Centre recommends President’s rule in Arunachal

BJP welcomes move, Tuki says decision biased

[ Tongam Rina ]

ITANAGAR, Jan 24: The Union govt has recommended imposition of President’s Rule in Arunachal Pradesh on Sunday amidst continued political crisis. The centre’s decision has further intensified the political predicament as a Constitutional bench is currently hearing the case in Supreme Court.

The Congress Party has said that it will challenge the decision in Court, if the President gives his assent.  

"They are destabilizing a border state. This is political intolerance and Modi is the fountainhead of that intolerance," said Congress leader Kapil Sibal in Delhi.

Speaking to The Arunachal Times, Nabam Tuki, who has steadfastly managed to hold on to Chief Minister’s chair despite numerous attempts to dethrone him by the rebel Congress and BJP, said that the “biased decision of the centre was based on the one-sided story, provided by the Governor JP Rajkhowa”.

He said that the center should not have taken such a hasty decision without consulting the state govt, considering the fact that Arunachal is a sensitive border state.

Blaming the centre for trying to “create law and order problem in the state”, Tuki said that centre could have waited for decision of the Constitutional Bench of the Supreme Court.   

Union Minister of State for Home, Kiren Rijiju blamed the Chief Minister for the current crisis. “We have never advised the Chief Minister to drop his ministers and parliamentary secretaries’ enmass which has triggered the crisis”. He termed it Congress’s inherent failure to remain cohesive as a team and serve the people.

Meanwhile, the BJP which is an active partner to oust the current Congress govt has welcomed the centre’s recommendations.

The state BJP president Tai Tagak said that centre’s move has come as a big relief to the people of the state who have been forced to suffer “unending political upheavals” in the last few months. He said that Union govt was forced to take the decision because of the political turmoil.

Reacting to the centre’s decision, Prof Nani Bath of Rajiv Gandhi Central University said that “no government in the State is safe without New Delhi’s blessings”.

He further says that undemocratic activities of Congress leaders and workers might have hastened the Centre’s intervention. He fears that the ‘business’ of defection and dissident activities will be at increasing trend as the so-called political fight is not because of any ideological commitment but for ‘power and projects’.

The political confusion reached the peak when the Governor advanced the Legislative session from Jan 14-16 to Dec 16 provoking massive protests in the state capital by the supporters and opponents of the govt. The legislative building was locked at the behest of the speaker forcing the 21 rebel Congress, 11 BJP and two Independent members to convene session at a community hall. The speaker and chief minister were ousted in the sessions.

The last legislative session was held in July 6, if one discount the sessions held in December, and according to constitutional norms of meeting every six months, the session was due by Jan 20 this year.

This is the second time that Arunachal will witness centre’s rule if President Pranab Mukherjee accepts the recommendation of the Union govt.  

In 1979, the then Lt. Governor, R.N. Haldipur, recommended centre’s rule following loss of majority by Tomo Riba govt because of defection. Central rule lasted for 76 days.



Dec 9:  Governor advance Legislative session from Jan 14 to Dec 16.

Dec 15:  Speaker disqualifies 14 Congress MLAs

Dec 16:  Speaker removed at a session convened at a community hall

Dec 17:  CM Nabam Tuki losses floor test, Kalikho Pul designated as CM by 21 rebel Congress, 11 BJP and two Independent members.

Dec 17:  High Court says Governor advancing the session in violation of Constitution.

Dec 22:  Deputy Speaker moves HC seeking vacation of Court order of Dec 17

Jan 14:   Supreme Court refers Political crisis to Constitutional bench and the hearing continues.  

Jan 24:   Recommendation for President Rule.



Dibang dam affected citizens resents non-fulfillment of demand

[ Karyir Riba ]

ROING, Jan 24: The Dam Affected Citizen Committee (DACC) of New Anaya in Dibang Valley district has expressed strong resentment over non-fulfilment of a single demand submitted to the Government of Arunachal Pradesh during the public hearing held for Environmental Clearance of Dibang Multipurpose Project (3000 MW) at New Anaya in March, 2013.

The DACC lamented that though the state government has been nominated as one of the best performing states in power sector, the state government had a step-motherly attitude towards the dam affected people of Dibang Valley District.

The NHPC should provide compensation package for project affected families who have opted to resettle themselves at places of their choice other than the Rehabilitation and Resettlement (RR) area, the Committee said while demanding more R&R sites.

The DACC demanded the Government to develop model villages for the fully affected families in their old ancestral village within the district since the government and project proponent cannot forcefully dump the affected families in a single resettlement colony. The other demands of the committee included regular job at NHPC Ltd. to at least one person from each displaced family, the same policy which has been implemented in Teesta Power Project –V, Sikkim by NHPC Ltd, creation of a new administrative headquarters at the fully Project Affected Area of the rank not below than Sub Divisional Officer or Independent Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) in Dibang Valley District.

The DACC has also questioned the Government regarding the delay in clearing the pending project preliminary notification under section 4(1) of Land Acquisition Act 1894 which was published on 09-10-2013 against the DMP NHPC Ltd, which is very important for the implementation of hydropower policy and State Rehabilitation and Resettlement Policy, 2008.




Motivate youths towards tourism industry: Governor

ITANAGAR, Jan 24: Governor of Arunachal Pradesh JP Rajkhowa advised the State Tourism Department to make plans to motivate and facilitate youth and interested people to go for entrepreneurship ventures in tourism related activities.

On the occasion of India Tourism Day, the Governor stated that it would be feasible to make “Incredible Arunachal Pradesh”, the premier tourism hotspot in the country, with the State, the people, entrepreneurs, and tour operators joining hands together.

He expressed the hope that the celebration of the special Day will increase awareness about tourism industry in the State.

“Tourism is increasingly playing a major role in contributing to the overall growth and sustainability of places and destinations and local community by creating jobs directly or indirectly,” Rajkhowa said. Apart from economic benefits tourism brings people of different culture and religions together and foster better mutual understanding and social cohesion, he said.

The Governor said that peace and harmony are the two vital prerequisites for effective and durable tourism. Hence, tourism is one of the greatest forces for peace movement in the World.

Highlighting on ‘Tourism Arunachal’, the Governor said that Arunachal Pradesh offers ocean of tourism opportunities. “It is blessed with rich cultural and geographical diversity making it one of the most popular tourist destinations among local and foreign travelers. If the potential is appropriately harnessed Arunachal Pradesh will be one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the Country”, Governor said. (PRO to Raj Bhawan)



DC leads Swachch Bharat Abhiyan at Khonsa

KHONSA, Jan 24: As a prelude to the Republic Day Celebration, a mass cleanliness drive was conducted in Khonsa township today under the aegis of Tirap district administration in which people from all walks of life including government employees, shopkeepers, NGO members and public actively participated.

Apart from cleaning the jungles around the hospital, offices, bazaar, roads and drains in the township were thoroughly cleared. The truck belonging to the Urban Development department was pressed into service to dispose of the debris. DC Ravi Jha personally involved in the cleanliness drive and urged people to keep Township neat and clean by disposing off the garbage on timely basis and added that unhygienic practices cause various water borne diseases. He appealed them to maintain civic sense and not litter the township. (DIPRO)



Shodh Yatra reach Ziro in search of innovation

ZIRO, Jan 24: In collaboration with the Nature Care & Disaster Management Society (NCDMS) Ziro, the Society for Research and Initiative for Sustainable Technologies and Institution (SRISTI) Ahmedabad, the National Innovation Foundation (NIF)-India, department of Science and Technologies and Honey Bee Network (HBN) recently organized 36th Shodh Yatra in Lower Subansiri district. The Yatra was flagged off on 17th January at Bulla Farm Community Hall, Old Ziro by Nending Chatung, Additional Deputy Commissioner, Lower Subansiri. The Yatra concluded on January 23 last.

The yatra was led by Professor Anil Kumar Gupta of IIM Ahmedabad, along with 65 distinguished yatris having knowledge in various fields. The yatra covered 18 schools and 23 villages and ended on January 23 last.

Prof Gupta called their Shodh Yatra as successful and outstanding. Comparing with other states that they visited recently, he dubbed Village Biodiversity Management Committee and management of community conserved area as very excellent.

Observing the inherent creative ideas of local children, he suggested for recognition of such talented children. Further, he also observed that there is vast scope for adding value on knowledge of local herbal and bring product into market. Honey Bee Network through SRISTI & NIF is proposing to stay engaged with local communities, he said.

Taking reference of innovators like Lyagi Bath and Mihin Pussang who modified the paddy thresher by replacing belt with compatible safe, Gupta expressed his desire to invest in such innovations through various mechanisms and also to invite creative children at the festival of Innovation to be held from March 12 to 18 at Rashtrapati Bhavan. He also appreciated organic farming, local cuisine, Bamboo crafts, cultural creativity, social amenity and ecological sensitivity. He also recalled their interaction with farmer Hage Tado Nanya and her practice of conserving about 15 varieties of paddy and such other crops.

He expressed his gratitude to NCDMS chairman Rubu Buker and his members who assisted them in organizing the Yatra. Team of SRISTI, NIF and HBN also called on Chief Secretary Ramesh Negi after the end of their Yatra. The team shared their experience of interacting with children of Lower Subansiri district. Negi expressed enthusiasm about various ideas team shared with him. He has promised to initiate action on several suggestions. “We are sure that Arunachal Pradesh will show a new model for innovation promotion in the country. Shodh Yatras will lead to a long term change in education, culture, institutions and technological policy of the state and the country,” said Negi. He especially called on team to study the traditional use of cleaning water and burning of biomass at high altitude area practiced in the state.




Towards Clean Arunachal

Monday Musing

[ Tongam Rina ]

The Clean Arunachal Fort night, an initiative of the Chief Secretary’s office, to be held from Feb 1-13 is a welcome distraction from the ugly political fight in the state that has reached the office of the President and the Supreme Court.

Come Feb 1, government officials along with NGOs and citizens will be seen with brooms and spades as they engage themselves in cleaning up the district headquarters and Capital town, heaped with garbage of all kinds.

Such programmes needs appreciation as well as participation of all. So let us pitch in our bit during the fortnight by participating in the programme with our neighbours, family members and friends.

We cannot be contended with our clean homes when the streets we walk on are filled with garbage that emanates from our homes. Since we don't think twice as we throw plastic water bottles and empty chips packets out in the street, let us pick it up  too.

Now the big question: where the accumulated garbage is going to be dumped as the Waste management plant in Itanagar is currently not functioning.

Littering the collected garbage at the dumping site at Chimpu or burning is not the safest method to dispose it off.

Time has come for the individuals as well as the government to come up with a solution to properly dispose garbage across the state. As of now, the streams, rivers and the mountains  are our garbage dumping sites. Let us remember the saying that "We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children". The onus is on us to ensure that we leave the earth a better, safer, cleaner place for the next generation. Tough act to follow but it is not an unachievable dream.

Apart from such fortnights involving citizens, there is need to introduce topics on hygiene and cleanliness in school curriculum as children are fast and ready learners.  

In the meantime, perhaps, the first step is to ensure that waste is separated and disposed of using scientific methods.

Emphasis has to be on setting up of recycling plants. Because there are no waste management plant in the entire state, our mountains, rivers and streams are slowly dying. Many streams in the towns have already perished. After a point, nature will say no more in its silent but devastating way. Let us not deface the mountains and kill our rivers and streams because we do not make use of the technology which is within our reach. The administration need to show the way forward to safeguard what nature has blessed us with.



Press clubs to form a national body

NEW DELHI, Jan 24: A new national body comprising Press Clubs from all over the country will soon be formed after a joint declaration made at the Press Club of India here. The two-day conclave of representatives from press clubs of different states, including Arunachal Press Club, concluded today.

A ‘Delhi Declaration’ that was signed today has decided to set up a national body called “Federation of Press Clubs of India”. The first governing council would be comprised of democratically elected presidents and general secretaries of invited press clubs and those office bearers who have attended the first meeting of the federation for one year.

One of the key areas of work of the federation will be fight for the professional rights of the journalists working all over the country.

The declaration also stated that it would organize seminars, workshops, debates and to send out fact-finding missions in controversial matters and will press for central legislation for protection of rights of journalists.

Additionally, the federation will also seek to bring about reforms in the Press Council of India which came under heavy criticism in the two-day meet for having failed to live up to the goals it had set for itself.



60 left for AGT

ITANAGAR, Jan 24: The elimination round of Arunachal Got Talent -season 2 was held today at Siddhart Hall, Itanagar. Among the 100 participants, 60 has made it to the next round.

Senior karate player P Nobin Jomoh who attended the programme was felicitated by AGT team for his contribution in the field of Karate.

AAPSU spokesperson Tanya Agu who also attended the event, while addressing the participants encouraged them to give their best.



Capital peaceful:  DC

ITANAGAR, Jan 24: Deputy Commissioner, Itanagar Capital Complex, Mige Kamki has informed that the law and order situation of the Capital Complex as of now is peaceful.

The DC informed this in a meeting held today to review the security scenario in view of the ensuing Republic Day celebration.

An official release stated that the law and order situation was discussed at length on the basis of the past experience in the meeting which was attended by all the magistrates. DC asked the magistrates to be alert round the clock as they may be called anytime. All kinds of leaves have been cancelled temporarily until further notice by the DC. DIPRO



Unlawful assembly near CM Bungalow prohibited

ITANAGAR, Jan 24: Deputy Commissioner-cum-District Magistrate, Itanagar Capital Complex under Section 144 Cr. P.C has prohibited unlawful assembly around 200 mtrs radius of the Chief Minister’s Bungalow.

In an order, DC Kamki stated that the order was given to maintain peace and tranquility in the area.  

The 144 Cr.PC has been imposed in apprehension of breach of peace and tranquility on the way to the Bungalow of Chief Minister due to dharna, protest and rally etc, stated the order. Accordingly, the S.P. Capital has been directed to enforce this order with immediate effect.



SBM at Aalo to be intensified under DUDA

AALO, Jan 24: The West Siang district administration through the District Urban Development Agency (DUDA) has chalked out various measures for intensifying the Swachch Bharat Mission in Aalo township.

This was decided in a meeting held under the chairmanship of West Siang Deputy Commissioner, Pige Ligu at DC’s office chamber on Jan 22.

DUDA, Deputy Director, Marconi Potom explained about the fund receipt under different component and proposed works to be untaken under various component.

Advance payment of 5 years lease period for dumping ground, improvement of road, raised RCC dustbin at Old Market and general hospital, procurement of plastic dustbin, tools and plants for waste collection, tyres for sanitation truck, parking place at Sipu Bridge, conduct of public awareness by West Siang NGO, Mothers’ Vision Aalo in all sectors and development of water logging areas into parking places were also decided upon. DIPRO



Army Recruitment Rally at Likabali

AALO, Jan 24:  The Military Station Likabali is going to organise Army Recruitment Rally at Likabali from March 27 to 31 for all districts of Arunachal Pradesh.

In this regard, West Siang Deputy Commissioner, Pige Ligu has directed all line departments connected with security, Medical Support during recruitment period, Sanitary and drinking water arrangement, Electricity connection at Marshalling Ground and maintenance of area to look into immediate needs of the Army for the recruitment rally by Feb 22. DIPRO



Unions welcome centre’s decision

ITANAGAR, Jan 24: A union of five organizations has welcomed the decision of union cabinet for recommendation of presidents’ rule in the state.

Nabam Tuki and Nabum Rebia have communalized the state politics due to which there is unrest in the minds of the people of the state, they said in their joint press statement.

Hoping that the decision is just a temporary step, they requested the Governor to set up new government as soon as possible.



Justice demanded for child abuse victim

ITANAGAR, Jan 24: The members of Jering Matkir Society (JMS) and Takam Taye Opin Kebang (TTOK), in a meeting at Pasighat today, appealed to the district administration to deliver justice to Kunjalata Taye, victim of abuse currently undergoing treatment at General Hospital Pasighat.

The meeting further resolved to submit a petition to the Adi Mising Bane Kebang to take up the matter with the authority for an immediate deliverance of justice and relief to the victim.



Arunachal Gorkha conducts social service

ITANAGAR, Jan 24: All Arunachal Gorkha Youth Welfare Association (AAGYWA) conducted a social service on the popular theme ‘Clean Arunachal Campaign’ at Heema Hospital, Itanagar today.

The AAGYWA led by its president Shyam Ghatani, along with officials and staff of Heema Hospital cleaned the hospital and its surroundings.

The Gorkha Association also donated dustbins and brooms to the hospital during the cleanliness drive.



Film  Abotani and Mopin mythology

AALO, Jan 24: The shoot on Abotani and Mopin Mythology film concluded today. With this, the Golden Jubilee Central Mopin Celebration Committee (GJCMCC) is all set to bring out the maiden documentary on  Abotani with associated myths, mythology and folklores symbolising Galo way of life in the past and present.

The modalities on Mopin Tami has also been finalised in consultation with Tonu Riba, a fashion designer successfully at Gumin Giin. All other aspects pertaining to live telecast of the mega event, printing decoration and maintenance of entire Donyi Polo Complex have also been worked out by the committee. DIPRO


January  25


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Crucial visit

The visit of French President Francois Hollande to India comes at a crucial juncture. In recent month both France and India has been victim of gruesome terror attacks. In November last year around 130 people died in a horrific terror attack in Paris city. The attack was carried out members of Islamic State group. On the other hand Pakistan based militant group continues to carry out attacks inside India. Just recently Pathankot witnessed bloody encounter between armed forces and members of Pak based Jais-E-Mohammad terrorist organization. Also both India and France is home to large Muslim population.

Therefore in this context both the countries can help each other. Dealing with growing Islamic terrorism has become matter of concern across the world. Countries like India and France will have to play an important role in this regard. Sharing of intelligence and ideas on how to deal with terrorism will benefit both the nation. The visit of President Hollande is also expected to further speed up the Rafale deal. India wants to buy 36 Rafale fighter jet in fly away condition. The negotiation is going on for the last one year. India desperately needs these fighter jets as Indian Airforce is running out of the required number of fleet. Considering the fact that country is surrounded by hostile neighbours like China and Pakistan, there is urgency on the part of Indian government to seal the acquisition fact at the earliest. Besides PM Modi is hoping that visit of President Hollande will bring in more investment into the country. Modi desperately needs foreign investment to boost country’s economy.






Readers’ Forum




Banish all the castles of caste prejudices

Dear Editor,

Kudos to Kajal Chatterjee for calling a spade a spade in unequivocal words, ‘With the deluge of casteism, communalism and regionalism plaguing throughout the length and breadth of this “modern” country; Indians undoubtedly nurture one of the largest racist societies in the world’ ( “Deluge of casteism” , Readers Forum, January 23). In fact, the racist blot of prejudice and hatred looms large in various survey reports on twenty first century India. According to UNICEF report the dropout rate in dalit children is generally high in our country. It is as much as 44.27 per cent in primary school ( study conducted in 2006 ). The IDSN and Navsarjan briefing note of 2010 reveals that although the general dropout rate has decreased, ( please note! ) the difference in dropout rates between dalit youth and all Indian youth has actually grown in 2008. A survey by Navsarjan Trust, India brings out the bitter fact that teachers, local governments and community members routinely subject the children of manual scavengers to discrimination and forced labour as part of their daily experience of attending school and living in their community. Pratichi Trust Report brings to light that some primary teachers are resorting to touch their Dalit students with sticks to avoid physical contact. Unfortunately, inter-caste and interreligious marriages which are undoubtedly the best means to remove the barrier of casteism are still being prevented in Indian society. India Human Development Survey (IHDS) figures that while 26.9 per cent of marriages are among inter economic group, only 6.1 per cent intercaste and 2.7 per cent interreligious marriages have taken place in our country in 2001-2005. Even this microscopic figure of Intercaste and interreligious marriages invite honour (!) killing. According to statistics from the United Nations, one in five cases of  honour killing internationally every year comes from India. Thus, these forces of prejudice and hatred are actually killing honour of Republic India.

Now, it is time to banish all the castles of caste prejudices like kangaroo courts, caste signboard surnames and caste stinking comments, advertisements or acts with the help of legislation as well as education and surveillance.


Sujit De,  Kolkata



Bridge that never was built

Dear Editor,

In this satellite age when world’s countries are advancing to set milestones by reaching the planets which according to them are development and here is a region in Siang basin called Nugong which is given step motherly treatment. The eight major villages Riew, Beging, Rasing, Komsing, Karo, Jorsing, Pangi & Sissen not linked to the rest of the world whereas its rights are made propaganda in every election and votes are collected.

The Nugong bridge was a vision to connect the eight villages which is lying abandoned mocking at Nugong people, the province has been deprived of their legitimate right and crores of rupees has been misused in their name for personal motive and selfish gain, causing huge loss to the state exchequer. Khandu Government was hectic signing MoU/MoA for big hydro projects and Tuki Government is hyperactive in strikes and uproarious in pronouncing illusory funds wherever he stopover.

The said project was for the construction of suspension Bridge over Siang River funded under NLCPR and Sanction amounting Rs 1650.97/- (Rupees Sixteen Crore Fifty Lakh and Ninety Seven Thousand) only by the Ministry of the DoNER, Govt. of India. Also an additional amount of Rs 652.04/- (Rupees Six Crore Fifty Two Lakh Forty Thousand) only was accorded during 2012, but said project is abandoned.

Financial approval was issued and granted by the Central Government on 26/09/2007, the estimated cost of the said project was Rs 1834.41/-(Rupees Eighteen Crore Thirty Four lakh and forty one thousand) only and 2010 was targeted time frame for the completion of the said project. In spite of the fact that an amount of Rs 2303.01/- (Rupees Twenty Three Crore Three Lakh and one thousand) only has already been spent but even the anchor block/plint area of the said bridge has not been completed and lying abandoned for eight years. On the other hand, the department is constructing Road to No Man’s Land from Yemsing to Tarak which will cause peril to endanger species.

In this regards, an FIR was lodged in SIC & SIT Itanagar on 20th January 2016 for microscopic enquiry and thrash out the causes of the abandoned bridge against PWD Boleng/Pangin, and Proprietor M/S KKK Enterprises, Siang District Pangin &  Proprietor M/S Purvanchal Suppliers and Contractors Siang District Pangin for Corruption, misappropriation/misuse of Rs 2303.01/- (Rupees Twenty Three Crore Three Lakh and one Thousand) only against the Motorable Suspension Bridge over Siang River between BRTF Road and Komsing village (Span of 225 meter) at Sangam in Siang District.

Highly aggrieved by the negligence of the executing agencies, I preferred a P.I.L before the Hon’ble Guahati High Court, Itanagar Bench which was registered as PIL No.19(AP)2014).The respondent authority  PWD department has assured before the Hon’ble High Court has specifically stated to complete the project by March 2016. Whereas the Hon’ble Guahati High Court, Itanagar Bench while passing the judgment of the PIL Vide its order dated 25/02/2015 already had directed the respondent authority to complete the project as expeditiously as possible, the funds have been already released by the central government but there is no sign of progress at the work on the project site till date. And I’m sure the executing agencies do not a magic wand to complete Nugong Bridge overnight.  


Karunath Pazing

Kaling Darang



Civil Societies and uncivil activities

Dear Editor,

Just when other NGOs and Student Unions appreciably stopped to illegitimately train gun at the Constitutional head of state and batter with undue criticisms, another other has started it all over again.

It looks stark ugly and unhealthy for the people and the state and their image.

Governor’s actions vis-a-vis the current political turmoil judged as Constitutional by the Hon’ble Gauhati High Court and the matter stands subjudiced at the Apex Court on appeal.

NGOs are not mandated and authorised by law to judge the activities of the Governor and indulge into rampant criticism of the Constitutional Office. They are bound by the law to function lawfully and engage themselves only into social welfare activities.

Fundamental right to freedom of speech and expression is guaranteed but that right is meant to be used lawfully and not unlawfully.

NGOs and Student Unions; the parents and elders who are the torch bearers of the society, when repeatedly indulge into such unconstitutional and illegal activities infuse indiscipline and lawlessness in the society and set harmful precedence for the youths and upcoming generations.

The current political turmoil detrimentally besieging the people and state could have been constructively solved by Institutions of government, the Governor and the elected representatives themselves with time had there been no unwarranted and illegal activism and participations by some Community Based NGOs and Student Unions in the political affairs that rather lead to total social chaos.

Regard and spare the head of state of to discharge his constitutionally mandated duties because he represents us, the people and the state.

NGOs, Civil Societies need to do more of talking by noble civil activities of serving the needy sections of people through welfare activities, diffusion of useful knowledge, etc and that being their only purported objectives. Arunachal Pradesh is a backward state with huge section of population unemployed and needy. There is universe of opportunities for Civil/ Elite Societies to work for these needy populace and earn placards.

There is constitutional, moral and legal need in the state to put strong check on those organisations indulging into rampant unconstitutional and illegitimate activities that should include ban and prosecution.

When some entities in the society starts functioning like Extra-Constitutional Authorities and if the trend is allowed to permeate unchecked, it seriously undermines rule of law and infuse general lawlessness and social turmoil to the detriment of the people and state.

Regard and due abidance by the Constitution, Authorities of institutions and the law are indispensable for progressive excelling of the people and the state. The intended objectives deserve to be compre-hensively achieved by self-disciplining through moral principles as well as through due process of administration and law.

People need to discourage our Civil/ Elite Societies from indulging into uncivil activities and urge them to take up civil and welfare pursuits for benefit of the people.


Tagam Mibang