July 21


1% electricity from state share for RHEP affected villages

ITANAGAR, Jul 20: Chief Minister Pema Khandu on Thursday announced to allocate one percent from the state share of free electricity for local area development of the affected people of the 405 MW Ranganadi (Panyor) Hydro Electric Project (RHEP) of Yazali and adjoining villages.

People of the affected area had been in loggerheads with the North Eastern Electric Power Corporation (NEEPCO) under the banner of RHEP MoU Demand Committee alleging non-fulfilment of the rights deserved by the locals as per laid down norms and promises made prior to implementation of the project. The Committee has been on an agitation mode and closed down NEEPCO establishments at Yazali at least on two occasions.

Admitting that the grievances of the people are genuine, Pema announced one percent share for development of affected villages by the project in a tripartite meeting to resolve the impasse he had summoned at his office this morning.

The Chief Minister expressed surprise knowing the fact that a hydro project of mega magnitude was implemented and commissioned in the state without signing any MoU and is running for over 15 years. The only legal  document available on its inception and existence is a 'Minutes of the Meeting' held under then Chief Minister Gegong Apang and signed by then Chief Secretary Matin Dai and then Chairman & MD of NEEPCO S N Phukanon 28 August, 1990, that allows for implementation of the project with certain conditions for development and welfare of the local people and affected villages.

"Maybe circumstances then were different and maybe it was executed on good faith but the times have changed. Whatever wrong we did has to be made right to the maximum and therefore we have to immediately sign an MoU incorporating our state hydro policy of 2008 provisions so that there is a legal framework under which we can all work and benefit without depriving the rights of the local people,"Pema declared.

He pointed that in absence of a legal framework (MoU) the rights of the project affected people like local area development, free electricity, job reservations, relief and rehabilitation packages, etc have been denied for long. To add to it, provisions of the hydro policies of both the state and the centre are not mandatory on the RHEP as it was commissioned prior to framing of these policies.

Pema regretted that due to the 'unsavoury' beginning (RHEP is the first and only commissioned mega hydro power project of the state) people today are apprehensive of hydro power projects elsewhere in the state, which needs to be dealt sensitively and therefore emphasized on 'correcting' the 'wrongs' on this project to set a positive precedent.

He directed the NEEPCO authorities to compile a comprehensive report on the demands placed by the MoU Demand Committee including actions to be taken within a time frame and submit it to the state government byAugust 5 next. Besides the one percent share for local area development, he informed that the Cabinet that is scheduled to meet on August 12 will decide a way forward to redress all the grievances of the locals.

"After August 15, I along with NEEPCO authorities shall seek audience with the Union Power Ministry and strongly push for a relook into its policy vis-à-vis RHEP for welfare of the affected local areas, including change of project nomenclature from Ranganadi to Panyor and establishment of NEEPCO office of at least director level within the state," Pema assured.

Sagalee legislator and former Chief Minister Nabam Tuki while endorsing the demands of the local affected people said rights of the affectedpeople as per norms have to be fulfilled at all costs and that there is no second opinion to it. He said people are not demanding anything out of way but what they deserve for sacrificing their homes and cultivable lands.

He requested the government and the NEEPCO to properly reassess the sacrifices made by the people and adequately compensate them. "Whatever wrong has been done should not be repeated in upcoming projects," he added.

Yazali legislator, Likha Saaya too endorsed the view and said the demands of the affected people are genuine and that NEEPCO should appreciate them.

"If I was not a legislator I would have personally joined the agitation launched by the people," he said.

Saaya also called for a fresh MoU between the state government and NEEPCO on RHEP to address all grievances of the affected people.

Earlier, Secretary of the RHEP MoU Demand Committee, Tao Tana in a power point presentation explained genuine demands of the people, based on documented facts that drew appreciation from the CM, legislators, state government officials and even the NEEPCO CMD.

Further, the state Power Commissioner has been endorsed with the responsibility to study in detail the issues raised by the DemandCommittee in consultation with NEEPCO and suggest the government on ways and means to approach the Union Power Ministry for issues that are beyond the purview of NEEPCO CMD's office.

The meeting was also attended by NEEPCO authorities headed by its CMD A G West Kharkongor, RHEP MoU Demand Committeeheaded by its Chairman Taba Tachi, ChiefSecretary (in-charge) Satya Gopal, Power Commissioner Ashish Kundra, and deputy commissioners of Papum Pare and Lower Subansiri.





Welly alleges Wage of cheating in the name of party funds

Wage refutes allegations

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Jul 20: Former Minister and independent candidate of the upcoming bye-election of 12 Pakke-Kessang, Atum Welly on Wednesday alleged that BJP's official candidate, Biyu Ram Wage had fraudulently cheated him of Rs 14, 99,944 lakhs in the name of party fund in March 2014.

In this regard, Welly lodged a complaint with Itanagar Police Station on Thursday against the BJP candidate, alleging Wage of duping him of the said amount in the name of party fund and instead depositing the amount in his personal savings account.

Addressing reporters at the Arunachal Press Club, Welly gave a background of the case and claimed that after joining the BJP in 2014, he was directed to meet Wage as he (Wage) was the General Secretary of the state unit BJP at the time.

"I was asked to make some donations towards the party fund to which he demanded Rs 30,00,000 (Thirty lakhs). Accordingly, I thought that making donations to my own party is a goodwill gesture. But due to financial constraint I made a donation of Rs 14, 99,944/", Welly alleged in an FIR copy.  

He went on  to claim that he was asked to deposit the amount in his  (Biyu Ram Wage) personal account at Vijaya Bank in Itanagar, which was deposited through the current account of M/S MNW Enterprises  from Naharlagun State Bank of India through RTGS on 15 March, 2014.

Welly said that the transaction was made in good faith that it would help the party in its noble cause of nation building.

This year, when the bye-election to 12th Pakke-Kessang was notified, Welly, in his FIR said that he enquired with office bearers if the BJP party required any donations towards party fund for the said election as was asked by Wage in 2014.

"To my utter shock I learned that there is no such practice of receiving donations from contesting candidates of the BJP, that too in huge amounts and no donation has been received by the Arunachal Pradesh state BJP from Biyu Ram Wage", Claimed the former Minister.

He said that after learning that he was cheated fraudulently, he contacted BJP office bearers and filed a complaint against Wage with the state BJP president on July 6, 2017 informing him of the illegal party donation. A similar letter was shot to national BJP President Amit Shah for further action, he informed.  

On being asked about the abrupt timing of his complaint and allegation, Welly said he had no intention of winning back the BJP party ticket by implicating Wage. He demanded that the police authority take immediate action and investigate on the matter, and also demanded that the BJP initiate action against Wage for allegedly collecting illegal donations.

Meanwhile, when contacted, BJP's official candidate of the bye-election to 12 Pakke-Kessang, Wage refuted the allegations and termed it completely baseless. Wage clarified that the said transaction and amount had nothing to do with party fund or donation, and was purely a personal dealing.

"I have no authority to issue party ticket, so demanding money for party fund or donation does not arise", Wage said.

"If at all his allegation is true, why has he come up with it now? His intention is clear that he wants to tarnish my image so that he gets political advantage in the upcoming bye-election", Wage claimed, while saying that the allegation would not affect him.

"Welly is not only making baseless allegations but also tarnishing the BJP's image by implicating false allegations", the BJP Candidate added.




Stinking Roing: a grim reminder of poor garbage management

[ Karyir Riba ]

Lower Dibang Valley  district can safely be termed as one of the fastest booming districts of the state. With developmental work, either completed or ongoing everywhere around the headquarters, Roing is in its most flourishing stage. The Trans-Arunachal Highway and new link roads and CC roads around town, adorn the township area, adding to its natural beauty. Bridges on Aba and Injono rivers have made road disconnectivity to many villages located beyond the Aba River during the monsoon, a thing of the past.

The opening of the much-awaited Dhola-Sadiya Bridge is like the cherry on top for the district. Not only has it opened the gates for economic development for the area, but also a chance to make utmost use of its natural resources for income generation as tourists can be seen thronging the place, creating high potential of development through tourism.

With so much change and rapid developmental activities, the future of Roing seems to be secured and promising.

However, very sadly, what has not changed at all, and in fact is deteriorating, is the garbage management scenario of the township area. The lack of garbage management and disposal is detrimental and a threat to the overall development of the, otherwise progressing district.

Last year, during the tenure of former DC Ravi Dhawan, many changes could be noticed in terms of better garbage management. Large iron cast dustbins were installed everywhere around town, and timely collection of garbage from these dustbins was ensured. Even the 'notorious' concrete dustbin, always overflowing with garbage in the middle of the market area got a makeover, and was mostly cleaned and cleared timely. Collection of household garbage from residential areas was also introduced.

Now, the scenario is such that all these iron cast dustbins installed everywhere around town, are left unattended, overflowing with garbage, creating a pathetic view in every corner. The garbage from households that are kept near their resident gates for easy collection, find their way to the roads and lie strewn everywhere, waiting to be picked up by the garbage truck.

In all fairness, the garbage sometimes does get picked up, giving relief to the eyes and minds of the towns people. What happens to this picked-up garbage is yet another story.

Quite interestingly, the town has a beautiful, walled and gated dumping ground on its outskirts that even boasts of an incinerator. A setting enough to fool anyone into believing that the town manages its garbage appropriately, doing its part in environmental care.

Ironically, what the townspeople are not aware of is a second 'dumping ground', which is much larger and has no limit of boundary like the first one.

Just a few meters away from the original dumping ground, on the picturesque view of the banks of the Eze (Deopani) River, can be seen heaps and heaps of garbage, dumped by the garbage trucks, which more than an eyesore is a threat to the environment as well. To picture these heaps of garbage to be limited to one secluded area will be an understatement, as it is literally strewn everywhere in the area.

Also, if that was not enough, whenever this garbage truck was tired and not in the 'mood' to drive a little further, it chose to simply dump the garbage on the roadsides leading to the main 'dumping area'.

The gate of the dumping ground lies just a few meters away from the main bypass road and one cannot miss the place as there is garbage everywhere from the divergent to the gate, and of course, inside the gate where it is originally supposed to be.

If not for the garbage lying outside the gate, the Roing dumping ground is a beautiful place to visit actually. There is this big incinerator, proudly standing tall, playing its part in garbage management and at the same time doing its duty towards the environment, heaps of garbage waiting for their turn to attain salvation in the incinerator.

However, as pathetic as it may sound, just beside this mighty structure lay a heap of garbage half-burnt and smoking away. Is burning garbage, especially in the presence of an incinerator, a right thing to do given that protecting the environment is significant?

Many environmentally aware denizens of the town choose not to depend on the garbage truck and so, they themselves dispose their household garbage into the main dustbins from where it gets picked up by the garbage truck, hoping that their garbage will be treated accordingly. What they do not know is that the garbage is being burnt openly, emitting environmentally hazardous gases.

Time and again we can see the DUDA conducting joint cleanliness drives with local groups of volunteers wanting to bring a change in terms of cleanliness in the town. What is the use of these acts if the garbage that is collected during such drives is not disposed properly?

It is also ironic that the DUDA plans to collect revenue from the townspeople as a fee against the service they are providing. Not to forget that different rates have been designated for different areas and structures, depending upon their size.

It is high time that the DA stops turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to the situation, and starts to take action. After all, it is always better to be late than never!




DM declares bandh as illegal

ITANAGAR, Jul 20: The Capital Complex Deputy Commissioner cum District Magistrate, vide an executive order has reiterated his earlier order and declared the 12 hours bandh proposed by the Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC), on July 21 from 6 AM to 6 PM as illegal.

Accordingly, the DC has directed the APCC to refrain and desist from enforcing the proposed bandh and directed them to call it off.

An internal meeting in this regard was held on Thursday with all stakeholders, where the DC sought the cooperation of all the stakeholders, including the public to neutralize the bandh.

The DC has directed all the business establishments and markets within the Capital Complex to remain open, failing which, their trading licenses will be liable to be suspended forthwith. He has also directed all commercial vehicles to ply normally during the period, failing which, operational permits within Capital Complex will be suspended. In this regard, he has also appealed to the transport federation to continue with their routine plying routes.

He informed that adequate security measures have been taken by the District Administration and adequate security personnel have already been deployed by the SP Capital.

The DC has further appealed to the residents of the Capital Complex not to take law in their hand and not to resort to such activities. He has also appealed to them to go fearlessly about their normal routine life. The DC also asked people to call the administration or police if there was any problem during the bandh.




Ram Nath Kovind to become country's 14th President

NEW DELHI, Jul 20: Ram Nath Kovind, the NDA candidate, was today elected as India's 14th President, receiving an overwhelming majority of votes from the country's lawmakers.

Kovind defeated opposition's Meira Kumar, a former Lok Sabha Speaker, garnering more than 65 percent of the votes in the Electoral College, the Returning Officer for the poll announced today.

The 71-year old, who will be the second Dalit to hold the top constitutional position, received 2930 votes with a value of 702044, Returning Officer, Anoop Mishra, said.

Kovind will be the first BJP member to be elected president.

Kumar, also a Dalit, polled in 1844 votes with a value of 367314.

The Electoral College comprises of Members of Parliament and members of legislative assemblies of all states.

A total of 4,896 voters -4,120 MLAs and 776 elected MPs -were eligible to cast their ballot. MLCs of states with legislative council are not part of the Electoral College.

While the value of an MLA's vote depends on the population of his or her state, the value of an MP's vote remains the same at 708.

The polling was marked by cross-voting in various states where many opposition members favoured Kovind.

The Vice-Presidential election will be held on August 5.

While BJP has nominated a former party president, Venkaiah Naidu, the opposition has fielded former West Bengal governor Gopal Krishna Gandhi.

Meanwhile, Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, P B Acharya and Chief Minister Pema Khandu have congratulated Ram Nath Kovind on his success in the Presidential election.

The Governor expressed his confidence that under Kovind's leadership, India will reach the 'Guru's position in the world as peaceful and prosperous nation.

In his congratulatory letter, Pema pinned high hopes from Kovind that under his leadership, the nation would sail to newer heights.

The Chief Minister also congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah on the convincing victory of the NDA presidential candidate.

In his letter, Pema said that the farsighted vision, plan and policies of Modi and efforts of Shah have fetched this victory.




Arunachal to host 5th North East Connectivity Summit

ITANAGAR, Jul 20: Arunachal Pradesh has been chosen to host the 5th North East Connectivity Summit in 2018, informed Chairman, North East Advisory Council of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), Ranjit Barthakur, who called on Chief Minister Pema Khandu on Thursday.

The summit organised by the FICCI is one of the most important forums for action oriented deliberations on sub-regional economic integration and connectivity between North East India and South East Asia.

Barthakur also invited the Chief Minister to attend the 4th North East Connectivity Summit, which is going to be held in Nagaland in the month of September this year.

The Chief Minister thanked the Chairman for choosing Arunachal as host for the next year's North East Connectivity Summit, to which he consented to attend and host the summit respectively.




Pasighat faces acute power shortage

[ Prafulla Kaman ]

PASIGHAT, Jul 20:  Pasighat Township and adjoining rural areas in East Siang district are facing power shortage for the last four days after strong winds on Sunday last damaged the 132 KV Along-Pasighat power line at Rottung near Pasighat.

Power Department officials at Pasighat have informed that a kilometre-long stretch of power line along the Pasighat-Pangin road was snapped in the strong wind. The department has managed to draw power through power lines of Assam, but the alternative line fails to supply regular power due to frequent load shedding.

The Power Department engineers have termed inclement weather, inaccessibility on the rough hilly terrain and communication bottleneck as reasons for delay in restoration of the collapsed power supply lines. They,however, hope to restore power supply within the next 24 hours.

Meanwhile, the power consumers of Pasighat and adjoining areas have questioned the Power Department officials on their incapability to restore the power lines during the last four days. They allege that Power Department engineers have miserably failed to meet the power demand in and around Pasighat.

Taking a serious note of the alleged failure of the Power Department to ensure regular and adequate power supply in Pasighat, Pasighat Public Welfare Committee Chairman, Okom Yosung in a statement said that the Power Department has completely failed to fulfil its repeated assurances to supply uninterrupted power supply after the 132 KV Along-Pasighat power line was commissioned.

'The state's Minister for Power and officials have earlier also made empty promises to enhance the existing power allocation from 3 MW to 5 MW through Assam-based line, which has been causing much dissatisfaction among the locals', Yosung added.




DLC meet on model village

PANGIN, Jul 20: A meeting of the District Level Committee for establishment of model/smart village under BADP 2017-18 at Bogne in Kaying-Payum CD Block was held at Pangin on Thursday under the chairmanship of Siang district Deputy Commissioner, Rahul Singh.

The objective of the meeting was to understand the prospects available in Bogne and to determine the facilities and amenities required in order to make it a model village.

The DC sought an update on the present state of infrastructure and amenities in the village from various departments, like education, health, tourism, agriculture and allied departments, work departments of WRD, RWD, PHE, PWD and electrical.

Discussion on the economic and social infrastructure, including scope for development of product markets, skill development, recreational and vocational activities, housing, solid waste management, digitization and connectivity, and development of cultural aspects was also held with active participation of the PRI members from the concerned area.

Ways and means to make optimum use of the existing infrastructure and consequently optimum and judicious usage of the limited allocated fund was also deliberated upon.

The DC directed all concerned departments and stakeholders to submit proposals of their respective departments within the limits of the allocated fund. He also informed that a team would shortly visit Bogne to assess the situation.

Urging all members for timely submission of requisite data, District Planning Officer,Tapik Komut sought their all-out cooperation in making this endeavour a success. (DIPRO)




Arunachal State Women’s Football League kicks off

CCFC trounces FCD by 8-0, ASC beats EYAEF FC by 3

Staff Reporter

NAHARLAGUN, Jul 20:  Arunachal State Women's Football League (ASWFL), the first ever football tourney organized in the state exclusively for women, kicked off on a promising note at the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun on Thursday.

Organized by the Arunachal Pradesh Football Association (APFA) from July 20 to 31, the tournament will have a total of seven teams from various parts of the state vying for the coveted trophy.  Winner of the league will further directly qualify for the 2nd Division Women's I-League next season.

In the inaugural match played between FC Doimukh (FCD) and Capital Complex FC (CCFC), the latter won the match with a huge margin of 8-0 goals. CCFC's Nabam Kamyi delivered the first goal in the seventh minute of first half and scored another at the 33rd minute. In the second half, CCFC's Tamchi Yapi and Roshni Ramching scored a brace each, while Techi Amin and Bamang Ana added one goal each to demolish FC Doimukh.

During the second match of the day played between Arunachal SC and EYAEF FC, the former defeated the latter by 3-0. Arunachal SC's Ngilyang Yami and Kai Rumi delivered two and one goals respectively to win the match.

On Friday, Matrix FC will take on Next FC,while FC Doimukh will compete with Deed FC.

Earlier, speaking on the inaugural day of the tourney, Secretary for Sports & Youth Affairs, Dani Sulu termed the day as significant and exhorted the players to give their best as the winning team will get the opportunity to play in the national league.

'Right from winning beauty pageants to qualifying the UPSC examination, women of our state have excelled and brought laurels to the state in varied fields', Sulu said and urged the players to perform at their best and bring laurels to the state.

He also assured all possible help from the state government and Department of Sports & Youth Affairs to the winning team which would be participating in the national league.

APFA Secretary, Kipa Ajay, Arunachal Pradesh Weightlifting Association General Secretary, Daniel Teli, ASWFL Organizing chairman, Kipa Hiba, APFA Vice president, Likha Toko and Councilor Ward no. 25, Kipa Kakum were also present on the occasion.




APESU appeals to govt to create posts

ITANAGAR, Jul 20: the Arunachal Physical Education and Sports Union (APESU) appealed to the state government for creation of various posts to recruit the unemployed Bachelor of Physical Education (BP Ed) degree holders.

Many BPEd degree holders, who did their graduation from the Regional College of Physical Education, Tripura on state quota 10 years ago are still jobless as there has been no advertisement for their recruitment, the APESU stated in a memorandum to the Chief Minister.

The APESU stated that as per norms and guidelines, there should be at least one Physical Education Teacher (PET) in every government secondary and higher secondary school. In Arunachal Pradesh, there are around 133 PET against 265 schools, which means that almost 50 percent of the schools are without a PET.

Demanding immediate creation of TGT and PGT level posts of PET for every school, the APESU said that no post of PET has been created since 1980.

The union also appealed to the Chief Minister for immediate creation of five posts of Assistant Sports Officers, which are still lying vacant in the Sports Department, besides appointment of District Sports Officers in every district. It also urged the Chief Minister to create the posts of District Youth Officer and Assistant District Youth Officer.

Other demands of the union were age relaxation as per TGT teacher and immediate creation of post of Assistant Director of Physical Education.

Meanwhile, the Chief Minister, responding to the memorandum, directed the Chief Secretary in-charge to examine the matter with both Sports and Education departments and process the file accordingly.




National workshop on MDSR and MNMR

NEW DELHI, Jul 20: A  two-day national workshop on 'Maternal Death Surveillance and Response (MDSR) & Maternal Near Miss Review (MNMR)' was held at New Delhi on July 18 and 19 last, where various aspects of MDSR & MNMR were highlighted.

During the workshop, it was decided that a state level task force under the leadership of Commissioner Health & Family Welfare shall be formed, which shall meet on half-yearly basis and review the overall performance of the state.

Similarly, district and block level taskforces, under the chairmanship of appropriate administrator, shall take stock of every maternal death at quarterly and monthly basis respectively.

Joint Secretary (RCH), Vandana Gurnani addressed the national workshop, which saw the presence of various international organisational officials from the WHO, UNICEF and MGIMS, besides government representatives of all the states.

Arunachal Pradesh was represented by Joint Director, Family Welfare, Arunachal Pradesh, Dr Moromor Lego and Nodal Officer, Maternal & Child Health, State NHM Directorate, Dr Tana Natung.




First Capital Fest declared open

ITANAGAR, Jul 20: The first ever Capital fest,organised by the Capital Youth Organisation (CYO) was declared open on Wednesday at Nyikum Niya Ground by Minister of Art and Culture, Mohesh Chai.

He called upon the youths to contribute to nation building and asked them to keep education as priority in life, as well as refrain from any kind of bad habits like alcohol or drug addiction. Briefing on the values of discipline, he urged them to be responsible citizens and to always respect their elders.

Capital Complex Deputy Commissioner,Prince Dhawan gave awareness on Open Defecation Free (ODF) status. He stressed on the motive of ODF and spoke about the advantage of having toilets at home, besides the need to have community toilets and urged the youths to identify locations where community toilets could be built.

He also informed that the IMC is in process of building 789 toilets in different wards of the Capital Complex. (DIPRO)




Prominent public leader of Khonsa passes away

KHONSA, Jul 20: Prominent public leader and social worker of Khonsa and Dadam area of Tirap district Chengngam Wangno passed away on July 19 at the age of 46 after he received a massive stroke.

Wangno was admitted in ICU in a private hospital in Dibrugarh, Assam, where he was declared dead by doctors.

He is survived by his wife and two children.

MLA Tirong Aboh deeply mourned the sudden demise of Wangno, and recalled his immense contribution towards social, cultural and economic development of people.

Wangno, who also served as president of Elite Society of Dadam Area, had always encouraged farmers to adopt modern farming technologies to increase crop yield, good health and hygiene practices, Aboh said.

Tirap ZPC Sontung Bangsia, Supreme Chief of Dadam Wanggo Lowang, ESDA President Wangngoi Hakhun, chiefs, PRIs, relatives and friends from Dadam and Khonsa town visited the bereaved family and paid their last respects to the departed leader.




DBA selects 10 players for DK memorial c’ship

AALO, Jul 20: The District Badminton Association (DBA) has selected 10 players for the 5th state level Dorjee Khandu Memorial Badminton Championship, 2017, scheduled from August 9 to 12.

The players, selected on the basis of their performance in the second district level badminton tournament held at Mechuka, are presently undergoing coaching under the guidance of Kenjum Rina and Sonam. (DIPRO)




RKM comes up for cause of flood victims

AALO, Jul 20: A team of monks from Ramakrishna Mission (RKM), Aalo headed by Swami Divyabodhananda met flood victims of Kabu village and distributed essentials relief items, like blankets (16) and utensils among the affected families at Kabu Masi village on July 16.

Stationery items were also distributed to seven students. (DIPRO)




Museum: A fun school for me, you & all of us

[ Rige Shiba ]

Of what use is a museum to the common man, other than just watching some ancient items from a bygone era? Does it any way promote learning outside the four walls of a classroom? These are common doubts that appear when someone hears or talks about a museum.

Fortunately, the answer is an emphatic 'Yes!' Museums around the world, since their inception, have been playing an important role in being a platform to disseminate informal learning, making class room teaching more focused, lively and meaningful. Let's see how….

Museum is an institution, first developed as a place of philosophical discussion like the museum of Alexandria, founded by Ptolemy I Soter. Then they gradually progressed to being a house of the curios: the Medichi Place of Florence, Italy. These two institutions were aprecursor to the museum movement, led by the Ashmolean Museum of Oxford University and the British Museum among other world museums.

In India, the Indian Museum, Kolkata, founded in 1814 initiated the museum movement. Closer home in Arunachal, most of the districts have district museums. Opening of district museums during 1970s was indeed a fitting step by the then planners, to safeguard and correctly represent the diverse living culture of our state -then a union territory.

Museums are supposed to be an informal centre for learning and recreation. This leads to creative learning and simultaneously enables museum audiences to sail on a journey, discovering the histories and mysteries of the bygone era, as well as to revisit the present.

But should the role of a district museum get stagnated at just being the intellectual face of a community? This actually reveals a Pandora's Box.

In order to understand how museums could promote learning, esp. for the youth, it is important to understand the role of schools inaugmenting and stimulating the process of learning. Here comes the role of a schooling system that is aware of museum culture and thebenefits associated with it.

The largest museum in our state, i.e. the State Museum, Itanagar houses many rare and interesting artefacts, representing the materialculture of most of the ethnic groups of Arunachal Pradesh. Strategically located in the capital, it does garner a lot of interest among tourists and locals as well. However, do districtmuseums in smaller places like Tezu receive the same amount of attention from visitors? Well, the answer is quite obvious. Having said that, how can we contribute in making district museums more relevant to us and our younger generation?

The very first move that can be initiated in this field is by reducing the virtual gap between museums and classrooms. By including visits tomuseums as a part of school curriculum and by sensitizing children towards the very existence of an institution called 'Museum', will itself, turn the tables. A museum and museum artefacts are no good to the society if the message and information embedded in them are not delivered to the audience.

This is just one side of the story, but how well prepared are our district museums in creating opportunities for stimulating learning? This calls for a change in the thinking and approach of our educational and museum administrators. Still, the museum authorities could do a lot to develop interactive ways to cultivate interest among potential young visitors.

Could this really make a change? Here are two interesting experiences worth sharing with readers. The National Folk Museum, Seoul, South Korea, through their workshop titled 'Learning a rite of Korean passage' explored the funeral customs practised during the Joseon Dynasty in unified Korea. The workshop with objects displayed in the gallery takes students through a journey around ancient Korea and introduces participants to rites associated with Korean culture, while drawing similarities with other world cultures.

The workshop concentrated on death but discussed about mourning rituals, burial costumes, and final procession of the deceased on a decorated palanquin, burial objects, and life after death. This workshop not just grasped theattention of today's Korean kids, who are bitten by the K-Pop bug, but it also enabled teachers to facilitate learning with real objects to stimulate their understating about a subject as serious asdeath.

Similarly, "Young Archaeologist" workshop offered at the National Museum, New Delhi has been an excellent medium to engage participantsin an interactive and interesting medium of understanding Archaeology and the science behind it. This hands-on experience enables kids to become an archaeologist for a day and while excavating a re-created excavation trench, they discover how archaeological findings areimportant to us and why we need archaeology.

It thus emerges that there is an urgent demand of creating a band of museum educators to perform and develop effective as well asinformative mediums, to capture the attention of learners and connect them to the museum collections. There is a need to developinteractive programmes as also to evaluate the impact of a programme on a community, a class of students, a child or museum visitors ingeneral.

The opening of the RIWATCH Museum - a people's museum - tomorrow at Roing is,therefore, a very welcome opportunity todemonstrate the power of museums as a joyous open school for all, and thus promote a learning environment in the community. It is hoped that it would evolve as a role-model in providing a memorable museum experience to visitors and the community in general. (The contributor is Assistant Curator, Education at the National Museum, New Delhi and an honorary consultant to RIWATCH Museum.)




Director Art and Culture reacts to allegations

ITANAGAR, Jul 20:  Reacting to the recent allegations levelled by the All Arunachal Pradesh Unemployed Youth Association (AAPUYA) against Art and Culture Director, Naybin Ete accusing him of misusing his official post, the Director on Thursday, clarified that there was no sanction order for construction of Priest Guest House at Banderdewa under SADA- 2016-17.

'The department gave administrative approval for an amount of Rs 70,00,000 (Rupees Seventy lakhs) only for furnishing,  traditional decoration and compound development etc as per the estimate  submitted by the PWD. Hence, the question of duplicity does not arise', he stated.

He further said that interview for appointment of 'Staff Artiste' was conducted by duly approved board member and selection was made on merit basis with video recording, while the three 'Assistant Art & Culture Officers'were appointed as per order of competent authority for a period of six months only, till processing for new recruitment through competitive exams, he said, adding that they were later terminated due to legal complications and as per government directive to conduct interview of all Group-B posts through the APPSC.




Society seeks ex-gratia for flash flood victim

ITANAGAR, Jul 20: The Jikke Welfare Society on Thursday informed that one Jikke Longha (45) permanent resident of  Nyobia Village under Pip Sorang circle of Tali in Kra Daadi district was swept away in a flash flood on July 10.  

Reportedly, the incident occurred between Dadi and Nilling village of Nilling circle under Upper Subansiri district at around 10 AM while he was returning to Daporijo after attending his wage work at Dadi village.  

Late Longha is survived by his wife and daughter.  

Further, the Jikke Welfare Society appealed to the Chief Minister to provide ex-gratia to the aggrieved family under the CM's relief fund for natural calamity victims.  It also extended condolences on the tragic death of late Longha.




 DC urged to prevent entry of stray animals in town area


PASIGHAT, Jul 20: The All Bogong Students' Union (ABSU) has appealed to the East Siang Deputy Commissioner to take necessary step to prevent entry of stray animals in Pasighat town area.

In its memorandum, the ABSU stated that in Pasighat, it is common sight to see stray animals, like cows, dogs and pigs roaming around freely and occupying the middle of the road, causing nuisance and disruption in vehicular movement. These animals also litter garbage from dustbins causing the township roads dirty, the ABSU said.

It appealed to the Deputy Commissioner to issue an executive order asking owners not to allow their animals to roam freely on roads by keeping them in captivity.  




IOC conducts awareness prog on fuel adulteration

PASIGHAT, Jul 20: The Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), in collaboration with the Department of Food and Civil Supplies conducted a "check and win" public awareness programme on automobile fuel adulteration at a petrol depot on Thursday.

On-the-spot fuel test, using filter papers for verifying quality of petrol, tests to check density of diesel and petrol etc were conducted by IOC officials, headed by DGM (Retail Sales) M K K Pegu.

Adulterated fuel not only causes serious health implications, such as respiratory problems, but also pollutes the air, said East Siang DFCSO Bijoy Pertin. Adulterated fuel also damages engine, he said, adding that this menace can be checked through active public cooperation and creating awareness.

He urged the petrol depots to refrain from fuel adulteration and help promote green environment. (DIPRO)




Villagers repair road

NYIGAM, Jul 20: Around one kilometre stretch of  road at Nyigam village was repaired by filling earth and clearing drains by the Nyigam Christian Group.

Around 100 members from 44 households of the group rendered labour to renovate the BRTF link road that connects Nyigam village and Aalo-Itanagar Highway.

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End of caliphate nearing

In recent year Islamic state group popularly known as ISIS has emerged as the biggest threat to international community. Group which had captured large area in Iraq and Syria has been creating mayhem across the world. But recently Iraqi forces captured Mosul, from where ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al Bagdadi had declared Caliphate of ISIS. Their de facto capital of Raqqa in Syria has also been surrounded by forces opposed to it. The "state" Isis claims to govern looks ever closer to its end. But the big question is does this mean end of ISIS?

 Isis opponents worry the militants have laid the groundwork to reinvigorate its insurgency. Past experiences with brutal revenge killings means some residents may fear resisting surviving militants. Many Isis members are believed to have blended in with fleeing civilians, and their goal now will be to destabilize recaptured areas. Isis has increased roadside bombs around Mosul and suicide bomb attacks on towns south of the city - including on a refugee camp. Isis prepared for today's territorial losses for nearly a year, moving top cadres to Syria's oil-rich eastern province of Deir Ezzor, specifically the town of Mayadeen, and into desert towns along the Syrian-Iraqi border. In theory, this should expose Isis to attack by both a US-backed international campaign and the Russian-Iranian backed alliance with Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. Instead, Isis could benefit from escalating tensions between them. Therefore if ISIS has to be truly defeated then US, Russia along with their network of coalition will have to join hand together.







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Focus on calamity prevention

Dear Editor,

Recently, we had applied for FDR relief but were refused citing that private individuals will not be considered, but are such rules actually followed by District Administration when the rich and powerful are using public funds for building mighty retention walls to protect their numerous mansions.

It’s really frustrating when govt doesn’t help us who are facing great hardships due to natural calamities. Almost whole of Itanagar is prone to landslides and other natural disasters, at the same time it attracts settlements being the Capital of the State. Isn’t it the duty of government to mark vulnerable areas and disseminate information?

Why aren’t Flood protection schemes for vulnerable areas in place?

Administration should focus on preventing calamities; be more proactive and not emphasise on relief and post disaster works.


A citizen





Frequent power cut

Dear Editor,

Through the column of your esteem daily, I would like to draw the attention of the authorities concerned toward the frequent power cut at Polo Colony, Naharlagun.

It is a matter of great concern that people of this area are facing great inconvenience due to the frequent breakdown of electricity for last three to four months. Frequent power cut of five to six times within a single hour poses great difficulties for the aged and minor including new born babies as they are unable to get rest and relaxation they require. Even we are not getting proper sleep at night especially in this scorching hot season.

The worst effect can be noticed on the health, mental ability and study habits of the school going children. Every one can imagine what a harassment it can be. Further, such frequent power cuts and leaving the area dark for long time can encourage the anti-social elements to carry out their ugly plan.

Therefore, I on behalf of the public of Polo Colony, Naharlagun, through your daily, would like to appeal to the authorities concerned to look into the matter and take up immediate action for public convenience.


Tami Pangu

Polo Colony, Naharlagun






Unemployed vets

Dear Editor,

First of all, I'm a human, then a son, a brother, a law abiding citizen and at the end then comes my identity, I'm a veterinary doctor.

My point is that, that we don't require any special skill in first four categories to become one of them. However, it takes hell lots of time, energy, grit and skill to become a qualified vet. And you get demoralised when your professional skills are of no use for your own state govt and it's people owing to sheer negligence of   the govt itself.

It's the same govt who endorses and sends us for this profession but now showing us exit door when we talk about creation of more veterinary officer posts by saying that the state don't have enough money for jobs creation.

I would had have consoled myself if it were true but it's a blatant lie when we see the recent APPSC exam notifications for  allopath and homeopathy doctors where they have notified more than 100 posts for them and meagre 3 posts for all of us.

There are 70 unemployed vets.

This step-motherly treatment meted out on us genuinely question the veracity of govt being dearth of funds.

And more importantly ,if you have shortage of funds and reluctant to   create post for vets then why you have to give them false hopes and torture them for 5 years for nothing which is now extend to 6 years which ultimately I must say ruins/ spoils the life of many bright  students and complete wastages of hard earned skills.

The most saddening matter is that we have shortage of vets as per district wise allocation is concerned and yet our state govt is not putting up any effort to fill those vacant posts and depriving us of what is rightfully ours.

Some may argue why don't we open a farm, clinics and these are some good suggestions, but it's easier said than done because to open a farm you need a land, enough capital and depth knowledge of market behaviour. Having said that, we don't have a supportive and organised market policy in our twin capitals where retailers prefer to buy poultry birds from Assam in cheap rates rather than from their local entrepreneurs. Moreover, they have a well established market channel with huge capital inputs where we are bound to lose if we ever compete with them, however, it can be corrected if we get some supports from our govt.

I know the govt can't employ all of us; however, the govt can give us a fair chance for a competition, worthy of a fight.


A  vet







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