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January  - 24


A clarification from LRSO

Dear Editor,

This is in response to the letter issued by one Tana Taha Tara of Hoj where he had alleged that Land Revenue and Settlement Officer (LRSO) Yupia, had arbitrarily paid compensation for his building structures thereby putting a question mark on think thank of the society to ponder upon and also plead over his deprived right and raise voice against injustice meted to him by LRSO.

Let me clarify to the esteemed readers against the baseless claim of this person. I joined the office of Deputy Commissioner, Papum Pare as LRSO, on 20th March 2009. After a period of about 15 months I was formally handed over the charge of land branch by then DC, Nandini Paliwal, on 10th June 2010. Till then I was quite dark about the Trans- Highway Project because one senior officer in the capacity of EAC (LM) was looking after all the land matters under Papum Pare. Accordingly, compensation assessment involving the line department of Horticulture, Agriculture, Power etc. was prepared under the overall supervision of then Land in-charge, EAC (LM). The assessment for standing structure along the entire stretch of Proposed Right of Way (PRoW) was assessed by PWD, Doimukh Division, which was meant only for sanctioning of the DPR at the ministry concerned.

The MoRTH sanctioned the DPR for Pappu-Yupia-Hoj-Potin stretch on 29th Meeting of HPC at New Delhi on 21st Oct’2010.  The PWD, submitted the final  strip- alignment plan with sanctioned copy of  DPR for acquisition  of land for  proposed dist. connectivity-cum-Trans Arunachal Highway on 11th Oct’ 2010 in the office of Deputy Commissioner, Papum Pare. The Deputy Commissioner, Papum Pare, then handed over the project of Trans- Arunachal Highway to me  on 14th Oct’ 2010 for early resolving of compensation package  to the affected land owners along the propose Right of Way as per the drawing /strip plan submitted by PWD, through proper hearing and inviting claim and objections and subsequently disposal. The compensation was to be paid only for the land and assets falling along the strip plan (RoW) and not beyond that. The rate for the various categories of land and assets were notified by the Government of Arunachal Pradesh. The PWD (Highway) requested for immediate handing over of the land for execution of work by the construction agency as entire machinery of the construction agency was lying idle for more than a month. Upon order from DC, the first Ground assessment to verify the assets falling along the RoW began on 20th Oct’2010 for entire stretch of Papu-Yupia Hoj and Potin, which lasted up to 8th Dec 2010 Jointly by representatives of PWD (Highway) Division Doimukh, and Land Management Team, Yupia, under supervision of LRSO. Before that Public notice was published by DC, Papum Pare repeatedly through media that affected land owners must present on the assessment day and sign the assessment sheet.

Accordingly, the affected land owners along the entire stretch were made to sign the assessment sheet and photographed on the spot with their assets after showing them what was actually included along the RoW of proposed alignment of Highway in presence of respective ASM & GB’s. Those land owners like Tana Taha, who forcefully entered their assets beyond RoW on the assessment sheet was later on edited/deleted during the final preparation of compensation amount.  

In case of Tana Taha Tara, when the assessment team reached his plot on 3rd Dec 2010, only 270 Sqmtr of his land was affected. There was 2 number of double storey building of which one was completed, measuring 8 X 12 mtr and other was U/C, measuring 10.8 X 8.3mtr about 40% approx.( still can be seen at Hoj) of which only 2.5 mtr falls under RoW  and  the proposed drainage and carpeting area was still  5mtr approx away from his U/C building for which he was getting payments. We told him that we will compensate only for the U/C building which is falling under the RoW.

On 4th Jan’2011, Tana Taha Tara, submitted a petition to DC, Papum Pare that his other building had been excluded by LRSO and demanded it to be included and compensate. Subsequently on 5th Jan again he submitted an application with photographs of his building seeking inclusion of his building which was outside the alignment. The Deputy Commissioner, Papum Pare then told him that his claim will be verified on the ground during final site verification and accordingly on 6th Jan’ 2011, accompanied by EE, AE & JE, Highway (PWD), Doimukh and  SRK, Const.Pvt. Ltd, the DC, Papum Pare made a final site visit starting from Papu Nallah to Potin (KM 0.00 to 53).During the site inspection, the team inspected his building on the spot and straight way rejected his claim for inclusion of his other building which was not affected under the alignment. He insists if his other building is not to be compensate then he is not going to part away with his U/C building. At this the PWD team suggest that if he insist then administration can avoid his U/C building because it is affected  only under road reserve(RoW) and not under actual Corridor of Impact (CoI)  and the drainage and carpeting area is still 5mtr approx away from his U/C building. To this he was assured by authority present that his U/C building will not be affected at any cost during execution of Highways and administration is not going to compensate for his building if he has any objection to it. Next day on 7th Jan, Tana Taha Tara, came to my office chamber at 11:00 am in Yupia, and weep in front of me to consider his U/C building and plead me to pay according to the assessed amount prepared. I told him since authority has taken decision in conformity with his unwillingness to part away his 40% U/C building and so compensation doesn’t arise for his U/C building now. At this he said he will write a re-consideration petition and will submit undertaking to DC, Papum Pare that he is satisfied with the 40% compensation amount for his U/C building and will not claim for his other building which was not affected under RoW. He also requested me to plead DC, on his behalf for consideration.

Based on his application and undertaking, which he said was done in my presence, (actually I was not present), the authority had considered for release of payment as per joint ground assessment report  which amount to Rs 16,17,300/- out of which 23,200/- was the value of his land and rest  value of assets including Bolder wall. He took his compensation amount on 18th Jan’2011 at 2.00 Pm accompanied by his wife in presence of Judicial Magistrate, First class Yupia, willingly and signed the Land Transfer Certificate.  

But after taking the compensation amount today he is playing the drama and leveling allegation of such stature against me. He didn’t know that it is the district administration that handles the compensation matter and acquires the land as per requirement of the requiring department and after making compensation payment if any, then hand over the same to requiring agency for its purpose. He had alleged me of threatening to change the alignment of Highway at will. I would like to clarify that LRSO’s or any of District administration officer’s have nothing to do with change of alignment because our part is just to acquire as per master plan submitted by requiring agency and then formal handing over after observing due acquisition process.

Fourthly, his claim for payment of Rs 75 lacs as per DPR does not hold ground as his building is outside RoW. Here I want to inform Taha that the compensation amount of Rs 16,17,300/  which he had received vide cheque no 792026 on 18th Jan’2011 from the Office Deputy Commissioner, Papum Pare Dist. Yupia, have been  stopped for making necessary clearance for payment. The concern bank had been issued necessary directives by DC, Papum Pare in this regard and re- survey with PWD (Highway) will be soon carried out on his plot.

Last but not the least, I give TanaTaha, to publicly apologize and give clarification within a period of 4 days from now failing which a defamation suit will be filed by undersign in the court of law for publicly defaming my name without any valid reason and for trying to malign my hard earned reputation and causing mental agony and disturbance not only to me but to all of family members, relatives, near and dear ones.

Also I would like to request the nodal agency for Highway, PWD, Division Doimukh, to clarify regarding the DPR in the greater interest of public because there are more people like Taha, who think it to be final and are only after sanctioned DPR in anticipation of more money and have become a headache for land acquisition officer in particular and district administration in general.


Techi Hitlar

Land Revenue & Settlement Officer (LRSO)

Papum Pare Dist. Yupia



Time to introspect

Dear Editor,

Apropos the editorial "Abysmal performance"( 22 January), the mindset which beat its own trumpet by harping on India's new status as "economic powerhouse" turn a blind eye to the majority of the population untouched by economic growth which has not trickled down to the bottom. Had the administrators of the country, who go all-out to promote Mahatma Gandhi, really followed his advice of looking after the downtrodden; then they would have first invested their energies and resources towards the welfare of the toiling millions instead of boasting about economical statistics which reflect nothing but more prosperity of the privileged. Thus it is high time the State and the well-to-do people introspect a little and try to follow Gandhian principles before engaging in the rhetoric of "economical growth".


Kajal Chatterjee





SLF needs support

Dear Editor,

The efforts of the RTI activist Pai Gyadi  who is also chairman of Sango Lomte Foundation to root out corruption needs a real reinforcement. We really do not want that department concerned and the persons involved in wrongdoing take the path of compromise formula.  The wrongdoers should get punished.

We really appreciate and support the unprejudiced endeavour of Pai to root out corruption and like to appeal all organizations including Apex student body and intellectuals to understand the gravity of the matter and extend cooperation to Sango Lomte Foundation and Pai Gyadi in his social effort.


Kra Dadii Club (NGO)

Seppa,East Kameng






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Coordination committee chalks out plan to fine tune counter-insurgency operation in Tirap

ITANAGAR, Jan 23: In an endeavour to boost the security scenario and to synergies the efforts of security forces and district administration a district level coordination committee (DLCC) meeting was held at Headquarters of 19 Assam Rifles at Khonsa today.

After threadbare discussion on the UG dynamics and their operational activities,  infiltration of cadres and recent selective killing by both the faction of NSCN,  the meeting  chalked  out a detailed plan to further fine tune the counter insurgency operation in Tirap district.

The plan include aggressive domination  in Khonsa town, conduct of joint operation, sharing of information between security forces and intelligence agencies.

 The meeting presided over by Col Sanjay Tyagi,  was attended by DC,SP and other police and CRPF officers..

The coordination  meeting further resolved to enforce law and order effectively and deal with the law and order situation firmly.


INTUC Pradesh branch derecognize appointment of another INTUC state president

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Jan 23: Indian National Trade Union (INTUC) State Unit and INTUC affiliated All Arunachal Pradesh Workers’ Union (AAPWU) and All Arunachal Pradesh Motor Transport Workers’ Union (AAPMTWU) in a joint press conference held here today strongly derecognized appointment of one Nilly Lika Tabo as the INTUC State Unit President by Ambati Krishnamurthy and urged Tabo to voluntarily refuse the appointment letter.

Addressing the press persons, state INTUC Secretary General Jalley Sonam informed that Indian National Trade Union is led by Dr. G Sanjeeva Reddy as its national president not by Ambati Krishnamurthy. He further said that, even the formation of rival body and appointment of Ambati Krishnamurty as national INTUC president by Chandrasekar Dubey sitting MLA of Jharkand was not recognized by the central committee of INTUC.

In the last 278th Working Committee Meeting of INTUC held at Nagpur on January 8-9 last the formation of unauthorized and anti-social group under the leadership of Chandrasekar Dubey was also discussed and the central committee INTUC has already filed a case against Ambati Krishnamurthy, Chandrasekar Dubey and other at Delhi High Court in last November and accordingly the court has passed orders against the general Secretary of the rival body to restrain from holding the post and also issued summons asking other associated with the rival body of INTUC to appear before court on December last.

However, the rival body is illegally running a parallel organization in the name of INTUC which is against the constitution of INTUC, and to create confusion among the masses this rival committee is illegally appointing state president and offering various posts in the name of INTUC, informed Sonam.

Sonam further highlighting about the credential to become an INTUC leader said that as per INTUC guidelines he or she should have at least 5 to 10 years of experience in labour activities.

He further clarifying the imbroglio said that Padi Richo is the state INTUC president who is dully appointed by INTUC National President Dr. G Reddy and is serving as State President since 2005. He further added that under Richo’s presidentship INTUC executive members have already been formed in all the districts of the state and is functioning as per the guidelines of INTUC.

Though the INTUC Pradesh Branch members have no any ill feeling against Tabo, INTUC Pradesh Branch will not recognize Nilly Likha Tabo as state president as his appointment does not hold any credential and his appointed is made by president who is not recognized by INTUC central committee, he added.

He urged to all trade union leaders of the state to disassociate and derecognize the rival group.

AAPWU, Secretary General Changma Tajo supporting to State INTUC Secretary General’s statement also said that AAPWU will not recognize Nilly Likha Tabo as the state INTUC president as he is appointed by the rival group of INTUC and self proclaimed National President Ambati Krishnamurthy.

AAPWU is associated with INTUC since 1994 and the union only recognize Dr. G Sanjeeva Reddy as INTUC’s National President, Padi Richo as State INTUC President along with Jalley Sonam as its state Secretary General.

He further said that any individual who wants to be our leader should at least work with workers and serves the labourer of the state. We will not recognize any one as our leader who is not associated with the workers in near future also.

He also appealed all the trade union leaders of the state not to be confused and also urged them to disassociate with the rival group.


Contribution of Rungki needs recognition: AAPSU

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Jan 23: Not many people know that places like Pasighat, Basar and couple more were explored as possible destination to establish capital, when Arunachal Pradesh was carved out of then NEFA. Itanagar was never in the radar of central leaders as site for capital. But it was because of the persuasion of one Pudum (traditional Nyishi headgear) wearing uneducated Nyishi man Nabam Rungki that lead to the establishment of state capital in Itanagar. But in this modern era everybody seems to have forgotten the contribution of Rungki, who now lives in utter poverty at Bormai village under Tarasso circle. His eyes lit up with joy when he narrates the story of how he managed to convince NEFA authorities to consider Itanagar as site for capital complex. “Then NEFA authorities had clearly told us that future capital of Arunachal should be established in either Subansiri or Siang district. I along with fellow councillors of those days had toured many places in Siang and Subansiri. But nothing concrete came out,” tells Rungki. He went on to add, “Then a British officer who had worked in various parts of Subansiri during British rule asked me whether there is any good place to establish capital in Subansiri district. He knew that people of Subansiri were more backward than other districts and believed coming of capital in our district will bring in some development. That’s how Itanagar became capital.”

Rungki further tells that he took two pieces of brick, a stone and fish from Ganga Lake to Shillong the then capital of NEFA to lobby for Itanagar as capital. “Though being uneducated and without knowing a word of English or Hindi, I successfully convinced NEFA authorities to make Itanagar a capital. That time I was young and fearless. Now when I recall those days, I myself wonder how I could manage such a feat,” says Rungki with a smile. He says from union territory Arunachal Pradesh became full-fledged state but still no one remembers his contribution.

However All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) has taken up the cudgel to give Rungki his share of respect for this immense contribution. After meeting Rungki this evening, AAPSU President Takam Tatung has decided to take up this issue with government of Arunachal Pradesh. “How can we forget the contribution of Nabam Rungki towards establishment of capital in Itanagar. He is contemporary of great man like Daying Ering. Arunachal government should also make him ambassador of this state,” said AAPSU president Takam Tatung.

Tatung also asked state government to support Rungki financially as old man is now unable to take care of himself. “State government should give him monthly honorarium. Also we demand government to give him a bungalow in Itanagar and a government job for one of his near one. Such gesture will go long way in paying tribute to this great man,” said Tatung.


GBK reiterates stand on Lower Siang amidst boycott

Interim committee reassigned GWS reins


ITANAGAR, Jan 23: Amidst boycott by a section of Galos of VIII Galo Baanv Kvba (GBK) - the highest decision making body of the tribe - at Dumporijo concluded yesterday in optimistic notes with many decisive judgments by the elders who had converged for three days.

Search committee for the reconstitution of Galo’s apex body, the Galo Welfare Society (GWS), for next three years, unanimously decided to re-assign the interim committee except for couple of portfolios. Jarjum G Ete, Nerto Riba and Marki Loya will continue to lead the GWS as President, Vice President and Secretary General respectively for the tenure 2011-2014. Meanwhile, GBK unanimously re-adopted its earlier resolutions of Kamba and Aalo, particularly on the creation of Lower Siang District (LSD).  Earlier in session one of the first day, Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Minister Takar Marde made it very loud and clear in presence of Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu that LSD for foothill areas must be given top priority.

“No individual Galo is bigger than GBK; decision of GBK must be accepted and implemented. If LSD is not given priority, I would not be part of the Cabinet,” he declared.

In the third session, another senior cabinet minister, Minister for Power and Parliamentary Affairs Jarbom Gamlin expressed his displeasure at the attitude of Basar area and said, “It is sad that people of Basar decided to boycott the VIII GBK. Instead they should have come to GBK and aired their views.”

Taking a dig at their attitude, he termed it as arrogant and expressed concern that given the fact, it cannot be conceived what will happen if they are actually given a new district.

Compared to the extreme views taken by the senior cabinet ministers and elders of the Galo community, GWS towed the middle path.

President Jarjum G Ete said, “We must respect the resolutions adopted in earlier GBKs and push for its implementation as had been pursued by all the GWS office bearers.”

Recalling her all previous meetings with Khandu on the vexed subject, Ete said, “LSD is GBK’s long pending demand; therefore, LSD with headquarter in the foothills shall remain our priority. However, if the Chief Minister wishes to grant one more district, we are more than happy and shall support it.”

Official boycott by the people of Basar was condemned by all and sundry, but conspicuous absence of majority of the top Galo bureaucrats drew less criticism. However, in the sidelines, an upcoming young leader had the last word when he said, “If theboss is boycotting, how could lesser mortals dare to attend and spoil his career?”


CM, committee write to Centre

ITANAGAR, Jan 23: Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu yesterday requested the Union Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and PMO V Narayansamy to arrange meeting of All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) delegation with the PM to discuss the issue of stapled visa to the citizens of Arunachal Pradesh by Chinese Govt.

The chief minister in a letter to Narayansamy, said that the recent decision of the Chinese Govt to issue stapled visa to the people of Arunachal Pradesh has come as a shock and viewed very seriously by cross-section of the society including AAPSU. The Apex students’ organization also decided to take up various democratic means to register strong resentment over the decision, the letter said. Meanwhile, the 7-member high-level committee constituted by CM held discussion with the AAPSU delegation yesterday regarding its decision to boycott R-day.  Chairman of the committee Tatar Kipa after threadbare discussion with the AAPSU, called upon the Narayansamy to facilitate appointment  of AAPSU delegation with PM. Kipa also apprised the  CM, APCC president Nabam Tuki and three MPs of the state of the AAPSU decision.

However, AAPSU called off its R-Day boycott call after discussion and decided to send a 20-member delegation in New Delhi to meet PM,said a committee release.


Night T2O cricket tourney at Jairampur

JAIRAMPUR, Jan 23: The preparation for the forthcoming Changlang district night T20 cricket tournament scheduled to be held at Jairampur from February 12 is progressing towards conclusion. It will for the first time in the sporting history of the Changlang district that such mega event is being organized with the purpose to amalgamate the youths of the district. And the organizer, the District Youth Congress, is making sure that it becomes grandeur than any other sports being organized in the state.

1,20,000 watt of metallic halide bulbs will illuminate the green turf with the backup from monster generators when the game begins. The excitement for the tournament among the youths of the district is at its zenith.

Meanwhile, the grader machines, compacters, excavators are working night and day to meliorate the ground before the opening ceremony.

During the opening ceremony, the firecrackers will embellish the azure sky of Jairampur and it will also mark the beginning of an era, divulged jubilant DYC president James Jugli.

We are putting all our best for the tournament and I believe that the output will be satisfactory enough to impress the youths of the district, he added.

The digital score board, the designer dresses, the cultural shows and the enthusiasm of the youths will enthrall the ground that’s for sure, he informed with a grin.

We are satisfied with the progress of the field preparation and we are confident the deliver in time for a magnificent opening, he said.

It’s not an easy task to organize such a mega event on our own, it was the inspiration from our Finance Minister Setong Sena that has fueled our energy to put the task at our disposal to glittering initiation, he added.

It is to be mentioned that Changlang district, tagged as trouble torn district has been instrumental in pioneering mega events like Butterfly India Meets, Pangsau Pass Winter Festival, Namdapha Eco-Cultural Festival and now the night tournament. And the motivational point is that it has been able to pull crowd from across the globe.

We are making elaborate arrangement for security and traffic as we are expecting much crowd and dignitaries from neighboring Assam, said ADC M. Roy.


PSS’ official website launched

ITANAGAR, Jan 23: The official website of the Popi Sarmin Society, Itanagar (http://www.popisarminsociety.org) has been launched by MLA cum Parliamentary Secretary Padi Richo as chief guest here today.

The basic aim and ob-jectives of launching of the website is to preserve, protect and promote the age old traditional Arts, Culture, literature and heritage of the Apatani. The website was designed and developed by AG Design.

Among other activities like cultural presentation by PSS members, it was emphatically urged that an e-version of the Apatani primer (third language)"Kiije Tanii Agun Chinsa" introduced in the schools of Apatani plateau in the year, 2000 and 2002 for Cl-asses VI to VII will be made available in the website for easy access, wider circulation and benefits of not only Apatani but for entire community of the world.

Moreover, the members present observed a two minutes silence respecting those departed soul of Kuru Hassang, first pilot of the state and Nani Tacha, public leader for being generous and helping in many fronts for cause of the society.

Prof. Pura Tado of Rajiv Gandhi University who is also the chief adviser of the society attended the function as guest of honour.

Popi Sarmin Society, Itanagar has been one of the leading and renowned societies of the 90’s of the Apatanis in particular and state as a whole.



Despite dissension GBK offers pan-Arunachal stage

ITANAGAR, Jan 23: Notwithstanding the boycott of VIII Galo Baanv Kvba at Dumporijo by the Galos from Basar area, one of the biggest community congregations kicked off on January 19th last with flag-hoisting by the first female President of Galo Welfare Society (GWS), Jarjum G. Ete in presence of about 1000 delegates besides all the top leaders of community based organizations (CBOs) that are the constituents of Arunachal Indigenous Tribes Forum (AITF).

Chief Guest of the inaugural day, Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu dwelt on importance of integrating various tribes of the state.

“Galos have been torch-bearers in all spheres and I hope that this community would take the lead in uniting all tribes of the state,” he said.

Speaking on the long pending demand of change in nomenclature from ‘Gallong’ to ‘Galo’, the Chief Minister informed that the file is pending at PMO due to some technical reasons. He assured to find a way-out of the technical snag during his next meeting with UPA Chairperson, Sonia Gandhi.

On the vexed issue of Lower Siang district creation, to the delight of huge crowd, Khandu said, “The High Power Committee’s report shall be discussed with the Galo legislatures and after which, we would invite representatives of Galo Welfare Society for consultation.”

Wanglin Lowangdong, speaker of the Arunachal Legislative Assembly, who graced the occasion as Guest of Honour, deliberated on theme of the convention – Peace, Progress and Prosperity.

“Leaders in the state of all tribes must spare a thought for Tirap-Changlang,” he exhorted.

Drawing attention of CBO leaders present in the session, he further said that Arunachal can’t have peace if Tirap-Changlang is left behind in ghettos of pain and sufferings.

In the second session of the day, Nyishi Elite Society President and Chairperson (Interim) of AITF, Bengia Tolum expressed his disappointment and said, “Baanv Kvba is the highest forum; boycotting and expressing dissension in absentia is no solution. All must come forward and participate.”

“We have not come to witness a divided house; we have come to see the strength of Galos and learn from it,” he added.

One of the senior most CBO leaders in the state, Kangir Jamoh, the newly elected President of Adi Baane Keba (ABK), appreciated the initiative of GWS under the leadership of Ms Ete in inviting all CBO leaders.

He said, “There is so much to learn from each other and we look forward to the resolutions of the VIII GBK.”

Later, various CBO leaders including Dharmavati Mangmow, Vice President, Singpho Development Society, Aazu Khunjuju of Sajalung Society, Tapa Dakum of Tagin Cultural Society and others spoke in evolving a harmonious Arunachalee society with peace, prosperity and progress as its DNA.


NEDWS conducts SHGs & farmers’ clubs awareness campaign

ITANAGAR, Jan 23: North East Development Welfare Society, Itanagar branch conducted an awareness campaign for various SHGs and farmers clubs involving NABARD and APIDFC at Degalmukh sub-division, Seijosa, East Kameng district Saturday last.

NABARD manager OP Mongalong detailed about the activities of the bank since 1992 in the state and its financial assistance (subsidy ) to various SHGs and farmers clubs for agricultural and horticultural activities through SBI.

APIDFC managing director Tony Koyu highlighted about various agri-horti based activities, fishery, poultry and piggery farming etc. for farmers clubs and SHGs to take up for financial benefit.

Over 175 members from various SHGs and farmers club attended the programme.


ANYA pleads for more JE appointments under SSA

ITANAGAR, Jan 23: All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA) capital complex unit appealed to the State Project Director, SSA Rajya Mission, Itanagar to make provision for recruitment of atleast three JEs in each district to generate more employment opportunity as well as overall convenience and betterment of out society.

The capital unit of ANYA said that the present one post of JE available under this central mission in a single district was too short and blocking the overall development in various districts.

It, however, lauded the SSA Rajya Mission for their achievement in the field of infrastructure development and employment generation under this central scheme.


CM calls for efficient use of energy

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Jan 23: There is a vital need for efficient use of energy, minimization of wasteful practices and simultaneously switching from fossil fuel to clean and renewable energy source to protect the atmosphere and climate, said Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu while extending his message to the ongoing Oil and Gas Conservation Fortnight, organized by Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA) and public sector oil companies in the state from January 15 to 31.

He further said that Petroleum is most vital input for the socio-economic development of the nation. However, the growing consumption of fossil fuel results in degradation of environment and the results of environment degradation are being felt worldwide in the form of adverse climate change. Further at some point of time oil reserves will be so depleted that maintaining production level will become impossible, he added.

Khandu strongly urged the organizers to propagate the importance of oil and gas conservation to every citizen of the state.


Orientation prog for resource teachers

ITANAGAR, Jan 23: SSA District Mission Yupia organized a one-day orientation programme cum workshop for resource teachers and inclusive education volunteers at URC building, Naharlagun, today.

Inaugurating the programme, Papum Pare DDSE cum DPO TT Tara called upon each and every participant to be dedicated and sincere towards their duty and responsibilities having own interest and understanding for the quality education of children with special needs. While appreciating the welfare policy of the Government for educating disable children, the DDSE asserted that study of disable children would be made possible now onwards in the district with the posting of Resource Teacher and IE volunteers.

District Project Coordinator Dilip Kumar Bondopadhyaya highlighted aim and ob-jective and importance of Inclusive Education and its placement under SSA meant especially for children with special needs.

Dr. AK Mishra, Co-ordinator (Pedagogy) of the district stated that this orientation programme was to orient and update the knowledge, skill and understanding of the resource teachers and IE volunteers about their pivotal role and responsibility towards their assignment.

IED co-ordinator of the district N Pertin also spoke on the occasion.

The resource persons of the programme were Dr. A K Mishra, N Pertin, J Tiwari, Asstt. Coordinator, DISE, SD Barman, AD Sharma.


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News Impact

PPI prog

ITANAGAR, Jan 23: Altogether 103 children were administered polio drop in a  pulse polio immunization programme organized at 138 Bn CRPF, Senkiview here today. The programme began with administration of the first polio drop to a child by CRPF Commandant Bhupendra Kumar. Senior dental surgeon from Govt dispensary Itanagar, Dr Opok Pertin  and Assistant Commandant J H Mondal also took part  and supervised the programme.


MLA on official tour

Seppa, Jan 23: Seppa East and Local MLA Tapuk Taku along with MLA Tani Loffa and head of various departments of East Kameng district will visit remote Hambapinda village on Jan 27 to 28 next.

This will be the Tapuk’s maiden official tour to the village.

Education, health and civic amenities will be on the top priority of his official tour agenda.


Tatung chief guest

ITANAGAR, Jan 23: AAPSU President Takam Tatung and Finance secretary Debia Muj will attend as chief guest and guest of honour for 3rd general conference cum election of All Upper Subansiri District Students Union beginning on 28th of this month.


EAF appointment

ITANAGAR, Jan 23: Ex-AAPSU Forum (EAF), in its extended meeting here yesterday, appointed Takam Padu as president and Goge Sora as Secretary General and both Biki Tamo and Make Debam as vice presidents.

The Forum will work for all round development of the state and all issues to be raised by the Forum would be of state welfare and utmost important, EAF resolved in the meeting and said that it will never work against AAPSU in any form.


Tarin’s death mourned

ITANAGAR, Jan 23: The devotees of Ane Donyi have deeply mourned the sad demise of Malo Tarin.

The devotees in a condolence meeting at Nyedar Namlo, Doimukh observed two minute silence as mark of respect to the veteran leader and prayed for eternal peace of the departed soul.

With his death the Nyshi society has lost its one of the great social workers, Tagu Tana Tara, President of Nyder Namlo Doimukh Unit said in a condolence message.

They also conveyed heartfelt condolence to the bereft family to bear the irreparable loss.


AAPGDLU clarifies

ITANAGAR, Jan 23: All Arunachal Pradesh Government Departmental Labour Union (AAPGDLU), while clarifying All Arunachal Pradesh Workers’ Union’s allegation leveled against AAPGDLU regarding insertion of Chief Minister and Parliamentary Secretary Labour and Employment photographs in the AAPGDLU calendar clarified that AAPGDLU has obtained prior consent before publishing their photograph. Further, the published benefits of labour in the calendar were announced by Labour Commissioner on International Labours Day last year, it added.

AAPGDLU President Gichik Tabe expressing displeasure on AAPWU’s intervention said that the demand for cancellation of registration of AAPGDLU is baseless.