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Meeting on Lower Siang Hydro Electric Project

ITANAGAR, July 13: A meeting was held with the Anti Dam Members for Lower Siang Hydro Electric Project (1600MW) comprising of Pongging, Bodak, Ayeng, Silli, Jeru, Sisen village which was attended by MP Ninnong Ering, MLA Jiten Panggeng, DC Upper Siang Pawan Kr. Sain, Onit Panyang DC East Siang, SP East Siang D.C. Srivastav and others at Pongging village on July 12 last.

Speaking on the occasion Ninnong Ering said the Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu is committed for welfare and development of the people. Hence, he has been deputed to collect first hand information of the ground realities and the grievances of the local people. He appreciated the sentiment of the people but it was apparent that there has been total communication gap. He urged the Jayprakash Associates Ltd. to have more interaction with the people and educate them regarding the benefits of such dams and the safety measures to be taken in case, if any, calamities. They should also help some of the local people to visit places where such dams have been constructed successfully and have brought tremendous developments. He appealed to the people to take decision in broader perspective and taking into consideration of the future generation. He assured to carry the grievances of the people to the govt.

Jiten Panggeng said that the welfare of the people is priority of the government and it will not betray them. People should have in depth knowledge of the subject before raising any objections. Since the Siang River passes through other countries also, the construction of the Dam will have international implications, which has to be studied well by the people. The development of the state depends on its revenues. If properly tapped, the hydro power will bring a sea-change in the economy and development of the state.

Pawan Kr. Sain said that the Govt. will never harm the people, so all problems have to be solved out through dialogue and no one should take the law into their hands. He said that the meeting was an eye-opener through which feelings of the people could be understood and definitely some positive solutions will be worked out. He appealed that the younger generation should also be taken into confidence before any conclusion is reached.

Onit Panyang said that Arunachal Pradesh may become the Power House of the country, if the potentials are properly tapped.  Hydro Electric Projects not only produce electricity but bring other developments like road communication, education, health, irrigation, etc. He appreciated the queries raised by public like whether the dam site can be shifted and what is the exact rehabilitation package.

D. C. Srivastav while reiterating the benefits of the Hydro Projects said that survey works are the initial stages after which public hearings will be carried out. He also appealed for maintenance of peace and tranquility and no one should disturb the law and order.

Er. Atek Miyu, SE (Hydro Power) dwelt in detail about the advantages of Hydro-Electric Projects. He also informed that technology has developed so much that all safety measures are taken and are almost full-proof. So, the people should take decisions taking into considerations the larger interest of the society.

Earlier, the anti dam members and the “Lower Siang Project Affected People’s Action Committee” placed their grievances and memorandum to the visiting dignitaries. (DIPRO)


GSU calls for police check gates in AP-Assam border

ITANAGAR, July 13: Galo Students’ Union (GSU) in memorandum to the state chief minister Dorjee Khandu called for the construction of police check gates at the Assam Arunachal border and alleged that Assam administration along with its forest department and local people have been illegally encroaching land.   The union further said that the Assam Arunachal Boundary problem be solved immediately keeping in mind that the local people are not displaced.

It also demanded for road connectivity from Likabali, West Siang to Itanagar and Likabali to Pasighat without touching Assam.

The union further alleged that atrocities committed on Arunachalees and frequent bandh calls make it very difficult for the people to travel.

The union also demanded that teachers be posted to all primary schools of the district. It also called for proper demarcation of school boundary and construction of school boundary walls.

The union further demanded for infrastructural development of Donyi Polo Government College Kamki and establishment of Government College at Upper Subansiri district.

GSU further pressed for the early creation of Lower Siang district for the benefit of the local people.

It also called for early completion of NEC road from Pakarijo in Upper Subansiri district to Gogamukh Assam.

The union said that the district hospital at Aalo needs to be up-graded so that it serves the people of the district.  GSU further urged the chief minister to intervene and settle the problem on the Police Training centre set up by the Assam government by encroaching on Arunachal boundary. Owning to this the people have been forced to move towards the hilly areas leaving their ancestral land. ) GSU further condoled the untimely demise of four promising student leaders who passed away at the tragic accident. The union prayed for the eternal peace of the departed souls.


KVPF demands PDS items

ITANAGAR July 13: Kumey Valley People Federation (KVPF) in a memorandum to the Supply & Transport department questioned why after the initiation and approval of the state chief minister Dorjee Khandu for air dropping of PDS items to the interior places of Kumey valley, the items were not reaching the people.

KVPF further said that for the last four months people of Kumey valley were facing hardship due to bamboo flowering and stopping of air dropping of essential commodities.

The government employees, students and the local people are badly in want of ration, it added.  

The federation said that though air dropping was re-introduced on May 26 this year yet food commodities were not reaching the people of Parsi-Parlo, Damin, Pip-Sorang and Tali circle. It urged upon the concern authority to immediately look into the problem.


Legal Metrology and CA crack down on business establishments

ITANAGAR, July 13: Mobile team of officers constituted by the Controller of Legal Metrology & Consumer Affairs found M/s G.N. Hardware, M/s Ajanta Store, M/s Hema Utensil Store, M/s C.T. King Wine shop of Ganga Market and M/s Capital Auto Agency, C-Sector, Itanagar of indulging in irregularities and booked them under Section 27, 28, 29, 30,  31 &  33 for violation of provisions of Standards of Weights & Measures (Enforcement) Act, 1985.

The petrol pump was detected giving short delivery of 240 ml in every five litres delivery.

The team was constituted for detection of irregularities in weights & measures, overcharging prices of packaged items, short delivery of petroleum products by dispensing pump dealers, short delivery of LPG used for domestic/commercial purposes, delivery of under-pages exercise books to school children and other discrepancies, with a view to protect interest of the common consumers, a dept release stated.

The team will continue to inspect trading units in Capital Complex to contain irregular trade practices for safety and protection of the consumers.


Special Art of Living workshops for kids

ITANAGAR, July 13: The Art of Living will conduct a special workshop for children and teenagers from July 14-19. The ART Excel (All Round Training in Excellence) is open to children between 7 and 14 years and will be held at its centre at H Sector in Itanagar. ART Excel offers practical tools that enable children to effectively handle stress and negative emotions such as fear, anger, frustration at a young age. Aimed at all-round training in excellence, it brings about perceptible changes in the personality of participants.

Using special breathing techniques, participants learn to attain peace of  mind which leads to an improved memory and helps them concentrate. Through  simple play-way techniques and awareness games, yoga and breathing techniques, children develop their social and leadership skills and learn problem-solving strategies.


DC stresses on public awareness campaigns on Swine flu

BOMDILA, July 13: The West Kameng Deputy Commissioner i/c, Rinchin Tashi reiterated on the seriousness of the recent outbreak of Pandemic Swine flu and impressed on the need for public awareness campaigns involving the Administrative officers and the Health workers in the district.

Presiding over a meeting on the preparedness measures from the disease in the district recently, Tashi stressed on setting up of isolation wards and training of medical personnel as an act of preparedness.

He informed that the State health department has provided 200 numbers of tab Oseltamivir for the district and monitoring has been intensified in the check gate at Balukphong which is the gateway for the 3-districts of West Kameng, East Kameng and Tawang, reports DIPRO.

The 2009 flu outbreak is due to a new strain of influenza, an apparent re-assortment of at least four strains of influenza A virus subtype H1NI, including one strain endemic in humans, one endemic in birds and two endemic ( of a disease of condition regularly found among particular people or in a certain area ) in swine.

According to the Center for Disease Control and prevention (CDC) in humans the symptoms of the 2009 swine flu HINI virus are similar to those of influenza and influenza like illness in general. Symptoms include fever, cough sore throat, body ache, and headache, chills and fatigue. The 2009 outbreak has shown an increased percentage of patients reporting vomiting and diarrhea. The 2009 H1NI virus is not Zoonotic (any disease which can be transmitted to humans from animals). Swine flu is not transmitted from pigs to humans, but from person to person. A diagnosis of confirmed swine flu requires laboratory testing of respiratory samples (a simple nose and throat swab).

The swine flu does not spread by pork products since the virus is not transmitted through food. The swine flu is most contagious during the first five days of the illness although some people, most commonly, can remain contagious for up to ten days. Using standard infection control like frequent washing of hands with soap and water or with alcohol based hand sanitizers, reporting to Doctors at the earliest and social distancing can prevent spread of virus amongst the humans. In case a person is down with swine flu, antiviral drugs can make the illness milder. They may also prevent serious flu complications. The antiviral drugs work best if started soon after getting sick, the report added.

CHANGLANG DIPRO In Charge adds: A training programme on Capacity building and skill development against Avian Influenza virus was organized at circuit house here today. The one day motivation camp was attended by Dr. P.C Sarma, resource person from College of Veterinary Science, Kanapara, Assam, Dr.P.De, DMO, B.K Bhuyan, Principal, RFGC, Veterinary Officers and Para vets of Changlang district and Officers from Directorate of A.H & Veterinary, Nirjuli and Public Leaders.

Dr.P.C Sarma dwelt on pre-outbreak preparedness and precautionary measures on out break of Swine flu.

Dr. P De, DMO, Changlang informed that these Zonetic disease can be controlled from further spreading by adopting prevention and precautionary measures.

Speaking on the occasion, B.K Bhuyan, Principal, RFGC stressed on hygienic rearing of poultry.

ASM Happa Taidong urged the DVO to organize such training programmes at village level to give awareness about the disease.

Earlier, Dr. S.K Pujari, DVO, Changlang appreciated the resource person and visiting team from Itanagar for their valuable inputs for successful conduct of training programme.

In the day long programme, Dr. C.M Gao spoke on Bio-security and safe poultry practices in the farm and Dr.B.Biswakarma detailed on global scenario of Avian influenza and its action plan for pre-outbreak preparedness.

The team is visiting Khonsa and other parts of the state to organized awareness cum motivation camp to ensure surveillance with collaboration with other Govt. departments.



PR Tribunal extended

ITANAGAR: Governor of Arunachal Pradesh has extended the period of Panchayati Raj Election Tribunal for a one year up to June 15, 2010 next.


AYSU protest power project

ITANAGAR: All Yachuli Students’ Union (AYSU) strongly support the demand of the panchayat for immediate cancellation of the MoA signed between the state government and M/S Raajratna Energy Holding Private Ltd-Shimla for operation of Panyor Hydro Electric Project 80MW on BOOT basis.

The union said that MoA was signed between the two parties without the knowledge and consent of the project affected people.

It further alleged that the agency has totally undermined the project affected people who are sole custodian of natural and traditional resources.


AAPWU urges

ITANAGAR: All Arunachal Pradesh Workers Union (AAPWU) president Jalley Sonam in a letter to the state chief secretary urged that Grade C and D posts be created in the Arunachal Pradesh State Civil Secretariat.

Sonam further said that due to handing over of Grade C and D post to Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission the contingency workers of State Civil Secretariat are not getting their legal rights.


Off campus training

ITANAGAR: One day off campus training programme on integrated farming system was conducted for self help groups at Bolung village, Roing recently.

10 farm women participated and shared their practical experiences on the camp.

During the one day camp, pros and cons of pig farming including fish farming were discussed.



ITANAGAR: Dr. W.A Singh Senior Medical Officer and June Kadu, Officer District Informatics Officer, Tezu have been given Rashtriya Gaurav Award instituted by India International Friendship Society , a leading voluntary organization for their meritorious services in the field of Science and Technology and Social Services rendered with excellence in their fields. (DIPRO)





(Readers’ Forum)





Health care providers at the crossroads


Recent accusation by some self styled organizations claiming to be the guardian of the society has now become a matter of deep concern for us doctors working here in Ramakrishna Mission Hospital.

We firmly believe that their main aim is to misguide all and sundry rather than render any help to the community as a whole. It is crystal clear that they have not gone deep into the matter before throwing out such wild allegations in public. So from our side we doctors of Ramakrishna Mission Hospital would like to give some clarification in the matter.

First we would like to bring into notice of the general public that all the employees including us the doctors have joined this esteemed institution by choice and not by any compulsion. We have joined here leaving many lucrative and well paid jobs in some of big hospitals of India and government sector. We have chosen this philanthropic institution with the sole motive of serving our community.  All the specialists serving here are well qualified and trained in the premier institutes of the country before joining here. The patients are treated here with utmost care and love and those who are poor are treated free of cost. Charges are levied only for those who can afford and those who have medical reimbursement facility. No one to our knowledge has ever been denied treatment for want of money. The sincerity of the medical personnel, cleanliness and administration of institution is well appreciated by all. The visits of the so many dignitaries are a clear proof of that. In fact this hospital is an asset to the state government run by dedicated band of monks who do not have any personal agenda of their own. This hospital shares a major portion of the health care concern of the State.

Instead of giving positive inputs to improve the existing health care scenario, blaming someone with positive intentions and good faith to heal the suffering of the needy really gives a jolt to our enthusiasm and sincerity.

Recent attacks on health care providers in government, NGO as well as private hospitals in Arunachal Pradesh are a matter of great concern. Health care providers all over the state perform their duties with good faith and intention. They take risks and perform difficult surgeries and treatments with utmost finesse with limited equipments and infrastructure just thinking of alleviating the sufferings of patients.  It is really very unfortunate that instead of getting a word of appreciation; they get verbal and physical blows in return. People have to be more understanding and patient. They should address their grievances no doubt, it’s their right too, but then it should be done through proper channel in a proper way rather than resorting to violent methods and euphoric media releases.  

 As responsible citizens we all have a right to appeal against injustice, corruption and malpractice but at the same time we also have a responsibility to provide candid information which makes that opinion justifiable. Positive and constructive criticisms are always welcome but negative criticisms create set backs in the minds of those of who work with utmost sincerity and deliberation.

It’s an irony that the same patients when go to hospital outside Arunachal they are ready to wait day long for their turn, but these very patients when they come here want immediate attention!

If such thing doesn’t cease then this would ultimately lead to a situation wherein the doctors would be more cautious which ultimately would lead to the sufferings of the patient and the relatives physically, mentally and economically.

We also appeal to the media to be bit more responsible and rely on the actual verified facts. Health care is not just treatment alone. It also comprises of promotive, preventive and rehabilitative aspects also. For this it requires synergistic approaches from common people, NGOs, public leaders; religious heads and government to revive all the aspects of health care and improve the overall health care scenario of our state

Let us all be more mature and constructive in our approach to make our state a place less burdened by sufferings.


Doctor Fraternity of RKMH







‘Let us work together’


The views expressed by Dr. G Ete of EPGA, which appeared in 8th July  issue of your esteemed daily under the caption “there is something in the name” is welcomed and necessary change in nomenclature of EPG (Environment Protection Group) will be made. Infact, first name proposed for the group was RPG-B (River Protection Group-Basar) but to give a broader name, the member present in meeting adopted the name EPG, which was but due to our ignorance about the existence of an NGO called EPGA. We sincerely apologize for our unintentional adoption of the same nomenclature for our group.

Let us work together as the effect on environment like global warming and climate change etc does not confine itself to one single place.

Lets us think serious about the decreasing volume of rain fed rivers and drying up of streams and rivulets because this is not an isolated case of Basar area only but a problem of the entire state. In fact, it is a global problem. Our state may be the richest state in terms of water resource in the country but what explanation do we have when our farmers does not have sufficient water to irrigate their fields and our people does not have sufficient drinking water if we were so resourceful ? Everywhere small streams and rivulets are drying up which can be well attributed to the increase in shifting cultivated area. With the increase in population, the families depending on shifting cultivation in the rural areas have increased manifold as there are comparatively lesser scope for settled cultivation/ WRCs in our state owing to hilly topography. Our farmers does not do shifting cultivations with an intention to destroy forests and disturb the ecological balance but because there is no suitable alternative for livelihood in lieu of shifting cultivation.

Now the efforts should be concentrated on to finding a suitable alternative of livelihood for shifting cultivation dependent farmers or Jhumias which should be sustainable, practicable, location specific and giving far more returns to farmers than shifting cultivation. To achieve this, all the farmer-oriented schemes under land based departments like Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Fishery, WRD and Forest may be implemented in a unison by the way of dovetailing the schemes of various department so that a complete sustainable package can be presented to the farmers which would suffice their livelihood requirements and slowly they can be wean away from shifting cultivation. If we secure 100 Jhumias in a year, we would be securing 1000 Jhumias in a period of 10 years, so and so forth, which would make a great impact on environment. To formulate such integrated schemes and projects specific to the area, a forum for close coordination among the officers of various land based departments posted at the area along with Scientists, researchers etc, is very much needed where they can freely interact, share ideas, formulate the schemes and implement the schemes in consultation.

The EPG formed at Basar with scientists of ICAR and state government officers is intended to give this necessary forum for those officers who care about the environment and thus the group may not be confused as an NGO. The immediate objective of this forum is to protect and conserve the declining water of the three rivers of Basar, namely Kidi, Sie ,Bam Hile and its tributaries through formulation and implementation of sustainable agriculture and allied schemes.

Yours etc.

Egam Basar (HDO)

President, EPG, Basar.

July- 14