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June - 06


Chawla rejects experts claim on EVMs' technological vulnerability

ECI consider Arunachal method of poll monitoring

ITANAGAR, June 5: Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Navin B Chawla today dismissed experts claim regarding technological vulnerability of the EVMs for possible manipulation and said the commission is satisfied about its foolproof working.

The Commission's confidence in the efficacy of the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) has been fortified by the judgements of various courts and the views of technical experts,'' Chawla told a press conference here this afternoon.

Chawla's reaction came in reply to a question regarding a recent report by experts from Hyderabad and the US on possible technological vulnerability of EVMs.

He said the Commission would, however, consider all the points raised and apprehensions expressed recently by various political leaders and individuals regarding EVMs and take all necessary measures to clear doubts about use of EVMs in elections.

Noting that the Commission came across reports regarding technological vulnerability of the EVMs for possible manipulation, the CEC referred to the Karnataka High Court hailing the EVMs as ''a national pride''.

Observing that an analogy was drawn to electronic voting systems adopted in various foreign countries and their experience with electronic voting, the CEC said the Commission has, in the past, provided opportunities to the complainants to prove their points on the alleged vulnerability of EVM.

So far, no one has been able to demonstrate to the Commission that EVM can be manipulated, he added.

Chawla, however, claimed that the recent reports on possible EVM tampering were based on look alike machines but not that of the Commission. ''Our machines are tamper-proof,'' he said.

Meanwhile, He further informed that the Election Commission of India (EC) is likely to replicate the innovative idea of live feed of polling process through the internet demonstrated by Arunachal Pradesh during 2009 Parliamentary and Assembly polls.

''There have been lots of examples of innovation regarding best election practices by young officers and the Commission is going to use this example of Arunachal Pradesh as a model for the whole country,'' Chawla added.

Young IAS officers Ankur Garg and Swati Sharma have shown the way of live feed of polling through internet during the 2009 Parliamentary and Assembly polls in the state.

They were Deputy Commissioners of Tirap and West Kameng respectively when they came up with the innovative ideas which is most likely to be adopted by the ECI.

While live feed of polling was done in 13 hypersensitive polling stations of Tirap district out of total 163, the webcast was done in three polling stations in West Kameng out of 32.

Chawla informed that the commission would adopt the process during the ensuing assembly elections in Assam and West Bengal next year depending on the need.

''The cost effective mechanism will involve cost of Rs 15,000 per polling station, which is much less than present poll related expenditure,'' Garg, who gave a powerpoint presentation.

Garg is presently serving as the state's Planning Secretary and Secretary to Governor.

''The system of webcast not only helps in keeping a complete check on the poll proceedings, it also check rowdy elements who are likely to disrupt poll proceedings. If any miscreants will try to destroy a stationary video camera installed at a polling station, the live feed would immediately relay the photo of the trouble-maker on the Internet and this would act as a greater deterrent,''  Garg added. UNI



Tree plantation and cleanliness drive marks World Environment Day celebrations

Gen Singh calls for pollution free world

ITANAGAR, June 5: Arunachal Pradesh today joined the rest of the world in celebrating the World Environment Day with various programes.

In his continuous endeavour to protect the forest and revive the green cover of the state, Arunachal Pradesh Governor Gen JJ Singh also took part in the World Environment Day celebration at CRPF Hq, Senki View, here today. Chief Election Commissioner Navin B Chawla, who is on a two-day visit to the state, joined the campaign by taking part in the plantation programme along with the Governor.

Interacting with the green campaigners on the day, Gen Singh suggested ways and means to protect earth from deforestation and pollution. He urged upon the people, especially the children to inculcate good environmental friendly habits. Creating a new, environment-friendly future is a daunting task, but in reality, small steps by many people will change the world and protect our treasured natural vegetation, Gen Singh added.

Appreciating the district administration for banning random use of plastics, Gen Singh, who have been crusading against it said, the problem of plastic wastes was acute here two years ago but it has been reduced to a great extend after ban on use of plastic bags was imposed and shopkeepers were fined. Governor said, solid waste management has been launched here and organized rag pickers with proper identity cards will come regularly at every doorstep to collect segregated non-biodegradable solid wastes and recyclable wastes. Chawla, who also spoke on the occasion, urged the district administration to replicate the practice in plastic waste disposal experienced in Madurai district of Tamil Nadu.

More then eight hundred seedlings from eleven species, including Bohera, Bokul, Jamun, Bogi Poma, Camper, Arjun, Lali Poma and Gold mohar were planted on the day. Students from different schools, security personnel, NGOs including North East Development Welfare Society enthusiastically took part in it.

Later the Chief Election Commissioner visited the Bamboo Processing Centre, Poma, 32 kilometer from the State capital. The Center is the brain child of Gen JJ Singh, who initiated it as pilot project in order to provide financial empowerment to the rural populace.  Chawla was very impressed by the project and saw the working of the centre, where mostly rural women are running the show. PRO to Raj Bhawan

Arunachal Pradesh Youth Congress organised a seminar at its  office for students and also conducted cleanliness drive and sapling plantation at it office premises today.

Vice President APYC Shilley Sonam appealed the people to work for the protection of the environment degradation and advised the students and APYC office bearers to plant trees and urged them to not to use plastic bags.

General Secretary APYC RN Lalum and Vice President APYC Tadar Niglar also discouraging use of plastic bags appealed the people to use dustbin.

Research Planning and Development Board of India an Itanagar based firm also observed the world environment day at Museum colony and Abotani colony office.

The project manager Tabom Tamut appealed the people to follow clean and green programme and practice conservation for healthy and sustainable environment.

Director RPDBI also spoke on the occasion.

Environment Protection Society (EPS), Tawang also celebrated the Day with the theme “Save Environment save future”.

The Society members distributed around 1000 saplings free to the residents of Tawang town to mark the occasion. The members also conducted a post plantation drive to ensure that the trees planted earlier also grow up with its full strength.

District Forest Range officer Dorjee Gyaltsen extended all possible support to the Society in their noble cause.

Meanwhile, the All Tawang District Students’ Union and the Tawang District Youth Congress jointly celebrated the World Environment Day today.

The programme began with mass cleanliness drive in and around the Yid-Ga-Chhoezin a prominent public place. This was followed by a plantation drive.

ATDSU vice president Jampa Tsering while appreciating the  DYC president and  other members  for their whole hearted support to the  noble cause,  called upon the  youth to be united and work always for the betterment of the society.

The members of Prem Nagar Colony Welfare Committee, Naharlagun also planted around 100 tree saplings  at Logun river bank to prevent soil erosion on the occasion. The AAPSU executive members also join the celebration, the Committee said.  The Environment Protection Society of Arunachal Pradesh extended logistic support to the committee in this regard.


Life outside the comforts of Arunachal

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, June 5: As thousands of Arunachalee students are readying themselves to pursue higher study in various parts of India, they should be well prepared for cultural shock that they are going to encounter in every step outside the state. There will be many people who will misunderstand them as Chinese, Japanese even Nepali. And the biggest shock would be when one bumps up with those people who question the very existence of Arunachal Pradesh in the Indian union.

These geographically handicapped fellow citizens become constant source of irritation in the first few days of college life. I still vividly remember it was year 2003 when I first landed in Mysore city for my graduation. For the first few months I almost felt like am in a foreign shore. Beginning with hiccup for getting admission, I faced so much of hassle and almost got agitated with the attitude of people there. When you walk pass the road, there will be people yelling at you - Chinki, Chinese and what not?  Initially it was tough to swallow and many times I ended having a go at those fellows.

But the most irritating part is when your own classmates start doubting your Indian identity. At Mysore, in my journalism department, there was a guy from North-Karnataka with whom I struck friendship in my first day. He introduced himself and then asked me, “Are you from Thaliand or Hongkong?” I replied, “Am an Indian and I belong to state of Arunachal.” He told me that he had never heard about Arunachal, though he boasted of securing 80 marks in Geography subject during his class 12 exam.

Gradually we started hanging out together but even after three months of knowing each other he used to ask me stupid questions like does Arunachal belong to China, have you meet Jackie Chan and many more. One fine day I got fed up with his questions and answered,” Yes I go to Hongkong, Beijing and Shanghai every week and Jackie’s son is a good friend of mine.” Guess what, he believed my words and went on to tell every one in college that am a friend of Jackie Chan’s son. And for some days I was mobbed by many students of my college asking me about Jackie Chan’s family. Besides such funny aspect, there are some serious issues which bother Arunachalee students when they first land in big cities. A friend of mine recalling his experience at Delhi tells, “There was a Arunachalee boy who had just arrived in Delhi. He was travelling in auto and somewhere stopped for a second to make a phone call from public booth. Innocently he left luggage in auto and within no second auto driver vanished from there taking away everything.”

Such kind of incidents dent the confidence of new students. Many of them return back home having not able to adapt to the new culture.

A student based in Chennai shares his thoughts, “Initially I had tough time adjusting to life there. First of all Chennai is so hot and when you walk around in road every sort of people make comments on us. At first it was really tough but slowly I got used to it.”

Coming from a small state like ours, Arunachalee students usually get awe-struck by metropolitan lifestyle when they first arrive in big cities. This immensely affects the academic side of students and hampers their progress. Despite all these odds, it is a fact that Arunachalee students are considerably respected for their moral ethos in most of the popular universities of India. Our seniors have laid strong foundation in the past and it has been passed on from one generation to another. Hope, the students aspiring higher studies outside the state will kiss the zenith of success as proud Indians.


NCP question Govt’s numerous policies and programmes

ITANAGAR, June 5: Expressing grave concern on the reckless and secret signing of 117 MOAs, the NCP has decided to continue pressing of thorough review of all anti Arunachalee MOAs. According to party, the Government has no legal or moral authority to mortgage all the major basins to private power companies for 40 (forty) years without the prior informed consent of the public of the affected areas. Terming the contents of MOAs as complete wholesale deal between Government and the Corporate world, the party demanded for healthy discussion on the consequences on the whole issues.

It further called for complete review of state rehabilitation and resettlement policy  2008 as well as major amendment on state Hydro power Policy 2008. According to NCP, both the major policy decisions were not evolved out of healthy public debate but prepared in consultation with power companies. The party further warned that the acquisition of land by invoking provisions of act of 1894 cannot be in the name of public interest rather it should be treated as companies commercial interest Continuing party’s demand for issue of white paper on absence of AOP 2009 and 2010 the party’s RTI Cell revealed total revenue collection of 1203.83 Crores for the year 2009-10, from 43 Govt. department excluding Power Department which had collected a whooping Rs. 1150.06 crores, as being processing fee and up front payment as on 29th April 2010. The grants in aid received under head of account- 1601 during 2009-2010 was a staggering Rs. 3548.63 crores, while numerous loan taken under the head of account -6003 (NABARD, REC, LIC, GIC, NSSF, NCDC, OPEN MARKET BORROWING) etc was more than 400 crores. Besides the routine annual plan allocation for the year 2009-10 were to the tune of Rs. 2000 crores. When the above statistical facts are on record for everyone to see, the explanation on the part of the govt. to push everything on CoSAAP payment  and conduct of MP and Assembly Election is nothing but an act of befooling the public and the Govt. itself, it said. The party further pointed out that more powerful states including some in North East such as Assam which got 27% hike and Manipur got 28% hike, Arunachal despite being poorest in HRD indices and being most sensitive border state could manage only 19% hike as its annual plan allocation for the year 2010-11. Asking the Govt. to admit all its acts of omissions and commissions and issue immediately the white paper on absence of AOP 2009 and 2010 and further warned of an open public movement for lack of transparency and accountability in use of tax payer’s money.

Among others, other issues of the party include Tirap and Changlang, Chakma-Hajong refugee , border disputes with Assam, lack of transparency in executing major project in the state, conversion of SPA and BADP fund into another MLA LAD funds, failure of the Govt. to get ADB and WB funds for Arunachal, complete devolution of financial powers to all three tiers of Panchayati Raj, separation of judiciary from executive, opening up of traditional trade routes with China, Bhutan and Burma to the State, initiating for transparent and people friendly execution of Greenfield and other Major Mega Project.

Meanwhile, week long NCP Foundation Day will be celebrated in the Party Head Quarter Office from June 10-16. The celebration will highlight the achievement of party in implementing the manifesto of the party and completion of the 12th Years of NCP.


Tuki stresses on implementation of projects with quality

ITANAGAR, June 5: A coordination committee meeting of all head of departments, elected panchayat leaders and senior leaders of Sagalee was held at Sagalee on June 2 last.

The meeting presided over by Sagalee ADC Obang Dai discussed about the achievement and developments of the area and also new proposals to be taken up during the current financial year. Addressing the meeting PWD and UD Minister Nabam Tuki appealed to all the govt. officers and panchayat leaders to work hard for the welfare of the people and ensure implementation of schemes on time.

The minister, however, warned all the working agencies to maintain quality of works in all the projects. Laxity on the part of any one in implementing the projects will be brought to book and those found working hard and sincerely for the welfare of the people without any vested interest will be rewarded suitably, the minister said.

While exhorting the panchayat leaders to look after the welfare of the people, supervise and coordinate all schemes/ projects, Tuki   sought cooperation of one and all  in implementation of Centrally Sponsored Schemes,  such as NREGA, SSA,  NRHM, ICDS, Bharat Nirman, RGGY effectively for the benefit of poor and downtrodden people of the society.  Further, he also requested all the government officers to remain in their respective posting place and work tirelessly for the welfare of the people.


ITBP hands out 1.60 lakh fish seedlings

Madhurjya Doley

KIMIN, Jun 5: Fruit saplings and fish seedlings were distributed among 60 BPL families of Kimin and its adjoining villages by 10th Indo Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) based at Kimin under its Civic Action and Border Area Development Programme (BADP) here today.

A total of 1.60 lakh fish seedlings were distributed among 22 beneficiaries and 1650 fruit (Orange) saplings among 38 beneficiaries of Kimin, Durpang, Bello, Tadar Apa, Upper Jumi and Lower Jumi, Kakoi, Tani Hapa, Shanti Nagar, Hawa Camp, Sher and Model villages.

Rajesh Kumar Tomar, Commandant 10th ITBP Force said that the main motto of distributing those items was to raise the economic status of those families to be become economically self reliant. He urged them for maximum utilization of such welfare schemes of ITBP for their own benefit. Otherwise, the money invested by Centre and their all initiative will go in vain, he said.

A six days trekking expedition from Daporijo to Limeking, Upper Subansiri would also be conducted from June 14-19 next by ITBP jawans to create awareness among people about Education, Health, HIV/AIDS, the commandant informed. The team would halt at various places and organize health camps and distribute study materials to students during the six day trip.

It is worth mentioning here that, ITBP, through its welfare schemes under civic action programme, has been reaching out to the people inhabiting the border belt. It has been regularly organizing health and educational awareness camps in various remote places in Arunachal Pradesh for the last many years.

Presently ITBP is deployed on border guarding duties from Karakoram Pass in Ladakh to Diphu La in Arunachal Pradesh covering 3488 km of India-China Border.


Roing get slight respite


ROING, June 5: The 750 KW phase-I and 500 KW phase-II Deopani mini hydel project were restored temporarily yesterday bringing respite to the Roing people who are facing power disruption since April 18 last.  

The restoration was possible with involvement of the labourers from PHED, E&M and private organisations. The elephants were also pressed into service.

“Three major landslides in the channel at different points were the main obstacle. Moreover the location of channel at 218 metres steep height and many more unseen difficulties thwarted speedy restoration work,” said L Loyi JE hydro civil.

“Right from the day one of the break down of the channel,  we pressed both men and material  in service leading to liabilities amounting in lakhs at market.  The authority concerned has to look into this backlog at the earliest”, informed  O Apum AE hydro civil.

Though the power crisis is restored partially, the department officials did not rule out its breakdown in case of heavy rain. Owing to its precarious landscape, the channel and its intake point need massive patch up. However, inadequate fund is the main hindrance to give permanent shape of this plant.  


Cricket craze grips snow capped Tawang

Jambey Tsering

Amazingly, the very busy market of Tawang wore a deserted look for around 2 hours every day for last one month. When enquired about the uncommon happening, I was told that every body had gone to field. Anxious about the strange development, I too heeded towards the Yid Gah Choezin ground to find out what exactly was going on. To my dismay, I found a mammoth gathering cheering for their favourite team. It was a Cricket tournament going on and the tournament was named as Tawang Premier League, the one after the popular Indian Premier League. Thousands of onlookers surrounded the field that echoed in the serene Tawang.

Tawang had always been in limelight for one or other reasons. The mesmerizing scenic beauty, the 400 years old majestic Gaden Namgyal Lhatse Monastery and the hospitable people have been attracting tourists to this Last Shangrila on earth round the year. What more the tourist could anticipate when they are offered a free show of Cricket in the height of 10000 ft above the sea level. While they shiver in the chilling cold, the bold and energetic youths of the district brave the piercing cold to entertain the people.

 As many as 12 teams participated in the TPL organized by the Kemetang Youth Upliftment Society. The tourney which started on May 12 last concluded on Thursday after Lumla Royals clinched the title after defeating SSB Cricket 11 by a margin of 7 runs only. After having batted first Lumla Royals set a target of 108 runs while SSB 11 got all out in 101.

Lumla MLA Jambey Tashi who had graced the valedictory function as chief guest exhorted the youths to promote sports in the region. While appreciating the organizing committee, Jambey said that such tourney in regular intervals will undoubtedly search rare talents and provide them platform to excel in the field.  

The most attractive part of the entire tourney - a special team by the name the “Bulls” stole the show. Peculiarity of this mind blowing team was that all the players were huge weighing above 80 Kg. The team led by Tenzin Monpa however could not make it through the final and crashed in the semi-finals against Lumla Royals. When contacted with a member of the Bulls team Dorjee Wangchu, I came to learn an interesting feature of the team. Wangchu revealed that the admissibility criterion of Bulls team was that one should be having the waist size above 34 inches and weight should be above 80 Kgs. When this team landed in the field, naturally huge crowd assembled to watch the show. The team showed a clear message that the age and obesity is no bar when it comes to sports.

The spirit of sportsmanship was in the air throughout the month due to the cricket tourney. The learned and elder people further suggested for such recreation in regular intervals.


APCU decries manhandling of Warden

Seppa, June 5: The Arunachal Pradesh Catholic Union has alleged that Fr. Boniface Dhanwar, the Hostel Warden of St. Joseph’s Hostel Seppa was beaten up on June 2. The incident allegedly happened when one of the guardians approached the warden for re-admission of a student in the hostel. Since there was no accommodation available in the hostel Fr. Boniface declined the request for hostel admission.

After denial of admission, the guardian turned violent and assaulted Fr. Boniface and manhandled him very badly, said APCU.

It demanded stringent action on the culprit and take necessary action to curb such incidents in the future.


National soccer coaching camp

ITANAGAR, June 5: The 11 days national level women’s football coaching camp which was organized by Women’s Football Federation of India under the banner of Eastern Social Development Society, concluded at Wakro, Lohit district on May 30 last, according to a delayed report received here today.

Six states, namely Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand and host Arunachal Pradesh took part in the camp. The concluding day function was attended by Lohit DC RK Sharma.


Social service to renovate school infrastructure

ITANAGAR, June 5: A two-day mass social service was organized for renovation and repairing of the existing School, Hostel building  of Donyi Polo Mission School, Sagalee on June 1 and 2.

Besides the PWD and UD Minister Nabam Tuki, public leaders, panchayat leaders, Govt. officers and general public of the area participated in a 2-day social service programme. The social service programme will continue upto June 15 till completion of renovation, repairing of the buildings and its restoration.


IIPC seeks military intervention in Dibang Valley

ITANAGAR, June 5:  The Idu Indigenous Peoples Council (IIPC) expressed appreciation on Govt’s commitment to 9 additional ration sorties and Rs 5 lakhs worth life saving drugs for Dibang Valley.

We do appreciate reliefs from govt, but the need of the hour is declaring emergency in the event of failure of Govt machineries. The military intervention is the only respite for our people in Dibang Valley, the council said.

The council also appreciated Tayor Jempen, DC Anini and his officers and staffs who  have persistently been with the people of Dibang Valley during the crisis.  

 However, IIPC said that these relief measures are temporary and inadequate. Given the inclement weather which is likely to continue for another three months, such temporary relief does not succour to sufferings of our people,  Council  said and appealed  to state Govt for military intervention in Dibang Valley to provide relief to the people.



Social service

ITANAGAR, June 5:  The Panchayat leaders, senior citizens and NGO representatives, youth and public conducted a social service on De-Dollo to Leporiang CRF road on May 31 last.  IXth Leporiang Anchal Samity chairperson Nabam Tara lauded the Leporiang Market Welfare Committee and circle administration for making the social service a grand success.


Society appeals

ITANAGAR, June 5: Kameng and Tawang District Development Society in a letter highlighting the grievance of Dr. Rajendra Ashram School, Rupa West Kameng District run under the banner of Bharatiya Adhim Jati Sevak Sang appealed the Chief Minister and the Education Minister to grant adequate funds for renovation and extention of the school.

The school with  450 students belonging to backward families of  West Kameng and Tawang Districts is facing problems because of lack of teacher’s quarter, school building, boys and girls hostel and school boundary.



ITANAGAR, June 5: Theravada Buddhist Society of capital has expressed deep shock over sudden demise of their founder chairman Yan Tikhak. The members have offered their condolences to the bereaved family of late Tikhak and prayed for eternal peace of his soul.  

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