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Dree festival celebrated across the state

Ojing Tayeng with input from DIPRO

ITANAGAR, July 05: Apatani community of the state capital celebrated its agricultural base Dree festival with pomp and gaiety at Dree ground here today.

Speaking on the occasion as Chief Guest, MLA Tapang Taloh extended Dree greetings to the Apatani community of the state.

Highlighting the importance of festival and its celebration, Taloh said that agricultural based festival is celebrated in the state every year by different tribes in different names. However, the basic ritual practises of all these festivals are identical. He appreciated the Apatani community for maintaining and preserving their unique traditional dress.

Taloh further said that Arunachal Pradesh is a multi-cultural state and we ought to respect one another’s culture and tradition besides preserving our own.

We also need to maintain unity and brotherhood amongst all the tribes of the state, he added. The chief guest donated an amount of Rs. 50,000 to the Dree Festival committee, Itanagar.

Director, Art and Culture Minjom Bagra while extending Dree greeting to the people, appreciated the organising committee for successfully organising the festival in a grand way.

Earlier, Chief Patron DFC, Itanagar MLA Kipa Babu also emphasised on preservation and protection of festivals of all tribes and appealed the people to cooperate.

He particularly appreciated Adi and Apatani community for maintaining its own tradition and culture.

Babu assured to fill up the incomplete road connection in between Daminda, Dree ground to NH52, construct a well within the Dree compound and informed that electricity connectivity to Dree ground is on sanction stage, a sum of Rs. 25 lakhs has been already adjusted for transformer on the issue.

Chairman, DFC, Itanagar Tage Tatung highlighted the history of Dree celebration.

Besides, Paktu Itu and Daminda traditional dances modern dances and traditional sports were also organised on the occasion.

On the occasion books on Tanii Agun Chinsa and Dree Dairy was releases along with Chomyo-Chomyo video album and Dodu, Anii Supung audio album.

Meanwhile, Apatani Career Guidance Forum (ACGF), Itanagar extending its congratulations to the successful students in the recent Board Examination and all other Entrance Examinations, felicitated the State toppers of Class X and XII (Science, Arts and Commerce) amongst the Apatani students to Rubu Nana, Taru Tabyo and Ngilang Sunya of Class X, Hage Tayu, Takhe Rilung, Takhe Budha, Kime Nancy and Tage Bunyi of class XII.

Its also felicitated Millo Tasser and Padi Tatung who have qualified for Indian Forest Service (IFS) and All India Civil Service Examination respectively this year.

At Namsai: Apatani community residing at Namsai, Mahadevpur and Wakro also celebrated Dree festival at Namsai today.

ADC Namsai R.K. Sharma R.K. Sharma attending the festival as chief guest conveyed his best wishes and appreciated the Apatani brethren for organizing Dree festival at Namsai for bumper harvesting of crops for entire mankind.

He urged the Apatani community to preserve and promote its age old traditional and cultural heritage.

Dree festival Committee, Namsai President Hage Obin highlighted the importance of Dree festival. At Changlang: Dree, the main Agricultural festival of Apatanis, was also celebrated at Changlang today.

Dree was celebrated to propitiate spirits and deities seeking for bumper cropping, welfare and prosperity of the people and livestock as a whole.

Vice Chairman, Radhe Hinda informed that as per Mythology the word “Dree” is derived from the Apatani word “Diiri” which means borrowing, purchasing and stocking of food items in anticipation of food scarcity.

The Diiri Piilo(Month of borrowing, purchasing and stocking of food items) coincides July month of Gregorian calendar. So the “Dree” is celebrated in the month of July. Originally, it was a simple performance of some rituals by the forefather Abotani to invoke some Gods and Godess for bumper harvest and to control harmful insects and pests.

Cultural programme, Games and sports and community feast were organized.

Later, Chief Patron SP, Changlang Kime Aya and Chairman, DFC Buru Laling gave away cash awards and certificates to the winners of the competitions organized to commemorate the festival.

Meanwhile, Arunachal Pradesh Governor Gen JJ Singh extended best wishes and festival greetings on the occasion of Dree and expressed his hope that the festival will usher happiness and prosperity.

In his festival message, Gen Singh said, celebration of the indigenous festivals helps the preservation, development and transition of the ancestral values and ethnic identity to future generations. Their continued existence and practice are closely connected to their own faith, cultural patterns, social institutions and legal systems.

Calling upon the people of the State to stay informed and involved in protecting their rights and their culture, he said first step towards the endeavour is to observed festivals and annual rituals.

The Dree festival as such is the cultural identity of the Apatani tribe, which they have proudly and jealously preserved since time immemorial, he added. PRO to Governor


Raj Bhavan sponsores study tour

ITANAGAR, July 5: In his dogmatic effort to facilitate Arunachalees take orchid farming and avail benefit from it, Arunachal Pradesh Governor Gen JJ Singh sponsored a study tour to a Research Scholar, Krishna Chowlu of Rajiv Gandhi University to Sikkim recently to study the process and method by which local populace of Sikkim is benefiting from it.

Gen Singh, who have been emphasizing on financial empowerment of the people, once again reiterated the need for tour cum trainings for interested farmers on orchid farming. With its conducive environment and topography, Arunachal Pradesh is orchids’ paradise. We just need to impart few tips to indigenous people so that they can cultivate and market it, he added.

With huge market for orchids, which include our own government offices, hotels and other establishments, it will be enormous revenue earning venture, Gen Singh pointed.  Chowlu, who called on the Governor on July 3 at the Raj Bhavan here on her return from the tour, informed that to promote orchid farming, the Sikkim government sponsors one to three month trainings to interested farmers to Bangalore and Delhi.

It also provides seedlings and poly houses to the trained farmers. For the clusters of farmers, the State Government provide labs for tissue culture, which to my surprise is run and manned by women folks, said Chowlu, who visited and interacted with orchid farmers at Pakyong, Gangtok and also at Kalingpong. Some of the farmers have annual earning of Rs. 3.5 lakh (Rupees Three Lakh and Fifty Thousand), she added.

During the meeting, Chowlu, who is from Namsai and doing her PhD on Orchid, further informed that Sikkim Government has provided four crore rupees to its horticulture department, which deals with orchid programme for raising seedling on joint venture.

She further added the National Research Centre for Orchids (NRCO), Pakyong, Sikkim, a unit of ICAR established in 1996 plays a vital role in Orchid farming in the State. It carries out tissue culture of marketable varieties.

With two refrigerated vans made available to the farmers by the State government, orchids are transported directly from farms to Bagdogra airport, from where it is sent to Kolkata, Delhi and even to aboard such as Dubai, she informed.

Research Scholar of Rajiv Gandhi University further pointed out that in order to promote orchid farming in Arunachal Pradesh in the line of approach taken by the Government of Sikkim, we need to have proper selection of commercially important plant varieties as per climatic conditions of different zones of Arunachal Pradesh and also proper selection of interested parties who can supply appropriate quality and variety of plants with market tie ups or buy back arrangements.

We need to set up modular nurseries cum cultivation plots with all required facilities available, such as poly-house, irrigation provisions etc. Purchase of plants in adequate quantity so that bulk quantity of flowers can be produced to achieve market feasibility is also one of the important factors.

Chowlu further said that proper selection of interested and dedicated group of farmers in clusters at various zones as beneficiary for cultivation of orchids and initial free distribution plants to the beneficiary along with training will play important role.

Stressing on supply of poly-house to the farmers free of cost and proper supervision, Chowlu adds, keeping regular touch with the farmers for supervision and keeping them accountable for the plants and productions is very important. (PRO to Governor)


Nyishi professional and academic excellence -2009

ITANAGAR, July 05: Nyishi Elite Society felicitated the Nyishi Professional and academic excellence -2009 at Nyikum Niya Hall, Nyirubjolli on July 4.

Mementos as token of appreciation were presented to Sports and Youth Affairs Minister Atum Welly, Taro Ope Foundation (TOF) chairman Taro Chatung sponsorer of the first Arunachalee Everester and Tagin Welfare Society general secretary Dr Tajum Eru.

Tapi Mra, the first Everester of Arunachal Pradesh, Weightlifter champion Yukar Sibi and John Mai who cleared the UPSC exam 2009 were felicitated with citation and memento under the professional awardee category.

Academic toppers of AISSCE and AISSE 2009 received awards along with scholarship for one year besides certificate of proficiency.

NES president Bengia Tolum said that the society will play a vital role of facilitating achievements like assistance on coaching and higher education in days to come rather then being a recognizer.

NES secretary Chukhu Loma exhorted the younger generation to imbibe and follow the footsteps of professional and academic awardees to meaningfully contribute towards the society, the state and the nation as a whole. NERIST Director and founder of NES Dr Joram Begi suggested that such important event should be institutionalized on the line of convocation in universities with massive social participation.

Minister Atum Welly, former MP cum CNC chairman Nabam Rebia, MLA Kipa Babu, and NES joint secretary Tayeng Yater Techi also spoke on the occasion.

NES vice president Dr Tachi Taku thanked Heema Hospital CMD Dr Byabang Rana and Abotani Academy Yazali chairman Bengia Tolum for sponsoring the scholarship of AISSCE 2009 and AISSE 2009 respectively.


Circle level coordination meeting

ITANAGAR, July 05: Pipsorang Anchal chairperson Naro Sangio advocated for cooperation from all concerned for the overall development of the area during a circle level coordination meeting of Pipsorang circle held at Naharlagun on July 4.

The meeting was attended by panchayat leaders, officers and teacher in-charge of various schools under Pipsorang circle of Kurung Kumey district.

She emphasized on the need for involvement of ASMs in the implementation of different schemes under various departments at village level and asked the officials present to extend necessary help and guidance to grass-root level leaders.She further expressed confident that with the cooperation and proper guidance of the young officers of the area, Pipsorang circle will be able to see the light of development in due course of time.

Circle officer cum BDO Nangram Pingkap said that there are multiple problems and short comings confronting the area which hampers the developmental progress.

The root problems are geographical isolation, lack of road connectivity, unavailability of ration items and lack of health care facilities, Pingkap pointed out.

He further said that there is urgent need to adopt circle specific policies for addressing these issues.

ADEO Tayar Kale presented overall educational scenario of the area and expressed concern over the deteriorating condition of education system.

He further sought cooperation from all concerned especially the panchayat leaders in addressing the problem.

CDPO Yumlam Kaha stressed on the need for cooperation of local contractors and leaders so that the programme and policies of Social Welfare Women and Child Development reaches the target section of the society.

In the meeting it was decided to urge the authority concerned to enhance the air-tonnage of ration sorties for Pipsorang circle.

It stressed on involvement of ASMs in the implementation of different schemes under various departments at the village level.

The meet further decided that preference for Anganwadi workers will be given to those women who are regular resident of the village concern.

The meeting said that for smooth and regular functioning of schools all teachers should remain at their posting places and discharge their duties.

It was also decided that for all the official corresponding related to education department it should be routed through ADEO and then through Circle Officer.


Seminar on pharmaceutical industry

NAHARLAGUN, July 05: Arunachal Pradesh Medical Council in collaboration with Central Medical and Sales Representatives Union, North East Region conducted a seminar on ‘Pharmaceutical Industry and medical practitioners in the service of patient and public’ at conference hall of Directorate of Health Service, Naharlagun.

Dr. Moji Jini, secretary cum registrar, APMC, Amitava Guha, Join General Secretary, Federation of Medical and Sales Representatives Association of India (GSFM and SRAI), B B Das, (GSFM and SRAI), Anshu Prakesh IAS Commissioner( Health & FW),Govt. of AP and Dr. Tao Kaki, Sr. Medical Specialist, GH Naharlagun were so some of the delegates who spoke on the given subject.

Dr. Jini highlighted on Ethical principles in doctor patient relationship, stating that a good doctor – patient relationship is more of an art then science and can only develop over a period of time following certain principles which in turn is beneficial for both doctor and patient. He also said, today thought doctors are technologically equipped, have better understanding of the diseases but cannot be successful in clinical practice without cultivating good doctor- patient relationship.

Amitava Guha gave better knowledge of the role played by two major components- medical practitioner and pharmaceutical industry in health care. He further discuss how health care has become a global socio-political issue where major international institutions including WHO, World Bank.

World Trade Organization and many international funding institutes are making decisions of far fetched consequences.

Anush Prakesh on his concluding speech congratulated APMC on organizing the seminar and gave some views on problem government has to face to take up all medical related issues.

He said that private sector intervention should be appreciated as it covers half of pharmaceutical industry needs which the government cannot.

He further said education and knowledge of the doctors on new drugs in the market should be updated, over prescription should not be encourage and profit should be resourceful and not on the cost of human life.

The seminar was attended by doctors from capital and district, chemists,

Pharmacist, medical stuff and media persons. DIPR



Two UGs arrested

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Pradesh Police led by its Capital Superintendent of Police Hibu Tamang has successfully arrested National Liberation Council of Taniland (NLCT) active member and self styled area commandant of Itanagar Techi Bidu from Papu Nallah and another NSCN (IM) cadre with rank of Lieutenant Joy Raman was arrested from hotel Bomdila on June 29 last. With the arrest of Techi Bidu, NLCT has been completely busted.



Allegation of misappropriation of public money

ITANAGAR: Chayang Mission Chairman Tara Bagang alleged that major misappropriation of public money has taken place under the one time SPA grant for construction of porter track under Pipu and Gyawapurang circle in East Kameng district.

He said during the financial year 2008-09 an amount of Rs 248.75 lakhs was sanctioned for the construction of porter track.

The construction of the new track will be along the traditional hill tracks used by the locals and financial assistance of Rs 3 lakhs is enough.

Bagang further said that there is no justification in spending Rs 248.75 lakhs on existing porter track but rather a motorable road is constructed.





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BSNL appreciated


Through the columns of your esteemed daily, we on behalf of intellectual group of Daring circle would like to extend our thankfulness to concern BSNL authorities, particularly General Manager, Deputy general Manager and both the SDOTs from the Basar and the Aalo for their tireless effort to installing BSNL Mobile Tower at new Daring under Ego circle.

It shows BSNL’s commitment to connect all the localities of Arunachal Pradesh to the rest of the world. At the same time, we request BSNL authorities to extend the network coverage of the BSNL Mobile Tower to all the villages which falls under Ego circle so that every individual from that area avails this facility.


Dojum Chiram

ESS sector

Nyato Riba

Aboni Colony

Bai Bam. Mob-I, Itanagar






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