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Priests felicitated on the Gurupurnima Utsava

ITANAGAR, July 12: Vivekananda Kendra Institute of Culture Arunachal Pradesh Chapter felicitated two Priests on the occasion of ‘Gurupurnima Utsava’ today Nyedar Namlo, Rono, Doimukh.

Tana Teti and Nengbia Taaj from Doimukh were felicitated.

Chukhu Loma, Secretary Nyishi Elite Society was present as the Chief Guest on the occasion.

In his address Loma appreciated the felicitation of priests “who really care us, nurture us”.

Nyubus are the selection of Almighty, it is god gift. They can not be manufactured. So this is the most pure institution. In the earlier times we never had doctors, these Nyubus were our Doctors, our spiritual guides, our advisor, everything. With the changing times we also need to change, in this also Nyubus showed the way. They played a major role in starting this organised Prayer System of Nyishis , The Nyedar Namlo movement.

Pai Dawe briefly explained about the Guru Tradition. He narrated the importance of Guru in the history of this nation. Gurupurnima is to commemorate Bhagavan Veda Vyasa’s Birthday, the one who edited the Vedas. Our Nyubus are also doing the same things, they are interpreting the age-old knowledge befitting to the current situations.

Nabam Tata explained about importance of priesthood in Nyishi tradition. He said ‘we can not survive without Nyubu’. They are the one who can relate both the worlds, this world which is perishable and the other world which imperishable, ever existing, the eternal. Guru is the one who shows path to the individual but our Gurus i.e. Nyubu are showing path to the entire community. This tradition should be preserved and carried forward.

Vijay Sonam emphasised on the need of conducting such programmes in a big way in the future to save the institution.


Yagum, Mala laid to rest

ITANAGAR, July 12: Yagum Nguri, the women wing president of All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union who died in a tragic accident was laid to rest in Itanagar.

Her funeral was attended by many dignitaries including Rajiv Gandhi University Vice Chancellor K C Belliappa, local MLA Kipa Babu, former ANSU president Likha Taji besides the presence of AAPSU executives and various other organizations in their burial ground at Lobby residence, Itanagar.

Attending the funeral, RGU vice chancellor KC Belliappa who is yet to recover from the sudden demise of his Registrar Dr Deepak Pandey on last Thursday in his condolence message for the departed student Yagum Nguri who was doing Post Graduate Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management, on behalf of the RGU fraternity has expressed his deep mourning over the sudden departure of the famed women student activist.

“It is an irreparable loss to the students’ community and AAPSU. May the dear departed soul rest in eternal peace”, the VC said in his condolence message.  

Local MLA Kipa Babu also joined the mourning while also offering his prayers to the departed soul for eternal peace and strength to the bereaved family.

So was the case with the All Nyishi Students Union Assistant Cultural Secretary Taba Mala. Her funeral was attended by who’s who of the society besides the presence of local MLA Kipa Babu and Papum Pare district Zilla Parishad Chairman Nabam Aka.  Besides the presence of the executives’ members of ANSU, DNGCI principal also attended the funeral at Karsingsa.

Speaking on the occasion, ANSU president recalled various contribution of Taba Mala and attributed that she was bold, courageous, and visionary. “Her untimely demise is not only a loss to one particular community but a great loss to entire community of Arunachal”, he added.

 Veo reiterated his deep condolence to all the family members of the entire four deceased person of the community who died in an unfortunate accident.   

ANSU president further said that in memory of late Taba Mala, the premier students’ organization of the community will be organizing a grand programme in near future.  

Meanwhile, in a joint statement, the AAPSU, ANSU and Arunachal Pradesh Law Students Union has urged the state govt to ban Dance Arunachal Dance, a dance competition of the state, from continuing it while citing that because of this competition so many young people with bright future had lost their lives.    

The Arunachal Law Students Union president P L Murtem also questioned the legality of the Dance Arunachal Dance while citing that it is being patronized by the chief minister.

All the three premier student unions have appealed the state government for early disbursement of ex gratia to the bereaved family of the accident victims; while AAPSU has served 10 days ultimatum to state government to unearth the actual cause of the accident within the stipulated date.   


YACIM grief-stricken on losing 4 members

ITANAGAR, July 12: Not many are aware that the four young lives lost in recent tragic accident were on a mission – to provide a befitting platform for young artistes of the state through the mega state level event Dance Arunachal Dance (DAD).

Members of the organization, Young Arunachal Cultural Integration Movement (YACIM), all the seven occupants in the ill-fated vehicle had just completed the audition round for participants of Papum Pare and planning the next round for other districts here in the state capital. They were on duty as a team led by Toko Tara, vice-chairman of the DAD, who is undergoing treatment at the moment.

With the unforeseen tragedy other members of YACIM are grief-stricken beyond words.

DAD Chairman Bamang Taji along with General Secretary Taring Mama condoled the death of their four colleagues- Doni Dodum, Tai Tagi, Taba Mala and Yagum Nguri.

Along with Tara, another member Biki Juli also sustained grievous injuries and is presently recuperating. The only member who escaped the accident with minor injuries is Tai Tadap.

In a message today, YACIM resolved to take the DAD mission with renewed gusto as tributes to the lost members. However, the tragedy would certainly prove a hiccup in the process, it said and appealed the contestants of the mega event to bear with it. Further process of the event would be announced soon, Taji informed.


Two children from Arunachal land in Manipur

Our Correspondent

Imphal, July 12: Manipur Police handed over two little children, said to be from Arunachal Pradesh boarded on a bus of the Imphal Rajdhani Express from Guwahati after the travel agency hand over them to the police.

As disclosed by the two children, they are sibling. The elder brother was identified as Kuimo (12) and the younger brother Warspan (7). Their parents were identified as Shanrup and Mela as disclosed by them. They also said that they are from Keishan of Myanmar but residing at Sata of Arunachal Pradesh.

They came out from the home with Rs 150 from their father quietly to go to their original place in Myanmar. They came all the way from Arunachal Pradesh but when they loss the way they boarded to the Imphal Rajdhani express.

The two children are being kept at Deulahland Children home in Imphal under the supervision of Child Welfare Committee, until concerned parents reached Imphal,said the authority of the children home.




ALSU slams lawyer

ITANAGAR, July 12: Arunachal Law Students’ Union (ALSU) slammed one Tagia Michi who has been practicing law for the last fifteen years without possessing a genuine LLB degree.

Such act deserves severe punishments under Advocate Act 1961 (Sec 45). The union further condemned Tagia for cheating the bar council and the people of the state. It urged upon the police department to speed up the process in tracing the whereabouts of the absconding lawyer so that he can be punished as per law.

ALSU further said that some students in the state capital are holding proxy law identity cards and warned that if found false they would be severely punished by law.

The union further decided to form a team who would gather information and to find out as to how many Arunachalee have passed law from various law colleges and universities across the country since 1970.



ITANAGAR, July 12: Likha Taji, Nabam Turam Hina and Prasabjeet Shil Sharma have been elected as president, vice president and general secretary of Arunachal Pradesh Chemist & Druggists Association for the session 2009-2012 during its VIII bi-annual general meeting cum election today.

The meeting was also attended by All India Organization of Chemist & Druggists, NE Zone chairman Dr N L Agarwal, Joint secretary Sagar Methai and AAPSU president Takam Tatung.

The meeting also paid tribute to late Jimmy Tassar and remembered his contributions to APCDA as president.


APLS sitting

ITANAGAR, July 12: A literary sitting was held at JN State Museum today under the chairmanship of Arunachal Pradesh Literary Society (APLS) President YD Thongchi.

Amongst other DDHS, General Hospital Pasighat DR. BC Sharma, Assistant Curator Research Department Dr. SK Ghosh, Assamese writer Ajanta, Lecturer Donyi-Polo College Kamki Jamuna Bini and SMO Dr. Pekba Ringu attended the programme.

On the occasion poems and short stories were recited.




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Social misconception!


This is regarding Hon’ble HC of Delhi legalizing the homosexuality. Now the matter has been taken to Hon'ble Supreme Court. Through your esteemed media I would like to put forward my views to the public to have a thought over the matter. I have many questions in my mind that I want to put specially to those religious leaders who are opposed to the recent ruling of Delhi HC.

Article 377 IPC deals with unnatural sex (carnal intercourse). So my first question to the religious leaders & also to those who are opposed to the ruling is that whether there is any demarcation line drawn between natural & unnatural sexual act?

Are all sexual acts done by heterosexuals, for instance, oral sex, varieties of poses, etc., natural? Let the answer be yes or no. Are we supposed to bother about what two adults do in the privacy of their bed rooms?

Are these religious leaders empowered to dictate what two adults should do in the privacy of their bedroom? I am afraid, they are not.

Is it correct to say that homosexuality & lesbianism are unnatural? These are natural instincts that has existed all along the human evolution & as old as human being itself. These are natural from all points of view, scientifically & religiously. There is nothing to suggest that these instincts are induced artificially to any individual. So it is wrong to deprive a section of our society merely because of social misconceptions.

Last but not the least- Is article 377 IPC meant only for LGBTs (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender)? Without any hesitation I can say no. Why then only a section of our society is being targeted?


Tapek Riba


Arunachal Pradesh.





Keep it up


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The news and outreach to the all parts of Arunachal Pradesh by the paper is well known. The viewers from all parts of the country now keen to be aware of the state of affairs which you publish.

Keep the good news ahead and wish you all the best.


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