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June - 18


Agri and allied depts hopeful of 7.2 pc allocation from state plan budget

ITANAGAR, June 17: The Horticulture department has discussed the qualifying criteria on Rastriya Krishi Vikas Yojna (RKVY) scheme with agriculture and allied departments in a consultative meeting convened at Banquet Hall here today.

The meeting was attended by Honchun Ngandam, Minister Horticulture, Rajesh Tacho, Parliamentary Secy. (Agril); J.K.Panggeng, Parliamentary Secy. (fishery) and the Directors and other officers of agriculture, horticulture, veterinary & animal husbandry and fishery departments.

It was discussed in the meeting that Arunachal Pradesh has huge potential in developing agriculture and allied sectors. To make 4% growth in agri and allied sector and to help all the states in developing agriculture and Agri-allied sectors, the Centre has designed RKVY scheme to incentivize the states that increase their investment in agriculture and allied sectors with flexibility and autonomy to the states in planning and executing programmes for agriculture and Agri allied sector.

It is a State Plan scheme and eligibility of a state for the RKVY is contingent upon the state maintaining or increasing the State Plan expenditure for Agricultural and Allied sectors. The base line allocation is determined based on the average state plan allocation during the three years prior to the previous year. In this line, state’s expenditure in Agriculture and allied sector is meager to qualify for RKVY, the meeting felt.

Therefore, the meeting observed that at least minimum of 7.2% from State Plan Budget has to be allocated to agri and allied department to access RKVY fund.

Ngandam, Tacho, J.K.Panggeng assured the house that they would enlighten the issue to the Govt. in the SPB meeting to be held on June 18 to increase the allocation in agri and allied sectors so that the state can qualify for RKVY and more fund can brought from the Centre.  They were hopeful that Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu under his leadeship will look into the matter positively.

The state wise provisional allocation for the year 2010-11 under RKVY subject to fulfillment of 7.2% criteria is as given:


Sl.        States/UT                                           Allocation for 2010-11

No.                                                                       (Rs. In crore)

1.  Arunachal Pradesh                                             39.08

2.  Bihar                                                                 317.00

3.  Maharastra                                                        602.00

4.  Chhatisgarh                                                       393.85

5.  Madya Pradesh                                                  517.09

6.  Rajasthan                                                          515.47

Total                                                                    2384.49





Non-supply of textbooks rankles AAPSU

Release five months students stipend: AAPSU

Ojing Tayeng

ITANAGAR, June 17: All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) General Secretary Tujum Poyom while taking concerned over the students problems in the state last evening demanded the government to release five months stipend, miscellaneous expenses funds, and supply available textbooks to all school immediately.

Poyom, expressing dissatisfaction over the shortage and non-availability of Textbooks in all the government schools, said that the same textbook are found available in the book stall and our students are forced to buy the text book from the book stores.

He also urged all the DDSEs to submit the book requirement of their respective district to the Director of School Education within one month. A copy of book requirement should also made available for AAPSU, so that it could take-up the case with the higher authority to make text books available in all the schools of the state from this academic session.

Further, highlighting the various complaints received from the students regarding the charging of admission fees from the students, Poyom said, the order issued from Director of School Education dated June-01-2010 under the provision of RTE, not to collect admission fees from Class I-VIII students has been violated by various school authorities in the ongoing school admission process here.

They are collecting fees from the student under school development fund and pupil’s fund.

However, Poyom added that the school authorities are not getting miscellaneous expenses fund from their respective DDSE or department, so under such circumstances to run their school miscellaneous expenses a certain fees are being collected from the students during the time of admission.

He appealed to the concerned authority to stop collection of fee from students and demanded the department of school education to provide fund for miscellaneous expenses to all the schools of the state, and added that if such fund are already there, the respective school authority should judiciously use it and discourage collection of fees from the students.

He further urged the concerned school authority to properly maintain the Audit reports of their respective school and submit the reports to DDSE or Directorate of school Education or AAPSU to maintain transparency.

The student are facing problems in hostel admission due to non-release of five months stipens, as most of the students are from poor background and depends on the stipend to run their hostel mess, the non-disbursement of their stipend is hampering their carrier, he added and demanded the state government to release five months stipend of the students.


DC bans use of open toilet in Seppa

SEPPA, June 17: East Kameng Deputy Commissioner Tope Bam in an executive order on 15th June banned the use of open toilet/Kachcha latrine in and around Seppa township.

However, an underground toilet may be use in place of open toilet.

The order which directed all the citizens to remove the open toilet if any, said that underground temporary toilet may be used in place of open toilet in case of economically backward class and otherwise the safety tank be constructed within two month from the date of issue of this order. The ordered issued after it was brought to the knowledge of DC that large numbers of open toilet are being existed in the township and creating a haphazard atmosphere in the township.

It also directed the citizens to remove the said toilet from their house within two months from the date of issue of this order otherwise the administrator shall be deputed for the removal of the same and shall realise the cost of such removal from the owners. The defaulters shall be booked and persecuted under section 188 of I.P.C. and other relevant law, the order further maintained.

In another order, vide govt. order No JUD/78(P)/10, dated 14th June, the DC prohibit the picnicking, hiking, fishing and collection of sand gravel in and around Sibi and school campus of Sibibo which is few km away from the main town. The order also restricted the collection of minor forest product except under permit from the DC/DFO, hunting of animal, use of explosive, bleaching powder as a fishing material. Further the order says that a valid license or legal permit should be obtained from the Asstt. Mineral Development Officer, Seppa for collection of Sand/ boulder and stone chips. The order stand continues till further order is issued regarding both the cases. DIPRO


Please focus some more in Tirap and Changlang

Dear Editor,

I go through your newspaper daily whenever I get time from my hectic schedule. Being born and brought up in Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh, I want to know about Changlang and Tirap districts, as my friends, parents, well-wishers are still there. But to my utter disappointment, I get to know about those places once in a blue moon.

So, I would like to request through this column to cover more news about those hidden paradises, Tirap and Changlang, though the newspaper is doing its best to cover the maximum of areas as far as possible.

It will be like icing on cake, if we can bring on the pictures of the latest happenings in those areas as a picture is worth thousand words.


Krishna Chetry





Prioritise the needs

Dear Editor

Apropos the editorial "Resources at the ground"( 17 June), instead of immersing in glory over Chandrayaan - 1's success in discovering water on the moon, the Indian authorities would do a great sevice to the common people and the society if it ensures potable water to each and every household in the country and takes adequate measures to stop depletion of groundwater. Not scientific achievements in celestial bodies, but fulfillment of basic demand of water and nurturing this invaluable resource should be our top priority.


Kajal Chatterjee,




Where is the executive order?

Dear Editor,

If  I m not wrong, it was in this daily that news item on restriction of Heavy Vehicles from morning 7.00 a.m to evening 4.00 p.m within Twin Capital City was published.  It was issued by the District Administration of Papum Pare District/ Capital Complex. It was appreciable and noble work as it gave relief to General Public from traffic rush, noisy environment and air pollution.

In contrast to the order, however these days, I notice that many Heavy Vehicles are plying within city during prohibited hours.

  On the other hand, the prices of vegetables and other essential commodities are touching the sky in spite of price fixed by the District Administration.


Koj Kapa

Chandranagar, Itanagar (on email)

AR recovers Rs 8 lakh extortion money

CHANGLANG, June 17: Acting on a intelligence input, the 25 Assam Rifles under the Dah division launched a search operation in vehicles on Changlang-Margherita road on June 15 and found an amount of Rs 8 lakh hidden inside the door panel of a Bolero vehicle. Two persons traveling in the vehicle namely Pranjal Sinha and Birendra Mahto were apprehended.

On interrogation, the individuals confessed that the money was to be delivered to representative of unknown terrorist group in Changlang as extortion money. Based on the information, more search operations were swiftly launched in Changlang Town. One more individual identified as Bikash Paul, was found with some incriminating documents. He is suspected to be a linkman of a terrorist outfit. All these suspects have been handed over by Assam Rifles to PS Changlang for further investigation. This seizure of extortion money has led to a major break through achieved by Security Forces under the Dah Division in countering extortion racket of terrorists in Changlang district in recent past, said an official source.


NESO urges ANSAM to call off economic blockade

ITANAGAR, June 17: North Eastern Students’ Organisation Secretary General Gumjum Haider, Chairman Dr. Samujjal Bhattacharjya while appreciating Naga Students Federation (NSF) for lifting the two long months economic blockade appealed All Naga Students Association Manipur (ANSAM) to end the ongoing economic blockade on humanitarian ground and also appealed to the NSF to pursue ANSAM to end the economic blockade.

“The problem has already caused concern in different circles of North East region, we have been always working for unity and integration among the indigenous communities of the region and since ANSAM is also an indigenous member organisation of North east they should also understand the gravity of the situation. Whatever may be the reason the problem has created hardship for the common people of Manipur”, said NESO. It further appealed to all concern to explore the solution in a democratic, peaceful conducive way, and suggested that an atmosphere of understanding and a sense of belongingness to the region should be created through people-to-people dialogue in this situation to bring out an amicable solution.


Bandh call a democratic means to fight against injustice: ANYA

ITANAGAR, June 17: All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA) in a meeting held on 16th of this month under the chairmanship of its president Tarin Nabam has come out strongly against recent announcement by Nyishi legislatures regarding right to declare bandh call by various Nyishi organizations . In a recent coordination meeting, Nyishi legislature has declared there shall be no more bandh calls and strikes in capital in the name of any Nyishi organization without proper approval of the socially sanctioned body.

Taking note of this ruling, ANYA stated that bandh call is democratic means to fight against injustice and is being practiced all over the world. No one has right to take away this democratic means of expression, said ANYA. Further ANYA informed that they were not party to any decision taken during June 10 Nyishi coordination meeting held at Ashoka, as association had walked out of meeting in protest. ANYA also declared that they will pursue their case till government present white paper on the AOP 2009-10 and threatened to call another 48hrs bandh call if governments do not act at right time. ANYA has also questioned role of PWD and UD minister Nabam Tuki in the entire issue.


‘In Search of My Home’

ITANAGAR, June 17: ‘In the world’s favorite democracy, live thousands of men, women and children with lost homes and forgotten names. Sheltering one of the largest refugee populations in the world, India still lacks a comprehensive domestic refugee law, that could guarantee them their basic human needs and a life of dignity.’

As prelude to the Word Refugee Day, CCRD and Arunachal Times brings to you, another edition of Saturday Cinemaghar - ‘Refugee issue in context of A.P and the way forward’. An open house discussion is being organized as a part of the event. Dr. Nani Bath, Associate Professor, Dep’t of Political Science, RGU will chair the session. In the backdrop of large refugee population in Arunachal, (often in conflict with the indigenous population), the discussion will focus on way forward for the state.

The discussion will be followed by the preview of ‘In Search of My Home’. The film is a journey with a Burmese and an Afghan family, as it explores the complexities in their everyday battle for survival. Weaving their emotional stories of hope and despair, love and loss, the film uses live-action, photography, music and text narratives to tell a story that is absent from India’s collective conscience and its mainstream media.

Weaving together their emotional stories of hope and despair, love and loss, the film uses live-action, photography, music and text narratives to tell a story that is absent from India’s collective conscience and its mainstream media.

A 30-minute documentary, ‘In Search Of My Home’, is directed by Sushmit Ghosh and Rintu Thomas and produced by the Centre for Communication & Development Studies in India. National premiere of the film will be organized on 20th June 2010 at New Delhi and the screening at the Saturday Cinemaghar is a preview screening of the same.

The event will be held in E &K’s at 1700 hrs on 19th June 2010.


NCP supports pro-people policy: George

ITANAGAR, June 17: The Nationalist Congress Party is for the people of Arunachal Pradesh not for the Govt, said Jimmy George, NCP national secretary and incharge North East in the concluding ceremony of the 12th Foundation Day of the party at Itanagar on June 15.

Jimmy, however, said NCP Arunachal Unit will extend issue base support to the present State Govt. Criticising the manner in which the Govt. has signed MoU for hydro projects in the state, the NCP leader said NCP is not against the development of the state but, at the same time party will ensure that developments are in the interest of the indigenous people of the state. The party strongly opposed the ways of signing MOUs, he said and informed that the ten member committee headed by state NCP President and executive members and the MLAs to be constituted to study on this issue. The meeting also passed the resolution to request Union Agriculture Minister and party national president Sharad Pawar to allow special packages on agriculture and other allied scheme for the state of Arunachal Pradesh.

Earlier, the state NCP president Ngurang Pinch demanded immediate renovation of NH52-A road from Banderdewa to Hollongi and other township roads. NCP shall not remain the silence spectators and raise the issues of state importance, he said. Pinch maintained that the party shall always welcome the Govt. transparent and pro-people's policy, but not to support the anti people policy. MLAs Techi Kaso, Ralom Borang, and NCP CLP Leader and various Pradesh Office Bearer and frontal wings office bearers also spoke in the foundation day programme.


Consultative committee meeting on photo electoral rolls revision

ROING, June 17: The District Consultative Committee Meeting in connection with Summary Revision of Photo Electoral Rolls with relation to 01-01-2010 as qualifying date was held in the office chamber of Deputy Commissioner cum District Election Office of Lower Dibang Valley District here today.

Y W Ringu, DC cum DEO requested the party president and public leaders present to give due importance to the Summary Revision of Electoral Roll saying that it is the basic things from where election begins. It plays a major role in preparation and making electoral roll clear and clean which ultimately helps in conducting smooth and peaceful election.

She further said that by Summary Revision Election Commission of India wants the things to be updated even during the gap of four years in between election so as to make the election hassle free. She appealed the party president and public leader to cooperate with the process of Summary Revision of Electoral Roll.

Tato, Electoral Registration Officer, E. Yirang, CO cum ARO Dambuk, Bassu Perme, ex-MLA Dambuk, Mibom Pertin, ZPM Meka Anchal Block, Namo Linggi, ZPM Roing, Golo Saring, DCC(I) President, Kotige Mena, District President BJP attended the meeting.

Draft publication of Photo Electoral Roll will be on July 15, period for filing claims and objections will be from July 15 to 30, special campaign and dates for receiving claims and objections at all designated locations will be on July 24 and 25. DIPRO


DC flag off Ambulance

AALO, June 17: The West Siang DC Amjad Tak, has flagged-off a state of art air conditioned Ambulance in a simple function at General Ground at Aalo on June 14.

It has added a new chapter to the existing medical facilities in West Siang donated by Tato Hydro Power Private Ltd., Siyom Hydro Power Ltd. (SPVs of Reliance Power Ltd) to the much relief of people. The ambulance is a part of the corporate social responsibilities which will serve the public of far-flung Tato area.

The officers & officials of Reliance Power Ltd and Eleng Nokar, DIPRO attended the flagged-off ceremony. DIPRO


AEKSU says no to favouritism

ITANAGAR, June 17: All East Kameng Students’ Union (AEKSU) urged political leaders to stop practising nepotism and favouritism in the matter of transfer, posting and recruitment of teachers.

Describing the plight of students for want of teachers in various schools in East Kameng district, the students union claimed that as many as 94 teachers (JTs), including SSA, have been transferred out of the district during 1999-2010 violating all transfer and posting norms. Even non-transferable contractual teachers were transferred without making any arrangement for reliever, it claimed.

Holding Director of School Education responsible for all these transfer and postings, the union urged him for immediate posting of sufficient teachers in various schools in the district.

The students’ union also criticized the authorities concerned for non-creation of teachers’ posts against recently upgraded Govt. Sec. Schools Bazarline and Chayangtajo and Govt Schools Fengche.

Further, all the schools under Bameng constituency are running without sufficient teachers, the union claimed. While the Govt. Middle School Lapung is running somehow by two teachers the Govt school at Lada has got only five teachers against over 150 students, the union informed.

Meanwhile, AEKSU, on behalf of entire people of the district, in a memorandum to Chief Secretary, has complained about non-posting of administrative officers at various CO headquarters in the district and urged him for immediate posting of administrative officers for convenience’s sake.

According AEKSU, six circle headquarters, namely Pipu, Sawa, Gyawe Parang, Pijirang, Richukrong and Dissing Passo are without administrative officers while an EAC and CO posts are lying vacant at the district Hq.


Condolences pouring in for Late Gambo

ITANAGAR, June 17: All India DRDA Staff Welfare Association state unit has deeply mourned the death of late Habung Gambo, Project Director, DRDA, East Kameng who died on June 15 after prolong illness. Association has termed death of late Gambo as loss to the state.

Ziro-II Collegians Co-ordination Committee, Itanagar, has expressed shock over death untimely demise of Joram Teni, a employee of Dera Natung Government College, who died on 14th of this month.

Lower Subansiri District Administration and APSC fraternity of Lower Subansiri has condoled the untimely demise of Project Director Habung Gambo.

It prayed almighty for eternal peace of the departed soul and bestowed strength to the bereaved family members.

The Apatani Career Guidance Forum (ACGF) also expressed deep sense of sorrow on the untimely demise of Habung Gambo, who has served in various parts of the State as CO, EAC, and as Project Director, DRDA.

Late Gambo was one of the Coordinator of ACGF East Kameng Unit who actively mobilized the district unit for membership drive for the cause of career promotion of Apatanis.

He was an efficient APCS officer and a social worker. His untimely demise is not only a loss to the Apatani Community but also to the whole State.

The members of the forum extended condolence to the bereaved family and prayed almighty for the eternal peace of the departed soul.

Panyu Ayo Government Employees’s Welfare Association also expressed deep concerned over the un-timely demise of Lt. Habung Gambo and convey their condolences to the bereaved family.

The East Kameng Unit of the Arunachal Pradesh Civil Service Officers’ Association (APCSOA-EK) has deeply mourned the demise of one its members, Habung Gambo, APCS (Selection Grade) who died after prolong illness on Tuesday last at Itanagar.

A condolence meeting was held here yesterday. The office remained closed for half-day as a mark of respect to the departed soul.

“Serving in Seppa as in the capacity of Project Director, DRDA, East Kameng, Late Habung Gambo was a very friendly and happy-go-lucky person. He never used to lose any opportunity to keep his friends and colleagues in good humour”, said Dahey Sangno, General Secy of the Association in a message.

“In his death the state has lost a very efficient and diligent officer,” he added while extending the Association’s heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family.

Debia Teji, ex-ASM Radhpu, Pistana circle, Lower Subansiri district has expressed heartfelt grief and sadness at the suddenly demise of Lt Habung Gambo. Lt Gambo was one of the sincere, dedicated and friendly nature officer, he said and prayed almighty for his eternal peace in heavenly abode and also prayed to almighty to give enough strength to the family members to bear irreparable loss.

Meanwhile, Tarh Welfare Society mourned the untimely demise of Tarh Taram, who died on June 10 last.

He was a student of government Middle School Yangte.

The members of the society prayed almighty to bestow eternal peace of the departed soul and strenghten the bereaved family members to bear the distress.


MSU to hold MSF conference at Tezu soon

TEZU, June 17: In a joint sitting of Mishmi Students Union from Lower Dibang Valley, Upper Dibang Valley, Lohit and Anjaw, it has been unanimously decided to hold conference of Mishmi Student Federation to bring all under one umbrella and making it a Apex student body of the Mishmis.

The meeting was participated by student leaders from all the four districts represented by Unti Umbrey, President ( AIMSU), Rajiv Mihu, Gen Secy(AIMSU), Umimi Mihu, Joint Seceratary (AAPSU), Langa Mihu, President (MSU), Balemso Krong, Gen.Secy (MSU), Ayingso Kri, Vice-President (ADSU), Prinamso Chiba, Convener (ALDSU) and Shavin Mam, Gen.Secy. (I.G.G.C,Tezu) Several former student’s leaders and intellectual senior students also actively participated.

Rajiv Mihu, and Kuling Chaitom, Gen. Secy (AMSU) were selected as a joint Chairman by the house for conducting the MSF conference 2010. The joint chairman also announced that the conference will be held at Tezu( Head Quarter). The meeting also announced open participation of the students from college and universities with a limited seat from the different high schools to select executive bodies. The day and date for the conference will be disclosed soon by the chairman of the conference.


Strike to protest Absenteeism

ITANAGAR, June 17: Charto Valley Welfare Society Taliha has decided to stage 24-hr strike on Aug 15 to register its strong protest against absenteeism of government official posted at Taliha-Payeng circle of Upper Subansiri district.

The Society, in a public memorandum to Chief Secretary, said that most of the government officials/staff posted at Taliha-Paying circle are staying at Daporijo in spite of accommodation being provided to them which has greatly hampered smooth functioning of various departments.

The memorandum demanded for immediate shifting of all those Govt. officials stationed at Daporijo to their respective posting places, providing STS bus services from Daporijo to Kodak for the convenience of people of Taliha and Paying circle, making all defunct govt departments functional.

In it’s another memorandum to Education Director, demanded for immediate posting of Principal and Senior Teachers (ST) at Kodak Hr. Sec. School and Headmaster, Science and English teachers for Taliha Govt. Sec. School.


APPDSU resent non-transfer of officers after expiry of tenure

ITANAGAR, June 17: All Papum Pare District Students Union (APPDSU) recently passed a resolution stating that all heads of the department who have stayed more than five to ten years in the district should be immediately transferred. In the aftermath of this decision, APPDSU has moved application for transfer of District Transport Officer (DTO) of Papum Pare as it has been found that he is occupying this position for last eleven years.

Further APPDSU claimed that despite clearance by higher authority of state government, transport department is holding up transfer of the said DTO. They said it is un-ethical on the part of transport department to act like that and by doing so they are acting against state government.


Union demands VP, subject teachers

ITANAGAR, June 17: All Raga Area Students’ Union (ARASU) demanded to the Directorate of School Education for immediate posting of six subject teachers and a Vice Principal at Government Higher Secondary School, Raga.

It further demanded for establishment of science stream at Government Higher Secondary School, Raga and added that the then Education Minister Takam Sanjay had announced an amount of Rs. 3 crore for the purpose but no amount has been granted till date.

The union threathen to organise democratic movement if their demands is not fulfill by the concerned authority.



Panchayat leaders demand posting of CO

ITANAGAR: PRI members of 15th Payum, West Siang district alongwith ZPM in a letter to Chief Secretary highlighting the grievances of people due to non-posting of Circle officer at Payum Circle for the last seven years said that the staff of other department except education department have quit Payum circle headquarter due to absence of CO.

However, the CO in-charge of Kaying circle is taking the dual charges, but people are facing problems, and all the developmental and other official activities of Payum circle remained abandoned.

It demanded posting of independent Circle Officer at Payum circle immediately.


Presiding Officer’s conference

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Pradesh Speaker Wanglin Lowangdong and Deputy Speaker Tapang Taloh accompanied by three officers of Assembly secretariat will leave Itanagar on June 18 to attend the Presiding Officers Conference to be held at Srinagar from June 19 to 23.


550 benefitted from medical camp

ITANAGAR: All Taliha Paying Area Collegian Forum (ATPACF) on 15th of this month organized a free health camp at Taliha circle under Upper Subansiri district. Specialist medical officers like Dr. J Mara (medicine specialist), Dr. B Bayor child specialist) and Dr. T Sindhu, medical officer PHC Taliha were part of the camp. Besides them Taliha MLA Punji Mara attended the camp as chief guest whereas circle officer Kipa Raja was the guest of honour.

In his address local MLA Punji Mara, advised medical officers and health staffs to devote themselves towards providing best of medical facilities to ordinary citizens. About 550 patients including around 250 children attended the camp and availed the opportunity. ATPACF has extended gratitude to everyone for making this health a successful one.


Referee seminar

ITANAGAR: The All Arunachal Taekwondo Association (AATA) in a meeting at its office today decided to conduct 2nd State Referee and Refresher Course seminar on 3rd and 4th July’ at Sports Authority of India (SAI) and Special Area Game Centre, Naharlagun. The meeting was attended by Executive Council members and state office bearers of AATA.


APPSC appointment

ITANAGAR, June 17: Arunachal Pradesh Public Commission (APPSC) Chairman has appointed its member Jathi Pulu as Spokesperson effective immediately.


Plea for general cooperative

ITANAGAR, June 17: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s Anjaw District Unit has demanded for reconverting ‘Cooperatives’ to ‘General Cooperatives’ to ensure smooth supply of essential commodities.

The BJP unit claimed that "Aam Admi" are facing acute shortage of all essential commodities, including rice, sugar, kerosine, wheat, salt etc. since privatization of the Cooperatives. Although rice is being issued to common people in little quantity, other items are totally fallen short, the party claimed.


Memorial to be erected

ITANAGAR, June 17: Arunachal Pradesh Civil Secretariat Contingency Employees Union has decided to construct memory in remembrance of its late colleague Pate Punglu who died on 3rd May 2010 in a tragic bike accident.


Hunting, fishing banned

ITANAGAR, June 17: All Pai Panchayat Youth Association has decided to ban hunting, fishing, and extraction of natural resources from the adjoining areas of Pai Panchayat.



ITANAGAR, June 17: Arunachal Christian Revival Youth Association will felicitate the CBSE toppers among the revival youths on June 20.

The programme would attend by Chairman APEDA Likha Saaya as Chief Guest.


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