January  29






Early days to pass judgment

A big blame game has broken out between political parties over the move of central government to impose president rule in Arunachal Pradesh. While opposition BJP has welcomed the move, the Congress and parties supporting them including NCP has strongly criticized the move. Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) has termed the implementation of President’s Rule in Arunachal Pradesh as the darkest day in the history of the state and said that the government needs to be constitutionally upheld at any cost. On the other hand BJP alleged that infighting in the ruling Congress led to the political crisis and subsequently leading to imposition of president rule. Congress has alleged that Governor JP Rajkhowa and MoS Home Kiren Rijiju are responsible for the implementation of president rule.

Now the matter has reached Supreme Court of India. The apex court has issued notice to centre in this regard. Both centre and Governor has been given time till Friday to file responses. The court battle will resume on Monday. While political and legal battle continuous, the imposition of president rule itself has received mixed reaction. As its early days, people are still getting the feel of how it is to be under central rule. The presence of massive number of paramilitary forces in the street of capital complex is quite intimidating. Round the clock patrolling by security forces is completely new experience for the people of Arunachal. Political class has badly failed the citizen of this state. Hopefully president rule will atleast not disappoint us.







Readers’ Forum




Encroachment remedies

Dear Editor,

Through your kind attention, I would like to highlight a few words on the topic for the benefit of every Arunachalee; good, bad or ugly. It is a fact that encroachment is rampant in the capital region. The problem in the districts is not lesser. Encroachment is done by state govt servants/relatives of govt quarters occupants/even a third party who has bought the govt qtr without the knowledge of the authorities/ general public. The present CEO-cum-Judicial Magistrate is fighting a lone battle and is doing his best to stop the ever on-going menace, but not enough. He needs support. Encroachment can be stopped if there is will and coordination amongst the concern departments.

As a laymen we understand that the main departments/agencies that are involved directly or indirectly, should be involved in taking care of/looking after the govt land related assets are the following:-

(1) The Chief Estate Officer- Land record holder

(2) The Housing Department- who does the allotment of govt qtrs

( 3) The PWD- who does the maintenance

(4) Deputy Commissioner/DLRSO- Land Allotment authority

(5) The Power Department- electricity supply and billing.

(6) The Department of  PHE- who supplies water

(7) Any other related department to do with clearance for Land Allotment

The following measures can be adopted:-

Before a land permit/allotment is given, the records available with the CEO, The DC Office/DLRSO/Land Management depart/ PWD/Housing /related departments should match that there is no encroachment or that there is no damage to the govt asset. Take NOC from the concerned mandal/DLSRO for legal purpose.

Appropriate concern officers should take All Correct Report (Kind of OK Report) from their subordinates; especially from the ground staff at least once in a month as Destruction takes place in week’s time or even overnight. Ground staff who does the maintenance ( the PWD never visits the qtrs,  leave alone maintenance) or power deppt who serves electric bill or any agency who provides service to  a house/area knows where the things are going wrong.  Say, there was a qtr and next time he finds that solid pillars are being erected in its place/adjacent to it. What prevents him to report the damage being done to the govt assets? They are the best eyes and ears of the govt.

Physical check/inspection of each qtr/area should be done by the appropriate officers /representatives collectively once in a month and see that there is no further damage/encroachment in the area that is under encroachment case, and, that there is no fresh encroachment.

Coordinating Conference should be held, chaired by CS/Secy Land Management once in two months to affect the steps taken or reported by the departments.

When it comes to govt quarters, as a special case, Officers upto Director level should be held responsible for not looking after their departmental assets. CS should first stop their promotion and pension. How can these officers and staffs  wash off their hand on encroachment issues. What are their JE level officers are doing?

Verify Govt Qtr allottees and actual occupants by taking Identity proofs. This should be done qtrly. Those who build, muzzle their identity; no fear of being caught because the actual allottee has sold it to him/her.

If there is signal/information that encroachment is taking place, even in the most inaccessible area, the concern authority (involve the CEO-cum-Judicial Magistrate. He should not work on clan lines) should take action immediately. Everything cannot be left to CEO-cum-Judicial Magistrate. To prevent the menace is not only his job. Right now encroachment is taking place but people do not report because of obvious reasons. We are responsible too but then, wrong doers fear the assigned authority only. So, the authorities should earn their bread by doing their job. As of now we are leaving more problems and deliberated chaos to our future generation by not tackling the menace and channelizing the state resource.

If there is no mechanism, will and active involvement by the concerned authorities then there is no way to stop the menace. CEO-cum- Judicial Magistrate is doing his bit but construction is going on after his team leaves the spot. They know he will not come back there. Idea should be to stop encroacher obliterate the govt property/structure. Once structure/area is gone then encroacher will build. This is what is happening.

If it is really very difficult to contain the menace then let people build wherever they are living-  after all we are local Arunachalees; not someone from Bangladesh or Myanmar. Why every Arunachalee should not own a house in his own home state? Why the locals should be made to run around for land allotment in our own state due to faulty governance administration; more visible at executive level then legislative. Why can’t people repair dilapidated govt quarters ?


A Concern Citizen




A commendable tourism effort

Dear Editor,

This is regarding the Kameng River Festival, sponsored by Dept. of Tourism which was organised by East Kameng Social Welfare & Cultural Organisation. It has set an example beyond imagination.  

Arunachal Pradesh Tour Operators Association (APTOA) was specially invited to promote East Kameng as the next upcoming tourist destination of our state. The organiser had made sure to showcase the real beauty of the district. Foremost was to invite D. N Sherpa, Parliamentary Secy. Tourism,  Govt. of Sikkim by Mama Natung, former Parliamentary Secy. Govt. AP as Sikkim is one of the best state to promote Tourism of the country and has just been declared Organic state of the nation.

The event showed the world how best the people of East Kameng can host each & every guest coming to the district. Everything was perfectly made from traditional fish trap to Para-Sailing. The pricing of different items in 40 odd food stalls were reasonable.

The people of East Kameng district can do better in Trekking, Rafting, Cycling, Home stay, camping Tourism as well as Culture, which is very rich.

APTOA team led by its President John Panye is grateful to Mama Natung for his visionary thoughts to make East Kameng and Arunachal Pradesh as tourist destinations, Dept. of Tourism and Team EKSWCO led by Khya Safar Pao for their tireless effort to make the festival a success and giving us the opportunity to witness the grand festival.

APTOA members will promote East Kameng as the next Tourism destination through all possible networks, fairs & festivals and promise to bring in Tourists in next edition of Kameng River festival. If only the dates of the festival is fixed which would make it easier for us to promote and market well in advance.


Bengia Mrinal

Vice President,

Arunachal Pradesh Tour Operators Association,





Who will raise voice against corruption?

Dear Editor,

A little boy smiled and said, “Papa I want to become an engineer.  In reply, his father said, my son I do not have enough money to bribe for such a job.  A dream of Arunachalee boy shattered.

It is a gospel truth that corruption itself is deeply rooted in the soil of Arunachal Pradesh.  Rich are becoming fabulously rich and poor are becoming strikingly poor. At all levels, the touch has frozen the lives of populace.  From legislature to judiciary, and from judiciary down to bureaucrats and commoners, corruption has been the core of the talk and the practice.  Rigorous kick-back practices have given a birth to the burning issues like unemployment, low quality of education, delay in state employees’ salary payment, financial crisis and at the worst, development programs are stuck.  

In the name of development, many under currents are in action for instance, palm-oiling for govt. job regularization, contract work, promotion, and transfer.  These ill practices are secret but open.  Nobody can dare deny this bitter fact.

The land is diluted and abused.  As a matter of fact no sensible person would ever have thought that the land condition of Arunachal Pradesh would be in such a pathetic state, in a decade’s time.

In fact, corruption begins and ends from every individual.  Can anybody boldly say I am corruption free one way or the other?

Parents with hard-earned money from extreme remote locations send their children to schools and colleges with a hope and expectation that their sons and daughters would one day become a good citizen and can stand on their feet.  Can anybody imagine who cares for whom and who cares for what in this land of decay and destruction?

Corruption begins from our human mind, that becomes habit and finally it turns into destiny.

The need of the hour is to change systems and structures for a corruption free state and that   humble beginning too should begin with you and me.

Who is responsible for this mess and why can’t we root out corruption? Whom do we need to pass the buck, to the giver or receiver? Who the hell are they to snatch the rights of somebody?  Do they need Almighty’s curse to punish the culprits and reward the victims?

This is already high time for self-introspection of all and sundry that has a breath lest they are destined to meet with the destiny.


Simon Ronrang, Itanagar





Salary not paid

Dear Editor,

I would like to bring the attention of His Excellency Governor, who is now the supreme Leader of Arunachal Pradesh, about the non-payment of salary of Technical assistant and Computer Cum Account Assistant, under RGPSA scheme in the Panchayati raj department.

Last year, an amount of 44 crores were sanctioned by the Central Government for the Panchayati Raj department to release the pending payment of the employees but unfortunately, we have not been paid.

It has been 10 months and yet there is no hope for salary. How can an employee work when there is no remuneration?

 It is our humble request to the Governor to look into the matter and award us our remuneration as early as possible since the amount sanctioned is in the hands of Arunachal Government.


An employee


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Fire breaks at Pasighat market  

Several shops are reported to have been gutted down including the fruit market in a devastating fire in Pasighat. The fire broke out just after 10 PM on Thursday.  

When contacted by this Daily, Deputy Commissioner Isha Khosla who was at the spot said that exact numbers of shops burnt down were not known though the situation was under control.

This is the second fire incident in the town within a month. On Jan 17, a portion of Daying Ering Memorial Higher Secondary School was burnt down.

Pasighat,  a town prone to fire incidents had witnessed a devastating fire last year in August when 37 shops were gutted down.



Locking of Legislative Assembly, Mithun slaughter and NSCN (K) figures in Governor’s report to Centre

NEW DELHI, Jan 28:  Arunachal Pradesh Governor Jyoti Prasad Rajkhowa on Thursday submitted to the Supreme Court, in a sealed cover, his reports to the central government on the political crisis in Arunachal Pradesh including the one in which he recommended President's rule be imposed.

Rajkhowa submitted the reports in pursuance to the constitution bench of Justice Jagdish Singh Khehar, Justice Dipak Misra, Justice Madan B. Lokur, Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghosh and Justice N.V. Ramana's direction to his counsel Satya Pal Jain on Wednesday "to furnish a copy of the governor's report and other material recommending issuance of a proclamation under Article 356 of the Constitution of India, to the court in a sealed cover".

Breakdown of governance, including law and order, and lock down of Assembly building were cited as key reasons for collapse of the constitutional machinery in Arunachal Pradesh by Governor in his report to the Centre recommending President's rule.

The Governor also said reports indicated about involvement of ruling Congress through third parties with banned underground Naga outfit NSCN (Khaplang) for pressurising dissident MLAs.

He also accused Tuki of “encouraging indiscipline, lawlessness and politicking by government officials by inciting, provoking and funding Nyishi Elite Society, an apex communal organisation of Nyishis, mainly comprising government officials.”

The report, says the first request for invoking Article 356 of the Constitution was made on December 17 by the Governor when demonstrators, led by Tuki and Nabam Rebia, “slaughtered a ‘Mithun’ in front of Raj Bhavan.”

It was on the basis of this report, which follows 15 similar reports from the Governor since September 2015 that the Union Cabinet decided to recommend President’s rule on Sunday.

In the report, the Governor made 12 points advocating President’s rule.

The report titled “Failure of constitutional machinery in the State of Arunachal Pradesh” said: “The State is virtually being run by a minority government for the past several months.

“The Chief Minister and Ministers are publicly assailing and condemning the Governor by issuing press statements…”

Rajkhowa, in the report  said: “The law and order situation has been deteriorating every passing day, and there was a total collapse of the law and order machinery on December 15, 16 and 17 in particular when no semblance of State government was seen. Only anarchical situation prevailed.”

“I was abused, scolded by threatening words, even attempted to be physically assaulted and Ministers tried to physically restrain me. I was rescued by my alert staff on December 15,” said the report.




Tuki files fresh plea in SC against President’s rule

New Delhi, Jan 28: Former Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Nabam Tuki on Thursday filed a fresh petition in the Supreme Court challenging the promulgation of President's rule in the crisis-hit state.

The plea filed by the Congress leader is likely to be taken up for hearing on Monday by a five-judge constitution bench headed by Justice JS Khehar, along with other petitions moved by persons like Rajesh Tacho, Chief Whip of Congress Legislature party in the state assembly.

The plea has been filed after Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi, representing the Centre, had raised the objection that the earlier petitions have not challenged the imposition of President's rule which was invoked after filing of those pleas.

On Wednesday, the imposition of President's rule in Arunachal Pradesh had come under the scanner of the apex court which sought the report of Governor Jyoti Prasad Rajkhowa recommending central rule in the state, saying "it is too serious a matter".

The bench had asked the Attorney General not to raise "technical objections" when he persisted with his plea arguing that "rules are rules" and they apply equally to all.

It had then posted the matter for February one asking the Governor and the Ministry of Home Affairs to file responses by Friday, by when the petitioners have been allowed to amend their plea.

The bench, for its own perusal, sought in a sealed cover the report and recommendation on imposition of the President's rule.

"Unless we get the grounds for recommending the President's rule, we cannot proceed. If grounds are not same in the proclamation then it is totally a different ball game," the bench, also comprising justices Dipak Misra, MB Lokur, PC Ghose and NV Ramana, had said.

The bench was also of the view that no interim order can be obtained unless the parties see grounds for proclamation for President's rule.

"We will not pass any order without hearing all the parties. It is a sensitive issue," it had said.

A battery of senior lawyers including Fali S Nariman, Kapil Sibal, Rajeev Dhawan and Vivek Tankha had opposed the plea of governor seeking to maintain secrecy of his report and recommendation, saying that larger bench of more than five judges has already laid down the proposition on this aspect.

The five-judge bench is examining the constitutional provisions on the scope of discretionary powers of Governor, amid continuing month-long impasse over Nabam Tuki-led Congress government in Arunachal Pradesh.

An earlier plea filed by Nabam Rebia, who was allegedly removed from the post of Speaker by rebel Congress and BJP MLAs in an assembly session held at a community hall in Itanagar on 16 December, has listed out legal questions, including the Governor's power to convene the assembly session without the aid and advice of the government for adjudication by the apex court.

It was also alleged that the Governor had advanced the assembly sitting from 14 January to 16 December without the aid and advice of the Chief Minister and his council of ministers.

Congress, which has 47 MLAs seats in the 60-member assembly, suffered a jolt when 21 of them rebelled. Eleven BJP MLAs backed the rebels in the bid to upstage the Nabam Tuki government. Later, 14 rebel Congress MLAs were disqualified.

The Governor then called assembly session on 16 December in which Deputy Speaker revoked disqualification of 14 rebel Congress MLAs and removed Rebia from the post of Speaker. This sitting was held in a community hall in Itanagar. PTI




Rare birds rescued by wildlife lover

ITANAGAR, Jan 28:  A pair of Drongo (Dicrurus paradiseus), an endangered bird species listed in Schedule-III of Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 has been rescued from the clutches of villagers of Sawa area of East Kameng District by wildlife activist Byagang Lamnio a resident of Chimpu, Itanagar during his visit to the area.

He brought the birds all the way from remote Sawa area and safely handed them over to Raya Flago, Curator, Biological Park, Itanagar for rearing and displaying at Biological Park, Itanagar.

Meanwhile, the Curator of the Park on behalf of Environment and Forests Department, appreciated the noble gesture and requested him to continue the noble work of saving our rich wildlife heritage and continue to educate the mass on importance of wildlife.




Arunachal takes part in Kolkata Book Fair

ITANAGAR, Jan 28:  The 40th International Kolkata Book Fair, 2016 (IKBF) began at Milan Mela yesterday wherein the Department of Research, GoAP, representing Arunachal Pradesh put up an exhibition stall at Hall No-3  

This year, the theme of Arunachal Pradesh exhibition stall is “Folk Dances of Arunachal Pradesh: Enchanting Tangible and Intangible Cultural heritage.

Batem Pertin, Director of Research said, “We intend to focus Arunachal Pradesh, the heaven of the earth in proper and positive perspective through display of our precious publications to greater Indian mass. It will give adequate exposure to the abroad, Pertin added.

The exhibition stall of Research Department would be formally inaugurated by Deputy Resident Commissioner, Kolkata Bijoy Talukdar on January 30. Two eminent Bengali poets Goutam Ghosh Dastidar and Bithi Chattopadhayay will be attending the inaugural function, informed RN Koley, Asstt. Director (Cul) Cum Publication Incharge.

Aparna Sadhukhan of Kolkata, SC Chanda, Recordist cum Documentation Asstt.  led by Koley are representing  Arunachal Pradesh during IKBF.




Police administration conducts “Operation Smile”

PASIGHAT, Jan 28: A team of police officers headed by East Siang Superintendent of Police RS Chauhan conducted “Operation Smile” in SFS School, Pasighat intending to end child labour and prevent trafficking of children.

The main objective of Operation Smile is to establish better relationship between police and community for better child protection, including tracing, rescuing and rehabilitation of missing children, said SP Chauhan.

He informed that more activities under this program will be carried involving PRI members in the coming days. Chauhan also threw lights on applicability of provisions of the POCSO Act, Juvenile Justice Act, Protection of Child Right Act, and other relevant laws, advisories issued by the MHA and the role of citizens in the society as a teacher, parent, a neighbor and leader.

A Taying (Dy. SP), KP Sharma (SI) and principal and teachers and students of SFS School actively participated in the awareness campaign. DIPRO




Historical background of Reo(Reh) Festival

[ Jimi Pulu ]

Historical Back Ground: -    According to the myths of the Idu Mishmi, a  poorman  named Apiuju  mingiu( apiju mingi)  who  performed   Reo  for the first time. When the  Apiuju mingiu  was in  the agriculture field looking after the crops, a group of people belonging to  Ini ambribri  were returning from a hunting expedition from north direction, a place called  Zahiuliu ar~o (zahili aro ) the source of the river.

Apiuju  mingiu beg for some meat from them but they told him to collect the meat left at  Zahiuliu  ar~o. When  Apiuju  mingiu  told them that he does not know the way to the said place, he was told that he would find the place where  a bird called  Eto  piushubri ( eto pishubri ) is flying. Apiuju  mingiu went to the place where he could find the leftover meat of a snake called Beoka (beka).

Soon he started chopping the head of the snake and suddenly he found a glittering object called Piudiu( pidi ) diamond. Apiuju  brought the object secretly and hide it in the thatch of  his  house. Thereafter his house caught fire for several times. After that Apiuju hide the Piudiu in different trees  but all these trees also got burnt down. At last he hide the Piudiu  inside a  boulder. Thereafter, most of the time he was suffering. Asiu  an’joru (asi anjoru ) was consulted to cure his suffering. Ultimately, Asiu  an’joru  could detect the cause of his suffering. The cause was the hiding of the  Piudiu.

Then he was suggested to perform some rituals by sacrificing some animals.  He also suggested for purifying the animals before killing. Here, Aziu  ziru  volunteered himself to act as priest to purify all the animals to be sacrificed in the Reo. Apiuju  mingiu, the poor man who performed  Reo  had no relatives of his own, as such he offered gifts to the trees mockingly. After observing this mock, Reo performed by  Apiuju  mingiu,  Inimeo  mengga  started performing the  Reo, practically in a systematic manner by inviting all the relatives whom he offers  gifts in the form of live pig, dry rat and fish by sacrificing sufficient nos. of mithun and pigs. This is how the  Reo  celebration  originated.

Reo  celebration consists of the following five days:=

1. 1st day (Andropu) - On this day Iguu (priest) arrives to carry out the act of  Meye aziu which is a ritual for the well being of all the guests or  Meye. In the meanwhile, the guests and the invitees keep arriving in batches from different distant places. Female relatives of the Mengga or the host come with presents or Agiute . Also on this day potential Reo hosts of the future offer Ada or loan and the past hosts repay their loan in the form of Ada  da. The host villagers greet the guests with a chorus cry of  Meye  boo in a repeating pattern.

2. 2nd day: (Eyanli) – On the second day, mithuns are sacrificed in the early morning. The Igu performs the ritual of  Sha  aca an act of purifying the animals. On this day the host presents Emeota or gifts in the form of cash to the relatives of his wife and mother. Live pigs are offered to the maternal uncles, brother in-laws and father in-law. The fee of the Iguu in the form of live pig is given on this day.

3. 3rd day (Iyinli) - The third day is significant for the sacrifice of the pigs. The cousins of the host receive head of sacrificed pigs as a mark of respect. The female relatives and donors of  Agiute are gifted with  Agiuro or a bundle of dried fish and wild rats.

4. 4th day (Ilirumunyi)-On this day most of the guests from distant and far off places depart. The evening is marked by a special ritual of Apeosha  adegiu in  which two males dressed as a couple enact a mock sexual act and apply a charcoal paste in the faces of all present. This ceremony performed to appease the goddess Apeosha, holds a significant place as it is believed that it brings health and prosperity.

5. 5th day (Awruhaa) - Also known as Etonu  ce  this is the concluding day. The priest or the Iguus early departure in the morning indicates the conclusion. Fowls are sacrificed for appeasing the goddess Apeosha aduya for abundance in crop harvests. After the completion of Reo the hosts observe a ten days taboo..

Hosting the Individual  requires Reo a good amount of planning, sometimes a lifetime planning and an exceptional organizational capacity. Important preparatory events before the onset of the Reo festival can be listed as follows:-

1. Ada: - It is the act in which an Idu person undertaking the preparations of Reo offers loan to the host of an ongoing Reo. The later has to repay it during the Reo of the former which is called Ada  da. The loan can be in cash or kind.

2. Hathru: - If a person has prepared and decided to host a Reo then he declares it by performing Haathru whereby at least a mithun is sacrificed. Once declared, the  Reo festival has to be hosted within that year.

3. Mrano-ce: - After the declaration one starts clearing the jungle for cultivation which is called Mrano ce. All the co-villagers are obliged to help as the products of this cultivation is exclusively utilized during the Reo festival.

4. Reogu-Shi: - The contract of the priest or Iguu is sought for performing the rituals before the Reo. This is a very significant event as the priest or the Iguu is the one who will play the pivotal role during the Reo.

5. Hawe-anji: - This is the occasion for husking paddy, grinding rice and millet. At least one month before the commencement of Reo womenfolk take part in crushing rice, maize and millet for preparation of food stock.

6. Yu-phi: - On this day varieties of rice beer or Yu such as Yuni, Yuyu, Yunu and Yu  andro are prepared. One mithun and a pig are sacrificed for village feast. This is done one -two months prior to the onset of Reo.

7. Tayi-lya: - Invitation is sent through a Tayi, which is a thread made of tree bark. The  Tayi has a number of knots denoting the number of days left for the celebration of  Reo. On receiving a Tayi a knot is cut off with each passing day. The last two knots remain as they represent the start of Reo.

8. Adaso: - It symbolizes the final preparations. On this occasion a ‘Chang’ is constructed in front of the house adjoining the veranda. This is where all the guests and the invitees will be received and Ada recorded. This construction is done five days before the Reo festival begins.

Conclusion:-    The  Reo   is  the most  important  festival  of  Idu  Mishmi’s  of Arunachal Pradesh. The etymology of the  word  Reo  carries  the meaning  cost or value.    The festival is basically an individual affair where a husband Mengga and the wife Kama are the hosts. As  expected an Idu person dreams to host the festival once in his life time. Modern constraints do not permit the fulfillment of such aspirations hence everyone cannot host the individual festival and therefore the concept of ‘Community Reo Festival’  is  being celebrated every year on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd day of February  which  has been embraced by all. Initiated by Late  Nabashi  Ita  pulu  in the year 1968, the first community Reo  took off with great enthusiasm and it has retained till  date  with its universal character and appeal. The Reo is the main source of unity,integrity and fraternity of the Idu mishmi society. It helps to bind together the people along the cultural, spiritual and traditional ties. The  purpose  is  to  attain  happiness  and  prosperity  and  to  appease  the tutelary  spirits  Apeosha  aduya  to  bestow a bumper  crop.

(The Author is Dy. Director Of Research.(Phil), Govt. of A.P. Itanagar, and can be reached at email- [email protected])




Governor invites constructive suggestions

ITANAGAR, Jan 28: Governor of Arunachal Pradesh JP Rajkhowa has invited constructive suggestions from political parties, civil societies, intellectuals and Non-governmental organizations for good governance and for eradication of corruption in the state. He also called upon the people to maintain peace and communal harmony throughout the State.

Taking over the responsibility of the State Government, the Governor gave instructions for various measures to check and monitor the financial status of the State.

Interacting with a delegation of Bharatiya Janata Party led by its State President Tai Tagak and National Executive Member Tapir Goa, who called on him, the Governor advised the members not to have victory or defeat feeling but to work for betterment of the people, society and the State. The Governor assured the delegation that his administration will take all measure to plug leakage of revenue from the State.

He informed the delegation that Chief Secretary has already issued orders to all deputy Commissioners to take action against district officials who are missing from the district without prior approval of the competent authority.

The delegation apprised the Governor about various problems faced by the Government staff and common man. For instance SSA teachers have not been paid salary irregularly. The delegation also complained about rampant encroachment by some people on Government land.

Assuring his best for welfare of the people, the Governor said that steps are already in process and every part of the State, District and Constituency will get their due share. Fair view is taken in all cases and mal-practices such as absentee in offices, officers and officials not in their places of posting and movement of District Heads of Department with permission of higher authorities and Deputy Commissioners will not be accepted.

On being apprised of the encroachment of Central Government offices’, Roadside and reserved land, the Government instructed for immediate action against encroachers and initiation of legal action.

He also instructed for regular payment of salaries to Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan teachers, who are rendering service in the interior parts of the State.

The Governor took note of the irrational creation of independent ADC areas and irregularities in Public Distribution System as apprised by the BJP delegation.

Meanwhile, the Advisor to Governor Y. S. Dadwal, former Delhi Police Commissioner called on the Governor JP Rajkhowa at Raj Bhavan on Thursday.

The Governor instructed Dadwal, who arrived in the State Capital yesterday to take immediate steps to ensure rule of law, and maintenance of peace and tranquility throughout the State.

No person should be allowed to take law into his hands and no nuisance should be tolerated, he said while adding that utmost care be taken to safeguard the interest of the common people and freedom of the common citizens and government officers must not be infringed.

Later the Governor had separate meetings with Chief Secretary Ramesh Negi, Principal Secretary Finance Satya Gopal and Secretary Law Onit Panyang to keep abreast of the administrative and financial status of the State.

The officers briefed the Governor on various departments and suggested necessary corrective steps. (PRO to Governor)



DC briefs on central rule

ITANAGAR, Jan 28: Deputy Commissioner Itanagar Capital Complex Mige Kamki today convened a meeting with the officials and staffs of his office to brief them on the various directions with regard to the imposition of President’s rule in the state.

The DC asked the Executive Magistrates to be always alert to ensure maintenance of law and order in the Capital Complex.

He asked the officers and staffs to work hard and maintain transparency, good governance and corruption free administration. (DIPRO)




CPI demands withdrawal of President rule

New Delhi, Jan 28:  Hitting out at the NDA government over imposition of President's rule in Arunachal Pradesh, CPI today demanded withdrawal of the "anti-constitutional" decision and the removal of Governor Jyoti Prasad Rajkhowa.

"We condemn the imposition of President's rule there (Arunachal Pradesh). It is an anti-constitutional step by the NDA government. We demand withdrawal of the decision and recall of Rajkhowa in the interest of democracy," CPI general secretary S Sudhakar Reddy said in a statement.

Reddy also targeted Rajkhowa for allegedly taking "over-initiative" in helping BJP impose central rule in the north-eastern state.

He dismissed the Governor's reported remarks that there was law and order problem in the state before the central rule was clamped.

"This is a shameless pretext to carry out BJP's dirty tricks to bring Arunachal Pradesh under their rule," he said. PTI




DC asks locals to keep the towns clean and hygienic

DAPORIJO, Jan 28: Upper Subansiri DC Komkar Dulom has urged local residents to work out ways and means to keep their respective towns clean and hygienic. He was addressing a meeting convened to discuss the implementation of the state government's initiative of 'My City, My Pride' campaign in the district at the DC’s Conference Hall here today.

During the meeting, which was attended by various HoDs, senior citizens and presidents and secretaries of colonies, an action plan was chalked out wherein responsible government officers or responsible citizens were chosen to be put in charge of each sectors in the town to oversee and guide people in keeping their areas clean daily at a designated time. It was also decided that the Urban Development department would provide vehicles for garbage collection and disposal.

The DC said that such initiatives were imperative as the process of urbanization and migration of people to towns has started but the necessary development of civic amenities has not happened in the towns of our state. He further sought the support and coordination of the locals in maintaining cleanliness in their surroundings.

ZPC Sushil Nalo also advised all to spread awareness regarding proper planning for roads and drainage during construction of buildings. He also urged schools authorities to engage students to keep the schools and its premises clean. (DIPRO)



DC inaugurates new branch of Axis Bank at Naharlagun

ITANAGAR, Jan 28: Axis Bank, India’s third largest private sector bank today opened a new branch at G extension Naharlagun.

With the opening of this branch, Axis Bank now has a total of 3 branches and 3 ATMs in Arunachal Pradesh. The Branch shall cater to all basic banking transactions and also specific needs of customers, offering the entire spectrum of banking products and financial services covering Retail, Institutional and Consumer lending.

The Bank offers various unique products to its clientele based on their needs and has been a pioneer in introducing various products and services in the country.

Mige Kamki, Deputy Commissioner Itanagar Capital Complex, who inaugurated the bank branch, hoped that the branch will cater to the banking needs of the customers.

Commenting on the opening of the new branch in Arunachal Pradesh, Sunil Gurbaxani, Regional Branch Banking Head - East, Axis Bank said, “The opening of our NAHARLAGUN Branch reinforces our commitment to providing banking services to retail customers through a fast expanding network of branches and other channels.” DIPRO



Students urged to be disciplined and ambitious

KHONSA, Jan 28: Tirap Deputy Commissioner Ravi Jha urged the students of Rama Krishna Mission School, Narottam Nagar  to be hardworking, disciplined and ambitious to achieve great things in life.

Attending the annual prize distribution function of the school today, the Deputy Commissioner said that students should utilize the great facilities being provided by the school authorities to shape their career.

The Deputy Commissioner while underscoring the importance of participating in the co-curricular activities said that the world had become fiercely competitive for which the students should prepare themselves for the competition.

Later, he distributed the prizes to the winners of various literary, games and sports and cultural events.

In his address, Maharaj Balbhadrananda from Belur Math, Kolkata expressed his happiness over the growth of the school adding that the excellent academic results of the school were truly encouraging that would benefit the students to become worthy citizens of the country.

While citing Swami Vivekananda the Sawamiji said that Vivekananda wanted man-making education adding that each soul was potentially divine. He asked the students to work hard and be a part of the nation building.

Earlier, in his brief report of the school, the Secretary Maharaj Swami Geetatmananda threw light on the activities of the school including academic and other ventures of the school. He highlighted the academic and other achievements of the school. The chief guest and Swami Balbhadananda released the school magazine NAROTTAM. Attractive cultural programmes by the students marked the occasion. The function was attended by SDO, Deomali, SDPO, DDSE and a host of other dignitaries.   DIPRO




Circle office shifted

[ Karda Natam ]

DAPORIJO, Jan 28: The Circle Office of Gusar, which was functioning from Dumporijo since 2003, was finally shifted to Segi village under Gusar circle thanks to ZPM Puto Bui’s constant persuasion with the district administration.

The shifting of the circle office will come as great relief for the people of the circle, who, otherwise, had to go to distant Dumporijo for obtaining legal documents and other official works, said the ZPM while formally inaugurating the circle office at Segi village on the eve Republic Day on January 25.

He also said that shifting of the office would also ensure presence of government staffs in offices, who were earlier reluctant to stay in their place of posting due to absence of proper administration.

ZPM Bui, on behalf of the public, submitted a memorandum to District Administration demanding installation of street light, introduction of APST mini bus service from Daporijo to Segi, establishment of police beat at Segi, inclusion of Segi CO Hq. under tourist circuit, proper implementation of Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, construction of 20-bed labour barrack, maintenance of the Kebang Ghar etc,

Circle Officer, Tali Bayor informed that the office will start functioning fully and all the staff have already shifted. He, however, appealed to higher authority to immediately provide modern basic amenities for proper functioning of the administration.

Upper Subansiri Deputy Commissioner Komkar Dulom, all HoDs, PRI leaders, Goan Burah and villagers were present during the inaugural function.




Coordination meeting  on NDD

ZIRO, Jan 28: Children with good health will always be able to perform better in all fields, said Lower Subansiri Deputy Commissioner Kanki Darang.

Chairing a district level coordination committee meeting on National De-worming Day (NDD) at the office chamber today, the Deputy Commissioner stated that children should be taken care of while administering them de-worming tablets in schools.  He emphasized on training to the ASHAs and AWW for administering the medicine and after care, if any necessary.

He, however, has expressed concerned with the schedule of the NDD as all the private schools in Ziro will remain closed for winter vacation and all other government middle schools will have to finish their complex examination by February 10.

“That would leave a large chunk of the targeted group unattended, since schools and AWW centres have been primarily earmarked as centres for the tablet administration,” he said, and asked the DMO Dr. Moli Riba to apprise the condition to the higher authorities for redressal. He also directed DRCHO Dr. Derin Likar for wide publicity of the program and a talk on the de-worming concepts on AIR for better outreach.

DMO Dr. Riba sought cooperation from all the stakeholders for the successful implementation of the de-worming program. He gave special emphasis on the role the Anganwadi Workers, ASHAs and the PRI members at the grassroots level and said that the success of the program lies on their will and sincerity.

DRCHO DR. Derin Likar dealt in detail regarding the NDD day.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 241 million children between the ages of 1 - 14 years are at risk of parasitic intestinal worms in India, known as soil-transmitted helminthes (STH). These children represent approximately 68% of children in this age-group and approximately 28% of the number of children estimated to be at-risk of STH infections globally.

With an aim to intensify efforts towards STH control among children in India, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India has decided to observe NDD on February 10, 2016 in all 36 States/UTs of the country. The NDD will be followed by a mop-up day (MUD) on February 15, 2016 with the intent of deworming children who missed the dose on February 10.

All schools and Anganwadi centers will be the implementation sites of NDD across the country; he informed and requested the Education department and the ICDS department to actively participate in the campaign. A total of 24,194 children will be targeted for administering the tablet in Lower Subansiri district. DIPRO




Ering visits remote Yinku village

PASIGHAT, Jan 28: The East Arunachal MP Ninong Ering visited remote Yingku village of Siang district yesterday.  

He held a public meeting to take stock of developmental activities. While interacting with one Vijay Kumar who has been serving as a teacher in the far-flung Yingku village for the last 30 years, the MP said, “Villagers have proven how hospitable and cooperative they are”.   

Expressing his extreme happiness, Ering appreciated the village community for their brotherly attitude and gave spot sanction of 15 lakhs for early completion of a Dere (Community Hall), Rs 5 lakhs for approach road and Rs 1 lakh extra for developing the ground to construct the Dere.

For proper road communication, he assured to take up the issue with the appropriate authority soon. In his message, Ering advised the villagers to maintain peace and tranquility that are essential for development and to take adequate preventive measures to avoid fire accidents. DIPRO




Educational awareness tour

[ Karda Natam ]

DAPORIJO, Jan 28: All Taliha Payeng Area Students’ Union (ATPASU) recently conducted a week-long education cum awareness programme in Taliha and Payeng Circles.

The team of students accompanied by resource persons visited every school under Taliha and Payum circles and stressed on quality of education. They asked the students to be sincere, disciplined and punctual. They also appealed to the teachers to stay in their respective places of posting and discharge duty.

The ATPASU team claimed to have witnessed many school running in pathetic condition without proper infrastructure and other basic facilities.

The tour ended with an awareness programme at Govt. Hr Secondary School Taliha on January 25 which was attended by MLA Punji Mara and Payeng CD Block CO Sadung Gyadu, students, PRI members and general public.

Mara emphasized on discipline, self-confidence, hard work by students to achieve success in life.




Ligang Cricket Trophy-2016 begins at Oyan


RUKSIN, Jan 28: The 17th edition of Ligang Cricket (T-20) Trophy organized by Li:sang Do:nyi Welfare Society (LDWS) began at Oyan village playground in East Siang district today.

Inaugurating the tournament in presence of sports enthusiasts, local villagers and school children, Ruksin Circle Officer Vijoy Tamuk suggested the players to play the game with true sportsman spirit. Stating that the cricket tournament is providing a right platform to the wannabe sportspersons to expose their hidden talents, he urged the participants to practice hard to become a successful sportsperson in the future.

Appreciating the efforts of the organizers for conducting the trophy in the name of Ligang festival (Mising- Ali A:ye Ligang). Tamuk said that it would keep alive the ethnic traditions through the festive celebration. He also advised them to move District Sports Authority and state government for its support.

Welcoming the participants, LDWS General Secretary Jitendra Pait said his NGO is keeping an objective to make the growing youths aware on the ill effects of alcohol, narcotics and other psychotropic substances. He appealed the youths to be involved in games and sports rather than taking bad company.

The running trophy is organized in memory of some prominent persons, who had contributed immensely for development of the societies.

Blizzard Cricket Club (BCC) beat Tribal & Nono-tribal (TNT) Cricket Club by 49 runs in the opening match.

Batting first, the BCC team set target of 146 runs. TNT could manage to score 97 runs losing all wickets.

The winner and runners up will be given cash prize worth Rs 30,000 and Rs 15,000 respectively along the trophies.

The final will be held on February 16 on the occasion of Lignag festival.

A total 32 teams from Assam and Arunachal are participating in the tournament.




Meeting on Mercury Free Dentistry

ITANAGAR, Jan 28: A consultative meeting on ‘Mercury Free Dentistry: The Need of Hour’ was organized by the National Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry, initiated by OSVSWA, on Jan 26 at Guwahati.

Dr G S Patnaik, the National Convener gave a brief overview on the usage of mercury amalgam in the country and informed about the Minamata Convention and commitment of countries and United Nations in making the world Mercury Free.

The usage of dental amalgam and its detrimental effects were discussed in length by Prof Dr Atul Bhuyan, Vice Principal, Govt. Dental College, Guwahati, and other senior dentists from Guwahati.

Dr Barman, President of Indian Dental Association, Guwahati lauded the efforts of “National Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry” and hoped that with continued and sustained efforts, the state and country to be Dental Amalgam free. He also stressed the need to sensitize the young dental surgeons and interns about the ill effects of mercury on their own health and patient’s health.

Dillip Pattanaik, National Coordinator of the National Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry made a presentation on the activities of the National Alliance in the country.

The North East chapter of ‘National Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry in India’ was formally launched during the  event.

Among others, Prof B. R Bhuyan, former Principal of Govt. Dental College, Guwahati and the first dental surgeon from North-East also took part at the event.



Changlang DC visits Govt HSS

CHANGLANG, Jan 28: Changlang Deputy Commissioner Wayong Khimhun accompanied   by ZPC Marina Kenglang visited Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Changlang today and inaugurated the Wall Magazine of the School along with the Smart Class which was launched in November 2015 and January, 2016 respectively. One more Smart Class was also installed in Town Middle School Changlang.

Interacting with the students, the DC urged the students to make good use of the facility and assured to provide any necessary help in the future.

ZPC Marina urged the students to concentrate on their studies and also maintain good health.

Sumesh Kumar, ST, on behalf of the teachers requested the DC to look into some of the grievances of the teachers like accommodation and maintenance of quarters. He also requested the DC to take up the mater regarding posting of PGT in Chemistry, English and History.

JM Tayeng, CO, and D Khandu DDMO accompanied the DC.

Principal (I/C) Bamin Tarang was also present during the visit.

Later, an awareness session on health issues for girls was organized by the female teachers of the School.

Dr Binita Jongsam and Dabnon Khimhun, ANM were the resource persons.

The incentives for sanitary napkins for girl students were also disbursed after the programme.




Society cautions against any claim over ancestral lake

ITANAGAR, Jan 28: Claiming that the Tobo Yobo (ancestral historical lakes) situated near Kayi village under Liromoba circle of West Siang district belong to Kayi, Ligo, Likam etc clans of Tamin origin, the Tamin Welfare Society (TWS) has cautioned all to refrain from making any claim or showing interest over it.

The clan members of Tamin origin, in a meeting in 2014, have unanimously decided to protect, preserve and development of the ancestor’s historical place. The state government had sanctioned fund for the development of the lake, the release added.



ACS questions Centre over imposition of Prez Rule

ITANAGAR, Jan 28: The Arunachal Civil Society (ACS) said that imposition of President Rule in Arunachal Pradesh is irrational and questioned the BJP led NDA Government in the Centre about the reason for imposing the Article 356 of the Constitution when the matter is being heard in Supreme Court.

Is it genuine to impose the President’s Rule in Arunachal Pradesh or is an attempt to terrorize the people of this border state, ACS Chairman Patey Tayum questioned.

The Centre has no gut to deal with China on stapled visa issue but it can impose President’s Rule to gain political mileage and put unnecessary burden on the general public, stated the ACS Chairman.

The society stated that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has never felt it necessary to attend the three review meeting to solve the Stapled Visa issue.

The Centre has made Arunachal a “terrorist” state by imposing AFSPA in April, 2015, and now by imposing the President’s Rule,” Tayum said.

Further, the ACS claimed that imposition of the PR in the state is still pending before the court. But the BJP led NDA Government has left no stone unturned in proclaiming the PR for political gain in the State.

“Before December 14, there was no any law and order problem in the State; but the Governor, who has crossed the limit by going against the Constitution of India, has created the situation,” the society said and appealed to the President to observe and take into account the pre December14 political situation in the state.



AAPSU’s statement resented

ITANAGAR, Jan 28: Strongly condemning the All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union’s (AAPSU) recent press statement opposing imposition of President's Rule in the state, the Arunachal Youth Organization (AYO) has today said that the being a students' organization, the AAPSU should concentrate on student welfare activities instead of commenting on political issues.

The decision to declare President’s Rule in the state has been taken following a series of law & order problems and constant political tussle which had compelled the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh to consider for the same, the AYO said adding that the Nabam Tuki-led government should be held responsible and not Union Minister of State for Home Khiren Rijiju for imposition of President's Rule in the state.




Essay, drawing competition held

ITANAGAR, Jan 28:  An essay and drawing competition on topics like, global warming, deforestation, hunting and fishing etc. was conducted by Pedong Kenbo Society, Aalo, a local NGO for the students of secondary and middle schools of Kombo and Yigi Kaum villages at Aalo on Tuesday.

The Society has conducted the activities as part of its awareness campaign against deforestation and  reckless hunting and fishing.




Violation of tender norms alleged

ITANAGAR, Jan 28:  Alleging gross violation of tender norms by the EE RWD Aalo Division West Siang while floating tender against C/o Road and foot suspension bridges at Basar and Tirbin Circle vide No. ARWD/SPA/NIT-10/2014-15 Dated Aalo 6th January 2016, the Tirbin Area Intellectual Forum (TAIF) has in a release today appealed the department to re-float the tender by maintaining all formalities against the said work.

The Forum has alleged the RWD, Aalo Division of not conducting a pre-bid meeting and of selecting and favoring bidders. It has also submitted a representation to the state Chief Secretary seeking an official enquiry against erring officials.




Training on Routine Immunization

ITANAGAR, Jan 28: The 1st batch of the third session of training on Routine Immunization (RI) got off on Thursday in Naharlagun. The training is for 2 days where ANM/GNM and Health Assistants who are involved in routine immunization activities and handling the cold chain equipments are participating.

While inaugurating the training, Director of Family Welfare, Dr M.Lego emphasized on sincerity and dedication in work as most of the indigenous employee are infamous for negligence and insincerity. He narrated his observations during Mission Indradanush (MI) monitoring & supervision visit in some districts of the state where works  were not going on as expected which are due to lack of knowledge or information on routine immunization. He further encouraged the participants to undergo the training very sincerely with a vision to serve the community adding that they should not be discouraged when criticism is encountered while performing their duty with utmost care and sincerity.

Earlier, Dr.T.Taloh, course coordinator of the training highlighted the importance of routine immunization of children below one year and of pregnant women to prevent them from vaccine preventable diseases.




Phones, laptops distributed

AALO, Jan 28: Thirty Mobile sets and one Laptop have been distributed to the registered beneficiaries in the district by APB&OCWW Board in West Siang.

Speaking on the occasion Liyi Bagra, EAC cum Aalo Town Magistrate advised the workers to make best use of the mobiles and laptops issued to them and encourage others to give awareness to avail such benefits in future.

S. Yomcha, District Labour Officer-cum- Assessing officer & Cess Collector, West Siang and Jumnu Ligo, RO APB & CWW Board Aalo also addressed the labourers. DIPRO



Education secretariat inspects dept’s offices

ITANAGAR, Jan 28: Education secretary Marnya Ete today made un- announced visit to all the directorates of the education department.

During the inspection, he advised the officers and officials of the department to be punctual, sincere and transparent in their work.

“Sincerity and handwork are the need of the hour in the State. Education being the human resource development sector, everybody is to be sincere and disciplined,” he said, adding that steps would be taken against undisciplined employees as per the rules. He also directed them to maintain the office records properly.