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July  - 03


Preliminary exercise for municipal elections

SUDA governing body meet

ITANAGAR, July 2: The long delayed Municipal elections for urban centres could be a possibility soon as the  12th governing body meeting of the state Urban Development Agency (SUDA) today adopted resolution to be ready for municipal election in notified urban centre in the state.

The SUDA governing body meeting resolved that the District Urban Development Agencies (DUDAs) shall carry out preliminary exercise  for conducting survey within notified urban centres to be in a “ready mode” to conduct municipal election as and when decided by the Govt.

In one of the its resolutions taken, the house also  decided to implement the cabinet decision of collecting civic charges from private buildings. However, the respective DUDAs have been empowered to examine the rate of civic charge,  submit proposal for revision of rate if any to the Govt for consideration.

The house resolved that DUDAs shall submit the status of revenue collection from assets created to SUDA and 50 per cent of the revenue generated by DUDA shall be submitted to SUDA for proposing the amount as 10 per cent state matching share for proper and judicious implementation of SJSRY.

It was also decided to take up the outstanding issue of HUDCO funded projects on priority for affective decision of the Govt.

Earlier, presiding over the meeting, UD Minister cum SUDA chairman Nabam Tuki stressed on need based proposals.  Lamenting over the condition of drainage system in urban centres, he asked the officers to prepare and submit projects on drainage network, sewerage system, parking lots, and beautification of towns.

The parliamentary secretary (UD) Thangwang Wangham advised the members present to have a broader view on developing towns and cities of the state. He requested the DCs to be careful in allotting the land and give due importance to town planning process.  He said, the nation building starts from family. If each family takes care of its surroundings, the state and country will automatically improve and develop.

UD secretary Kapa Kholie requested the DUDAs to submit UC and PR schemes in time. He also requested the UD Minister and Parliamentary secretary to take up the issue of state matching share with finance and planning department.

Deputy Director cum PO (SJSRY) J Basar made a power point presentation on revamped guidelines of SJSRY, while deputy director  (UD) Himmer Ete, made a power point presentation  on issues related to status of HUDCO funded project. CE cum-director UD Taba Tedir presented the action taken report of 11th GB meeting and submitted new proposal which was approved in the meeting.

Among others all the SUDA members and DUDA chairman cum DC from eight districts along with deputy directors UD took part in it.


State Women commission appeals for more funds

Staff reporter

ITANAGAR, July 2: Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for Women (APSCW) has called on the state government for allocation of more funds.

The APSCW chairperson, Komoli Mossang made this appeal at a press conference at Itanagar today.

On the completion of two years of the tenure of the present Commission, she informed that most of the cases do not reach to the Commission and urged the district administration to handle the cases relating to women efficiently.

While, appealing to the government to give proper direction to the district administration, Mossang said that when the victims approach the district administration, the cases are sent back to traditional courts.

APSCW Vice-chairperson, Tadar Mepung highlighting about the child marriage said that child and forced marriage, and domestic violence are some of the most difficult cases to dispose. She informed that the Commission has received highest child marriage cases from Kurung Kumey district so far.

Mepung also said that the state has only one short stay home for the destitute women and urged the government to come up with more such homes with provisions of vocational training. She further added that the Commission is undertaking an educational analysis on school drop-out of girls at Kurung Kumey district as it has the second lowest literacy rate.

Few victims of child marriages from different district who are presently residing at a rehabilitation centre at the Oju Welfare Society (OWS) shared their stories with the media.

One of the victims from Yangtze, a 12 years old girl said that she was sold off as a second wife by her own maternal uncle. But she ran off when her husband, who was a casual worker, had gone out to work.

According to information provided by the Commission, it received as many cases as 574 cases, of which 30-40 cases were solved while 231 referred to the DCs. Rest of the cases are being looked into.



Stage set for Dree, Bhuria to join festivities at Ziro

Yachang Tacho

ZIRO, July 2: As the Dree festival is at the threshold, finishing touches are being given. Rehearsal and finalization of component for Pree and Daminda which are inseparable part of Dree celebration has also been completed.

Highest numbers of participants ever recorded are taking part this year with 566 participants in daminda, according to Michi N Shalla, secretary culture affairs, CDFC. The participants are mostly school children, members from various NGOs, likeminded groups. They will showcase their traditional dresses while presenting the most popular dances.

The other activities like decoration of Dree ground, is also near completion in both central Dree ground Old Ziro and Hong Dree at Hanoko. It is also reported that preparations are going on in full swing in many parts of the state even outside where people of Apatani reside.

To avert traffic problem on July 5-6 at Central Dree ground, Old Ziro, necessary arrangement have been made with no vehicle parking or stoppages along the Highway from Paph to Old Ziro.

ATNS adds: Union Minister for Tribal Affairs Kanti Lal Bhuria would attend the Dree festival celebration as Chief Guest at Ziro on July 5.

Parliamentary Secretary, Environment and Forest Kumar Waii has consented to attend the Dree festival celebration at Banderdewa as Chief Guest on July 05. Apart from Apatanis, Adi, Nyishi and Tagin communities will display cultural programmes on the occasion.

MLA Nabam Rebia and ZPM Bamang Yayu would attend the Dree festival celebration at Kimin as Chief Guest and Guest of Honour on July 05 respectively.

West Kameng Dree

Arunachal Pradesh State Pollution Control Board chairman and Rupa-Kalakthang MLA Tenzing Norbu and West Kameng deputy commissioner Rinchin Tashi would attend the Dree festival on 5th July as chief guest and guest of honour respectively. Meanwhile, several competitive events including traditional games and sports and cultural events have been organized to make the festival more colorful, according to festival organizing chairman DMO Dani Duri and general secretary Kuru Ruja.


State writes to civil aviation ministry

ITANAGAR, July 2:  The State government has taken up with the Union Civil Aviation Ministry for providing Air craft immediately for dispatching ration sorties in the flood and landslide affected areas including Anini.  Once the aircraft is made available, supply of ration to flood affected districts will be intensified.

The state Chief Secretary has informed this to a delegation of CoSAAP when they called on the former yesterday regarding the immediate supply of ration at Anini, according to a Federation release.

The chief secretary further informed the delegation that state Govt had already approved nine ration sorties for Anini and ration items are being dropped despite inclement weather. However, due to small size of the copter it is not possible to drop huge quantity of ration at a time,  the release said.

During the discussion, the CoSAAP delegation comprising of its president and general secretary besides federation’s Dibang Valley unit president has  suggested for constitution of a special monitoring committee for Anini and other flood affected districts for judicious use of relief package.

The CoSAAP said the monitoring authorities should be constituted with civil aviation, flood and civil supply, health and family welfare departments and district administrations. It further suggested that the higher authorities should also liaise with the departments regularly to   minimize the  sufferings and agony of the flood affected people including Govt servants.

Govt should take a lesson from  the  this monsoon related problems and arrange relief materials well in advance in flood and landslide prone areas, CoSAAP said and suggested that the district administration  should not allow the Govt servants to leave the place of posting during such calamity.

Meanwhile, CoSAAP appealed the Govt servants including HoDs to remain in the respective posting places and cooperate with the administration in mitigating the suffering of the people of flood affected districts.


Administration, PR leaders and Army rallies together to battle Anjaw flood

ITANAGAR, July 2: Along with Dibang Valley and other parts of the state, Anjaw has been battered by rain for the last three months. To meet the challenges, District Administration with the relief rehabilitation and disaster management branch in coordination with the Army, head of the departments, PRI members, and representatives of JAK Rifles decided to work together.

A coordination meeting on disaster management was held at Hayuliang on June 28 defying the torrential rainfall.

While speaking on the occasion Deputy Commissioner Anjaw C.S. Jeinow highlighted the present situation of the district and directed all the HoDs and PRI members to involve in the disaster management activities with the district relief, rehabilitation and disaster management department and urge upon all the concerned to provide maximum support and essential services like water supply, electricity, PDS items , health, transport and telecommunication to the affected people of Anjaw District, He also requested all the HoDs to submit the detail flood damaged reports as soon as the roads to the blocked circles are opened .

Chairperson Zilla  Parishad Anjaw Boglelum Tega emphasized on the early restoration  of basic amenities and services and requested the District Administration to look into the interior villages where the actual damages had occurred. He expressed that the District administration with the State Govt. will certainly hear their grievances and accordingly relief packages will be provided to the victims.

District Relief and Rehabilitation Officer, Sohapso Tayang presented the preliminary consolidated flood damage report received from the concerned departments and administrative circles of the district. He informed that the Govt. had approved eighteen (18) ration sorties to Anjaw district till date and interim relief assistance has been granted to some of the victims of flash flood and landslide. Further he informed that due to the disruption of road communication the flood damage reports have not been received from some parts of the district.

While continuing the meeting Field Officer Disaster Management Programme (DRM) Anjaw, Terge Sora talked about the districts hazard profile and relevance of disaster management in the district.


Change-makers in Arunachal

Dr. B.G. Mukhopadhyay

We are living in an age of unprecedented changes. The pace of changes is so fast that it sometimes overwhelms us. Who would have thought the demolition of Berlin Wall a few decades back? Who would have imagined that the current discourse of global power will move from West to East and Asia will be the center of attraction? Nobody would have ever thought of the collapse of major financial institutions in US and nationalization of the Banks and Financial Institutions through the route of conservatorship.  Joseph Stiglitz, the Nobel Laureate economist from University of Columbia has beautifully summed up the anarchy and chaos in the US financial market in his recent book ‘Freefall’.  The recent Greek tragedy and massive bail-out by IMF is well-known to all of us. The purpose of my article is not to analyze those global changes but to focus in our Arunachal where a new breed of social entrepreneurs are trying to make differences in the lives of people at the bottom of the pyramid. They are the new change-makers who are triggering changes from the bottom-up as against the top-driven changes of the formal organized sector. This new breed of change-makers have all the potentials to become a force to reckon with in future  to create a new social order.

Take the case of Nangbia Amar Dui who hails from a modest background and who has not even crossed the bar of matriculation examination. But this doesn’t become a constraining factor for Amar to mobilize his community through an NGO called ‘N. N. Charitable Trust’ for collective action in setting up Farmers Club, SHGs and organizing the local artisans for micro-enterprise activities. The initial barrier was stupendous. He did not have the resources to initiate collective action in his own area at Langper near Sagalee. By sheer hard work and perseverance, he learnt the tools and techniques of managing projects and he became well-versed with the rules of the game. Today, he has promoted 55 Self Help Groups and 26 Farmer Clubs in his area at Lower Subansiri and Papumpare District. He proudly proclaims that he has helped 120 farmers in getting Kisan Credit Cards from the local bank branches. He has been able to help the bank branches to recover their dues through his personal influence and trust in the community. Over a period of six years he has turned the tides and he has been linking the farmers to credit, technology and market through appropriate institutions.

Y. Yomngam is an educated young man with a number of diplomas and laurels to his credit in tourism and  hospitality management. Today he can be counted as one amongst the crowd who has taken lively interest in promoting adventure tourism amongst the upcoming youth in the State. He has taken enormous pain to collect all the stakeholders to sensitize them on the need for rural tourism, eco-tourism and adventure tourism in Arunachal. He has run from pillar to post to get the information, policy inputs to connect it with improving livelihood for the local community. Through his solo effort, he has mobilized the people, local officials in the Govt., tour operators to set up rural eco-tourism center near Ziro. For this, he has met officials in Sikkim, lobbied with the local Tourism Department and put forward his innovative proposal to the financing institution. The project will usher new horizon once it gets fully implemented. Yingkiong has proved literally the famous poem of Tagore’s   Ekla Chalo Re (go alone) and his Young Mission Adventure Club has lived upto its reputation.

Take the case of Paul Chawang  a post graduate in social work from Chennai. He was literally confused at one time as to what to do. “Should I join the Govt or not ?” was the big question for him. But he was deeply rooted in the local community and he was thoroughly disturbed at the sorry state of affairs for the drop-out youth and the unemployed in the area of Changlang. He was hell-bent to do something for the poor, downtrodden and the hapless men and women in his area. Paul has lots of ideas and he dreamt of translating those ideas. Today he has taken up his job in a missionary zeal to train the rural youth in different skills which can improve their livelihood in a significant manner. His Seva Kendra has challenged the status quo and proved to his community that things can be improved and people can look forward for a better future.

The story of Hari Biswas of National Youth Project is very different from the earlier ones. With a post graduate degree from the local university, he was looking for an avenue to do something in Arunachal being influenced by Gandhian ethos. From singing to community development, the journey of Hari Biswas  is full of interesting anecdotes. The marriage to a local Khamti girl and the commitment of husband and wife for building up a peaceful, harmonious society is absolutely mind-boggling. Today he manages the affairs of a National NGO in Arunachal quite professionally which has earned the admiration of all hues. The eminent Gandhian Dr. Subba Rao is all praise for his work at Arunachal

These are some illustrative, not exhaustive examples of new breed of social entrepreneurs who are making their forays in the landscape of Arunachal. These social entrepreneurs have fire in their bellies, dreams in their eyes and they are very much focused in their efforts for making differences in the lives of people who are at the bottom of the pyramid. When these new change-makers become a critical mass in the State, it will certainly trigger large scale change in our rural milieu for a better tomorrow. (The author is with NABARD, Arunachal Pradesh and the views are his own.)


APST need to be more  professional

Dear Editor,

With due respect to APST’s management skill and vast personal experience, May I, as a common citizen, make a few suggestions to improve the pathetic condition of our beloved APST.

I, as a responsible citizen of Arunachal, after spending about a decade outside state in places like Punjab, TN and Karnataka, firmly believe that our beloved state can also make commendable progress in state public transport department like all other states. These states have a very simple but efficient system that can generate a lot of revenue for the department and state exchequer. Sincerity and efficiency starts right from the top officers down to the bus staffs.  Enter a TNSTC/KSRTC/ Punjab roadways bus and it is maintained so well that it is hard to believe that it is govt. bus. Every passenger is given a ticket, even though it may be for a Rs 2.50 only. The passenger may not have chappal under his feet but he is conscious enough to stick out his hand for a ticket. Ticketing for every paise ensures that the money reaches the govt coffers and doesn’t go in the conductor’s pocket. Our city bus conductors almost never issue tickets. If asked for one, the usual answer is: stationary out of stock!!

Senior conductors get promoted to ticket inspectors who randomly but frequently check buses for ticketless travelers in bus stops and sometimes en-route also. If found guilty, the passengers as well as the conductor and driver are penalized on the spot. This system is non-existent in Arunachal. Each bus in all routes has a log book that has the details of tickets issued, distance covered, fuel refilled and emergency maintenance, if any. This is submitted with the station- master for inspection at the entry as well as exit of the buses at the bus stand. This system is also not heard in our land of khushi-khushi.

All these ensures adequate revenue collection by the govt. that are utilized for maintaining the buses, bus sheds, garages, ticketing system and paying the plethora of supporting staffs, which in turn reflect as excellent, punctual and enviable bus services with clean and well maintained bus stations and bus- sheds.


Obang, Itanagar

(on email)




Food for thought

Dear Madam,

The article "When Ane becomes mama and Apa is  papa" by Nani Kojin published in your esteemed daily on July 1 was really well researched and thought provoking. The concern raised in the article is not only valid for Apatanis, but for all the tribes of Arunachal. The need of the hour is to sensitize the matter to all section of society in right perspective. Contribution of NGOs in this matter will go a long way in preserving our mother tongue for posterity. In particular, social platforms like 'Indigenous Faith and Culture Society', 'Literary and Culture Society' should take the lead, for indigenous language is an integral part of indigenous faith, culture.

Preserve language to preserve culture, and preserve culture to preserve identity.


Hage Opo,

Itanagar.    (on email)



The bad road conditions

Dear Editor,


It was very sad to see the photographs of pot hole filled and damaged conditions of NH 52 A which is not only causing utter misery to the ordinary citizens of the Capital Complex but also makes the heads of the people bow low in shame when visitors from outside visits the State Capital. The sorry state of NH 52A and scary conditions of the sectoral roads has resulted into a number of vehicular accidents; some even resulting into the loss of young and precious lives.

After taking over the works from the BRTF, the conditions have become from smooth to bad to worse with passage of days and months. Whereas, in the neighbouring state of Assam, the drive through NH 52 is not only as good and smooth as was during the earlier times when BRTF was also looking after the works of NH 52, but also works of widening is seen.

Now the question of not only comparison of competence of the authorities concern comes up but also of the decision makers in the highest level is also to be compared with the counterparts of the neigbouring state which has long back shed the tag of Assam being a land of "Lahe-Lahe".

I sincerely urge upon the concern authorities and the decision makers to introspect within themselves and take up the cudgel for making the lives of the common citizen of the Capital Complex easier and not take up the discarded tag of Assam and make Arunachal Pradesh a land of "Lahe-Lahe".


A concerned citizen   

(on email)




Dear Editor,

Everybody wants to drive in good and smooth roads. But its is a dream for the people of twin capital, due to bad condition of the roads. It was bit better when the highway was maintaine by BRO. Now everywhere the roads are eroded and there are potholes, collection of water and growing of grasses on the road sides. So many people do not want to go out. Even the link road around capital complex is deteriorating. So, it is high time that the concern authority should take necessary action and maintain the roads before it goes complete damaged.


A citizen  




A blot in history

Dear Editor,

The recent incident of Nikte Secondary School leading to arrest of some students and closure of the hostel is the most unfortunate and disturbing news not only for the people of Ubu Bango but also for the former students who have seen the beauty of that school.

It is shameful for the teacher and students community of that area that the school once known for its academic excellence is now in the news for wrong reason.

The incident reflects the relationship between teachers and students.

What ever may have been the reason that led to the incident, it should be solved amicably and measures should be taken to ensure that such thing do not happen in future.


Dr Jego Ori

former student Nikte,

(on email)




Bad precedence

Dear Editor,

The recent news on assault on Doctor posted in one of the remotest place of India by the City Police Naharlagun is very disheartening for the public and other doctors of the state in particular.

A more mature officer on duty could have handled the case in a responsible way acceptable to both the parties and not in an impulsive way and creating a public nuisance.


A citizen (on email)

Doctor demanded

ITANAGAR, July 2: All Papum Pare District Students’ Union (APPDSU) and the ASM of Leporiang demanded the state government to make an alternative arrangement of a medical officer at Leporiang PHC in place of the present incumbent who has been recuperating from injury.

Both APPDSU and the ASM, in their release claimed that various communicable diseases are spreading rapidly within Leporiang area and people are suffering a lot for want of doctor. They feared that delay in posting of a doctor along with medicines would further aggravate the situation.

They also appealed to the government to send team of veterinary experts to Leporiang to tackle the reported spread of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) among Mithuns.


Ex-MLA praises police

ITANAGAR, July 2: Former Tali MLA Takam Sorang praised Arunachal Pradesh Police force, particularly RL Rana, OC in-charge Naharlagun Police Station and I.O M Geyi for arresting former Tali ASM for illegally possessing PHED pipes and misappropriating fund worth Rs 44 lakh sanctioned for construction of water project at Loa village under Tali circle.

"The water supply project was sanctioned at an estimated cost of 44 lakh during my tenure as MLA in 2008-09. But due to implementation of election model code of conduct the scheme could not be implemented on time, Sorang said. However, the scheme was implemented in March 2009-10. But sensing corruption in the implementation of the said scheme as revealed by contractors, the people of the area lodged an FIR with police which led to arrest of the ASM, he said.


Training on e-governance

Daporijo, July2: A week long Training Programme on Softwares AGMARKET, SARTHI,VAHAN and PAYROLL was conducted by the National Informatics Centre (NIC), Daporijo, Upper Subansiri district from June 28.

15 officers and officials were trained by Milan Lego, District Informatics Officer (DIO) and Pramod Kumar, Scientific Officer of NIC, Daporijo.

Training on AGMARKET, a software for data entry of market details for the district was provided to the participants from the District Agriculture Office, participants from the District Transport Office and TPT branch of the District Administration were given training on SARTHI and VAHAN and training on PAYROLL was given to the participants from Accounts Branch of the DA and RWD.

The DIO praising the enthusiastic response of the participants said that such periodic training was essential in order to keep up and in touch with the ever changing technological advances in this computer era. He also stated that the NIC of the district was cooperating with the DA and other departments in an effort to link up and computerize the operations in the district and make it at par with other areas of the state. (DIPRO)


Mobile repairing training

ITANAGAR, July 2: Jarkum and Yania Charitable Society is organising a 42 days training on Mobile Repairing for 25 trainees, sponsored by NABARD, Itanagar from July 5 at Vikas Parishad Conference Hall, Itanagar.

Deputy Commissioner, Capital Complex Dr. SB Depak Kumar has consented to inaugurate the training programme as Chief Guest.


Car awarded to performer

ITANAGAR, July 2: "Jiyo Aur Jine Do" (JAJD), a micro financing empowerment project, Itanagar has delivered the second "free car" to Nido Yajar of Tamin village, Raga for her outstanding performance in promoting micro saving in rural areas.

Veterinary officer, Daporijo Dr. P Reba handed over the car key to Yajar and appreciated JAJD for its innovative ideas.

JAJD project manager Tam Matum while explaining about the vision and mission of the organization appealed to join JAJD for economic empowerment, linking people to banking knowledge, promoting saving habits etc. Saving promoters from Pasighat, Likabali, Itanagar, Palin, Koloriang, Palin, Raga and Daporijo also participated.


Doctor’s day

PASIGHAT, July 2: The East Siang Doctors Association observed Doctors’ Day on 1st July at the General Hospital to pay homage to the founder of Indian Medical Council, the legendary Lt. Dr Bidhan Chandra Ray who known as a great physician, planner, administrator and mentor.

The hospital administration organized a seminar on Acute Abdomen which was presented by Dr. Bomni Tayeng (Surgical Specialist) and Dr. Jonny Darang (Gynecologist).

Besides cleanliness drive, the doctors also participated in plantation program in the hospital premises and the saplings were donated by the Senior Eye Specialist CHC Ruksin Dr. D. Pait.


TPYWS construct classroom

ITANAGAR, July 2: Totpu Panchayat Youth Welfare Society (TPYWS) constructed an MIBT classroom for Govt Residential School Totpu under Purang circle and cleaned the school football field on July 28 last. The social service was attended by panchayat leaders, GBs and HGBs, APCC secretary (Treasurer and public Grievances).

The society appreciated PWD Minister Nabam Tuki for giving patronage to the social service. It also praised Tuki for facilitating admission to many orphan children of his constituency at Donyi Polo Mission School, Sagalee.



Power cut at pick hours irks business community

ITANAGAR: In the recent times, Itanagar Township is experiencing frequent power cut, especially during pick hours, due to load shedding.

Irregular power supply has not only brought day-to-day life of common people to a standstill but also encouraging anti-social elements to commit petty crimes like burglary, house breaking and snatching of valuable items taking the chance of darkness, claimed Itanagar Market Welfare Association (IMWA).

It is surprising to note that Arunachal Pradesh claimed to be the Asia’s biggest power house in-the-making is facing acute power shortage, IMWA said. It appealed to the authorities concerned to provide street lighting facilities in market areas of Itanagar Township.


Road safety cell organizes training for drivers

ITANAGAR: Road Safety Cell PHQ, Itanagar organized a training for government drivers on save driving at Conference Hall of PHQ today.

Inspector KVG Pillai of Road safety Cell along with road safety education team demonstrated the list of road accidents, persons killed or injured and other statistics in respect of Arunachal Pradesh, traffic education, safe and defensive driving through power-point presentations. Constables Take Sorang and G Gamlin demonstrated hand signal to the participants.

During interaction programmes, the participating drivers rued lack of footpath, alternative routes for heavy vehicles and urged authorities concerned for construction of the same. They also appealed to the police to bring under control the unruly motorcycle riders along with noisy horns and establish traffic point at entry and exit points of RKM Hospital to control vehicular traffic.

Twenty drivers from various government departments attended the training.


Seven to take part at ITBP prog

TEZU: As a part of national integration under Defence Civil Action Program, ITBP is sponsoring educational tour to seven students of IGG collage Tezu . The college union secretary Shavim Mam and Advisor Marto Dirchi have short listed seven students on merit basis from various streams. The students will take part in the national integration camp for personality developments besides meeting President of India and other High profile leaders of the country and visit historical places of India.



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