June 25

Give priority to border areas: Governor
ITANAGAR, Jun 24: Basic facilities like road communication, education, healthcare and water supply in border areas must be the priority sectors of the both state and central Governments, said  Arunachal Pradesh  Governor  J P Rajkhowa. The  governor said this while a delegation of Panchayati Raj Institution from Monigong and Pidi circles led by ZPM Tachi Hemi apprised him of the various problems and challenges of the people living in Monigong and Pidi at Raj Bhawan on Friday. The  State as well as the Central Governments need to focus attention on border areas and initiate some positive acts to instil sense of security and negate the feeling of isolation amongst the people, the Governor said.
Emphasizing on connectivity of all border areas through all weather roads, he suggested that all feeder roads must be developed. The foot tracks should be converted into single-lane and single-lane into two-lane roads, Rajkhowa said. The Governor further said that Border Road Organization (BRO) should expedite their projects in remote areas.
The Governor announced to provide 500 solar lamps to as many households of the area from his discretionary grant. He announced this after being learnt that the border areas of Pidi and Monigong are without power electricity due to which the people, officials and school children are suffering a lot.
At the same time, he suggested for solar and wind power projects for the far-flung villages.
The Governor said that NGOs of the area should come forward and work for the community; create awareness among them about their rights and various facilities being extended to them by the government.
He expressed surprised that BPL cards are not being issued to the poor families of the area depriving them of the special provisions.
The Governor also said that officials posted in the border blocks and administrative centres should stay in their respective places of postings for smooth functioning of offices to address the problems of the people.
"Disciplinary action must be taken against those who are reluctant to stay in their place of posting, he said and advised the Principal Secretary (Personnel) to issue a circular in this regard.
Earlier, the Panchayat representatives, through a memorandum, informed the Governor that inspite of huge horticultural produces, such as apples, Kiwis, Strawberry and green vegetables in the area, these products cannot be harnessed on commercial scale due to bottleneck in road communication. They further informed that there is no healthcare facility, communication network, PDS items and security infrastructure in the area.
Principal Secretary (Personnel) Satya Gopal, Secretary to Governor Dr. Joram Beda and Additional Secretary B.S. Hada were also present on the occasion. (PRO to Raj Bhawan)

Targeting officers demoralizing: PHED engineers
ITANAGAR, Jun 24: Reacting to a news item of this daily on non-compliance of Governor's decree by various departments, and subsequent shifting  of all the functional officers of PHED by the government to their original posts, a group of aggrieved officers from PHED have stated that targeting a particular department without trying to find out the facts and figures is unethical and demoralizing.
The aggrieved officers in a release stated that officiating appointment was a decision of the State Govt., and accordingly, some officers were posted on officiating basis complying with all the guidelines and without disturbing the seniority/gradation list as no post were created in tune with the expansion of the department.
"Although the administrative set up of the state went on increasing to 21 districts, posts in PHED were hardly created. Officers even drawing higher grade pay were impatiently waiting for their genuine promotion and getting demoralized. Even, those who were given officiating promotion were not given any additional benefits except what they were getting in their substantive posts, and the appointments were necessitated on creation of 4 circles and 6 divisions," they said.
"Even if the posts are created, the officiating ones would be eligible as they were given officiating promotion on the basis of seniority and we are already drawing the scale of EEs for the last five years," they said.  
"The state Governor in its order (O.M. No. GOV-AP/ 2015 10th February 2016) and subsequent office memorandum of Chief Secretary (dated 11.02.2016) on the matter of Officiating/ functional posting of officers/engineers from lower post to higher post directed that "all officiating/functional appointments and promotions on out of turn are to be cancelled with immediate effect; the lower level functionaries must be reverted from irregularly appointed higher posts to the original substantive posts. The para 3 of Governor order and Chief Secretary's OM clearly state that "henceforth no officiating/functional promotion outside the seniority/merit would be allowed to any junior level functionaries of any dept/organisations/offices of the Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh," they said.
"This order was strictly followed by the Commissioner, PHED by reverting three AEs to JEs, who were promoted on out of turn basis, but they went to court which stayed the reversion order as it was officially notified in the state Govt gazetteer, they informed.
The recent order of the Govt in sacking all the functional officers (vide order No..SECTT/PHE-63/2016 Dtd 23rd June 2016) has brought set back to all the functional officers, whose legality is a matter of judgment, they said. They also strongly denied the allegations of having welded with political and money power in their elevation to the higher ranks as reported in print media.  
Meanwhile, the  Commissioner of PHE and Water Supply had reverted 3 executive engineers who were holding as functional superintendent engineers, besides 19 more functional Executive Engineers and 4 AEs and JEs( Mec/Elect) to their original posts of Assistant Engineer and Junior Engineer on Thursday.

Dambuk remains cut off
Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Jun 24: Dambuk, the ADC headquarter of Lower Dibang Valley district, remains cut off from  rest of the world for six months after the onset of monsoon. Sources from Dambuk informed that the water level of various rivers like Sine, Sisar, Dotung, Taratamak and Dibang are alarmingly rising due to incessant rain disrupting the surface communication since last week. Surface communication is only possible after enraging rivers are subsided, sources added.
Dambuk ADC Atul Tayeng informed that communication have disrupted from all sides, such as Dambuk to Aaoli and Dambuk to Roing following the heavy rain since last week. Tayeng said that the elephant is only means to cross Sisar river. He further informed that if the water level does not recede, the situation could be grim at low land villages like Paglam, Bizari and Anpum.  However, most of the households at Anpum village have been shifted to safer areas as precautionary measure, ADC added. It is also said that incessant rain could force the circle into food grain crisis, as transportation become difficult due to raging rivers.   However,  the ADC asserted that their stock of food grain would last few more days to meet up the requirement staffs and residents.
"The log bridge between Dambuk and Bizari at 14 KM, is still surviving, if it is washed away by flood water, it could worsen the situation" said a villager over the telephone. Local MLA Gum Tayeng is constantly monitoring the situation.
Dambuk circle has been facing  the wrath of nature since its inception. Governor JP Rajkhowa made an aerial survey at said area, after a massive destruction occurred in 2015.

Monitoring body finds flaws in project implementation
[ Prafulla Kaman ]
RUKSIN, Jun 24: Sub-divisional Level Monitoring Team of Ruksin led by Ruksin Additional Deputy Commissioner T Pada on Friday visited various centrally sponsored project sunder the Sub-division and found quality and progress of some of the projects unsatisfactory and slow.
The six-member team, including Ruksin EAC, Orin Lego, JE (PWD), SK Chakravarty, ZPMs Tonggeng Panyang (Ruksin), Tajing Taki (Sille-Oyan) and Neyi Taloh (Bilat) have visited four such projects at Sille, Rani, Jampani and Linka.
The quality of construction and progress of the road from Rani to Oiramghat (Assam) via Sikatode-Bamin-Jampani and Anchalghat camp were found to be unsatisfactory and very slow during the team's visit. The team also observed slow progress of 4-km road from NH-52 to Industrial Growth Centre at Niglok, funded by Thirteenth Finance Commission (TFC).
If not expedited, the ongoing works of all the central-sponsored projects would not be completed within the scheduled period, they said.
The Sub-divisional level monitoring Committee members have demanded higher ups of the Project Implementing Agencies (PIA) to strictly monitor the construction activities . They also warned officials of executing departments to rectify the construction works before conducting the next District Level Monitoring Committee meeting.

Surrendered youths calls on CM, propose rehabilitation measures
ITANAGAR, Jun 24: The surrendered militants under the banner of Surrendered Underground Welfare Association of Arunachal Pradesh (SUWAAP) has requested the Chief Minister Kalikho Pul to provide vocational training on various trades for rehabilitation of the surrendered underground militants at the earliest.
A delegation of the Association recently called on the  Chief Minister Kalikho Pul and submitted various proposals for rehabilitation of surrendered militants in the  state.  While placing their grievances, the Association asked state govt. to implement the 'Revised Scheme for Surrender cum Rehabilitation of Militants in the North East' which was recommended by the central govt. in 2005.  The Association also suggested  the Govt.  for provision of monthly stipend to the  surrendered youths for 12 months.
Stressing the need of vocational training for surrendered militants, the Association said that once the training is completed the surrendered underground militants should be provided job for self-sustenance.
Besides, the Govt. must induct  the surrendered youths into police force according to their eligibility including physical fitness. They can also be provided job as security guards in industrial sectors including financial institutions like  SBI, Rural Bank, Punjab Bank, etc, they  opined. Security services under hydro power project must also be provided to the  surrendered youths, the Association further said as they advocated for training and loan facility under the Tourism Sector also.
The  Association  further informed their appeal and grievances were taken into consideration by the CM during the meeting in presence of RWD Minister Kumar Waii.

For 20 paise I gave my heart away …
[ Dani Sulu ]
I gave away my heart for 20 paise, long - long time back when I was still too young to be called a young man. This was the times when we still saw beauty in everything that kept unfolding to a curious child’s mind, and love still remained in loving acts, and hopes kept high still hoisted on a flag post of sweet nothing promises that all children hold so close to their hearts. These were still happy and trusting days of childhood when deceptions and pretensions of adults took detours on the face of beauty and tenderness of spirits of innocence and simplicity that glowed on the children’s life.
Love was never so pleasant and resplendent as when it cast it’s magic in our childhood days. Every act towards children was still love and care personified to give shape to humanely touch in an angelic way. In one such moment, I gave away my heart for 20 paise, and the memory of these loving act grows fonder and dearer with each passing year.
May be the year was 1978-79. I dont remember exactly. I was still in Kinder Garten...or may be just moved into class I. I was selected for an education trip to Kolkata with my school friends from VKV Sher. Obviously, I was among the youngest. Just the day before departure my father came to visit me in School and gave me Rs 20.00 for the journey. I kept the money with our hostel warden lest I loose it on the way. Without a penny in the pocket and full of excitement and expectation in my heart, I started the journey.
Initial fascination with our innocent questions having worn off, teacher were getting edgy with the students queries about railway journey, as it was first time for most of us. I remember one of the teacher asking me to keep my mouth shut, when I asked him  how will we have our food, when journey is to last for two-three days.
Smarter and older one’s had brought money with them and started enjoying sweets, biscuits, fruits and other things from the hawkers. Although, I didn’t have a penny with me, still I wasn’t missing it as we do now. Life was too full to be contained in my two tiny hands. There was no time to miss out on anything.
Still...still .. some angel must have been smiling on me, for one of the older student smiled at me and gave me one twenty paise coin. Without a second thought I took it from his hand with mirthful glee and went to the nearest fruit hawker and bought five grains of ripe grapes. I gave one to my benefactor, ate one myself and the rest I shared with friends who were in my nearest proximity. This moment went away in a spur, without any acknowledgement..... it just melted away with other exciting moments. Only thing I remember about my benefactor was his name- Bharat Linggi from VKV Roing and the kind smile that played on his face that day.
But then with passage of time, it took root in my loving corner of heart and green shoots of its memories started sprouting..and growing. Ever since, it’s been blooming and blooming, getting more and more colorful with a calming demeanor as I grow in age and experience. Now, I go more and more often to rest under the pleasing shadows of that loving moment, to rest and play tenderly with memory so sweet, so tender and so lush green. And every time I meet someone from Lohit, a region from where Bharat Linggi came, I ask this question...Do you know someone called Bharat Linggi? He was such a kind hearted man.
Now, Can you, my dearest readers blame me for having given away my heart for 20 paise?
I wrote this small article in the year 2011 when I was posted in Shillong. As the luck would have it, no one came back with definite news about my kind benefactor. However, the lady luck smiled at my fortune and I happened to visit Roing, Dibang Valley from 20th to 23rd June, 2016 on some official duty. During my off time, I went in search of my long lost benefactor and called on him at Intaya Public School,  Roing.  As expected, he neither remembered me nor the incident. It was a fleeting moment for him, when he gave me that 20 paise, but to a loving and innocent heart, it remained permanently engraved in the most loving part of his heart. Still we chatted about old mutual friends as he was alumni of VKV Roing and I am from VKV Sher and had left VKV in the year 1984.
Bharat Linggi, lives within the precinct of Intaya Public School, Roing. He was the School and College genius and a Mathematics wizard. He has invented many machines amongst them a magic box. In theoretical mathematics, he created magic square with which the largest prime number can be found out. He also solved the millennium problem. He has submitted his mathematic works to various higher academic institutes, but has not had any response. He also represented Arunachal Pradesh in various National and other  Chess Championship twenty six times.. He has been State Chess Champion for as many times. After romancing the beautiful world of academics and theoretical mathematics with his intense passion and fervor of lover of a knowledge, away from the crude world of reality for two decades, today he finds himself jobless and penniless. At a very late age he got married and has two very young children. He laments, albeit with a sweet wry smile, “ …today when I have a wife and young children, I have no money and no job with which to feed and clothe them. My youth, I spent away chasing the passion of heart …knowledge …pure knowledge. : long hours I romanced with numbers and theories. Nothing but pure …pure knowledge. A piece of cloth to cover my body, a simple plate of rice was enough to jeep me alive when I was in my own world of seeking and enquiry into  pure knowledge. ..”
When I met him, he had come back from forest after collecting firewood. He teaches the students of Intaya Public School whenever any regular teacher is absent. The principal of the school told me that he teaches Mathematics, Science, Sanskrit and any other subject that is assigned to him. He was clothed in a near faded and thorn pants and a shirt, and crude reality of life had taken a toll on his body. But there was still a glow ….a gentle glow of loving heart and beautiful mind defying dark and foreboding clouds of life. (The contributor is Secretary, Sports and Youths Affairs, State Protocol Officer and Finance Commission, Govt of Arunachal Pradesh).

Airport would cater to marketing horti products,  says CS
ZIRO, Jun 24: Underscoring the importance of an airport at Ziro, Chief Secretary, Shakuntala D Gamlin said an international airport would cater to the long felt need for marketing the horticultural products of Ziro like kiwis and orchids which are in huge demand in the international market.
The Chief Secretary was inspecting the Advanced Landing Ground at Old Ziro on Friday.
Assured to extend all possible assistance to make this airport operational soon, she noted that the airport would create a vibrant economy and uplift the economic status of the people.
The CS also visited kiwi gardens, floricultural centers and interacted with the farmers. Encouraging the kiwi farmers, she assured to assist in providing marketing linkages. Emphasizing for encouraging small farmers for a more vibrant economy, she stated that a unified effort from all stakeholders alone can propel our economy forward.
On being informed by Lower Subansiri Deputy Commissioner, Kemo Lollen regarding the need for a cold storage, the Chief Secretary assured to look into the matter.
She also visited the traditional Lapang at Hari village. In the view of Ziro being listed in the tentative list of the World Heritage Site, she suggested for constructing houses in the old traditional forms although using modern materials. However she directed the district administration to strictly follow the building guidelines and prohibit high rising buildings in the area.
Later visiting Petchu Putu site, the CS suggested for more landscaping and putting up signs boards at public places, carrying messages to respect these places. We have to make a choice as to how our children inherit our place, she added.
DC, Kemo Lollen, SP, Tage Habung, DHO, Komri Murtem, DLRSO, Bharat Lingu, DySP, Tab Techi, DDMO, Nima Drema, Town Magistrate, Mobia Tai and others accompanied the Chief Secretary during the visit. DIPRO

DDMA conducts earthquake preparedness mock drills in school
BOMDILA, Jun 24: An exhaustive mock drill on earthquake preparedness and rescue operations was conducted at Government Higher Secondary School Bomdila on Friday by the District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) in collaboration with the 4th Bn ITBP.
ADC P Sora while briefing on the vulnerability of the State and the risk factors associated with it as the state comes under the seismic zone V, advised the the students to make themsleves acquainted with the Dos and Donts on earthquake. Natural disasters don't come with a warning, he said and asked for taking all the necessary precautions.
Second-in-Command 4th Bn ITBP Pankaj Kr. Barma urged DDMA to conduct such camps in other schools and areas of the district in order to create awareness amongst the school going children and the villagers.
The ITBP personnel led by Inspector Rajesh Kumar conducted mock drills on rescue and search operations.. Senior girls and boys of the school were also involved in giving first aid to the victims during natural and manmade calamities.
Later, the students and the teachers were introduced to an exhibition which displayed a wide array of search and rescue equipments used by the forces during the calamities.
Heading the District Disaster Management Authority, DC Sonal Swaroop have already identified the Circle-wise vulnerable areas in the district and the resource inventories have been updated accordingly to effectively deal with the situations. DIPRO

Allow qualified bidders only: Ering
NEW DELHI, Jun 24: Welcoming the Centre's initiative to provide mobile service to all the unconnected villages in North East Region, Member of Parliament Ninong Ering urged the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology to make sure that bidders, who qualify all the criteria, participate in the financial bid for the project.
The BSNL and DOT have invited tenders for procurement of equipments and operation of these networks. As per the terms and condition of BSNL tender, there is a provision for the bidder(s) to get the technical compliance certification/ approval of the offered technology after the successful completion of the financial bidding, Ering said in a letter to Minister for Communications & Information Technology Ravi Shankar Prasad.
But, this can badly affect the entire project when it is realized only after the bidding that the winning bidder does not have a technically complied / certified products or equipments, Ering said.
In order to avoid this serious issue, it must be made mandatory for all the intending bidders that they possess technically qualified, fully complied and certified technology to participate in the financial bidding, Ering said in his letter to the Minister.

No fuel for riders without helmet at Tezu
TEZU, Jun 24: Lohit district administration has directed the petrol/diesel pump owners not to sell fuel to two-wheeler riders without helmet.
The decision was taken in a meeting convened by Lohit DC, Danish Ashraf at Tezu on Friday to discuss on the increasing rate of road traffic accidents in Tezu. ASP, Guni Pertin, SDO, G. Hazarika, District Transport Officer, Town Magistrate and District Medical Officer were present in the meeting.
After a lengthy discussion to curb the menace of growing road traffic accidents in Tezu, it was decided to observe traffic helmet wearing week as a part of traffic safety week to be observed from July 4.
Further, the DC suggested the DMO to make the District Hospital a no tobacco and cigarette free area. DIPRO

WASE against IMFL distillation plant at Niglok
[ Mingkeng Osik ]
PASIGHAT, Jun 24:The Women Against Social Evil (WASE) strongly opposed setting up of IMFL distillation plant/unit at Industrial Growth Centre, Niglok, under Ruksin division of East Siang district.
Submitting a memorandum to the district administration in this regard, the WASE said that the land available for industrial purpose should be used genuinely for other purposes instead of the IMFL distillation plant or alcohol production unit in the area.
Further, a sainik school is being established in the same area and funds have already been sanctioned for it, the memorandum said, adding that a school and alcohol production unit can never coexist.
“We have been fighting against the menace of alcohol, drug abuse, opium etc. for the last many years. Even, we have been voicing against issuance of new IMFL shop licenses in the district,” said WASE general secretary Joya Tasung Moyong.  
According to the data collected, the numbers of wine shop licenses have exceeded the limit in East Siang district a factor responsible for the increasing rate of crimes, road accidents, rape, murder, domestic violence, college and school dropouts etc.
It is also learnt that the individuals behind the proposal have already obtained "no objection certificate" from various offices for establishment of the plant.
"We welcome any other industry in East Siang district other than alcohol and tobacco industry" informed WASE.
The copy of the memorandum was also submitted to local MLAs, the SP and the Adi Bane Kebang for necessary action.

Community awareness prog on disaster management
ITANAGAR, Jun 24: Community awareness programmes on disaster management and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan at all government schools and various vulnerable locations of the Capital Complex started on Friday.  The  programmes are being organized by the District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) Capital Complex in collaboration with the 12th Bn NDRF Doimukh and will continue till Sept 11.
In the inaugural programme at Govt. Secondary School, Nirjuli, the EAC cum officer in charge Hento Karga briefed the students and the general public on disaster management, on how to conduct oneself during disasters and necessary steps to avoid disasters from happening. He also briefed on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, sanitation and personal hygiene.
Addressing the students, Councilor Tarh Nachung said that cleanliness is part of disciplined life and asked them to imbibe hygienic way of life. Officials from Itanagar Municipal Council also  briefed on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.
Earlier, officials from NDRF gave a brief description and demonstration on disaster management.
Students from other feeder schools like Dikrong Middle School, Aniya Middle School, D-sector primary school, Lekhi Middle School, Karsingsa Middle School also attended the programme.
Later, a cleaning drive was conducted in the school campus as well as the nearby areas.
Meanwhile, Itanagar Capital Complex Deputy Commissioner cum chairman DDMA has appealed the citizens of Capital Complex to cooperate and participate in the programme for general awareness. DIPRO  

GBs conference on AFR 1945
BOLENG, Jun 24:  A conference of Gaon Burahs from Boleng, Riga and Rebo-Parging circles was held under chairmanship of Boleng ADC, Taro Mize at Boleng on Thursday, to sensitize them about provisions of the Assam Frontier (Administration of Justice) Regulation, 1945.
It was also attended by legal experts, ABK members and senior public leaders of Boleng Sub-Division.
Addressing the gathering, the ADC said that the main objective of the conference was to revive and popularize traditional laws to eradicate prevalent social evils, communal living with harmony and to blend the good aspects of traditional laws for assimilation with the statutory and codified laws. He said that such conferences were very essential as many cases decided by village authorities remain unexecuted due to defective order recorded by them. The losers of the cases neither comply with the decision nor appeal to higher authority against the decision. To make local Kebang more effective, GBs have to be sensitized about the sections 12(5), 20 and 45(1) of the AFR, 1945, he added. (DIPRO)

Fish breeding training concludes
ITANAGAR, Jun 24: The five days training programme on "Capacity Building on Fish Breeding Techniques and Basics of Aquaculture" concluded at FFTC Emchi on Friday.
The programme had started on June 20 and was attended by 25 fish farmers from Changlang, Namsai, Longding, East Siang and PapumPare.
Attending the valedictory function, Commissioner Fisheries, Huzar Lollen exhorted the fish farmers to implement the knowledge acquired in this training with emphasis on fish breeding, so as to enhance production of quality fish seed and to make it available within the reach of the farmers on demand in their respective districts. He also advised the farmers to adopt the best practices which were exposed to during the training both within and outside the state. He requested the farmers not to confine the knowledge gained with themselves but to share with their fellow farmers in the best interest of aquaculture development in the state.
Dean of Dept. of Zoology, RGU, D.N Das encouraged the farmers to take on fish seed production as seasonal business and to develop entrepreneurship in this field.
The Commissioner Fisheries also interacted with the farmers to take stock of their problems and their aspiration from the department and solicited their cooperation in augmenting aquaculture in the state. He assured full support and cooperation of the department.
Fish seed produced during the course of training in two successful breeding operations with active involvement of the trainees were released in the nursery pond of Emchi fish farm, while three lakh spawn was given to DFDO Seppa for further rearing and another one lakh spawn was given as complimentary to the fish farmers of East Siang.
Dean, Department of Fisheries, RGU, Prof. D.N. Das along with a team of research scholars and officers from the Directorate and Papum Pare district attended the programme.  
This programme was conceptualized to give hands on training in induced breeding of fish and familiarize the farmers about the techniques.

41 unrecognized colleges in Dhemaji and Lakhimpur
ITANAGAR, Jun 24: As many as 41 fake and unrecognized colleges are running illegally in two districts of Assam, namely Dhemaji and Lakhimpur, claimed Takam Mising Porin Kebang (TMPK).
This was revealed during an inspection by a team from Dibrugarh University. Most of the colleges are located in rural areas, TMPK said in a release.
The apex body of Mising students union warned parents and students against such bogus and unrecognized colleges, which may ruin the future of students.
It demanded the Assam Government to immediately arrest those culprits, who are playing with the future of students, and punish them as per law.

MWS to start Food Processing Unit
ITANAGAR, Jun 24: Muskan Welfare Society (MWS) is all set to start a food processing unit in the Raj Bhavan Complex from June 25.
Initiated by the Chairperson of Muskan Welfare Society (MWS) Rita Rajkhowa, the unit will help the houswives preserve fruits and prepare different types of juice, jam, jelly, pickles etc.
Arunachal Pradesh has abundance of fruits, such as Orange, Kiwi, Litchi, Strawberry, Apple, Pineapple, Star fruit etc, the MWS Chairperson said and added that there should be at least one Food Processing Centre in every town or block.
The farmers have to send the fruits outside the State and that too at a cheap price for want of such units. Otherwise, these horticultural produces get spoiled, she said .
Secretary of Muskan Welfare society (MWS) Ar. Kobby Zirdo Bagra informed that a three-day training programme on Fruit Processing will also commence on June 25. About 30 participants comprising housewives, working ladies, representatives of Women Helpline and members of MWS will attend the training under the guidance of expert trainer Gajen Kalita.
MWS is also planning to hold trainings and workshops in the centre for women SHG's to assist them to achieve economical empowerment, she added.  
Governor JP Rajkhowa will inaugurate Unit on Saturday.

Mock drill held at Khonsa
ITANAGAR, June 24: A mock drill on Fire and Earthquake was conducted at the most congested parts of Khonsa market area on Friday.
All stakeholders participated in the drill structured in four phases. The drill covered all situations and procedure to be taken during a real life Earthquake and Fire with rescue and relief simulation. The whole drill was coordinated by the DEOC Khonsa.
Interacting with the fire fighters, Tirap DC, Ravi Jha advised them to follow the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) even in a mock drill to avert any kind of mishap.
Government officials and public witnessed the drill. Leaflets on safety tips on various disasters were distributed to the public during the occasion, while four numbers of large size First Aid Box kit were given to the Health and Fire Service Department.

Police battalion for Tali demanded
ITANAGAR, Jun 24: The All Tali Area Students' Union (ATASU) has sought posting of a police battalion at Tali outpost. It has written to the DGP in this regard.
The law and order situation  in Tali area is deteriorating day by day which is hampering the lives of general public of the area, it said further claiming that Tali has sufficient infrastructure to accommodate the battalion.

AYO for removal of PCB chairman
ITANAGAR, Jun 24: The Arunachal Youth Organization (AYO) has called for removal of chairman of State Pollution Control Board within 10 days.
Appointment of non-technical persons as chairmen of state pollution control boards in various states are under legal scrutiny, it said in its representation submitted to the chief minister. It also provided a copy of letter by advisor, CP, ministry of environment and forest, GoI, to the chief secretaries of all the states asking to follow the guidelines envisaged in making appointments for the post.
It has been observed that instructions issued which stipulates that appointments of the persons of proper knowledge and experiences as well as possessing scientific and technical qualification for manning those senior posts are not being followed in letter and spirit, the letter of the Advisor (CP) reads.

SEWA felicitates meritorious students
NAMSAI, Jun 24: Altogether 127 students of Lekang constituency, who have excelled in Class X and XII examinations conducted recently by CBSE, were felicitated in an impressive function on Friday organized by Socio-Economic Welfare Association (SEWA) at Dihun Neong Memorial Rang Manch Mahadevpur.
The meritorious students were presented with certificate and cash award by  Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein.
Namsai Deputy Commissioner RK Sharma, EAC Lekang HN Dubey, DDSE Talom Pabin, Block Education Officer (BEO) VK Pathak, Principal GHSS Lekang CS Singpho, District Veterinary Offier (DVO) Dr Keshab Sarmah and ZPM Jugesh Taye alongwith members of SEWA, teachers of GHSS Mahadevpur, parents and large number of students were present on the occasion.

Training prog. on acid soil reclamation begins
ITANAGAR, Jun 24: In all 20 farmers, including women and rural youth attended a three day-long training on acid soil reclamation, nursery management and vegetable production which began at Jaw Phega, Anjaw district on Thursday.
It was jointly organized by the agriculture department and KVK Anjaw under Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA).
Addressing the farmers on the occasion, Agriculture Development Officer, S. Bhattarcharya spoke about the various agriculture schemes and urged the farmers to avail them.
During the programme, agronomy SMS, Khoisnam Naveen spoke about reclamation of acid soil and problems associated with it. He highlighted the importance of reclamation of acid soil for increasing farm productivity along with different measures to overcome it while, Farm Manager, Prasanta Mahanta explained the importance of nursery management.
Later, a field demonstration on nursery bed preparation with application of Dolomite lime was also held at a local farmer's field.

Re-assessment date fixed
DAPORIJO, Jun 24: The Upper Subansiri district administration has set July 11 next as the date for a joint re-assessment of left out properties which were left out during an earlier assessment, falling within the Right of Way (RoW) from 00 KM Daporijo to 20 KM Taliha BRTF double-lane road for payment of compensation.
The re-assessment will be conducted by a team under the supervision of EAC, M. Bui and comprising of officers/officials from the department of Land Management, PWD, Horticulture, Agriculture, Forest and Fishery. It will start from Subansiri bridge 0 point.
Further, all the concerned property owners have been directed to remain present at their respective location/spot for re-assessment on the said date without fail. (DIPRO)

Awareness prog on CSS held
SEPPA, Jun 24: An awareness programme to disseminate information about various centrally sponsored schemes to the public was conducted at Mebua, Seppa on Friday by the Field Publicity Unit, Seppa, Directorate of Field Publicity, Ministry of I&B, GoI.
Speaking in the programme, Parliamentary Secretary (Power), Tapuk Taku has urged the public to imbibe this valuable information and spread them to others also. Informing that the NDA government at Centre is supportive and giving priority for the development of NE region, he highlighted about various welfare schemes undertaken by the central government under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi.
Apprising the public about various policies in the pipeline and which are being planned by the state government, he informed that the government under the dynamic leadership of Kalikho Pul is adopting all possible measures for socio-economic development of the state. He urged the villagers to utilize the infrastructure available in the villages fully and give importance to agriculture and horticulture.
Acknowledging cleanliness is next to godliness, the Parliamentary Secretary urged everyone to keep their house and surroundings clean and hygienic to protect oneself and family from diseases. He made an appeal to the youth to concentrate on studies and keep away from anti-social activities. Later on, Taku distributed umbrellas to the villagers. Further marking anti-malaria month, he distributed insecticide treated mosquito nets under NVBDCP to the villagers.
Various centrally sponsored schemes such as Mission Indradhanush, Janani Sishu Suraksha Karyakaram, JSY, health insurance and NVBDCP were briefed by DRCHO K. Lapung and DVBDCPO A. Rimo.
Soil health cards, PMKSY, PMFBY and other agriculture related schemes were explained by the ADO. SBA, PMAY (Urban) and NULM, and SBA, drinking water supply and IHHL were informed by EE (UD) T. Tachang and AE (PHED) T. Sono respectively.
Schemes such as Jal Kranti Abhiyan, MGNREGA, IWDP, IAY and other irrigation schemes were informed by AE (WRD) Kholie Tadap and BDO, B. Kino. DD, ICDS explained briefly about child and women related schemes which include Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Abhiyan, Sukanya Samridhi Yojana, JJB, DVA, etc. Financial inclusion initiatives such as PMJDY, PMSBY, PMJJBY, APY, Mudra Yojana and others were also informed to the masses.
A quiz competition and cultural programme was also held in the programme.





Another political game

As per the recent report emerging from Guwahati, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has given time till 30th of this month to Chief Minister Kalikho Pul to merge Peoples Party of Arunachal with the saffron party. As of now both PPA and BJP are maintaining stoic silence and have not reacted to the report. The present PPA government came to power after section of Congress legislators rebelled against former Chief Minister Nabam Tuki and joined PPA to form government in alliance with BJP. The PPA government came into existence only in March this year.

Switching of parties within the gap of two months sounds strange. If Pul led group wanted to merge with BJP they should have done it in the first instance itself. What was the need of staging drama of joining PPA? This kind of ayaram gayaram politics is hurting the image of state. Already Arunachal has acquired bad reputation of being highly corrupted state. Now politicians are further making mockery of themselves and state by switching loyalties frequently.  If Kalikho Pul and his PPA MLAs are not ready for merger, the BJP should also refrain from forcing them to merge. For now instead of all this political game, the government should concentrate in giving good governance to the people of state. Due to political crisis, for the last one year governance has virtually taken back seat. Both PPA and BJP have huge responsibilities on them. They dislodged Tuki led Congress government after month of political turmoil. They cannot afford to hurt state again by indulging in politics over this merger issue. People of Arunachal are closely watching every move and will not hesitate to punish politicians in due course of time.








Readers’ Forum





Release salary

Dear Editor,

Through your esteemed column, I want to appeal to visionary CM Kalikho Pul to release SSA salary of February and March which is pending for four months. You told the media that the pending salary was gift of last government but we have nothing to do with scandal of last government. We just want our hard earn salary of February and March 2016.

If centre is delaying in releasing our salary, it is duty of present government to put pressure on centre or make financial arrangement in state to release the same as all knows that SSA teachers are working under state government.

SSA teachers also have family members to support.


A teacher  





Haven’t we learnt the lesson of 1962?

Dear Editor,

It is irritating to know even after fifty four years since 1962 our Defence Ministry has failed to learn the lesson of the debacle  and realise that  surface  communication, logistics and infrastructure are imperative elements for a well executed campaign and successful conduct of Military operation in an event of war. In the first place of all organisation it should be the Army to advocate vigorously for roads to be constructed to the borders, but unfortunately it is the army on several occasion who discourage the idea and turn out to be the stumbling block by way of recommending for defence clearance which is unfathomable. Where else our adversary on the other side have roads connected to our borders on all strategic locations.

In 1962 the nearest railway head to the Indian boarder was in Chengdu in Sichuan which was 1500 kilometres away and yet how they mobilised their war effort is history. God forbid  there be a war. If circumstances draw us to it, the likely scenario under the present state of affairs that may emerge would place our adversary at our borders ready with overwhelmingly heavily mechanised weapons and  army division well equipped with latest electronic tactical systems right at our borders. If we have to go by the so called border clearance which to me at least, is a totally an absurd proposition,  as  our soldiers will be tracking to the border in absence of vehicular roads  for several days on foot obviously with an automatic rifle only, forget heavy weapons there is no way it can be carried. May be the mules might at the most carry trench mortars which is in no way any comparison to the advantage our adversary has in possession.  The result and aftermath of the outcome is anyone’s guess.

On a similar note the central government declares transnational highway in our state and contradicts it’s on policy by preposterously not rendering environment clearance. A classic case in question is the TAH section of Dambuk to Sisiri Bridge.

What is common in these two episode is the uncalled for attitude both ways and leaves us in the middle of nowhere. Are we willing to learn the lesson?


Jathi Pulu




An Abandoned Constituency?

Dear Editor,

Through your esteemed newspaper, I would like to draw your kind attention to social, economic and political situation of People of Pongchau and Wakka Circles under Longding District, with malice to none but question mark to those responsible. The area is comparatively abandoned, uncared, untaught with the new developments of the state. Imminent examples can be analyzed and cited by evidence of survey which depicts the pathetic condition in the area of Education, implementation of schemes, political and social awareness.

The educational sector has been trying its best to perform as according to the guidelines and procedure adopted by the government.

However, the High schools at Pongchau, Wakka and Longchan is consistently not performing well in CBSE X exams. Lack of manpower, infrastructure, participation and motivation of students and awareness of parents might be blaming factors. But, the upgraded schools of Pongchau and Wakka to Higher secondary school in 2009 have not seen its progress. The news paper clippings of delegation led by the local MLA to two former Education Ministers and their promises had sounded by with thundering applause and welcomed by the people. The high sounding words for immediate posting of five JTs each and a Principal have been mere lines in the newspapers. The political appointed teachers not in merit basis might also be the contributing factors to the low performance of the students. Every academic year the students faced problems in admission in other schools as they are turn away according to norms of schools and area allotted jurisdictions. The students, helpless still have to be in queue for admission in Longding and Khonsa higher secondary schools till a special order is issued by the directorate of School education.

The road connectivity, transport and communication continue to date back the 90’s. Travelling fare hike is biggest problem of the villagers. Logically when one can travel to capital city of India New Delhi in Rs 2005 in 3 tier AC and Rs 2940 in 2-tier AC the people of Kamhua Noknu are not surprise to pay Rs 5000 and above to travel 30 kilometre village from Longding Hq. The vehicles which travel in this route are clear in their minds of the risk. The survey road to Khasa village (village of present MLA) has not been connected till today and people have to walk to Mintong-Longding junction to board a vehicle.

One such evidence is that few days back the truck carrying the ration rice to our area was stuck at Mintong road for several days and the rains did the damage. The geographical feature is not the issue but the utilisation of fund and implementation for road construction is messed up, this is what the village people have to say.

The implementation of funds to this constituency have been uncared and not followed up. For instance, every year in the BADP schemes if one Google, the schemes for large cardamom and tea have been a major focus. But to utter demise, if you travel the whole constituency and survey you can find only one tea garden at Nginu village owned by a self entrepreneur.  The departmental distribution of cardamom seedlings are done in the month of October, November and December which is the oddest season for planting. This incurred a huge loss of public money every year. The Dairy farm scheme amounting to 1.20 crore rupees in two consecutive BADP Year have not been implemented. Around 40 beneficiaries were given in cash unevenly in Rs 20,000, Rs 30,000 and 60,000 group and very rare livestock can be seen in the area.

There are dozens of schemes in a financial year but implementation is merely done. So, the motives behind the proposed schemes are still not clear and unanswered.

To support the above cited examples the evidences of incomplete building of Wakka School, pending work at Tissa-Khasa road etc since last one decade depicts clearer picture than words. The Constituency has not received any developmental visits of technocrats, bureaucrat or even the local MLA since last 2009 elections except visits of Magistrate on Duty. Since then the eminent sight of no developmental visits, no public grievances are checked, no developmental issues addressed properly, people are at doubt if the 60th Pongchau-wakka Constituency is abandoned or secluded somewhere, somehow unnoticed.

The frequent planting of IED by insurgents’ incidents depicts lapses of security and creating fear to the innocent villagers. Darkness in villagers without electricity is also big question mark. Through this article I would like to question the concerned authorities, society, Public leaders who are in deep slumber to come forward and analyze the developmental issues and work for the little uplift of the area. The peoples have high hope from the present Pul led government.




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