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Citizens need to know the facts: Gamlin reacts

ITANAGAR, July 28: Home Minister Jarbom Gamlin today came out with a press statement after a spate of bandh calls given by AAPSU demanding his ouster. “While I do not want to clarify any or all of the issues raised, I feel that the people of the state deserve a better deal - where they should know facts as they really are, and not as they are made out to be” the Home Minister said.

As a former member of the AAPSU, and as its one-time President, I am anguished at the level to what the organisation has come to today, when bandh calls are announced without even a verification of facts and circumstances. It only validates my fear that this new phase of the agitation is motivated and driven by personal considerations, perhaps beyond the organisation’s own.

At some level, I am convinced that this latest bout of allegations and bandhs is motivated by interests beyond that of our student body as the issues raised are not new and seems to have been raked up from the past. It is interesting that other issues on which the AAPSU have raised concern recently, like the repatriation of officers of the education department back from deputation have now taken a back seat, he said.

“On request of the family of Late Wangcha Rajkumar, the state government has handed over the investigations to the CBI and the Agency has been conducting its own inquiry and following leads that have emerged. Technically, once a case is handed over to the CBI (which is a Central Govt. agency) the state has no say in the matter. However, we have been actively following developments in the case and monitoring the progress made and indeed the progress is quite satisfactory. Once the investigations are completed and the CBI hands over the report to us, we will immediately make it public, as we have always said we would. What the AAPSU or any other organisation or individual must understand is that we are equally or perhaps, even more concerned about the case- Wangcha Rajkumar was a very valuable member of our community and we need to know the truth about his assassination just as much as anyone else does”.

On a personal note, Wangcha had been very close to me and we have been more family than colleagues. The allegations that I neglected the case are extremely hurtful, he added.

Yes, it is a fact that some kidnappings have taken place in the recent past. But it must be noted that all other cases of crime in the state have been solved and arrests made because of the hard work and efforts put in by the Department.

On Extortion Notices and Militancy, he said, “We must understand that militancy in Arunachal is not home grown; all of us here- the government, the people, the AAPSU are all victims of this menace. As Arunachalis, we must first understand and recognise this fact. Yes, as a people’s government, we have responsibilities to shield our citizens from this threat and with due credit, our Home department and our police personnel have been doing their part.  But this is too large a problem for us to tackle on our own. We have apprised and requested the Central government to increase our operational forces, and to equip our police better to combat the insurgency. But, obviously this will take time. It would be unfair to place the blame entirely on one individual and say that he alone is responsible for the issue”.

On Arunachal-Assam Border Issue, Gamlin said that “we must recognise that this is not the problem of one people alone. It involves 2 independent states having claims over the areas for a long time. The matter is subjudice in the Supreme Court and it would not be appropriate for any one of us to comment on it now. But at the same time, I would like to point out that there have been efforts by our govt to maintain the status quo and to give a sense of calm in the areas affected. As a matter of fact, I myself have attended a specially convened meeting at Guwahati last year precisely on this issue. The Assam Minister for Border Areas, Gautam Roy was there and we were able to come to some agreements and protocols. But we must give it time- Assam and Arunachal have had this strained relationship over the boundary for a very long time and we are confident that as 2 sisters of the northeast, nothing is beyond dialogue”.

On Union’s allegation of his absenteeism, the Minister said “this is one point in the AAPSU list that has really pained me the most. The AAPSU leadership, in particular its President, is fully aware that my wife has been in a coma since January 2008. Because of my family responsibilities, I have had to go to Delhi for her treatment quite often. But even then, my colleagues in the government will vouch that I have never missed any cabinet meeting or let my office work lag behind. At a personal level, I am hurt that a responsible and apex organisation like the AAPSU chose to make my personal pain into a political pressure point”.

“I appeal to the AAPSU leadership as well as the cadres to re-look at their commitment to the AAPSU charter and ensure that this great organisation lives up to the ideals with which it was created- to pursue the interests of the student community”, he added.


CM attends yet another up gradation prog

BORDUMSA/CHONGKHAM July 28: Bordumsa under Changlang District gets an Independent ADC headquarter while Chongkham under Lohit district gets an EAC headquarter status. Despite heavy downpour and inclement weather condition Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu on his mission to bring the civil administration to the doorsteps of the common masses inaugurated both the administrative headquarters in separate functions at Bordumsa and Chongkham today.

“Strict monitoring of all the central as well as state programmes is the only mantra for a watershed development of this landlocked Himalayan State of Arunachal Pradesh”, asserted Khandu while dwelling in length on the initiatives taken up by his government on all round development.

He was emphasising for the need of judicious utilisation of development fund for definite progress of the state. “Commendation from the Union Planning Commission to the state government for judiciously executing various central sponsored schemes is testimony to the quality of work ensured by my government”, he revealed.  He further informed the gathering that Arunachal Pradesh has become an exemplar for other states in implementing developmental schemes as highlighted by the centre on various occasions. He strongly advocated for maintaining the legacy.

Khandu on responding to various public memorandums at Chongkham and Bordumsa assured to address their grievances on need based basis.

While informing the gathering about the benefits of independent administrative headquarters, Khandu also gave light on the job opportunities that would generate after the up-gradation. He appealed the mass to extend full cooperation to the government machinery for ensuring healthy governance.

The chief minister specifically alarmed the people of Changlang and Lohit district over the evil menace of drug addiction. He said, instead of ruining ones life indulging in drug addiction, the people of these blessed land should materialise it for economic sustenance. He urged the civil societies and elders to guide the misled youths to shun violence and drug addiction so that they could come back to the mainstream of life.

Khandu further deliberated on HIV/AIDS which is spreading like fire in the entire North east region and even has not spared the beautiful state of Arunachal. He advocated for creating awareness amongst the masses in order to contain the dreaded disease.

Environment and Forest Minister N Tinkhatra, RD and RWD Minister Chowna Mein, Health Minister C C Singpho and MLA C T Mein also spoke on the occasions. Among others Tezu MLA K Kri, Changlang MLA W Pongte, Namsai MLA C P Namchoom were also present.


CoSAAP comes together, forms AWC

ITANAGAR, July 28:  The state government employees representing both the groups (CEC, CoSAAP, CHQ, Itanagar and the GBC Aalo CoSAAP) of the Confederation of the Service Associations of Arunachal Pradesh (CoSAAP) have decided to come together in a meeting held at Naharlagun on July 26 last.

The meeting held with Taw Tebin Tara on the chair also constituted a 19-member Ad-hoc Working Committee (AWC) with Tebin Tara as its chairman, Katung Wahge -Vice Chairman, Geli Kamki- Vice Chairman, Pate Marik- Member Secretary, Tagam Mibang- Spokesman and Muntu Mossang as publicity secretary.

Addressing the media persons today AWC chairman Taw Tebin Tara informed that AWC would represent the CoSAAP in the appropriate forum and authorities and would look after the affairs of releasing of 30 months remaining arrears as has been announced by the state government in the press media.

The AWC will call and conduct a General Conference/General Body Council (GBC) meeting of both the groups of the CoSAAP at Itanagar after the ensuing Assembly Election for reconstitution of the fresh Central Executive Committee (CEC) of the unified CoSAAP, Tebin said, adding it will also exercise all the powers and functions for smooth conduct of the CoSAAP election for reconstitution of new CEC as per the provisions of its constitution (bye Laws).

Moreover, the AWC will act as the appropriate and only authorized forum for communicating any press release/ press conference regarding any issue of the CoSAAP till reconstitution of the new CEC, AWC chairman said.

The AWC will execute and sign any negotiated agreement with government only in presence of the Presidents and General Secretaries of the federating units and the members of the GBC, including the District Units.

It may also raise CoSAAP interim Fund from the generous financial contribution of its federating units/Districts Units as may be fixed and decided in its AWC meetings.

However, AWC will automatically cease to exist as soon as the new Central Executive Committee (CEC) of the CoSAAP is constituted. It will be dissolved with effect from the date of reconstitution of the new CEC of the CoSAAP which will be confirmed and announced in the first Meeting of the new CEC. The AWC chairman further announced that having constituted the AWC, the existing CEC CoSAAP, CHQ, Itanagar and the GBC Aalo CoSAAP will henceforth remain non-functional bodies of the CoSAAP.

There will be no actions or reactions from both the groups of CoSAAP. Neither of the groups will express any comments in the name and style of the CoSAAP. Above all both CEC CoSAAP, CHQ, Itanagar and the GBC Aalo CoSAAP will ensure full cooperation to the AWC in all aspects for the greater interest of its employee members, resolution read.

Other members of the AWC besides district unit president and general secretaries of CoSAAP attended the press meet.


ATI conducts programes on “Rehabilitation of Disabled” and “Direct Trainers Skill”

ITANAGAR, July 28: State level Training Programe on Direct Trainer Skill and Design of Training of week’s duration started at ATI, Naharlagun from July 27. Twenty Two officers from many departments are taking part in the training programme.

Secretary A B Shukla termed the training as milestone in the history of ATI. He expressed hope that the training would be able bring about change in attitude and inculcate work culture among the officers.

He further advocated the need for building positive force in the society and need for moral maturity.

Director Training Pema Tsetan informed that ATI have taken the major training initiative for the first time as part of its efforts to build a team of potential trainers.

A week long Training Programme on “Rehabilitation of Disabled” is underway at ATI. Government and NGO representatives are taking part in the programme.

Secretary Personal and Training A B Shukla expressed the hope that participants would understand the problems being faced by the differently abled people and also acquire required knowledge and skill for the protection of rights of disabled persons.

H K Sharma, Principal of Donyi-Polo Mission School for Hearing Impaired, Chimpu who is also assisting in training gave a detailed highlight on the situations of differently abled people.  He said that there are around 33,315 differently abled people in the state which includes 23000 visually impaired.



Freedom of expression

Tongam Rina

The recent attack on V Ravindarn, one of the most respected Journalists in the state and Journo fraternity came as a rude shock. Any form of violence in any sphere is not acceptable. What has hurt the journalist fraternity and its many sympathisers is the fact violence was a way of getting even for giving space to certain grievances.

What happen afterwards is everyone’s guess including yours truly.

The attack both physical and verbal on the fraternity is not new. Almost every day there is some form of abuse.

Getting beaten up on the way back home from work at the middle of the night by a drunken driver, constants threats on the phone and barging into offices demanding explanations, abusive languages (everyday we learn some new words of abuse which forces the Chief reporter of the this daily to check her Hindi-English dictionary because her grasp of Hindi is little less than average Arunachali) and threat of going to Court and visits by government agencies are some of the facts we have lived with.

Every time a journalist is attacked, almost everyone including the government comes up with strong words of condemnation and promises of action.  Of course till the next attack happens.

Most of the media houses do not go the police and just accept it as part of its job. If we do, there would be world record of sorts.

Many people including the government authorities have questioned at the lack of security arrangements at media houses unlike rest of the country. The simple fact is we don’t want to isolate the citizens and put a “visit restricted” signs nor do we want to surround ourselves with guards and end up in an ivory tower.

Even the idea that we have to guard ourselves from our readers is something very alien to media houses in the state.

Coming back to the point, most of time we are at the receiving ends from Students Union and other non governmental organizations. Given the fact that we can’t do much about these powerful Unions and organizations that claim to be leaders of students and tribal communities adds to the problem. What is more distressing is the fact that these organizations are the one who is supposed to show us the way and lead us to the future.

Arrogance that we can do and get away with almost everything is something which is not desirable for a society like ours. We have always prided ourselves for our fairness. Tribal fairness. But with change of time we seem to be losing our sense of tribal ethics and fairness.

Where are we heading to? Tribal arrogance need to be done away with before it becomes our own cause of sorrow.

Some degree of respect for every individual and institutions won’t hurt.

Having said all, what is actually being done to put an end to these constant threats and abuses?

The cases are gathering dusts and going by the record, we don’t even expect any positive results in our lifetime. Most of the times cases are not reported to police as it involves young people. But what have happened of those cases that were actually reported.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and ex-pression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference, and impart information and ideas through any media regardless of frontiers".

These lines makes nice reading and gives the hope, especially to the media personnel that there is actually something called freedom of ex-pression.

For people in media in North East, Freedom of ex-pression is just a consolation and in Arunachal it is a joke.


MVFC lift 1st Tai Nikam Trophy

NAHARLAGUN, Jul 28: Model Village Football Club (MVFC) lifted the 1st Tai Nikam Memorial State Level Football Tournament (TNMSLFT) defeating one of the prominent football clubs Bamang Taji Football Club (BTFC) 1-0 in the final match played at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium today.

Both teams exhibited their best to grasp the trophy, but none succeeded in scoring any goal in the first half. The defending champion of the state level Jaya Dolo football tournament BTFC despite various opportunities failed to lift the trophy.

When the second half seemed to be drawing to an end, Loi Kena of MVFC stunned BTFC by scoring  a goal in 76 minutes.

Tai Kunia of Capital Complex Football Club (CCFC) and Tai Bharat (MVFC) were adjudged the most promising players of the tournament.

CCFCs Mari Karbak got the best goal keeper award while Techi Tassar (MVFC) walked away with the best player award.

LR Singh (BTFC) got the highest scorer prize with nine individual goals in the entire tournament.

The organizing committee also gave award to commentator Kipa Ajay and special award to Tadu Ramching, whose three sons participated the tournament.

Earlier, on the occasion as chief guest, PWD & UD Minister Nabam Tuki recalled the services delivered by former Nyapin-Sangram Anchal Samiti Vice president Tai Nikam, who was a social worker and a visionary for the people of Sangram and Nyapin areas.

Appealing the players of the state to maintain the spirits of sportsmanship, Tuki encouraged them to be competitive and donated Rs. One lakh  to the organizing committee. Later, Tuki gave away trophy to the winners.

MLA, Ngurang Pinch also urged the players to work hard in order to become good sportsmen in the future.

TNMSLFTs organizing secretary Tai Gungte informed that altogether 12 teams from various clubs participated in the tournament.

Meanwhile, a minutes silence was observed by the spectators to pay homage to Late  Nikam who died eighteen years ago on July 28 and to pray for the eternal peace of the departed soul.

Among other, MLA Takam Sorang attended the final match.


Scout and Guide prog.

ITANAGAR, Jul 28: To commemorate the 100 years of scouting, District Scouts and Guides, trainers and organisers conducted a three days meeting at State Training Centre, Bharat Scout and Guides, Polo Colony, Naharlagun.

The meeting decided to dedicate the year for clean, green and healthy Arunachal and proposed to take up the project works like adoption of flower garden, plantation, awareness campaign on HIV, adolescence, drug abuses and house to house survey for Cub, Bulbul, Scout, Guide, Rover and Ranger in different places.

It also discussed on progressive training of Cub, Bulbul, Scout, Guide, Rover and Ranger to improve their quality and preparation for participation in the 16 National Jamboree at Hydrabad in November next.



Upper Siang gears up for I-Day

YINGKIONG, July 28: Upper Siang is gearing up for celebration of Independence Day. To this affect a meeting was held under the Chairmanship of In charge DC Rajesh Panyang, yesterday, which was attended by ZP Chair Dunggoli Libang, officers and public leaders in connection with the celebration of the ensuing Independence Day.

Speaking on the occasion Panyang, said that the supreme sacrifices of the freedom fighters has enabled us to attain freedom. Hence, we have to celebrate day in a befitting manner. He appealed to all to co-operate and contribute in making the celebration a success.


ZPM demands heath care

ITANAGAR July 28: 10th Parsi Parlo Zilla Parishad Member Sangha Tagik alleged that the Primary health centre and sub-centre of interior areas in Kurung Kumey are completely defunct due to non posting of doctors, nurses and health assistants for the last one year.

He further said that many doctors who are appointed under NHRM against the vacant post for Kurung Kumeny are transferred out of the district leaving the people of the areas to suffer.

Though the main object of NHRM is to reach to the people of the interior areas yet the purpose is not realized, he added.

The ZPM further requested the concerned authority to immediately mitigate the problems suffered by the rural masses.



Solung festival celebration suspend

ITANAGAR, Jul 28: Central Solung Celebration Committee Kaying, West Siang District in a meeting held at Kaying on July 13 has decided not to celebrate Solung  at Kaying this year on account of the death of its senior citizen Late Taka Padung, who died on June 29 last at his residence, Kaying.

He is survived by wife, five sons and four daughters.

Late Padung was born at Yosing village in 1950 and later migrated to Kaying village. He was a social worker and a great footballer. He played the Subroto Cup at New Delhi in 1972. Later he entered politics and was appointed as District Chief Organizer, Congress Seva Dal by AICC Guwahati in 1976, and was elected as ZPM, Kaying Payum Block in 1978. He was also district vice president, West Siang Zilla Parishad.

He had contested the Legislative Assembly Elections in 1977 and 1992.

The Solung Celebration Committee prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul and extended its condolence to the bereaved family members.


Transport questions attack

ITANAGAR July 28: All Arunachal Pradesh State Transport Employees Welfare Association (AAPSTEWA) strongly condemned the alleged attack on APST bus driver Jiban Biswakarma without any provocation or reason by two persons near Jaji Basti, Assam at about 7.30 am on July 17 last.

The persons were riding a motorcycle bearing registration number Ar-09-9523 who over took the bus.

Biswakarma who was sent to North Lakimpur for repairing of the APST bus registering AR-02-0308 from Pasighat has been admitted to general hospital with serious head and face injury, the association said.

Biswakarma has already lodged a complaint at the Jonai Police Station under Demaji Assam.

One of the alleged attacker’s is Hiky Pait, a resident of Gadum Village, Mebo of East Siang district, the association informed.

The association further urged the concerned authority to immediately arrest the attackers and punish them as per law.



Fair conduct demanded

ITANAGAR July 28: Upper Siang District Youth Congress urged the concerned authority to conduct recruitment of teachers under SSA in a free and fair manner so that efficient teachers are inducted.

The youth congress further added that teachers have the responsibility to build the nation by imparting right education to the younger generation.



ATSU writes to education Dept.

ITANAGAR July 28: All Tagin Students ’ Union (ATSU) submitted a memorandum to the Commissioner Education and SSA State Project Director to immediately create posts for teachers under Upper Subansiri District.

The union further appealed to the concerned authority to reduce the cost of application form of SSA teachers stating that the cost is out of reach for the poor candidates.


Clinical meeting held under ITBP

ITANAGAR, July 28: Altogether two civil doctors and six ITBP doctors have participated in the 2nd clinical meeting held yesterday under the initiative of composite hospital, ITBP here.

The doctors held fruitful discussion on Swine Flu, Bird flu, stress disorder in paramilitary forces and its management besides chronic arsenic poising through drinking water in North East and its management.

During its first clinical meeting held under the initiative of ITPB DIG (medical), Dr Naveen Ram on March 16 last, in all four civil doctors of the state and six ITPB doctors had participated and discussed various topics.

The DIG (medical) would be conducting four clinical meetings during this year and thereafter release a North East Health magazine in order to make aware the troop about the prevalent diseases in NE.

The initiatives of the DIG Dr Naveen Ram have been appreciated by ITPB higher authorities.


PR comes in support of EAC

ITANAGAR, July 27: Kimin ZPM Bamang Yayu and Anchal Chairperson Charu Tapio have refuted the allegations leveled by the Papum Pare District Youth Association (PPDYA) against the Kimin EAC of misusing funds under FDR.

In a statement yesterday, the panchayat leaders claimed that the FDR funds for 2008 were properly utilized and verified by a board of officers and panchayat leaders.

In a meeting held recently at Kimin, the leaders and officials condemned the allegations leveled against the EAC and termed it “baseless and devoid of truth”.

It further urged organizations and associations to verify the facts at the source before using the media for throwing allegations.



NSF questions ANSU

ITANAGAR, July 27: The Nyishi Students’ Federation (NSF) has questioned the timing of the All Nyishi Students Union (ANSU) congratulating the state governmet for up-gradation of various administrative headquarters in Nyishi areas when the AAPSU is launching a vigorous movement against the state government.

In a statement NSF General Secretary expressed concern over the move saying it was not the right time to appreciate the government when the whole student community of the state was against the government.

While extending support to AAPSU in its agitation against the government, the Federation called on the ANSU leadership to use wisdom and feel the pulse of the people.



PPA welcomes govt plan

ITANAGARR: People's Party of Arunachal while welcoming State Government's initiative to revamp the elementary education system in the State has urged the Government that the recruitment should be on the line of Arunachal Education Service through Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission.

There should be clear cut policy on transfer and posting of teachers in the school and more incentive should be given to those teachers who are serving in remote areas. Equal emphasis should be also given to Higher and Technical education. In order to create pool of human resources for the State, we need professional institutions, said its General secretary Dr. Ashan Riddi.


Partnership summit

ITANAGAR: The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Ministry of Power, Government of India in association with German Technological Cooperation (GTZ) held a Partnership Summit at Shimla on July 16-17.

State Designated Agencies (SDAs) from all the States & Union Territories of India participated in the Summit. The SDAs are responsible for implementation of the provisions of the Energy Conservation Act’2001 in their respective States.

In the Summit a film produced by Doordarshan Kendra Itanagar for Arunachal Pradesh Energy Development Agency (APEDA), titled “ Ek Kadam Ujjwal Vavishya Ki Or”  was released by Dr. Ajay Mathur, Director General, BEE.

The film has been produced to educate the general domestic consumers of electricity on the importance of Energy Conservation and the measures which can be adopted by them to conserve electricity. It also focuses on how renewable energy technologies can be adopted to save conventional power.   





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People of the state are watching and waiting


Any unlawful activity is condemnable. The gruesome killing of Late Wangcha Rajkumar that too in a badminton court before his personnel security guard  is a warning bell to the Security set up of the state in particular and civil societies at large.

What kind of security can the commoners’ expect when the state government has failed to apprehend the killers of late Rajkumar. We can term the law and order situation in our state as very deplorable.

Perhaps, there might be some difficulties for investigating agencies to reveal the facts as such revelation might jeopardize the investigation.

However, investigation should have been completed by now. If not, we understand that the investigating agencies have completely failed to trace out the killers.

It is the duty of Government  to inform the general public about the progress of the investigation or the reason of the investigation agency's inability to nab the culprit.

People of the state have been expecting some results behind the cold-blooded murder, however, with the passage of time the issue is dying.

Fortunately, the All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union has brought up the issue to a centre-stage to make public the killer of Late Rajkumar while demanding the resignation of Jarbom Gamlin, Home Minister for his handling of law and order in the state.

Even after a long span,  the apex investigating agency of the country has failed to come out with any report forcing AAPSU to take this stand.

There seems to be laxity on the part of the government to investigate the matter.

Though, I sincerely support the stand taken by AAPSU in this matter, however, Jarbam Gamlin is a small fish and demanding his resignation is not justified.

He is just one of the cabinet ministers’ working under the Chief Minister. Though, he is empowered to handle the Home Ministry to deal with the law and order problem including the matter like the killing of Late Rajkumar, one must remember that any minister will be in the office as long as he enjoys the confidence of the CM.

Under no circumstances, any minister is free to act against the will of the CM. When any minister acts against the CM, it is presumed that the minister will either be dropped from the ministry or ask to resign from the particular post.

Decision on any major issue is generally taken by the cabinet headed by the Chief Minister. Therefore, Gamlin cannot be solely blamed and targeted for the issue of Late Wangcha Rajkumar as the government is collectively responsible to the people.

Now, it is the turn of the CM either to drop Gamlin as a scapegoat for the mistake done by his government or the CM himself must resign for the weak act of his government.

If there is any major weakness on the part of HM, it should be cleared for the greater interest of the people of the state.

The people of the state will follow the bandh calls given by AAPSU for taking up genuine issues.

The people will silently watch the strength of AAPSU standing against the might, power and money of the state government.

One must also remember that the people are watching the commitment, sincerity, morality and ethics of our political and student leaders. This issue will not be an exception to watch.

Likha Kan

Papu Hill, Naharlagun.






Power projects and its repercussions


As witnessed by the general public and media fraternity the controversies revolving around the Hydro-Power projects in the state has no end.

Further, the private companies and public undertakings that have interest in these projects are in the myth that an infinitesimal population either will compromise or be trounced and the profit making-system will come to reality.

Moreover, they even have a larger plan that a new strategy will be incorporated in the process to realize the completion of the projects after the assembly election.

Many of the companies have the misconception that the controversies and the  conflict surround hydro projects is between the political leaders and the bureaucrats on the one side and the general public on the other side.

To clarify these misconception, I on behalf of the people of the Doggong-Banggo the 35th Pangin-Boleng Constituency in particular, would like to convey the intention of the people of the area to the concern entity claiming interest in the Simang-Hydro projects  and other such entities that the people have already given their verdict that they do not want any projects that was signed without their consent and knowledge.

Moreover, empowered by the law and custom, the people are the final authority of the areas. Further, strategy of any nature will not make them change their intention and the companies should by now realize the gravity of the situation and make a final conclusion to this enduring chapter of mental and emotional agony of the people affected by such hydro power projects.

Further, we appeal to the entities involved in the hydropower ventures in the state to discard such misconception and instead reassess their schemes with the Government and put down an ultimate solution to the never-ending predicament.

Without a considerate approach from the Govt and the entities involved, the project if implemented will have repercussions in the social and political set-up of the state.


Tamo Taggu

President, Adi Among Autonomous Kebang (AAAK)

East Siang.

July- 29

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