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March - 14


CM takes refuge in ‘misinterpretation’ saga, while Org calls for withdrawal of Anti Arunachal statement

ITANAGAR, Mar 13: Reacting to a news item with the heading “Chief Minister should respect freedom of ex-pression: ACR” in today’s edition of this daily, the Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu has clarified that he has no right nor did he ever intended to curb the freedom of ex-pression or Right to live for people in the state.

“During the press conference held on March 11 last, I made it very clear that if the local people of the area does not want any hydro electric project to come up in their area, no project would come up”, he said.

“My statement was totally misinterpreted as I said anti hydro projects protestors are acting on the political motivation which is an anti development in Arunachal Pradesh and not at all in the interest of the state ”, Khandu further added.

However this daily would like to clarify that during the Press Conference, the Chief Minister did say that Anti dams were anti Arunachal. He had also said that if the people did not want, there would be no projects.

“Government is never in favour of forceful displacement of project affected families if the R R Package is not acceptable to them. But swaying away on political pressure with vested interest will not be tolerated because the actual affected families have come to me expressing their support to hydro electric project in their area”, Khandu disclosed.

“Moreover, hydro power projects in itself does not mean that it would be having dams. In fact the majority of the projects awarded are on Run of the River (RoR) projects with no or negligible submergence of habitational, agricultural or forest land. There are very few projects involving construction of regular dam with submergence of large area. As such the apprehensions which are flouted is a misconception and being exploited by politically vested interests. People should be careful of elements that provide incomplete and wrong information about Hydro Electric Projects as it is not at all pro-bono-publico”, Khandu said. (PRO TO CM)

Meanwhile Ojing Tasing, a former AAPSU general Secretary and  Up-Stream Project Affected Area has reacted strongly to the Chief Minister’s statement and has called for its withdrawal. We expect mature leadership from him, instead of making provocative statement, he said. Terming the youths and elders as ‘Anti-Arunachal’ is an insult to the sacrifices made by our ancestors.

Up-Stream Project Affected Area had spearheaded the anti power project dharna at Pasighat recently against the 1600MW Lower Siang project.

If the Chief Minister is genuinely concern then he must visit the affected villages and address the affected people, he added.

“There are more than 300 houses that would get affected in villages like Bodak, Rottung, Pangi, Sisen, Kebang, Yeksi, Lokpang, Tarak, Jini, Boleng, Lileng, Parong, Sitang, Riga, Geku, Rasing, Komsing and others. These are the same villages wherein Arunachal became part of freedom movement against mighty British Empire. Our fathers and fore-fathers were the only Arunachalees who sacrificed their lives during freedom movement of India.

Therefore, it is surprising that despite knowing our historical background, Chief Minister decided to call us ‘Anti-Arunachal’ and we are deeply hurt by such irresponsible statement of Chief Minister.

We thought current Chief Minister, unlike previous Chief Ministers, would bring openness & transparency in handling public grievances but the current govt like all its predecessors, have behaved undemocratically and signed MoAs and MoUs left-right and centre. How could democratically elected government decide unilaterally without seeking public consent on mega dam? On top of it, how could Chief Minister term a democratic movement of dam-affected Arunachalee people as anti-Arunachal?, he further said. Any thinking person would endorse that when 1600 MW dam is constructed how is it possible that only one village and only 47 houses would get affected, he added reacting to CM’s statement that only 47 houses would be affected. Reacting to Orat Panyang’s change in stand from being an vehement opponent to the construction of the project, to a pro project, Tasing said it is heartening that “he left us in the beginning of the movement. His malafide intention has been made known by himself in his press release wherein he has demanded for monetary support from GoAP to support his new launched organisation, Project Affected Land Owner Committee (PALOC)’.  Rest of his demands too are confined to his own Pongging village. Panyang cannot sell/ bargain for his own village in the name of rest of villages that are to be affected, he said.


Streamlining of Education sector need of the hour: Siram

Consultation on State Education Bill gets underway

ITANAGAR, Mar 13: The two-day Consultation meeting on the Arunachal Pradesh Education Bill, 2010 got underway today  at Banquet hall with the first sitting held with the Parliamentary Secretaries and Legislators to seek their suggestions and consent before introducing it in the ensuing budget session of the Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly scheduled from March 18 next.

Education Minister Bosiram Siram informed that the State Education bill is a principal legislation on the State education policy.  This would be followed by subordinate legislations in subsequent sessions incorporating various other aspects of education including transfer and posting policy.

Siram said that the department has been facing many difficulties because of much loopholes arising due to lack of a clear cut policy on education, adding that streamlining the entire education system has become the need of the hour as it is a permanent investment for the all round development of the state.

He said that the Bill was considered necessary to visualize tri-polar process viz – teacher, taught and curriculum as well as to provide for the planned development of educational institutions, inculcation of healthy educational practices, maintenance and improvement in the standard of education and better organization, discipline and control over educational institutions in the state with a view to fostering the harmonious development of the mental and physical faculties of students, besides cultivating a scientific and secular outlook through education. He further informed that the bill does not require any concurrence from the Finance department as it has no financial involvement and was being thoroughly discussed in the cabinet under the chairmanship of the state chief minister including school uniform dress code for government schools, renewal of school fee structures and re designation of ADEOs to BEOs (Block Education Officers).The Education Bill which proposed to have a well defined mechanism on education system would provide complete transparency and accountability in the education process in the state right from elementary to higher & technical education level, the Education Minister informed.

The bill also have separate sections of Arunachal Pradesh College and other institutions in  Higher Education( Establishment & Regulations) bill and Arunachal Pradesh State Council for Technical Education bill and incorporated various aspects including regulation of education in various streams.  

Earlier, Commissioner Education Hage Khoda informed that the consultation meet was to apprise the legislators and senior department officers about the various provisions of the Education bill before it is placed in the state assembly for enactment.

Briefing the education scenario of the state since its inception period, Khoda said that the bill will make a lot of difference in the education sector as it holds the key to socio-economic development of the state.

Altogether twelve Parliamentary Secretaries and Legislators, besides senior officers of both School Education and Higher & Technical Education attended the meeting.

The next day meeting is proposed to be held with various Students Organizations and other stakeholders for suggestions to give final shape to the bill before it is placed on the floor of the house of the State Assembly.  (DIPR)


New pictorial health warnings of tobacco products on the roll

ITANAGAR, Mar 13: Civil society groups and public health advocates have welcomed the ministry of health & family welfare’s latest notification issued on 5th March, on new pictorial health warnings of tobacco products, which would be coming into force from 1st June throughout the country. As per the latest notification, both smoking forms of tobacco and smokeless forms will carry a picture of a cancer struck mouth which depicts the lethal consequence of using tobacco. The new warnings are stronger in comparison to the warnings currently being displayed on tobacco products, which have proved to be ineffective and did not perform the crucial role of informing users and thereby saving lives.

The new pictorial health warning has been field tested by the Voluntary Health Association of India (VHAI) and Healis in rural and urban settings across eight States, including Arunachal Pradesh. Ripin Taba, Project Director of VHAI Project Khusi, Itanagar led the sample study in Arunachal. Both qualitative and quantitative studies were conducted by VHAI in Arunachal with adequate sample size in each category. The selected notified warning was rated by 98% respondents, of the States, as the most effective and appropriate in conveying the dangers of tobacco consumption.

Alok Mukhopadhyay, Chief Executive of VHAI stated “by selecting evidence based graphic health warning, Govt. of India has taken the right decision since the warning will effectively communicate the risks of tobacco use especially to the children, adolescents and users with low literacy level.”

The decision of notifying new pictorial health warnings fully comply with the current law. Section 7 of COTPA - Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products (Prohibition of Advertisement and Regulation of Trade and Commerce, Production, Supply and Distribution) Act 2003 lays down the mandate of displaying specified health warnings including a picture on all tobacco products. It says that no trade of tobacco products shall be carried out unless the tobacco products bear specified health warnings as prescribed by the rules. The rules notified on July 5, 2006 and on March 15, 2008 under section 7 specify that these specified health warnings shall be rotated every 12 months or earlier as may be decided by the Central Government.


CM assured to look into our demands: AAPHWS

ITANAGAR, Mar 13: All Arunachal Pradesh Handicapped Welfare Society, in a release, said that State Chief Minister has assured to look into various demands of the society, including the demand for setting up a colony for the handicapped.

The CM gave this assurance in response to a six-point memorandum submitted to him by a delegation of the society, which met the former at his official residence today, the release claimed.

The society alleged that disabled/handicapped people in the state are being deprived of various  government sponsored welfare schemes meant for them. Construction of a vocational training centre within capital complex for  adult, disabled and unemployed youth was another main demand of the memorandum.


Umbrey determined to revamp education sector in his district


ROING,  Mar 13: True to his election commitment to revamp the education sector in Lower Dibang Valley district, MLA Laeta Umbrey allocated an amount of Rs 1.50 crore from Special Plan Assistance (SPA) fund for the infrastructure development of Govt Higher Secondary School, Roing during his whirlwind tour to   various schools of the district recently.

While interacting with the students and teachers of the school, Umbrey hoped that development of infrastructure including extension of classrooms would help improve the quality of teaching.

While inspecting the Balek Middle School, the MLA said, teachers should work hard with sincerity and dedication to improve the education scenario. The teachers should be the role model for the students who are the future citizens of the state and country, he added.

Responding to the grievances submitted by the chairmen of the village level committees of respective school, the MLA assured to look into the basic amenities like electricity, water supply to the schools from MLALAD fund. However, he said major grievances will be taken up on priority basis for redressal during ensuing financial year. Tanyong Tatak DDSE who also accompanied  the MLA during  the tour had made an earnest appeal to the teachers to devote their maximum time in teaching.

The DDSE also warned of serious action against those teachers found irregular in their duty.  During his recent tour the MLA covered Balek, Abango, Injeno, Koronu, Delo, Arongo, Abali and Iduli schools.


Hoping more in the era of development

Ranjit Sinha

Not only the media persons but the people of the state have been exposing maturity since recent past in comparison to those days where many promising and upcoming journalists had had to maintain low profile as they found no space to speak loud but go with the time.      

During mid 90’s the situation was such that unlike the young scribes of today’s internet age, the journalists had to give up their precious time just rewriting the press releases (except some rare cases) that too with only abuses as reward.

And more surprising in store was that the Press releases reached at newspaper offices almost after a fortnight of particular event from far-flung districts. Media persons gracefully entertained those valuable pieces considering the communication tailback.

Apparently that phase was over after the arrival of mobile service and internet bringing the people closer in early 2000.

However, grievances were, are and will always be there so long there is no remarkable efforts at sight to reduce the huge gap between the have and have not’s.   

Few months ago a social activist actively involved in the promotion of indigenous culture of the state wanted to see the media persons themselves descend in districts and rural areas to witness the implementation of developmental projects.

Such suggestions in favour of and resentment against ‘capital centric’ media are in expected line to perform its duty as watchdog as more development activities seemed to be in the pipelines given the happy-go mood of the Centre.

On the other hand, men in power should also be ready to face the harsh comment/criticism as people’s grievances/criticism can not be ruled out in future too since the development are being carried out for the people by the people’s representatives.

Now the people of this state are anxiously waiting the education bill for visible development in education sector.

 What matters most is the execution of the proposed  four-lane road projects in the state capital along with proper town planning and  introduction of municipal board.

Will the ensuing Assembly session  spare some time to have a look at  the status of capital four-lane  road project ?


Karbak calls for involvement of youth

ITANAGAR, Mar 13: The Donyi-Polo Govt College Kamki celebrated the Pre-Mopin festival with enthusiasm on March 10 last.

All India Youth Congress general secretary Nyamar Karbak,  the chief guest of the festival, called upon the upcoming educated youths to take interest in political activities for nation’s development

Karbak further said students should be more sincere to their study in this age of cut-throat competition. Moreover, endeavour should be made from all quarter to ensure quality education, he said.

The guest of honour was the Galo Student’s Union (GSU) president Gokar Basar.


Mushroom training

ITANAGAR,  Mar 13: Mushroom training was conducted at Yagrung village here at e-village knowledge centre today  by college of Horticulture and Forestry, Pasighat under extension programme to promote oyster mushroom cultivation.

Dean, Dr V.K.Mishra inaugurated the mushroom training programme and said Pasighat will be called as mushroom city of north east as the region has a potential to cultivate oyster mushroom.

Dr.P.Raja Assistant Professor and its team demonstrated the oyster mushroom cultivation programme using locally available material such as bamboo, thokopatha and paddy straw to more than 50 the villagers.

He also narrated the identification skills of edible and poisonous mushroom with specimens.

Yagrung village being the rice-growing belt in the region will use the paddy straw for mushroom cultivation during off-season.


Training on micro-finance, SHG and gram panchayat

ITANAGAR, Mar 13: The two days training for implementation of HDR programmes on micro-finance and Self Help Groups (SHG), being organized by Essomi foundation trust, Roing in collaboration with Seppa LAMP held at circuit house concluded today.  The programme was being sponsored by RCS under ICDP.

Speaking on the occasion, East Kameng ADC, Mige Kamki, stated that SHGs have a multipurpose task to perform. “No work should be distinguished on the basis of degree of importance. All works are equally important provided the concern person has social commitments to the organization-be it an SHGs, other NGOs and govt. organization,” Kamki said while urging the trainees to work sincerely for the better promotion of the organization.

He further informed that the main objectives of formation of SHG is purely to uplift the status of the rural women by undertaking income generating activities thereby improve their living condition.

District Planning Officer, Vijay Sonam, urged trainees to make good use of the knowledge they will gain during the two days training. Further he also appealed the organizers to conduct such kind of training again, so that the trainees could be thorough about all the intricacies involved in the formation of the groups and its further promotion.

Program Coordinator, T. Thongdok informed that main objective of the training is to identify and asses various SHGs in the district and to form new groups in the district where it does not exist.

Assistant Director, SIRD, Lika Kiran Kabak and Elliza Boro from Mahila Shakti Kendra, Balipara dwelt on all the matters pertaining to the SHGs as a resource person. As many as 45 participants from Bomdila, Tawang and Seppa district attended the training.

On the other hand the training on the empowerment of the Gram Panchayat also concluded in the same day at Kameng Hall, Seppa. The training was being organized by SIRD with support from District Administration. Assistant Director, SIRD, Lika Kiran Kabak, who coordinates the training, informed that training was held in order to empower Gram Panchayat and that every scheme should be discussed and proposed in the Gram Panchayat meeting and should be submitted to their immediate higher level for further perusal. She also urged the members to conduct meeting on a regular interval.

As many as 50 members were present on the concluding valedictory day. DIPRO


Kurung Kumey ZPMs submit memo to CM

ITANAGAR, Mar 13: The Zilla Parishad members of Kurung Kumey district has appealed to the chief minister to issue clear instruction to all the departments of the district do the needful so that the panchayat leaders perform their duties, especially under the 29 subjects for  development without hindrance.

Four ZPMs of the district in a joint memorandum to CM alleged that MLA of Palin and Tali assembly constituencies are superseding the Panchayat leaders and  denying the devolution of power to panchayats.

The  Chief Minister assured to direct all the departments on delegated power to the panchayat leaders, the ZPMs claimed in a release.

However, the ZPMs said they appreciated the rest two MLAs for encouraging the panchayat leaders to take up developmental activities.


NCP appointments

ITANAGAR, Mar 13: NCP, national unit has approved the appointment of Ngurang Pinch as President of Nationalist Congress Party Arunachal Pradesh along with 6 vice presidents, 6 general secretaries and Kenrik Ette Moyong as president NCP Mahila wing, James Techi Tara as President, NCP Youth Wing and Taba Taku as president, NCP student congress wing respectively.


Art of Living workshop

ITANAGAR, Mar 13: An Art of Living workshop will be held in  Itanagar from March 16. The six-day course will be held at the Art  of Living Centre. Christened “Health Through Breath”, the centrepiece of the Art of Living  course is the Sudarshan Kriya, an innovative breathing technique designed  by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.


Dree festival

ITANAGAR, Mar 12: Tage Tado and Er Narang Gumbo have been selected as president and secretary of the Capital Complex Dree Festival Committee in a meeting  today.


Society to carry welfare activities

ITANAGAR, Mar 13: North East Development Welfare Society (NEDWS) has decided to carry out a hosts of welfare activities like health camps, seminar on agri-horti, training on  handloom and textiles for SHGs. in various places of Arunachal Pradesh. It was decided in a meeting of NEDWS held here.

While an eye camp is tentatively fixed during May at Mebo under East Siang, seminar on Agri-Horti would be organized in East Kameng and West Siang districts. It has also decided to organize social services in the entire state, especially in backwards areas.

Meanwhile, NEDWS sought cooperation and necessary permission from the state government to carry out these activities.


ATSU find supporters

ITANAGAR, Mar 13: Panchayat leaders and general public of Yachuli Anchal Samity Block Ziro-II extended support to the demand made by Arunachal Tribal Students’ Union for extension of Capital Complex, Satellite Township, DIGP Office and Divisional Commissioner (West) at Yachuli. This information was given by ZPM Yachuli Anchal Samity Block in a press release.


Moderate intensity quake hits NE

Shillong: An earthquake of moderate intensity shook several parts of Northeastern region including Itanagar Guwahati, Shillong. The tremors, measuring 5.6 on the Richter scale, occurred at 4.50 am hrs with its epicentre at latitude 23.0 degree north and longitude 94.5 degree east on the Indo-Myanmar border region of Manipur, about 300 km from the Central Seismological Observatory (CSO) at Upper Shillong.

According to CSO officials, the quake was felt across the Northeastern region.

However, there was no report of loss of life and property or anyone being injured from anywhere, the officials added.

Arunachal lies in zone five of the seismic map, making the state highly susceptible to earthquakes.


Mopin celebration

ITANAGAR: Parliamentary Secretary, Industry Nabum Rebia and Commissioner, RWD and RD Tape Bagra have consented to attend the Naharlagun Mopin celebration as chief guest and guest of honour at Directorate of Art and Culture ground, Naharlgun on April 5.


EDP on Biotechnology

ITANAGAR: The department of Biotechnology, government of India in association with Biotech Consortium India Limited, New Delhi and Arunachal Pradesh State Council for Science and Technology is organizing entrepreneurship development programme (EDP) on Biotechnology at Science centre, IG Park, Itanagar from March 17-20.

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