June 07


Flouting rules, cabinet draft recommends appointment of law officer

[ Amar Sangno ]

ITANAGAR, Jun 6:  In what could be termed as open violation of recruitment rules and blatant nepotism, the name of Biswan Mann, a civil judge at the Junior Division SAS Nagar in Mohali, Punjab has reportedly been recommended for appointment as deputy secretary Law in the state's Law and Judicial Department.

A highly placed source disclosed to The Arunachal Times that a cabinet draft, containing a proposal for Biswan Mann's appointment had been forwarded to the Commissioner (Law) for legal vetting recently.

However, the Law and Judicial Department negated the proposal by drawing attention to existing Recruitment Rules (RR) of Law Officer cum Draftsman Rules, 2004.

The department also underlined that the Law Officer has to be directly recruited and that it comes under the purview of the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC)  (Limitation of Function) Regulation, 1998.

In this regard, the department had also sent a requisition letter for filling up one vacant post of Law Officer cum Junior Draftsman to the Secretary APPSC, requesting arrangement for recruitment on March 20, 2017.  Accordingly, the Commission had issued an advertisement against the vacant post on May 18, 2017 inviting applicants. It is learnt that an enormous number of applicants have already filled forms for the said post.

This daily also learnt that the Cabinet has ignored and overruled the opinions of the Law and Judicial Department and proceeded for approval of Biswan Mann's appointment.  Interestingly,  Under Secretary Personnel, Government of Arunachal Pradesh, C R Khampa had written a letter to Registrar General, High Court of Punjab and Haryana, Chandigarh on 26 May, 2017 with memo number PERS-52/2017/1703, seeking Mann's release order, so that she could be placed as OSD in the Law Department in the state of Arunachal Pradesh under deputation.   

Sources also informed that, in 2009, another person was appointed to the same post, but was later struck down by the High Court after a Law student filed a petition against it.  

It is said that Biswan Mann's name was recommended by a top IAS officer, who allegedly has a strong political hold in Arunachal. Surprisingly, despite receiving negative opinions from the Department of Law and Judicial, her name was processed and is now on the verge of approval.

The fate of the candidates who have applied for the reported "vacant" post advertised by the APPSC also remains to be seen.

The Department of Personnel could not be contacted by this daily for further enquiries.




Court summons petitioners on PDS case

ITANAGAR, Jun 6: After 13 years of a Public Interest Litigation (PIL no 50 of 2004) filed before  the Gauhati High Court, alleging serious irregularities in the Public Distribution System (PDS) in Arunachal Pradesh, petitioners Domin Loya and Bamang Tago were summoned at the court of District Sessions Judge, North Lakhimpur on  June 5 and 13, respectively as witnesses.

Responding to the court summon, the petitioner prayed before the court to provide copies of relevant documents in all cases made out of PIL no. 50 of 2004, enabling them to assist the court proceedings for the interest of justice. Accordingly, the court has directed the PP of state government to provide copies to the petitioners, said co-petitioner Domin Loya.

Giving a brief history of further developments since filing of PIL on 12th October, 2004, Loya alleged that public money has been looted in connivance with the officials of the state government by the contractors.

"Therefore, there is need for an independent investigating authority like CBI for a thorough investigation in the interest of the justice," Loya said.




Uncertain educational policy

[ Tongam Rina ]

The abysmal performance by students of Arunachal in the recently declared class 12 exam conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is a pointer to the nonexistent educational policy in the state.  Of the 2598 students studying in private schools, 1775 passed taking the pass percentage to 68.32 while government schools faltered massively scoring a pass percentage of just 38.83. Of the total 14016 students from government schools that sat for the exam, only 5443 students managed to pass.

I spoke to couple of government school teachers, both in rural and urban Arunachal to find out the reason behind the worrying performance of the government schools.  Almost all the teachers had similar problems to share; lack of teachers and trained quality teachers, lack of classrooms and other facilities including toilets, unruly students at secondary and higher secondary levels, lack of textbooks, lack of housing facilities for teachers in interior places, lack of hostel facilities for students and the problems associated with no detention policy till class 10 under continues comprehensive evaluation.

A government school teacher, posted at an interior school said that children studying in class four were unable to read a complete sentence. Most of the students can't even do basic maths or understand basic Hindi or English grammar, he said. A science graduate recruited under SSA, the teacher teaches all the subjects including Hindi and English. He said that he read Hindi till class X so he struggles in the class.

He is one of the two teachers in the primary school with an enrollment of 80 students who attends school regularly though there are four teachers posted.

He told me that two of them juggle five classes at a go, sometimes combining two classes of different grades to keep the students inside classrooms.

One of the teachers, who teaches at a higher secondary school in a town, said that very few students at her class were able to write or speak a proper sentence in English though class room teaching is done in English.

She says that the average student enrollment in a class is almost 200 students divided into two sections. She spends at least 15 minutes to register attendance spending only about 30 minutes in teaching. Sometimes, half of that time is spent on students who are unruly she says, adding that taking care of one hundred students at a time is humanly not possible.

The two examples reflect the crisis prevalent across the state in government run schools which has been ignored by the government and the department. For long, transfer and posting of teachers has been discussed. There is huge political interference in posting and transfer, but that should have been a lesser cause of stress unless it is done midsession.

If at all the government has to transfer teachers, post teachers from urban to interior areas instead of mass transfer of teachers, which is meaningless. In any case, the local MLA will decide who goes and who stays, which will be blindly followed by the department so pretentious steps in the name of rationalization of posting and transfer need to be stopped.

It is clear that government do not give the required support and facilities to the students and teachers. The onus is on the government to figure out where it has gone wrong, playing with lives of thousands of students who in the future will be a burden instead of being assets to the state. Most graduates are not able to speak or write a sentence in English or Hindi properly, forget about employable qualities. These same graduates will acquire more degrees and get into the teaching profession and some will end up in govt run institutes that train teachers. It's a vicious cycle.  

The process has to start at recruitment of teachers. How many in-service teachers, both at private and govt intuitions have joined the profession because they genuinely love teaching? Not many.

And to make matters worse, the appointment of teachers are mostly not based on merit as those who have connections, at political and bureaucratic level are appointed as teachers even if they get degrees through questionable open schools and colleges.  To start with, the department should look into the number of in-service teachers who have flunked the Arunachal Pradesh Teachers Eligibility Test.




APWUJ expresses concern over CBI raids on NDTV

ITANAGAR, Jun 6: The Arunachal Pradesh Union of Working Journalists has expressed deep concern on the timing and nature of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) raids on the homes of NDTV's promoter Prannoy Roy on June 5, 2017.

In a statement, the APWUJ said, "as a journalistic organization, we do not question the legality or the legitimacy of the raids as such but cannot stand by quietly, especially considering the fact that the channel in question has been highly critical of the present discourse dominating public space".

"While we pray that the law takes its course, we also hope that the investigating agencies act with equal zeal to bring to book industrialists who have been accused of financial malpractices, including those who have committed crimes and are vacationing in foreign countries" the APWUJ added.




CM convene all-party meet on Chakmas, Hajongs

ITANAGAR, Jun 6:  Chief Minister Pema Khandu has summoned an all party meeting to discuss the issue relating to granting of citizenship to Chakmas and Hajongs on June 19 next in Itanagar.

The meeting is expected to be attended by representatives of all political parties  for discussing at length all the relevant issues pertaining to grant of citizenship rights to Chakma and Hajongs to arrive at a consensus.

The Cabinet meeting held on August last year had decided to have an all party meeting on the issue.




Doctor arrested for fake MBBS degree

ITANAGAR, Jun 6: One Rajendra Prasad Jayasawal of Uttar Pradesh was arrested by Naharlagun police on Tuesday morning at the entrance of the Directorate of Health Services for falsifying his medical degrees.

The arrest was made on an FIR filed by the Arunachal Pradesh Medical Council (APMC) at the Naharlagun Police Station.

The APMC informed that Jayasawal submitted his MBBS documents for registration with the APMC to practice in the state of Arunachal Pradesh.

He claimed to have obtained his MBBS from Geetanjali Medical College & Hospital, Udaipur. When the APMC made verifications with the Dean of the medical college, the Council was informed in written that all the MBBS related documents were fake and not issued by his college.




Senge-dzong declared Community Conserved Area

BOMDILA, Jun 6:  Senge-dzong in West Kameng district has been declared as a Community Conserved Area (CCA) on the occasion of World Environment Day.

This was informed by WWF-India (Western Arunachal Landscape) Senior Project Officer, Pema Wange.

Senge-dzong, which has about 200 households, has been declared as CCA with an area of 107 sq km. The CCA shares its boundary with Bhutan in the west and Tawang in the north. It also shares its border with Nyukmadung village.

Senge-dzong has a varied altitude range, ranging from 2100-4900m above sea level and holds a varied diversity of flora and fauna. Some of the species of the CCA is the red panda, besides endangered species like Asiatic black bear, musk deer, common leopard and dhole.




Govt aims to broad-base sports: Felix

ITANAGAR, Jun 6: Minister for PHE & Parliamentary Affairs, Bamang Felix inaugurated the state level Khelo India competitions for eight disciplines at Sangay Lhaden Sports Complex, Chimpu on Tuesday.

Khelo India is a central sponsored scheme under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports.

The competitions here include athletics, archery, boxing, badminton, judo, taekwondo, table tennis and weightlifting.

Felix said that the state government was aiming at broad-basing sports to promote and ensure mass participation in sporting activities.

"We are committed to provide facilities to our young budding talents," he said.

Felix informed that Rs 3 crore estimated for block and district level tournaments under Khelo India will be provided during the current financial year as discussed with the Chief Minister.

He urged the participants to play in a professional manner and make a career out of sports.

Day-1 result (till 6.00 pm)

Shot Put (Boys):

1st:  Wemu Tulang (12.40 M), Anjaw; 2nd: Passang Norbu (10.02 M); 3rd: Taruk Jomoh (9.20 M), Kra-Daadi.

Long Jump (Girls)

1st: Soni Nalo (3.55 M), Upper Subansiri; 2nd: Prabawati (3.44 M), Namsai; 3rd: Elushi Ngi (3.41 M), Anjaw.

400 M Race (Girls)

1st: Ritu Khamblai (1: 17: 57 Min), Anjaw; 2nd: Yanu Natam (1: 19: 23 Min), Upper Subansiri; 3rd:  Yanu Ruyi (1: 25: 12 Min), Upper Subansiri

800 M Race (Girls)

1st: Anung Wangsu (2: 53: 13 Min), Longding; 2nd: Soni Nalo (3: 00: 17 Min), Upper Subansiri; 3rd:  Nedi Ngi (3: 05: 28 Min), Anjaw

800 M Race (Boys)

1st: Yinya Lombi (2: 14: 03 Min), West Siang; 2nd:  Bamo Tanang (2: 17: 24 Min), Kurung Kumey; 3rd : Nahjang Wangpai (2: 20: 17 Min), Longding.


40 Kg (Boys)

1st: Jatin Khamblai (Upper Subansiri); 2nd: Tang Tada (Tirap); 3rd: Charu Ayup (Kurung Kumey).

48 Kg (Girls)

1st: Yamyum Khocha (Tirap); 2nd: Mallo Momi (Papum Pare); 3rd:  Patey Yallar (Kurung Kumey) and Jine Mimi (Lower Dibang Valley).


45 Kg (Boys)

1st: Yube Doka (East Kameng); 2nd: Kijen Kangnong (Tirap); 3rd: Limi Riram (West Siang) and Kipa Sarbang (Kurung Kumey).


49 Kg (Boys) Prelim Round

Techi Manya of Papum Pare Beat Tali Taba of Anjaw;  R Tikhak of Changlang beat S Pansh of Longding, and S Namei of Tirap beat H Tagio of West Siang.




IMA Arunachal participates in Dilli Chalo movement

NEW DELHI, Jun 6: A delegation of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) Arunachal state branch, led by its honorary secretary, Dr Jego Ori joined the IMA's nation-wide "Dilli Chalo" movement at Rajghat on Tuesday.

The Arunachal doctors working in Delhi also joined the movement which aimed at raising awareness on and bringing to light the issues faced by the medical profession, like criminal prosecution of medical negligence and clerical errors.  The IMA is a unified voice and the collective consciousness of the medical profession in the country.

Around 10,000 doctors from various parts of the country, including North East converged at Rajghat and marched to Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium. This was followed by indoor meetings.

All doctors across Arunachal Pradesh also wore a black badge on the same day to show solidarity and support the "Dilli Chalo" movement.




Progress of Centrally Sponsored Schemes reviewed

AALO Jun 6: West Siang Deputy Commissioner-cum-Chief Executive Officer DRDA, Gamli Padu reviewed the progress of all block-wise Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSS) in the district during a meeting of the District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) governing body held at the DC's conference hall, on Tuesday.

The DC asked all the block development officers  to complete uploading work update as per central government guidelines, so that delay in a few blocks do not hamper other performing blocks of the district. 'The inordinate delay will hamper budgetary grants from the central government meant for the poverty alleviation programmes in the district', he added.

West Siang Zilla Parishad Chairperson, Yaman Bagra also exhorted all functionaries to work in a coordinated manner for overall development of the poor section of the society. DRDA Project Director, J T Obi informed about physical and financial achievement of CSS programmes such as MGNREGA, IWMP and PMAY submitted by respective BDOs.

BDOs, ZPMs and Anchal Chairpersons also took part in the deliberations. (DIPRO)            




Relief & Rehabilitation village inaugurated at Sopo

SOPO, Jun 6: A Relief & Rehabilitation Village, established by the NEEPCO under its Corporate Social Responsibility scheme for project affected people of PHEP at Sopo under Doimukh circle was inaugurated on Tuesday by Minister for Urban Development, Nabam Rebia.

Lauding the NEEPCO for its CSR activities, Rebia emphasized that with the commissioning of PHEP, the whole demographic setup of the area will change as it will pave the way for development of many more commercial activities, including eco-tourism and other recreation facilities, which will improve the living condition of people and make them economically self-reliant.

He further appealed to the people to protect and utilize the asset and urged people not to encroach upon the land or sell the house to any other person.

Responding to a memorandum submitted by PPLAWC Vice President, Tana Tahin to NEEPCO regarding construction of RCC bridge over Pare River, which will connect Sopo to Lekhi village, Rebia assured that the GoAP will provide matching share of fund for construction of the bridge. He also requested NEEPCO to take up the matter at the earliest so that the bridge could be completed under the stipulated time.

Earlier, while inspecting the village, Rebia requested the Papum Pare DC to instruct the DDSE and DMO to work out modalities to make use of the school building and medical in the Relief & Rehabilitation Village.

NEEPCO Chief Managing Director, AKG West Khongbokar informed that the village is fully funded by KFW Development Bank, Germany. He also requested the people to develop sense of ownership and protect the property to make best use of it.

Congratulating the people, Papum Pare DC, Tai Kaye assured all possible support from the district administration in completion of the project.

Earlier, PHEP HoP, M Debnath informed the gathering that there are 35 houses, including medical, schools, church house, play ground, water treatment plant, electricity, conference hall, animal shelters etc. and all houses are constructed as per guidelines of state government in 7.9 hectare of land.(DIPRO)




Tawang celebrates 3 years of Modi Government

TAWANG, Jun 6: 'Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas Sammelan' is being organized in various places across the state to celebrate the three years of BJP Government in the centre.

In Tawang, over 1200 people from all walks of life, including BJP workers, Panchayati Raj Members and public leaders of Tawang attended the 'Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas Sammelan' organized by Tawang unit of BJP on Tuesday.

Tawang MLA Tsering Tashi highlighted the achievements of the Modi Government on social and economic fronts.  He said that the victories of the BJP in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Goa, Manipur and Assam send a clear message that the people are happy with the Modi-led Government".  He further asserted that "India's image internationally has been elevated because of Prime Minister Modi's dynamic persona".

Elucidating on introduction of GDP, Make in India and Demonitisation, RWD & Skill Development Parliamentary Secretary, Jambey Tashi said, "The Modi Government has made landmark decisions that will in near future boost the country's economy".

MLA and Advisor to Chief Minister, Japu Deru, former minister and Zilla Prabhari of Tawang BJP Naresh Glow and Tawang BJP President  Sange Chhodup also highlighted the achievements of the BJP Government.

At Ziro, the event was organized by NEEPCO at Abotani Hall, Hapoli.

Minister for Home, Kumar Waii, Parliamentary Secretary Food and Civil Supplies, Tage Taki and Parliamentary Secretary Transport, Likha Saaya highlighted the achievements and various "people-friendly" programmes and policies of the central government in the past three years.

They also extensively covered benefits of GST in Arunachal Pradesh, Skill India, Digital India, Make in India, Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojna, Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao and other flagship and innovative programmes of the current government.

Later, a documentary on the three years of Narendra Modi Government was also screened.




Meeting on disaster preparedness at Pasighat


PASIGHAT, Jun 6: To mitigate any probable disaster after the onset of the South-West monsoon, the District Disaster Management Authority of East Siang, under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner, Tamiyo Tatak conducted a disaster preparedness meeting at the DC's conference hall on Tuesday.

It was attended by officials of 56-Artillary Brigade of the army stationed at Sigar (Mebo), BRO, CRPF and police, besides HoDs, elected leaders and gaon burahs.

The DC appealed to the army, BRO and CRPF to remain alert for any eventuality and directed the Food & Civil Supply and Health departments to prepare inventories of food and medicines. He also asked the ADCs concerned to mobilize the people on disaster preparedness in their respective jurisdiction and keep the department officials ready to deal with any disaster.

The Pasighat Municipal Councilor suggested that the district administration take prompt steps to check flood caused by rainwater stagnation in Pasighat. He further laid stress on formation of joint team for inspection of every urban ward and for removal of structures which block drains and perennial streams.

The PWD, RWD, Power and PHE & WS departments have also been instructed to keep vigil over the situation and take immediate steps to repair any disruption of services during the monsoon.




Tatak reviews disaster preparedness and management

PASIGHAT, Jun 6: East Siang Deputy Commissioner cum District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) Chairman, Tamiyo Tatak convened a coordination meeting with the army, administrative officials and councilors of Pasighat Municipality to review disaster preparedness to deal with any natural disaster that may occur during this monsoon.

Issues related to monsoon preparedness, including disaster management and rescue operation plans, identification of disaster prone areas and safe and open fields and crisis management plans were reviewed in the meeting.

Tatak emphasized on greater co-ordination among various government departments, municipality and defense wings, like GREF, army and NCC etc. He elaborated on various measures and practices being adopted by the DDMA to address disaster management related issues, like awareness and dissemination mechanism, flood relief measures, readiness and availability of equipment and communication systems to tackle disastrous situations.

"Since the monsoon is approaching fast, we need to focus on empowering local bodies and raising awareness among the masses at all levels. Community coordination and use of modern techniques are essential to manage and mitigate disasters", opined the DC.

He said that East Siang was prone to various types of natural disasters due to its rugged and steep topography and fragile geological condition.

ADC (Hq) Taddo Borang, CC (PMC) Kaling Doruk, DDMO Ganden Tsomu and representatives of defense wing also shared their views and suggestions. (DIPRO)




Annual Action Plan for Panchayats finalized

AALO, Jun 6: The Annual Action Plan for Panchayati bodies for the year 2016-18 was finalized in a meeting held under the chairmanship of ADC cum DPDO, Swetika Sachan today.

The work status under FFC 2015-16 was also thoroughly reviewed in the meeting.

Spelling out the objective of the meeting, the ADC stressed on proper coordination among three tiers of Panchayati Raj and government officials for proper implementation of development works right from the grass root level. She insisted on social audit, submission of utilization certificate, monitoring of all schemes and preparation of photographs on all success stories.

Participating in the discussion, West Siang Zilla Parishad Chairperson, Yaman Bagra said that though planning process is exclusively initiated by the Gram Sabha, three tiers of the Panchayat should get involved in the planning process and in identification of all viable and feasible schemes.

The Zilla Parishad members, who participated in the discussion, stressed on proper intimation of schemes taken at Gram Sabha. All the line departments also took part in the deliberation. (DIPRO)




Education coordination meeting in Kurung Kumey

KOLORIANG, Jun 6: A co-ordination meeting of the Education Department in Kurung Kumey district, along with all block level education officers and functionaries was held  on Tuesday.

The meeting held under the guidance of  DDSE cum SSA DPO, Giogi Kaha emphasized on  rationalization of teachers' transfer and posting.

The meeting resolved that there should be regular monitoring for academic functioning of the  schools and accordingly, feedback  should be provided by the district and block level education functionaries.

Further, the house called for regular stay of teachers and other staffs at their places of posting and timely conduct of home examinations at all schools.  It further decided to implement "No Work No Pay" policy on all categories of staff effectively.

The house also put emphasis on mass awareness among all the students and their parents for Aadhaar enrolment  and opening of bank account to avail government incentives.

Among others, RMSA DPC Gyamar Shi, District Co-ordinator (Peda) SSA Tai Kaha and District Co-ordinator Nangram Kayum also spoke in the meeting.




Protest rally against ban  proposal on cow slaughtering

ITANAGAR, Jun 6: The Congress party in Arunachal Pradesh is set to organize a rally on June 9 in protest against the central government's decision to implement a nationwide ban on cow slaughtering.

The rally to be spearheaded by the youth wing of the party Arunachal Pradesh Youth Congress will start at Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan, Itanagar at 9 am and culminate at Raj Bhawan.

All the party leaders, workers, meat sellers and well-wishers are expected to join the rally.




Union demands action

SAGALEE, Jun 6: The All Sagalee Students' Union (ASSU) has threatened to launch series of democratic movements if the authority failed to take appropriate action against the EE, PWD Sagalee and ADC, Sagalee for their alleged involvement in corrupt practices.

The Union gave the authority seven days to fulfill the demand, failing which it threatened to launch the first phase of the movement in form of a 24 hours bandh within the jurisdiction of the ASSU.

"We have submitted a representation to the Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister cum PWD Minister and the Commissioner PWD (West), and strongly urged them to take appropriate and stern action against the accused officers. However, no action has been initiated against the defaulters," the Union said.




DFO's claim dismissed

Likabali, Jun 6: The Gogar Welfare Committee (GWC) has dismissed the claim of Likabali DFO that three newly constructed huts within Dipa Reserved Forest were dismantled on May 30 last.

Describing the DFO's claim as false and misleading, the GWC in a press release claimed that no huts were dismantled on that day, and those supposed to be dismantled are still standing there.

Allegedly, the huts were constructed by an APP constable, a Gaon Burah and Gram Panchayat Member.

The Committee further alleged that the DFO had been adopting dilly-dallying tactics in evicting the land encroachers despite repeated demands of Gokar villagers.




'Non-availability of funds delaying project implementation'

Anini, Jun 6: In a coordination meeting with various heads of departments on Tuesday, Anini MLA, Rajesh Tacho informed that non-availability of funds from the state government has resulted in delayed implementation of infrastructure development projects in the district.

During the meeting, various pending issues of infrastructure development under departments of Health, Power, Education, PHED and PWD in Dibang Valley district were also discussed. The HoDs emphasized on early approval of the projects to ensure that the projects could be completed within the current fiscal.




DC stresses on introducing high-yielding seeds

YINGKIONG, Jun 6: Upper Siang Deputy Commissioner-cum-Chairman DFMSEC, NFSM, Remo Kamki emphasized on the need to introduce new high yielding varieties of seeds for more production while addressing a District Food Security Mission Executive Committee (DFSMEC) meeting held at the DC's conference hall among the members under NFSM 2016-17, on Tuesday.

Urging the officers of the Agriculture Department to create awareness among farmers and PRI members, Kamki also stressed on collective approach of officers, PRI members and farmers for proper implementation of the scheme. He urged the department to conduct district and circle level meetings to create awareness on double cropping, crop rotation and replication of paddy seeds for benefit of farmers.

ADO, M Ete read out details of components under NFSM and block-wise allocation of scheme and informed that distribution of various inputs under NFSM have been completed in all circles. (DIPRO)




World Environment Day celebrated

ITANAGAR, Jun 6: The G B Pant National Institute of Himalayan Environment & Sustainable Development, North East Unit, in collaboration with the Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) celebrated 'World Environment Day' on June 5 last.

Speaking on the occasion, Engineer M S Lodhi highlighted the overall activities of the institute and its role in the sustainable development of the Indian Himalayan region. He also made a brief presentation on the significance of World Environment Day and highlighted on this year’s theme "Connecting People to Nature".

Dr Bikramjit Sinha (SIC, APRC ZSI) highlighted an individual's roles and responsibilities in environmental conservation. Engineer, O P Arya of GBPNIHESD gave a presentation on 'Solid waste management: A basic step towards clean environment'.

Scientific and research staff of GBPNIHESD NE Unit, scientific staff of APRC-ZSI and "Nature Guide" trainees were among the participants during the WED celebration.

At Changlang, the department of UD and Housing, Changlang division celebrated the day by organising social service in various locations of Changlang Township. Headed by UPO, Bamang Rai, all the officers and staff took part in the cleanliness drive to keep the town clean on the theme "Segregating Waste at Source", under the flagship programme, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.




CHF NSS unit's special camp at Sibo-Siang colony

PASIGHAT, Jun 6: The National Service Scheme (NSS) unit of the College of Horticulture and Forestry, Central Agricultural University, Pasighat started its seven days special NSS camp under the theme, 'Youth for Clean Environment' from Tuesday at Sibo-Siang Colony.

Pasighat Ward Number two Councillor, Omem Darang appreciated the college authority for selecting the village under her ward. 'There is an urgent need for younger generations to be well-acquainted with rural problems and to try and solve them with the latest technology', she said.

In-charge Dean of the college, Dr D K Pandey exhorted the NSS volunteers to do something for the betterment of the society. He also informed that the NSS unit of CHF Pasighat received the best NSS Unit Award -2016 in Arunachal Pradesh.

A total of 75 NSS volunteers, including 72 girls are participating in the camp.




Former legislative  Assembly to become  TRIH&MS academic block

NAHARLAGUN, Jun 6: The previous State legislative Assembly campus in Naharlagun will be converted into an academic institute, the construction work for which is set to begin from this month.

Capital Complex Deputy Commissioner, Prince Dhawan informed that the old assembly building area would be converted into an academic block of the Tomo Riba Institute of Health and Medical Science (TRIH&MS), along with a readymade library in the campus. The DC informed this during his inspecting of the proposed area of TRIMS at Naharlagun.

He also visited all the sites under the institute, which include the campuses of the previous State Assembly building, old EAC office, Consumer Redressal Court, Directorate of Health Services, IPR, Labour Commissioner, APST station, Police MT and staff quarters of the Police Department.

It was informed that a few areas have been under occupation of the Police Housing Department and the District Administration would soon request the Police Department to relocate its utility.

"The District Administration will help the Medical Education Department to clear encroachment and let construction work start in the vacant space from this month onwards" said the DC.

Dhawan also informed that a team of the DLRSO will start demarcating the total area of TRIMS from Wednesday.

The DC was accompanied by a team, which included Director of Medical Education, Research & Training, Dr Moji Jini, Joint Director Dr R Doye, DLRSO in-charge L Koyu, Naharlagun EAC H Karga, construction agency M/S Kenge Construction Company Proprietor, Ha Tatu and other officials of the Medical Education Directorate and TRIH&MS.




DM visits Karsingsa block point

ITANAGAR, Jun 6: The District Magistrate (DM), Capital Complex on Tuesday inspected the Karsingsa Block Point, where a portion of chainage was washed away due to torrential rain and issued an order under the Disaster Management Act, 2005 to rebuild the road by demolishing the tourist lodge boundary wall for the time being as temporary measure to immediately restore two-way traffic.

This arrangement has been made because it was not technically feasible to construct a retaining wall without making temporary arrangements of breaking down the boundary wall of the tourist lodge.

DM Prince Dhawan, however, directed the EE to re-construct the boundary wall in the same place as soon as the retaining wall for the highway is completed and normal two-way traffic is restored.

As per observation, the entire road portion is likely to be washed away, if it rains in the next few days. At present, only one vehicle at a time can pass through the road. (DIPRO)




ECI's special drive to enroll first time voters

ITANAGAR, Jun 6: The Election Commission of India has launched a special drive to enroll first time voters and those who could not enroll their names in the voter lists, from July 1 to 31 next.

All the eligible voters, particularly in the age group of 18-21 years are advised to contact their respective BLO, AERO, ERO to enroll their names during the special drive.

In Arunachal Pradesh, there are 2,179 polling stations, where BLOs have been appointed.

A special campaign will be organized on July 8 and 22, where the BLOs will facilitate enrollment of the first time voters, according to the State Chief Electoral Officer.




Donation of land

ITANAGAR, Jun 6: A plot of land measuring 400 sqmt near BTM Hospital, Papu Nallah, Naharlagun has been donated to the All Arunachal Pradesh Orphan Welfare Association (AAPOWA) by one Rahul Tajo of Domdila Tajo, East Kameng district in memory of his mother Pray Tajo (Lamnio).

The donor has also executed a deed of donation in presence of AAPOWA secretary and convenor.

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Augment water supply system in Itanagar

Every time monsoon arrives road gets washed away at Karsingsa block point and water pipeline supplying drinking water from Poma gets damaged. Itanagar town is battling severe water crisis for the last 4 days due to damages caused to pipeline at Poma. It is reported that it may take another 5 more days to completely restore the water supply. Every year during rainy season water pipeline gets damaged causing untold misery to the denizens of Itanagar. It is kind of becoming an annual ritual. The government cannot just continue to ignore the plight of the citizens.

There is a need to find a long term solution. Itanagar gets drinking water supply from Poma and Senki River respectively. But it is seen that during monsoon season water pipelines from both the source gets damage thereby crippling the life of denizens. An alternate solution should be worked out in this regard. Also it is reported that drinking water supplied from Poma and Senki WTP is not enough to cater to the needs of the capital citizen. The ever increasing population of capital is increasingly getting thirsty. Therefore PHE & WS department should look for ways to the augment water supply system in Itanagar.







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In praise of Modi

Dear Editor,

This refers to your editorial “Time is running out for Modi” (June 1). Modi has strong commitments towards development. BJP’s resounding victory in successive elections is a clear indicator of his popularity among the masses. He has attained international fame for his achievements with various social schemes in India. Only Modi has the commitment, leadership quality, vision and the ability to lead the nation. He uses his powers of persuasion to give others a sense of participation in chalking out his chosen course of action.  His clarity of vision, precise statements and astute sense of timing has played a major role in the BJP's Victory in every phase of election in India. He is a confirmed administrator, a leader with vision and above all, a patriotic Indian. one thing is great about Modi is that he knows how to play other people's game as well as his own while people increasingly find their hopes and inspiration lies with him. He scores way ahead any other politician across the country is development and governance.  He is the first administrator to prove that administration is based on development and has no space for any negativity which is against of democracy. Modi is the first PM who has popularity all over world for his excellent and dynamic presentation making India very stable despite too much opposition. No politician in the past 30 years has occupied the public's mind space as Modi has. As we see Taj Mahal stands for beauty whereas Modi stands for duty.  Gold will remain Gold and will never become Bronze by mere rejection of others. Let’s hope Modi’s Mission brings up a new chapter in the process of wider reconciliation both within politics as well as between Hindus and Muslims for peace, harmony and prosperity in the nation.


Vinod C. Dixit,





Some confusion

Dear Editor,

Through the column of your esteemed daily, I would like to highlight the confusion regarding age calculation for APPSCCE 2017. In the application form it is given: Age as on 01.01.___ , whereas in newspaper advertisement it is given age should not be more than 30 years as on 22/06/2017. So how should we calculate & fill up our age? In the instruction sheet also it is not given properly as it just gives an example of age as on 01.01.2008. I don't know why anyone has not yet written about this? If we commit mistake here then again APPSC might reject our application & won't give us chance to correct it.

That apart, I want to know whether acknowledgement card & stamp is to be filled up by candidates.

If yes then what should be the amount of postal stamp? So I request APPSC to please clarify as soon as possible so that we are not rejected later on these confusing grounds.






Let no candidate suffer

Dear Editor,

Through the column of your esteemed daily, I would like to raise few issues with Arunachal Pradesh  public service commission.

First of all I would like to congratulate APPSC for conducting back to back exams and declaring results without any delay in few recent months.

Let me request APPSC to moderate the level of toughness and standard among the different subjects in prelims and mains exam. Last time, there was so much variation in the difficulty level of different subjects in the prelims exam that many deserving candidates couldn't sit in the mains exam.

Let there be installations of CCTV cameras, mobile jammers and strict frisking in every exam centre in all the districts. Let no candidate suffer for the faults of others.


Rokpen Gali, Itanagar







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