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March  - 16


Orgs reacts to defamation threat by CM secretariat, terms it arm twisting of media

ITANAGAR Mar 15: Various student organizations have reacted sharply to Chief Minister’s Secretariat’s letter threatening to file defamation case against The Arunachal Times for publishing a letter by former MLA of Tali questioning the silence of Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu on the letter issued by the NSCN (K) asking all legislators Tirap and Changlang to resign.

All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) while urging for restrain from both side in this regard said that “Media is fourth pillar of democracy and authorities should not try to intimidate media with such defamation cases”.

“We should let media work freely as only active media makes society vibrant,” said its president Takam Tatung.

“We oppose any move to curtail independency of media and hope our state government will also respect media institutions for their immense contribution towards shaping our society,” he said.

He further appealed media groups to show some sensitivity while reporting about sensitive issues.

Galo Students Union took strong exception to “arm twisting tactics” used by Dorjee Khandu led government to rein in media from working independently.

Reacting to report of CM office threatening to file defamation case against The Arunachal Times, GSU General Secretary Pakmik Taipodia stated that this step will go down as black day in history of Arunachal media.

“Letter was written by an ex-MLA and Arunachal Times only published his opinion in Reader’s Forum which is open for ordinary citizens.

On what basis, CM office wants to file defamation case, Taipodia asked while adding that the people of Arunachal are watching and that they “won’t forgive the Chief Minister for trying to curtail media”.

He urged civil societies to come out and raise voice against dictatorial attitude of Chief Minister’s office. “In absence of active opposition, Arunachalee citizens are dependent on media to fight against corrupt system. If politicians try to harm media, whole citizen should rally behind media.”

All East Siang District Students’ Union (AESDSU) strongly condemned the move by the Chief Minister Secretariat.

It is an act of indirect arm twisting tactics to pressurize the media houses of the state from functioning independently, the Union said.

In the recent times it has been seen that the media houses of the state are playing a proactive role in highlighting the genuine problems of the state, it said while adding that no modern human society can prosper without the effective role of the media.

It will be good gesture on part of the CM Secretariat to sort out any differences amicably and being the Chief Executive of the state Dorjee Khandu must have the wisdom to  know that the fourth pillar of the state cannot  function as per an individual’s like or dislike.

The Union further urged the Chief Minister to bring an end to the present turmoil in Tirap and Changlang with the help of the central govt.


The divine intervention

Tongam Rina

The letter by NSCN (K) to this daily and Assam based media houses calling for withdrawal of support to Congress led government by legislators from Tirap and Changlang  did not come as a surprise to many of us. Though we may have never talked about it openly, Naga insurgency groups do have a say in every sphere of life.  So much so that one of the faction had the courage to dictate terms to the elected representatives.

But the core issue has been sidelined by our leaders and organisations.  More than the issue, the authenticity of the letter is in question.  Who are we trying to fool here?  

Government has said that it would investigate into the authenticity of the letter. We are all looking forward to the outcome of the investigation since the outfit itself has not come forward with anything about the mail.

 While Tirap continue to burn, all dramas are being played out in the media, more so in this daily. The NSCN (K) and (IM) are still battling it out for supremacy and number of Indian Army has been raised. Don’t be surprised if there are more fresh turf wars in Tirap in sometime.

Citizens continue to bear it all while those sitting in the comfort of Itanagar are waging a war through the media.

One would wish that instead of all these well orchestrated dramas in media, thereby killing the core issue itself, some concrete actions were taken.

What exactly is the government stand? Apart from the letter, that has created ripples in the political circle, one is left with no choice but wonder whether our elected government is serious about the problems in the two districts, more so in Tirap.

On the other hand, the collective leadership of NSCN, currently in talks with government of India is too confused to put forward their demands and ideas since they cannot stop fighting for supremacy. But then it has not stopped them from making Arunachal their battleground, where they dance to their chosen tunes and makes us dance as well.

Sadly, our state has ended up as the favorite battleground for insurgents without a cause and Indian Army.  

Citizens will continue to pay the price because of wrong decision taken by self serving and myopic politicians.  Tirap is just an example today.

While we continue to debate and discuss, this office was not surprised to read the letter threatening a legal action from Chief Minister’s secretariat. Thankfully, we have been warned in advance that legal action will be taken against us, unlike the other time by our one time favorite politician Kiren Rijiju.

We are not sure whether he has actually decided to sue us but we did get a notice from his lawyers informing us that he plans to sue us if information required was not given to him. All we did was make space for a letter calling him the Rasputin of Arunachal for his role in getting power projects in Arunachal.  We are not very sure what happened to the MOUs, though govt documents do say almost all the politicians, irrespective of their political affiliation did write to the Chief Minister recommending projects.

While we discuss the problem confronting the state in leisure, one of the ministers in the present government has blamed all the wrongs in the state to bad omens, while addressing the media some weeks back.

Maybe, we all actually join in him doing the necessary Puja to ward off the bad omens. We do need some divine intervention!


ACCI questions department action

ITANAGAR, Mar 15: Arunachal Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) in a letter to Controller, Legal Metrology, Govt of Arunachal Pradesh, has called for specific notification within three days on the meaning of standard weight and measure and bring awareness among the traders.

This call from the ACCI came after the officials from the department took action against shopkeepers for violation of the norms set by the department.

While most of the packaged commodities carry a brand name with MRP, the locally manufactured unpacked ones also follow the same rule. But many locally produced and packed commodities are unbranded and without MRP against which there is no circular by any department, nor any awareness campaign/ meeting conducted involving traders and their bodies, said a letter by ACCI general secy Tarh Nachung.

Without any specific notification in this regard by the  department, the ongoing activities is an avoidable harassment to the poor traders, the letter further read while mentioning that the clothes and utensils have been seized.

The ACCI further called on the Chief Secretary to inquire into the matter and initiate action accordingly.


Child trafficker arrested, 2 rescued

Prafulla Kaman

RUKSIN, Mar 15: Ruksin police in East Siang district have achieved a major breakthrough by arresting a hardcore criminal, who abducted children from Santivan Tea Estate near here. The police, following investigation had safely traced the abducted children from a tea garden at Borduria, in Tirap headquarter.

 According to report received lately, one Arun Padi alias Arun Niji (25) had been working in the tea estate, who reportedly abducted two children including a girl child of his labour colleague on August-19 last year. Missing report of two children from the tea estate was immediately reported to the police by their parents.

The police following a case No- 16/ 2010, U/S- 363 IPC registered in Ruksin police station, continued search operation for seven months.   

 Assistant Sub-Inspector of Ruksin police station, C Joseph, who led the search operation, informed that the police, following a tip off rushed to Borduria and arrested the accused from a tea garden on February 22 this year.

The abducted children also traced out from a labour house, where they were kept hidden.

The police have come to know that accused Arun hails from Dumporijo and has a criminal records.

Police have already handed over the children to their legal guardians while the accused has been remanded to  judicial custody of East Siang district magistrate.


IMWA calls for solution to water crisis

ITANAGAR, Mar 15: Expressing concern over the acute shortage of drinking water being faced by the people of Itanagar for last many days, the Itanagar Market Welfare Association (IMWA) has appealed the state Govt, particularly the water supply minister to evolve mechanism to solve the water crisis in the Capital.

It suggested that the Govt should consider financial assistance to the every house-hold for digging wells to mitigate water crisis in emergency situation.

Despite making payment of water bill, most of the city dwellers are rushing to water sources like nallah and water fall due to shortage of water supply, the Association said. Though the department concerned has been trying its best to deliver water through tanker, the water crisis still remains a cause of concern, it said.


City Police recovers pistol, arrests one

ITANAGAR, Mar 15: Acting on a tip off, Itanagar police led by OC Itanagar Make Bui arrested one Logyo Tamin in Chimpu area and recovered from his possession one .32 pistol with 10 rounds of live ammunition.

On further interrogation, the arms dealer Kukil @ Papu Boruah of Gohpur, was arrested from whom the pistol was procured.

The police are working on various inputs regarding illegal weapons in the Capital and are hopeful of arresting people with illegal arms. The Banderdewa Police led by SI K Dev in a covert operation succeeded in arresting two cheats namely Zakir Hussain and Nurul Amin of Bihpuria, Assam. They have been duping people of large sum of money. The modus operandi is by exploiting the greediness of the people. They collected mobile numbers of Arunachalee and offer them to double the money they have. The people are easily trapped into believing them after they perform preplanned simple trick of doubling the currency note. It is learnt that they were recently released from a jail in Nagaland. Since then they have been looking for soft targets which they got without much difficulty in Arunachal.

The City Police has advised the citizens to watch for fake companies that are on the prowl. There are fake financial institutions and telecom companies that have already cheated people of huge amount of money.  The police is investigating the cases.


Thongchi calls for documentation of local languages

Prog on compilation of bibliographies on North East Indian Languages

ITANAGAR Mar 15: Three days Workshop cum Training Programme on compilation of bibliographies on North East Indian Languages is being conducted by the Department of Public Libraries which is sponsored by Central Referance Library, Kolkata.

Chief Information Commissioner, YD Thongchi who attended the programme as the Chief Guest spoke of the need to document local languages of the state.

He further said time has come to identify all the languages in the state and document it as the younger generations of our state are forgetting their own languages.  

Earlier, the Director of the State Library J Borang highlighted on the importance of the listing and documentation of the languages.

Prof. N Lohakar of Guwahati University who was the guest of honor and K K Dekha a resources person for Central Referance Library also spoke on the occasion. The programme was attended by Resources Persons from Kolkata, participants from Mizoram and all the districts of AP. DIPR


AAPSU GS evicted from Circuit House, students demands ouster of DC

ITANAGAR, Mar 15:  The General Secretary, All Arunachal Pradesh Student Union Tujum Poyom was reportedly evicted from Aalo circuit House today. While the district administration states that the student leader was compelled to be evicted from for his unruly behavior and creating disturbances to govt offices in the peak of its working month.

The Galo Welfare Society has strongly reacted to the incident.  It termed the incident a slap on the face of Arunachalees.

The official version stated that Poyom has been occupying the circuit House Aalo unauthorizedly for the last 21 days and indulging in filing RTI at DC office, seeking contractual benefits from different departments and creating an uncongenial atmosphere in the township. The leader of the Apex student Body was adamant about govt order issued to him to vacate circuit house and in turn resorted to abusive languages to law enforcing authority in the district, it said while adding that his Vehicle was parked in the VIP shed during his stay at Aalo. The Magistrate and Police personal vacated the room and kept the lock and key of the room with them but after the departure of magistrate and police personnel, Poyom is reported to have broke open the lock and entered again to stay.

Such unmindful act of a responsible student leader is uncalled for and never a healthy trend, it said while adding that his arguments with police and magistrate on duty are captured in the camera.

Galo Students Union (GSU) has expressed anger over report of AAPSU general secretary being dragged out of Aalo circuit house forcibly by authority.

According to GSU West Siang deputy commissioner (DC) Amjad Tak brought police force and dragged out AAPSU GS Tujom Poyom who was staying there.

GSU general secretary Pakmik Taipodia said that “whatever may be issue, DC should have behaved responsibly while dealing with student leader. Forcing someone out of circuit house is humiliation and we strongly condemn DC for his irresponsible behavior,” he said.

Further he urged state government to immediately transfer Amjad Tak from West Siang district. “His act has angered people of Galo community. We will give authority seven days to transfer him out of West Siang. If our demand is not meet, we will blame authority if any law and order problem breaks out,” stated GSU general secretary.

GSU further added the DC of dictatorial and corrupt attitude for quite long time.  

Kargu-Kardi Student’s Union (KKSU) in a joint press statement with the West Siang District Students’ Union (WSDSU)  condemned the action of Amjad Tak. The Union said that eviction was done right after Poyom  filed an RTI against the Lower Siang Hydro Electrical Project (3X2000 KW) taken up by NHPC at Likabali.

It is an attempt by the highest authority of a district to curtail ones right to file RTI against any government undertaking, it said while adding that the DC has misused his authority to settle his personal hostility with an organization.

The student bodies demanded that the Amjad Taak apologize in public for his against the student leader.

If he fails to do so within the given time of one week, we will be compelled to call a District bandh, said president KKSU, Mr. Binya Ronya. The Unions further appealled the AAPSU, Galo Students Union (GSU) and other students union to cooperate in this fight against “ irresponsible officials” in the state.


SIC Chief’s wife under custody

ITANAGAR, Mar 15: Delhi police have arrested an IndiGo pilot who had allegedly forged her marksheet to clear a test to become captain.

The pilot, Parminder Kaur Gulati (38), was picked up from her residence in Kirti Nagar, west Delhi, on 8th of March and sent to police remand for questioning.

Interestingly Parminder Kaur Gulati is wife of UT cadre IPS officer, Mayank Sheel Chauhan, who is chief of SIC, the agency investigating infamous multi-crore PDS scam of Arunachal Pradesh.

Even within the state, many organizations had questioned integrity of Chauhan and his closeness with certain politicians. Of late SIC and MS Chauhan have been completely maintaining silent on PDS issue and there has been no update about the progress of investigation.


Review on performances of various Govt.sponsored Schemes at Anjaw

ITANAGAR, Mar 15: District Consultative Committee meeting at Hayuliang, Anjaw district reviewed the performances of various Govt.sponsored Schemes at Hayuliang on March 10.

It was observed that as against a target of 60%, CD ratio in the district was only 22%. Achievement under priority sector lending was satisfactory at 40% as against a target of 40%, achievement under agriculture lending  was very poor at 3% against a target of 18% and performance under weaker section was satisfactory and achievement as on 31.12.10 was 46% against a target of 10%. Achievement under ACP 2010-11 as on 31.12.10 was 74 lakh against a target of 184 lakh which was 40% of ACP.  Performance under govt. Sponsored programmes as on 31.12.11 was not satisfactory as only 02 nos. of KCCs was issued against a physical target of 250. Under PMEGP 02 applications were sanctioned against a target of 02 number). However, performance under SHGs was satisfactory as 10 units with an assistance of 20 lakh were sanctioned against a target of 5 units.

S. Mazumder, Manager, NABARD requested DC to write to the RO of SBI to increase the staff strength of SBI and explore the possibility of opening of a APRB branch. He also advised the branch manager to improve the CD ratio and issue KCC as per target assigned. The DC also expressed his concern over the performance of bank and advised that kisan melas should be organised in the villages so as to provide information on various bank’s schemes and awareness creation on Govt. Sponsored schemes. The ADC also expressed his willingness to conduct some of the promotional programmes of NABARD in the district. The LDM while extending vote of thanks indicated that all possible efforts would be initiated to achieve the targets assigned in the district by 31 March 2011.


Prog on disaster risk reduction

ROING, March 15: A District Level Advocacy Workshops on Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in to Development Planning organized by Department of Relief and Rehabilitation was held at Anchal Samiti Hall here today.

Project Director DRDA Tamyo Tatak in his inaugural speech requested all the participants to take full benefit of the workshop in order to keep oneself prepared in an event of disaster.

He suggested DRRO to involve all working departments and panchayat leaders of the district to fulfill the objective of mainstreaming DRR in to development planning.

He also suggested for organizing awareness campaign emphasizing local hazards like landslides and floods, which frequently occur in the district so as to enable the people to meet such situations more efficiently.

M K Debariyal, EE (WRD), H Mobbing, EE (Drilling) and A Perme, DRRO also spoke on the occasion. Community Contingency Plan (A guide book for facilitators), Pamphlets on earthquake, flood, landslide and fire were distributed to the participants during the programme. Govt. Officers, Panchayat Members and Public were present in the programme. (DIPRO)


DA conducts sports tournaments at Tezu

Tezu, Mar 15: The three days district level football, volleyball and badminton tournaments organized by Lohit district administration (DA) under the sponsorship of Sports and Youth Affairs, Lohit ended at Jubilee Ground here yesterday.

The football final was played between Tezu and Wakro in which the former defeated the latter by 2-0 goals. Trophy for volleyball went to Sunpura Team. The badminton singles title for men and women were won by Toli Tacha and Moli Jida of Tezu respectively.

Jumsang Takaliang and Mary Jida of Tezu defeated the pair of Roshni Tayang and Kegelu Tayang of Sunpura to win Women’s doubles title  while Sonam Phuntso and Talik Rupok defeated Benjamin Koyu and Toli Tacha of Tezu to win the men’s doubles title.

Winners were awarded cash prize along with citation and trophies.

Tezu ADC W. Khimun attended the closing ceremony as chief guest and gave away trophies to the winners.

Teams from all the circles under the district participated in the tournament.

Earlier,  inaugurating tournament as chief guest on March 12, Lohit Deputy Commissioner R K Sharma informed  about the Centre’s efforts to promote games and sports at grassroot level through the centrally sponsored scheme Panchayat Yuva Krida Aur Khel Abhiyaan. DIPRO


St. Thomas Catholic Church celebrates silver jubilee

PASIGHAT, Mar 15: The Silver Jubilee of the Namey St. Thomas Catholic Church is being celebrated with  great pomp. The celebration was formally inaugurated by the Rt. Rev John Thomas, Bishop of Itanagar on Mar 13 last.  This was followed by lighting of ceremonial lamp by Kenyom Dabi and Rev.Fr Mathew Puthumana, Principal SFS School Telam(Assam) Parish Father of Namey St. Thomas Church.

The Home Minister Tako Dabi also joined the holy occasion. In his address, Dabi advised all to lead a decent life,  generate good  feelings for world peace and prosperity. He also prayed for peace and progress of the nation and for the Tsunami affected people in Japan.

Thousands of believers from Nari-Namey, Pasighat, Jonai, Silapather, Telam and nearby areas of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh participated in the celebration. The other highlights of the day were a Eucharistic Procession, cultural programs and prize distribution to the achievers.

Meanwhile the ZPM Kenyom Dabi informed that the church was established and inaugurated by the then Bishop of Dibrugarh (Assam) Rt. Rev. Thomas Menampurambil during the year 1986. DIPRO


Lohit Technology week

ITANAGAR, Mar 15: Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Lohit District organized a Technology week from March 5 at KVK Chongkham. The programme was sponsored by NABARD, Itanagar. 88 participants including parliamentary Secretary Animal husbandry & Vety Chow Tewa Mein, , Director, National Research Centre on YAK(ICAR), Dirang Dr. K. K. Baruah  Project Director ATMA Lohit Dist cum DTO Kherem, trainees from thirteen villages, Govt. officers and farmers representatives from different villages attended the meeting. The programme included technical sessions, demonstrations and field exposure visits.

Subject Matter Specialists from different disciplines took active part in fulfilling the proposed activity.  

Mein, in his speech stressed upon judicious use of manures, fertilizers and insecticide. He warned about  the adverse effects of the chemicals on human health and environment.

Dr. K. K. Barua stressed upon the need of such programmes and requested all the trainees to take active part in the training.

Training manuals of Fishery Sc., Agronomy, Plant Protection and Animal Sc., were inaugurated by chief guest, Chairman and other dignitaries.

The fishery training was started by Dr.Debasis Sasmal (SMS, Fishery Sc.) with P. Ramaswamy, ADF, Namsai, and H. C. Nath, FEO, Namsai, as resource persons for training and demonstration.

Self Help Groups Lotus Group of Nongkhan, Milan Juti of Araloni and Moongtai group of Saloong-II were selected as trainees. The three days training programme was conducted at office campus, KVK farm site, Govt. fish farm and private fish farms. The trainees were given demonstration on pond preparation, water quality management –like liming, manuring, maintenance of pH, type of fishes to be cultured, food and feeding of fishes, animals to be reared with fish culture.

The training and demonstration programme on vermicompost production technology and its use in agriculture was also held.

The progressive farmers from Chongkham, Pangkhau, Momong, Napatia and Alubari were selected as trainees.

In the first day Debasish Borah, SMS (Agronomy) in his training detailed about importance and advantages of organic manure, site selection, raw materials, earthworm species, and procedure of vermicompost production technology. Details on commercial production of vermicompost and its use in different crops were also discussed. In the second day farmers were taken for exposure visit to Sunpura village. In that day, they were shown vermicompost production unit established in Sunpura village with help from ATMA Lohit Dist. Practical demonstration on the technology were made with active participation from the trainees.

The Apiculture training programme and demonstration programme on Broiler farming and its economics was also taken up. The progressive farmers from Chongkham, Juna-I, Juna-III, Juna-IV, Juna kachary and Kheram were selected as trainees.


News Impact

SMS students win national glory

PASIGHAT, Mar 14: Eight students of Siang Model School (SMS) have been selected for Gold medals in different categories for their brilliant performance and extraordinary talents at All India Talent Search Examiniation-2010 (AITSE), which was conducted by the National Teachers Council (NTC), Bengaluru in November 2010.

The nation’s best gold medal winner master Ashutosh Anand is a student of Class III. He is son of KK Yadav and Kabita Yadav. He will also receive a laptop, memento and certificate in September 2011 next at Bangaluru, informed the NTC authority.

The other gold medal winner are Merin V. Jolly, Taris Takar Taloh, Gunjan Kumar, Frincy Alice Tabing, Tadgi Perme, Suman Taki and Eva PC.

“It is basically a diagnostic test that helps the students in improving their skills and offers feedback,” said school Principal Deepa Sudheer while congratulating the students.

Appreciating the excellent performances, Education Minister Bosiram Siram, Director Education T Taloh and East Siang Deputy Commissioner Onit Panyang congratulated all the winners and wished them for brighter academic career. DIPRO



ITANAGAR, Mar 14: Education Minister Bosiram Siram and Art and Culture Deputy director Jomnya Siram have consented to attend the Mopin celebration at Baririjo in Upper Subansiri district on April 5.

A host of other dignitaries including Takar Marde, RD Minister and local MLA, Dr Tado Karlo  and Rodak Blange of NERIST, Cooperative Union chairman A T Kulo and NESO general secretary Gumjum Haidar, Kara Welfare Society president Tabe Haidar have also consented  to be special invitees on the occasion, said Mopin Celebration Organizing Committee (MCOC)  in a release today.

Meanwhile Puya Yoka and Duba Gee have been selected as chairperson and secretary  of the  MCOC.  Jenli Haidar Kara will be the Pingi-Niri and Perko Kena Kara shall be the priest, the release added.

The Galo Students Union (GSU) of Rajiv Gandhi University is going to celebrate the Pre-Mopin  at University campus on March 17 and 18.

All India Youth Congress zonal coordinator and in-charge of Kerala and North East Nyamar Karbak and AAPSU finance secretary Debia Muj have consented to grace the occasion as chief guest and guest of honour respectively.


Association appeals

ITANAGAR, Mar 14: While the indigenous unemployed youths of the state are crying for job opportunities, the Govt employees are busy in contract works and running business in the name of their kin and kiths, said All Arunachal Youth Association (AAYA) in a complaint letter addressed to the state chief secretary.

The  state Govt did not take any step to check the growing unemployment problems in the state, association further said and alleged that  list of the contractors under the JNNURM schemes includes maximum number of Govt employees  and kin and kiths of the officers.  It appealed the CS to issue directives to the respective department for transparent works.


PPADC appeals to DC

ITANAGAR, Mar 14: The Parsi Parlo Area Development Committee (PPADC) has sought personnel intervention of the Kurung Kumey deputy commissioner for investigation into the on-going PDS operation, particularly in Parsi-Parlo area.

“Not a single kg of rice has reached in the area since the re-introduction of the head load carriage system in August 2010 in Kurung Kumey district,”   the union said  and claimed that the real and genuine BLP family members are not getting the BPL, AAY rice for last one year.

In a representation to the DC, the Committee further demanded constitution of third party monitoring committee for effective distribution of relief and rehabilitation measures for the victims of rat menace followed by bamboo flowering in Parsi-Parlo area. The Committee claimed that most of the people in the area have been facing starvation due to rat menace and migrating to the capital complex in search of shelter and food.


MP funds to be effective from April

New Delhi, Mar 14: Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee today announced in the Rajya Sabha an increase in the MPLADS fund from Rs two crore to Rs five crore to be implemented from April 1, 2011.

"At present it will be applicable in those states which are not going to poll," he said.

"The scheme will be extended to the polling staes after the election process is completed there," Mukherjee added. UNI


SC for probe in bungling of funds

New Delhi, Mar 14: Taking serious note of alleged bungling in the implementation of UPA government flagship scheme Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, the Supreme Court has indicated that it is willing to order a CBI probe into the matter.

The apex court has sought the response of the Centre on the petition seeking CBI investigation into the alleged misuse of MGREGA funds under which employment is assured to persons meeting the criteria, assured employment for 100 days in a year. UNI


Sangma to address election rally

ITANAGAR, May 14: Former Lok Shaba Speaker and NCP leader P.A. Sangma, is scheduled to arrive at Itanagar on March 24  as part of his election rally in Bihpuria constituency of Assam which he is scheduled  to address on March 25. NCP MLA Profulo Bora is contesting as NCP nominee from the constituency. NCP leaders from state are expected to join Sangma.

Mean while President of NCP state unit Ngurang Pinch has been appointed as central observer for the Assam State Assembly Election by the Party High Command.


EDP for women

ITANAGAR, Mar 14: One week Entrepreneurship Development Program for Women which is being organized by D.I.C. Yingkiong was inaugurated by Pawan Kumar Sain ,Deputy Commissioner Upper Saing today.

Speaking on the occasion Sain, appreciated the trainees for their keenness to learn.

There are lot of avenues for self employment and generating income. However, guidance and training for selecting trade is needed. So, such training is arranged by the govt, he said.

All has to take up the training seriously and utilize the knowledge for developing their family and the society, he said while adding that they should put in hard labour and mould the future of their  offspring and set example for others.

Rajesh Panyang ,ADC and J.Diyum, DPO also addressed the trainees.

Kago Batt,ADI said that attendance of the training is more than the invited. He hoped that the training will be very helpful for the womenfolk.(DIPRO)


Awareness prog

ITANAGAR, Mar 14: All Papum Pare Youth Association ( APPYA), a unit of AAYA, has decided to organize  a six-day long tree plantation cum awareness programme on  environment and climate change  at Doimukh from April 25 to 30 next. It will also create awareness about the need to safe Mithun and preserve flora and fauna, particularly in Papum Pare district.

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A commendable act by Chief Minister’s Secretariat!

Dear Editor,

The response of Chief Minister’s Secretariat (CMS) to a letter published in this daily, written by a former MLA should be encouraged, not for its contents but for the promptness and microscopic details. It is very rare that we get a full page  response from Govt. on any of the burning issue related to State. If this noble trend continues, the day is not far when the citizens will get  Item No. 3 and Item No. 15 of MOU signed with various corporates on mega dams projects, Item No.3 and Item No.15 of SIC investigation on PDS. Item No. 3 and Item No.15 on action taken against border dispute so on and so forth.

I appreciate CMS for coming out and clearing all the cloud related to Tirap and Changlang issue.

The letter stated and I quote “Arunachal Government has got nothing to do in NSCN issues when the same is being dealt at the Government of India level”. So it is crystal clear for the citizens of the two districts that they have to fend for themselves or take Rajdhani Express from Guwahati. It also made it clear, why the Govt. of AP has been showing Nelson’s eye to issue of Tirap and Changlang.

Citizens need to encourage this trend of Govt. in general and CMS in particular as this trend would save lots of money of common man.

With  such prompt and detail response at Readers Forum of the daily, people need not have to sell out Yaks and Mithuns for  RTI fees which has been set to mammoth  Rs 10 per copy.  

The usage of words like “bizarre" ,"mischievous", "frustration", “vested interest and ulterior political motives" ,"nexus and defamation suit” makes it a good read comparable to Robert Ludlum’s thriller but threat of defamation  can also send a wrong signal to the mass ,of Government’s intolerance  to open public opinion, which is indeed an essence of democratic set up.

In trying to act more responsible, CMS has stepped on a wrong foot. It has alleged the former MLA of being politically and socially irresponsible and also part and parcel of the vested political game. The statements can also be tried in the court of law if former MLA goes for it. If done CMS might end up in wrong side of history.

All said and done, I would like to request CMS to continue with the noble act of responding to people’s issue which has the great potential to bring transparency in Governance.


Dorjee  K Thungon

Chennai (on email)



MHS Yeggo and power scenario

Dear Editor,

We would like to question the office of the Executive Engineer, Aalo (E&M) Division for the reason behind the defunct state of MHS (3X100KW) Yeggo, at Aalo. It is learnt that from the financial year 2007 to 2011 (current Financial Year) an amount of Rupees 1, 34, 62,000 approx (one crore thirty four lakhs sixty two thousand) from PM’s Package and SPA respectively, has been sanctioned so far particularly for the renovation and maintenance work of the mentioned MHS.

In spite of involvement of such huge amount of fund the MHS Yeggo is still to function or produce any electricity for the public consumption even to the town itself. It is a matter of great concern that the concerned department has utilized such huge amount of fund with no any out come so far. As the district is dealing with the age old power crises with no any solution coming so far the delay shown by the Hydro Power Development Department in its various scheme and project has added more salt to the old wound. The district has the potential to be self sufficient in its production of electricity through hydro power but we are made to depend on the other source located in far off places which is the main reason behind the constant power crises. The concern office should explain the public the reason behind there delay and shortages they are making in spite of such huge financial assistance they are getting from the state.

The union appeals the monitoring team to inspect the work site and initiate necessary action for the proper uses of the fund.


Bomli Yomgam,

Binya Ronya

Kargu-Kardi Student’s Union (KKSU)



SSA teachers and delayed salaries

Dear Editor,

We the SSA Teachers under Kurung Kumey district would like to point out some of the grievances.

We would like to ask, why only SSA teachers are treated like step children and ignored every time.

Why we are always made to starve for months? We also have the right to live as in the constitution of India guarantees that every citizen of India has the right to life but we are deprived from getting those rights.

We would like to ask the Government what is the reason behind delay of the salaries of SSA teachers.

Have you ever thought of those families, who are totally depended on us for their livelihood and also think of these SSA Teachers who are the sole bread earner of the family.  We all know that market price is very high and in such situation have you ever realized how we are surviving.  

We are exempted by the shopkeepers to get credit because they consider that giving SSA Teachers credit is their loss. More ever, most of the SSA teachers have family and their kids are school going too.

Sometimes it is very difficult for them to manage the requirements of their kids because of such condition.

On the other hand, our Government/Competent Authority, instead of praising the hard labour that we are putting whole heartedly, they not only ignore but also expect us to work more and more with empty stomach.

We know that regularization process has long way to go but timely disbursement of workers salary is must for sustainable livelihood.

We are expecting immediate disbursement of our three months salaries and four months arrear before March 15 without anymore delay.  Otherwise don’t expect us to teach properly with empty stomach, because without energy one cannot deliver his or her best.


Linko Martha

Sosar Rakhee

Chukhu Nani

SSA teachers



Give us space too

Dear Editor,

Our highest regard for the sanctity, glory and honour of AAPSU is un-doubtedful and un-questionable, we too were proud members of this body who had sacrificed our precious and youthful part of our life since its inception.

We honestly compliment the present AAPSU leadership for their sincere commitment to address the un-fulfilled issues concerning our state and our whole-hearted co-operation will be always with them.

However, it is painful to see the news article that appeared in some of the local dailies questioning the very existence of Ex-AAPSU forum and AAPSU's direction not to use word AAPSU.

In this regard, we would like to clarify that the main objective of our forum. is to raise a voice for the General interest of the state as well as for the welfare of our own members.

The couple of statements released some days back are purely independent and we do not require sanction from anybody.

Our motive is not to enter into a conflict zone with any organisation so others should not interfere into our internal affairs.

Therefore, we being elder members of the state would like to solicit AAPSU leaders to show little maturity by not shunning their door for its elders and parent by making discouraging statement.

If AAPSU dare to challenge the authenticity of our member being Ex-AAPSU leaders and activists, we invite them to discuss in the appropriate forum rather than going to media.

Moreover, as claimed by AAPSU, our statement released earlier is not to confuse the public rather we expressed our concern for deteriorating state of affairs confronting our state which is everybody's concern.

Moreover, we also would like to remind that we are not doing anything to draw cheap popularity as we do not requires any more publicity.

The present leaders of AAPSU will also retire some day or other and the newly created Ex-AAPSU forum is for them too.


Takam Padu, Tarh Atung

Bajap Jilen, Goge Sora

Ex-AAPSU Forum



A fate worse than theirs

Dear Editor,

The turbulences in West Asia are due to autocracy, unemployment, rising prices, and above all the rampant corruption and amassing of wealth by the rulers  at the cost of citizens. These attributes sound familiar in our context. We are living in a fool’s paradise. Theoretically we are in a democracy. But the ground reality is far from the truth. Our fate is far worse than the people who are on the streets to fight for their just causes. They are able to voice their grievances at the risk of being trampled by the military Tanks.

We are too meek to risk our lives. We live just for our own belly. We love comfort and never bother to take risk for common good. This tendency might someday prove to be the cause of our own nemesis. We as a social being can’t afford to make comfortable living as raison d’etre. Agreed, we can’t fight. But we can make effort to mobilize opinion to see reason to our fellow being. Hope the institutions dedicated to this cause live up to expectation.


John (on email)






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