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March - 17


Business community down their

shutters for a second day

APCC calls for foolproof security while NCP and BJP questions govt

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Mar 16: For second consecutive day’s traders of capital complex down their shutters in protest against killing of fellow trader Rajendra Choudhary on early Monday morning.  While majority of shops in Itanagar re-opened on Tuesday, Naharlagun town witnessed complete shutdown followed by a mass rally of traders mostly comprising of migrant businessmen across the Naharlagun Township accompanied by slogan shouting.

In some places they even forced shop keepers to close their shops. With the shops remaining closed, it was general public who suffered a lot and their patience seems to be weaning out.

“Our sympathy goes out to the members of trading community in particular family of late Rajendra Choudhary. But closing of shops and harassing general public won’t help their cause,” told Tarak Eha, spokesperson APPDSU and a resident of Naharlagun. He further added, “No doubt that law and order scenario in capital complex is deteriorating and business community should pressurize government and not hassle ordinary citizen by closing shops.”

Another resident of Naharlagun town, Subrojit Mondal, a central governmnet employee also believes closing of shops won’t help the cause of traders. “I have been posted in various sensitive areas of the country beforehand and often witnessed closure of shops because of some unfortunate incidents. In such situation both business community and ordinary citizens suffer,” said Subrojit.

There was also minor traffic jam when agitating traders assembled on road leading to office of deputy commissioner. “I was driving towards Itanagar and when I reached Takar complex, I was greeted with heavy jam as traders gathered near the entrance of DC office. It was sad to see tradesman behaving like that as normally they are considered to be most well mannered group,” said another resident. He further told that such act may create gap between business community and ordinary citizens.  

With business communities in agitating mood, citizens of capital complex have to gear up for more trouble in coming days if Naharlagun murder case is not solved at the earliest.  

ATNS adds, Arunachal  Pradesh Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu has assured the people particularly the business community of the state capital that the state government would leave no stone unturned to nab the culprits behind the heinous killing of trader Rajendra Chaudhury. The state police and the para-military forces have been put in job round the clock to trace the whereabouts of the miscreants, he said.

Terming the whole incident as very unfortunate, Khandu has severely condemned the cowardice act of the unidentified miscreants.

Meanwhile, Khandu has conveyed his heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family members, reports PRO to CM.

Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee has called on the Director General of Police to intensify patrolling in the Capital Region. Condemning the barbaric murder of a trader Rajendra Chaudhury yesterday in Naharlagun by four unidentified gunmen, Party said that security apparatus in Capital Region need to be strengthened.

The party further suggested the hideouts of criminals be searched while adding that all driving licenses and documents be thoroughly checked. While urging the Police department to stop using siren during night patrolling, the party said that use of siren at night is been instrumental in alerting the criminals to flee from scene of occurrence.

The party had word of praise for Police department and brickbats for Judiciary. It said that Police is doing all it could but due to weak judiciary, criminals are being given bail easily while adding that it is easy to blame Police but it is not the police that awards punishment to criminal, it said. Meanwhile it urged the legal fraternity to join hands with the police and the judiciary and not to help criminals to obtain bails easily.  Meanwhile the Police have formed for a special taskforce to nab the culprits involved in the murder of the trader.

NCP has demanded a white paper on action taken to contain crime in the state after the killing of the trader. Decrying Police department for inaction, the party said that killing has created fear psychosis in the minds of people. Its general Secretary Takio Tarak in a statement further demanded review of security arrangement and reshuffling of Police department in entire capital region. It said that officers and other staffer who have exceeded three year tenure should be transferred out of the region.

Meanwhile, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Arunachal  Pradesh condemned the brutal murder and  demanded personal intervention of the  Chief Minister to bring the culprits to book at the earliest.

Criticizing the ruling government for ‘sheer lawlessness in the state’, the state BJP spokesperson Tai Tagak said  the recent increase in  criminal incidents has exposed the loopholes in the security system. The government should take prompt measures to improve the law and order situation of  Arunachal Pradesh which once known as Island of  Peace, the BJP said. While condemning the brutal murder of the businessman at Naharlagun yesterday All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) general secretary Tujum Poyom appealed to the authorities concerned to bring the culprit to book immediately and punish as per law.

Secretary, Ziro Chamber of Commerce Tailang Sambyo has condemned the murder. Speaking to ATNS, he said that government must nab the culprit at the earliest and exemplary punishment meted out.  While supporting the call of Arunachal Chamber of Commerce demands, it said that better security should be provided to the people of the state, particularly the business community.


Citizens have to play a vital role to prevent spread of HIV/AIDS: Byaling

ITANAGAR, Mar 16: One day advocacy program for mainstreaming HIV/AIDS with faith based organization of Arunachal Pradesh was held on Tuesday at Administrative Training Institute, Naharlagun.

Present on the occasion were Health and Family welfare Tanga Byaling, Director of Health Service Dr. T. Basar, Phungreiso Varu communications officer, NACO-NERO and many other officials and participants from various religious organizations.

Expressing his concern over the increasing numbers of the HIV/ HIV affected persons in the state, Family and Health Minister, Tanga Byaling said that every person has to play a vital role to prevent the spread of the HIV/AIDS by creating right awareness.

Further he said faith based organizations could contribute a lot in creating awareness among the people staying in every nook and corner of the state as they reach to the unreachable and appealed them to promote awareness with full dedication and support. He also suggested that the secondary and higher secondary students should be targeted as they can teach and talk to their parents and friends openly about danger of HIV. In his address Dr. Basar told the gathering that prevention is the best way to protect one self from HIV/AIDS. “It is responsibility of every citizen of this state to stop menace of HIV from spreading. From department side we will take required steps but participations of citizen is must for program to get success,” told Dr. Basar.

People from various religious believers including Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, Hindu and indigenous faith believer took part in the program.  An interactive session was held where in participants and resource persons engaged in discussion about ways to fight the menace of HIV/AIDS. The session was facilitated by Dr. Riken Rina.



State highlight investment opportunities to visiting official

ITANAGAR, Mar 16: In an effort to attract British investment in the state, the Department of Industries in collaboration with Trade & Commerce, Geology & Mining, Textile & Handicrafts, Fisheries and Tourism had a meeting with the visiting British Deputy High Commissioner Sanjay Wadvani.

Wadvani, said there are fewer British company investing in Eastern India as compared to the rest of India. His purpose of visit is to improve the trading relationship between UK and Arunachal Pradesh and also promote Vocational Education.

While speaking on the occasion, Nabam Rebia brought out some insight of the potential of the State and thanked the British High Commissioner for taking out his time to visit Arunachal Pradesh and hoped that he will bring in some investors in future. A power point presentation showing the investment potential of Arunachal Pradesh was presented by Subu Tabin, Joint Director, Industry. Industrial policy, thrust area, development of infrastructure, trading license, the state fiscal incentives, the enterprise and skill development, incentives under NEIIPP were highlighted chapter wise.

Attending the meeting were representatives of Arunachal Chamber of Commerce and Industries. (DIPR)


No job even after issue of appointment letters

ITANAGAR, Mar 16: Even as days have turned into months, expert appointees of PMU/PIU under JNNURM are still running from pillar to post for getting employed. It was in the month of August 2009 that they were issued joining letter by department of urban development (UD) but till now none of them have been absorbed in job.

It is to be noted that Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu had assured to bring an end to their agony when these expert appointees had submitted a memorandum on 25th January explaining their grievances. It seems that was the last time they had heard anything regarding the matter from state government. Since then these expert appointees had gone on to contact mission directorate, JNNURM, Government of India, New Delhi informing them of their sad status. As usual directorate too assured them to look into their matter but nothing concrete have happened till now.

In a press release these expert appointees claimed that off late they have been informed by state government that finance department is unable to allocate fund for their salaries, on the other hand, they further informed, salary components for experts under ministry of housing and urban poverty alleviation has been released by central govt and has been fully concurred for first six months along with approval from state UD minister and Chief secretary.

Salaries of these expert appointees selected under UD department is reimbursable from the central government, the appointees informed.

PMU/PIU expert appealed to state government, particularly finance department to release funds, so that they can start working soon and contribute to the development of state. They also requested various student bodies and Unemployed Arunachalee Engineer’s Association (UAEA) to help them in their fight for justice.


Police raids former AAPSU Gen Secy Ojing Tasing’s house

Ojing Tayeng

ITANAGAR, Mar 16: The private residence of former General Secretary of All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union, Ojing Tasing was allegedly raided last night at around 2300 hrs at D sector, Itanagar by Police Personnel. There is no complaint lodged against him in the police station and there was no warrant for search.

Tasing made headlines recently when he led Lower Siang Anti-Dam movement at Pasighat.  

When contacted over telephone, Ojing said that two policemen entered his bedroom where he was sleeping with his wife and children and searched the whole house.  

Police denies that the house was raided. A search operation was carried out in the housing complex as the police suspected that some criminals were hiding in the area. The police maintain that the police had gone back from the entrance after being told that the house was Ojing’s. But what is surprising is the timing of the “raid”.

Meanwhile, All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) general secretary Tujum Poyom, who rushed to its advisor’s residence after the incident last night, condemned the raid and termed it as intimidation. “It is very unfortunate on the part of the government to engage its machineries in such unlawful activities”, he added.


Let them have the last words  

Tongam Rina

More than anyone else, Arunachalees long to be self reliant.  We all feel that it’s about time instead of depending on centre for all our needs; we exploit resources available with us. Though there are many options, we look at power projects in the state as ultimate savior to get us out of our financial miseries.

After all, we are sitting on power potential worth more than 50,000 MW!

Now, the debate is not whether we should harness power potential of the state. The debate is how big. But we would hear none of it. As long as we are self reliant, forget about seismological threats, displacements of indigenous communities, submergence of forest and community land. We will dismiss all these as unfounded fear! We would dub whoever raises any question on the future of state vis-à-vis power projects, as Anti Arunachal. Chances are we might be booked under National Security Act for daring to say that we don’t need such big projects generating 3000-4000 MW.

Cajoling and coercion are generously used where ever there is word of protest against these projects. The project proponents would do anything to ensure that it’s a smooth sailing.  Citizens would recall that the Prime Minister of India Dr Manmohan Singh who also held the Ministry of environment and Forest laid the foundation stone of 3000 MW Dibang project even before it got the environmental clearance from his own ministry.  Protests by students and people of Lower Dibang Valley against the project were systematically ignored.

Going by records, Environmental clearances and other technicalities all are farcical. The powerful power lobby has the ultimate say. If they take fancy to a particular river, a project will come up.  It’s as simple as that.

Most of us are not very concerned about these power projects. It is not because we don’t care but because we don’t know what is happening. By the time, we know, it is time for public hearings. We know what happens at these hearings. Promises of compensation for lost forest, jobs opportunities, contract works, roads and civic amenities.  End of story. For a villager who is deprived of even basic amenities, such allurements are hard to resist. A member of family employed as grade D staff or a small time contractor supplying boulders is enough.

Of the 104 proposed hydro projects, several of them are Run-of the-River, which the government says will have less submergence of land and displacement. Citizens would like to be further enlightened on these projects as experiences have shown that these have same effects as the projects with big reservoirs and dams.

Environmentalists have already spelt out the cascading effects these projects will have on Arunachal and Assam. But these concerns have been brushed aside as handiwork of few with vested interest.

We don’t have to get into a debate on whether power projects with dams or run of the river are good or bad for the state. But there are few facts we can’t ignore. The Ranganadi project is testimony. Those living on the downstream know what is to live in constant fear.  River goes dry in winters while the summers spell trouble because of floods and landslide.  Aquatic life has vanished; the land around the area is not as fertile as it used to be. Those responsible for Ranganadi hydro power had even issued a circular stating that it is not responsible for eventualities after the release of water from the dam!

An average citizen, yours truly would blame global warming if anything  goes wrong.

One thing that caught the attention of those questioning power projects in the state was the recent alarming statement of Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu dubbing those opposed to power project as anti Arunachal.   

 Whether one likes it or not, in a democratic set up like ours, it is natural that people will express themselves if things are not moving the way it should. More than anyone he should know better. After all he is the same man who came to power with promises of transparency and people’s first policy. One just wishes that people have the last say.


Training on census

Tawang, Mar 16: District level Census Training of House listing and Housing Census, and National Population Register was organized in the Conference Hall of the Tawang Deputy Commissioner.

The training was the first of its kind in the entire Arunachal Pradesh. DC Gamli Padu said that input of census is vital especially in determining the developmental policy formulations, delimitations, seats of Panchayats. He also informed the house that basing on the National Population Register of census GOI has decided to issue i-cards to the Indian citizens.

He requested all the special representatives who have been assigned and appointed to do the census duty to perform their duty sincerely and with missionary zeal and responsibility.

Chandra Bharati, Deputy Director, Directorate of Census, Shillong gave a power point illustration to the members present regarding census and its operation. The developmental aspects and schemes are totally depended on the census as it helps the policy makers to formulate developmental policies and planning, she put in. She called on the officers assigned for census to be cautious and vigilant while performing their duties. (DIPRO)


Training on Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance of DG Sets & Air Compressors

ITANAGAR, Mar 16: Four days training progrmmme for NHPC personnel on Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance of DG Sets & Air Compressors began at North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology (NERIST), Nirjuli, Arunachal Pradesh being conducted jointly by the department of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering began today at Mechanical Engineering Department Seminar Hall.

Inaugurating the programme as Chief Guest Prof. P. K. Das, Dean (Academics) lauded the effort made by the two departments for the first of its kind at NERIST which might be a starting point to upgrade the knowledge of the working professionals in PSU Sector and a humble opportunity to interact with academician with the field problem and to find out suitable measure to solve the problem faced by the working professionals and simultaneously, it is an opportunity to the academicians to transfer the technology from laboratory to field.

More than 20 working professionals from Tawang, Kameng, Subansiri Lower and Dibang project sites of NHPC in Arunachal Pradesh are attending the training programme.

In four days the NHPC personnel would learn many more topics on Maintenance of DG Sets and Air Compressors such as Alternator, Motor, Maintenance Aspects, Maintenance Aspects of Compressors, Mechanical Maintenance of Engines (DG), Electrical Maintenance of DG Set including laboratory practices.



ITANAGAR, Mar 16: APEDA director Er. Marki Loya and Chairman, Arunachal Seva Sangh, Doimukh Rekhi Tana Tara has consented to be the chief guest and guest of honour of the Pre-Mopin celebration at Rajiv Gandhi University on March 19.


GBs call for maintaining customary laws

ITANAGAR, Mar 16: Being the chief of their respective villages and areas, the Gaon Burahs of Arunachal Pradesh yesterday reiterated the need for maintaining the customary laws and preserving Mithun.

All the 56 GBs and HGBs attended the fourth conference cum selection/election of BSGBWA and emphasized the need of preservation of natural resources, including forest lands by discouraging deforestation. The meeting appointed Tapung Tabi and Tabeng Jamoh as the president and general secretary of BSGWA respectively.


Skill Development Training Programme on Woollen Garments & Embroidery

ITANAGAR, Mar 16: As  part of self employment creation and vocational training to the unemployed persons in Arunachal Pradesh, National Youth Project of Arunachal Pradesh started 35 Days Skill Development Training Programme on Woollen Garments & Embroidery started at Police Colony (Ganga), Itanagar on March 15. There are 30 trainees.

During the training period the trainees will visit established entrepreneurs unit at nearby areas and gather knowledge. The best artisans will be awarded Rs. 1000.00 by National Youth Project.

The programme is sponsored by NABARD Arunachal Pradesh and was formally inaugurated by C.R. Khampa, Extra Assistant Commissioner, Itanagar.

He praised NABARD and National Youth Project for conducting such programmes for the women and unemployed youths and he hoped that such programme can change the scenario of the state in terms of employment.

President, National Youth Project H.P. Biswas, assured all support to the trainees and the trainees will be enlisted to the NYP and their product can be marketed through joint venture.


Awareness campaign

ITANAGAR, Mar 16: Kameng and Tawang District Development Society (K&TDDS) is organizing a mass awareness campaign on socio-economic, health and hygiene and education in the month of March and April at the region.


Training on quick detection of malaria

TEZU, Mar 16: Department of Medical, Lohit district conducted training in various places of  district for use of RD Kits for prompt diagnosis of malaria cases. The last session of training concluded at District hospital Tezu yesterday. Doctors from all CHC, PHC and DH Tezu led by District Medical Officer Dr N Ninu imparted training to 236 ASHAs/MPW and medics at Mahadevpur, Namsai, Chowkham and Tezu . The training will benefit the patients and medical department for quick and early detection of malaria cases for its treatments. (DIPRO)


Association calls for repair of bridge

ITANAGAR, Mar 16: Tarasso Circle Youth Association ( T.C.Y.A) has called on the P.W.D Tarasso circle to repair the suspension bridge over Papum river. It informed that the bridge constructed last year is not in  good condition. Association requested the concerned department to repair the bridge within no time as the monsoon session is setting in.


RTI workshop

Changlang, Mar 16: A workshop on Right to Information Act was conducted here. In total 26 members attended the workshop.

K P Singh and T P Sharma, Senior Teachers, Govt Hr Sec School, Changlang were resource persons.

PIOs /APIOs of the departments and Public leaders of the Changlang attended the workshop and discussed various aspects of the provisions under RTI, Act 2005.

All the participants felt that such workshop should be organized from time to time in future also inviting active participation from the public especially Panchayat Members in order to create awareness among the people about empowerment of society through RTI.


Eye camp at Yingkiong

YINGKIONG, Mar 16: A two days Mega eye camp was held from March  11 at District Hospital Yingkiong,Upper Siang by the District Health Society , NPCB, in collaboration with the Society for Health, Education and Rural Upliftment (SHERU).

Dr. Reto Doye Senior Eye specialist, General Hospital, Naharlagun and Dr. Beauty Borang eye specialist, General Hospital, Pasighat attended to the patients.

Around 300 patients from different parts of the district availed the free eye camp. 35 cases of cataract and other minor operations were done in the camp.

MLA Alo Libang who patronized the camp, arranged for stay and transportations of the patients who came from far flung areas of the district. DIPRO


Role of SHGs and Gram Sabha in empowerment of Rural Poor and Women

Likha Kiran Kabak

Government of India having realized the power and potential of self-help group approach in alleviating the poverty has started mobilizing the poor women into self-help groups through SGSY and involving the NGOs and banks. Further it has also realized the fact that the self help group is the right approach to achieve rural development through empowering the rural poor women. The recent studies on development issues, endorsed aptly that the sustainable development can be made possible by making women an equally important partner in the development process. Hence the more stress has been given on the empowerment of women, particularly rural women by our planners. The Self-Help Groups movement in the country made the mission of women empowerment successful in most of the state. Our state is also not behind in this mission. Arunachal Pradesh “Microfinance Vision – 2011” has been set to implement it in a mission mode with the objective of promoting 5000 Women Self Help Groups and link it with bank by 2011. The Department of women and child development has been made as Nodal department to implement the mission. Some dedicated NGOs have made their presence felt by bringing the SHG movement in the State even though it is in nascent stage in comparisons to other successful State. DRDA and Blocks has also formed some groups in these remote areas subject to the availability of fund for subsidy grant. The dawn of entrepreneurship has already entered in the remote of Arunachal Pradesh. Notable factor here is that support services are very poor in supplementing these movements such as skill training, providing raw materials, marketing of products, transportations, connectivity, etc. In absence of these support services the SHGs are limited in thrift and micro credit activities. Economic activities are limited to their inherent talent i.e. handloom and handicrafts and farm based activities. Due to these reasons the SHG movement could not pick up its momentum in the state. SGSY could not also yield expected result owing to various constraints and lack of support from Government Departments and stakeholders of programme.

The most identified role of Self-Help Groups in empowerment of women are: Firstly the Self-Help Groups provide the poor women to access the economic resources like money by enabling women to spend them on productive and consumption needs. Secondly, the Self-Help Groups enable the women to participate in decision-making on economic and financial issue like family income, consumption pattern, rising of loan, sale and mortgage of assets etc. Thirdly, the SHGs enhance the economic and social status of women at family and society level. Fourthly, the groups give the women the opportunities of self development through imparting them education, training and the practical knowledge. Working in the group is an opportunity for women to develop her self esteem and confidence which helps to live dignified life. Fifthly, the Self-help Groups enable the women to participate in socio-political decision-making at local level through their participation in village Gram Sabha, Panchayat meetings, and political activities. Sixthly, the groups change the women from housekeeper to organizer, manager and decision-maker. Women learn skill and ability from the group activities. Last but not the least, the groups change the attitude and outlook of the women. As it brings unity and integrity among the members, it avoids or removes any type of disparities like caste, religion, language, age, etc. It improves general welfare of family and community.

There are many research studies on the success of women self help groups. The achievements are:

a) Women got better education and training to earn more money to supplement their family income.

b) Women were economically empowered to spend money on nutrition, health and education of their children and for themselves.

c) Women found economic and social status improved and they have voice in decision-making at family and village level.

d) Women got better access to credit and higher income

e) Women, to some extent overcome the social evils.

The social and economic status of women is a reliable indicator of the socio-economic empowerment of a society. The often-repeated argument is that women’s development or empowerment is possible only if they are given opportunities to develop freedom and participation in decision-making. The result is reservation for women in Panchayat and occupying 42% of seats in Arunachal. Thanks to the 73rd Amendment Act. They should have access to basic needs of food, education, health services, clean environment and others. In this context, self-help groups have caught up with the momentum of women’s development. In fact women’s self-help groups (SHGs) have become a movement in India. It is considered as the most powerful tools to strengthen the socio-economic development of women through integrated approach. It is treated as a platform to provide an opportunity to its members for overall development through group efforts. There is an exhaustive list of goals to be achieved through self-help programmes such as saving habit, credit for consumption and productive purposes, opportunities for entrepreneurship, functional literacy, developing leadership qualities, gender sensitivity, and awareness about socio-political, legal, economic and cultural issues to the extent of initiating development programs by the women from poverty group.

SIRDA in its efforts to help rural people to achieve atleast few of those goals conducted “Training of Trainers –II on Planning and Implementation of SGSY” under National Training Action Plan sponsored by NIRD, Hyderabad which was concluded on 13th March, 2010 with impressive valedictory function attended by M. Kamki, ADC, Seppa and Vijay Sonam, DPO, Seppa at Circuit House Seppa. M Kamki motivates the participants for strengthening of SHGs for social development of the community. He urged the participants to eradicate the anti social elements and behavior through SHG and form better and strong community. DPO, Seppa has also urged the participants to show the success of five days ToT programme by strengthening and forming new SHGs. He assured the participants for all possible help from his side for the growth of SHGs in the district which is the means for self employment of huge unemployed numbers in the district particularly women.  

Poonam Beyong Doka, Member Donyi Pyalle SHG has said that “Course Director and Eliza Boro opened their eyes by imparting the knowledge on tits bits of SHGs and its role in empowerment of women”. CDPO, Pakke Kessang Tao Paneer while expressing his satisfaction on the training requested SIRD to conduct more such training in the future for benefits of rural community. P K Das, EO(Cr) has suggested SIRD to give more emphasis on exposure visit to different places to enlighten the SHGs.

Three Groups of SHG have been trained in five days programme with District and Block officials. Formation and strengthening of SHGs through micro credit activities and federation of SHG, Records Keeping and Conflict Resolution were dwelt in details by the Course Director of SIRD and Ms Eliza Boro from MASK, Balipara, Assam. One day social mobilization was also carried in Pappu Valley as exposure training under the schedule.  However, on 12th March, the second last day of the programme, SIRD and Essomi Foundation collaborated for sessions of  Ms Eliza in the programme with few more SHGs.

SIRD, Itanagar has also conducted series of programme in East Kameng District during February and March, 2010 on “Orientation Training Programme in Panchayati Raj System in Arunachal Pradesh” at Seppa and Pakke Kessang. Gram Sabha the main pillar of Panchayati Raj System was elaborately explained in the entire series of programme. Until and unless Gram is not conducted by the Gram Chairperson, the whole body of Panchayati Raj Institution would not work and vision of village development through decentralized planning would not be fulfilled. It is very disheartening to learn in the training that still our villagers (participants) are ignorant about basic amenities. When they are asked about their experiences of works most of them shared about porter tract which needs regular maintenance. Why don’t they think that permanent all weather roads can be connected in the village or nearby village? Why don’t they realize that they need health service in nearby their village? Why don’t they realize that they need school and anganwadis with teacher and workers available for atleast 7 hours for their children? Why don’t they realize they need potable water throughout the year? This reminds me of Sagalee programme during 1999 and 2006 for conducting training programmes where I found  the condition of the road worst. Feeling of anger against the leader of that area automatically comes while traveling and obviously started condemning the leaders and public of that area in the vehicle. But this time words of praise and appreciation comes from heart while passing through Sagalee to reach Pakke Kessang (one of the interior village under East Kameng District) to conduct programme over there. Road communication and drainage system of Sagalee has improved tremendously. This is my(outsider’s) observation. I am happy because journey towards Sagalee is a pleasant trip now as contrast to the earlier situation where I used to think twice or thrice before going to Sagalee. I wish entire Arunachal be connected with such all weather roads and make those beautiful breath taking sceneries be exposed to the world.  I wish all the people realize the importance of connectivity first which will automatically lead social and economic development. (The contributor is an Assistant Director with SIRD, Arunachal Pradesh)


Governor inaugurates first Golf Driving Range of the state

Proposal submitted to the Centre for sports infrastructure

ITANAGAR, Mar 16: Arunachal Pradesh Governor Gen J J Singh has inaugurated the first Golf Driving Range of the state in an impressive function today.

This is just the beginning, said  the Governor while making the traditional inaugural tee off of the Golf Driving Range at Sangey Lhaden Sports Academy, Chimpu, here. It is the first tangible step to promote golf in Arunachal Pradesh, he said.

Gen Singh, who have made a world class nine-hole golf course at Raj Bhavan, Itanagar in just eight months, while exhorting the students and others towards the sports said, “I am sure many Arunachalee youth have the potential to be champion at national and international level. I see many Tiger Woods and Jeev Milkha Singh amongst you.”

Former President of Indian Golf Union, Gen Singh gifted two world class golf sets, including a special baby set on the occasion.

Governor congratulated the Secretary Sports and other officials for taking up the challenge to set up the first golf driving range and successfully implementing it.

Speaking on the occasion, Guest of Honour and Parliamentary Secretary for Youth and Sports Affairs Wangki Lowang said, “Let this occasion be the ‘Take Off’ point for many such ranges in different parts of the state. Arunachalees have lots of potential, but due to financial constrains, we have not been able to provide necessary infrastructure and guidance,” he said. Lowang appealed to the State Governor to take up with ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs for some sports activities and infrastructure under special consideration for the State.

Earlier, in his welcome address, State Secretary for Youth and Sports Affairs, DS Pandit said, sports play a big role in building character of the youth. It encourages spirit of competition and team spirit. It brings the best in them, he added.

Sports Secretary informed that the department has already submitted a proposal under Panchayat Yuva Krida aur Khel Abhiyan (PYKKA), in which an amount of 40 crores will be provided by the Union Government in the period of five years for construction of playground, it maintenance, infrastructure and activities in every village Panchayat.

Youth and Sports Affairs Director PR Muzumdar also spoke on the occasion.

Well known golf coach and Golf Professional manager from Delhi, Anand Kumar, who was present in the inaugural function at the request of the Governor, gave finer tips on golf to the students and golf enthusiast on the occasion.  

Parliamentary Secretary for agriculture Rajesh Tacho and MLA Bamang Felix were also graced the occasion along with officials from the Sports department and general public.

The Golf Driving Range is the forth project of initiated by Raj Bhavan after Toy Train project, Gekar Sinyi Lake and Poma Bamboo Processing Centre.

PRO to Governor

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Administration sans administrator !


Dear Editor,

Is Papum Pare district nobody’s child?

The head administrator of the district is out of office since last two months and DC’s office is laying vacant for the want of officers.  Administration without administrator for such a long period is not a healthy sign for  Papum Pare district which is situated at the heart of the state.

In the absence of DC, which is also holding the post of session judge and chief judicial magistrate, the development  has come to a standstill  as the official proceedings related to development works are kept pending. Moreover the citizens are also deprived of legal remedies due to absence of legal proceedings.

The higher authorities should make it clear whether the present DC has been transferred or new DC appointed or present DC is re-appointed. The confused state of affair at the DC office, Yupia is a  mockery.

Adding to the woes, many staff of the DC office, Yupia are remaining absent from duty. Even if they are present in office, they are not maintaining office timing.

Therefore, I, on behalf of the All Papum Pare District Students (APPDSU) do appeal to the authorities concerned and elected representatives to take up the matter.


Tarak Eha








Dear Editor,

The statement issued by Kenyom Dabi ZPM under the caption “Demarcate Govt land under Nari sub-division” and  published in your esteemed daily on  March 13 last,  is unfortunate and there is no iota of truth in relation to Nari township areas.

Till date the land owner of Nari township area have not donated any inch of land to Government, the question of preliminary notification of land in the 1979 therefore does not arise.

My late father and after his death I am the owner of the proposed market area of Nari township area and I have not donated any land to government.

As per law Govt can acquire any land of individual or community, provided they should comply as per provision of land acquisition law. After that the Govt again gives allotment to individual or others if feasible but in no case Govt can allot land to individual without final notification.

In case of Nari township areas no such notification was made till date but land has been allotted to only few selected persons including Kenyom Dabi, ZPM, Nari-Seren, Tako Dabi, Miti Dabi and Kogam Dabi.

The press release issued by Kenyom Dabi is to pressurize the concern department to notify the land immediately in order to overcome legal complexity of their allotted land under Nari township areas as he has got land allotment order in his name and family members.

In fact he himself has stated (in his release) that final notification is yet to be done by the concern department, so the question of land allotment does not arise in his name.

Moreover, I have filed a writ petition in HC, Naharlagun Bench and court ordered to maintain status quo in the matter and the matter is pending disposal in the court.

Therefore, the interference of sub-judice matter amount to interference of judiciary set up of country. Hence it is completely unwarranted and uncalled for.


Gandhi Ronya

S/o Late Mukbom Ronya,

Village Lumpo, Nari

East Siang.




Keep away from mischief mongers


Dear Editor ,

This refers to an SMS from one Mr. Nani Apa requesting financial assistance through relay messages in mobile phones, which is being widely relayed. This message has sent an alarm bell to all members of Nani clan. I have personally verified the fact and came to know, to the best of my knowledge, that none of my clan members has requested for any financial assistance. We have no body, in Delhi, in the name of Nani Apa. Therefore, general public is requested to keep safe distance from such mischief mongers. This is a fit case to be investigated by the concerned authority.


Nani Bath

Rajiv Gandhi University





Kudos to engineers


Dear Editor,

The successful completion of the water supply schemes brings much respite to the people of Jomlo Mobuk circle, particularly of Pangkeng, Pessing and Mongku villages that have been depending upon seasonal natural source of water since last ten years.

Kudos to Er T Angu, executive engineer, Er A Taki, assistant engineer and Er P Nath junion engineer, PHE division, Aalo  for completion of schemes despite all odds. The contractors have also maintained quality while executing the departmental schemes.


Mrs Opung Jerang, ZPM,


West Siang.



Include control system


Dear editor,

Being an alumni of Polytechnic college I would like to request the higher Authorities for the inclusion of “control system” in the polytechnic syllabus as it is vital and without this subject Engineering course is partial for any student.

Also, I have seen in every interview for Junior and assistant Engineer there were the questions from the said subject, and because of the non inclusion of the  subject in the three years DIPLOMA PROGRAM,lots of DIPLOMA HOLDER are facing difficulties in the particular subject in BE progam.


Tatu Ronya (student)                 

PPG  Institute of  


Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu