June 29

Another case of miscount lodged against DRC Kolkata
Loopholes in implementation of Sexual Harassment Act
[ Appu Gapak ]
ITANAGAR, Jun 28: Another case of misconduct has been filed against the absconding Deputy Residence Commissioner (DRC) Kolkata Subhasish Sengupta. The complaint was lodged last month with the state government, just few days after the official was accused of sexually assaulting a senior staff member of Arunachal Bhawan.
“It was hard working with him. We avoided him because of his nature,” reveals the lady.
The  DRC is reported to be absconding since June 2, the day he was asked to be present before Bidhan Nagar police station in Kolkata in relation to the sexual assault case filed against him on May 31st last.
Even before the case was lodged with Bidhan Nagar North Police Station, Kolkata, the victim had lodged her complain with her parent department, principal secretary home and chief secretary, GoAP on the evening of the day she was assaulted, May 29, via email.
In a strange turn of event, she was released from Arunachal Bhawan, Kolkata on June 10 last. She has since applied for stay order of her transfer to Itanagar in Kolkata High Court.
“I was transferred even after they knew about the situation I was in. He did exactly what he threatened. This says a lot about how powerful he is,” she said.
A two-member committee consisting of Disaster Management, Director Y W Ringu and Joint Secretary, Home A K Singh has been constituted to enquire into the case which is in violation to the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013, better known as Vishaka guidelines which states that Complaints Committee should be headed by a woman and not less than half of its member should be women and that to prevent further possibility of any undue pressure or influence from senior levels, such Complaints Committee should involve a third party, either NGO or other body who is familiar with the issue of sexual harassment. The committee which is yet to begin its probe into the case is scheduled to visit Kolkata on July 4 to enquire into the case.
Meanwhile, the sexual assault charges against the state government employee has brought to the fore the need for organizations, particularly governmental organizations in the state to abide by the Sexual Harassment Act which requires an employer to set up an 'Internal Complaints Committee' ("ICC") at each office or branch, of an organization employing at least 10 employees. Apart from few of the educational institutions such as Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) and Dera Natung Government College here, none of the governmental organizations in the state seem to be following the Supreme Court order which had come into force on December 9, 2013.

Key features of Vishaka guidelines
1. The law applies to women harassed in the workplace including women working as domestic workers, daily wagers, temporary or permanent, full-time or part-time, as well as volunteers. The women may or may not be employed and can be of any age.
2. Sexual harassment includes any one or more of the following unwelcome acts or behavior:
• Physical contact or advance
• A demand or request for sexual favours
• Making sexually coloured remarks
• Showing pornography
• Any other unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of sexual nature
If the following circumstances exist in relation to any behavior, that is, if any act is done under the following circumstances that would also count as sexual harassment:
• Implied or explicit promise of preferential treatment in employment
• Implied or explicit threat of detrimental treatment in employment
• Implied or explicit threat about her present or future employment status
• Interferes with work or creates an intimidating/hostile/offensive work environment
• Humiliating treatment likely to affect her health and safety.
3. The act of harassment can occur in the workplace and also if a woman is harassed while visiting a place arising out of or during the course of employment including transportation provided by the office, a complaint can be filed under this Act.
4. The Act requires all workplaces to set up Internal Complaints Committees to address the issue of sexual harassment. There will also be a Local Complaints Committee for each District where complaints can be filed.
5. An aggrieved woman can file a complaint within 3 months of the incident (or later if allowed by the committee).
6. The Act provides the option of a settlement between the aggrieved woman and the responded through conciliation but only on the request of the woman. However, money compensation cannot be a basis for the settlement.
7. The inquiry has to be completed within 90 days.
8. In case of malicious complaints or false evidence, the Committee may take action against the woman/person. However, simply not being able to prove an allegation will not mean that it is a false/malicious complaint.
9. The identity of the aggrieved woman, respondent, witnesses as well as other details of the complaint cannot be published or disclosed to the public/media.
10. The Act also hopes to prevent such incidents by placing a duty on employers to hold regular workshops/awareness programmes as well as, display the consequences of harassment in the workplace. Every employer has a duty to provide a safe working environment to all employees.

Large quantities of expired drugs seized
ITANAGAR, Jun 28: Large quantities of expired drugs were seized from various retail medical stores/pharmacies of Doimukh, Balijan, and Kimin under Papum Pare district and Dollungmukh under Lower Subansiri district during a routine checking by Drugs Control Administration.
The largest seizure worth Rs.17,837 was made from M/s Much More Medicos, Doimukh. The seized expired drugs included vital life saving drugs and veterinary medicines, informed Director of Health Services Dr. Moji Jini.
Similarly, few expired drugs were also recovered from four retailers, namely M/s Balijan Drugs Store, Balijan, M/s Tara’s Medicos, Balijan, M/s Yajo Medical Hall, Kimin and M/s Tukky Drugs House, Dollungmukh.
Despite there is a ban on use of diclofenac formulation on animals, few retailers were found selling Diclofenac Sodium injections meant for human for veterinary uses.
Some drugs, like vaccines with special storage requirement were also found not stored in required storage condition in many outlets thus flouting various provisions under Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 and Rules, 1945 and Govt. Guidelines/directives.
Drugs Control Administration has decided to take immediate action against those offenders as per provisions under Drugs and Cosmetics Acts. Further, information regarding storage conditions required for different drug formulations would also be circulated to all concerned in the larger interest of patients’ safety, Dr. Jini added.
The inspection was conducted by Drugs Inspector Gyati Siri.

Political parties and tribal hospitality
[ Tongam Rina ]
Barely four months after he came to power, it appears that Chief Minister Kalikho Pul has to take the toughest political decision of his life. With central as well as state BJP mounting pressure on him to shift to the party from People’s Party of Arunachal (PPA), there seems little option left for him other than joining the party sooner or later.
Though the state has a history of shifting loyalty based on who rules at the centre, the questionable tactics being applied by BJP is not lost on those who are keenly watching the political development in the state as well as the performance of the Chief Minister. Earlier, the Congress used the bullying tactics at every given opportunity and now, the BJP has imbibed it very well with its Congress Mukt agenda.
While the debate on Congress
versus BJP will continue, one is left wondering at the fate of People’s Party of Arunachal, the party regarded as advocate of tribal and regional aspirations but used as a launch pad during elections by politicians who otherwise do not get tickets from major political parties.
To a very large extent PPA leadership has to share the blame for allowing the party to be used as launch pad. If indeed, the Chief Minister fails to convince the adamant central BJP leadership, the PPA certainly needs to look within for its inability to stop being a partner to politics of aaya ram, geya ram, if at all it is serious about carrying forward the regional identity and the tribal aspirations. With the current political situation, the party seriously needs to introspect if it has any ideology left or if it is at all serious about its credibility.
While the political outcome will be known soon as well as the fate of the PPA, Arunachal is placed in a precarious position because of its full dependence on the centre for financial assistance.  
In absence of resources, state has to go according to the whims and fancies of the centre, which is in stark contradiction to the tribal ideology of deciding for themselves.
No one would know it better than Kalikho Pul, who has been able to get work done so far but in return, he must listen to the dictate of the centre, in the form of allegiance to BJP.  
As they say, history will repeat itself and Pul, who has so far been able to keep away from political entanglements, will have to take an ultimate call. If he choose to remain with PPA, he will script a new chapter in the history of the state.
But if he toes the line and succumb to the urgency of the BJP, for Arunachal, some things will remain the same. The dictation from the centre will continue. Earlier, it was the politics of Gandhis and their ill informed advisors, now BJP in Delhi will have a partner in Nagpur to chart the destiny of the state. The culture of high command continues and we will, as always, remain mute instruments at the hands of the centre. It must be the tribal hospitality that triggers such loyalty.

Centre assures to set up textile park in Arunachal
NEW DELHI, Jun 28: Union Minister of Textile Santosh Kumar Gangwar has assured to establish Textile Park in Arunachal Pradesh.
The Union Minister gave this assurance to Deputy Chief Minister Kameng Dolo during a meeting at Udyog Bhawan here on Monday.
Stating that the State Government would be informed as and when this proposal would be cleared by the ministry, he advised the Arunachal Pradesh Government to submit a detailed project report at the earliest.
The union minister also accepted an invitation from Dolo to inaugurate the Garment Manufacturing unit at Pasighat under East Siang district next month.
During the meeting, Dolo, who holds the Textile and Handicrafts Department, expressed his desire to establish a Weaver Service Centre in the state capital.
At present, the Weaver Service Centre located at Guwahati is providing services to Arunachal Pradesh. Deputy Chief Minister informed the Union Minister that permission for single brand under “Make in India” programme has been obtained from the IKEA, a Sweden based company for Bamboo products, and its technical advisor Pratap Goswami is working on this project.
He also urged the Union Minister to clear all the pending proposals lying with the ministry at an earliest possible time.
Responding to Deputy Chief Minister’s request, Gangwar said that the ministry would release the second installment under North Eastern Textile Promotion Schemes shortly after completing all required formalities. He also assured to clear the proposal for Textile Tourism at Poma near State Capital.

BJP upset with bankers for poor implementation of CSS in Arunachal
ITANAGAR, Jun 28: With reports of bankers not cooperating with the vast majority of the people intending to take benefits of the several of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's flagship initiatives, state BJP President, Tapir Gao along with several BJP legislators held an interaction with the heads of the banks at its party headquarters at Itanagar on Tuesday.
Gao said that the schemes launched by the Centre have been received well across the country but in Arunachal Pradesh, there are complains of non-cooperation from the bankers.
At the end of fiscal 2015-16, only 1, 27,767 PM Jan Dan Yojna accounts were opened in Arunachal Pradesh  but just about 5,812 accounts were seeded with Aadhar card.
Further, Gao informed that only 31,368 and 51, 676 have been enrolled under Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana and PM Suraksha Bima Yojana respectively. PM Atal Pension Yojana had only 1200 subscribers, he said.
Terming the penetration as poor, Gao sought to know the reasons for such dismal performance.
Responding to the query, a banker informed that the inability to put up physical infrastructure, lack of manpower and lack of awareness were the reasons for poor penetration of the schemes. Awareness generation was going at full swing, added the banker.
Tezu MLA, Dr. Mohesh Chai called on the bankers to push for PM Mudra Yojana, which till date has witnessed just about 2343 (Shishu), 539 (Kishore) and 261 (Tarun) accounts opened across the state that accounted for fund disbursement of little over Rs. 42 Crores.
Talking of good practices, BJP legislator from Raga, Tamar Murtem urged the district administrators to emulate Deputy Commissioner Upper Subansiri in implementing such social welfare schemes.
'Deploy government officials at the banks to encourage opening of accounts as was done for Jan Dhan Yojana at SBI Daporijo,’ Murtem said.
Among others party Vice Presidents, General Secretaries, Legislators, Laisam Simai, Olom Panyang and Tesam Pongte attended the meeting.
Gao also suggested for regular dialogue between the bankers and the party. 'Those who were absent today should make it a point next time to engage with us, so that we are aware of the challenges that are hindering the implementation of the schemes,' said Gao while adding that, if needed the state BJP would write to the PMO and Finance Ministry.

Every child should once go to government school: Karbak
ITANAGAR, Jun 28: Liromoba MLA Nyamar Karbak on Tuesday appealed to the state government to frame a rule so that every child, poor or rich is once enrolled in government school.   Karbak was emphasizing on need to restore the importance of government schools while interacting with the teaching staff, students and school management committee members at Kombo Secondary School under Aalo circle.
Expressing concern over diminishing performance of government schools across the state MLA Karbak said, “Each citizen should once go to government school to imbibe sense of responsibility among the citizens towards government schools”.
“The parents should also visit their children’s class once in six months, to access the progress of a child”, he opined.  
Later, MLA Karbak contributed one refrigerator for teaching staff, two laptops for students who scored 10 CGPA in Class X and three green boards to the school. Government Secondary School,  Kombo that was established in 1958 and upgraded in 1992 is considered to be the one of best government schools in entire West Siang district. It has been awarded as best Government School thrice by the Education Department.

AdiSU resents over lack of administrative officers in Adi areas
Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Jun 28: The Adi Students’ Union (AdiSU) has drawn the attention towards lack of administrative officers in various areas of Upper Siang and West Siang.  They have written to the chief secretary in this regard.
It informed that out of the 16 CO circles in Upper Siang district, only six are functioning as CO HQs while others are defunct. It has sought posting of 9 more COs.
“Absence of an administrative officer not only affects the administration but the entire system. Schools fail to function as there is no monitoring and schemes like BADP and MSDP fail to get implemented accordingly as there is no intervention of the administration,” said general secretary AdiSU, Buteng Tayeng addressing media persons at Press Club on Tuesday.
“Sometimes Chowkidaars function as CO in the absence of an administrative officer,” he claimed further questioning on the inability to post COs.  
Auditor of the union Jeni Bunyi claimed that LDC does all the work and also functions as CO.
“Absence of CO in the office is prompting the villagers to migrate as they have to frequent Mechukha for all the official works,” he said.
AdiSU has also sought action against Namsai power department for allegedly using live electric poles for New Jengthu, Donekona, Mengkeng I and Mengkeng II.
It claimed that when they complained about this to the department in April, they disconnected power supply of the villages instead of making the necessary corrections.
It further claimed that despite of a complaint lodged with DC Namsai in this regard, no action has been initiated against Namsai power department yet.

SBI gives emphasis on financial literacy
Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Jun 28:  'People need to be made aware of the importance of financial literacy so that they can avail various banking products as well as develop saving habit', said Assistant General Manager SBI, Itanagar branch, Satya Sinha Bairagi while addressing a meeting jointly convened by the Itanagar, Naharlagun branches of SBI and RBO, Itanagar at Siddhartha Vihar Hall here on Tuesday.
The meeting has been conducted to commemorate the completion of 210 years of banking services of the State Bank of India.
The AGM said that most of the people in the state are unaware of the various banking products and schemes and therefore cannot avail its benefits. Taking this issue into consideration, the SBI not only aims to open up more banks in the state but is also working towards improving its customer service, he informed.
Highlighting the objective behind organizing the meeting, Naharlagun branch, SBI, AGM, Rabin Pathak said that it aims at reasserting affinity to customers and non-customers and taking their feedback to further sort out the issues for better customer service.
He further said that being the oldest and most trusted commercial bank, the SBI has been teaching generations about banking and is also constantly improvising to cater to the demands of the new generation.
'There are currently 56 branches of SBI in Arunachal however, the bank plans to establish more new branches at the most far flung areas of the state. But in order to achieve this target issues like poor infrastructure like roads needs to be addressed by the state government on priority, said Pathak.
Also present in the meeting were Proprietor of Iconic Motors, Naharlagun, Wanchu Khrimey, former Principal DIET, Barun Prasad Sinha, proprietor of Benjamin Hotel Naharlagun, Tarh Takar and General Manager of Nigla Nissan and Neni Hyundai, Bappi Mazumdar besides, SBI staffs and general public.
The SBI has its lineage to Bank of Calcutta, which came into existence in June, 1806. To commemorate the day it is holding Town Hall Meetings on this day throughout the country.

14 months honorarium of SBM employees to be released
ITANAGAR, Jun 28: The state government has assured to release 14 months pending honorarium of contractual employees under Saakshar Bharat Mission, a National Flagship Programme to literate India.
Chief Minister Kalikho Pul made the assurance after it was brought to his notice by the All Arunachal Pradesh Saakshar Bharat Mission Employee Association (AAPSBMEA) that the State Coordinators, District Coordinators, Block Coordinators and the Village Coordinators appointed under SBM Programme on contract basis have not received their honorarium for the last 14 months.
It is pertinent to mention here that the SBM programme was launched by the state government in 2010 under which 6 State Coordinators, 60 District Coordinators, 152 Block Coordinators and 3426 Village Coordinators were appointed on contract basis in the same year. Altogether, SBM employs 3644 coordinators covering 152 Blocks and 1713 Gram Panchayats with the target of achieving 2,16,325 adult learners by paying honorarium of Rs. 6000 per  month to Block Coordinator and Rs 2000 per month to Village Coordinator.
AAPSBMEA while placing their grievances before the Chief Minister on Monday apprised that 14 months honorarium to the employees under SBM Programme were pending due to non-release of state matching share for 2013-14 and 2014-15 on time by the state govt. and subsequent non-release of central grants of Rs.1577 lacs for the year 2015-16 by Govt of India under the programme thereby affecting the employees adversely.
It was only on March 28, 2016 that the state matching share of Rs 21.62 lacs for two years was released by the state govt. After the release of state matching share on March 2016, GOI could only release Rs. 426 lacs to the state govt against proposed amount of Rs. 1577 lacs towards the recurring expenditure. The released amount would be sufficient to clear about 6 months honorarium to the Coordinators/Preraks. Remaining 8 months honorarium can only be cleared after receiving balance central grants of Rs. 1151 lacs from Govt of India, the memorandum cited.

Checking drive carried for implementation of COTPA
ITANAGAR, Jun 28: Checking drives were conducted in hotels, restaurants, bars, public places, shops, ghumtis etc. at Itanagar to ensure strict implementation of COTPA (Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products Act) 2003 in the Capital Complex by the flying squads under the chairmanship of EAC Jiken Bomjen.
The team briefed the owners of hotels, restaurants and bars regarding COTPA and its various sections. It was also stressed to the owners on the need to have a separate smoking zone in the hotels, bars and restaurants and mandatory display of 'No Smoking' within their premises.
Visiting shops and gumtis, the flying squad members briefed about COTPA and asked to refrain from selling of cigarettes and tobacco products to minors.
SDPO Techi Hanyir, Dr. Jennifer Tayeng, Dr. Tadar Kampu Likha, Dr. Kabak Tamar, Supdt. Tax & Excise, John Siram, Station Superintendent, Tuter Dulom, BEO, MM Gollo, representatives from Itanagar Market Welfare Association and from various departments actively took part as members of the flying squad.
Section 4, 6A and 6B of COTPA are being implemented currently in the state, which prohibits smoking in public places, selling of cigarette and tobacco products to minors below the age of 18 years, and prohibition of cigarette and tobacco products sale within a radius of 100 yards from any educational institution. DIPRO  

Interaction prog on prospect of Palm Oil plantation in Namsai
NAMSAI, Jun 28: An interaction-cum-demonstration programme was conducted to create awareness about the scope and prospects of Palm Oil in Namsai district by the Department of Agriculture, Namsai in collaboration with Shiva Sai Oil Palm Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad on June 27.
Selected beneficiaries of Palm Oil from in and around Namsai circle including farmers from Deomali circle of Tirap district, led by ZPC Namsai Chow Kiyasing Munglong, ZPM Namsai, Chow Mahajani Chowpoo, ZPM Upper Lekang Jogesh Tai and other panchayat leaders attended the programme.
Addressing the farmers and officials, D.D.A Namsai, P.Khoisia emphasised the need for diversification of agriculture in today's situation and urged the farmers to take a cue from Mizoram where a new agriculture revolution has set in pushing the rural economy to a new height by growing Palm Oil in the abandoned traditional jhum fields.
CEO, Shiva Sai Oil Palm Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad, Ranga explained in detail the brief history of Palm Oil in India, scope and prospects of Palm Oil in North East region especially in Arunachal Pradesh, the MoU with Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh and future plan of establishing oil extraction plant in Namsai district.
The CEO cleared the apprehensions and doubts raised by the farmers in the interaction.
Demonstrations on layout of field in triangle system, pit-digging, manuring and planting of seedlings were carried out in transit nursery marking the official launching of Palm Oil.
Shiva Sai Oil Palm Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad is one of the private companies who signed MoU with the state government. The company has been assigned the eastern districts, also called as Zone-I, comprising Tirap, Longding, Changlang, Namsai and Lohit district.

Admin to act tough against illegal earth cutting
ITANAGAR, Jun 28: Taking serious note on rampant earth cutting taking place in capital complex, Capital Administration has decided to act tough against such illegal and unauthorized activities.
Capital Complex Deputy Commissioner Sandeep Kumar Singh has instructed concern Executive Magistrates to ensure that the NH-415 is free from any type of obstruction caused by such unauthorized earth cutting.
While discussing measures to regulate rampant earth cutting with the Administrative Officers in a meeting here on Monday, the Deputy Commissioner divided entire Capital Complex into six zones—each under one Executive Magistrate.
He asked them to remain vigilant that no illegal earth cutting has taken place in their respective zone.
The DC further cautioned that both the owner of land and earth cutting machine(s) (Bulldozer etc.) will be held responsible and booked under provisions of Prevention of Damages to Public Property Act,1984, in case of any violation of the order leading to defacement or damage of public property.
He asked the administrative officers to lodge FIR against the defaulters in their nearest Police Station. DIPRO

Follow waste management guidelines: APSPCB
ITANAGAR, Jun 28: Arunachal Pradesh State Pollution Control Board (APSPCB) urged all hospital authorities and various urban bodies, including DUDAs to strictly follow the guidelines for Solid, Plastic and Biomedical Waste Management.
Many hospital authorities are not following the rules and guidelines for proper disposal of the biomedical wastes such as syringes, which need to be destroyed before handing them over to the waste collectors, lamented APSPCB chairman Techi Tagi Tara while addressing a awareness meeting at Paryavaran Bhawan, Papu Hill, Naharlagun on Tuesday.
He said that citizens should understand their responsibility as Government alone cannot change the system without the people’s collective support.
The chairman urged the district administration and Department of Health to carry out drive to dismantle toilets and swine sheds that are attached to rivers and streams.
During the workshop, R. Kimsing (AEE), Thana Manlong (AEE) and Nich Meji (Scientist-B) gave a detailed presentation on Solid Waste Management Rules 2016, Plastic Waste Management Rules 2016 and Biomedical Waste Management Rules 2016.
Manlong stated that dumping sites of solid wastes and biomedical waste incinerator plants should be installed away from the human habitation.
After the presentation, an interactive session began wherein the views from the Department of Health, Municipality, and Administration were heard.
Jumli Kato stressed the need of a weighing bridge to calculate the amount of solid waste produced and onward submission of the data to the National Green Tribunal, Central Pollution Control Board, Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change.

Apang mourns death of Tanyo Tamuk
ITANAGAR, Jun 28: Former Chief Minister Gegong Apang has deeply mourned demise of Tanyo Tamuk, father of Councilor (PMC) Denong Tamuk on Tuesday.
Expressing grief and sorrow over passing away of Tanyo, Apang, in a condolence message to Denong said, “ The death of your father is not only a loss to you alone but also to the entire Adi society. He will be remembered for his good deeds and clean image in the society as he guided the society with his ability and wisdom of delivering justice to aggrieved people of the Adi areas.”
“I on behalf of my family members and own behalf, extend my heartfelt sympathies to you and your entire bereaved family members. May almighty Donyi Polo rest the departed soul in eternal peace,” said Apang in his condolence message.
“We also pray to almighty to give you strength and enough courage to withstand this tragic moment,” the message said.

Students alleges high admission fees
ITANAGAR, Jun 28: All Namsai District Students' Union (ANDSU), in a release alleged that various higher secondary schools in Namsai district are charging excessively high admission fee from students in the name of school maintenance.
According to ANDSU, Rs 1000 is being charged for admission in class nine by various schools in the district. In case of higher classes (class XI, XII), the fee is above Rs1000, it claimed, and appealed to the higher authority of education department to look in the matter.

Drug awareness campaign at Neotan
MIAO, Jun 28: A drug awareness campaign was conducted by the Inter-Collegiate Youth Association (ICYA), Miao in collaboration with Women Welfare Society of Arunachal Pradesh at Newman School, Neotan, Changlang on Tuesday.
Speaking to the students in Newman School, Neotan, the ICYA members stressed the importance of being aware of drug abuse in Miao area. "The sharp rise in the number among the students is very disturbing. They not only destroy themselves but their families and their society at large. You must not only be aware but also spread awareness among others." said the ICYA.
Principal of the School, Fr. Felix Anthony appreciated the students' movement for taking on a social cause during their summer holidays.
Women Welfare Society of Arunachal Pradesh, President, Mossang appreciated the college students and called on the students in the school to focus on their education and become leaders of the society.
The campaign at Newman School concluded with the students taking pledge never to indulge in drug abuse and to do their bit to stop drug abuse from spreading.
Responding to the rising menace of drug abuse in and around Miao area, the ICYA has arranged series of events from June 26  to raise awareness on drug abuse among the students in all the schools in the area.
The two-week long campaign which started with the Awareness Marathon on June 26 at Miao will conclude with inter-school cultural competitions and motivational rally on July 9.

Aqua-Horti training cum demonstration at Bam
BASAR, Jun 28: A total of 40 farmers benefitted from a multi-disciplinary training cum demonstration programme organized at Bam village, West Siang by ICAR, Basar and sponsored by National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB-Hyderabad).
Scientist (Aquaculture), Rahul Das called on the fish growers to achieve the higher fish productivity. He spoke about higher productivity through proper utilization of available water bodies, stocking with fish seed and application of fish feed engaging techniques like composite fish culture and integrated fish culture.  
Demonstration of water pH testing was also done to make the farmers understand the importance of water quality parameters for a fish culture tank.  
Scientist (Horticulture), Thejangulie Angami highlighted on the importance of vegetative propagation of fruit crops in enhancing the fruit production. Considering the perennial nature of fruit crops, it is essential to choose the right cultivars and quality planting materials to ensure higher yield. He also gave hands on training to the trainees on Budding techniques, Nucellar seedling selection in Khasi mandarin and air layering in Guava through method demonstration.

Union demands revocation of buffer zone
ITANAGAR, Jun 28: All Pakke-Kessang Pijerang Dissing-Passo Seijosa Students' Union (APPDSSU), in a memorandum, has demanded the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests/ Chief Wildlife Warden, WL&BD to immediately revoke the declaration of area around Pakke Tiger Reserve as buffer zone/ Eco-Sensitive Zone.
In its memorandum, the students' union alleged that the declaration was made arbitrarily whereas the limits of such areas should be determined on the basis of scientific and objective criteria in consultation with the Gram Sabha concerned and an expert committee.
But with regards to this instant case, there was neither a consultation with Gram Sabha held nor Expert Committee constituted before the declaration of the buffer zone. Some GBs and PRI leaders with vested interests had supported the move, it claimed.
The union claimed that majority of the local residents of the concern area oppose the buffer zone as their livelihoods got stranded in the buffer zone. The mostly affected villages are Lassam Pate, Tapioso, Goloso, Lumta, Seijosa, Bali Basti, A2, A3, Mobuso, Murgaso etc.
The union strongly appealed to the concern department to constitute an Expert Committee and local committee from the affected area within 15 days to resolve the matter, failing which it threatened to launch rigorous movement.

'Nyishi Idol -5' district level auditions complete
ITANAGAR, Jun 28: The 'Nyishi Idol Season 5' district level audition rounds have completed at East Kameng, Kurung Kumey, Kra Daadi, Lower Subansiri, Upper Subansiri, Papumpare and Charduar in Assam on June 24 and 25.
Out of the total 350 participants in various districts, 61 singers have been selected to participate in the state level mega audition round which is scheduled to be held on July 3 at Shiddartha Hall. Out of the total selected, top 20 would be selected to enter into the first elimination round, informed a press release.

SP reviews security scenario
PASIGHAT, Jun 28: East Siang SP Pranav Tayal has appealed all to maintain peace and harmony adding that necessary arrangement for maintenance of law and order has been made.
The SP was addressing after interacting with NGOs, unions and associations, religious heads of Pasighat and at Oyan Charali Masjid separately.
Hearing their grievances and needs, the SP wished for peaceful celebration of Eid.
At the same time, he urged the citizens to share information about suspicious person and activities. DIPRO

Programme on computer application
ITANAGAR, Jun 28: Atleast 20 employees of thrift and credit society and multipurpose cooperative societies of Papum Pare district are participating in a programme on computer application which got underway at Arunachal Pradesh Cooperative Training Centre, Naharlagun on Monday.
The programme is being organized by Arunachal Pradesh Cooperative Training Centre, Naharlagun in collaboration with National Council for Cooperative training (NCCT), New Delhi.

Teachers object to new govt. order
ITANAGAR, Jun 28: The Arunachal Pradesh Teacher Welfare Association has raised objection to the new rule set for disbursement of student's stipend. They have written to Chief Minister Kalikho Pul in this regard. The association claimed that as per new order, there should be separate passbooks for each student and aadhar card be given to the students.
"Many interior areas do not have banking, electricity and internet facilities. It will be difficult to practically implement this order," they stated in a release. They also called for release of 10 month's student stipend at one go claiming that many schools have huge credit to clear at various fair price shops. The association also appealed to the Chief Minister to release fund under Right to Education at the earliest.

Forum writes to CS
ITANAGAR, Jun 28: The Arunachal Civil Engineers Aspirant Forum has written to Chief Secretary for immediate cancellation of functional assistant engineers and that same post should be handed over to APPSC so that fresh recruitment drive is held. Citing recent media report wherein it was claimed that 21 number of backlog post are lying vacant in PHED which was being taken care by functional AEs, the forum appealed CS to hand over these vacant posts  to public service commission at the earliest.
The forum also called for immediate inclusion of 4 number of Urban Programme Officer post under urban development and housing in the upcoming APPSC exam.

Riders get website
ITANAGAR, Jun 28: Former MLA Kipa Babu on Tuesday launched the website of the Royal Arunachal Riders Club at Classic restaurant here amid a gathering of motorcycle riders. The website, www.royalarunachalriders.in provides information about Royal Enfield Clubs and riders of the state.
In his address, Babu, who is also the proprietor of Bucho Motors, said it is an achievement to be able to ride to different parts of the state and the Northeast region, besides to neighbouring countries like Myanmar and Bhutan.
"It used to be a difficult task for us earlier for want of service and spare parts for Royal Enfield motorcycles in the state; but it was through the persuasion of riders like Pige Ligu, Apang Welly, Vijay Sonam and others that we now have three service stations -  two in Itanagar, and at Bucho Motors in Naharlagun," he said.
  These days, even retired army officers and other ex-servicemen are contributing to the growth of riders' clubs in Arunachal through their experience and exposure, Babu said, adding that bikers' clubs "should seek to create a pan-Arunachal identity."
Arunachal Riders' Meet organising chairman Talu Kamsar said the meet, aimed at promoting 'unity in diversity' and tourism in the state, will be held in mid-September at Kessang in East Kameng district, and that the process of registration is available on the event's website.  

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Don’t divide peoplefor political gain

India’s most populated state Uttar Pradesh which sends highest number of MP to Lokh Sabha will go for assembly election in the year 2017.  As UP elections nears, the political parties are using different tactics to whip up sentiment with their communal agenda. Recently BJP alleged that Hindus are being forced to migrate from Kairana town in Western UP. However many of the persons whom BJP alleged to have been forced by Muslims to flee came out in media and completely denied the claim made by the BJP. As per report many migrated due to economic reasons and had nothing to do with religious angle. This is just a tip of iceberg.

As election nears, UP is expected to witnesses more communally divisive politics. Issues like Ram Mandir, uniform civil code, article 370 etc will suddenly come to life. It’s sad that politicians divide people on religious line just to win the election. An investigation done by India Today group has totally exposed how politicians cutting across party line orchestras communal riot for political gain. In the video report filed by India Today, BJP and Samajwadi leaders can be seen boasting about conducting riot for political and financial gain. People of UP should remain alert and do not get swayed by these kind of hate mongers in coming days. Let election be fought on development agenda and not on religious line.








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Scarcity of books

Dear Editor,

As per the school authority of Govt. Middle School D.Sector, Naharlagun, school is running with scarcity of books so they have advised its students to buy their books from the market. My sister-in-law is study in class VII in the school but she is yet to get a single book.

In fact, during the time of re-admission, the authority took Rs 650 from each students of class VII. As per RTE, there is a provision to provide free and compulsory education children between the ages of 6-14 years. It includes free books to the students.

On behalf of all helpless parents, I would like to appeal DDSE, Secretary Education, Minister, CM to look into the matter seriously.


B Doke





Education in Arunachal

Dear Editor,

Countless debates have surfaced regarding the issue of coaching institute running school illegally or without proper permission. Educational institutes compared to other profit-seeking establishments are questioned, ridiculed and condemned. However, one cannot help but wonder, why such unfruitful allegations have crowded our beautiful land of the rising sun alone, while similar educational institutes are present and functioning without any hindrance all around India. One such example is of Kota, Rajasthan, a place famous for the numerous coaching institutes which help students prepare and foray into various fields. These institutes are considered exceeding beneficial for diligent students and are provided equal amount of support. In the recent IIT JEE (Mains) result, Kota has a share in the merit list of 2 lakhs students who qualified for JEE Advanced examination. No wonder Kota found a place in Chetan Bhagat’s novel too.

The suspension of one Principal and Head Master following dismal performance in CBSE examination 2016 at Govt. H.S. School, Bilat in East Siang District is an unforgettable incident which surfaced recently and uncovered the bare truth of the quality of education imparted in certain areas of our state. This incident has left a spot open for speculations. School classrooms being overcrowded, students neglected, teachers blamed for dereliction of duty. In such condition, where coaching institutes are coming forward and providing more options for students who thirst for knowledge being solved to them in a better and less crowded classrooms. A place where discussions and questions are not distant dreams but an everyday happening, criticism and defamatory remarks abound all around. Why don’t ‘critics’ critique harmful establishments like wine shops or small shops that openly sell products which result in degradation of health and other things. If anything has to be closed down, these should be at the top of the list.

Human Development Index includes ‘education’ as one of the integral part. If the education level is higher the GDP per capital is higher. Literacy rate can largely influence the economy of a state. So, educational establishments instead of being defamed should be encouraged. The literacy rate of 66.95 percent of Arunachal Pradesh can be given a big boost if only the citizens grab this opportunity and use all the facilities available instead of pointing out flaws. Fee structures can be reviewed and changed anytime. However, if one knows that one’s investment will yield fruitful results, there is no harm in investing a particular amount.

Whatever happened to ‘Each one, teach one’? The more the number of educated people the higher, the literacy rate, societies will develop and our economy strengthened. The recent advancement in the private sectors especially in the education department has also given employment opportunities to many aspiring teachers. Every institution has its merits and demerits. But are we on the pessimistic side?


A concerned citizen




RMSA teachers without salary

Dear Editor,

Through the column of your esteem daily, I would like to inform   Minister Education, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh that the teacher’s workings under Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) have not received salary since March 2016.  

From Education Department, we have come to know that fund has already been received at state exchequer but still we didn’t get our salaries. We fail to understand why our state Govt is not willing to give us salary on a monthly basis when the fund is already in state exchequer.

It is very unfortunate that the academic session has already started from first June 2016.

Technically, we get our salaries only once in a year which causes great hurdle to manage our family affairs. In this new academic session, we have to join our respective posting places no matter how far flung it is but without ration to feed our empty stomachs or our family members. We have already told our genuine problems to the Chief Minister in April 2016 who had assured us of a solution.


A Teacher,





Sufferings of students from Interior places

Dear Editor,

Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I would like to express the grievances of students of our four border circles Siyum, Nacho, Limeking & Taksing.

Students who have passed out class X from the lone Govt Secondary School, Nacho are not getting admission in the Govt Higher Secondary School, Daporijo. The school authorities in GHS School, Daporijo say that they cannot admit students who have passed from GS school, Nacho because it does not come under the catchment area. This lone Secondary School, established at Nacho circle which is not yet affiliated to CBSE, is feeder to Govt Higher Secondary School, Kodak which is around 60 km from Nacho in between Nacho and Daporijo.

But, the fact is that in Kodak, where the Govt Higher Secondary is established, there is no hostel facilities for students or rent houses. As Kodak itself is a sparsely populated settlement which comes under Taliha administrative circle which is 43 km away from district headquarter, we cannot expect any rent house available there. This discourages the students from continuing their studies especially girl students. As there is no hostel facility in Kodak Higher Secondary School, and also there is no scope of getting rent houses in the locality, it is pertinent that students coming from such distant areas like Siyum, Nacho, Limeking & Taksing circles will either look for admissions in the district headquarter (Daporijo) where most of their relatives are staying or they will abandon their further studies.

Another problem is the shortage of teachers. In Kodak, Higher Secondary School, like many others, there are no available teachers for class XI and XII. It is obvious that students who have been studying for years in village or backward areas like Nacho, Siyum, Limeking & Taksing will wish to do their higher studies in some towns or cities like Daporijo, Itanagar, or wish to study in the school where teachers are available.

If such catchment and non-catchment system is to be maintained, authorities should, first of all, ensure the availabilities of teachers and other facilities like, hostel, library, classrooms, and playground in all the Govt schools.


Nalo Mamin