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June - 19


Pushed to the Wall State Media reacts

ITANAGAR, June 18: Lessons are learnt the hard way and it stands true to politicians and their hoodlums. Since Wednesday the media houses based in the state capital have been suppressed, threatened and arm-twisted through all possible means under the sun by none other than a few democratically elected public representatives.

It all started when an ‘expulsion letter’ from the President of the People’s Party of Arunachal (PPA), Kamen Ringu landed in the offices of media houses on June 16. The letter informed that two of its sitting MLAs – Markio Tado and Takam Tagar (Pario) were expelled from the party for two years for their alleged anti-party activities. For the press it was a daily job to let the general mass know of the development. But it was not to be.

Phone calls and supporters of the ‘expelled’ leaders requested the media houses not to publish the ‘release’ with the reason that ‘there was a misunderstanding’ which would be sorted out with the Party president and sought a day’s time. The requests, however, were veiled with threats of dire consequences if not heeded. In any case, media houses, withheld the ‘release’ for the day.

Thursday saw no response or clarification forthcoming from the ‘aggrieved’ leaders. But ‘questions’ came pouring from certain leaders of the INC camp as well as PPA into media houses ‘demanding’ why the PPA ‘expulsion’ was not published!

With the evening came again the ‘warnings’ from the ‘aggrieved’ leaders not to publish the said letter as ‘the matter was still under discussion’. About 20 supporters of one of the leaders barged into the offices of one of the local dailies and threatened of ‘unruly scenes’ if in case the matter was published. The same threats repeated in other offices of the local dailies. Youths not even out of their teens walked into offices of the dailies and crisply ‘ordered’ not to carry the said matter. From one of the offices the ‘letter’ was even taken away.

Simultaneously, there were fervent ‘appeals’ from the other camp that was in favour of its publication! And all through this fracas the PPA President and General Secretary were unavailable for comment. The ‘expulsion’ news remained confined to newspaper offices for the second day.

Pushed to the wall, the press fraternity today convened an emergency meeting under the umbrella of Arunachal Pradesh Union of Working Journalists (APUWJ) and Arunachal Press Club (APC) and unanimously lambasted the pressure tactics resorted by the PPA MLAs to ‘gag the press’.

Refusing to submit to cheap bullying and in order to keep intact the freedom and integrity of the press enshrined by the Indian Constitution, APUWJ and APC have taken strong exception to the act of the PPA MLAs and their supporters uncalled in this civilized world. The members felt that despite being intellectuals and privileged members of the Indian Parliamentary system, the unwarranted attempts of the MLAs to suppress the press, which is the mirror of Indian democracy, is a severe blot on their individual careers as well as the party to which they belong.

In a resolution adopted both APUWJ and APC decided to carry the ‘expulsion’ letter as news for information to the general mass as well as carry any clarification if given by the MLAs. The organizations also resolved to disassociate itself from all the PPA MLAs and reject all issues and matters pertaining to them for publication indefinitely in case of any threat or intimidation from them or any of their supporters to any of the media houses or member of the press fraternity henceforth.

The organizations also decided to forward the copies of the resolution to the Chief Minister, Home Minister and all concerned. A delegation of the press fraternity would also call upon the leaders in this regard soon.

                                      ITANAGAR: In a late development the four MLAs of the PPA in a jointly signed statement this evening clarified that they were not party to the alleged letter written by the three MPs of the state to the Congress president recommending their merger into INC. The alleged ‘recommendation’ letter signed by the three MPs, dated May 12, 2010, expressed the willingness of the four PPA MLAs to join INC and appealed the Congress president to accept their joining.

MLAs Phurpa Tsering, Kumsi Sidisow, Takam Tagar and Markio Tado today asserted that they never discussed the matter with the Congress MPs at any point of time and denied knowledge of any such letter ‘actually’ written.

“If the Congress MPs have written it on their own, the PPA MLAs cannot be taken for a ride as we have never expressed any such intention,” they said in the statement.



SPB finalizes Draft AoP for 2010 -11

Bring out result oriented plan: Khandu

ITANAGAR, June 18: The Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu has called upon the State Planning Board members and senior government officers to bring about a result oriented plan and execute works as per the guidelines set by the Planning Commission.

Addressing the SPB meeting for finalization of the draft Annual Operating Plan for the financial year 2010-2011 prepared by various departments at Banquet hall here today, the Chief Minister emphasized on maintaining quality of all developmental projects and increase the efficiency of the entire planning process.

Terming the day as a significant one, Khandu gave a vivid account of the planning process with certain financial reform measures to bring about a sustainable development in the state. Informing that the annual plan size of Rs 2500 crore approved by the Planning Commission for state of Arunachal Pradesh is 25% increase over the last year’s plan allocation, he said, normally the hike is not more than 10%.  He extended his gratitude to the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan and Deputy Chairman Planning Commission Montek Singh Ahluwalia for addressing the requirement of the state.

While disclosing that the state achieved appreciation from the Planning Commission for introducing various measures including introduction of third party monitoring in all development projects, the chief minister issued strictures to all members for proper and timely execution of works, adding that 65% of the total allocation this year was for developmental activities.

While deliberating on state’s Education Policy, Health Policy, Hydro Power Policy etc, the Chief Minister called for development of Health  and  Education sectors and sought cooperation from all in materializing the hydro power projects in the state, besides emphasizing on development of infrastructures – roads, office buildings of Administrative officers in districts, District Hq roads under SPA. Construction of Assembly building, State Secretariat building, Law College, completion of Trans- Arunachal highway and other PMGSY roads should be accorded highest priority, Khandu added.

Informing that a significant step towards regulating the salaries  and wages in the departments have been taken, the Chief Minister said that around 13000 posts from various departments have been diverted from Plan to Non Plan head and asked the departments to complete submission of photos of the employees under their respective departments to prepare a data base of all government employees.

Earlier, Parliamentary Secretary Planning Tsewang Dhondup in his welcome address said that finalization of the plan proposals of the draft Annual Operating Plan (AoP) should have a realistic approach towards achieving the socio-economic objectives to address the key sectors of the economy. He further called upon the members to develop a shared vision of the immediate future that embodies the deep rooted values and aspirations of the people at the grass roots level.

Appreciating the Chief Minister for his constant persuasion in approving the state’s annual plan size for 2010-11 at Rs 2500 crore, which is about 25% step up of the last year’s plan revised outlay of Rs 2016 crore, Dhondup lamented that despite various development schemes, the state still remains underdeveloped. He further stressed on the need to develop an appropriate strategy to meet up the shortcomings in the planning process and hoped that the deliberations in the meeting would go a long way in accelerating the pace of development of the state.

Development Commissioner V. K Dev highlighted the key issues of the draft AoP 2010-11 and outlined a brief over view of the planning process in the state, while Planning Secretary Ankur Garg informed  the objective of the meeting which was to finalize the draft AoP for 2010-11.

The marathon State Planning Board meeting was attended by host of Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries, Commissioners, Secretaries and Heads of Departments including Chief Engineers of Works departments. PRO to CM


Health & homes for teachers!

New Delhi, June 18: Health insurance and group housing for India's six million school teachers may be on the cards, Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal said today.

Chairing 28th Meeting of the National Foundation for Teachers Welfare, Sibal said the government has mooted for teachers a health insurance cover, a group housing cover and a group housing scheme.

He said the two insurance schemes would require financial contribution of the Centre, the States and the teachers, but the housing scheme although administered at Central level, would not require government financial contribution.

The Health and Life Insurance Schemes are proposed to cost premium wise far less for teachers as compared to individual or State level schemes, given the huge scope that will drive premiums down.

The life insurance cover would guarantee a minimum of about Rs five lakhs on retirement and Rs two lakhs on death during service. The health cover, limited to hospitalisation of the teacher, spouse, two children and parents, may offer two options-- a maximum cover of Rs 1.25 lakh and that of Rs three lakhs.

The group housing scheme is envisioned to be centrally administered through a portal, with construction by National Buildings Construction Corporation on land bought at institutional rates.

There will be no cost to the government and teachers will get quality housing at lesser rates without much struggle or fear of being cheated.

Sibal said the move was intended to underscore that India ''looks after, cares for and respects its teachers.'' He said he was putting it on the table for approval-in-principle of the State Education Ministers as a majority of the teachers are State government employees.

He acknowledged he was yet to obtain approval of the Finance Ministry.

The State Education Ministers welcomed the proposal and immense benefit to accrue to teachers, but said they would communicate a formal approval after discussing it with their respective Finance Ministers.

Voicing dismay at the Foundation meeting after many years' gap, Sibal suggested including in it a teacher from each State to lend energy needed to make the body vibrant. UNI


Siram highlights educational initiatives in Arunachal

ITANAGAR, June 18: Achieving excellence in the field of education is one of the key challenges faced by Arunachal Pradesh, said state Education Minister Bosiram Siram. He was addressing the conference of state Education Ministers and the 28th general committee meeting of National Foundation for Teachers Welfare at New Delhi today.

Siram appealed the Centre for inclusion of Kurung Kumey, Lower Dibang Valley, Anjaw and the rural area of Papum Pare districts under the Saakshar Bharat scheme for empowering women and for generous support for Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan and its associated activities such as construction of girls hostel, upgradation of schools, setting of library, teacher quarters, separate toilets and model schools.  He also appealed the union HRD ministry to concentrate on the plans for necessary training for untrained teachers in context to RTE.

Siram also highlighted the issues concerning many innovatives educational initiatives, plans and implementation of centrally sponsored flagship programmes in the state such as “Saakshar Bharat” ‘RTE’, ‘RMSA’ besides effective reforms formulations and recommendation for higher and technical education sector in the state.

While speaking in the 28th meeting of general committee of National Foundation of Teacher Welfare (NFTW) in the capacity of the Chairman of the state working committee of NFTW, Siram welcomed the proposal of Teacher Housing Schemes and demanded construction of Shiksha Sadan as well as teachers transit Camp in the important cities including state capital, all district headquarters and in Guwahati.

While focusing on the issues related to the Higher and Technical Education he appreciated the support of the central government for development of eduction sector in Arunachal Pradesh. Further he demanded for campus extended university status to the selected degree colleges.

Union HRD Minister Kapil Sibal expressed satisfaction and congratulated Siram on state Govt initiatives for successful implementation of centrally sponsored schemes. He also asked the state government to submit separate proposals in writing on the pending issues for immediate release of centre finance assistance.


AAPSU  questions imposition of 144 CrPC in Miao area

ITANAGAR, June 18:  The All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union strongly condemned the Changlang district administration for imposing 144 CrPc in Miao township without any valid ground and without prior notice. The villagers of Singpho community were today supposed to construct houses at M-pen area in their own piece of land but the curfew prevented them to do so.

AAPSU president Takam Tatung lambasting the move of Miao EAC, Gautam Hazarika for promulgating 144 in the peaceful area said that the EAC has arbitrarily acted on his wish and whims with malicious intention of confusing the rightful step of the Singphos in constructing home in their own legitimate land. “Hazarika owes explanations to the people of the State, especially to the members of Singpho community”, Tatung said.  

The apex students union also hit hard at all the legislatures of Lohit and Changlang for remaining mute to the mess heaping up day by day with regards to Chakma issue.  The Union also cautioned the leaders of Tangsa-Singpho-Khampti-Mishmi not to blend the Chakma issue with politics.

“Instead of feeling the pulse of the people and understanding the crisis of indigenous people, they are dancing to the tunes of outsiders, which is very sad”, Tatung added. He also pointed fingers at Lok Sabha MP (East) Ninong Ering for remaining silent on Chakma issue all these days. He pointed out that Ering had assured to raise the Chakma-Hajong issue in all the appropriate platform during course of his election campaigns but till today no visible initiatives steps have been taken from his side.

“This is a very sorry state of affairs when indigenous Sinpho people are facing the biggest threats, that too, from outsiders who have been given refuge temporarily out of compassion. But our honorable MP is remaining aloof from the whole situation”. AAPSU also cast its apprehension on the arrest of Rumesh Michael, a Sri Lankan national, from Deomali on 5th of June who was found roaming freely without a Restricted Area Permit. It is to be noted that few days ago a phone call which originated from Sri Lanka had threatened to kill Thuing Singpho, the LPC holder of land which was encroached by Chakmas at M-Pen village. In the context of this regard, AAPSU has sought detail investigation into the arrest of Sri Lankan national from Deomali.


Mega dam at Lohit river in whose interest

Dear Editor,

In spite of the resolutions adopted against Mega Dam construction by previous government on the basis of environment and seismic status of the state, the present government has signed many MoUs on the Hydro-Power project. On the same line, Athena is one such company that has signed MoU with the State Govt. to construct 1750MW Hydro power on the river Lohit. The article on the subject is not to challenge or criticize the Govt. policies or programmes nor anti-dam propaganda, but to highlight the general public concern through your esteemed paper which needs to be addressed before embarking on such mega projects.

The District Administration as a preliminary notification under section 4 of Land Acquisition Act invited claims and objections from the public, but the hearing process overlooked the guidelines indicated by the Gujrat High Court in Center for Social Justice versus The Union of India. There was no any adequate relevant documents made available to the public nor the code of standard public hearing procedure followed which was hastily concluded within an hour.

I have filed under the Right to Information Act on Dtd 8th Feb’2010 seeking information on issues like relief & rehabilitation, local area development schemes, land compensation, property survey reports, aforestation measures etc.  But the District Administration failed to furnish the requisite information and thereafter another petition was filed before the company which they did not responded till date.

Such negligent attitude by the Govt. & the company invites criticism and unhealthy concepts in the minds of people against the elected representatives. Transparency, honesty and sincerity are expected from our elected leaders when venturing into Mega Projects of such a magnitude wherein the interest of the State and our own indigenous peoples’ lives and future are at stake.

It is a well known fact that such dams has a history of mass agitation and irreparable adverse impact on environment and families so the Govt. needs to act cautiously keeping in mind all pros and cons. Once the project is started no one is going to bother about the families displaced and there are chains of evidence that the company does not fulfill their commitments and welfare projects as agreed and professed. Hence, this comprehensions of the Project Affected families needs to be addressed by the company and the Govt. on white paper.

Another issue of suspicion against the Athena Company arises when the company states in their own survey reports that Land requirement for the project is 83,361.32 hectares as submerging area but compensatory land is shown as only 1,131 hectares which is absolutely false and not acceptable. The aim is to curtail and deprive land owners from their due share of land compensation.

Demwe Hydro-Power Project has included only the upstream as affected belt but has not included downstream in the Disaster management plan. According to World Commission on Dam (WCD), it is mandatory to construct sub dams and reservoirs downstream to prevent huge loss of lives and property in case of any eventuality and this aspect being bluntly ignored by the company. It is also important to mention here that the Disaster management of different Hydro-Projects needs to be integrated among the various power developers because the Lohit River and its tributaries are proposed for cascade power generation and dealing with the disaster in isolation would neither be possible nor adequate at individual level. In case of disaster taking place in the Northernmost project, the brunt of the same will be felt everybody down the valley.

In regard to compensatory aforestation, neither the company nor the Govt. of A.P. is taking serious note of it as it is evident from the fact that the booklet released by the Athena Company finds no mention of compensatory aforestation when and where. In spite of the Hon’ble Supreme Court ban, the deptt. of forest in A.P. has not been able to curtail felling of precious forest trees and yet aforestation measures are taken care of only in paper. Our tribal people have its own unique way of forest conservation maintaining flora and fauna and ecological balance which will greatly be disturbed by this project. Hence, the Govt. needs to take in confidence of the indigenous people before signing any MoUs with profit making organization. As of now, it seems the Govt. has adopted the policy of corporate first and has changed the very definition of Democracy.

The Central Govt. has passed Legislations on Forest rights to protect Land under occupation of Schedule Tribes and traditional forest dwellers, but our rights are set aside by the Govt. and the company. The recent spurt of violence in the state of Arunachal which is unheard of seems to be the beginning of struggle for survival and identity. It is high time that our leaders rise to the occasion and give ears to the public sentiments.

Govt. is also adamant to acquire land at a very cheap rate on the basis of R.R. Rules framed in cognizance of the corporates  which proposes only Rs. 1,50,000/- to 1,75,000/- per hectare.

We, the Arunachalee tribal’s are innocent and if our concerns are not addressed, the days are not very far when we will be driven out from our home land like Chakma & Hajong.

Of course, there is a need of development in this modern times and harness our resources and it would be hypocrites to say that our lives don’t revolve around electricity to an extent, but at what cost and in whose interest?                                 


Shri Praveen Tayang

Tafragam Village

Tezu, Dist. Lohit (A.P)



Give Priority to Education

Dear Editor,

Through your esteemed daily I on behalf of the Mishmi Students Union (MSU) want to appeal to the state govt. particularly education department to give top priority on development of school infrastructure for the equality education instead of opening new schools.

Today general public are looking for private school only even the people living in villages doesn’t want to send their children to village school. Reason being state run school not emphasizing on quality education and infrastructure development is virtual zero. We can say education can play vital role in strengthening emotional integration.  It is felt that the education should not only aim at imparting knowledge but also developing all aspect of student’s personality. MSU especially request the state government that education should be given top priority.

For example Govt. Hr. Sec. School Hayuliang established in 1986 is now in dilapidated condition but every year student’s enrollment is increasing.  In this regard memorandum has been submitted seeking government’s intervention to improve condition of school but nothing has happened. Same is the case with many Govt. Schools of state.


Mr. Ritemso Manyu

V/P Mishmi Students Union (MSU)

12-hr Yachuli bandh ends peacefully

ITANAGAR, June 18:  The 1st Phase of 12 hour bandh on 17th June issued by All Yachuli Student Union (AYSU) in Yachuli constituency against shifting of proposed Polytechnic College from Yachuli to Ziro town ended peacefully. In the entire constituency shops, schools, government offices remain closed and vehicles were off the road for whole day.

AYSU president Toko Nega, lamented the fact that Polytechnic was first proposed in Yachuli town but was later shifted to Ziro because of vested interest of few people. Further he requested government to re-consider their decision. AYSU also warned that if governments do not make decision to establish Polytechnic at Yachuli by 5th of July, they would launch second phase of 36 hours Yachuli constituency bandh starting from 6th July.



Threat to media condemned

ITANAGAR, June 18: Arunachal Citizens Right (ACR) today strongly reacted to the threat to media houses in the state.

Pointing out that time and again there have been reports of assaults and manhandling of the media persons, ACR in a release today said threatening to the noble profession under the patronage of elected representatives is unthinkable and unsocial act.

While extending supports and solidarity to the press fraternity for their justice ACR strongly condemned such uncivilized and barbaric act and appealed one and all to condemn such unlawful acts of certain elements who disrupt the smooth functioning of the media for their own profit and political vested interest.

Intimidating the media persons and gheraoed the Press offices asking them not to release certain article in the newspapers is nothing but murdering of popular democracy, the ACR maintained.

ACR further said that media, which is the one and only neutral and unbiased faculty of the society should not be made a scapegoat again and again. There are democratic ways and means to express oneself instead of resorting to such uncalled for means, it added.

ACR urgently urged upon the state government to intervene into the matter and take an appropriate action to those involved person(s) / parties  in accordance with the law.

It also urged the government to provide enough central security forces to the press people and their institutions for the greater interest of common masses.

Meanwhile, former Tali MLA Takam Sorang also condemned the threat to the media persons. Repeated mis-behave to mediapersons by some persons are unacceptable to the civilized  tribal society, Sorang said. He also appealed the state Govt to provide adequate security arrangement to each media house in state.


DoNER ministy’s assistance sought for NERIPSTR

ITANAGAR, June 18: A delegation of the North East Regional Institute of Parliamentary Studies, Training & Research (NERIPSTR), Guwahati, called on DoNER and Mines Minister Bijoy Krishna Handique at New Delhi today and submitted a memorandum to him  seeking the ministry’s assistance in developing the infrastructural facilities of the Institute in Guwahati.

The delegation comprising of Speakers and Deputy Speakers of the Legislative Assemblies of the 8 North Eastern States was led by Tanka Bahadur Rai, Speaker of the Assam Legislative Assembly.

The NERIPSTR was set up in the year 1997, first of its kind in Asia and aims at upholding the high ideals of democracy, to articulate and disseminate the values and virtues of Parliamentary Democracy and a nucleus of spreading the messages of democratic culture, open up channels of communication and create a bastion for enlightening democratic life and living.


Governor to inaugurate integrated biodiesel reactor system at NERIST

ITANAGAR, June 18: Arunachal Pradesh Governor Gen. J.J. Singh  has consented to inaugurate the Integrated Bio-diesel Reactor system at NERIST on June 22. The  250 liters capacity per day  project  is  sponsored by Department of Science and Technology (DST) Government of India.

This is the first of its kind in Arunachal Pradesh and fourth such bio-diesel reactors in India to produce renewable alternate fuel for diesel engine. P. Lingfa, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, NERIST is the Principle Investigator of the project. It is expected  that such project will bring socio-economic development, employment generation, energy independence and energy security to the people of North East India in general and Arunachal Pradesh in particular with the active cooperation of the State Council for Science & Technology. The main purpose of this plant is to demonstrate and training of bio-diesel production from locally available seeds (raw materials ) of Jatropha Curcas, Messua Ferrei (Nahar) etc. to the villagers, farmers entrepreneurs, local NGOs.


Opak Gao is now Changlang DC

CHANGLANG,  June 18: Opak Gao joined as the new Deputy Commissioner of Changlang.  In a co-ordination meeting held today he took the first hand information of law and orders situation from the concerned outpost Administrative Officers in their respective areas.

He discussed status of NREGA implementation, Serva Shiksha Abhiyan, functioning of PDS and other development works undergoing under different works departments in the district.

The Deputy Commissioner was also briefed upon the Chakma issues and its status   by the Administrative Officers.

The meeting was attended by the ADCs, SDOs, EACs and Cos of Administrative outpost and Headquarter Changlang.  DIPRO


West Kameng RDA finalises AAP

BOMDILA, June 18: The Annual Action Plan (A. A. P) for the Rural Development Agency of the  West Kameng district was finalized here today in the Governing Body Meeting held at Bomdila under the chairmanship of Logyang Rikhong, the seniormost Zilla Parishad Member.

Urging the PRI members to play a vital role in planning, formulating and executing the various rural development programmes besides providing timely feed-backs, Deputy Commissioner Rinchin Tashi called upon the block functionaries and other officials to reach out to the people.

Endeavour should be to rectify the shortcomings and the lacunas based on ones experience and legality, he said. Taking strong exception of the complaints raised by the Block Development Officers and the panchayat leaders regarding non-cooperative attitude and non-disbursement of loan component, the DC directed all the Branch Managers of the district to attend to the SGSY schemes on priority.

Project Director Dagbom Riba elaborated on the draft Annual Action Plan under Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana (SGSY), Mahatma Gandhi-National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MG-NREGA), Indra Awaas Yojana (IAY) & Up gradation, Integrated Wasteland Management Programme (IWMP ), District Rural Development Agency (Admin) and Sate Building Plan for the year 2010-11. Besides the statutory members of the line departments, all the Zilla Parishad Members and Anchal Chairpersons of the district attended the meeting.

However, the large scale absence of SBI Branch Managers posted in the district was felt as their absence in a meeting of this magnitude leads to communication gap and procedural delay adversely affecting the implementation of the various rural development programmes meant for the upliftment and self employment of the rural poor. Nevertheless, the lone Branch Manager of the SBI Bomdila Branch present in the meeting assured the house of conveying the message to his counterparts and for doing the needful in earnest. DIPRO



Panchayat leaders unhappy with  implementation of RGGVY

ITANAGAR, June 18: ZPM 15-Payum Anchal Samithi Taken Yasing, ASM Chairperson Takut Yaying and ASM Yasur Tachung in a complaint letter to Chief Engineer, Department of Power appealed him to verify the work done under Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Vidyuthikaran Yojna in Payum circle.

They alleged that many electricity poles under Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Vidyuthikaran Yojna at Payum circle have been erected in a very simple, temporary way and without cement base. As a result, many poles have already been collapsed and in tilting condition. Moreover, the wires to supports the poles were tighten in a tree.

It appealed the concerned authority to empower the PRIs for verification of the completion reports and work for the proper implementation of the scheme in the area.


Geo-Enpro Day observed

MLA urges students to pursue technical courses

KHARSANG, June 18: Geo-Enpro Petroleum Ltd as social obligation has contributed to the economic and social development of the area, said local MLA Kamlong Mossang while attending the Foundation Day of the company as chief guest yesterday.

The company over the years has provided employment and contract work in department of civil to the local populace.

Geo-Enpro has always given preference to locals having the right educational qualifications in group A and B categories.

Mossang further added that water, electricity, road construction, school and medical needs of the people have also been fulfilled by the company.

On the occasion, he called on the people to give more importance to quality education of their children. With Coal and thermal plants on the pipeline, its important for the youths seeking employment to have the required qualifications.

He urged the children to look beyond simple graduation and go for professional and technical courses.

Use of alcohol, drugs, opium besides other harmful chews like gutkas, cigarettes etc by youths should be strictly checked and stopped in the grass-root level, the MLA said. He urged upon the GBs present to work towards this endeavor besides focusing on quality education of children in the village level.

The Goan Burahs (GBs) of Kharsang circle were also felicitated by the chief guest.

Changlang District Zilla Parishad chairperson J Jugli, Geo-Enpro Senior Vice president Suresh Batra, CO Miao, CO Kharsang, GBs, public leaders were also present on the occasion.

The foundation day celebration saw dance performances by professional troupes from Assam and Nagaland, host of supermodels and beauty queens from various parts of the north east walk the ramp in Assam silk and well known designer’s garments.

The evening ended with the rocking performance by M-Sonic, a well know band from Assam who have performed at various national events.


One lakh fish seedlings  distributed

ITANAGAR, June  18: A Fish Seedlings Distribution Ceremony under GOI-UNDP CCF-II project entitled “Biodiversity conservation through community based natural resource management in Arunachal Pradesh” has been organized by G.B. Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment and Development (GBPIHED), Itanagar in collaboration Nature Care and Disaster Management Society (NCADMS), Ziro today. Altogether 120 beneficiaries from across the villages of Apatani plateau has been distributed approximately one lakh fish seedlings free of cost to enhance their alternative livelihood option and creating awareness on biodiversity conservation. The programme was attended by more than 135 participants including BMC members and beneficiaries.

Hibu Tadii, Divisional Forest Officer, Hapoli Forest Division was the chief guest of the programme. He strongly advocated that the biodiversity conservation is an essential component for the future survival of mankind and therefore, it is need of hour to protect and conserve our valuable bioresources through sustainable harvesting and conservation.

The aged old cultural of conservation of Apatani’s should be maintained for the betterment of coming generation. He laud the work initiated by GBPIHED and NCADMS towards biodiversity conservation by creating alternative livelihood options such as fishery, piggery, cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plant species.

Rubu Buker, Chairman, NCADMS briefed the main objectives of the programme and the valuable work initiated by the organisation towards conservation of biological cited the example of ex-situ conservation of Taxus wallichiana, Illicuim grifithii, Acorus calamus, etc. He also highlighted the importance of conservation of socio-culturally valued faunal species such as Schizotorax sp., Orange-bellied Himalayan squirrel, etc.

Shri Mihin Dollo, Programme Manager of the GBPIHED briefing the participants about the role of Institute towards research and developmental activities in Indian Himalayan region. Further, he highlighted the objectives of the GOI-UNDP CCF-II project towards, creating alternative livelihood option for the local communities not only in Apatani plateau but also in West Kameng and Tawang districts particularly in Tawang-West Kameng proposed Biosphere reserve. He appealed the participants to pass the massage of biodiversity conservation to every individual for the betterment of future generation.

Shri Mudang Chailyang, Secretary of Biodiversity Management Committee (BMC) of Hong villages highlighted the activity initiated by the member of BMC towards creating awareness on biodiversity conservation within the jurisdiction of Hong village. He reported that hunting of wild animal is reducing over the period of time to awareness massage and placing of notice boards in and around the village.

Miss Maamang Tamuk, SRF of GBPIHED has thanks all the participants especially Shri Hibu Tadii, DFO, Ziro for sparing his valuable time. She appealed all the participants and executive members of BMC of 15 villages to cooperate the activities of the organizations in future to come for the successful implementation of the project activities.


No compulsion to accept other party MLAs, says former  Cong MLAs

ITANAGAR, June 18: Former MLAs Takam Sorang, Balo Raja and ex-minister Naresh Glow have protested against reported attempt to join  or  accept PPA MLAs  in INC.

In a letter to the All India Congress Committee President Sonia Gandhi, the  senior Congress leaders of the state said move to accept the other party MLAs  will be quite detrimental to the dedicated and sincere party workers who are selflessly working for the party for last many years. They further said, INC Govt in the state is very healthy and stable. There is no political compulsion to accept other political party MLAs, the letter added.


BBYK appreciates district admn.

PASIGHAT, June 18: The Bogong Banggo Yameng Kebang (BBYK) Pasighat, in a press release appreciated the various initiatives undertaken by the district administration in the district and expressed solidarity with the Deputy Commissioner Onit Panyang in all his endeavors to improve the district in all aspects.

The organization conveyed satisfaction on the current law and order situation, cleanliness drive, land management and for monitoring Health and educational institution in the district and welcomes the training being imparted to the Gaon Buras and officers.

The organization further stated that it has no opinion to offer on the current burning issue “Siang Dam” until the complete DPR is prepared and presented by the concerned agencies. While expressing consensus about the apprehension of the people likely to be affected by the project,  the BBYK urged the JPPL as well as the government to address the problem immediately and appealed the people not to resort to violence in the name of democratic protest. DIPRO


Step of open SBI branch lauded

ITANAGAR, June 18: Chayangtajo MLA Karya Bagang appreciated CM Dorjee Khandu, Finance Minister Setong Sena, distinguished Govt. officers and SBI management committee for considering her request for opening a SBI branch at her Constituency for the greater interest of the public.

She also welcomed the decision taken by SLBC for establishment of new bank branches in Arunachal Pradesh and appreciated the steps taken by the SBI management committee.


Union calls for adequate supply of medicines in Dibang Valley

ITANAGAR, June 18: All Arunachal Homoeopathic Students’ Union appealed the Director NRHM, and Director Health Services, Naharlagun to provide adequate medicine and medical facilities in Dibang Valley District immediately to avert any occurrence of epidemic in the area.

It further extending support to AAPSU and AIMSU, appealed the central government to alleviate the grim situation, and appealed the state government to announce special economic packages for Dibang Valley District.

Meanwhile, the union appealed the NRHM, Director to reserve 100% quota for APST candidate and follow the RR norms while recruiting Homeopathic Doctor.


Road Safety awareness prog

ITANAGAR, June 18: As many as 23 drivers from 20 various government departments were given defensive and safe driving techniques through power point presentation in a day-long programme on safe driving organized by Road Safety Cell PHQ here today.

Detailed instructions were also given to the participating drivers on enforcement aspects and traffic guidelines.

Inspector KVG Pillai of Road Safety Cell along with the Road Safety education team demonstrated the list of road accidents, number of persons killed and injured and other statistics in respect of Arunachal Pradesh, traffic education and defensive driving techniques through power-point presentations.

Constable Take Sorang and Constable Sarfuddin demonstrated hand signals to the participants.

During interaction session, the participants urged Traffic Cell to punish those who recklessly drive, especially motorcycle riders.

The training programme was organized as part of the traffic awareness campaign launched by Home Minister under the initiative of Robin Hibu, DIGP (Traffic), Road Safety Cell PHQ.


AKA’s initiatives

ITANAGAR, June 18: Karate to become part of school curriculum from this year, according Arunachal Karate Association (AKA).

AKA has decided to introduce Karate in schools within this year, AKA general secretary Langkung Marik said in a release without giving details. He further said that an AOP was submitted to the authorities concerned.

Likha Tara, who was retained president of AKA in its general body meeting cum election today, assured his service for further development of the sport and also expressed his desire to produce more and more karatekas of international repute. He informed that AKA will launch its own website very soon where informations related to karate would be available.

Other new office bearers of AKA are Sensei SD Sharma, Director Technical cum Treasurer, Sensei Tai Hipik, VP HQ, Naharlagun, Sensei Yarda Niki, VP West Zone, Sensei Dr. Marle Ette, VP East Zone, Sensei Langkung Karik, Gen. Secy.


Operation saves child eye miraculously

PASIGHAT, June 18: Kaling Tamin whose eye was pierced with a two and half inches long bamboo stick was miraculously saved after a complicated eye surgery done by Dr. Y. Ringu Darang and anesthetist Dr. K. Borang.

Kaling the nine years old boy of Rani village was brought to the General Hospital on June 14 evening last and release form the hospital today. DIPRO


RTE provisions violated, complains ARASU

ITANAGAR, June 18: The provisions given under Right To Education (RTE) Act, have been reportedly violated by various schools under Raga area.

Under the Right to Education Act, children in the age group 6 to 14 years should get free education up to class 8. But, the same provision has been violated by various schools in Raga area by charging admission fee from students of class I to VIII, claimed All Raga Area Students’ Union (ARASU), in a release. It also alleged mis-utilization of the computers provided by the government to various schools by some school authorities and non-implementation of Mid-Day Meal schemes in various schools.

ARASU appealed to the authorities concerned to look into the matters for betterment of the education system.

Meanwhile, ARASU demanded the authority of Subansiri hydel project to construct the HOP office within Raga area, provide ‘C’ and ‘D’ grade jobs as well as supply and construction works like buildings and roads to project affected local people.

ARASU also appealed to the BSNL authority to complete the erection of the mobile tower at Boasimla at the earliest for better telecommunication.

Meanwhile, the students union decided to organize the proposed educational awareness tour in the month of July instead of June 15 to 20.


DCC expresses dissatisfaction over road renovation works

ITANAGAR, June 18: District Congress Committee (I), Upper Siang District expressed dissatisfaction over the present re-carpeting roadworks in Yingkiong Township being undertaken by PWD.

The DCC said that sub-standard materials are being use in the construction, stone and boulders are collected from Siang river bank and are directly used by the department without any processing instead of following the standard practice of re-carpeting norms.

It is very surprising to note that the present work has been allocated under the SPA but the work is yet to be sanctioned, DCC VP claimed in a release.

It further alleged that the work is being carried-out without any proper supervision by the engineers of the concerned department. As a result, the quality of the work has been greatly compromised.

The competent authority should initiate strict action against the persons responsible for it after thorough enquiry, the release added.


ABKLSU calls for speedy development

ITANAGAR, June 18: All Bameng Khenewa and Lada Students’ Union (ABKLSU)  conducted a 10-day long 3rd general campaign  to take stock of the developmental activities and education scenario of their area from May 28 to June 6 last.  The awareness campaign covers many areas including East Bameng, Khenewa CO HQ and Pakke camp, Paksha camp of West Bameng, Lada CO HQ and concluded at Bameng EAC HQ.

After the awareness visit, the Union expressed concern over the poor education scenario in their area. The Union said the Govt Middle School, Londa is run by only two SSA teachers and there are no Maths and Science teachers. On the other hand Govt Middle School Khenewa has only four SSA teachers. It also demanded regular teachers including Maths and Science teachers in Govt Middle School, Lapung and Govt Middle School Lada.  The union also  resented saying BADP, SPA  schemes are not implemented properly.

While pointing  out road infrastructure, PDS and other development activities such as sanitation, power and water supply and health sector, the union demanded posting of medical staff at Khenewa,  renovation of DG set at Khenewa, systematic supply of PDS, proper implementation of sanitation programme and handing over of Bameng-Lada road to RWD.




Changlang, June 18: All the officers and staffs of DC’s office, Changlang assembled in a condolence meeting on June 17 and expressed their profound sorrow on the sudden and premature demise of Hankam Zongsam, Dak Runner of DC’s Office, Changlang who expired on June 16 in the District Hospital, Changlang.



ITANAGAR, June 18: Suraj Tayam and Atung Brah have been selected as Chairman and General Secretary of Tayam-Brah Brothers’ Capital Complex Youth Interim Committee in a meeting held here recently.


MSME computer training

ITANAGAR, June 18: MSME Branch, Itanagar is organising Entrepreneurship Skill Development Programme on basic computer application for the educated unemployed youth at E-Age Solution, Nirjuly from June 26-August 5. The selection will be made on first come first served basis.


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