July 17


CM launches campaign to root out corruption

ITANAGAR, Jul 16:  Chief Minister Pema Khandu has launched a campaign to root out corruption in the state marking one year in office on July 17.

The State Vigilance Department, at the directive of the Chief Minister, issued notification directing all the Principal Secretaries, DGP, Commissioners, Secretaries, Deputy Commissioners, Additional Deputy Commissioners, Directors, CEOs and heads of departments to put up display boards outside all government offices asking the people not to pay bribes and to inform appropriate officials about bribes.

The display boards would have names and contact numbers of several officers in the State Vigilance Department as well as of the district and local police.

All government functionaries have been directed to follow the orders with immediate effect.




SJETA dept ask students to obtain NOC at the earliest

ITANAGAR, Jul 16: The Government of Arunachal Pradesh has informed that it has released Pre Matric Scholarships to 2,562 applicants out of 2594, while 32 applications were found to be duplicate entries.

In a release issued this evening, Department of Social Justice and Empowerment and Tribal Affairs (SJETA) Director, Yumlam Kaha stated that for Post Matric Scholarships, 22,564 applicants had applied, out of which, the department has so far released scholarship for 17,861 students.

“1463 students have taken NOC from us to avail stipend from Higher and Technical Education, while 290 have been found ineligible since they have applied for more than one course/ college simultaneously.  This list is available at www.arunachalpradesh.gov.in. The number of students for whom NOC from Higher & Technical Education is awaited is 2,982. We request these students to obtain NOC immediately and submit it to us,” stated the Director.

Further, the Department informed that for non-SBI accounts, credit advice has been sent and credit would come by the 21st of this month.

Also, the SBI has reported some problems, like errors in some bank account while transferring scholarship amount. The list is available at www.arunachalpradesh.gov.in and the applicants have been advised to submit corrected bank account numbers by the SJETA Department.

The department has asked the students to write to them at [email protected], and have assured to clarify the doubts of the students.





Do police need policing?

Monday Musing

[ Amar Sangno ]

The recent alleged involvement of two Indian Reserve Battalion personnel in two different crimes raise a million questions in the minds of people, one of which is, how reliable and trusted are our law keepers.

It may sound scary, but it sends shivers down our spines when men in uniforms are seen riding bikes in rocket speed without helmet, rampaging around in the street with liquor bottles in hand; kicking innocent people at night and draw their service pistol/ revolver, or swing it in the air on petty arguments with commuters.

Can we expect such behaviour from policemen who are suppose to keep the society in order? That could be answered with a big no!

It is true that we should neither generalize, nor blame the entire law enforcing agency for a few disgruntled and unruly personnel, tempted by indecent acts.

However, when the personnel take law in their own hands, it compels the common man and woman to conclude that police personnel need classes on discipline and policing as well.

There is also an undeniable fact that a large section of police personnel are upholding the fundamental principle of disciplinary job, toiling round the clock to keep the society in order, streets safe and houses in peace.

But when protectors turn predators, it shows that the department is failing collectively.

A senior police officer on conditions of anonymity opined that absence of routine supervision on the personnel could attribute to misconduct and indulgence of criminal activities by them.

"Most undisciplined personnel are very young in age. They have a tendency to indulge in many activities like civilians do, and in the process they tend to forget their uniform", he said.

Also making a comparison of inadequate accommodation facilities like paramilitary forces have, the officer said that they would require similar facilities for the police and IRBn personnel for them to maintain discipline, moral values and understanding of human rights.

"The nine months basic training, which all personnel have to undergo, won't be able to change them much. They need to be supervised properly so that their activities can be accounted for", he added.

It is also said that mass recruitment policy of the department attributes to ineffective training of police personnel. "The lesser the numbers, the more effective is the training", the officer added.

The lack of proper Police Training Centre (PTC) in the state equipped with upgraded modern facilities is also one factor where the department fails. The PTC Banderdewa has capacity of accommodating 300 personnel at one go; sadly with pathetic accommodation facilities.

Overburdened by the high number of personnel, the Police Department has to send their recruited boys to Assam and West Bengal for nine months basic training -out of the state department's watch.

In many instances, under-training personnel are found in their respective homes enjoying unauthorised leaves. This in turn raises the effectiveness and quality of training imparted to our personnel in other state PTCs.

Though there is a set of disciplinary rules under the Arunachal Pradesh Police (Discipline and Appeal) Rule, most of the indiscipline personnel easily get away even after committing crimes and misconduct.

"Stringent action against irresponsible personnel would somewhat reduce the unruly act of our boys" said another police officer, who also did not wish to be named.

It is also true that the department has no counselling centres to counsel or guide depressed personnel, which leads to misconduct and unruly activities.  With the growing criminal activities of its own personnel, it is high time that the department introspect to keep its boys in order.




Monsoon session of Parliament begins today

NEW DELHI, Jul 16: A united opposition is all set to raise the heat on the government over issues like lynching incidents and vigilantism, the Kashmir situation and the border stand-off with China during the monsoon session of Parliament that begins Monday.

The session, which will continue till August 11, is also likely to witness heated debates on other key issues like the fallout of the GST, the agrarian crisis and the policy towards Pakistan.

Some parties are likely to raise the issue of a ban on sale of cattle for slaughter in animal markets and demand an explanation from the government on it.

"We will try and put the government on the mat and demand answers on some key issues that are posing a threat to the country's social harmony," a senior opposition leader said.

CPI leader D Raja said the opposition "will seek answers from the government on what they are doing to check rising incidents of cow vigilantism and lynchings in the country that pose grave danger to the social harmony of the country and the idea of India".

The government, on its part, is seeking the cooperation of opposition in getting key legislative business passed and has lined up around two dozen bills in the session that will have around 20 sittings.

The increased opposition synergy comes at a time when 18 parties have come together under one platform to pin the government on some key issues. The parties came together on the presidential and vice presidential election, but are keen to take the unity further in raising issues in Parliament.

Both Houses of Parliament will take up obituary references tomorrow and may not transact business due to the death of some sitting members.

Two Rajya Sabha members - former Union minister Anil Madhav Dave and Congress member Palvai Govardhan Reddy - died during the interregnum period after the budget session while sitting Gurdaspur Lok Sabha member Vinod Khanna also died during that period.

A structured meeting within the Congress on the party's strategy in the coming session is slated on Monday, when the session is unlikely to transact much business due to the presidential election.

Another joint meeting of opposition leaders is slated the next day for putting in place their strategy for the session.

"The government would want the monsoon session of Parliament to be fruitful and constructive. We will also ensure good coordination and communication with the opposition to help get legislative business passed during the session.

"If the opposition demands a discussion on some current issues, we will discuss the same in the business advisory committee and the chairman will decide the time and date of discussion," Union Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi told PTI.

Issues like the flood situation particularly in Assam and other northeastern states, violence over Gorkhaland, fallout of demonetisation, job losses and disinvestment of PSUs are also likely to be raised.

The prime minister's first-ever visit to Israel is also likely to figure for discussion in the coming session.

A lot of legislative business is lined up by the government in this session, which includes the 'The Indian Institutes of Information Technology (Amendment) Bill, 2017', 'The Requisitioning and Acquisition of Immovable Property (Amendment) Bill, 2017', 'The Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains (Amendment) Bill, 2017' in the Lok Sabha.

Besides, 'The Indian Institutes of Information Technology (Public-Private Partnership) Bill, 2017' and 'The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (Amendment) Bill, 2017', 'The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2017', 'The Footwear Design and Development Institute Bill, 2017', are also lined up for passage in the Lok Sabha.

The government in Rajya Sabha has also lined up a number of legislations for consideration and passage. These include the Constitution amendment bill on national backward commission, the labour code bill, the extension of GST in Jammu and Kashmir bill, the banking resolution bill and 'The Admiralty (Jurisdiction and Settlement of Maritime Claims) Bill, 2017, among others.

The government has also listed 'The Whistle Blowers Protection (Amendment) Bill, 2015 for consideration and passage, which has been pending in Rajya Sabha for some time now.(PTI)





Authority gives in, SUN defers boycott

ITANAGAR, Jul 16: Following the standoff between the authority of North East Regional Institute of Science and Technology (NERIST) and Students' Union of NERIST (SUN) over various issues, including non-release of  fellowship to PhD scholars and scholarship of GATE M. Tech, the authority on Sunday relented and released  one month's (April 2017) fellowship of Ph.D scholars and two months (April and May 2017) scholarship of GATE M. Tech students.  

The development came after an emergency meeting called by Director In-charge Professor Tamo Mibang, along with Dr R P Bhattacharjee, Registrar, NERIST and deans of Student Affairs and Dean Academic.

The SUN and NERIST Research Scholar Association (NRSA) in a press conference on Saturday decided to boycott academic process of NERIST as a mark of protest against the authority on non-fulfilment of their demands.

In a meeting, Professor Mibang informed that the PhD fellowship for the month of May 2017 has been cleared by the Academic Section and likely to be released soon after clearance by the Finance Section. He further informed that the Institute has deputed Deputy Registrar (Finance) to meet the officials of MHRD to pursue the early release of funds for hostels and other developmental works.  

He also informed that newly appointed Chairman Board of Management (BOM),Professor U C Ray will be visiting NERIST on July 26 to attend the grievances of the students and the institute's affairs.

Welcoming the positive response from the authority and partial fulfilment of their demands, the SUN has temporarily deferred its proposed boycott of registration on July 17 and 18.




TCS, ATYO press road construction Co to expedite work


DAPORIJO, Jul 16: A joint team of the Tagin Cultural Society and All Tagin Youth Organization on Friday met the Managing Director of T K Engineering Construction Company, Naharlagun and pressed for expediting the construction works of Trans-Arunachal Highway (TAH) from Upper Subansiri to Pangin.

Highlighting the problems faced by the people due to tardy progress of the work, the team urged the road construction company to deploy more men and machineries to ensure early completion of the road works.

Responding positively to the request, the Managing Director said adequate men and machineries will be pressed into service within next two to three months. He cited bad weather for slow progress of the work, and sought cooperation from public and senior members for smooth progress of the road work.




GAF comes down heavily on state govt

ITANAGAR, Jul 16: The Green Arunachal Foundation (GAF) has hit out at the state government under Chief Minister Pema Khandu for its apathy towards the people and alleged that the state government was not well prepared to deal with the monsoon fury.

"It is condemnable that the government was not proactive in its schemes and plans to be well prepared to tackle the adversities faced due to the torrential monsoon rains. Most of the residential colonies of Capital Complex are facing acute drinking water scarcity due to damaged water pipe lines", the GAF said in a release.

It also said that the concerned department has "totally failed" to provide the required quantity of water due to lack of sufficient water tankers.

"A single tanker for two colonies or so would seldom solve the problem. If the state government sincerely wants to provide the requisite water, it can very well borrow the required number of tankers from neighbouring Assam and press them into service," stated the GAF.

While coming down heavily on the state government for the traffic congestion, the GAF also suggested measures to address traffic problems of the Capital Complex.

"It would have been more meaningful if the state government had worked out a plan to ease the traffic jam by constructing the road from Papu Nallah, running through Donyi Polo School and opening up at 0-Point crossing. Also, the road running through Jullang is in a pathetic condition and has not been properly maintained. The Chief Minister and the Governor must realize that people of the state are unable to charter helicopters like them in cases of emergencies," the GAF added.

The foundation also expressed serious concern over deteriorating law and order in Capital Complex.

"There are people who work the night shift. Today, people get robbed and beaten up the moment they come out of their homes or offices at night. It is the duty of the government to provide security to the citizens," said GAF.

The GAF appealed to the state government "to maintain a holistic approach towards the problems faced by the people, instead of wasting time in party meetings and not-so important tours at the expense of the state coffers."





Society serves 10-day ultimatum to Sona

ITANAGAR, Jul 16: The Boh Ramo Bokar (ADI) Elite Society on Sunday reiterated that Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism, P D Sona should clear his stand on the allegation of receiving Rs 4 crore from former Chief Minister late Kalikho Pul.

Citing the June 30 protest rally against Sona by the Mere Vichaar Aandolan Committee at Mechuka town, Society President, Jony Pinngam in a statement here said that the MLA should not undermine the voice of the public of Mechuka Sub-Division by keeping mum on the issue.

Claiming that the allegation of the Mechuka MLA being one of the prime accused has bought bad name to the entire Mechuka Sub-Division, the Society condemned Sona for his alleged involvement and strongly demanded him to clarify his stand within the next 10 days.  

"If at all he had not collected the said amount as alleged by the MVAC or the family of late Pul, he should clarify instead of remaining silent", the Society pointed. It also added that if Sona has received the amount, he should immediately return the same to its rightful owner and make a public apology.

Further, the Society said that if Sona fails to clarify on the accusations, he should immediately resign from the post of MLA on moral ground, failing which, the Society would launch democratic movements against him.  

Meanwhile, when contacted, Sona refuted the allegation saying that there is not an iota of truth in the allegation, adding that he was ready for investigation.

"I already said it and I am saying it again that I am open to investigation, if any, as Rs 4 crore is not a small amount," Sona added.




Induction training for parents of differently abled children

ITANAGAR, Jul 16: The Arunachal Pradesh State Legal Services Authority (APSLSA)conducted an orientation cum induction training for members of the Arunachal Pradesh Parents Association of Disabled Children (APPADC) and members of Arunachal Pradesh Paralympics Association here on Saturday.

The orientation programe was conducted with objectives to create awareness and facilitate them with sound knowledge and provide access to justice through the legal services authorities, as differently able people are said to be at the receiving end in terms of justice denial.

State Legal Services Authority, Member Secretary Budi Habung spoke on roles and responsibilities of the APSLSA; do's and don'ts of PLV and their honorarium and Lok Adalat, besides a talk on civil and criminal justice system.

State Coordinator SSA (Planning and Pedology,)M B Singh dwelt on Right to Education for differently able children, while Project Assistant Nani Modi spoke on child and women's rights, which also included talks on POCSO Act, sexual harassment at work place, domestic violence  and the Juvenile Justice Act.

During the programme, activities were conducted by Modi on how a Para Legal Volunteer should attend to any legal problem.

Further, in order to have a better understanding of the activities of the legal services authorities, NALSA videos on activities carried out by the legal services authorities across the country were shown.




17th CM Shield Competition of Bharat Scouts and Guides

ITANAGAR, Jul 16:   The 17th Chief Minister's Shield Competition Award Ceremony was held at the state headquarters, Bharat Scouts and Guides at Polo Colony on Friday.  

Attending the function, Education Minister Honchun Nangdam advised the participants to maintain self confidence and utilize their time in a positive manner.

Parliamentary Secretary of Education, Pani Taram briefed on the origin of Scouts and Guides and how it spread across India.

Parliamentary Secretaries Tesam Pongte and Laisam Simai, and Director Higher and Technical Education T Talom were among others who attended the function.




Training on Tagin language

[ Karda Natam ]

DAPORIJO, Jul 16: An orientation cum training programme for teachers of Tagin inhabited areas for development, preservation and promotion of the Tagin language was organized by the Tagin Cultural Society (TCS),in collaboration with NECTAR, Shillong at Singik Hall here on Saturday.

Deputy Director of School Education, Tape Jeram said that the Tagin language is one among the endangered languages in the world, which needs efforts to preserve and promote the language. He urged the trainee teachers to disseminate the knowledge they will be imparted during the training period to the young generation.

TCS vice president (Admin) T B Baki also highlighted the importance of preserving one's own language for identity.

Altogether, 37 teachers from various schools attended the training programme.

Various topics relating to development of Tagin language were discussed and study materials, including alphabet books and folk story books distributed among the trainees.

The training programme was organized by the Human Resource Development Section of the TCS.




East Siang bandh called off

PASIGHAT, Jul 16:  The proposed 12-hourEast Siang district bandh called by the Pasighat People's Welfare Committee (PPWC) on July 17 has been called off following assurance from the Power Department to improve power supply.

The PPWC declared the strike in protest against erratic and irregular power supply in the district despite repeated assurance from the Power Department.

The strike was called off after the Power Department assured to fulfill the PPWC's demands in a meeting held under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner, Tamiyo Taga.

The PPWC demanded to ensure uninterrupted power supply, restore any faults affecting power supply immediately, and form a committee for bi-monthly review of power scenario. The demand to increase power supply from Assam from present 3 MW to 5 MW will be pursued by the Deputy Commissioner with the higher authorities, the meeting decided.




Leadership cum spoken English training prog

KIMIN, Jul 16: A leadership cum spoken English training programme for the students of classes XI and XII was conducted at Kimin Community Hall on Sunday.

The training is conducted under the English Language Development Programme of the project Vivek Kiran Project -an educational initiative by the Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalayas Arunachal Pradesh Trust (VKVAPT) and Tata Trusts Mumbai.

Several students from Kimin circle attended it with enthusiasm, where experts from different areas conducted the classes.

The training programme emphasized on the need of students becoming volunteers to bring about greater social changes by disseminating positive values among the populace.

"Everybody is a contributor for the development of the society" was the central theme of the training. The training also had components, such as skills of communication, group discussion, patriotic songs, stress management techniques and games.





In the news item 'MVAC to observe Black Day on July 17'; published in the July 16 edition of this daily, the term 'Suicide Day' should be replaced with 'Martyr's Day'. The inadvertent error is regretted.

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---- Editorial ----




Judiciously use the fund

The monsoon has caused absolute devastation across the state. Many people have lost lives and tragedy has hit several families across the state. The worst affected has been capital complex and Sagalee sub-division under Papum Pare district. It is believed that it may take years to completely restore the damage inflicted by the monsoon havoc. Considering the fact that Arunachal depends on centre for every penny the process of rebuilding will be even more difficult. Also the lackadaisical response of central government towards the recent disaster does not inspire much.

Therefore onus lies on state government to ensure that whatever fund received from centre is properly utilized for rebuilding the damaged infrastructure. Recently centre released Rupees 51 crore and 30 lakh as grant-in-aid to the State Government towards Central share of State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF). Though the said amount will not be enough when one takes into account the destruction caused by the monsoon deluge, the government of Arunachal should judiciously use the fund released by the centre. Money should be spent where it really matters. In the past often it has been seen that fund under relief department is utterly misused.  Politicians and their cronies use relief fund as their personal money. Chief Minister Pema Khandu should make sure that this is not repeated this time. People have high hope on young leader like him. Also the people of state should extend every possible help to the government in rebuilding process. They should avoid making bogus claim which will deprive those actually affected by the monsoon disaster.






---- Readers Forum ----




Mere symbolism is not the solution

Dear Editor,

Kudos to Dhurjati Mukherjee for the article titled "Dalit sufferings"(14 July).

Rightly has he stated that mere symbolism changes absolutely nothing. What really matters is nothing but action on the ground.

There was a period in 2012-2013 when our President(Pratibha Patil), Speaker and Opposition leader in the Lok Sabha(Meira Kumar and Sushma Swaraj respectively), Delhi Chief Minister(Sheila Dixit) and Chairperson of reigning UPA as well as President of the ruling Congress(Sonia Gandhi) --- all were women and obviously New Delhi residents. Did the existence of such 5 powerful women at the top reduce the atrocities against women of all hues in New Delhi and India? What about the record of West Bengal, Rajasthan or Tamil Nadu in the sector of security of women despite witnessing Chief Minister of fairer sex? So not symbolism, one and only strict enforcement of law and order and awarding of exemplary punishment to the culprits can improve the scenario.

But unfortunately the concerned authorities, instead of performing their Constitutional duties, prefer to the play to the gallery so as to act as "messiah" of certain section! Instead of seeking unconditional apology from the Muslims for dastardly role in Godhra pogrom or punishing all the culprits behind the mayhem, A.P.J.Abdul Kalam was nominated as President! Still such "empowerment of Muslims" are failing to save the lives of ever-increasing number of Mohammad Akhlaques and Junaids!  Instead of severely condemning or expelling the Union minister from the Government of "Good Days" for comparing the tragic murder of Dalit children in Haryana with "death of dogs"; the concerned authority is nominating a candidate as President by zealously focusing on his Dalit credentials! Had the Presidentship of K.R.Narayanan change the fortune of the Dalits? Not a bit. So, not mere symbolism; but only sincere effort, equal opportunities and non-discrimination can uplift certain communities including the Dalits.


Kajal Chatterjee,





Open Letter to Governor, the President of NERIST Society

Dear Editor,

Through your esteemed column of your daily, I would like to draw the kind attention of the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, who is also the president of NERIST Society, regarding the news item published in various leading news papers of our state, pertaining to boycott of admission registration by NERIST students lead by SUN (Student Union of NERIST) and NRSA (NERIST Research Scholars Associations) for financial crisis happening in NERIST since many months.

As a parent, it is sad, disturbing and disheartening to read such news items, where students are being forced to resort to such democratic movements due to administrative failure of NERIST. We sent them to NERIST with a great hope for securing their future but such news is really unwelcome.

You being the president of the NERIST society, you have great role to play and solve the present problems faced by student fraternity by streaming the administration.

Apart from problem faced by NERIST on issues of salaries of staff, fellowship of PG and PhD scholars, Hostel accommodations, etc, it is pertinent to mention here that NERIST one of the oldest technical institute of North-East region and first of its kind in Arunachal Pradesh is still functioning like nascent institute.

The NIT which was started few years back is performing per better than NERIST in terms of Infrastructure, Administration, advancement in digital technology/administration. In fact the NERIST still don’t have its own recruitment rule (RR) to recruit it’s employees. The absence of RR is one of the reasons why failure in administration is being observed in NERIST. Without RR, a person of any qualification, caliber, post and rank can be recruited to any post at whims of recruiting agency and they are being promoted to hold the highest post of administration.

NERIST is a technical institute and hence, the persons appointed in NERIST in administrations should be a person of technical background and experience, but it is sad to inform your honor that most of the administrative head is from non-technical background and their experience in technical institute is nil. Non technical personals running a technical institute as an administrator is like a professor becoming a coach of football team.

This is very serious issues which need to be addressed by our honor, to bring sense of technical temperament in NERIST. Not only in administration but the Deans appointed are also from non-technical background. They are running institute like general Science and Arts College.  Even RGU, though a non-technical university but is performing par better in terms of digital advancements. Most importantly, NIT and RGU are also funded by MHRD, Govt. of India, but till date we haven’t heard anything regarding non-payment of employee’s salaries and student fellowships. This is really a serious issues which need to be investigated.

The result of such inefficient and dull administration are reflected into failure of financial crisis owing to nonpayment or delay in payment of employees salaries and scholars; weak administrations owing to parallel administration run by student unions ; infrastructure failure owing to hostel accommodation problems.

Apart from above problems, it is also pertinent to mention here that as per UGC, NERIST should have a separate department for PG and PhD research scholars. Infact it has been made compulsory to establish a separate department of Post Graduate and PhD scholars, but it is known from reliable source that NERIST is running certificate course (Base Module), Diploma Module, Degree Module, PG and PhD under one head. And the most shocking part is teachers and staff for all the modules is also same. In such scenario the effort and efficiency of staff and faculties is doubtful. NERIST should separate the various modules immediately and recruit the required staffs and faculties for each module immediately.

Last but not the least, it is seen in various advertisement in leading papers, posters, banners wherein various private coaching centers are giving advertisement with a caption “Faculties are Professors from NERIST and NIT” as their teacher of the coaching institute. When Govt. of India is paying them so handsomely, what is need of learned Professors to indulge into private tuitions and coaching?

Maybe untimely payments of salary are forcing them to earn extra for their livelihood. But isn’t it a violation of code of conduct of central service rule? Can a regular Professor of leading technical institute run a private coaching institute?

By teaching in private coaching institute, will the true spirit, effort and efficiency of entrusted duty of teaching student of institute not be affected?

Therefore, please look into the matters seriously and bestow your wisdom on NERIST and perform your noble service to guide, nurture and lead NERIST from present shambles to new height. Lead NERIST from darkness to light.


A Concerned Parent




Collapsing bridge and dirty water supply

Dear Editor,

I feel so disappointed while seeing the efforts of our Govt departments in restoration works.

Barapani Bridge is deteriorating and is at the verge of collapsing. Why govt is taking it so lightly? Everyday a person crossing it goes through a mental trauma and its becoming the reason for road rage as everyone want to cross it as fast as possible.  Restore it or completely ban it to save life.

Executive Engineer (PHED & WS)  has declared that restoration work at Nyorch water supply line will go upto winter, and this is creating panic among the denizens of Naharlagun Town.

We really appreciate the DA for arranging alternate source through water tankers, but at the same would like to bring their kind attention towards the quality of water that is being supplied every alternate day.

I challenge the DA to use the same water by themselves.  It’s not even fit to be used in toilet and it can cause waterborne diseases. There must be some way to restore the water supply line at earliest, if they are really willing to.  

May be use cranes, temporary bamboo bridges, flexible Pipes which can be placed over hanging bridge near helipad.

My suggestions may seems amateur but remember where there is a will, there is always a way and Govt have resources.


Concern Citizen









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