January  30






A big gamble

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in a surprise move yesterday declared union minister Sarbananda Sonowal as chief ministerial candidate for the assembly poll in Assam to be held in April this year. The decision to project Sonowal was surprising and caught many off guard. The announcement was made at New Delhi in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP national president Amit Shah. Considering the fact that decision to back Sonowal came from top brass of BJP shows seriousness of party.

BJP is desperate to win Assam election after badly losing in Delhi and Bihar, which has dented image of Amit Shah and PM Modi. They are betting big in Assam and have pinned down on Sonowal to lead the charge. However move might create division among ranks of party. Especially stalwart Himanta Biswa Sarma who recently switched side from Congress will feel neglected. Sarma left Congress after rebelling for almost 3 years against Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi. He joined BJP hoping to establish himself as leader of the party. The decision to project Sonowal as CM candidate will not go down well with supporters of Sarma. Also the Sonowal's strong anti-migrant image which he acquired during his AASU days might play a part in deciding fate of BJP. Assam has massive migrant population who forms big chunk of vote bank. The saffron party has taken big risk by deciding to declare Sonowal as CM candidate. Come April and election result will let us know whether BJP did right or wrong in picking him to led party in the state.






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AAPSU should take up relevant issue

Dear Editor,

AAPSU President, Mr. Kamta Lapung has said that President’s rule in AP is arbitrary and stated that there was no law and order problem in the state. Since, I am a student of AP, I am of the view that Kamta Lapung representing all the students of AP should not make such foolish and blunt statements. It only projects a very negative image of the students of AP. I want to convey that we do not agree with Mr. Kamta Lapung views and they are not our views. He does not represent our view.

Was Papu Nallah bridge blockage not the breakdown of law and order? In every office all the clerks openly ask for bride. Is this not the breakdown of law and order? Most of the recruitments are made through back door. Jobs are not advertised. Recruitment processes are delayed. Even APPSCE has not yet declared the result after 3 years of starting the exam.

Why can’t Mr. Kamta Lapung take up and address such issues which are very very relevant for the students of AP? Since, the political problem of AP is being taken care by Governor of AP, Central Government, Guwahati High Court, Supreme Court and the President, the president of APPSU should not under estimate others and pass such foolish and blunt comments, so as to completely misrepresent the views of the students of Arunachal.

Kamta Lapung may pass any blunt comments on the issue on a personal basis, but not as president of APPSU.

 I request the readers not to think that such blunts comments are the views of students of AP. Student community is being misused by so called student leaders and political leaders. But, today we the students and youths of Arunachal want development, jobs, peace and a corruption free society.


Takam Tadar

Delhi University




Conscience matter

Dear Editor,

This is in response to Mr.Saikat Kumar Basu’s letter titled “They must look into their own house”(January 13).

Mr.Basu has lambasted the intellectuals, politicians and human rights activists of North America and Europe for their “sin” of pointing out violent incidents and abuse of human rights in India!

Firstly, what others say about us hardly matters. The thing which matters most is our conscience and so we should introspect a bit and question ourselves whether we are indeed traversing in right path. The headlines of Indian newspapers every morning itself bear testimony to the sorry state of affairs of present day India. Murder of an innocent for his alleged “sin” of consuming beef or suicide of a student following series of humiliation for being born a Dalit indeed do not reflect India in a glorifying light.

Secondly, just because someone has committed any wrong, we can never accuse him/her  till eternity even if he/she reforms himself/herself and emerge as an ideal human being. Yes, human right abuses and killing of innocents plague the history of erstwhile  colonial powers and Whites. But those very countries have not only reformed itself, but also stand  as a beacon of liberalness and broad-mindedness in this violent world. Just because two terrorists had killed Indira Gandhi or certain rowdies burnt a passenger-filled coach in Godhra; what happened to thousands of absolutely innocent Sikhs and Muslims as repercussion in New Delhi and Gujarat respectively are very well known by us. In contrast when an Islamic fanatic laid siege at a Sydney cafe and killed two innocent Australian citizens, White people of that country consciously saw to it that not a single Muslim citizen get assaulted or a mosque gets attacked. Canada displayed the same rational attitude when another lone wolf attacked the Parliament House couple of years ago and killed one innocent in the name of Islam. When the twin towers of New York got demolished, the USA authorities went all-out to protect its Muslim citizens. Only a Sikh got killed by White goons when the latter assumed him to be a Muslim. But the killer got promptly punished. But how many criminals have been sentenced who had butchered innocent Sikhs in Delhi  even after three decades of that bloody mayhem? Yes, Indians still reside at the primitive age of ‘eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth’ and cry for revenge against certain communities for the sin of a few misguided fellow members. But the civilized countries of Europe, North America and Down Under have become enlightened enough to distinguish between right and wrong and refuse to paint all members of any particular community by the same brush. Moreover the erstwhile colonial powers have transformed itself as epitome of discipline and law and order. Can any citizen of those countries dare to disobey traffic regulation or flout pollution-related laws as get regularly witnessed in India? When poll process gets conducted in most civilized and smooth manner in those countries, election in India is nothing but a ‘Third World War’. Mr.Basu should have a look at the Human Development Index and compare India with the countries which he condemns so much, yet lives in one such nation! When basic amenities like education and health have got transformed into sheer ruthless business in India, most of the European and American countries  have ensured education and health service for all at free or nominal cost. How many child labourers exist in those countries compared to India? And just because Kailash Satyarthi’s yeoman’s service has exposed  India’s stigma of child labour blatantly in front of the international community, the Nobel Laureate does not get his due recognition and honour in this “elite” nation of attainment of Mars orbit! Do the countries of West Europe or North America imprison individuals who dare to forward cartoons or crack a joke? Certainly not. In contrast, it has become the “in-thing” to persecute or warn individuals who exercise their democratic right to protest, call spade a spade and swim opposite the “mainstream”. While M.F.Hussain was forced to leave Mumbai and Taslima Nasreen from Kolkata to pamper the fundamentalists, UK instead spent Himalayan amount of money to protect Salman Rushdie facing death threat. The whole world should learn from the erstwhile colonial powers what true democracy and freedom of speech are all about. And last but not the least. When Indian citizens get persecuted and taunted in various states of their own country for being “outsiders”; UK, USA, Canada and Australia have not only adopted strong anti-racial laws, but have offered a safe refuge to people from countries all over the world.

Instead of pointing out the past scandals and stigma of the Western powers, Indians should stop acting “nationalist” and try to reform themselves to emerge as ideal citizens by drawing inspiration from the present liberal credentials of erstwhile colonial powers.


Kajal Chatterjee,





Don’t torture common public

Dear Editor,

This letter is directed to whoever is running the show.

Please let not the security personnel torture us for no reason. It is good they are doing the routine checking, but in doing so please give some senses to them to be more considerate when dealing with people.

Where is the manner the security forces learn in their training? Is it only for their senior officers?

When dealing with common public, why are they so arrogant and inhuman?

Lastly, in the name of President Rule, please don’t torture common public, like us.


Dr. Takam Sakter




Less scope for Arts graduate

Dear Editor,

This in response to advertisement for appointment of Legal Metrological Inspector by APPSC that was published on Jan 8. I was surprised to read about the education qualification for the post i.e civil/mechanical/electrical engineering graduate. But so far I know legal metrological department is not a technical department rather it is a semi-judicial department. So why Arts graduate and law graduate are not allowed to apply for the post?

It seems those departments are trying to make every job a technical one and are trying to recruit only technical person.  For example, we have seen in the last advertisement of Treasury Officer and Finance and Account officer by APPSC in Arts graduate were not allowed to apply.

Arts graduate have govt. job opportunity only of Clerk and teacher.

If the government wants to recruit only the technical person, please shut down Humanity stream in school and colleges in our state.


Tatak Kargam





Land dispute

Dear Editor,

This is regarding Ram Janam Bhoomi-Babri Masjid Ayodhya Land Dispute.

One group says, there was Hindu temple so a Hindu temple should be built.

Another group says, there was a standing Masjid demolished so a Masjid should be built.

Though the case stands subjudiced at the Supreme Court, infallible and ultimate fact of the matter is that before any Mandir or Masjid, there was a standing natural land with natural ecosystem built by Mother Nature where all the living and non - living things once existed in complete harmony in the past.

In every merit, the disputed land deserves to be awarded not to either of the disputing groups but only to Mother Nature and a natural forest ecosystem re-established so that benefits of a healthy ecosystem nurtures all the dangerously disputing groups equally and enable to infuse tolerance and social harmony.


Tagam Mibang



Monks accuse NHPC of procuring NOC fraudulently

ITANAGAR, Jan 29:  Monks have alleged NHPC authority of fraudulently obtaining No Objection Certificate (NoC) from the villagers of Khamba and Greleng.  

Save Mon Region Federation (SMRF) has said that during a Gram Sabha conducted on Jan 19 at  Lhou NHPC authority took NOC from the villagers on diversion of forest land for construction of Tawangchu Hydro electric project, Stage-1.

Lama Lobsang Gyatso, the monk leading the SMRF said that NHPC did not succeed in its attempt as the monks had interfered during the meeting after learning about the signature campaign.   

In protest, the members of SMRF gathered near the NHPC stall at the Tawang parade ground on Jan 26, objecting to the NHPC action as well as to oppose the installation of a stall. Lama Gyatso said that NHPC has exposed its bad intention by making a fool out of the people during the Gram Sabha

He further said that NHPC put up the exhibition stall disrespecting people who are opposed to the construction of Tawang Dam.

However, NHPC authority could not be reached for its comment.

Meanwhile, Siang Peoples Forum (SPF) has extended its solidarity towards the ongoing movement by Save Mon Region Federation against construction of mega hydro dam in Tawang district.

Supporting the anti-dam movement by the people of Tawang, SPF has appealed the local people to join their movement against construction of proposed mega dam in Siang valley.

SPF also appealed the anti-dam organizations of the state to rejuvenate their movement against dam projects.



MLAs receiving threat calls, alleges BJP

ITANAGAR, Jan 29: The BJP in Arunachal Pradesh today alleged that many of its MLAs have been receiving threat calls from supporters of Congress.

"Security threats are looming large with fear psychosis prevailing in the state capital. Our MLAs and leaders have been threatened," BJP state unit president Tai Tagak told reporters at Arunachal Press Club (APC) here.

Denying allegations that BJP has engineered political crisis in the state, Tagak said the Congress was responsible for the current political crisis which compelled the Centre to promulgate President's rule in the state.

"Infighting and factional feud among the Congress which started from November 2, 2014 is responsible for the current political turmoil in the state and we have nothing to do with affairs of other parties," Tagak said.

"Where was the AICC leadership which could resolve the issue through negotiation? Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi denied appointments to the rival party leaders in the last one year," Tagak alleged.

"The Congress leaders of the state should seek public apology for the current political mess," he said.

Dwelling on the circumstances which led to imposition of Central rule in the state, the BJP president while quoting Constitutional experts, said there was a failure of the constitutional machinery after the state assembly failed to meet for over six months.

"There is a constitutional requirement that there should not be a gap of more than six months between two sessions of a state assembly.  If there is a gap of more than six months, there is certainly a constitutional crisis," Tagak said quoting former Lok Sabha secretary general P T D Achari.

"According to Article 174 (1) of the Constitution, there should not be a gap of more than six months between the assembly's last sitting in one session and the date appointed for its first sitting in the next session," he said.

"The legality of the session conducted on December 16 and 17 last by Deputy Speaker T N Thongdok is under question before a constitution bench of the Supreme Court," he pointed.

He said, when people of the state were suffering, being the responsible opposition party, the BJP was compelled to bring an impeachment motion against Speaker Nabam Rebia, he clarified responding to the allegations that the party had supported the rival Congress camp to destabilise the government.

Tagak disclosed that a high level delegation of the party yesterday called on Governor J P Rajkhowa and urged him to overhaul and streamline the administration and to initiate an enquiry of financial mis-management by the government regarding fund diversion from plan to non-plan and civil deposits including fund received from the 14th Finance Commission.

The delegation also submitted 16-point suggestions to the governor, he added.

Meanwhile, the party has appealed to the Governor and the chief secretary to strictly implement the office memorandum issued by the Governor after promulgation of Central rule in the state.

Responding to a query, Tagak added that the party was ready to face mid-term poll if the situation compelled. PTI



Complete breakdown in Arunachal: Centre to SC

New Delhi, Jan 29: The Centre today justified in Supreme Court the imposition of President's rule in Arunachal Pradesh, saying there was "complete breakdown" of governance and law and order in the state where the Governor and his family apprehended "grave danger to their lives" daily. The affidavit, filed by Ministry of Home Affairs, alleged that former Chief Minister Nabam Tuki and former Speaker Nabam Rebia have been playing "communal politics" against Governor Jyoti Prasad Rajkhowa, who in his reports had recommended imposition of President's Rule in the state by elaborating the sequence of events leading the Congress government becoming a minority.

"Chief Minister Nabam Tuki and Speaker Nabam Rebia, both belonging to same community, are playing communal politics by inciting, provoking and funding students of a particular community and other communal organisations against other tribes and the Governor by referring to his Assamese roots," it said. "Even the Raj Bhawan premises were under siege by the supporters of Nabam Tuki and Nabam Rebia for several hours as the district administration and the police did not enforce the prohibitory orders and not even a single arrest was made," the Centre's affidavit said. Elaborating indicators of constitutional breakdown, it said the governor's letters/references to the Chief Minister on matters of public importance concerning state administration are mostly not responded to in violation of Article 167(b) of the Constitution. The affidavit settled by Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi, who was asked by a five-judge Constitution Bench headed by Justice J S Khehar to respond to the petition challenging the imposition of central rule, said, "there is no effective administration in the state and the government is not functioning as per the Constitution in the state." "The Governor, who is the nominee of the President of India, is being publically insulted, humiliated and even gheraoed by the supporters of the present government and the state administration is a silent spectator. "Gherao, at the instance of the political executive, of the Governor, who is the nominee of the President, amounts to constitutional breakdown in the state," the affidavit added. (PTI)



Imposition of President’s Rule murder of democracy, says NES as it demands Rajkhowa's ouster  

ITANAGAR, Jan 29: Nyishi Elite Society (NES) has termed the imposition of President's Rule in the state as murder of democracy on the "silly recommendation" of Governor J P Rajkhowa on 67th Republic Day on January 26 last.

The organization said that its "movement" shall intensify till the recall of the Governor for his anti-Arunachal & anti-development activities.  

It also called for arrest & trial of Kalikho Pul, for painting sorry picture of the entire Nyishi community through his audio clips.

Popular outrage against Rajkhowa for his erratic action by pre-poning assembly be construed as law and order problem in a democratic set-up, it said.

The imposition of President's Rule on a patch work and flimsy ground has exhibited the narrow mindset of the Governor, MoS (Home) Kiren Rijiju and Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, it said as it demanded immediate revocation of the Presidents Rule.

Rajkhowa have tried to wrongly project the Mithun as cow to mislead the masses, it said while adding that slaughter of Mithun for feasting in any public gathering is common in Abo-Tani group.

The Society further said it has never acted on communal lines but propagating the pan Arunachal mission religiously in contributing towards national integration.

 "In case, of any proven link of the former Chief Minister or his council of ministers with the underground elements as alleged by Rajkhowa, there is existing law in place to take care of. Insurgency problem in the eastern districts of Tirap, Changlang and Longding is a three decade old problem and has not emerged recently all of a sudden", the organization said.  Further NES said that the organization have been manned by Government Officers/officials since its inception.

"This is because; the present officers/officials are the first generation educated lot and they are a guiding force of the community. They have continued to work selflessly in protecting the overall interest of the community since formative days and they shall continue to do so," NES said while adding that "In social forum, they represent the Nyishi community and not the Government".

The organization further said the Governor has labeled wild allegation that the former Chief Minister has funded the Nyishi Elite Society (NES) and community students' organizations, purportedly, fingering at All Nyishi Students' Union (ANSU). Rajkhowa must withdraw this allegation or substantiate with evidence to prove himself that he is not a liar, NES said.

The Society further said that it has never questioned his Assamese origin rather they have expressed apprehension on conflict of interest if he remains as governor of Arunachal Pradesh.  

"His discreet proposal to shift Airport to Assam has been foiled by the vigilant NGOs and state Government agencies. Recent shifting of the Regional Office, Highways from Itanagar to his home state, Tezpur meant for Trans-Arunachal Highway has amply proved his concern for the wellbeing of his own state," the Organization said.



DC inaugurates district level tournament for CM’s football and volleyball trophies

KHONSA, Jan 29: Tirap Deputy Commissioner Ravi Jha formally inaugurated the 3rd Tirap district CM's Football and Volleyball Tournaments at Nehru Stadium, Khonsa today.

In his inaugural address, the Deputy Commissioner said that the constituency level CM's Football and Volleyball tournaments held at different venues were a huge success and hoped that the district level tournament would also be a grand success.

While appreciating the DSO (Sports) and his team for a significant improvement in the performance of Tirap players at State level, the Deputy Commissioner told the players to believe in themselves. He lauded the sterling performances of the players at the state level not only in football but also in other sports.

While advising the participants to play the games with a spirit of true sportsmanship, the DC said that the district administration was always ready to assist the sporting activities in the district in all possible ways.

Earlier, in his welcome address, DSO (Sports) R. Mihu said that of late, there has been a growing interest and enthusiasm among the youth for all kinds of games and sports in the district and he thanked the Deputy Commissioner for his able guidance and advice. He also said that the players and officials from all over the district deserve appreciation for making the constituency level CM's Trophy tournament a popular event in the district.

Both boys and girls from 54-Namsang, 55-Khonsa East, 56-Khonsa West and 57-Borduria Bogapani are participating in the tournament.

All the matches have been efficiently managed by the trained referees from the 1st Assam Rifles. The winners of the tournament will represent the district at the state level.

On the occasion, the Deputy Commissioner physically inspected the Nehru Stadium and its peripheries and suggested some remedies for improvement.

SDO Deomali, Civil Judge D. Niri, ZPC Chawang Lowang, Khonsa ZPM Lengang Lowang, HoDs and public attended the inaugural programme. DIPRO



Land compensation rates for TAH project uniform in all districts: Upper Subansiri DC

DAPORIJO, Jan 29: Informing that land compensation rates for the TAH project was uniform in all districts of the state, Upper Subansiri Deputy Commissioner Komkar Dulom  appealed to all to use their wisdom in letting the project go forward in the district as it would benefit the public for generations to come.

Addressing a meeting held at Rijo Conference Hall today to discuss issues related to execution of Trans Arunachal Highway (TAH) from Bopi to Tai under Upper Subansiri district, which has been approved and sanctioned by the MoRTH, the Deputy Commissioner said that since the project has already been approved and sanctioned,  the time is for early implementation of the TAH project.

The DC assured the people that disbursement of compensation, when the process starts, will be done in a fair and transparent manner and work implementation will be done properly with it beginning from within Daporijo Town.

Representatives from all organizations, sections of society and affected circles/ areas were given an opportunity to voice their varied viewpoints on the issues, which were discussed and clarified upon.

A thorough discussion was held on demand by Upper Subansiri Unit of AAPTAHWA for enhancement of land compensation rates from the existing rate fixed by the state government in 2011.

ZPC Sushil Nalo made a plea to allow the TAH project to go forward without any further delays in the district as the construction of a broad and better road would greatly benefit the people by cutting journey time. He appealed to all to set their priorities in the larger interest of the public as against individual gain.

Tadam Lida (President of Upper Subansiri Unit of AAPTAHWA) airing some grievances said that the compensation estimate of land acquisition based on 2011 rates was not acceptable  as it was inordinately low and asked justification for it and made a plea for the project to be kept in abeyance till the issue was resolved.

He said that the rates should be revised and only then would the affected people be happy and satisfied to accept compensation for their lands.

Some senior citizens, PRI members and affected land owners too expressed their displeasure over the low rates and appealed for a revised rates, while others were happy that the TAH project in the district has been sanctioned and were ready to allow the work to begin and give their land at the approved rate as better roads would better their prospects and means of livelihood.

Heads of departments, representatives from All Arunachal Pradesh Trans Arunachal Highway Welfare Association, ATYO, Tagin Cultural Society, Galo Welfare Society, Nyishi Elite Society, PRI members, senior citizens and affected land owners attended the meeting. DIPRO



Be aware of trafficking: SP

Operation Smile-II

[ Karyir Riba ]

Roing, Jan 29: "Be aware of trafficking and be alert in identifying trafficked children", said Lower Dibang Valley T. Ringu while speaking to the students, teachers, GBs, Panchayat leaders and PRI members in the concluding programme of the on-going Operation Smile-II, which was held at Government Higher Secondary School, Bolung, with the Dibang Adi Women's Association, here today.

This awareness programme on police and community linkages and coordination for better child protection, mainly to trace missing children, rescue and rehabilitate them, was launched earlier this month by the Police Department, and was conducted in various schools across the district.

Stating that the main motive behind trafficking as forced labour, commercial sexual exploitation, illegal adoption racket, organ trade, medical/scientific trials, armed conflicts, begging/pickpocketing racket, social and economic conditions of parents, SP Ringu urged the masses to report on missing children to the police for further proceedings as per law.

He also spoke about the very strict laws under POCSO Act, and various other child protection acts, and their legal implications. He also reminded the stakeholders about their role in eliminating any abuse against children, especially child trafficking.

"Operation Smile is an initiative of the Government of India which was launched in 2015. This is the second phase and the whole month of January is observed for the operation. However, conclusion of the awareness programme is not indicative of the end but signifies the importance of the ever going operation", said DSP Roing Habung Hailyang.

DD ICDS Savitri Khamti urged the people to feel free to contact  her office in any cases related to children or women. "We have our Integrated Child Protection Services, the Child Welfare Committee, recently operational Child Care Home, to help you", she said. Khamti also appealed to the girls not to get married until they attain the matured marriageable age of 18 for a better, much efficient future.

Labour and Employment Officer spoke about the Child Labour Act, and said that a drive to trace any illegally employed child labourers may be conducted any time, and defaulters will be dealt with strictly and action against them will be initiated as per law.



Harness the youth power and energy: Governor

ITANAGAR, Jan 29: The Governor of Arunachal Pradesh JP Rajkhowa has called upon the youth to come forward and offer ways and means to harness the youth power and energy in the development of the State and the Nation. He invited their suggestions for exploiting their potential in games and sports, adventure activities and in competitive examinations. The Governor also has appealed for the fullest cooperation of the youth in plugging the leakage of government revenues and their active participation in Good Governance, maintenance of peace, communal harmony and good relationship amongst various communities of the State.

Interaction with members of Arunachal Youth Organization, an NGO, who called on him at Raj Bhavan on 29th January 2016, the Governor advised them to be watchful of any misusing of developmental funds, faulty implementations of projects such as roads, bridges, etc. He asked them not to be confined to Itanagar-Naharlagun only but to fan out to every corner of the State and apprise him of the true picture in those areas.

In the evening, representatives from various organisations including United Organisation of Arunachal, Arunachal Pradesh United Youth Organization, Save Arunachal Youth Association submitted nine point Representations to the Governor. (PRO, Raj Bhavan)



Give priority to service delivery, DC asks health officials

SEPPA, Jan 29: East Kameng Deputy Commissioner Sandeep Kumar Singh exhorted the Medical Officers (MOs) and in-charges of various health programmes to work diligently and give priorities to service delivery without depending much on fund allocation since it will be allocated anyhow.

Expressing satisfaction over overall performance of the district under National Health Mission (NHM) in a meeting of Vigilance cum Monitoring Committee of District Health Society here today, Singh suggested for attaching ASHAs and guardians with each TB patient to ensure that they complete their full course of treatment. He asked the MOs and DMO to motivate and train ASHAs and other health staff regularly.

He also directed to provide regular incentives to ASHAs and Health Assistants according to the provision prescribed.

He further directed the DMO and the DRCHO to ensure that medicines, especially the vitamin A supplements, de-worming tablets are distributed properly to the needy instead of allowing them to get expired in the store.

In-charges of various health programs informed about the achievements made so far under their respective field of activities.

Dr. K Gyadi, MS highlighted about the performances of ANC, institutional delivery, immunization, IMR, JSSK, RKS and other activities undergoing at the District Hospital, Seppa.

He informed that under CM's Universal Health Insurance Scheme the achievement of the district is cent percent in terms of enrolment and 94 percent in terms of actual realization in distribution of health insurance cards.

Dr. SK Suman, DANO highlighted about the activities undertaken by ASHAs and their performance. He informed that drop kits and refilling to various ASHAs were distributed.

Dr. K Lapung, DRCHO highlighted about the present condition of various first referral units and 24/7 health institute. He informed that 23 sub-centres have been operationalised with requisite infrastructure and man power. He also briefed about the performance under NHM and activities undertaken in family planning programme.

Dr. N Bodi, DTO while explaining the objectives of the RNTCP briefed on activities and performance of the programme. Explaining further the risk associated with Multi Drug Resistance - TB, he informed about the reason for such instances occurring in the district. He also informed about the problems faced by the department.

M. Cheda, ZPC has suggested the health department to engage panchayat leaders during any sensitization or awareness programme. She advised the department for proper maintenance of diagnostic tools and kits in order to have full proof diagnosis.

Representatives from different departments were also present in the meeting.  DIPRO



Come forward for Clean Arunachal Campaign: CS

NAHARLAGUN, Jan 29: Chief Secretary Ramesh Negi today reviewed the preparations for clean Arunachal campaign "My City, My Pride, I will Clean it" fortnight in a meeting with Zone Commanders, Zonal Officers and Councilors.

Negi said that the main aim and objective of the campaign is to keep Arunachal Pradesh clean for a healthy environment where each and every citizen of the state is a stakeholder. He urged all to cooperate with each other to make the campaign huge success.

Negi asked the Zonal Commanders and Officers to chalk out their own action plan within their jurisdiction for active participation of people during the campaign.

The Chief Secretary appealed to all to participate in the campaign and render one and half hours of social service daily during the campaign period.

During the campaign all Zone Commanders will be assisted by Zonal Officers/ Councilors and will identify area for garbage collection and supervise the social service and pick up the garbage within their jurisdiction from February 1 to 13. There will be two garbage collection points - one at internal colony area and another along the Highway area under each Zone commander.

Chief Estate Officer Talo Potom briefed the Chief Secretary about the action plan being prepared to make the campaign success.

Chief Councillor Kipa Kaku informed that IMC will be extending all possible helps and assistance to Zone Commanders and Officers for successful conduct of the "Clean Arunachal Campaign" in their respective areas.

Department of IPR also highlighted the action and initiative taken by it for the campaign.

Yupia DIPRO adds: A meeting on clean Arunachal campaign was also held at Yupia under the chairmanship of Papum Pare Deputy Commissioner Tai Kaye to successfully carry out the campaign in the district.

Kaye called upon officers to co-operate the district administration in mass cleanliness drive on the first day of the cleanliness campaign on February 1 at district headquarter Yupia. He also requested one and all to pass on the message of cleanliness drive to their friends and relatives to make the campaign successful in the district and state as whole.

In the meantime, the Deputy Commissioner asked all the officers and officials to carry out all normal officials work with full dedication and sincerity. He also asked the head of departments who are executing various schemes and projects to properly monitor and ensure its timely completion.

The DC along with SP PN Khrimey also discussed the law and order situation of the district. He also requested the people to get their arm licenses registered in NDAL before the expiry of dateline for its registration.

Officer from ITBP, all HoDs and admin officers attended the meeting.



Pasighat witnesses yet another terrible fire accident, 67 shops gutted

PASIGHAT, Jan 29: Pasighat witnessed yet another terrible fire accident within a couple of week which gutted 67 shops in the main market and partially damaged the attached fruit and vegetable markets on Thursday night at 10 pm.

However, there were no reports of any casualty and the cause of the fire is not yet known, official sources said.

Two fire tenders, one tanker of PH Construction and one JCV were pressed into service to douse the fire. One fire tender from nearby Jonai, Assam was also called and the inferno was brought under control by the firefighters after hours of strenuous efforts.

East Siang Deputy Commissioner Isha Khosla, Superintendent of Police RS Chauhan, Member of Parliament Ninong Ering and DDMO Ganden Tsumo rushed to the spot immediately after they received the information of the fire accident.

ADC Deepak Shinde, ZPC Kaling Dai, PMC Chief Councilor Denong Tamuk and all ward councilors were also present.

District administration today handed over Rs 3,800 each to all the victim shopkeepers as immediate relief.

Khosla appealed to all to remain alert and be cautious in view of frequent occurance of fire mishaps in Pasighat.

Expressing shock over the fire accident, Local MLA Kaling Moyong assured to take up the compensation issue personally with the advisors to the Governor soon.

Prominent leader Bosiram Siram also visited the spot and shared his advices. DIPRO



Shuttlers from state shine in ‘Test Event’

ITANAGAR, Jan 29: The Arunachal Pradesh Sub-Junior Badminton team participating in the 'Test Event' conducted for the ensuing South Asian Games (SAG) among North Eastern states in Shillong picked up a couple of medals, including two gold, a silver and three bronze.

The Girls Team from Arunachal Pradesh beat Assam 3-0 in the final to win the Team Gold. However, the Boys Team from the state had to content with the Bronze after it lost 2-3 to Manipur in the Semifinal.

In Girls Double event, the pair of Laa Yajum and Pinky Karki beat Taring Yania and Yumlam Mopi, also from Arunachal Pradesh, 21-9, 21-13 in the final to win the Gold medal.

In Girls Single event, Laa Yajum had to content with the Bronze after she lost 16-21, 18 21 to Sujen Borgohain of Assam in the semifinal. In another Girls Individual semifinal, Taring Yania lost in two straight sets (17-21, 18-21) to Maini Boro of Assam and won a Bronze medal.

The event was observed by officials from Badminton Association of India and Indian Olympic Committee (IOC).

Meanwhile, national level badminton umpires from Arunachal Pradesh Penya Bagra and Onya Gyati have been nominated by BAI and IOC to officiate in the South Asian Games to be held in Shillong.



Depts allocated to Advisors

ITANAGAR, Jan 29: The Raj Bhavan has approved the allocation of departments to G.S. Patnaik and Y.S. Dadwal, advisors to the Governor.

Patnaik will look after Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary, Cooperation, Education, Environment and Forests, Finance, Fisheries, Health & Family Welfare, WRD, Planning, Programme Implementation Monitoring, Evaluation, Economics & Statistics, Power & Non-Conventional Energy Resources, Public Health Engineering and Water Supply, Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, RWD, Social Welfare, Women & Child Development, Department of Science and Technology, Trade and Commerce and Urban Development, Municipal Administration and Government Estates.

Dadwal will look after District Administration, Election, Home & Inter-State Border Affairs, Parliamentary Affairs, Political (excluding Vigilance), PWD, Disaster Management, Transport & Civil Aviation, Youth Affairs and Sports, General Administration, Department of Development of Tirap and Changlang, Secretariat Administration, Excise and Narcotics, Culture Affairs, Mines, Labour & Employment, Land Management and Information Technology & Science & Technology.  In respect of the departments, i.e. Horticulture, Information, Public Relations and Printing, Law, Legislation & Justice, Personnel, Administrative Reforms and Training, Vigilance, Textiles, Tourism and any other department not allocated to the Advisors to Governor, the files may be put up to the Governor by the concerned Secretaries, Commissioner-cum-Secretary, Principal Secretary, Chief Secretary directly, as per usual procedure, until further orders.



HC issues directive to authorities

ITANAGAR, Jan 29: While hearing the WP (C ) 37 (AP)/2016 the Gauhati High Court Itanagar Permanent Bench yesterday issued notice to the respondents and also directed  the concern authorities of the  state Govt not to proceed with any selection process with regard to the posts specified in the advertisement dated 10.9.2015 pending notice which is returnable by four weeks.

According to  court paper, one John Libang and nine others filed  the writ  petition before the HC against state Govt including education department challenging  the advertisement dated 10.9.2015 for filing up the temporary posts in Govt Secondary schools/higher secondary schools of the state.  The  posts advertised also include the posts of Post Graduate Teachers (PGT) and Trained Graduate Teachers (TGT)

The contention put forth by the counsel of the petitioners is that the selection process for filling up the posts of PGT and TGT can not be undertaken by the director concerned, as Arunachal Pradesh Education Rules, 2010 provides that  in respect of the post of senior teachers (PGT) and that of the post of the Junior teacher (TGT) the same are to be filed up by the direct recruitment through the APPSC and by promotion as stipulated therein.



Vacate security forces from Raj Bhawan Badminton Court: ASBA

ITANAGAR, Jan 29: Arunachal State Badminton Association (ASBA), in a memorandum, has urged the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh to make alternative arrangement to accommodate those security forces, who have been presently accommodated in the Raj Bhawan Badminton Stadium here.

"Accommodation of security personnel in the Badminton Court by the district administration after enforcement of President's Rule is badly hampering the training/coaching of budding badminton players of the state," the memorandum said.

Moreover, sudden halt in coaching and training of players prior to busy playing schedule due to occupation of the badminton court by the security personnel will badly affect the performance of the players, the ASBA memorandum said.

ASBA informed the Governor that the South Asian Games will be held from February 5 to 11 in Shillong, PNB Metlife Junior Badminton Championship- 2016 from February 22 to 24 in Guwahati. Besides, Arunachal Pradesh has been shouldered to hold the Senior Ranking Badminton Tournament this year, for which observers from BAI will visit the state capital to inspect the badminton facilities here, the memorandum said.

ASBA appealed to the Governor to direct the authority concerned to make alternative accommodation arrangements for the armed forces and vacate the Raj Bhawan Badminton premises to facilitate regular coaching and training of badminton players.

Earlier on January 25, ASBA in a similar memorandum to Capital Complex Deputy Commissioner, had appealed him to make an alternative accommodation arrangement for those security personnel presently accommodated in the Raj Bhawan Badminton Court. But, the Deputy Commissioner has not yet responded to the urge, ASBA lamented.



28th Athletics Meet of NERIST inaugurated

ITANAGAR, Jan 29: The 28th Athletics Meet of North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology (NERIST) started in its playground today.

The sporting event will go on till February 1 where the athletes of the institute will be competing in 24 different athletic events.

Prof H.S. Yadav, i/c Director of NERIST, who attended in the inauguration function, urged the students to participate in all the events whole heartedly without bothering about failures and success. Highlighting benefits of playing sports, he said that sports help one develop personality, improve leadership quality and stay physically fit and mentally sound.

Prof. Yadav emphasized that participation in sports with sporting spirit helps us to learn how to win and how to handle defeat.

Speaking on the occasion, Shihan S Deben Sharma, Vice President of South Asian Nikan Shotokan Karate Federation, narrated how he struggled to be among the top sportspersons representing the country at various international events, particularly in Karate.

He also emphasized on the importance of sports, and said that sporting events are nowadays regarded as an integral part of education.



Martyrs Day

ITANAGAR, Jan 29: In a message to mark the Martyrs' Day, which commemorates the death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, Governor of Arunachal Pradesh JP Rajkhowa said the day enjoins us to maintain high standards of cleanliness in our homes, work places, roads and streets and public places.

He said that to realise the dream of Mahatma Gandhi for Swachh Bharat, the day is being observed as the National Cleanliness Day.

On this occasion, as a tribute to Father of the Nation, let us pledge to make individual contributions towards 'Clean India' and 'Clean and Green Arunachal Pradesh'.

He has appealed to the people of the state to join the 'Clean Arunachal' campaign from Feb 1-13.


Dr. Bhupen Hazarika’s Bolung connection

[ Une Pertin ]

ITANAGARA, Jan 29: In an endeavor to immortalize  the birth place of legendary singer Late Dr. Bhupen Hazarika - the doyen of soulful ballads and melodies - at Bolung village in Lower Dibang Valley district, the Research Department, Arunachal Pradesh is initiating a project to erect his statue and build a memorial at a suitable site under the technical supervision of Arunachal Pradesh Literary Society (APLS).

A team comprising of APLS President Y.D Thongchi, Secretary Research department Dani Sulu, representative of Bhupen Hazarika Trust, general secretary cum Director Research Department Batem Pertin, former APLS general secretary cum Director Trade & Commerce and children of Late Gora Pertin - legislator and personal friend of the late doyen will be visiting the village on 31st January 2016 for site inspection.

The proposal to build a statue of the legendary singer within Arunachali soil - who made tremendous contributions towards the state's art and culture, was made by the former chief minister Nabam Tuki.



West Siang DC on exposure trip to Pasighat General Hospital

AALO, Jan 29: West Siang Deputy Commissioner Pige Ligu along with health officers of the district and representative from NGO Mothers' Vision visited General Hospital Pasighat on an exposure tour under KAYKALP programme on 27.

This is an administrative attempt to improve the newly upgraded General Hospital Aalo to draw motivation to work on such line.

The team visited all the working places, including Labour room, dressing room. OT, OPD, IPD, Kitchen, waste management system etc.

The visiting team had detail interaction session with authorities of GH, Pasighat.

The team from West Siang included DMO Dr. Marbom Basar, DFWO Dr. Kengo Ori, and Director of RCCN Liduk Ete. DIPRO



Kishori Diwas celebrated

ITANAGAR, Jan 29: Urban ICDS Project, Itanagar celebrated Kishori Diwas at Vivekananda Hall here wherein more than 100 adolescent girls (AGs) from the various Anganwadi Centres (AWC) of the Project participated.

Games & sports, singing and dancing, poem recitation competitions, elocution on women empowerment etc. were some of the activities carried out during the day-long programme.

Dr Morik Bagra, MO, CHC, Itafort educated the adolescent girls on basic and personal hygiene practices. A health check up for AGs was also conducted by a medical team led by Dr. Bagra.

S.C Tok, CDPO of the Project urged the Ags to avail various facilities being given through AWCs by enrolling themselves in their nearest AWCs.

Yakap Gai, senior most Gramsevika of the Project, who joined the Department in 1978 gave away the prizes to winners of various competitions.



Rubber growers to undergo training

ITANAGAR, Jan 29: In all 15 rubber growers of the state are going on a five-day scientific rubber grower's training to be held in Tripura.

Addressing the send off programme being organized by the All Arunachal Pradesh Entrepreneurship Development Association (AAPEDA) today Papum Pare DC, Tai Kaye advised the trainees to avail maximum benefit of the training and adopt rubber cultivation in large scale in the state.

SP PN Khrimey and Assistant General Manager State Bank of India, Itanagar Dilip Dotho and field resource person from Rubber Board of India, Sumi Doye also assured them all possible help and support.

AAPEDA chairman Nabam Regum also spoke on the occasion.



Release pending salaries

ITANAGAR, Jan 29: The Arunachal Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan Teacher's Association (ARMSATA) has in a memorandum to the state Governor today sought his immediate intervention for early release of their pending seven months' salary from July 2015 to January 2016.

Despite the Ministry of Human Resource Development, GoI had already released over 5 crore for implementation of integrated RMSA on Sep 24 last year, the RMSA teachers serving under upgraded Secondary schools in various parts of the state are yet to receive their salaries on time, the association claimed.



Post CO soon

ITANAGAR, Jan 29: Informing that Lungsa Circle under Kurung Kumey has been functioning without a Circle Officer, the All Kurung Kumey District Students' Union (AKKDSU) in a release today appealed to the authorities concerned for early posting of a Circle Officer to the area.

The Union further said that during its recent tour to the Circle it found that the Circle lacks school infrastructure and has poor road connectivity and power supply. It has also appealed to the authorities to make Pinchi Hydro Electric Project functional to ensure improved power supply in the area.



FIR filed against PWD engineers, firms

ITANAGAR, Jan 29: Two public leaders of Rasing (Mopi) and Komsing villages, on behalf of the villagers of Nugong Banggo, have filed an FIR with Superintendent of Police (SIC, Vig), Itanagar against four engineers of PWD, Boleng and the proprietors of M/s KKK Enterprises, Siang district, Pangin  and M/s Purvanchal Suppliers and Contractors, Siang district, Pangin for allegedly siphoning off/misappropriating Rs Twenty-Three crore Three lakhs and One Thousand sanctioned for construction of motorable suspension bridge over Siang River at Sangam in between BRTF Road and Komsing village in Siang district.

In their FIR, both the public leader claimed that the bridge was supposed to be completed within three years from award of the work in 2010; but it has not been completed even after eight years and spending an amount of Rs 23.31 crore.

"Even the anchor block/plinth area of the said bridge has not been completed," they claimed in their FIR.

"Crores of rupees has been misappropriated for their selfish gain causing not only huge losses to the state exchequer but also depriving the villagers of the Nugong Bango from their legitimate right," the FIR alleged, and appealed to the SP to take stern action against those persons under appropriate sections of the law by registering a case against them at the earliest.



List of state awardees announced

ITANAGAR, Jan 29: The names of the state awardees have been announced on the occasion of the 67th Republic Day 2016 in recognition of extraordinary services rendered in their respective fields. This year the awardees include; 11 Gold Medals, 17 Silver Medal, 4 Commendation Certificate and 3 Chief Minister's Shram Awards.

Gold Medal winners include; Commissioner (PWD), Itanagar Tajom Taloh, Seppa DC Sandeep Kr. Singh, Secretary (Finance) Daulat Hawaldar, Upper Subansiri DC Komkar Dolum, SP, Crime, PHQ, Itanagar Prem Norbu Khrimey, PHQ Itanagar Nabin Payeng, Pania ADC Samcha Lowang, Deputy Secretary (Finance) Dani Pyaro, Lower Subansiri DDSE Yumlam Tana, Department of Printing and Actor Kristina Bamang.

Silver Medal winners include: SP (Crime) PHQ Itanagar Vijayanta Arya, Yingkiong SP Amulya Baruah, Kurung Kumey DMO Dr. Higio Tama, Inspector Lower Subansiri Tadong Mingki, 3rd IRBN Inspector Yomto Riram, OS, PHQ, Itanagar Nang Narifa Chowpoo, SI PHQ, Itanagar Bhupen Burgohain, RFO, Mebo Forest Range Neeraj Tamuk, PRO, IPR. Denga Bengia, Supdt. Cum-Assessing officer Tax& Excise, Namsai Oli Koyu, Photographer, IPR Bilaseng Namchoom, JE (PWD), Sagalee, Mohd. Ekram Mian, ASI, Tawang, Tashi Namgey, H/C PTC, Banderdewa Digi Kocho, Journalist  Taba Ajum, Entrepreneur, Toko Tatung, Voluntary Blood Donour and Motivator Activities, Ramesh Jeke.

Commendation Certificates have been conferred to EE, RWD, Laaying Yangte Nilli Likha Kamin, JE, RWD, Chambang, Kra Daadi, Takam Majeng, East Siang Textile & Handicrafts, Assistant Director, Maglek Pertin and Yingkiong JE (E) Ego Nyori while, the Chief Minister's Shram Award will be given to Tabom Ngulom, W/c Wireman of Yingkiong Electrical Department, Sunil Kakoti, Casual Wireman and Hage Tara WI, PWD, Itanagar.



Memos to Governor

ITANAGAR, Jan 29: The Arunachal Youth Organization (AYO) today submitted a memorandum to Governor JP Rajkhowa. They sought immediate arrest of former Chief Minister Nabam Tuki, former speaker Nabam Rebia, Chief Secretary Ramesh Negi, DGP S Nittiandam, former ministers Tanga Byaling and Tapang Taloh for various issues. They also demanded enquiry into alleged misappropriation of fund during the tenure of Nabam Tuki led government. AYO also called for scrapping of officiating and deputation system in the government department.

Meanwhile,  a conglomeration of 16 organizations today submitted series of memorandum to the Governor JP Rajkhowa. The organizations have called for holding of LOC released by previous government, suspension of DC capital, suspension and transfer of chief secretary and DGP, filing of review petition in Supreme Court against recent verdict in favour of PDS contractors, CBI enquiries into PDS payment of Rs 35.20 crore and high compensation cost of green field airport Hollongi.

The organizations also alleged that office of former Chief Minister has not been  properly sealed as per direction issued by Governor and demanded action against the erring officials.


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