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July -  09



Unions agree to maintain peace

Itanagar, Jul 8: The Capital Complex unit of All Nyishi Youth Association and All Adivasi Students’ Union of Assam (AASUA), in a meeting today, agreed to work together to maintain peace and tranquility between the people of both the states.

It was further decided that both the organizations would resolve petty issues like misunderstanding, any differences and untoward incidents in either side mutually.

AASUA has invited the ANYA and other organizations of Arunachal Pradesh to its 3rd general conference to be held in Harmoty, Assam on July 16 for further discussion on such issues.



Itanagar, July 8: All India Quami Ekta Committee state unit president has appointed Takum Nabum and Ronmir Yangfo as its East Kameng unit president and general secretary respectively. Sanjay Libasow has been appointed as president of West Kameng unit of AIQEC and Rinchin Chomo as Women Wing president of the district.

Chera Tamak and Bengia Togpe have been selected as chairman and general secretary respectively of newly formed BRTF to Sulung Tapin PMGSY road development committee.


Bhalukpong gets a new circuit house

BOMDILA, Jul 8: The newly constructed Circuit House at Bhalukpong built at an estimated cost of rupees 99.50 lacs under SPA was inaugurated by the local MLA Kumsi Sidisow the day before. The project was sanctioned in the month of March/2009 and executed by the Public Works Department, Bomdila. A Circuit House of this dimension consisting of 08 rooms including 02 VIP suits was a long standing necessity as Bhalukpong is the gateway to the 03 districts viz-West Kameng, East Kameng and Tawang of the state.


Committee decries lack of civic amenities

ITANAGAR, Jul 8: Seppa Township Colonies Development Committee has said that the civic amenities in Seppa town are totally neglected as many developmental ongoing projects are still incomplete because of improper   utilization of sanctioned amount.

It said that town does not have sufficient water and electricity supply because of negligence of the policymakers.

The committee said that there is supply of unhygienic water to the people residing in township. The water tanks of P.H.E.D are not in proper condition to supply hygienic water because tanks have lost its sedimentary filtrations system and have no proper compound wall and uncovered. STCDC if efforts are not taken to control may compel the public to go for democratic right or agitation.


ATWS adoptsdevelopment policies

ITANAGAR: All Tutsa Welfare Society (ATWC) in its meeting held at Changlang circuit house on July 5 adopted various policies and programmes for development of Tutsa community and also decided to organize educational awareness and drug de-addiction camps for the well-being of community people. The meeting presided over by Tutsa leader Raplon Kanglom was attended by Khonsa East MLA Kamthok Lowang and ex-MLA W Pongte, ZPMs Kangwang Lowang, Deomali and Wangjat Kuma, Lamsa-Khela and other panchayat leaders  and student and women leaders, village council leaders, youths and Tutsa people.

Both present and former MLAs present in the meeting appealed to the gathering to become good citizens and maintain discipline for development of the society and state as a whole. Society president Nokju Wanghop and  general secretary Nokwang Bangsia also spoke on the occasion.  


'Exempt milk from purview of bandh call'

Itanagar: Papum Pare Milk Producers’ Union (PPMPU) appealed for exempting milk distribution from the purview of any bandh call. PPMPU said that sometimes bandh sponsors attack the door to door milk distributors thus incurring heavy loss.


Front demands tender

itanagar: The Youth Front, People’s Party of Arunachal demanded the government not to release any fund under SPA to any department which do not invite tender as per guidelines for execution of project.



In a news item published in our yesterday’s issue under the caption “Union appeals for a permanent HC’, the name of the organization was wrongly mentioned as ‘Arunachal Indigenous Tribes Forum’ in place of ‘Arunachal Indigenous Tribes’ Union (AITU)’. The error is regretted.


Tadar Attu and Kame Kipa are the presidents of All Arunachal Pradesh Youth Forum (AAPYF) and  All Arunachal  Pradesh Abo Tani Clans Youth Organisation (AAPATCYO) respectively,  not chairmen, clarified  Attu while referring to the news item under the caption “Orgs call 12-hr bandh” in  this daily on July 8 issue.


News Impact



Where is the honorable chief minister?

Dear Editor,

The incident of beating up West Siang deputy commissioner Amjad Tak in his own chamber is unfortunate. The situation reportedly is very tense within the Town. The public reportedly blames the DC himself for incompetence and mishandling of the situations resulting in the worsen situations. Before any untoward incident happen and irreversible damage to life and property of the area, the Chief Minister is requested to visit Aalo and address the grievances of Paktu Ao in particular and general public of Aalo.

The Government should depute a  mediator or high power committee and discuss with the aggrieved public to solve the problem once and for all for the benefits of all.


Concerned citizen




The system that needs overhauling

Dear Editor,

There needs a major amendment in the entire recruitment system of our state government including that of the state public service commission. As it is obvious that except for few, most of the candidates are non-earning unemployed youths, so it is not fair from the part of the govt. agencies/departments to extract excess amount in the name of examination fee as well as giving unnecessary headache in the form of treasury challan and document attestation.

For instant, the UPSC (prelims) form costs only Rs 25/- whereas our own APPSC charges Rs 200/- for it plus an examination fee of Rs 20/- extra whereas it is free for the STs in the case of UPSC. Even if our PSC is fund constraint, as they may claim, then at least the examination fee should be charged along with the cost of the form. It will not only save the time of the candidates but that of Treasury officials as well as already crowded bank staffs.  

Another problem is of document attestation, I think it should be avoided. When you check and counter-check the original documents during the viva/interviews, what is the need of attestation? Moreover, it too will save the precious time and energy of the candidates as well as our gazetted officers.

What I believe, from my point of view, the recruiting departments must complete the entire procedure in a minimum possible time so that the money and power factors don’t get enough time to play any dirty role.

In the recent times, I am very disappointed with the way some of the departments doing their jobs.

Advertisement for the post of Accountant was published with last date of form submission 10.01.2011 in SSA but even to this date the district offices of SSA have no idea about the date/month/year of the examination.

Recently held LDC examination conducted by APPSC in which the reputed commission has asked all the candidates to bring typewriter machines on their own whereas no information of such kind was mentioned in the advertisement. As our unemployment rate is too high, so it is obvious that the candidates were too in large number and typewriter being an outdated instrument, how can somebody like PSC expects such a unreasonable condition to be fulfilled.

An advertisement for UDC along with PA was published on  30th  August, 2010 by APPSC, the forms of which were sold for Rs 50/- each in addition  to that one had to pay Rs 20/- extra as exam fee but no one knows what happens to the examination. I beg your pardon ,the most respected Secretary and all those who are concerned but it has become the talk of the town  that the vacant posts has been filled by some internal process.

An examination for the post of UDCs was held on 12th  Feb. 2011 under the office of SE(coord.)PWD, the result of which is still pending like the bills of the department.  Same is the case with the examination for the post of LDC-cum-Computer operator in the office of Science & Technology.

Many posts including that of UDC,LDC,Lab. Asstt., etc were advertised by the Directorate of Education, creating a wave of hope in the unemployed community. Though a reasonable long time has passed but only God knows when the actual examination take will place.

I hope our new CM will read this and do justice to the unemployed community for the betterment of Arunachal.


Marcster Loyie,

AALO, (on email)



Plundering of goods

Dear Editor,

It is shocking and unusual to see the materials, stored by the side of NH37, Roing-Shantipur road, meant for the construction of the paragon road have been plundered even in the broad day light by the natives for construction and renovating their own houses, pan shops, latrines and other pucca buildings. The natives feel unhesitant to do so, as the responsible panchayat leaders lead the frontline to garner the precious stones and the heaps of sands. It is to our utter dismay to witness the panchayat leaders of the mentioned zone denounce their fundamental duty.


Kaling Borang and Kayon Megu, Itanagar



The DC and the forcefully criminalized

Dear Editor,

This in response to the news regarding assault on the Deputy commissioner West Siang Amzad Tak  and APSCOA condemnation. While no one in this world is born criminal with arms on the hand, the wise and common citizens are compelled to go criminal way because of the extremely corrupt, arbitrary, biased and illegal actions by the very privileged individuals designated as government officers & officials who are paid high salaries and perks out of the public money itself for discharging impartial & meritorious service to the public. The attack on the DC Aalo by the forcefully criminalized 4 senior citizens of Aalo is the one such glaring example. Tak is one of the most corrupt and incompetent DC, West Siang has ever seen. Ever since his joining at Aalo as DC, highhanded and irresponsible manner of his working and incompetency of Tak have resulted in numerous serious incidents at Aalo during couple of years like ransacking of Aalo Police Station by the state government employees during COSAAP agitation as a result of lathi charge upon the peacefully agitating employees; the AAPSU General Secretary Tujum Poyom issue with Tak resulting into serious law and order problem and firing upon students and public at Aalo. And now the Paktu Ao Youth Welfare Association (PAYWA) issue and bandh calls, etc which have culminated into beating of the very IAS officer by the public who was awarded state gold medal a year ago by the state government! Ironically and quite funnily, in today’s state of affairs, it seems like the government officers and officials who are public tormentors and problem creators are better recognized and awarded by the state government. The attack on the DC Aalo was an attack on one extremely corrupt, arbitrary, irresponsible and incompetent person who was abusing and misusing law and the dignified post of a Deputy Commissioner of a district. Being in the dignified post of a Deputy Commissioner, Tak was running a Raavan Raj at Aalo and the Raavan himself invited fateful consequence. If the Raavan-like DC is assaulted by his very forcefully criminalized citizens and any offence committed, the law will take its own course and there is no point in APSCOA jumping into the issue and making uncalled-for comments in favour of the assaulted DC and defaming the West Siang District and public as whole unnecessarily. Right from the inception of government administration in Siang area since NEFA days, numerous IAS & State Civil Service officers served in West Siang District and gone, but till this recent incident there is no any other incident when any administrative officer was assaulted by the public in the district. Because of his corrupt, arbitrary, illegal, irresponsible and incompetent style of functioning which invited his assault by the few forcefully criminalized senior citizens of Aalo, Amzad Tak has led to undermining and demeaning of dignity and authority of the post of the Deputy Commissioner, West Siang District, Aalo as the head of the District Administration. To me, the Raavan-like DC, the problem creator & public tormentor should be immediately transferred out of West Siang for the simple reason that he has lost the moral authority to head the District Administration of West Siang by getting beaten by the very public who he is supposed to administer. Plus the state gold medal awarded to the officer should be withdrawn by the state government immediately. If any individual, association, etc stand behind any such government officer/ official, they also belong to the same gang of Raavan-like Babus rather than being a faithful and meritorious public servant.

In Indian laws, unfortunately, the corrupt acts done by the public/ government servants while discharging public duties besides being made very weak are biased towards the government employees in the sense that, for prosecution of any government servant under The Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988, prosecution sanction has to be accorded by the state government which is an inheritance of the colonial rule that still exist in the independent India of 21st Century. In the present Indian political system, the babus or the permanent executive are rampantly indulging in corrupt acts in collusion and connivance with the political executive, the Council of Ministers who forms and runs the government. And when the political executive is the gang leader and reaper of the lion’s share of ill-gotten gains accrued by the babus from corrupt acts, obtaining prosecution sanction for prosecution of any corrupt accused government servant from the government is next to impossible not just in our state but all over India. And when the prevailing laws of the land itself are purposefully moulded by the ruling class i.e the political executive and the permanent executive to rob the citizens of their due share and loot the public wealth of this country wantonly and to torment and harass the citizens by abuse of law and machinery at whims and fancies, new and exciting happenings are bound to unfold all along the way not just in this state but all over this country.


Philo Aako

Itanagar, (on email)



The lottery and the black money

Dear Editor,

It is seen that despite of repeated ban on lotteries (online/paper) by the Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh, some person are running the illegal game which is basically operating from West Bengal due to which Crores of Rupees are being drained to the other state. There are some brand name i.e Golden King, Godwing, Smartlotto, Angel King which is illegally looting the innocent people in the entire districts as well as capital complex of Arunachal Pradesh. Their transaction as per the information is not less than 20, 00000/- per day.

The Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh should stop these illegal transactions immediately and may bring out other wise decision such as organizing/conducting state lotteries to generate revenue for the state so that the flow of black money in other state may be converted to source of revenue for the state Govt.


Arun, (on email)







All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        



Bhalukpong-Tawang road in shambles

TAWANG, Jul 8: The 290-km Bhalukpong-Tawang road, the most important strategic road that leads to the Sino-India border in Tawang sector of Arunachal Pradesh, is in shambles for lack of maintenance by the Border Roads Organization (BRO).

The road condition has deteriorated to such an extent that travelling in any small car is near to impossible in the so called strategic road for the failure of the BRO in maintaining the road for the last few years.

Tourism and Water Resources Minister Pema Khandu has asked the Tawang administration to take up the matter with the BRO authorities, for prompt action. He also assured them that he would take up the matter with the highest office of the state and appraise the anguish of the people to Director General Border Roads.

The people of the district in a meeting here recently under the chairmanship of the tourism Minister Pema explained their ordeal in which Planning parliamentary secretary Tsewang Dhondup and Arunachal Pradesh Medicinal Plants Board chairman Jambey Tashi  were also present. Taking stock of the seriousness and the growing concern from the people, the legislators of Tawang and West Kameng districts have put on concerted effort to improve the condition of the road. They have made up plans to press upon the BRO to ensure immediate maintenance of the road.

“Though the Defence Minister AK Antony recently claimed that military presence is being strengthened in Arunachal to face any challenge from across the border, the ground reality paints a gloomy picture,” pointed out Ngawang Sempa, a prominent youth leader saying that India had faced a humiliating defeat in 1962 aggression for lack of road connectivity. Even after a half a century, hardly anything has improved, he lamented.

Tawang, particularly the 400-year-old Tawang Monastery, have been drawing tourists from all over the world in an increasing number, who have been complaining of the very tedious journey from Bhalukpong because of potholed road. Many a times the vehicles break down causing untold sufferings, Pema Ngawang BCC President complained quoting few tourists.    

The 233-km Tawang-Nechipu portion under the ambitious Trans-Arunachal Highway, part of the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s 2008 package for the border state, is also under the BRO. Thus, it is the bonded duty of the organization to maintain the road properly from the security point of the nation; they demanded and urged the elected leaders to initiate immediate actions to mitigate their grievances.



Sena calls for re-generation of forest and wildlife in the state

Plantation at Tawang and Bomdila

62nd Vanamahotsava

Ojing Tayeng

ITANAGAR, Jul 08: In order to contribute to world-wide efforts in contain  global warming which threatens the very existences of life on earth and also to take action at local levels to conserve our forest and wild life, the Environment and Forest Minister, Setong Sena along with Forest Department official planted tree saplings as part of the 62nd Vanamahotsava celebration today at Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Chimpu.

The minister while referring the fast deflation of flora and fauna in the state in the recent past said “we need development but it should not be at the cost of our culture and forest. In the wake of these great changes we should change the thinking attitude and mind set of young generation by imparting the importance of regenerating forest and wild life, and we must develop a concrete attitude and start believing that environment is important to us”.

Sena further advocating for plantation of more trees, strongly advised the students to restrict others and propagate against merciless destruction of forest and animal.

He added that forest department is putting its all efforts to regenerate forest but unless the people understand the concept of regenerating forest and extend their cooperation to forest department, the very subject will not yield high-quality result as it is like a fight between as small group of people against huge army of destruction.  He also urged the students and the people of the state to stop reckless hunting and cutting down of trees.

Sena, suggested plantation of trees around the school boundaries and assured to provide sapling from forest department nursery. He donated an amount of Rs. One lakh toward the school fund.

Principal Chief Conservator of forest B.S Sajwan, also advocated on importance of preserving forest and wild life and urged the people to maintain a systematic balance with nature’s gift like forest, wild life and environment.

He also advised the students to educate their elders who are living in the village and town for preserving wild life and environment.

The programme was organized by state forest department and attended by capital complex DC Bokar Basar, forest officials including DFO (Social Forestry) Kenjum Rina, faculty and students of VKV, Chimpu.

Department of Environment & forest, Tawang  in collaboration with the Environment Protection Society and  All Tawang District Stundents Union  celebrated the 62nd Vanmahotsava on 7th July by carrying out inter school Drawing competition and plantation drive around the campus of the  Mahabodhi home for elders and children situated at Teli village which is about 15km away from the main Tawang Township area.

This is the only old age home  at Tawang at present, the programme was a great success  as the old residents of the old age home also participated in the event in which  more than 300 saplings of pine were planted.

DFO Tawang appreciated the endeavors taken by the Environment Protection Society (EPS) in safeguarding the trees, emphasizing on aforestation and a Green and clean Tawang. The DFO also  thanked the All Tawang District Students Union (ATDSU) for their help in making the vanmahotsava a success.

He further said that Arunachalees should seriously emphasis  on saving the trees and encourage Aforrestation.

Meanwhile a mass plantation drive, aided by All West Kameng Youth Association(AWKYA), was conducted by the Bomdila forest division and the District Administration in and around Bomdila Township to commemorate the 62nd Vanamahotsava in the district. A total of 1500 seedlings were distributed on the occasion making it mandatory for all the public and the governmental officials to plant one each and bear responsibility for its safe growth.


Aalo peaceful

DC assault condemned

ITANAGAR, Jul 8:The situation at Aalo is peaceful and no untoward incident is reported from any corner. The West Siang Superintendent of Police is keeping strict vigil on any breach of law and order. The markets are open and vehicular movements to various routes have been opened up. The peaceful situation and normalcy after a brief period of turmoil gives a sigh of relief to everyone specially the business community and poor vegetable sellers who were hit hard during the crisis period.

Meanwhile, The members of Guwahati High Court Itanagar Permanent Bench Bar Association (GHIPBBA), has strongly condemned the man handling of Deputy Commissioner Aalo, by miscreants. At the time of incident the Deputy Commissioner was exercising the powers of Chief Judicial Magistrate and manhandling of presiding judge is a very serious offence, it said while adding that the culprits should be booked under proper sections of law and punished accordingly.

The Administrative Officers of Lower Subansiri District in a joint signed statement led by DC Nila Mohanan has strongly condemned the Aalo incident where West Siang DC Amjad Tak was manhandled in his own chamber by bailer and  detainees on July4 last.

Terming the incident as Dastardly act, the officers led by DC Nila Mohanan has urged the state government to take strong action against the culprits and to provide adequate security to all the administrative officers for smooth functioning and discharge of duties report the DIPRO.


VoA committee condemn irresponsive attitude of PPC (NE) and (DDK) Itanagar

Ojing Tayeng

ITANAGAR, Jul 8: Voice of Arunachal (VoA) organizing committee come down heavily on PPC (NE) and Door Darshan Kendra (DDK) Itanagar for their irresponsive attitude towards VoA by not accepting the proposal of the programme for telecasting Voice of Arunachal Season-2.

The committee in order to expose the talented artists and promote the rich culture and tribal music had approached the official of DD (NE) viz. Director, Program Executives, program Officer and paid the processing fee to the PPC (NE) to be telecast in DD (NE) under sponsored category on September 2010. And as per agreement, the committee submitted two number of Pilot episodes of the programme, "BSNL, Voice of Arunachal" to the Program Officer of PPC (NE) for their preview and suggestion thereof. But the officials of DD (NE) failed to give timely guidance, intimation and response despite repeated appeals since last December.

Later, the committee along and Department of Art & Culture, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh approached Station Director, DDK Itanagar for telecasting the programme under sponsored category.

The DDK, Itanagar also accepted the proposal but didn’t turn up to materialize their assurance.

This negligence on the part of PPC (NE) was disclosed by the Voice of Arunachal, Chairman Jalley Sonam in a press conference held at Itanagar Press Club today.

Sonam while briefing the objective of the programme, informed that VoA is being organized to provide a platform to our young and talented singers and also to share and exchange the views and ideas for the promotion and preservation of tribal music and songs.

However, the discouraging attitude shown to the organizer by the officials of Prashar Bharti Corporation's, DD (NE) and Itanagar is a matter of great confusion and sadness, he said. The step motherly treatment to the VoA team in particular and people of Arunachal Pradesh as a whole by PPC is not a good signs for promotion and development of tribal culture.

The Organizing Committee, Voice of Arunachal strongly appealed to the Additional Director General, Doordarshan, North East Region, Guwahti to initiate immediate necessary actions against those officials in DD (NE) and Itanagar and demanded enquiry or investigation on the proposal made by the VoA committee.

The committee further threatens to launch a movement against DD (NE) and DDK, Itanagar to get justice.

VoA-Season-2 organizing Secretary, Arunachal Artist Forum members along with VoA Season-2 contestants also attended the press conference.


Effa calls for concerted efforts for development of sports sector

Staff reporter

ITANAGAR, Jul 8: Sports Authority of Arunachal Pradesh Chairman Tungri Effa today called upon Arunachal Olympic Association (AOA) and its affiliated bodies to make a concerted effort to take Sports sector to a new height.

The newly appointed Chairman, who met the office bearers of AOA and its affiliated bodies to take a first hand knowledge about the present sports scenario of the state at AOA office today, assured that he would make his best effort and extend all possible help to bring a change to Arunachal sports.

“And we can achieve this by working together,” Effa asserted. Speaking about the Multi-purpose Sports Complex, which has been the constant demand of the sports fraternity of the state, Effa said that he would take up the issue with the Chief Minister on priority basis along with other demands and grievances. He, however, advised the AOA and other sports bodies to submit their demands and grievances separately in written form.

Earlier, AOA team led by Secretary General G Doke felicitated Effa for being appointed as chairman. In his speech, Doke said that, sports sector in Arunachal would touch a new height under the able leadership of the young and energetic chairman.

Arunachal Pradesh Wushu Association president Toko Teki, while highlighting the various problems faced by the sports bodies due to non availability of fund, advocated for sufficient fund allocation for sports sector.

Lack of proper guidance to the players, poor allocation of funds and inadequate training facilities are the main causes of under development of sports sector in the state, he said, and urged Effa to ensure coaches for players in each district.

He hoped that construction of the multipurpose stadium would help solve all such problems and the players would benefit from it.

Arunachal Taekwondo Association vice president LK Singh said that Arunachal Pradesh is the only state where there is no such multipurpose sports stadium. Speaking about the sports policy which is in the final stage of approval, Singh said that there must be a provision in the policy for the talented players to ensure that they do not end their life in abject poverty after the retirement.

Sports and Youth Affairs Assistant Director Tadar Apa, Arunachal Karate Association secretary L Marik, Arunachal Cricket Association president Tado Kholie also spoke.


Lohit prepares for flood season

ITANAGAR, Jul 8: A perennially flood hit district; Lohit is gearing up to meet nature’s challenge.

During a meeting of  District Disaster Management Committee today which was attended by HoDs, outpost administrative officers and panchayat leaders of Lohit district DC R.K.Sharma called a flood contingency meeting.

He sought co-operation from all depts. and Panchayat leaders and GBs of Lohit district to curb loss of life and property due to natural calamity especially flood in Lohit district.

Water Resource dept and all outpost officers were asked to keep strict vigil on water level of all major rivers of Lohit during flood season and submit daily flood situation report alongwith rainfall data to the DM Cell at Distt HQ.

Distt Food and Civil Supply Office has been directed to keep sufficient stock of essentials commodities, LPG and POL Items at Distt HQ and all CPOs, FPS with buffer stock for exigencies.  PHE dept has been directed to provide clean and safe drinking water during rainy season to check any kind of water borne diseases.

Likewise dept of Electrical has been directed to monitor transmission lines in the district especially Namsai- Chowkham and Alubhari area to provide uninterrupted power supply during Flood season. Further DMO has been asked to monitor medicine stock and ensure attendance of Doctors and medical staffs in all PHC and CHC in the distt during rainy season. A mobile medical unit has to be kept in readiness to rush to the spot during exigencies.

All the outpost admn officers were suggested to open round the clock Flood control rooms at their respective administrative offices during flood like situation and report to Police Control Room, DM Cell(03804-222676) or The Deputy Commissioner Lohit.

Likewise the Panchayat leaders and GBs were directed to lead the Village Disaster Management Committee(VDMC) and report any untoward situation to the nearest administrative office. All outpost admn officers, panchayat leaders and GBs were asked to advise the villagers to keep their livestock at safer places and avoid fishing and working nearby rivers during rainy season.

BRTF authorities were also requested to make all necessary arrangements to keep surface communication open through during rainy season. All depts were directed to submit Flood contingency plan and nominate a Nodal officer for Disaster Management to liase with DM Cell during flood like situation.

DC further  informed the house that the Govt of A.P. has amended the Department of Relief Rehabilitation and Disaster Management (RR&DM) to the Deptt of Disaster Management vide notification no.GA(A)-25/98 Vol-I dated 13th June 2011.


An irrigation project suppose to help farmers may be negatively affecting their livelihoods

Raju Mimi

Dambuk, Jul 8: Located 20km south-west of Roing in Parbuk village, it’s now time to plough the fields.  The local people mainly grow paddy and agriculture here is the main occupation.

For irrigation, the government initiated Minor Irrigation Project (MIP) supplements the much needed water. The Kengkut River that flows along the Bolung village, towards north of Parbuk, is the source.

A four km long irrigation earth canal dug by CPWD in 1964, considered the lifeline, carries the river water to the paddy fields.

According to the villagers, the MIP project is not delivering. “Poor maintenance of MIP infrastructure has caused improper distribution of water, affecting the productivity.”

The MIP project involves a head work, a small dam erected by the Water Resource Department (WRD) in 2005 at the cost of Rs 12 lakhs, funded by the state government. The project also involved an additional 70 metre of cement concrete canal to connect the 4 km long irrigation channel.

Every year, the cement canal collapses under the sheer gush of water, giving tough time to villagers in regulating the flow of water during the monsoon.  

“To regulate the flow from causing floods in the downstream, the river water is blocked at the dam site, but it causes water logging in upstream areas,” a villager said. This has given rise to a peculiar situation, leading to occasional conflicts and disagreement between villagers living upstream and downstream areas.  

“Last year, the water had to be blocked throughout the season and we had to depend on rain water, which was insufficient causing much of the harvest to get spoiled,” a paddy grower from Parbuk said.

Despite the shortages, however, farmers living upstream of the MIP canal find themselves inundated with water, since blockages further up the water to overflow, harming crops.

So, instead of waiting for the authorities to act, villagers living in downstream themselves have started the work to plug the breach with available resources. “When government isn’t bothered, the people have to work out way for themselves,” says a local villager.

It has been like this every year, and this time again the farmers have raised funds to repair the CC canal. Each person has donated Rs 500 to a local village committee that oversees the repair work.

The local MLA Jomin Tayeng paid a visit to the site last year, but the villagers are still to hear from him. An appeal is still lying at the CM’s desk, informs one panchayat leader.

According to one department official, paucity of funds is affecting the efficiency of MIP needed for repair and maintenance. “We are helping the villagers with whatever resources available for the repair work.”


AAPKGBVTA appeals for service regularization, increment in salary

itanagar, Jul 8: The All Arunachal Pradesh Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya Teachers’ Association (AAPKGBVTA) appealed to the authorities concerned to take positive step to regularize the services of teachers serving in various KGBVs in the state.

So far, there has been no any assurance from the authority to regularize the services of teachers serving under KGBVs, which is also a branch of SSA, whereas the services of the first and second batch of SSA teachers have been regularized and salary increased by 50% along with arrears, the association rued.

Describing that KGBV teachers have been facing great problem to meet the day-to-day needs with their fixed salary due to increase in prices of all commodities, the association appealed to the authority to increase the salary of the KGBV teachers, who have been serving with dedication in far flung areas for women education.


44th DRDA GB meeting at Pasighat

Ering calls for enhancement of rural living standards

PASIGHAT, Jul 8: MP Lok Sabha Ninong Ering while addressing that Governing Body (GB) meeting of DRDA East Siang at the DC's conference hall yesterday said that it was the highest platform to take some major and concrete decisions to enhance rural living standards in the district.

The district level vigilance and monitoring committee meeting was also convened in addition to the GB meeting. Reviewing the ongoing developments, Ering appreciated the PRI member and govt. executives for successful implementations of all the scheme and projects, flagship program completed so far and framed for future. He asked the house to understand, justify and accept the genuine rural requirements and use the government funds judiciously for greater interest of the rural masses.

Earlier in the GB meeting, Deputy Commissioner Onit Panyang batted for meaningful and useful perspective plans stressing on coordination, devotion and strict adherence of govt. guidelines for brighter future of the district in particular.

The Project Director DRDA Taper Pada produced a report on achievements of the current year and the BDOs placed their Annual Action Plans of respective blocks for approval and finalization. After threadbare block-wise discussions the house passed various developmental plans while the ZPC Yai Dabi urged PRI members to maintain same tempo and spirit for betterment of the rural people.

The meeting was also attended by the ADCs of Pasighat, Mebo, Boleng, Nari and SDO Ruksin, Project Director DRDA, Engineers, Bankers, ZPMs and PRI representatives. (DIPRO)


District Level Monitoring Committee Meeting

DC upset at absentee officials

BOMDILA, Jul 8: Impressing on proper co-ordination and sharing of information in order to keep the channel of communication open for the development of the district, DC Rinchin Tashi chairing the 4th District Level Monitoring Committee this morning, took strong exception of the absence of some of the Members (Executive Engineers) and Zilla Parishad Members and reiterated that the Monitoring Committee has an all important role to play in the development of the district. Besides taking the local people into confidence, it is imperative on the part of the executing agencies to keep the respective Administrative officers well informed of the various activities undertaken in their circles so as to facilitate smooth execution and monitoring of the projects. Underscoring the role of the Panchayat leaders, DC Tashi added that, the positive and constructive role played by them would go a long way in developing their respective areas.

Later, Department-wise discussions and review on schemes of SPA, NEC, NLCPR, RIDF and PM package were held. Among others, the DPO, DMO, DDSE and all the Administrative officers of the district participated in the meeting. In order to bring back the sanctity and seriousness of the District Level Monitoring Committee, DC Tashi pronounced that, henceforth, the DLMC meetings would be conducted on quarterly basis and all the members are to attend the same without fail. Further, photographs of all the projects are mandatory and should be submitted within a period of ten days from this meeting, he concluded. DIPRO


ACF condemns torture,demands enquiry

ITANAGAR, Jul 8: Arunachal Christian Forum (ACF) has condemned the alleged physical torture on Pastor Chamje Tesia of Khela Baptist Church at AR Bn Hq, Khonsa on June 21 last.

In a letter addressed to chief minister and Director General, AR, Shillong, the ACF said that the Pastor was summoned and given inhuman treatment alleging him to be a sympathizer or abettor of an insurgent group.

Forum further said that torturing someone only on the basis of suspicion goes against the well-established legal traditions. Even if there were some truth in the allegations against Pastor Chamje Tesia, does not our democratic country have a civilized way of dealing with such cases, it questioned.

The Forum appealed both the CM and DG to restrain the forces from such brutal behaviour in the name of anti-insurgency drive, institute an enquiry into the incident and initiate confidence building measures between the local people and AR.


e-AgriKiosk Project by NABARD & CAU for Rural Arunachal Farmers

PASIGHAT, Jul 8: The e-AgriKiosk: Innovating for future (Touch Screen Kiosks for farm technology transfer) project is sponsored by the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) under the Rural Innovation Fund (RIF) scheme and implemented by the College of Horticulture and Forestry, Central Agricultural University (CAU), Pasighat and College of Post Graduate Studies, CAU, Barapani.  As a first step to develop information module for touch screen kiosk, farmers’ information needs survey was carried out among 150 farm families of East Siang district. Based on the farmers’ needs assessment survey findings, information on 30 important topics was developed and software development is underway at the School of Social Sciences, CPGS, CAU, Barapani. Khsi mandarin and rice crop information demo version of touch screen is under validation and refinement process and it will be demonstrated to farmers of the selected villages of East Siang district.   

Further, the project Principal Investigator, Dr. R. Saravanan, Associate Professor (Communication) of Central Agricultural University expressed that “In this project we will follow the farmer-to-farmer communication approach and along with images of crops, pest & diseases damage symptoms, farm technologies and practices, Adi tribal language audio to be inserted in the touch screen kiosks. Probably, this project is one of first of its kind in North-East India. Efforts for integrating mobile based advisory services and facilitating information by the web portal (www.eagrikiosk.in) also in progress”.

In the present scenario of Arunachal Pradesh State Agriculture, the public agricultural developmental departments and research institutes alone possibly cannot provide additional qualified manpower to adequately address the technology information and knowledge needs of the rural tribal farmers, due to financial constraints and limited transport facilities. The new Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) may provide a viable alternative to overcome the physical barriers of face to face inter-personal communication in the hill state of Arunchal, said a release.


Agriculture census training

Changlang, Jul 8: The District Level Training on Agricultural Census was conducted at the office of the District Agriculture Officer, Changlang for the SDAOs, ADOs and AFAs from different circles of the district yesterday.

The Agricultural census is conducted in India every five year. The 9th Agricultural census is being conducted for the year 2010-11 with 1st July 2010 to 30th June 2011 as reference period.

District agriculture Officer H Chimyang in his key note address said that farmers and PRI members are pivotal for successful conduct of census work. He opined that the Agricultural census data are very important in formation of Government Programmes for Agricultural development in the area and hence, sought for utmost sincerity from all the enumerators and supervisors in carrying out the census. Chimyang further informed the house that as there are no comprehensive land records available in Arunachal Pradesh, the required data during census would be collected through sample survey by adopting enquiry method. The data would be collected from operational holders in selected villages of the district as per the prescribed sampling design in the standardized schedules.

The key trainers were H Chimyang, DAO, Changlang, L K Taiju, ADO (Hq), and S N Sakia, ADO (Hq). (DIPRO)


DC inspects functioning of the schools at Roing

ROING, Jul 8: Deputy Commissioner of Lower Dibang Valley Garima Gupta today made unannounced inspection of various schools of the Roing township to take first hand information of functioning of the school in the area. She interacted with the head of the institutions, teachers and students during her visit. She asked the principals and headmasters to keep the vicinity of the schools clean and hygienic and also to ensure that all the students remain inside the classes during class hour. She also asked them to see that every student wear school uniform that too neat & tidy.

Shocked at finding auditorium turned class room of XIIth standard (Humanity) at Govt. Higher Secondary School, Roing with 260 students, she asked the Principal of the school to divide it in two or three small sections/classes so that proper attention can be given to each student.

While visiting boys and girls hostel of Govt. Higher Secondary School, Gupta asked the hostel warden to ensure that no alcohol is taken inside the hostel by the boarders and also to restrict the movement of outsiders in the hostel campus especially at night hours.

On the day, Deputy Commissioner accompanied by DDSE and Officers of RMSA visited Middle School, GHSS, Roing and Middle School, Cheta-I.

Finding some teachers absent for long period without taking leave from the concerned authority at Middle School, Cheta-I Deputy Commissioner asked the Deputy Director of School Education, Roing to initiate disciplinary action against those absentee teachers who were absent without taking authorized leave. Long leaves by teachers adversely affect the learning process and the sufferers are school children who come from far & wide, fighting bad weather to gain knowledge. She also asked him to submit the list of minimum requirement of teachers in the district.

Earlier, Tanyang Tatak, DDSE and Ukyar Pertin, Principal GHSS Roing apprised the Deputy Commissioner regarding grievances faced by the schools like shortage of class rooms, teachers, inadequate Lab equipments.

GHSS Roing had 1478 students enrolled in the school in the last session with only 28 teachers thus the student teacher ratio comes to 1:52 as against national standard norms of 1:40. (DIPRO)


RBI cautions against unregistered companies

It has come to the notice of the Reserve Bank of India that some entity, which seems to be a foreign one, is operating in India and doing NBFl business, including acceptance of deposits, without obtaining a certificate of Registration (CoR) from RBI. The company is misusing the name of RBI by displaying a fake CoR on its web site for collecting deposits from the public.

The Bank would like to clarify to the general public that no company/entity by the name, M/s Forex Achievements is registered as a company under the Companies Act, 1956 which is a prerequisite for obtaining CoR from the Bank. The CoR bearing Reg No. 07.00410 dated April 07, 2010 displayed by the entity on its web site is a fabricated one and not issued by RBI to it. Members of public are hereby cautioned not to deposit money with such unincorporated bodies. Persons depositing money with such unincorporated bodies would be doing so at their own risk.

Under Section 45 - S (1) of the Reserve Bank of India Act, ;1934, unincorporated bodies that are carrying on the business of a financial institution or whose principal business is that of receiving deposits are prohibited from accepting deposits from the public and the State Governments are empowered to take action against such entities under Section 458 (1) of the RBI Act 1934. Money circulation schemes are also banned under the Prize Chit and Money Circulation (Banning) Act 1978 and are governed by the respective State Governments. Hence all complaints on unauthorised acceptance of deposits and running of money circulation schemes, when received by the Reserve Bank are immediately referred to the Economic Offences wing of the concerned State Governments.

The public is hereby warned to be cautious in making investments with such entities. Before making investments they are advised in their own interest to visit the website of the Reserve Bank of India to check whether the companies they are placing deposits with are registered with the Reserve Bank and entitled to hold deposits. The names of such companies are available an RBI's web site at www.rbi.org.in--sitemap--NBFC List.


Dree festival Celebrated at Aalo

Aalo, Jul 8: Dree festival of Apatani Community was Celebrated at Mopin ground, Aalo with much fan fare.

Former Minister Doi Ado, who attended the festival as Chief Guest, said that festival of every tribe of Arunachal Pradesh are mainly agri-based having same objectives. He said that celebration of festival provides a good platform to know each other’s culture.

Tori Ragyor, ZPM, Mechukha- Tato, Guest of Honour, said that the central message of every festival is the message of humanity and mutual co-existence. He stressed for preservation of ones own traditional culture by celebrating such festival in a larger scale.          .

Main attractions of the day were the inter-tribe cultural programmes represented by various tribes of the state including Galo, Adi Minyong and Tagin besides the host Apatani tribe.

Millo Pushang, the festival President narrated the significance of the festival appealed every one to pray almighty Donyi-Polo to live a happy life with mutual coexistence without  any discrimination.

The Dree mythology was read out by the General Secretary, Dree Festival Committee Er. Dollo Pura.

Koj Rinya, IFS, also spoke on the occasion.

At Yingkiong, the festival was celebrated in a befitting manner.

Dree flag was hoisted by local MLA and chief guest Alo Libang,

Speaking on the  Libang exhorted the participants and other people present on the occasion to maintain brotherhood and delved on the affinity between several festivals of the descendants of the Abo Tani.

Earlier, Secretary, Dree Festival Committee Ngilyang Pugang welcomed the guests and  Er. Nani Chilyang, Executive Engineer, PWD, who is also the Chairman of the celebration, read out the Dree Mythology.

L Borang, deputy commssioner, appreciated the Apatani Community for organizing the celebration in such a grand manner despite very less number of Apatani families at Yingkiong.

The main attraction of the day was the finale of the traditional Apatani wrestling " GIIBII between Punyo Habung and Tallo Nana with the former ultimately taking away the Mr. Dree title.

Academic toppers were also felicitated on the occasion.

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