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March  - 02


Human Rights group call to pursue Autonomous Council demand

Itanagar, Mar 1: The Tirap-Changlang Human Rights Organisation (TCHRO) has urged the elected leaders of the two districts to pursue with the demand for Patkai Autonomous Council (PAC), which has already been passed by the state legislative Assembly.

TCHRO president K Lungphi and General Secretary Tirong Aboh, addressing a press conference here today, lamented that the legislators of these two districts were not doing enough for the development of these backward districts.

''The PAC was passed by the legislative Assembly and it was for the leaders of the districts and the government to pursue with the Centre but very little effort was being made in this regard,'' the TCHRO pointed out.

The TCHRO claimed that the job opportunities for the youths of Tirap and Changlang are very limited due to the lack of development activities and urged the government to provide separate job quota to the educated youths of these backward districts.

It further pointed that the implementation of the Centrally-sponsored schemes has been very negligible as the government officials took undue advantage of the insurgency problem prevailing in the area.

The TCHRO further said that it is a beginning of the movement which would be intensified in the days to come if their demands are not fulfilled. UNI


Deafening silence and Tirap

Tongam Rina

After a report was published in this daily about citizens caught in the ugly turf war between two factions of NSCN, there was an expected phone call, accusing yours truly of being a no good arm chair journalist.

Good or no good, as a journalist, who makes a living reporting, yours truly better write! Tirap, laden with problems which was rather invited from outside, is today in a precarious situation. Respective State governments have been silent after the creation of Department of Tirap and Changlang by fluke. Citizens have no idea what this department is doing or whether funding, if any, is being used at all.

Why are people’s representatives so reluctant to come out in public with problems confronting the district and the solutions taken?  We would want to be reassured.   

Tirap’s problem is not hers alone. It is the problem of the whole state.  

It’s not that Tirap is deprived of any good leaders today. In the forefront is the powerful Speaker of the Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly Wanglin Lowangdong, one of the few well-informed politicians, the entire North east region has today.

While we wait for the leaders to reassure us, one is left flabbergasted at the ways of both factions of NSCN. They have no business to take the whole district to ransom because their greed has crossed all possible limits. Just because they have the gun, they have a say. But more than these bunches of people, who have no ideologies whatsoever, what is frightening is the way centre and state government’s handling of the whole issue.   

What is the exact stand of state govt on Tirap problem? If the govt does not accept Greater Nagalim theory, it is surprising that the ceasefire is being allowed in district.

Caught in the entire jam are the citizens. Its not only the salaried people, even the villagers are extorted. Imagine a situation where your pigs are taken away just to feed a bunch of brainwashed criminals, in the garb of freedom fighters. It’s sickening to even start thinking what they do in the name of a separate country. All for their cause, we sacrifice our pigs!

The Arms Forces Special Power’s Act is in place in the district. But if we go back in time, the Act is applicable on the people, not the happy gun triggering militants.

Security forces are mute witness to torture and killings.

At the most, they are happy organizing surrender ceremonies. Who are these people who surrender?

Apart from the villagers, government officials too are caught in the entire situation. Even though the government has surrendered to the designs of the militants, it is the government employees who are working against all odds. They not only face constant threat and abuse, but they part away with 2 % of their salaries. To make up for the loss, they either indulge in unfair means or don’t remain in station. We can’t force or expect them to be fair, when life itself is at stake.

As one of the friends, posted in Tirap suggested if the govt has indeed surrendered, let the lives of the employees be insured or pay them life risk allowances. Apart from that government should reimburse the employees the 2 % annual tax they pay to ultras.

All said and done, the question remains why ultras have been allowed to regroup, strengthen and embolden over the years. We are told that numbers of security forces have been increased. But for what and who?


Students questions BRO work


ANINI,  Mar 1: Frustrated at the inefficiency of Border Roads Organisation (BRO) in restoration of road communication in Dibang Valley district, the All Idu Mishmi Students Union (AIMSU) in a statement today said, “The failure of BRO will hurt the integrity of the nation.”. “Umpteen times, they promised to make Ambolin bridge motorable, but till today, the bridge is opened only for light motor vehicles. The bridge cannot carry weight of heavier vehicles.”

Expressing lack of trust in BRO, the union said, “Earlier, in Dec 27, 2010, the BRO Director General on its visit to this valley had also promised to clear the road on way to Malinye,”

“But even to this day, it remains cut off from rest of the district.”

Malinye is an ITBP border outpost along Indo-China boundary in Dibang Valley district, which is 55 km from Etalin circle headquarter.

The Ambolin Bridge, known as life line of Anini, took almost one year to get rebuilt. The bridge over Dri River was washed away by heavy monsoon showers on March 18, 2010.

However, within a month of its construction, the bridge built by Border Roads Organization (BRO) reportedly shows signs of faulty construction.

The union has alleged serious flaws in the construction and use of poor quality of materials.  Photographs handed over to this correspondent by the union of the sixty meter Bailey bridge shows the bridge in a precarious condition.

“We had earlier asked for an independent investigation team to assess the quality of work, but to no avail”, said Mihu.

The union wanted to know; why the organization, which is a symbol of nation building and national integration, is now becoming the cause of social chaos and anguish.


Thongchi sworn in as Chief Information Commissioner

ITANAGAR, Mar 1: Former Commissioner Yeshe Dorjee Thongchi was today sworn-in as the State Chief Information Commissioner. Governor JJ Singh administered the oath to Thongchi at the Gandhi Hall of Raj Bhavan.

Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu, Speaker Wanglin Lowangdong, Parliamentary secretaries Phosum Khimhun and Thinghaap Taiju, Chief Secretary Tabom Bam, senior bureaucrats and State Information Commissions were present on the occasion.  

Sahitya Academy Award winning author Thongchi retired from government service on October 31 last.(PRO, Raj Bhavan)


Dept implements 5% reservation for sportsperson

ITANAGAR, Mar 1: The Tax and Excise Department has finally implemented the 5 % service reservation policy for meritorious sportspersons in the state.

According to Arunachal Karate Do Association (AKA), five sportspersons have been recently appointed in various posts in Tax and Excise Department under the reservation policy through direct recruitment process.

AKA thanked Tax and Excise Minister Kalikho Pul, Tax and Excise Secretary TT Gamdik and his sub-ordinate officers, including deputy commissioner Ando Pankam, Joint Commissioner Tani Jonkey for implementing the policy which will immensely benefit the sportspersons in the state.

It may be mentioned here that implementation of sports quota in Tax and Excise Department had been a long-pending demands of sports fraternity in the state.


Population criterion needs to be relaxed’

ITANAGAR, Mar 1: Lack of road connectivity, especially in rural areas, is undoubtedly the major hindrance in development of Arunachal Pradesh. Rural Road Connectivity is not only a key component of Rural Development by promoting access to economic and social services and thereby generating increased agricultural incomes and productive employment opportunities, it is also as a result, a key ingredient in ensuring sustainable poverty reduction. Notwithstanding the efforts made, over the years, at the State and Central levels, through different Programmes, about 40% of the habitations in the country are still not connected by all-weather roads. The percentage would be much higher when it comes to Arunachal Pradesh.

“With a view to redressing the situation, Government of India launched the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) on December 25, 2000 to provide all-weather access to unconnected habitations. PMGSY is a 100% Centrally Sponsored Scheme. 50% of the Cess on High Speed Diesel (HSD) is earmarked for this Programme,” said Bamang Felix, the first time NCP MLA from Nyapin Assembly constituency in Kurung Kumey district.  Incidentally, Kurung Kumey is one of the most backward districts in terms of rural connectivity.

Though PMGSY is in implementation across the state and the Center is pumping in sufficiently enough funds for it, certain criteria for a habitation to be eligible for the scheme has caught Arunachal Pradesh in the back foot.

At the time of its introduction the plan was to connect all unconnected rural habitations in three years (2000-2003) that have a population of above 1000 persons. Hundreds of interior villages of the state lost out on this account. Rural villages in Arunachal Pradesh hardly have a population of that size. In the Tenth Plan period (2007) the population criteria came down to 500 persons. In respect of Hill States including the North-East and the Desert Areas, the objective was to connect habitations with a population of 250 persons and above.

This criterion too made it difficult for interior villages in the state, especially those in districts like Kurung Kumey, avail the scheme and get connected with rest of the country through all-weather roads. There are hundreds of villages with population less than 250. In some places a single household constitutes a village.

Taking this into account Felix took the opportune moment of Nyokum Yullo celebrations to invite Union Minister of State for Rural Development Agatha Sangma to Nyapin and make her acquainted with the ground reality of the hindrances faced by the state government in connecting all unconnected rural habitations.

In a way he even succeeded.

“Kurung Kumey has a very scattered population and most of the habitations are located in difficult and complex terrains. Most of these habitations are not eligible under PMGSY as per present guidelines,” he said speaking to this correspondent.

Therefore, he suggested Sangma, whose Ministry oversees and funds PMGSY schemes, that the population criterion needs to be relaxed, particularly in Arunachal Pradesh. He viewed that in backward districts like Kurung Kumey, the scheme could be implemented in a cluster mode for several villages that lie within a radius of 10 kms.

“My appeal to the Union Minister, who is also a NCP representative, is not only for Nyapin or Kurung Kumey. If the Ministry concedes every district of Arunachal would benefit,” Felix pointed.

He, however, particularly appealed for the Nyapin-Sangram road to Peel, which he claims has a population of more than 250 persons and therefore qualifies for PMGSY. He urged the Union Minister to consider approval of the road in phase-X (ten) of the scheme.

The primary objective of the PMGSY is to provide connectivity, by way of an all-weather road with necessary culverts and cross-drainage structures, which is operable throughout the year. Besides, the scheme, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during his visit to Arunachal Pradesh on January 31, 2008 had announced that 513 small settlements located in far-flung border areas would be connected by all-weather roads under Bharat Nirman.

Felix apprised Sangma that under the PM Package the Union Ministry of Rural Development has so far sanctioned 80 road works for a length of 1125.05 Km to provide connectivity to 283 habitations in 8 border districts of the state. Out of these eight are under progress in Kurung Kumey.

Another concern, towards which the MLA drew attention of the Union Minister, on behalf of the state, was non-release of sanctioned funds by the Center for ongoing projects.

“It is estimated that by 31st March, 2011 the total requirement of funds will be Rs 150 crore. Out of which, Rs 75.00 crore would be for PM package alone. SRRDA is also facing tremendous pressure for making payment to contractors/contacting agencies for the works already completed. The delay in making timely payment will hamper the progress of work which may result in time and cost overrun,” he pointed.

As there is a limited working season of 5 to 6 months in Arunachal Pradesh, he urged Sangma to impress upon her Ministry to release funds to the state government to ensure timely implementation of various projects under PMGSY and PM Package.

Reportedly, the Union Minister, who stayed overnight at Nyapin, creating history in the process, endorsed the cluster-model for implementation of PMGSY. However, she viewed that if villages with few households shifted and joined other similar villages to qualify the population criterion, it would have been lot easier for the central government to provide 100% connectivity to all rural villages of the state.

“She (Sangma) has admitted the difficulties faced by us and assured to take up the matter with concerned authorities in her Ministry. We are keeping our fingers crossed,” Felix said with anticipation.


New ANSU team take charge

ITANAGAR, Mar 1: 21 New Executive Members of All Nyishi Students Union (ANSU) including four women were today sworn in for the Session 2011-14 in a simple yet impressive ceremony here at the ANSU office this evening.

AAPSU President Takam Tatung urging the new executive members to work with team spirit suggested the new team to work out cultural exchange programme with other tribes for communal harmony. Assuring cooperation, Tatung urged them to work out and help in making Pappu Valley in East Kameng District as the next tourist hot-spot.

“ANSU is the breeding ground for leaders and without ANSU, the Nyishi Society could not have been a vibrant society,” said the outgoing ANSU President Nyiglar Veo while talking about the history of ANSU. He also urged the new team to take over the various unfinished work of previous ANSU team.

Newly elected ANSU President, Sikka Gapak while seeking support of the former executive members and the new one said, “let us play our part responsibly in carrying out the real adage of what ANSU was created for.”

It is to be noted that in the recently held election at Seppa, Sikka Gapak, Arjun Panye and Tagru Tame were respectively elected as president, vice-president and general secretary of ANSU.


Rs 5 crore Khadi project for Arunachal

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Mar 1: Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) has in principle has approved a Rs 5 crore project for construction of Khadi plaza to promote khadi and village industries in Arunachal. This was disclosed by Arunachal Pradesh Khadi and Village Industries Board (APKVIB) chairman Jarkar Gamlin while interacting with the media persons at (PMEGP) exhibition venue, I G Park today.

The Khadi Board is now looking for a prime location for the construction of the khadi shopping mall with a capacity of 50 permanent stalls on PMEGP products, Gamlin informed. Highlighting the activities taken by the Board to generate employment opportunities for prospective entrepreneurs and unemployed youths of the state, Gamlin said   the Board has decided to reach out  to rural people to  educate them about the need of Khadi and Village industries to enhance the rural economy and within a short time, the exhibition on PMEGP will be conducted  in Papum Pare and West Siang district.

Regarding achievement of the Board, he disclosed that during 2010-11, the Khadi Board has proposed estimated target of Rs 849.69 lakh margin money against 607 project units. So far an amount of 275.57 lakh margin money has been sanctioned against 416 project units. However, the final achievement figure will emerge after the financial year, he added.

Lauding the state Govt and KVIC for their unwavering support to the activities of the Khadi Board, Gamlin hoped that the exhibition will help the unemployed youths and upcoming entrepreneurs to reinvigorate their self-employment activities in their respective area. The chairman also lauded the media for its pro-active role in disseminating the information about the activities of the Khadi Board to the rural masses.

Addressing the entrepreneurs, APKVIB vice chairman Bado Singhi also lauded the overwhelming response received from entrepreneurs as well  the visitors  to the exhibition. KVIC assistant director A P Chobin also spoke on the occasion.

Earlier, APKVIB chief executive officer Sukamal Deb, the man behind the success of the zonal PMEGP exhibition, highlighted the awareness programme conducted during the 10 days exhibition which include buyer-seller meet, seminar on quality control, packaging and design development, technical session on technology, skill development and deliberation on media role in promoting Khadi and Village industries products.

Deb also showered praises on Khandi Board chairman and vice chairman for their steady and  untiring support in promoting the khadi products and village industries in Arunachal Pradesh.


PMEGP exhibition ends,

Yeli Siram wins best seller award


The 10 days Zonel level Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) exhibition which was organized commemorating the  Silver Jubilee Statehood celebration of Arunachal Pradesh at I G Park here concluded today.  Altogether 67 exhibition stalls including 37 from other North East states were put up by the entrepreneurs and  an amount of Rs 62, 42,860  sale proceedings was recorded till Monday evening. Yeli Siram of Opu Ama Society  recorded highest sale of Rs 9,34,000 and walked away with best seller trophy with a certificate. Hage Puniya of Lower Subansiri Multipurpose Cooperative Society secured the 2nd position  with record sale of Rs 6, 90, 520  while Oju Welfare  Association  secured the 3rd position with total sale proceedings of Rs 3, 76, 155.

The Chief guest of the valedictory function of the PMEGP exhibition gave away the trophy and certificates to the award winners.

An entrepreneur from Guwahati, Dwijen Borali also spoke on the occasion, lauded the scenic beauty of the state and its people for good manner and hospitality.  Borali was all praises for people of the state, particularly women for jealously guarding own tradition by encouraging handicraft activities on indigenous products.


Budget without target and direction: Gao

Prafulla Kaman

RUKSIN, Mar 1:Reacting to the Union Budget, Bharatiya Janata Party national general secretary and former East-Arunachal MP Tapir Gao today said that no specific steps have been taken for the northeast. He said the priority should have been given in education, health sector and infrastructure development for the northeast.

Talking to this reporter, Gao opined that it fails to take specific steps for addressing the regional imbalance.

“The budget is without target and direction and against interest of the people of northeast. The Budget has totally failed to address the special needs of the North Eastern States including Arunachal that are facing hurdle in all round development.”, said Gao.

Stating that the Budget does not reflect the pace of development, the BJP leader also said the Special Central Assistance announced in the Budget is not enough to meet the development needs of the NE state like Arunachal. The allocation of fund meant for infrastructure development to the land locked NE states should be doubled or tripled in amount as the construction works in the hilly areas is comparatively more expensive, he added.

Gao felt that the state of Arunachal, which is located at international border need priority on development of link surface communication. There is a question of national security and economic development through border trade; he said.

He informed that during NDA government rule at the centre, there was budgetary provision for prioritizing the northeast, which the congress-led UPA government has ruined.

Referring to centre’s decision to allocate Rs 30 lakh fund to each Maoist disturbed district of the country, Gao alleged the UPA government is neglecting the insurgency problem of the NE state. Saying that insurgency problem is the main hurdle of development in the region, he blamed the UPA government of neglecting NSCN infested Tirap and Changlang district of Arunachal and hill districts of Assam.

The people of the two disturbed districts, where Special Armed Force Act is on are living with a fear psychosis. But, Dorjee Khandu led state government is not taking any serious step to restore peace in the disturbed areas, he added.  


City police arrest bike lifters

ITANAGAR, Mar 1: Motor Cycle lifter Raizil Haque, S/o Suraj Haque, Laluk, Northlokhimpur, Assam was apprehended by the City Police at Ganga Naka on the night of Feb 27 while getting away with the stolen motorcycle bearing registration No.AR1C/7199.

On questioning, he told the police that the owner of the Motorcycle had asked him to bring the motorcycle home. On further interrogation, it was revealed that the motorcycle was stolen from Akash Deep Market. The police are looking for other collaborators.

In a show of perfect coordination between the police and the public, another motorcycle lifter Jahangir Shiekh of Sinatuli, Northlokhimpur was apprehended red handed with the stolen motorcycle which was lifted from Veterinary Complex Nirjuli.


Road connectivity a priority: Pario

ITANAGAR, Feb 27: Development of road infrastructure in his constituency would be the top most priority agenda of Palin MLA Takam Pario.

Pario, who recently conducted a whirlwind tour of Gangte and Chambang circles said that since road connectivity  holds the key to development, more emphasis would be put on road infrastructure during his tenure as MLA.

Attending a developmental meeting at Chambang on February 22, Pario informed that Rs 11 crore have been sanctioned under NLCPR for construction of road from Chambang to Pha. He told that formation cutting of only 10 km would be done in the first phase and rest will be done in phase wise. He sought cooperation from public for smooth implementation of the scheme. While informing that he has formulated  two formulas for proper and successful implementation of the scheme, Pario urged contractors for judicious utilization of fund.

Earlier, attending a function organized by Mata Bania Welfare Association, Pario called upon Mata Bania people to protect and preserve age-old cultural heritage of their clan.

Yangte ZPM Tarh Talo, who accompanied the MLA during his tour to Chambang, said that Mata and Bania were the two sons of Riba. So they can adopt a single title instead of two, he suggested. He also advised the clan people to choose an eligible leader at Panchayat level, who can work for development. He assured to give Rs. two lakh and 100 CGI sheets for the construction of Chambang community hall.

The MLA visited Techpu and Tugne village under Gangte circle.

Pario attended the Nyokum celebration at Chambang on February 26 as chief guest.

Speaking on the occasion, he appealed everyone to participate the festival spontaneously brushing aside all differences. He appealed, especially younger generation, to preserve the rich cultural heritage of Nyishi for identity.

Meanwhile, the MLA cautioned people not to indulge in such activities which can hamper development process.

Tassar Talo was the guest of honour of the festival celebration.


Two points resolution for NEEPCO

ITANAGAR, Mar 1: All Job Contract Employees Union (AJCEU), KaHEP, NEEPCO organized a meeting on 28th of February at Bhalukpong.  

Meeting was attended by members of All Hrusso Socio-Culture Society (AHSCS), Sajolong Elite Society (SCS), All Hrusso(Aka) Students Union(ARSU) and members of AJCEU.  Meeting was chaired by Govardhan Nimasow, chairman (AHSCS).

During the meeting members of AJCEU highlighted the various problems faced by local employees recruited on contractual basis under Kameng Hydro Electric Porject(KaHEP) by NEEPCO. Employees sought intervention from AHSCS, SCS and ARSU in this regard. Members of AJCEU informed that during a meeting held on 22nd July 2009, NEEPCO authority had assured that 100 posts for group C and D categories will be awarded to local people. Further NEEPCO management had told that entire process would be completed by 31st March 2011 but till date nothing has been done in this regard.

Keeping these in mind, a two point resolution was adopted during the meeting. The first demand includes immediate absorption of present contractual employees of group C & D categories as assured earlier by NEEPCO management.   Failing this AJCEU will launch second phase agitation from 1st to 3rd April in the entire project areas under Kameng Hydro-Electric Project, NEEPCO Ltd.


2 die in protest against proposed power plant

Visakhapatnam: Two persons were killed and five injured when police opened fire to control villagers protesting against setting up of a thermal power plant in Andhra Pradesh's Srikakulam district on Monday.

The situation at the project site where East Coast Energy Pvt Ltd is developing a 2,640 MW Super Critical Coal fired power project in Santhabommali Mandal continues to be tense for the past two days after the policemen disrupted the fast undertook by some fishermen and villagers on Saturday.

Police said they had to open fire on the agitators as a rescue measure when the situation went out of control due to the heavy stone pelting from protestors.

ECEPL said the project received all mandatory and regulatory clearances.

"There are no Relocation & Rehabilitation (R&R) issues with the project. In compliance with NEAA (National Environment Appellate Authority) order, the construction activity for the power plant within the project site is limited to 1317 acres including green belt," the company said.

The key promoter of this company is ATHENA ENERGY VENTURES PVT LTD (AEVPL), the same company which is the key promoter of the 1750 Demwe Lower and the Demwe Upper project in the Lohit river basin in Arunachal Pradesh.


News Impact

Training prog for SHG

ITANAGAR, Mar 1: Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Upper Subansiri organized a day long training programme for the Sorum Women Self Help Group under Rural Development Society, Daporijo, on Feb 28 on Dairy Farming.

In this regard Dr. Bina Saikia Subject Matter Specialist (A.H. & Vety.) spoke in detail on the prospect of Dairy Farming, its need and importance in the district. She delivered her lecture covering all the aspects of Dairy farming from Management to prevention and control of different diseases.

She emphasized that Dairy Farming being a profitable venture can be taken up by the SHG for more profit as need of milk is more and availability is very less.

Paktin Bagbi, President RDS, Daporijo urged the SHG members to take full benefit of the training programme. Around 12 members of the SHG took part in the programme and 3 members from RDS were also present.


Union demands arrests

ITANAGAR, Mar 1: All Papum Poma Students’ Union (APPSU) has demanded immediate arrest of the miscreants who had dismantled the newly constructed teachers’ quarter of Govt Middle School, Kokila under Balijan administrative circle on Feb 26.  

While condemning the incident, the Union said that an FIR has been lodged at Balijan Police station in this regard.

It threatened to call 12-hrs Papum Poma bandh on March 4 in case of failure of the authorities to arrest the persons involved in vandalism within 24 hours.


CYC questions VAS

ITANAGAR, Feb 27: Reacting sharply to the press statement of Volunteer Arunachal Sena (VAS) demanding resignation of Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu on corruption charges, City Youth Congress (CYC) has said that VAS must prove its existence in social and political field  and merit to raise such illegal demand.

A ‘non-existent’ organization like VAS has no right to demand for resignation of the chief minister, CYC said, adding  that mere admittance of SLP by Supreme Court does not mean that the CM should resign  CYC in a release cautioned VAS to refrain from giving such ‘meaningless’ press statement in future.  The demand for resignation of Chief Minister is nothing but it is a political conspiracy of few people with vested interest to unsettle  the Government and tarnish the image of the CM, said National Student’s Union of India (NSUI) Arunachal Pradesh unit. It appealed all not to believe in such rumours but extend cooperation to the Government for speedy development of the state.


Developmental meeting held

ITANAGAR, Mar 01: All Pipsorang Gram Panchayat and Chairperson Welfare Association along with Youth Welfare Association, Pip Sorang conducted area development meeting at Naharlagun today.

The house unanimously resolved to demand the state government to provide Helicopter services from Naharlagun to Pipsorang at least once in a week; they also demand the concerned authorities and Kurung Kumey DC to handover gram chairperson account in every gram panchayat segment for better execution of schemes and assured to support state government and district administration in developmental activities.


Two arrested for robbery

ITANAGAR, Mar 1: Naharlagun Police arrested Kunti Gogoi and Dudu Dwara of Simoluguri, Assam for kidnapping and robbing one Manoj Kr. Rathi of Rs. 10,000/.

The robbed money has been recovered. The accused are Sumo drivers.

The incident happened when Manoj Kr. Rathi asked for a lift. Instead of taking him to his location the duo took the victim to isolated place in Jully and robbed him of Rs.10,000/-.


Prog on PMEGP

ITANAGAR, Mar 1: Career and counselling cell of Dera Natung Government College, Itanagar in collaboration with Arunachal Pradesh Khadi and Village Industry Board is going to organize a career interaction on Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme and on Khadi & Village industries. Programme on 3rd of March in the Library Hall of the college.


Students appeals

ITANAGAR: All Upper Subansiri District Students’ Union appealed the state government to look into the prevailing conditions in Tirap and Changlang districts and also appealed to the AAPSU and civil societies to come forward in this regard.


Puroiks demand

ITANAGAR: All Puroik Welfare Society, East Kameng district unit has urged concerned authorities to detail people belonging to their community who is working in state government departments to carry out census enumeration in Puroik inhabited villages.

Society claim that in the past gross violation took place in enumeration of Puroik community and therefore this time they want people of their community to carry out enumeration work.



ITANAGAR, Mar 01: All Arunachal Pradesh FCI Carriage and Contraction Contractor Association have been formed with Tai Tayu, Gora Talang and Gora Makik as its president, vice president and General Secretary respectively in a meeting held at Itanagar recently.

Tara Techi Tallam and Rai Kabak have been selected as President and General Secretary of newly formed Lower Subansiri District Nyishi Students’ Union in a meeting held at Itanagar today.

All Arunachal Youth Association  (AAYA) has appointed Kin Nanu and Tana Tezee Tara as its Papum Pare district unit president and general secretary respectively.

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Implement it well for the sake of the state

Dear Editor,

The initiative taken by Capital Complex Administration in the developmental work is really appreciable. Eviction work carried out by them led by Additional Magistrate Talo Potom is truly laudable on the face of development. And in the process little hurdle to the public is obvious and the people of Capital Complex have to cooperate with the administration in this respect.

Keeping aside the commendable work of capital administration and its local MLA towards the implementation of the project under JNNURM in Capital Complex, the UD Department on other hand seems, has not done homework properly. Without its monitoring and quality control team (probably 3rd Party), the transparency and quality control claimed by its Deputy Director, Capital, was not convincing.

JNNURM scheme in the state has number of big projects which include major projects like Rs. 209.75 crores for basic urban infrastructure for 18 towns, Rs. 234.05 crores of Urban Development project, Rs. 77.25 crores for Itanagar Water Supply Project, Rs. 45.15 crores for Karsingsa Housing Project under BSUP, Rs. 11.00 crores for scientific solid waste treatment plant at Holongi Road etc. these projects, information of which were also made available to the public through this daily on the occasion of statehood day, are all falls under JNNURM scheme.Which gives the idea about the magnitude of the scheme in the state. Further, let me mention here that the 23 low floor buses as announced every now and then by the Govt. and the concern department is in fact has 12 low floor buses and 7 small  mini buses which also does not match their figure.

I have no intention to jeopardize the image of the department but trying to create an awareness among the people here to know about the scheme that is being carried out in the state.

I appeal the Capital and District Administration of the State to have close watch on the implementation work of the scheme especially in the absence of its monitoring and quality control team which would change the face of the capital and the state as a whole to a great extend, if implemented properly.

Take this appeal as an appeal from all the educated youths of the state who are desperately wanted to see the developed status of the state after pursuing their studies in those developed states of the country.


Reg Tamo

Naharlagun, (on email)



Stick to your job

Dear Editor,

This is regarding the news published in the front page of your daily dated Feb 26 "AAPSU team visits Seba village".

In this regards, I being a former student leader welcome the visit of APPSU team not only to Seba of East Kameng district but they should pay their visit to all the institutions including schools, Colleges and University of the state. They should see where there are no teachers, no school infrastructure and no proper functioning of the schools and colleges.

Visiting a single village and passing comment on developmental activities is not enough. As per my observation, the students’ organization should confine themselves to student’s activities and their role should be for the welfare of the student’s organization of the state.

I want to inform that before I was elected as representative of the area there was no infrastructures development and not to talk about road communication.  But after my election as representative of the area, many thing have come up including road from Seppa -Sagalee to Seba with one steel bridge over river Papu.

The Seba Primary School was upgraded into Middle School, Nere Primary School was upgraded into Middle School with full of infrastructure.

A tourist lodge at Nere village under Papu Valley and a MIP Channels within the area is coming up. Many school and medical and Anganwandi buildings are under consideration within this financial year. CGI sheets are being provided to the people.

After my election as elected representative of the area, many activities are being undertaken. It is duty bound on the elected representative to carry out developmental activities.

I appeal all the organizations including APPSU to concentrate on their own duties as a students organization.

I know better than the younger generation as per experience is concerned. It is surprising to know that a elected representative is seeking intervention of the students for solving the developmental activities. It is shameful and it shows that leaders are incapable to carry out their duty.  

Students organization do not fund for development of any villages or any areas. Their duty is to pressurize the Govt. related to student’s welfare.

I appeal all not to interfere with just a visit without knowing about the past and the present of the constituency.


Tani Loffa, MLA

11th Seppa West



Be ready for surprises

Dear Editor,

With regard to “What’s wrong with your newspaper?” published on 28th February 2011; I think the problem with this paper is its dynamism and giving voice to even the last man on the queue. Regarding the authenticity of the facts, he himself has rightly pointed out that it is not the duty of media. In these days of  exploding information super highway, the media as well as the reader may need to come to terms with more surprises.


John (on email)



Need for wider coverage

Dear Editor,

When one read The Arunachal Times, major portion of news contains regarding appointment of president, secretary, association formation, news about little known organisations.

It would have been better if news from various parts of Arunachal is covered instead of above mentioned.


Kusar (on email)



Get matured

Dear Editor,

Many a times applauded and complemented your untiring efforts but it has also been noted that the dailies of this state often behave  in an immature and unprofessionalism manner.

Presenting allegations and defaming others should not be your newspaper medium without putting together its contradictions.

With reference to the recent letter “Whats wrong with your paper?” by K. Suresh, it has come to my notion that the allegations leveled against the Assistant Engineer as well as the Junior Engineers of Hydro Power Department, being carried out without limitations by certain groups in a way is suspicious in its form as it is targeting a certain Engineer.

There are many bigger issues in hand which they are not at all bothered to take up. Therefore let this matter be taken up by the concerned court and the department and the facts be found without trying to exert the pressure of negative acceptance.

Get matured, so that your sole motto of enlighten may prevail in the hearts of your readers


O. Mobin (on email)






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