January 26


Speaker dismisses PPA allegation while BJP offers moral lesson

ITANAGAR, Jan 25: The office of the Speaker, Arunachal Legislative Assembly has reacted strongly to the statement by People's Party of Arunachal (PPA) alleging that the files containing the merger of 33 MLAs from PPA to BJP has been snatched by the Chief Minister.

In a statement, the office of the Speaker said that "the allegation that the file has been snatched from the Speaker is totally false, unfounded and made with mala-fide intention. This is a serious allegation in person to the prestigious offices of the democratic institutions in the state".

PPA President Kahfa Bengia had alleged that the Chief Minister Pema Khandu had snatched the papers "for constructing and reconstructing so that they may pass the test before the Speaker and the Courts".

PPA President Kahfa Bengia being a responsible citizen and a public leader should refrain from making such misleading statement in the media and he should take the course of established rules and procedures in his conduct of official business, the statement added.

We are considering his request under the provisions of RTI Act and he shall be provided with the sought information in due course of time, the statement added.

PPA had filed an RTI seeking all the information on merger of 33 MLAs from PPA to BJP.

"It is unbecoming of an information seeker to put pressure on an authority concern by defaming incumbent authorities by way of personal attack. There has been no snatching of file of any sort" it added.

The Bharatiya Janata Party state unit has taken offence to the statement of People’s Party of Arunachal (PPA) which had alleged that the Chief Minister Pema Khandu had snatched the papers pertaining to the merger of the PPA with BJP from the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly.

In a release state BJP President Tapir Gao while condemning the statement of PPA President Kahfa Bengia, advised him to focus more on improving the quality of politics and in critiquing the government and governance.

"By responding to Kahfa Bengia's uncharitable personal remarks, we don't want to dignify his words but unfortunately we have to do so since such 'loose comments' came from a person who has never been in the party," Gao said while asserting that the BJP do not have the culture in which high command determines the state politics.

“The allegation of Bengia against Chief Minister Pema Khandu is a grossly irresponsible which has no grain of truth in it. Pema Khandu is a young and dynamic leader who is working for the development of the state and welfare of its people,” asserted Gao and added that Khandu has been unanimously elected as the leader of the BJP legislature party.

"Being a senior politician of the state, PPA President should not make unfounded personal remarks against the Chief Minister or for that matter against any other political leader to ventilate his frustrations," said Gao while suggesting that PPA and its leaders should play positive and constructive politics by studying and critiquing policies and programmes.




Congress flays PPA and BJP, says NEDA will not last long

ITANAGAR, Jan 25: Pointing out the reported infighting within NEDA constituents - BJP and PPA, Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) on Wednesday said that the North-East Democratic Alliance (NEDA) which was formed by BJP to make 'Congress Mukt North East' will not last long as it was formed with an eye on Assam Assembly election and to destabilize the Congress Govt. in Arunachal Pradesh.

Strongly criticizing PPA and BJP, the APCC said that BJP had sidelined PPA and cheated the party after it fulfilled its 'hidden agenda'. Terming BJP as communal party, the Congress further said lotus will not bloom in NE states. It further said that PPA, a constituent of the NEDA, will betray other NEDA partners in days to come.

APCC also termed the allegation of snatching official documents from Assembly Speaker as unfortunate. Citing the Kalikho Pul’s suicide case as pointed out by PPA, the Congress said the case needs to be handed over to CBI for independent enquiry.

Claiming that Kalikho Pul had sent a copy of 'Mera Vichar' (My Thoughts) to Prime Minister of India, Congress also questioned Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju as to why he is silent over the issue which, according the APCC, has created confusion in the minds of the people.




Major General Jarken Gamlin gets Ati Vishisht Seva Medal

ITANAGAR, Jan 25: Major General Jarken Gamlin who is currently posted as GOC - Kilo Force in Jammu and Kashmir has been conferred with Ati Vishisht Seva Medal (AVSM) on the eve of 68thRepublic Day.

General Gamlin is a decorated Gorkha soldier who has been conferred with the Vishist Seva Medal on the occasion of the 60th Republic Day for his distinguished service of an exceptional order by the President of India, the Supreme Commander of the defence forces.

Earlier on January 26, 2006, General Gamlin was conferred with the coveted Sena Medal. General Gamlin, commissioned into the 2/8 Gorkha Rifles on 18th June 1983 from the IMA, is the first ever General from the frontier state to have reached this high rank in the Indian Army.

Brigadier Gamlin is an alumnus of Rama Krishna Mission School, Aalo and of Rashtriya Indian Military College, Dehradun, where he was awarded the Presidents Gold Medal for being the best all-round cadet on passing out in May 1979.

He completed his training from the National Defence Academy, Pune, in June 1982, where he later went back to serve a tenure as instructor in the early 1990's.




Chug Valley: New wintering site for Black-necked Cranes

[ Dr. Daniel Mize ]

ITANAGAR: Winter makes the locals of Zemithang and Sangti Valley and the scientific community very anxious as it is the time when the Black-necked Crane (Grus Nigricollis, Przevalski, 1876) comes visiting.

Zemithang and Sangti Valley is the two known wintering site of Black-necked Crane in India. They arrive during November-December and depart around February-March every year.

Recent survey to ascertain the numbers of Black-necked Crane wintering in Arunachal Pradesh led to a sighting in a new site- Changpa-Chug area or Chug Valley, near Dirang in West Kameng. Five Black-necked Cranes were spotted at rice field of Chug (chanpga) valley during the recent survey.

Nima Norbu of Changpa village excitedly informed that the cranes arrived during the last part of November.

 He said that the cranes have been coming to the Valley for many years now and this year the number is has risen. ‘We are very happy about the visit as it is a good omen for the community’, Nima said.  

Chug Valley, the new wintering site for crane seems to be more secure site as rice fields are vast and there is less disturbances from feral dogs and domestic cows.

Chug Valley is located at 27024´60´´N and 920 12´ 34´´E along the river Chug, almost along the same latitude as that of Sangti valley but at higher altitude with 1702 m above sea level. Changpa, Chug and Samtu villages are located around the valley. Chug Valley is only 4 km from the Rama Camp and 10 km from Dirang town. Another encouraging result of the survey was the information of single black neck crane being seen for two days at Doblo River in Shergoan. It may be a case of exploring more wintering site by the cranes or a case of vagrancy.

Black necked Crane is the only high altitude crane among the 15 species in the world. It is approximately 139 cm in height and it weighs about 5- 6 kg. It breeds in high- altitude open riverine or lakes marshes of Qinghai and Tibetan plateau in China and Ladakh in India. It is an altitudinal migrant which winters in lower altitudes at Qinghai-Tibetan plateau, Yunan-Guizhou plateau in China, Phobjika and Bomdaling Valleys in Bhutan and Sangti and Zemithang valleys of Arunachal Pradesh in India. According to Birdlife International estimation, population of Black Neck Cranes is numbered at 6600 mature individual over the globe and population is on continues decline trend. It is classified as Vulnerable (VU) species under IUCN Red List Data, since 2012, listed under Appendix I of CITES and Schedule I of the Indian Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.    

Wintering of Black-necked Crane is reasonably encouraging this year as the numbers have swelled. A total of 16 birds have arrived so far with Zemithang Valley receiving six of them.  

But unfortunately, two birds are reportedly dead after getting stuck at a high voltage power line at Sangti Valley on Jan 20. It was the second instance where power line had become a death trap for sacred Black-necked Crane.

In 2007, one bird was electrocuted. Shifting the killer power line erected between feeding ground and the river at Sangti valley will end terrible killings and it would make the valley a more hospitable wintering site. (The contributor is Assistant Professor, Ecology & Wildlife Biology, Department of Zoology, Rajiv Gandhi University, Rono Hills)




CITH Regional Centre at Dirang to become reality soon

ITANAGAR, Jan 25: After completion of years' long official process, the Arunachal government and Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR), Government of India, have finally signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) paving the way for functioning of Central Institute of Temperate Horticulture (CITH) Regional Centre at Dirang, West Kameng district. The Commissioner of Horticulture, Belatee Pertin signed the agreement on behalf of Government of Arunachal Pradesh. Inauguration of the regional centre is expected very soon. This was informed by Head of State Horticulture Research and Development Institute (SHRDI), Egam Basar at an interactive meeting held at the SHRDI, Chimpu on Wednesday.

Informing about the long period of struggle for the establishment of the Centre since 2011, Basar  said it has finally come into reality with the signing of the agreement.

"With this, it is expected that the State Government will be hugely relieved especially in the quality planting materials and technology development for temperate horticulture."

  He further said "given the fact that the other temperate crops producing states of the country have almost exhausted its primary land for cultivation, the vast suitable and unexplored land in Arunachal Pradesh  will offer huge scope for future expansion."  In the long run, Arunachal is expected to emerge as major producer with strong technical back up from the regional  centre of temperate Horticulture

Dr. Javed Iqbaal, Senior Scientist from CITH Srinagar gave a power point presentation on road map for promotion of temperate horticulture in the State. He  informed that development of quality planting materials and technology demonstration will be the main focus in the initial stage of functioning of the centre. He also emphasized on crop diversification by moving beyond Apple and Kiwi and introduction of exotic varieties of  Walnut, Apricot, Olive, Pears , Peach and Plum in other temperate areas of the State besides West Kameng and Tawang district for which series of network research programme will be initiated with the help of SHRDI, Chimpu.

Host of senior officers including the Director, Kamo Ado, MD (MIDH) Tage Tatung, MD (Marketing), R Sindhu,  deputy directors and Scientists of SHRDI participated in the  meeting and  expressed  the hope that establishment of the much needed research centre will complement current activities of the   concerned department in promotion of temperate horticulture in a big way.




Slow pace of road connectivity worries MLA

ITANAGAR, Jan 25: MLA Dasanglu Pul who represents the 45-Hayuliang (ST) Assembly Constituency showing her concern on slow pace of road connectivity to remote villages of Anjaw, requested the concern departments to follow up the projects and expedite the same, as she reminded everyone that interlinking of villages was close to the heart of her late husband Kalikho Pul, former Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh.

The MLA was on her maiden visit to Hawai after her bye-election win in November.

MLA promised to reach out to the people of Anjaw and also to the highest table to sort out the issues and challenges being faced by the people and government agencies of Anjaw.  

Later a meeting was held where the DC Anjaw, Mamata Riba apprised the  MLA on multitude of problems being faced by District administration and public alike; ranging from poor road connectivity, to understaffed offices, absence of a functioning Treasury office, poor internet facility, poor telecom penetration among many others.

"Despite the bottlenecks, Anjaw has put up a decent record in sectors such as Agriculture, Horticulture and Sports"- DC Anjaw further added.

Various HoDs gave insights to the MLA on progress and hurdles beings faced by implementing agencies. Executive Engineer(Hydropower) Gumto Ete highlighted the progress of undergoing hydel projects. Executive Engineer(Electrical) G.Gibi highlighted the problem of fluctuating 'Low Hydro' and 'High Hydro' production season typical to the climatic condition and topography of Anjaw. Subsequent presentations by Executive Engineer (RWD) Taru Dok, DMO K.Perme, APO(RD) Nani Chatung followed, showcasing the achievements of their respective departments.




Mein inspects flood protection measures at Silatoo

NAMSAI,  Jan 25: Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein on Wednesday inspected the on-going flood protection works at Noa-Dihing at New Silatoo in Mahadevpur and instructed the executing agency to complete in within February.

Mein enquired about the progress of flood protection works at Deobeel (Namsai), Philobari, Mahaloni, Woisali, Dirak Miri, Rajabeel villages under Lekang circle. He instructed the executing agency and engineers to expedite the works and complete the flood protection works over Noa-Dihing River by February next.

He asked the Deputy Commissioner to hold coordination meeting with the Panchayat and public leaders of the area and to see that there is no disturbance from any quarter in the smooth execution of the work.

He further asked the district administration to set up temporary police camp at the site for security and protection of engineers and technical staffs. Trouble makers must be dealt sternly, Mein said, and asked the Deputy Commissioner to book those creating trouble under appropriate section of law.

Executive Engineer, WRD Jaleeng Mannou informed the DCM that trial work and construction of coffer dams have started and the work of back filling cum embankment is under progress, which along with works like approached roads would be completed soon.

He assured DCM that the department will carry out the work as demonstrated in New Silatoo and would complete the work by February end.

He further briefed about installation of sheet pile walls considered to be environmental friendly and constructive solution for flood control.

Earlier, the engineers of Water Resource Department demonstrated installation of Steel Sheet Piles walls carried out along the river bank of Noa-Dihing.

Mein was accompanied by Deputy Commissioner RK Sharma and team of officers and engineers from various departments.

It is pertinent to inform that during the last monsoon, the whole of Mahadevpur town was devastated by flood water of Noa-Dihing and many people were rendered homeless due to sudden change of course of the river.

Later, Mein also attended a public meeting at New Silatoo.




Khelo India: Lifters and pugilists make state proud

ITANAGAR, Jan 25: The boxers and weightlifters of Arunachal Pradesh made the state proud through their outstanding performance in the 'Khelo India' national level sports competition, which concluded in Guwahati on Wednesday.

The athletes from the state won 16 medals including four gold, five silver and seven bronze medals.

Lifters contributed 3 gold, equal numbers of silver and 4 bronze medals while boxers contributed gold, two silver and three bronzes.

According to information, Tehon Kongkang clinched a boxing gold in boys under 17 year category. He took part in 52kg category.

The young pugilists also contributed two silver and three bronze medals to state's total medal count.

Tarh Tame and Likha Topum won a silver medal each in boys U-14 year category.

Techi Yana (U-17), Kiran Langu (U-17) and Tai Tutu (U-14) won a bronze medal each in 60kg, 57kg and 50 kg category respectively.

The boxing team was led by Dari Laknia and Ramesh Chakma.

The lifters from the state clinched two more medals --one silver and bronze-- on the third and final day of 'Khelo India' National Level Sports Competition.

The medal winners were Nabam Tat and Dosum Taba.

Taking part in the 85Kg category in below 17 years age group, Nabam Tat won the silver medal with a total lift of 216 Kg (Snatch: 95kg + Clean & Jerk: 121 Kg).

On the other, Dosum's lift of 84kg in Snatch and 110kg in Clean & Jerk (Total: 194kg) in 77 kg category fetched him the bronze medal.

Arunachal Weightlifting Association fielded 45 athletes (lifters) in the competition.




No children should left unimmunized: DC

TEZU, Jan 25: Lohit Deputy Commissioner Danish Ashraf called for strict monitoring and supervision during ensuing immunization programmes under Mission Indradhanush-IV and round one of IPPI to ensure that no child is left unimmunized in the district.

Not a single child should miss the immunization, Deputy Commissioner Ashraf, who chaired the quarterly review meeting on routine immunization/district task force committee meeting on IPPI round-1 and MI phase-4 at his office chamber on Wednesday, said.

He emphasized on generating mass awareness through different methods of advertisements and community mobilization to educate the parents on the importance of immunizing their children against vaccine preventable diseases.

District Reproductive & Child Health Officer (DCHO) Dr. S Nayil while giving a detailed information performance of facility wise routine immunization of the district in the last 2. He requested the medical officer in-charges of respective facilities to follow up each case so that full and complete immunization can be achieved.

He also gave a presentation on preparedness, for the upcoming IPPI Round-1 and Mission Indradhanush Phase-4, planning and targets for both the programme to so that no child is left-out.

District Medical Officer (DMO) Dr. S Chai Pul briefed on Pradhan Mantri Suarkshit Matritva Abhiyan and launching of the mission at General Hospital Tezu.

The DMO also informed about functioning of all the PHCs/CHCs and Sub-centres in the district and requirements of the respective health facilities.

The meeting was attended by Tezu ZPM, Lohit DDSE, EE (PHED), medical officers and in-charges of PHCs, CHCs and staff of district NRHM.




Focus on renewal energy for Smart city proposal: Moyong

PASIGHAT, Jan 25: Pasighat MLA Kaling Moyong on Thursday asked the district administration and municipal officers to prepare a sustainable smart city proposal with focus on renewal energy.

Stating that Pasighat is not yet out of the race for Smart City Project (SMP), Moyong asked the concern officers to study proposals submitted by the selected cities.

Underground drainage, power cables, roads widening, parking complexes, parks, sufficient water projects, air, waterways, railway, need based re-development and retrofitting are amenities required to convert Pasighat into a Smart City, suggested Moyong while addressing the consultants yesterday at the Siang hall.

Chairing the meeting Deputy Commissioner Tamiyo Tatak informed that Voyants Solutions Pvt. Ltd has been assigned to prepare action plans to develop Pasighat into smart city having core infrastructure needed to enhance urban living. He appealed the consultants to review the previous plans and interventions undertaken so far by the administration and local urban bodies.

MEO Ainstein Koyu presented a detail report on preparation and Director (Town Planning) A. Morang laid stress on government initiatives in this regard.

PMC Chief Councilor Kaling Doruk assured to extend full cooperation to the consultants and shared his views. Referring to a government notification, he asked the DC to shift trade and commerce to Pasighat Municipality. DIPRO




MLA seeks people’s support for development of capital city

ITANAGAR, Jan 25: Parliamentary Secretary Techi Kaso sought whole-hearted support and cooperation from the capital dwellers in developmental activities.

Attending the BJP City Unit executive body meeting at Siddhartha hall here on Wednesday, the local MLA stated that a lot has to be done to make the capital city a better place to live. Kaso exhorted the party cadres and workers to take care of cleanness and hygiene in their respective places to successfully compete in the Smart City race.

Among others, former MLA Kipa Babu, former Minister Dr. Tangor Tapak, vice president Kenyir Ringu, party's capital unit president Tarh Soping, State Secretary Nich Doni, City BJYM president Kipa Loglo also addressed the meeting.

Various political and social resolutions were adopted to further strengthen the party organization.




National Voters Day celebrated across state

ITANAGAR, Jan 25: The Seventh National Voters Day(NVD) was celebrated in entire Arunachal Pradesh.

The state level function was organised at Rono Auditorium, Doimukh by Chief Electoral Officer's Office and District Electoral Officer, Papum Pare. Gaonburas, school students participated in the function. Tajom Taloh, Chairman, Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission attended the function.

Chief Electoral Officer Kaling Tayeng informed that main theme this year of NVD celebration was "Empowering young and future voters". He also highlighted about the achievements made by the election machinery in increasing the EPIC ratio, Gender Ratio, Armed forces voting through ETPBS, encouraging 18+ years' voters, EP Ratio etc in the state. In 2017 revision, a total of 18242, 18+ electors were included and EPIC coverage is 99.89%. All polling stations are covered by Google Map. Election machinery is also trying to provide BMF in cent percent polling stations. The work for replacement of old EPIC to new PVC Card has already started across the state, shared CEO Tayeng. He appealed everyone to come forward to replace the old system with new one and sought cooperation from all corners.

In the inaugural speech, APPSC Chairman Tajam Taloh made an appeal to the fellow citizens of the state to uphold the responsibility to strengthen the democratic system. Without following the prescribed laws democratic system cannot be strengthened. Hence people should not get multiple entries in the electoral rolls, he added.

For the first time,   Election Commission organized   a drawing   competition   across the nation.

Nyoakcha Mesia and Renamlu Tayang stood 1st and 2nd respectively in Arunachal. Both were awarded cash prizes and a memento. Prizes were also given to district level winners. Best BLO award were also given while the GBs were felicitated on the occasion for their contribution towards successful conduct of NVD function. The recorded message from CEC Dr. Nasim Zaidi was also played during the function. DEO Papum Pare Tai Kaye also spoke on the occasion.

At BOMDILA: The seventh National Voters Day (NVD) was celebrated on Wednesday at district headquarters Bomdila and also at all the other ERO and AERO headquarters of the district.

Speaking on the occasion, MLA Japu Deru urged the people to exercise their right to vote. He also opined that, had the NVD been introduced earlier, the level of awareness and participation among the young and future voters would have been higher.

Underscoring the importance of the day, Deputy Commissioner cum District Election Officer Sonal Swaroop said that a qualified voter needs to get enrolled and cast his or her vote in a logical and conclusive manner so as to elect the right and genuine candidate. The voters define and determine the future of a nation, she added.

Earlier, resource person Assistant Professor Nima Dodum from Government College Bomdila, dealt at length on 'Empowering young and future voters' and reiterated on full participation for a vibrant democracy.

The DEO administered the NVD pledge and felicitated the senior most voters of the district headquarter. She also distributed the new PVC EPIC to the newly enrolled voters and gave away the prizes to the winners of the drawing competition conducted to commemorate the seventh NVD celebration.

Among others i/c ADC cum ERO Sang Khandu, CO cum AERO T Mitkong and students of Government Higher Secondary School Bomdila spoke on topics like 'Every vote counts', 'Matdaan ka Mahatva' and 'why I should vote' respectively.

At Roing:  With the theme "Empowering young and Future Voters," the 7th National Voter's Day was celebrated at Anchal Samithy Hall.  Two students namely Hiinyo Opi and Vinay Limbu were Chief Guest and Guest of honour of the occasion respectively.  The programme was attended by Additional Deputy Commissioner Chesta Yadav, CO (Election)Dr. Mary N. Taloh, , HoDs/ EROs/ AEROs/ Admin Officers/ School Principals/ NGOs/ BLOs and officials.

Speaking on occasion, DC-cum- DEO Deepak Shinde called for mass participation in disseminating message on voters' rights and responsibilities. He informed that idea behind choosing students as Chief Guest and Guest of Honour for the event was to create more awareness among the young and eligible and future voters. He urged all the students and youths who have completed 18 years to get registered themselves in electoral roll and apprised the other future voters  for active participation. He also informed that apart from felicitation to the voters, BLOs has been given awards this year to recognized their dedicated works and efforts in the whole election process.

Certificates along with cash Prizes were also distributed to the winners of drawing and essay competition. The other attraction of the day was cultural items presentation by students of Govt Higher Secondary School & VKV School Roing and Skit play by Intaya Public School, Roing on do's and don'ts during election time.

At Aalo: The 7th National Voters' Day was celebrated in a befitting manner at Aalo Club on Wednesday.  Gracing the occasion DC cum DEO Gamli Padu said that the day is celebrated every year to empower the youths and future voters of the nation. He exhorted all young voters to take part in such exercise. DC also felicitated newly enrolled voter with distribution of Election I Card and gave away prizes for painting competition.

CO (Election) Lijum Ete gave a detailed deliberation on guideline of ECI through Power Point Presentation.  EAC Liyi Bagra and CO Murniya Kakki gave useful tips to the young voters on enrolment. The message of the Chief Election Commissioner of India was displayed and National Voters' Day Pledge was also administered to the participants on the occasion.

Till filing of this report, reports of celebration of the day have been received from Ziro (Lower Subansiri), Anini (Dibang Valley), Hawai (Anjaw), Changlang (Changlang), Daporijo (Upper Subansiri), Namsai (Namsai), Bomdila (West Kameng) and Seppa (East Kameng), Tawang  (Tawang) and Pasighat (East Siang).

The DEOs of the respective districts enlightened the new voters on the importance of participating in the political process as well as the Election Commission of India's objective to celebrate January 25 as the National Voters Day on its foundation day.

The new voters were also felicitated on the occasion. DIPROs




Jeli Kayi--A singing star in the musical firmament

[ Denhang Bosai ]

What a huge and drastic metamorphosis indeed for the young singing sensation from Arunachal Pradesh Jeli Kayi from performing in small parties, picnics, private parties and other sundry shows to performing on the big stage in front of thousands of live audiences and millions of TV viewers as one of the Top Ten performers in the Season-9 of the popular TV show the Indian Idol.

The musical talent show is being judged by out and out professional singers like Sonu Nigam and Anu Malik who can pin-point the slightest technical flaw or aberration in singing. So, the competition is indeed really tough and only those who are technically sound having good musical training backgrounds can dare to participate. Many may think that yours truly is writing about Jeli Kayi after the singer being in the national limelight.

But the fact of the matter is that I have known this wonder boy ever since the Voice of Arunachal was held in the state capital, Itanagar in which Kayi emerged as one of the Top Three performers. Since then I have been following the career graph of this young singer. If he is reading this, I may be permitted to add that this is my small tribute to the indomitable spirit and inherent singing talent of Jeli Kayi who lovingly addresses me as Achi (elder brother). I fondly remember that in the midst of the Voice of Arunachal contest, we invited Jeli Kayi as a star performer to perform at Khonsa during a charity music show organized in aids of my nephew Sanwang Hosai who was also one of the participants in the Voice of Arunachal. Even then he impressed everyone with his extraordinary singing, especially his ability to sing in both male and female voice simultaneously.

Jeli Kayi crossed hills and valleys to reach Mumbai by dint of his sheer hardwork and his unwavering determination.

He comes from a humble backround that everybody knows. Born in a sleepy and non-descript village in Liromoba in West Siang district the 26 years old Jeli Kayi had  great fascination and love for music since the age of 8. He had no scopes, no guides and no musical ambience to pursue his first love; music in a remote village like Liromoba. After doing his early education at Liromoba and Kamba Kayi eventually completed his graduation from the Dera Natung Government College, Itanagar.

His stay in the state capital proved to be a boon for the aspiring singer because he got the much-needed exposure through singing competitions and talent hunt contests. Rest as they say is history. Today, Jeli Kayi is a household name not only in the North-East but in the whole country. He has by dint of his strong determination and perseverance established himself as the musical Ambassador of our state Arunachal Pradesh that has produced many sportspersons and achievers in different fields. Jeli Kayi has made the state proud by performing wonderfully well at a national level music show which is being closely followed by millions the entire world over.

People like Jeli Kayi build bridges between people's heart and mind through the universal language of music which is understood loud and clear by all. Talented singers and performing art artistes like Kayi can even change the mindset and misconceptions some fellow Indians living in the metros harbour against the people of the North-East.

The other young people of our state should strive to emulate the shining example set by Jeli Kayi to prove their worth to the fellow Indians who often despise and ridicule the North-East people. Win over people with love and by doing exceptionally well in your chosen field. Hardwork is the only mantra.

There is absolutely no short cut to success and glory. As the winners in talent contests are finally decided by the votes of the viewers, the people of the state should spare no effort and leave no levity to ensure the victory of their favourite son Jeli Kayi in the mega programme the Indian Idol.

The state government is always ready and willing to help all the young talents of the state, be it in sports, academics, dance or music. Apart from the government, the NGOs, organizations and individuals must come forward to help their pride Jeli Kayi to win the coveted title. Thanks to the stupendous success of Jeli Kayi in the national show, the Indian Idol, we can walk with our heads held high. Arunachal Pradesh should be known for all the right reasons and not the wrong reasons. (The writer is Deputy Director, IPR)




National Tourism Day

ITANAGAR, Jan 25: The Department of Tourism Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh joined the nation in celebrating the National Tourism Day on Wednesday in a befitting manner.  The Department conducted a cleanliness drive in the premises of its Directorate office involving its staff and officials.

Director Tourism Karma Leki highlighted the significance of the day and requested all participants to do their part to maintain a clean and green Arunachal Pradesh.




AAPLU seeks separate plot

ITANAGAR, Jan 25:  All Arunachal Pradesh Labour Union (AAPLU) sought for issue of separate plot of land for multi-disciplinary training centre of Arunachal Pradesh Seva Sangh certified by Khadi and Village Industries Commission. In a letter addressed to Chief Minister, AAPLU stated that the current centre which is functioning at Midpu under Doimukh is facing space constraint due to transfer of plot to Govt College Doimukh under Higher Education Department.

 The multi-disciplinary training centre has the distinction of providing various vocational trainings to local educated unemployed youths, however, with the  displacement of training centre, the fate of employees is at stake, added the union.  It further asked the CM to immediately look into the matter.




CM congrats Gamlin, Leta

ITANAGAR, Jan 25: The Chief Minister has congratulated Major General Jarken Gamlin for being conferred the prestigious Ati Vishisht Seva Medal (AVSM) on occasion of country's 68th Republic Day.

Gamlin is currently posted as GOC, Kilo Force in Jammu and Kashmir.

In a statement here this evening, Pema said that Gamlin has always been pride of the state and this fresh achievement has just added another feathers to his already decorated cap.

"Conferment of AVSM is a proud moment in the life of a soldier. We cherish this achievement with the same pride as that of Major General Gamlin and his family. Arunachal Pradesh is lucky to have a worthy son," Pema said.

The Chief Minister expressed the hope that Gamlin would achieve more milestones in his stupendous career in the Indian Army.

"Arunachalees are known for their patriotism and Gamlin is the brightest example," the CM added.

Chief Minister Pema Khandu on Wednesday also congratulated Major Dorjee Leta for being awarded with Sena Medal, a gallantry award for his courageous act during "Operation Dardpura" on 29 January 2016.

Appreciating his bravery, Pema said that Arunachal Pradesh is proud of producing such a brave son, who displayed exemplary bravery while guarding the nation.

"Given the opportunity, youths from the state have all the potentials to prove their mettle in any given field", he added.




Computer skill development training commences

ITANAGAR, Jan 25: A 42 days skill development training on computer Desktop Publishing Activities organized by Rural Development and Heritage Society (Sangram) started at Yachuli in Lower Subansiri on January 22.

The training programme has been sponsored by Itanagar branch of Small Industry Development Bank of India (SIDBI).

Thirty 30 unemployed youth and women from various SHGs are attending the training.

The inaugural programme was attended by Itanagar Branch Manager of SIDBI as resource person.

Among others Joram Boke, CRC Pistana and Social activist and former women commission member Joram Yajum also attended the inaugural function.

Chairman of Rural Development and Heritage Society Tamchi Niania highlighted the course contents.




Siang unit DPYK meet held

ITANAGAR, Jan 25: The first ever coordination meeting of Donyi Polo Yelam Kebang (DPYK) of Siang district was held at Pessing village on Tuesday.

Over 300 delegates from all the Ganggings within Siang district attended the meeting.

Siang district DPYK president Karmur Jerang, who chaired the meeting on Wednesday, called for protection and preservation of indigenous faith culture for identity.

He exhorted the younger generation to intensify Donyi-Poloism movement in every nook and corner of the state.

The meeting on January 24 was presided over by Secretary General, Central DPYK (Pasighat) Tajom Tasung.




Health check up camp at DRC office

ITANAGAR, Jan 25: A team of super specialist doctors and medical staff from Narayan Hospital, Kolkata  has organized a one-day free health check up camp for the staff and officers of Government of Arunachal Pradesh stationed at Kolkata in the office complex of the Deputy Resident Commissioner (DRC),  Salt Lake in Kolkata on Wednesday.

Altogether 45 patients were checked up for preventive treatment, particularly for cardiac related complexities by the Super Specialist team.

Earlier, after inaugurating the health check up camp, DRC S Nath lauded the yeoman service rendered by Narayan Hospital's doctors.



AAPETA refutes ATA allegation

ITANAGAR, Jan 25:   All Arunachal Pradesh Elementary Teachers Association (AAPETA) on Wednesday threw its weight behind its General Secretary stating that whatever demand made by GS, AAPETA is their demand.

Arunachal Teachers' Association (ATA) had in its statement condemned the demand for transfer of the Secretary Education by AAPETA and other organizations terming it totally based on self interest of the Gen. Secy. AAPETA whose promotion is under the scanner of Secy. Education.  Refuting the ATA statement, AAPETA claimed that allegation is baseless and unfounded.  The elementary teachers association had demanded transfer of Secretary Education alleging him of failing to resolve long-pending arrear issue of Assistant Teachers, Junior Teachers and Librarians since 1998 to 2013 etc.




Himalayan University gets award

ITANAGAR, Jan 25:    The Himalayan University of Itanagar has been awarded the best university of the year in East India during 2nd National Education Excellence Summit at International Centre, Goa recently, a release claimed.  The award was presented by Governor of Goa Mridula Sinha.  




AR awareness prog

ITANAGAR, Jan 25: Khonsa Battalion of Assam Rifles conducted awareness Program across Tirap and Longding on  “terrorism and its ill effects on future generation”, "prevention of spreading of aids", "career counseling session for joining armed forces", "health and hygiene", "ill-effects of drug usage including illicit drug trafficking" and "advantages of road connectivity".

The program was conducted from Jan 20-24 at Laju, Noglo, Khonsa, Wakka, Deomali and Konsa.





ITANAGAR, Jan 25:  Nabam Welfare Society (NWS) condoled the death of Nabam Pueen, daughter of NWS' Seijosa unit chairman Tadap Nabam in New Delhi in the intervening night of January 20 and 21.

While conveying its heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family, the Society prayed to almighty to rest her departed soul in peace and also give strength to the family to withstand the tragedy.

The Society acknowledged the help extended by NGO "Helping Hands", who made all arrangements under the guidance of Joint Commissioner of Delhi Police Robin Hibu in lifting the body of the deceased up to Guwahati.

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Fate of NEDA remains unknown

The fate of North East Democratic Alliance (NEDA) in Arunachal remains unknown as the former allies PPA and BJP are engaged in a bitter war of words. NEDA which comprises of 11 regional parties of North East was launched by BJP to unite the anti-Congress parties. Party President Amit Shah took personal interest in the launch of NEDA. It was seen as one big grouping to oust Congress from the region. However things have gone wayward and existence of NEDA itself is now questionable.

In Arunachal amid much hype, PPA and BJP formed alliance under NEDA. Rebel Congress MLAs lead by Chief Minister Pema Khandu joined PPA and became part of NEDA. It's Convernor and powerful minister of BJP government in Assam Himanta Biswa Sharma even attended NEDA meeting in Itanagar. Everything looked cozy until rebellion broke out against Khandu's leadership. PPA alleged BJP of luring their MLAs. Ultimately MLAs led by CM joined BJP proving the PPA's allegation true. Since then both the parties have engaged in bitter fight leveling several allegations each other. It looks like NEDA is having premature death in Arunachal. One will have to wait and watch to see how it unfolds in rest of the North East.






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Due honour

Dear Editor,

On this Republic Day, we must answer if we are giving due honour to our Constitution. When a education minister of a state assembly made cows discharge oxygen to treat our cough and cold, a question might be asked if he himself was discharging his Fundamental Duty "to develop the scientific temper", as enshrined in Article 51A(h) of the Constitution of India. If not, then what was about his oath that he "will bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India" ~ which he had taken as a minister for a State as per the Third Schedule (V) of our Constitution?


Sujit De, Kolkata




Libraries and quality education

Dear Editor,

It is a very positive step that our government is initiating towards the uplift of higher education in the state. Today, the government has successfully established quality Degree College in almost all the districts of Arunachal Pradesh. Though it is well appreciated for the mushrooming of these new colleges, it has failed in providing various services to the students other than the "mere bookish education". Of course. We cannot rush to see perfection within few years of its inception, it will take time to fully stand with proper facilities and equip itself. But owing to the needs of the students, there are certain necessities without which it is impossible for any education system to run at a minimum pace. One such element is the library. Library is regarded as the "heart and soul" of any education system; it is a place where collection of books or other forms of information are stored for the benefit of the students as well as the entire faculty of the college.

However, when we look at the present scenario of libraries in most of the colleges of our state, it is only fair to highlight the sorry state of affair that we face with college libraries. Today, it fails miserably in providing what it needs to provide to the students. To mention a few, students of these colleges are solely dependent on the limited notes of their teachers because the libraries don’t provide any service to them. And as a result of this, the students become mere 'dummies', being spoon fed by their teachers. The students have no room to explore or acquire new knowledge other than their teachers' notes. Another aspect is the lack of quality book stores in our state that would provide authentic and quality books to the needy students according to their academic syllabus. But in most of the book stalls, we mostly find cheap guide books with endless typo logical errors as well as misleading information. And as result, it hampers the overall achievement of the students. If only there are proper and well equipped libraries in the colleges today, the students wouldn't face the problem of inadequate information or face failure.

If we access the college students of today, there is an endless thirst and hunger for knowledge and healthy competitive spirit among them, but the lack of library in the college limits their thinking and their quest for knowledge ceases. And since there are no library facilities, they fail to even achieve academically and are lack behind other students and fail to compete with the students of other states as well.

Library, being the center of education, should not be ignored in any way. It should be well established in all the colleges because it is the gateway of knowledge and one should not forget that formal education is not the only thing that a student needs to excel. No doubt, formal education alone or say, 'prepared notes' of the teachers will enable a student to fetch good marks in his academic fields. But it is only through extensive reading that a student is able to acquire in-depth knowledge of a particular subject and enhances his capabilities in various fields. And it is only through his constant and consistent updates from books that develops his critical and analytical thinking to compete with the others outside of the four walls of his classroom. And such a service can be provided to the students only by a library.

A student may be the topper of his college but what good it is if he knows only the "prepared notes" of his teachers? What good it is if he only memorizes his lesson without even formulating his own viewpoints and suggestions? If our state doesn't stop producing such college students, who are just puppets, we can see how dangerous our future looks. In order to prepare the students to compete socially, scoring 100% marks is not the solution. We should prepare the students in such a way that he know the abc's as well as the xyz's, and establishing a well equipped library in the college is the foremost step that we should undertake. A student may not have the luxury to buy books online or even update his knowledge through the internet, but having a library in his college will always be a priceless benefit to him and mould himself in competing with the rest of the others.

It should be brought to everyone's knowledge that the state needs less of good marks and percentage and more of knowledgeable students. And producing such students is possible with the setting up of good library in the grass root level, that is, in colleges. As mentioned, establishing a fully equipped library will take time but it is also not impossible to start.

Therefore, the government and the concerned department should properly check the importance of college libraries and focus its attention towards the establishing of library facilities and producing powerful and dynamic students to compete with the rest of the country.


Lobom Lida Tamin

Central Library

Rajiv Gandhi University





Railways need systemic overhaul

Dear Editor,

This refers to your editorial “Railway security matter of concern” (Jan 23). The increasing number of train accidents is alarming and is also a symptom of the rot within. These are needless deaths, which happen only in India which is really disgusting. In order to prevent the recurrence of such mishaps, the modernisation of safety equipment, the maintenance of track and signals, the re-training and fitness of the staff, especially drivers, their assistants, guards, and those at the stations  need to be improved. Every year we introduce new trains without improving the infrastructure. It has become routine for the Railway Ministers and officials to rush to the scene of accident, express their sorrow and opinion for its cause, announce ex-gratia payments to the victims' families and initiate an inquiry, and there ends the matter.

It is clear that the phenomenal advance in modern technology has not led to the upgradation of safety to the desired extent. It is only the common man who has to pay the price for all this with his life. It is time for a systemic overhaul, including safety measures, on a war footing.


Vinod C. Dixit






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