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Summer Festival-2012 draws huge crowd

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Jul 03: Summer Festival 2012 was organised  at Hija School ground, Old  Ziro with much fanfare.

Parliamentary secretary for tourism PD Sona, local MLA cum parliamentary secretary Padi Richo and Lower Subansiri deputy commissioner Taru Talo  graced the opening day of the festival on July 1. The festival organized by department of tourism along with Lower District Administration drew large number of festive goers. The main attraction of opening day of festival was bamboo dance performance by cultural troupe from Mizoram.


DC holds meeting to review power scenario

Pasighat, Jul 03: The renovation/restoration works of Rina, Sille, Yembung, Sirnyuk and Gosang hydel projects are going on in full swing and the works are likely to be completed on time, informed the Executive Engineer Hydropower (E&M) in a meeting convened by East Siang Deputy Commissioner here today.

The meeting was convened to discuss the current power scenario in Pasighat and its adjoining areas as well as the latest status of the ongoing construction works of 132 KV  tower line from Aalo to Pasighat.

The officers of Power Department have highlighted the works undertaken by them. However they said that incessant rain is causing problem in smooth progress of the work even as the department is putting its best efforts to complete the works as per scheduled time period.

Chairing the meeting, the Deputy Commissioner instructed the works departments to ensure quality of works besides following the guidelines and time line by the contractors.

Pasighat People’s Welfare Committee president Okom Yosung regretted the absence of officers of other divisions executing the 132 KV  tower line from Aalo to Pasighat for which detailed information regarding the progress of works could not be known.

The meeting was attended by Police, PWD (Highway division), departmental engineers of Public Health Engineering, Electrical and the members of monitoring and supervision committee. DIPRO.


AMYAA imparts Pickle Making Training to SHG

ITANAGAR, Jul 03: The Alombro Mayu Yaku Chi Amey Aroga (AMYAA), an NGO based at Mayu-II, Roing imparted Fish and Chilli Pickle Making Training to Shriundi SHG of Kera-aa-ate village, Roing of Lower Dibang Valley District.

A total of 10 SHG members were trained in pickle making.

AMYAA Secretary R K Paul Chawang was the resource person of the training.

Besides pickle making the NGO is looking forward to encourages SHGs of the district to take up innovative activities such as eco-tourism, grocery, running of taxis in the name of SHG which can bring good return to the groups and at the same time pave a way for development in their respective village.  


IFCSAP team visits Daporijo, Ziro

ITANAGAR, Jul 03:  A team of Indigenous Faith and Cultural Society of Arunachal Pradesh (IFCSAP) executive members visited Daporijo and Ziro on July 1 and 2 respectively. During its visit, the team constituted Upper Subansiri and Lower Subansiri district IFCSAP  units.


Unsafe bridge, alleges association

ITANAGAR, Jul 3: All Papum Pare Registered Contractor Association has alleged that the steel bridge constructed over Pare River at Deb village in Sagalee which was inaugurated by Chief Minister on June 30 does not have a wing wall.

It said that in place of a wing wall the PWD Division, Sagalee has constructed an ordinary wall which won’t be able to withstand heavy rain.

The association strongly appealed to the Chief Engineer, PWD and Commissioner PWD for immediate construction of RCC Wall to protect the bridge.


NYC reacts to SR Kholi’s statement

ITANAGAR, Jul 03: Reacting to the press statement issued by SR Kholi, permanent secretary of NCP, the Nationalist Youth Congress (NYC) Arunachal Pradesh unit said that dissolution of NCP in state can only be done by the State unit and not the high command.

As per norms of the party SR Kholi, the secretary and media advisor has no right to dissolve/approve or intervene in party matter in state, it said.

“Ngurang Pinch still enjoys the confidence of the people of the state in the party. His continuation in the office of the NCP is the urgent need of the hour for future existence of the party at large,” the release said adding that “NYC will continue to extend its support to Pinch as its president of the state”, it said.


Committee visits landslide affected area

ITANAGAR, Jul 03: 23rd Taliha Assembly Youth Congress Committee, Parliamentary Secretary RD and Panchayat Raj Punji Mara, Panchayat leaders of Taliha circle and government officials visited landslide affected area at ALC Colony, Taliha recently.

The 23rd AYCC informed that water tank, Pipe line and porter track to ALC Colony were washed away by landslide and 200 household including weaving centre, primary school affected.


Adhere to recruitment policy

ITANAGAR, Jul 03: Unemployed Arunachalee Engineers’ Association (UAEA-Electrical) has urged the power department and Govt recruitment agency to strictly adhere to the Recruitment Rules of 2005 and 1993.

Informing that it has already submitted memorandum to Power minister and senior level officers of the power department for recruitment of engineers as per recruitment policy, the Association said   reservation policy specified under Arunachal Pradesh Power Engineering Service Rules 1993 should also be maintained properly.


2 NSCN (IM) killed

ITANAGAR, Jul 03: Two NSCN IM cadres were reportedly killed by rival NSCN (K) faction at Longding district early this morning.

According to a report, the killings took place near Tissa village when both the groups resorted to firing.  Further details are awaited.

Longding and Tirap have witnessed several bloody encounter between the two warring groups in the last three years as they fight for supremacy in the two districts.  

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Make use of god’s gifted land

Dear Editor,

Rasing is one of the oldest Adi villages, located in Nugong Banggo area of East Siang District, which is developmentally most neglected and backward area of Arunachal Pradesh.

Though Rasing may not be a popular village these days and it may not find a place in the modern history likes that of Komsing, Kebang or Sisen but in the ancient past, it was a history maker.

Till the British era, it is the people of Riew, Rasing, Komsing that had played the major strategic roles in defending and expansion of Adi areas, that had extended Far East towards Burma and far south to the Ahom Kingdom.

Seeing the idle landform of Rasing, the then British administrator P.L.James during his extensive tour and survey of the Adi land and while camping at Rasing expressed his vision of establishing an administrative town at this beautiful valley but he couldn’t bring his vision into reality, as he had to leave Adi land after the declaration of the Indian independence.

Year later, this enchanting land caught the attention of another visionary leader late Dr.Daying Ering, who had even composed a ponung 'si among si kapo runa koo' (this land is really a lovely land) to express his love for this beautiful valley.

He too had a vision of establishing a beautiful town at Rasing. So he talked with the villagers and initiated a survey of the proposed town in 1958, but again unfortunately his dream couldn’t be turned into reality due to his untimely demise.

On detail analysis to find why Tasing has become the dream land of this two greats, it is found that this two were real genius with innovative thinking and farsighted vision having deep knowledge about development because Rasing is found to have all the ideal conditions required for establishment of a town which are not easy to find in a mountainous state like Arunachal Pradesh. The plain of Babo Yingkiong, Nabdong, Kampung, Tangkor, Liigee, Eyte, Eymeng and Kopu are wide open which can accommodate any big town even the state capital.

In the survey initiated by Dr. Daying Ering area for various departments, market place, educational institutions, medical centres, sports complex, recreational parks were earmarked at various locations in Babo Yingkiong and he dreamt of a college to be established at Kampung Mone.

The extremely fertile adjoining areas of Mumsing, Nogang, Pakreng, Losing, Gubung, Kerome, Sigi, Rillung  Didum, Kanming, Tari, Mumkong etc were to be turned into "Green Gold Field" of agricultural and horticultural products, which boast of bumper production of rice, Maize, Millets, Orange, Banana, Guava, Sugarcane, Lemon, Pineapple, Ginger and all kinds of vegetables. Besides source of potable water were also earmarked, which are available in Nyubung, Rabung, Ebung, Raasi, Yambung, Kate, Kaameng, Renbung, Pirlung, Sirum, Lobug etc.

Quarry site, one of the essential requirement for establishment of town is also available on the doorstep at Nabdong, Pareng, Liinyong, Longar, Tading,  Ralle and Sikam.

Most vitally availability of site for construction of "Aerodrome" now called as Advanced Landing Ground (ALG) for aircraft was the main reason why P.L.S James and Dr.Daying Ering had chosen Rasing for establishment of the dream town, as Rasing has ideal site for construction of A.L.G at Didum, Pute and Gardang because construction of A.L.G is a very important aspects not only for transport and communication but also for national defence for a strategic state like Arunachal Pradesh. Dr. Daying Ering had chosen Pute as the site for construction of Aerodrome (A.L.G) of the proposed town for which survey and trace cutting were done with the help of villagers. Dr Ering had even thought of angling, boating and inland water service at Siang River from Longak to Nabdong via Lenyong for recreational and inter-town connectivity.

After the death of Dr. Ering many leaders and administrators came and went but none of them even tried to fill in his boots. In contrast all the development that came to Adi land have bypassed this area. The dream land of two legend has become a nightmare land, without any road connection where the people are forced to endure life of the primitive age, walking on jungle, foot tracks carrying everything by head load system, when the whole world is enjoying comforts and luxuries of modern life!

In order to utilize this gifted land, a joint committee of Rasing and Dosing was formed in 1997 and the movement was started under the direction of the district administration to extend Boleng township to Rasing, for which Rasing people have donated a large area  to the government. Representatives from district administration had surveyed the area and demarcated it as a part of Boleng Township.

The motto was to make good use of this unused beautiful valley to build a 'twin city/dream city' across Siang river at the confluence of Siang and Simang rivers. So it was planned to establish big government institutions like college, sports complex, office at Babo and mainly ALG at Pute but alas! This again has became dormant!

Therefore it is our earnest appeal to all the leads, administrators and intellectuals of Pangin Boleng in particular and of Arunachal Pradesh in general to cooperate and activate the government of Arunachal Pradesh to invest and utilize this god gifted land instead of wasting money and time in other unsuitable places. We request the political leaders to fulfill the unfulfilled dream of two great legends by building a dream city in this god gifted land.


All Rasing Student Union and others



An engineering college in the state

Dear Editor,

The other day, my Marathi friend informed me that there are 100s of Government engineering colleges in her state and she was curious to know about my state.

I could boast about only two institutes - NIT Yupia and NERIST!

I have observed over the years that the reader forum carries the outcry of frustrated unemployed engineers.

Most of us are aware of the fact that engineering is a dream career of majority of Arunachalee students and I am sure the desires are never going to cease. Even economically backward families are compelled to send their children to far off states like Maharastra, Kerala etc for engineering studies.

What I would like to focus here is that establishment of a Government Engineering College will certainly be a boon to our state. This will mean an affordable, safe and quality education to the students of our state in our own state. Students will certainly be motivated to take up M Tech, PhD and Post doctoral studies in engineering.

This surely will also serve the purpose of creating more job vacancies for the unemployed engineers.

Why is our state satisfied only with NERIST and NIT? No doubt, these institutes provide quality education but can it meet the requirements of the growing number of students in the future? What is the cause of brain drain in Arunachal today?

I was delighted to learn that a private university is being shortly started in Ziro. The university to my surprise will be offering every degree possible- engineering, medical, nursing, Information Technology, Hotel Management, radiology etc.

I am still in dilemma whether quality education can be ensured with so many disciplines under one roof.

The need of the hour is good affordable Government engineering institutes. It is to be pinpointed here that education and education alone is the backbone of a society’s development. It is my humble request to one and all to give a thought about this issue.


Yagom Gapak

Indian Institute of Technology,




Need regular bus service

Dear Editor,

This is to bring to the kind notice of the concerned authority, regarding the problems being faced by the people due to non availability APST bus service between Aalo to Daporijo.

The distance between these two destinations is above 150 Kms and most of the time the APST bus service in this route remains off, due to mechanical problems.

I think maintenance day is yet another holiday for them. Therefore, it is to highlight that the people of these areas especially the villagers are facing great difficulties in transportation, and eventually they have to rely on the private services for which they have to wait for long hours to get one. Moreover, they are unable to afford the high fares charged by them. The lack of proper transportation facilities creates great difficulties for the villagers along this route especially during medical and other emergency cases.

Therefore, I would like to ask the transport department to initiative necessary steps to reduce the inconvenience and difficulty faced by the people of these areas as earliest as possible, without making any excuses.


Lomnya Badak



Reservation dilemma

Dear Editor,

This is apropos to letter “The Reservation” by one O. Lego published on June 21 where he had expressed doubt about 20% unreserved posts being treated as reserved posts for general candidates in the advertisement for ensuing police recruitment.

I also endorse his view that reservation as per law is provided only for certain categories of people like SC/ST/OBC etc but there is no provision of reservation for general category as given in the said advertisement.

So I am also curious to know about the relevant provision providing for 20% (352 posts) reservation for general category by the state govt. Is there any enactment on this by the state Govt.? Or is it just a deliberate step or a misconception of 80:20 reservation provisions? We would be grateful if the things are clarified by the advertisement issuing authority through your esteemed column.


Tapik Pertin

Damro Village




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Agricultural land and investment

An estimated 70.2 million hectares of agricultural land globally have been sold or leased to foreign private and public investors since 2000. Most of these acquisitions took place between 2008 and 2010. Though, the data for 2010 indicate a drop in the amount of acquisitions after the 2009 peak, it still remains well above pre-2005 levels, according to Worldwatch report.

With 34.3 million hectares sold or leased since 2000, Africa has seen the greatest share of land involved in such acquisitions. Within Africa itself, East Africa accounts for the greatest investment, with 310 deals covering 16.8 million hectares. Increased investment in Africa's agricultural land reflects a ten year old trend of strengthening economic relationships between Africa and the rest of the world, with foreign direct investment to the continent growing 259 percent between 2000 and 2010.

Asia and Latin America respectively follow Africa for the most heavily targeted regions, with 27.1 million and 6.6 million hectares of land deals, respectively.

Of the 82 listed investor countries in the Land Matrix Project database, Brazil, India, and China account for 16.5 million hectares, or around 24 percent of the total hectares sold or leased worldwide. When the East Asian nations of Indonesia, Malaysia, and South Korea are included, this group of industrializing countries has been involved in 274 land deals covering 30.5 million hectares.

Though the implications of the recent surge in foreign land acquisitions are still unclear, it is evident that in many cases, the deals displace local farmers who already occupy and farm the land, but who frequently lack formal land rights or access to legal support to defend these rights.

Rain throws life out of gear in Capital


ITANAGAR, Jul 03: There seems to be no respite from rains as a heavy spell of down pour lashed entire Capital Complex last night causing extensive damage to water supply pipelines, power supply and mostly the NH-52A road.

The rain which started down pouring at midnight Monday inundated the highway at various points. The gushing water washed away various places causing extensive damages.

The rain damaged the water supply pipeline at Nyorch village junction along Papu-Yupia road causing disruption in water supply at Naharlagun and Nirjuli townships. The department concerned was working in war footing to repair the damaged pipelines, a departmental release said.

The artificial flood caused by the rain also forced closure of the city’s most busy market complex Akashdeep for quite some time as the mud triggered by rain inundated several shops.

However, there was no reports of any casualties, Capital DC Sanjay Goel told this reporter over telephone today.

The DC along with local MLA today visited the Damsite area, Naharlagun where many dwelling houses were badly damaged. Compensation to the affected families would be provided after assessment of extent of the damages, he said.

The DC further informed that the NH-52A road via Banderdewa to Itanagar is likely to be restored within a couple days. The CE (highway) few days back had instructed the EE (PWD), Naharlagun to press more men and machineries into service for clearance of the road within 10 days.

Rain also reportedly created havoc in Chandranagar area here. The flood waters of Yamaso river washed away six dwelling houses and damaged many others, informed Chandranagar Welfare Committee (CWC) in a release. The house owners lost all their belongings in the flash flood around 11.30 pm.  A good number of domestic animals including cows, pigs and goats have reportedly gone missing after the rains. The Committee appealed to the administration to visit the flood affected area and provide immediate relief assistance to the victims.

The link road of P-Sector to Govt Primary School, Romi Colony has also been completely damaged in last night’s rain, informed Upper P-Sector Romi Colony Welfare Association. It urged the authority concerned make a visit of the road to take stock of the situation and provide fund for construction of flood protection walls etc.



Summer woes of a town

Tongam Rina

Capital Town of Arunachal is not a very nice place to live in any more. Unplanned growth, earth cutting at every possible inch encouraged by the blind administration, bad roads, erratic power and water supply and sky high prices of vegetables are just few examples that are adding to the woes of already harassed common citizens.

The roads are unsafe with potholes every half a metre and lack of drainage system has resulted in flooding of roads and sectors. Situation has gone from bad to worse since the rain started but no attempt have been made to mend the roads.

Notwithstanding bad roads, since the 2009 elections and with easy loan options, the numbers of vehicles have gone up drastically and traffic has become unmanageable with vehicles of all shape and size jostling for space. It’s a nightmare for pedestrians.  To make matter worse, the VIPs in their expensive SUVs and most of the young bikers are always on a rush and have their own traffic rules. It would be a good idea to have a separate lane for them when the touted Trans Arunachal Highway comes up to decrease the nuisance and accidents on the roads.

The sector roads within the twin township are another cause for concern. It’s so congested that in an event of any disaster, relief and rescue vehicles will never ever reach.

As if the problems were not already overflowing, bandhs have come as a chief tormenter in the state capital.  

One remembers a time when bandhs were few and far in between and only the odd political party or pressure group would call and enforce one. Then we slid into mayhem. At present they are going as rapidly as the seasonal raindrops- too many and too rapidly.

Consecutive state govts have been reduced to alternately appealing against them and then issuing notifications of their illegality. In a sense any organisation, however small or big, recognised or not recognised or even individuals seem to hold a right to call a bandh. And bizarrely, no one has a right to call a bandh.

So what is the status of bandhs, really? The law holds them illegal, the constitutions in its solemn misty reality gives space for it as a way of protest and citizens have a love-hate relationship with it. For sure, two categories of people love it- errant govt employees and lazy school children who celebrate it as a holiday. Two categories of people surely hate it- daily wage earners and overworked police personnel.

So do bandhs succeed only because of these reasons? Not really. A complex web of political machination, self-promotion and underlying agendas ensure that they do. This leads naturally to the next query- will bandhs ever end? They might. Only if we as citizens come out strongly against them, regardless of the fairness of the issue, and show our objection to this form of protest by coming out on bandh days and going about life normally. There definitely is a fear for physical safety in this, but there really is no other way.

A chapter in this can be taken from the example of Guwahati that at one point in time was a bandh call paradise. But today, most bandhs called in that city go unheeded as people, tired and frustrated with them, go about living their lives with all its worries. But of course, one thing must be said- Guwahati does not have adjacent safe jungles where bandh callers and their paid “volunteers” can run to and hide in after pelting stones at unfortunate motorists!



IXth Travel Congress of Arunachal Pradesh Tour Operators

ITANAGAR, Jul 03: The IXth Travel Congress of Arunachal Pradesh Tour Operator Association (APTOA) was held at Ziro town from July 1 to 2. During the two days Travel Congress APTOA members selected new team of office bearers and conducted workshop on Rural Eco-tourism-- Prospects and Potentials. Tour operators from across the state and few from Sikkim participated in the programme.

The meeting  held at Ziro valley resort situated in Birii village, old Ziro on July one was chaired by APTOA president John Panye. The members shared various problems faced by the tour operators. The Tour operators expressed serious concern over bandh culture and dirtiness engulfing various towns of the state.  They called on state government to bring in certain legislation so that vehicles carrying foreign tourist is exempted from any bandh call, so that no bandh callers disturb tourist movement within Arunachal.

A large number of local hoteliers and homestay promoters also participated in the workshop on rural eco-tourism-prospects and potentials held at conference hall of deputy commissioner office. Lower Subansiri deputy commissioner Taru Talo graced the occasion. In his address the DC stated that conducting of such workshop by APTOA will help in promoting tourism at grassroots level.

“Rural tourism will provide job opportunities to unemployed youth at village level. District administration will extend all possible help for promotion of tourism in Lower Subansiri,” said the DC. He assured tour operators that district administration will take every measure to make sure that Ziro valley remains neat and clean.  

The resource persons for the workshop were K.C Dengzongpa, vice president of SAATO, Gangtok, Chukhu Mama lecturer, Rajiv Govt Gandhi Polytechnic and Yumjom Yongam, joint secretary of APTOA. K.C Dengzongpa spoke in length about background of Rural Eco-Tourism and Home Stay.

“Rural tourism and home-stay concept is apt for tribal state like Arunachal Pradesh. It does not need much investment and therefore anybody can start this business with meager amount of money,” said KC while sharing his experience of starting home stay at Sikkim.  

Other two resource persons Chukhu Mama and Yomjom Yongam made detailed presentation on topics “safe and honourable tourism and campaign clean Arunachal Pradesh” and role of APTOA in sustainable development of tourism in the state.”



Wood carving: Unique art

Denhang Bosai

The unique wood carving art is intimately interwoven in the socio-cultural fabric of the skillful Noctes of Tirap and the Wanchos of Longding districts of Arunachal Pradesh. In fact, it will not be out of place to add here that today, wood carving-based economic activities are an intrinsic part of the life of the Noctes and the Wanchos thanks to the timely intervention of the Textiles department.

This rare ethnic art has been practiced by these two tribes for a long time now.  However, they did not realize the commercial viability until recently when the demand for these wood carving had grown by leaps and bounds, especially among the elites living in the metropolis.  There is a growing demand for wood carving, especially in New Delhi and Kolkata. The department of Textiles is not able to fulfill the demand of the buyers for want of more master wood carvers. The people like it to decorate their drawing rooms and to gift to friends.  Earlier, the Noctes and the Wanchos used to make wood carving to decorate the posts and log drums in the Paa or Paang (boys’ dormitory) or to decorate the village chief’s house. The subject they choose for wood carving used to be simple involving their everyday experiences and objects around them  but today, in tune with the fast changing time, they also make figure of animals, birds and figures of important personalities.  The range of subject has increased manifold which is a good sign of progress of the art. Intervention by the Textiles department that engages instructors in the various craft centers to impart training is boosting the growth of this dying art in no small measure. However, more private parties should join in opening more wood carving centers  to meet the growing demand.

The tree which is used for wood carving is called Pongmo in Wancho dialect which grows wild in the deep jungles. It grows well in the dry and rocky areas and has cotton-like white flowers which are very light. It can grow to a huge size when fully matured. They say older the tree, the better for wood carving. The main feature of this Pongmo tree is that its wood is soft, smooth and does not develop cracks easily. The best time to cut this tree is in October to November  when insects and worms do not attack it. It normally takes 20-25 days to complete a human figure and it requires good sunlight to give the finishing touches like applying burnish and for drying.

Among the Noctes the people of Huakan, Laho, Moktowa, Lapnan and Hualam villages are known for this wood carving art.

Kapong Nokbi of Huakan village who is a master wood carver  is presently serving as a wood carving demonstrator in textiles department, Khonsa. He is imparting training to the new trainees who will hopefully carry forward this rich and unique legacy of the Nocte forefathers. The prominent master wood carvers among the Wanchos were Late Solo Wangpan of Longkhaw village, Late Hoanbai Jamikham of Russa village, Abo Wangpan of Nyonyu village and Khamnai Wangpan of Longsoam village.

It is worth-mentioning here that late Salo Wangpan was the first wood carving instructor to be inducted in Industries department who was later shifted to Textiles department. He had trained many master trainers before his death.

If taken up in a meticulously planned manner this wood carving art has the potential to grow into a major cottage industry in Arunachal Pradesh. With the demand for this rare ethnic art wood carving can indeed be the numero uno money spinner. But for this to materialize, the government has to conceive out of the box ideas to popularize and market wood carving in a professional manner. (The writer is DIPRO, Khonsa and can be reached at [email protected])



Lazu in Myanmar border cut off, face food shortage

KHONSA, Jul 03: The Lazu CO headquarters situated in Myanmar border about 40 km from Khonsa has remained cut off from the rest of the country for the last 3 days due to a massive landslide at Pongkong village triggered by torrential rain over the last few weeks.

The entire hillock, on which the Khonsa-Lazu road is situated, has caved in and is sliding all the time. The BRTF personnel are working round-the-clock to restore normal traffic but the unrelenting rain is hampering restoration work. There is an acute shortage of essential commodities at Lazu and its peripheries due to the road blockade.

It is needless to say that the entire Lazu circle depends on Khonsa for the daily requirements like rice, atta, sugar, salt and other essential items.  

The Circle Officer of Lazu NL Naam visited the landslide zone at Pongkong on July 2 to assess the extent of damage.

He interacted with the BRTF personnel and requested them to leave no stone unturned to get the life-line of Lazu circle through and assured all his help and support. Naam also apprised the local MLA and PS, DoTC and SWWCD Yumsen Matey on the grim situation.

Matey has alerted all concern departments and urged them to spare no efforts in restoring movement of traffic on the Khonsa-Lazu road. He also assured all possible help and support from his end and appreciated the BRTF personnel for their relentless effort in restoring normalcy. He further asked the CO to keep him updated on the situation.

It is needless to add here that once again the villain of the piece is the massive landslide zone near Pongkong 14 km from Lazu which is creating untold sufferings for the people. The entire hill has come down and it would require a monumental effort to restore road communication fully. Lazu is a sensitive border circle headquarters sharing international boundaries with Myanmar. DIPRO



Locals surrender air guns in an effort to shun hunting

ITANAGAR, Jul 03: Five village youths and elders belonging to fringe areas of D Ering Wildlife Sanctuary, surrendered their air guns to the office of DFO, D. Ering Wildlife Sanctuary in an effort to shun hunting today.

Aruk Tayeng, Kabit Yirang, Migom Perme, Obang Rome all from Sigar village and Nong Tayeng from Borguli came forward and surrendered their weapons in presence of DFO Tashi Mize, RFO Kalen Panggeng, Sigar village Anchal Samity Member Tosa Tayeng and other staff of the department.

Interestingly, Aruk Tayeng and Kabit Yirang are Gram Panchayat Members (GPM).

It is hoped that their realization and move to shun hunting will be an example for many PRI members across the state as strong initiative are needed from Panchayati level to preserve and conserve wildlife.  “We have realized our mistake of wanton killing of birds and squirrels,” the GPMs said while surrendering their air guns to DFO Mize.

“Several species of birds and squirrels are on the verge of extinction which were found abundantly in our forest earlier. We will urge others as well to come forward and surrender their guns,” they said while surrendering their weapons.

On the other hand, Tosa Tayeng, ASM of Sigar village, who was instrumental in convincing them to surrender their air guns,  said, “Strong and determined approach besides emotional appeals are needed to convince locals to shun wanton killing of wild animals”.

“We are trying to co-operate with wildlife department for preservation of wildlife.  D Ering Wildlife Sanctuary once revived will be our source of income through eco-tourism,” he added.

On the sideline of the surrender ceremony, DFO (W/L) Tashi Mize said, “It is a never before seen move from the villagers. I highly appreciate them and I will urge the higher authority to recognize such individuals with appropriate awards which would go a long way in encouraging others to shun killing of wild animals”.

It is hoped that, such moves will get appreciation from all animal lovers from across the state.

It is worth referring here that, four people of Borguli village, who had rescued and handed over a deer cub to the department during last Unying-Aaran Festival were awarded ‘Team Arunachal’ badges along with letter of appreciation from Governor JJ Singh. In another incident, locals rescued and handed over two leopard cat cubs which are now at Animal Rehabilitation Centre Seijosa.



City police rescues abducted driver, arrests two

ITANAGAR, Jul 03: Banderdewa Police Station OC SI K.Dev and SDPO Naharlagun with police team under the close supervision of SP Capital yesterday rescued one Anarul Islam, a tempo driver who was abducted for ransom by unknown miscreants from Karsingsaon June 24. He is the son of one Md. Kuddus Ali of Vill-Fatehpur under Bihpuria PS, Assam.

The abductors consisting of about six persons armed with pistol and dao kept Anarul Islam under their captivity in the jungle area of Doimukh-Sagalee road. The abductors kept on shifting their hideout from one place to another. But due to hot pursuit, the police team rescued Anarul Islam safely.

Mastermind  Ariful Islam son of Md. Sarabudding of Fatehpur viallger under Bihpuria PS, Lakhimpur, Assam has been arrested yesterday evening in connection with the case registered at Banderdewa PS Case No. 22/12 U/S 365/34 IPC.

The abductors demanded Rs.50 lakhs. Initially the police received lot of pressure from the Muslim community, students Union and various other organizations of Assam as they alleged that Anarul Islam has been abducted by local Arunachalee people but interestingly the main brain behind the abduction is Ariful Islam who belongs to the same community and the same village, said Hibu Tamang, the City Police Chief.

However, police is yet to apprehend other persons involved in the crime and vigorously pursuing to arrest them.       

Meanwhile, Banderdewa Police arrested one accused namely  Monus Ojha,  s/o Deb Ojha  of Bongaigaon, Assam, from Banderdewa in connection with Banderdewa PS Case No.21/12 U/S 379 IPC.

Posing as an Ayurvedic Doctor, Astrologer, Tantrik, Ojha, the accused would hypnotize women in absence of male members and decamps with jewellery, cash, mobile set and other valuable articles.  

Capital Police has appealed all the citizens of capital complex to remain vigilant against such miscreants.



CM assures students

ITANAGAR, Jul 3: The members of All Mishmi Students Union (AMSU) today met Chief Minister Nabam Tuki in his office and highlighted various problems faced by the people of Lohit and Anjaw districts.

AMSU members were accompanied by AAPSU president Takam Tatung. Also present during the meeting was Anjaw MLA cum advisor to CM Kalikho Pul and Kamlung Mossang, Minster Civil Supply, Geology, and Mining.

Chief Minister gave patient hearing to AMSU members and assured to look into grievances placed by them.

AMSU along with apex student body AAPSU has been demanding for establishment of 5th APPBn headquarter at Kathan village for very long time. Kathan village situated between border of Changlang and Lohit district had become safe haven for underground elements in recent years.

Local villagers have been living torturous life because of it. AMSU pleaded CM to make sure that 5th APP Bn headquarter is established at Kathan.

While reacting to demands put forwarded by student body, Tuki assured that he will look into the matter and will discuss matter at highest level so that 5th APP Bn headquarter is established at Kathan.

Tuki also announced ex-gratia for relatives of two student who died under mysterious circumstances at JNV Mahadevpur last year.

Meanwhile AAPSU president Takam Tatung expressed happiness over assurance from CM that 5th 5th APP Bn headquarters will be established at Kathan. Tatung said this step will go long way in providing security to people of Lohit and Changlang who are being regularly harassed by militant groups like NSCN and ULFA.



Gora Tamar Memorial State Football

BTFC, Critical FC enter QFs

ITANAGAR, Jul 03: Bamang Taji FC (BTFC) and Critical FC (CFC) earned facile wins over NYWA SC, Nirjuli and Ajin FC respectively to become first two teams to enter into the quarterfinals of the first Gora Tamar Memorial State Football Tournament at RG Stadium, Naharlagun today.

Though Critical FC made little effort to beat the Ajin FC with a tennis like score of 7-2 Bamang Taji FC had to sweat out hard in order to secure a place in the last 8.

After a barren first half, the second half of the first match saw two goal scored in quick succession. BTFC scored in 51 minute through Rocky Ramching which was equalized by Nabam Budh inside 3 minutes (54 minute). Nibo Yangfo netted the winner in 71st minute to seal the fate of Nirjuli team.

Khyoda Apo of Critical FC was the hero of the second match as he scored in 46th, 52nd and 54th after Tage Hassang opened the floodgates in 26th minutes. Hassang netted his second goal in 29th minutes. Stung by the quick two goals, Ajin FC fought back valiantly and neutralized it by scoring in 30th and 33rd minutes through Tamchi Chachung and Tai Taki.

Critical FC pumped in as many as five goals in the second half dashing the hope of the opponent team. Beside Hassang and Apo, Gudi Bagang contributed two goals (49, 67 mins) in the drubbing of the team.

In the third and last match of the day, Banderdewa Youth SC defeated Emchi FC 4-2. Lingdung John (11th min) Soni Munda (34th min), Gyamar Martin (36th min) and  Tane Lokam (49th min) scored a goal each for Banderdewa while Taba Teka and Techi Kutung reduced the margin to 2-4 in 64th and 67th minutes.


Today’s Matches


*1.45 pm - Gyamar welfare society v/s East kameng FA     

*3.30 pm - Gora Makik SC – B v/s Bara Pani FC




Drinking water supply at Oyan restored


RUKSIN, Jul 3: Dinking water supply at Oyan village, which was disrupted for last couple days, was restored by the Public Health Engineering (PHE) department today.

According to report, some miscreants had partially damaged a portion of underground GI pipe near Oyan charali daily market on the night of June 27 due to which water supply was disrupted.

The Circle Officer of Sille-Oyan circle A Perme, following a written complaint received from the Junior Engineer of PHE, today convened a meeting in his office Kebang Hall. The meeting was attended by Oyan village Gaon Burahs, PRI members and other public leaders, who unanimously resolved to conduct an inquiry into the incident of water pipe damaging. It is said that the culprits involved with pipe cutting would be awarded exemplary punishment along with a penalty of Rs 10,000.

The meeting further decided to constitute a village level development committee to look after overall developmental activities in the village. The committee will deal with various problems faced by the villagers including water supply, electricity and other civic problems and also illegal and anti-social cases. It also adopted resolution to stimulate the existing village level “Steering Committee”.

Oyan village, with 430 household in two segments, is the largest village among total seven villages under Sille-Oyan circle. The entire village is fed water through two lift-water tanks- one near the Circle Office and another at lower part of the village. But the water supplied through the two tanks was inadequate to feed the entire area.

The villagers further alleged that lift water tank at Oyan stores dirty water and it is supplied contaminated water without proper treatment which has caused various water borne diseases.



WRG students shine in final exams

KHONSA, Jul 03: In pursuit of academic excellence, Wangcha Rajkumar Govt. College,Deomali achieved another milestone in its academic journey during the academic  session 2011-2012 .

The students of B A III year political science (honours) secured top six  position out of ten in the state which is historic particularly in political science (hons) . The topper and the second topper are from this college who also secured first-class. Even in the B A III year ( pass course), the student of this college secured top position which clearly shows the dedication and devotion of the teachers and the students amidst the difficult situation.

The following students of B A III year (political science, hons) has secured the positions: Nepha Wangsa-Topper (I-Class) ; Rimi Sharma -Second Topper (I-Class);  Rina Moithak- seventh Position (II-Class);

Mangjaw  Wangpan and Matriat Ruttum  jointly secured Ninth Position(II-Class) ; Kamhang Ruttum-Tenth Position(II-Class).

In B A III year (pass course), Darash Khetey topped.

The principal, Dr. M.Modi, termed the successful result of the college as a result of a concerted team work. The parents of successful candidates and the civil society have congratulated the principal and his team.

Head of Department, Political Science Dr. A.K. Mishra, emphasized on inspiring teaching methodology with utmost devotion and dedication to achieve the realised goal. (DIPRO)



Union appeals for Govt attention

ITANAGAR, Jul 03: Nyapin Sangram Phassang Students Union (NSPSU) has urged the state Govt to look into the numerous problems faced by the people of Nyapin-Sangram area.

The Union in a release today said the people remains cut off from rest of the state, as the Nyapin BSNL tower remains inactive for months together. It is an injustice to the BSNL customers, the Union said and appealed to the concerned authorities to pay heed to the grievances of local people.

Apart from BSNL network problems, the people here have been facing various administrative problems due to non-availability of Govt staff in their offices, the union said.  Even for a minor official works like PRC and ST certificates, the people are facing lot of difficulties  as the officers remains absent for months, the union said.

Highlighting the pathetic condition of the  Nyapin and Sangram Govt Hr Secondary schools, the Union said that both the schools have no principal and vice principal and  have been struggling for last three years without teachers in various subjects.  The students are also facing hardship as the boys’ and girls’ hostel infrastructures were damaged.

The union also appealed to the local MLA and public leaders to look into the problems of local people.



Workshop on National Sample Survey

ITANAGAR, Jul 03: The 3-day long training workshop on 69tn round National Sample Survey (NSS) organized by Directorate of economics & statistics, Itanagar begin today at Conference Hall of the Directorate.

Inaugurating the workshop, Planning and Economics & Statistics, Secretary Sonam Chombey briefed about the importance of reliable official statistics in planning and decision making process of the State Government. He urged the participants to take full advantage of three days training workshop to equipp themselves about the concepts, definitions and methodology of the survey so that data collected are more reliable and accurate for decision making. He further emphasised on timely completion of the survey work and also stressed on creation of public awareness campaign for general public so that the Investigators are problem free in course of their survey.

National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), Guwahati Deputy Director General B K Tyagi said that the objective of the survey on drinking water, sanitation, hygiene, and housing conditions is to collect information on different aspects of living conditions necessary for decent and healthy living of the household members. The data collected through NSS will be used extensively by Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Ministry of Housing & Poverty Alleviation, Town and Country Planning Organisation, Planning Commission etc. The data on urban slums is to estimate the number and proportion of households living in slums and to assess the changes in conditions of slums. The information is required by the government to formulate policies for providing better amenities and rehabilitation of slum population.

He informed that the proposal for setting up of the Regional Office of NSSO in the State capital is under process.

Earlier, Economics & Statistics, Director Koj Tajang highlighted the objectives of the training workshop. He said that it is necessary to train Field Investigators so that they can collect data on Drinking Water, Sanitation, Hygiene, Housing Conditions and Urban Slums accurately.

Altogether, 65 Officers and Field Investigators from all the districts of the state except Dibang Valley are attending the workshop.