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July -  11



Best athlete, CBSE toppers of Hrusso community felicitated

ITANAGAR, Jul 10: With the aim to encourage the Hrusso students in the field of academic and non-academic field the All Hrusso (Aka) Students’ Union (ARSU) felicitated best women athlete of the state of  2010-11 Anjali Sagro and six Class X and XI CBSE examinations toppers belonging to Hrusso community at a function held at Jamin village, West Kameng district on July 8.

ARSU also felicitated Dr. Jumsang Sidisow, Dr. Gibji Nimasow,Shrine Nimasow, Lowrence Jebisow, Adv. Khamo Desisow,  Minoty Regisow,  Wangja Ramdasow  for being the first MBBS, first Ph.D degree holder, first BE, first lady graduate, first LLB, first B Ed and first graduate of the community respectively.

West Kameng District  Superintendent of Police S. B. Tamang attended the programme as chief guest and D. Riba, Project Director, DRDA, Bomdila as guest of honour.

Thrizino-Buragaon  MLA Kumsi Sidisow and other dignitaries of the community were also present in the programme.


Felicitation of  toppers

ITANAGAR, Jul 10: Tarh Welfare Society (TWS) organized felicitation for class X and XII toppers today at Hotel Momsie. In the class X category Tarh Nachup, Tarh Rina and Tarh Naku were awarded for their excellent performance whereas in class XII category Tarh Chachu, Tarh Nunu and Tarh Katrina were awarded.


AMYAA forms Farmer’s Club and SHG

ITANAGAR, Jul 10: Two Farmers Club at Kuttum and Nampuk villages of Kharsang circle and a SHG at Old Plone of Miao circle were formed today under the initiative of Alombro Mayu Yaku Chi Amey Aroga (AMYAA) a Non-Government Organization.

The Wahang Farmer Club comprising 10 farmers as members at Kuttom Village, Alab Farmer Club with 10 members at Nampuk Village and Athaung SHG with 15 members at Old Plone have been formed today. With formation of these two farmers club, AMYAA has completed the target number of forming 10 Farmer’s Club in Changlang District with the supported of NABARD RO, Itanagar. The organization at present focuses at forming 34 SHGs in the remote villages of the District this too with the support of NABARD RO, Itanagar.



ITANAGAR, Jul 10: All Hong Employees’ Welfare Association felicitated Bullo Manku and Budhi Byai of Hong village for their excellent performance in class XII (Sc, Hum/Com) CBSE examination-2011.

The award carries a citation and cash amount of Rs 3000 each.


Training on computer basic

ITANAGAR, Jul 10:  A 15 days training programme on ‘Basic computer application’  is being organized by the Arunachal Pradesh Cooperative Training Centre (APCTC), Naharlagun from July 6 last.  The programme is organized under centrally sponsored scheme and will cover the  far-flung districts of the state.

Meanwhile,  a five days short term course  for members and BoDs will begin from July 11 to enhance the knowledge of accounts and audit being maintained by the cooperative societies.



ITANAGAR, Jul 10: Sangkoli Cheda, Techi Tajo and Taw Kero have been appointed as president, vice president and general secretary of the Junior Engineers Welfare Association for the tenure of 2011-2013.



ITANAGAR, Jul 10: Bengia Egu, Godak Bida, Ruhi Tagung and Kipa Kain have been selected as president, general secretary and vice presidents respectively of the Private/Public Truck Owners’ Welfare Association Capital Complex for a period of five years in a meeting held yesterday.


Bandh opposed

ITANAGNAR, July 10: Arunachal Pradesh RTI Activists Forum (APRTIAF) vice chairman, chief patron and general secretary in a joint statement said the decision of APRTIAF to call bandh on July 14 was not a unanimous decision of the executives and it was ‘without prior knowledge of the rest of the executive members of the forum.’

The motive behind the formation of APRTIAF is to fight for common cause, not for individual interest, the statement said adding that the bandh call is not for the larger interest of the society and  state as a whole.  Bandh, which affects the common people, is not the solution to fight against corruption, they added.

The leader trio opposed the proposed July 14 bandh call and also appealed to the different sections of the society not to give moral support to such bandh call.  


‘Solve crisis mutually’

ITANAGAR, July 10: Terming the demand for resignation of health minister on alleged corruption charges as unjustified, the Arunachal Pradesh Multi-Purpose Workers Contractual Employment Association has said that Govt employees such as contractual employees are the worst hit by the present fiasco. Law should be allowed to take its own course,  Association  said and appealed  to all concerned to  create a congenial atmosphere for solution  to the crisis mutually for betterment of all.


Nomenclature changes

ITANAGAR, Jul 10: Lamrah Welfare Society has changed its nomenclature to All Lamrah Welfare Society (ALWS) in a meeting held at Itanagar recently.


Review meeting

ITANAGAR: The state level review meeting of PHE department will be held at Banquest Hall on 11th July. The inaugural session will be graced by chief minister Jarbom Gamlin.


NSC calls for road renovation

ITANAGAR: Papum Pare district Nationalist Students Congress (NSC) unit, a frontal wing of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) has appealed to the Doimukh MLA and authorities concerned for renovation of dilapidated Doimukh town to Nonpu road.

The road users and commuters have been facing innumerable problems due to road damage in many places, NSC said in a in a release.


5th N.E Chess Championship

ITANAGAR: All Arunachal Pradesh Chess Association (AAPCA) will conduct the 5th N.E Chess Championship-2012 in January, 2012 at Itanagar/Naharlagun. It was decided in its Annual General Body Meeting here today, according to an AAPCA release.

The New Executive body of AAPCA was also formed in the meeting with Dobin Doke as president and Tamchi Kache as general secretary. Further, an organizing committee for smooth conduction of the NE Chess Championship 2012 headed by Gem Taje as chairman has also been constituted. The meeting also decided to approach the sport quota for chess players from the concern authorities separately.


News Impact


A way forward

LEPORIANG, Jul 10: When it comes to attending the nature’s call inside the confines of a well-constructed hygienic toilet in remote villages of the state, it can be almost vouched that this is a fact far from truth. Since ages, villagers have been relieving themselves in freedom – in open air – that the forests and paddy fields in the vicinity offer them in abundance. For a poor villager, spending the extra buck and time to construct and maintain a toilet is not only unnecessary but a burden that can be done without. Mother Nature offers the services for free!

May be unbelievable but villagers of remote Leporiang circle in Sagalee sub-division of Papum Pare district are up to reverse this fact….at least they have resolved to do so!

Eric Sakiang, the official mascot of Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC) in Papum Pare district, which is actually a piglet, along with ‘friends’ recently visited the region literally to wage the last war against ‘open defecation’. With the response generated amongst the villagers, the war has been half won.

Sponsored by Yupia Division Public Health Engineering department (PHED), a team of consultants held a series of outreach programmes from June 30 to July 3 last at Bobia, Lungte-Tapu and Leporiang encompassing all the five panchayat segments of Leporiang Anchal viz., Bobia, Langding, Langpung, Leporiang and Pape panchayats. The tools utilized for intra-personal communication on the theme were puppet shows, screening of films, creative workshops and man-to-man interactions.

Of all the tools, the puppet show – a first time experiment in villages of the state – with Eric Sakiang as one of the main characters, impacted the most. Anchal Chairperson Nabam Kakam, who was present at all the outreach programmes, hailed the unique way of creating awareness amongst the rural people. Young and old, male and female, everybody watched ‘Sangu Lamtaa’, the puppet play that zeroes down to popularize use of IHHL in every household. The response was spontaneously positive!

“We want individual household toilets….everybody of us. We are ready for change. Please tell the government,” said Nabam Saha, Gaon Bura of Jerji village under Leporiang panchayat during an interaction session preceding the puppet play and film screening at Leporiang Middle School. The same was endorsed by Head Gaon Bura Nabam Hanya of Sango under Pape Panchayat and several others.

Villagers, especially the gaon buras, were, however sceptic of the offer made by the government under the scheme. Naturally so as the central government scheme provides a meagre amount of about Rs 3000 for construction of an IHHL, which under given circumstances in rural villages of Arunachal Pradesh is far too less. Several villagers submitted that the amount offered is too low for construction of a well built IHHL and pleaded revision of the same.

“On our own we have tried constructing low cost latrines but due to factors like domestic animals, children and the weather these didn’t last long. Then we are back to using the jungle or the fields for our purpose. If the government seriously wants us to permanently change our habit then support for construction of permanent toilets would be of utmost help,” said Nabam Tate of Neniaso village under Bobia panchayat.

However, the urge to keep up pace with the civilized world is also prominent amongst the villagers.

“Money is not a big deal. Whatever government offers we will accept. The point is that the government should practically offer what it says it would offer,” said Tadar Taniang, Gaon Bura of Tabyo village under Leporiang Panchayat. He also suggested that when the government offers the aid it should offer to each and every household and not leave out even a single household.

Another suggestion that came up during the interactions is that implementation of the water supply scheme should go hand in hand with the TSC.

“Without proper and regular water supply constructing toilets in random will serve no purpose,” pointed Tam Tadap of Vee village from Langpung panchayat.

IX Leporiang Anchal segment has five panchayats with a total population of about 5000. While about 80% of the population are Below Poverty Line (BPL), the number of existing IHHLs can be regarded as non-existent. As the central government scheme targets only the BPL households the amount of support needed for construction of IHHLs would be huge. To add to the government’s burden, the scheme also provides for toilets in all schools and anganwadi centres. Reportedly, Leporiang segment has an anganwadi centre in almost all the villages, which counts to 36 according to the Anchal Chairperson. There are at least 21 schools and six community halls, all without proper toilet facilities. In such scenario the assurance given by Executive Engineer J T Badal of Public Health Engineering (PHE) earlier to support construction of 250 IHHLs in the circle may prove to be lesser than the demand. Villagers, therefore, have demanded to increase the number of IHHLs proposed for construction in the Anchal segment.

With villagers making a beeline for IHHLs, it would be a tough challenge for the government, especially the PHED as the implementing agency, in meeting the demand.

Earlier, the Total Sanitation Campaign was officially introduced in this corner of the state in September 2009. However, a full-fledged campaign incorporating the Information, Education and Communication (IEC) – an important component of TSC – was launched in Leporiang circle on November 20 last year by PHED Yupia Division under Executive Engineer J T Badal.

Habits coming down from generations are hard to change. But the visible change in the mindset of Leporiang villagers is proving that Eric Sakiang and Co are on the right track!


ANSU decides to go with 3rd phase bandh

ITANAGAR, Jul 10: All Nyishi Students Union (ANSU) has decided to call its third phase 48-hour capital complex bandh. However, the schedule will be revealed at an appropriate time later, the union added.

“With no justice in sight to the demand put forth by ANSU and the indifferent attitude being shown repeatedly by the state Govt in resolving the Pradeep Thakur issue”, the union decided to  call 3rd phase 48 hours capital bandh time frame of which  will be disclosed later, said ANSU  in a release. ‘It has also been observed that some people with the intention of sabotaging the ANSU movement for seeking justice for the entire Nyishi society have tried to give it totally different direction’, ANSU said adding that the Union will not be discouraged by their attempts of sabotage. ‘In fact, it only strengthen our resolve in seeking justice,’ the union added.

ANSU further said that the silence of the Govt on this issue is questionable. It added: If the Govt maintains the same insincerity in resolving the issue, the union shall be forced to broaden the mode of agitation.


2nd State Level Tiger 7 Soccer Tournament begins

Gora Makik draw All Blacks 1-1 in opener

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Jul 10: The Second State Level Tiger 7 Soccer Tournament began today with Sports Authority of Arunachal Pradesh Chairman Tungri Effa kicking off the seven-a-side game at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun.

Speaking on the inaugural function as chief guest, Effa appreciated the Arunachal Sporting Society for organizing the tournament to make familiarize the soccer lover of the state with the shorter version of the football game. He sought support and cooperation from football lovers in popularizing the game in the state.

In this game, there are seven players on the field rather than 11. The measurements of the playing field are smaller and there is no offside rule and throw-ins may be made with only one hand. The match consists of two halves of 30 minutes each.

Sports and Youth Affairs Director DK Dinglow attended the inaugural function as guest of honour.

The inaugural match played between Gora Makik Sports Club and All Blacks Team ended in 1-1 draw.

Gora Makik was leading 1-0 till the break with goal from Taba Rakesh in the 2nd minutes. However, All Blacks restored parity in 38 miutes through a goal from Gope Tamang in 38th minute.

The second match of the day was due to play between BT XI vs Nyokum Youth FC.


Literary sitting prays for early recovery of Mamoni Raisom and Dr Hazarika

ITANAGAR, Jul 10: The monthly literary sitting of Arunachal Pradesh Literary Society (APLS) – 26th in its series – was held at the conference hall of JN State Museum here today.

Chaired by APLS general secretary Tokong Pertin, the session witnessed the members praying for speedy recovery of ailing iconic figures of Assam – Dr Bhupen Hazarika and Mamoni Raisom Goswami – besides conveying their warm felicitations to Riken Ngomle for being the first Arunachalee to successfully pass out from the prestigious National School of Drama, New Delhi.

The meeting, thereafter, proceeded with the routine schedule wherein Jamuna Bini of RGU recited her poem titled ‘Chandni Raat’. APLS coordinator cum treasurer R N Koley read out his self-composed poem, ‘Mallika Di’r Janya’, dedicating it to the talented poetess of West Bengal, Mallika Sengupta, who died of a dreaded disease on May 28 this year. Around a quarter century of books to her credit, Sengupta had the distinction of participating in the World Conference of Poets.

Pekba Ringu, an enthusiastic writer, had read out his article on visionary leader Baken Pertin to make the literary meet lively.

Among others, Dr S K Ghosh, an executive member of the Society was also present.


GWS peace team submit recommendation to govt on Aalo issue

Itanagar, Jul 10: The Chairman, Galo Welfare Society Peace Team on Aalo Conflict A.T. Kulo, the President, GWS, Jarjum Gamlin Ete and Secretary General, GWS, Er. Marki Loya, called on the Chief Minister, Jarbom Gamlin, and apprised him of the situational assessment of the conflict situation in Aalo.

Peace Team on Aalo Conflict recommended immediate transfer of the present incumbent as DC. “A section of the general public seems to have lost confidence in him and his administrative capability” it said.

The team further stated that early process of judicial procedures and release of the arrestees is very important, confidence building measures is required to be taken by the people in authority and power, transparency and equitable distribution of resources is one aspect which is important in public dealing.

The government and District Administration ought to take the institution of the Gaon Buras into confidence and make use of their good offices to contain such unwarranted disturbances in the name of ethnic assertions, resource sharing issues, it said while adding that the Head GBs of every village ought to be made responsible for maintaining peace and tranquility in every village. The Peace Committee of GWS further  reiterated that the  guidelines laid down by the center and the state governments must be followed in letter and spirit to benefit the common people to the optimal in all govt sponsored development interventions.

The Peace Team condemned the unwarranted assault on the body and office of the Chief Judicial Magistrate in no uncertain terms and appeals to every responsible citizen, particularly Galos, to refrain from taking the law into their own hands.

Any issue or conflict of interest, in the Galo inhabited areas, or among the Galos or to do with any Galo, shall be encouraged to be resolved amicably, peacefully and within the purviews of the law of the land or the traditional and customary norms, keeping in view the nature and peculiarity of the cases, it added ”

The Peace Team stated that the Chief Minister, Jarbom Gamlin, said that other local issues would be surely looked into. But the government cannot take kindly to the assault on a Chief Judicial Magistrate on duty, or for that matter on any government official or officer, on duty.

Taking advantage of the opportunity of their first meeting with the Chief Minister, Jarbom Gamlin, the President and Secretary General, GWS raised the issues regarding eecent findings of Hepatitis B infection among school students in West Siang district, as per an NGO initiative, Revival of the Fruit Processing Factory at Nigmoi in West Siang District, which could fuel the local economy, Rejuvenation of the Ramakrishna Mission School, Aalo, the pending issue of Lower Siang district creation in the foothills of West and East Siang districts, affected by the unsettled inter state boundary dispute with Assam and the issue of change of nomenclature from Gallong to Galo pending in the office of the Prime Minister of India.

The Peace team further informed that while appreciating the intervention of the AITF in the conflict situations in Ziro and Roing in the recent past and, that of the GWS in the present situation in Aalo between the district administration and a section of the Paktu group of Galos, the Chief Minister said that the cooperation of the community based organizations in the state was highly needed in the interface of the communities with the government, and such initiatives will go a long way to ensure peace and tranquility in the state.


Bhutan Glory’ spotted in Ziro

Arif Siddiqui

ITANAGAR, July 10: Bhutan Glory--a rare and beautiful butterfly of the region-- was discovered in Arunachal Pradesh.

This three tailed insect which is generally found in Bhutan, Southeast Asia and other Northeastern states was unknowingly discovered by Punyo Chada of Siiro village, a teacher by profession and an avid nature lover, in Ziro recently.

Listed under CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, also known as the Washington Convention), but not in the Red Book of the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources), the status of the butterfly has been recorded as rare by some authorities and "Insufficiently known" in the IUCN Red Data Book on Swallowtails.

Both sexes of the Bhutan Glory are identical in looks, having long rounded forewings with convex termen and many-tailed hind wings. This fine insect was first discovered in May 1868, near Buxa, in the Bhutan Himalayas, at an elevation of 5000 feet, by Dr R. Lidderdale, of the Bengal Army. Dr Lidderdale obtained two specimens from the same locality in 1872.

Bhutan Glory flies at tree-top with a slow, drifting, unpredictable flight. It’s transparent greyish underside makes it difficult to distinguish in the shadows. During rain, it sits on leaves with the fore-wings dropped over the hind wings, concealing its bright upper coloration. The butterfly has a habit of hill-topping and visits flowers of diverse species.  Apart from teaching, Chada, runs a Home Stay accommodation for visitors. He is also an avid nature lover and often visits Talley Valley with his friends in his leisure time.

Apart from Bhutan Glory he has shot another rare butterfly “Brown Gorgon.” There so many unknown moths & wild flowers in his collection which were witnessed by this author during his stay at his home.

He has opened the Gateway of “Butterfly Tourism” in Ziro.

Isaac Kehimkar, the famous author from BNHS (Bombay Nature History Society) already started asking for his pictures for upcoming Book on Indian Butterflies being published by BNHS.

Chada’s Butterflies pictures made a stir among the butterfly enthusiasts across the country and many are now willing to visit Ziro valley soon.


IMWA calls for dialogue to solve present impasse

ITANAGAR, July 10: Itanagar Market Welfare Association has appealed to the state Govt to initiate dialogue with the agitating organizations in order to avoid frequent bandh calls.

Taking exception to Govt’s alleged lackadaisical attitude toward the grievances of the general masses  and business community due to frequent bandh call, the IMWA said that Govt should also address the grievances of business community  and bring the agitators to the negotiating table  before the worse situation like lawlessness and anarchy  prevail in the peaceful state.

Referring to the proposed bandh call on July 14 and the ongoing ANSU movement, IMWA questions the existence of the Govt and said that the grievances were not properly address till date.


SuMPPLIC oppose establishment of colony at Gaa village

ITANAGAR, July 10: The Subansiri Middle Power Project Local Implementation Committee (SuMPPLIC), Tamen  in a general body  meeting held at Kamporijo on July 2 last unanimously opposed the reported decision of the Jindal Co for establishing the permanent/ temporary colony for the Subansiri Hydro Electric Power Company (SHEPC) Ltd at Gaa village.  The meeting was also attended by the people of project affected area.

Meanwhile, the committee said that it has submitted a memorandum to head of the project of the company to change its decision within 15 days, otherwise, the committee said, would start non-cooperation movement and not allow construction of 1600 MW project at their land at any cost.

Gaa village does not fall under the project affected area and the company officials have already surveyed the site for establishment of permanent and temporary colony at the upstream of the both banks of the Kamala river and submitted a report in this regard, the committee claimed and agreed to extend cooperation in establishing the proposed colony in right or left bank of Kamala river in the project affected area.


APPDSU seek DC's intervention

ITANAGAR, July 10: All Papum Pare District Students’ Union (APPDSU) has sought the intervention of the Deputy Commissioner and D.D.S.E, Yupia to demarcate the boundary of  Govt. Middle School, Mani without any further delay to avoid future misunderstanding among the various parties.

While reacting to the press statement given by the president, Gaon Bura Association, Doimukh and vice chairman, School Management and Development Committee (SMDC) cum G.B of Mani, APPDSU in a release said that it is well aware about the ground reality of the entire encroachment issue and the earlier press statement issued by APPDSU is based on authentic documents.”  

“APPDSU has done all field work and interacted with all the like-minded intellectuals of Mani and Doimukh on the subject. Hence, every statement passed earlier by the union is based on authentic documents,” it said.

APPDSU questioned the SMDC chairman that as how the GB president and VC of SMDC can issue press release against the students union without consent of the chairman. “Such dual policy would not be tolerated,” APPDSU said, and cautioned not to misuse their power and function in making baseless allegation.

“Some of senior citizen of Doimukh area are acting against the union for their personal gain instead of cooperating with the union to solve the prolonged land dispute” APPDSU regretted.

It further appealed to the media fraternity not to entertain any press releases which do not hold the interest and welfare of the school and without having the name and signature of the Chairman of SMDC.


PRIs demand enquiry

ITANAGAR, Jul 10: Gram Panchayat members of Kiyit village led by its Chairman in a letter to Director National Rural Health Mission, Itanagar demanded enquiry into the newly constructed staff barrack and indoor patient building at PHC Borguli.

The Barrack was handed over to the department after completion but it has gone out of order within a month.

The PRI members alleged that the newly constructed Staff Barrack under NRHM at PHC, Borguli by Tokram Yirang, Zilla Parishad Members (ZPM), Monggu Banggo under Mebo Sub-division is totally of sub-standard. The GOI under NRHM has sanctioned Rs.14 lakhs for construction of four Staff Barrack at PHC, Borguli but Yirang has constructed only three families Staff Barrack at PHC, Borguli.

Further, the walls of the building, flooring and CGI sheet used for construction are of sub-standard quality. The lavatory of the Barrack has been constructed without septic tank and the materials used in windows and doors are of very low quality even there is no hook and handle in the window.

It also alleged that the floor of the newly constructed building for indoor Patient at PHC, Borguli, constructed under MLA LAD fund, by Gumin Tayeng has also gone out of order within a few months after handed over the building to department.

But despite these the two contractors had drawn the bill without obtaining utilization/completion certificate from the Medical Officer, PHC Borguli.

It strongly appealed to the Director to conduct enquiry on the matter and direct both contractor to repair the building immediately.


Tamang community meet Gogoi

ITANAGAR, July 10: A nine-member delegation of Tamang community of Assam led by spiritual leader 13th T G Rinpoche called on Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi on last Friday and apprised him of the  present socio-economic condition of the Tamang community.

Highlighting the present identity crisis being faced by the Tamangs and need to  promote Buddhist culture, the delegation also submitted a memorandum to the CM  requesting him  to extend financial assistance for Gonpa and preservation and promotion of Buddhist culture and learning centre in Assam. The delegation also appealed the CM for formation of Tamang Development Council for socio-economic development of the Tamangs – one of the largest Mahayana Buddhist communities.

The CM reportedly assured the delegation to consider the grievances soon. The delegation included executive members of Assam Tamang Buddhist Association, Mahnipa Sangha, students and social workers.


Tree plantation marks Vanamahotsava

ITANAGAR, Jul 10: A plantation programme was organized by Divisional Forest office, Seppa in collaboration with Krishi Vigyan Kendra, East Kameng at the office campus of KVK yesterday as a part of the 62nd “Vanamohotsav” celebration.

All the staff of KVK, including  Programme Coordinator, Dr. S. Borthakur, Divisional Forest Officer G. Nima and RFO Yachang Kani and other staff of Divisional Forest Office of Seppa  and local people from Pampoli area joined the mass plantation.

Both Nima Dr. Borthakur stressed the importance of plantation for conserving nature. Both of them also agreed upon for joining hands in near future in conducting collaborative programme for promotion of agro-forestry for the betterment of the rural mass of the district.

During the programme different species of saplings were planted in the KVK campus.


ATMA imparts training at Sissen

PASIGHAT, Jul 10: A day-long training program on ‘Production and Post Harvest Management’ of Cardamom and Ginger, sponsored by the Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA), Pasighat was organized by B. Koyu, the convener of Block Technology Team (BTT), Pangin at the Farmers Field School, Pangin on July 8 last near Sissen bridge point.

Taddo Borangm, EAC Pangin,  who formally inaugurated the training program advised the trainees to train and encourage their friend-farmers for better returns. Borang suggested to impart trainings on different topics like poultry, piggery, fish-farming and sericulture etc by the respective departments and distributed IPM Kits to the trainees on the occasion.

Horticulture Development Officer, Pangin B Koyu while focusing the aim and objectives, screened documentaries on production and post harvest management and insect pest and diseases of Ginger and large Cardamom through power point presentation.

Process of drying and pickle preparation of ginger was demonstrated by S.K Rana Field-man while T Tamuk AFA (S) highlighted the various benefits of micro-organisms for controlling of various insect pest and diseases.

Altogether, 25 farmers from Babuk and Sissen including six women trainees from Routtung village and Kamin Darang (CO Nari) participated in the training.

Tajir Siram, a progressive farmer of Sissen village, also shared his experiences and encouraged the trainees for commercial cultivation of Mandarin Orange, Valencia in addition to Cardamom and Ginger to improve their economic status.

Meanwhile, local MLA and Deputy Speaker Tapang Taloh in a message conveyed his appreciation to the organizer and local administration in particular for their coordination and supports to make the mission successful. Taloh also said horticulture remains the key sector for the economic development of far-flung Pangin-Boleng constituency due its unique topography and supportive climatic conditions. He urged to organize more trainings in the constituency to enhance the skills introducing modern technique and tools time to time ensuring bumper fruit cultivations besides alleviating poverty, added Taloh in his message.

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Take care of them before they are lured away

Dear Editor,

The education scenario of Tirap is worse than prevailing deteriorating law and order condition. Education is believed to be the backbone of development in the society and if such is the scenario of education sector in Tirap it  indicates that there is no space for so called 'development, peace and harmony'.

The lone 'mobile college,'  namely, WRG College, Deomali has yet to fix its permanent place. In the year 1999 a foundation stone was laid down by then CM at Charju but due to many reasons later it has been shifted to present site Deomali. Amidst the shifting culture backed by selfish individuals the students has suffered a lot. In such a pendulum stage how anyone could expect better infrastructure to be set up permanently.

Moreover, there are inadequate lecturers and facilities; college library has only two desks and benches with no sufficient books. Since, many students are from down-trodden families they have no alternative but to continue their degree courses in this fateful college. Many students have brought a laurel to this college through their excellent performances in various fields despite being in such a condition. There are many talented students but due to lack of quality education and proper career counselling they are unable to make an appropriate decision which shows them the way back to their respective villages. As the time passes by the nature gifted talent and degree they posses also became incompetent which make them more frustrated. Such frustration periods are being availed by "unwanted elements" and they left no stone unturned to mold the young Tirapians psyche.

Therefore, I earnestly urge the state government to initiate immediate measures to uphold the education system of Tirap by completing the college infrastructure at the earliest and re-opening the hostels of Khonsa, Borduria, Deomali and Longding, so that students could stay in a peaceful environment and be safe from the traitors.  

Tremendous natural resources and tourism potentiality of Tirap should be used to shape many unemployed youths’ destiny.

Government must response to grievances faced by Tirapians. "Wait and Watch" policy will not bring any headway if it continues so then time is not far when there would be many misguided educated youth.


Somwang Homcha Lowang,




A letter to the DDSEs cum-DPOs

Dear Editor,

The Central Executive Committee of All Arunachal Sarva Shikhsha Abhiyan Teachers Association (AASSATA) considers the DDSEs cum-DPOs of respective district as highly responsible authority and real guardians of teaching communities and students. DDSEs cum-DPOs are regarded as moral, spiritual and intellectual head of respective districts in the field of education as they have to oversee the problems being faced by teachers and students.

We have high expectation from the district authorities in education sector since the offices of the Directors of Elementary Education, School Education & SPD SSA are situated at the state capital far from serving areas.

But we are very much impressed by the way most of our DDSEs cum-DPOs are apathetic to SSA teachers by delaying disbursement of meagre salary even after receiving fund from SPD office for 2 or 3 months ahead. If this tendency happens in this current academic year than we (AASSATA) will never tolerate it again.

Therefore, AASSATA sincerely request all the DDSEs cum-DPOs of the district to immediately release the SSA teachers’ salary for vacation period for 3 months, so that teachers can join duties at their respective posting place positively.

Everybody knows that new academic session has already started and every section of society is supposed to point finger at the teachers without knowing the condition of schools. We earnestly request all the Directors of School Education, Elementary Education and SSA Rajya Mission to supply the textbooks, teaching-learning equipments and furniture on priority basis to the schools on time. Else, there is no meaning to encourage quality education if such essential things do not reach schools.

AASSATA also appeals all Panchayat leaders to share the problems of schools instead of pointing finger at SSA teachers as the Panchayat leaders are also equally responsible for smooth functioning of schools and quality education at their respective jurisdiction. Panchayat leaders have to look into the problems of teachers and shall have to manage the requirement of schools.

It is also learnt that some schools are not having a single student but numerous teachers are usually posted against these schools. Under these circumstances, teachers ultimately compel to leave the schools as there are no students to teach. This policy is especially encouraged by panchayat leaders only to avail contract works of SSA school buildings under centrally sponsored schemes. We request the grass root level leaders to discourage such policy. Creation/establishment of more numbers of educational institutions is meant for future development but it should be need based and population ratio be maintained as per guidelines of scheme.

Since the SSA teachers have been manning the most of interior and inaccessible schools  and some Secondary and higher secondary schools with a zeal to impart quality education to our children. With fixed meager salary and worst service conditions, we toil day and night to deliver education to the outreached/unreached, deprived and underprivileged children of this state. We have dedicated ourselves to the services of the society and shall continue forever to do so. If we perform our duties we shall enjoy our rights.

The Arunachal Govt has considered our demands by enhancing 50 per cent salary during the last financial year 2010-11 and subsequently regularization process started on 29th November 2010 and more than 200 SSA teachers had already been regularized and mechanism for one go (complete) regular policy for 2003 batch is under process by the govt. under the dynamic leadership of Education Minister Bosiram Siram.

AASSATA requested all the SSA teachers to impart quality education to every child with dedication. There is no need to worry about our service security. We are fully secured and we must render our services with full satisfaction to our students.


Tarak Tajuk Tarh,


Nera Tana Tara




Get the ink please

Dear Editor,

I would like to request DC, Tirap, DTO and Officer-in-Charge Jan Suvidha Branch Khonsa to restore the Printer installed in Jan Suvidha Branch, Khonsa at earliest possible.

It may be mentioned here that, in the month of Macrh, 2011, I approached Jan Suvidha Branch, Khonsa for renewal of my Driving Licence but they refused with an excuse that Computer Server was not working. Two months later I resubmitted my Driving Licence along with requisite Treasury Challan and paid processing charge of Rs.100, though got no proper receipt of it, but this time they said printer was running out of Cartridge  and retain the DL till today.  

Moreover, I made a verbal request to Officer-in-Charge Jan Suvidha and DTO in this regard but they paid no attention. So once again I request the concerned authorities to restore the same immediately and it will be better if they directly procure consumable item like ink (cartridge) from the fund they collect from public in the name of processing fees.  Do not opt for lengthy method of inviting tender for purchasing simple consumable items because it annoy us .


J Bangsia




Uproot corruption

Dear Editor,

The RTI Committee Changlang District strongly appeal to the Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police Changlang district to kindly extend their valuable cooperation to uproot the mass corruption being practiced by corrupt political leaders and government officials in the district.

For the larger interest of the downtrodden people, the district authorities are requested to effectively punish the culprits and defaulters.


Hamjong Tangha

President RTI committee Changlang



Give us justice

Dear Editor,

This is apropos the letter published in this daily under the caption “We are innocent” on July 4.   If the letter writer trio are really innocent in connection with the Naharlagun PS case No 84, why there are not cooperating with the investigation officer of the case.  

In fact, the shameful incident took place  in the court premises of judicial magistrate 1st Class, Capital Complex, Naharlagun on July 1  where the trio and others not only manhandled, molestated  two women and attempted to kidnap one of them but also snatched way a sum of Rs 10,000 from her possession. The incident was witnessed by Govt officers and officials and  jawans and  a case has been lodged in the Naharlagun PS in this connection.  

We request the authority concerned to arrest the culprits without delay, the give them exemplary punishment as per the law and dismiss them from their service.

We also appealed the chairperson of Arunachal Pradesh State Women Commission to give us justice.


Tami Yagam, Tami Yaro








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