo based NGO has donated a sum of rupees 15000 as immediate relief for the fire victims.


AAPSU gets supporter

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Pradesh Abo Tani Clans Youth Organization has supported step taken by AAPSU, the apex student body of state to boycott forthcoming republic day celebration in protest against step motherly attitude of centre towards Arunachal Pradesh. They have further appealed all students, youth and various organizations to boycott republic day as mark of protest against centre. They also condemned humiliation meted out to weightlifter Yukar Sibi and another Arunachalee Abraham Techi in the recent visa row.