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March  - 19


Sena sets a milestone with gender budget

State budget presented

ITANAGAR, Mar 18: Finance Minister began a new chapter in the history of the state by presenting gender budget in the legislative assembly.

While presenting the state budget 2011-2012, today, the Finance Minister Setong Sena also laid on the table gender budget for 2010-2011 and 2011-2012.

12 departments including Social Welfare, women and child development, education, health and family welfare, industries, agriculture, Industries, agriculture, cooperation, housing, rural development, sports and youth affairs, tourism, textile and handicraft and prison is covered in the gender budget.

However the state budget failed to pull any surprises.  

The Budget Estimates for 2011-12 show a receipt of Rs. 5944.16 crore under the consolidated fund of the State and Rs.  5940.86 crore of this  is on Revenue Account and the remaining Rs. 3.30 crore , excluding borrowing is under capital account.

As against this, total Expenditure from the consolidated fund of the State in 2011-12 under Non-plan is estimated at Rs.  2556.29 crore of which Rs.  2329.78 crore is on Revenue Account and Rs.  226.51 crore on Capital Account and under Plan is estimated at Rs.  3804.43 crore including Rs.  624.43 crore under CSSICPS/NLCPR/NEC, of which Rs.  1276.53 crore is on revenue account and Rs.  2527.90 crore on capital account.

To augment the non-tax revenue, the Government of Arunachal Pradesh will restart the paper lotteries by May 2011 which will be followed by on-line lotteries after requisite infrastructure is put in place, in consonance with the latest rules and guidelines of the Central Government.

The Government is also contemplating levying tax on property. Property tax will ultimately be passed on to municipalities, when they are set up. The outstanding debt of the State has been estimated at Rs.  3336.44 crore as at the end of the current financial year 2010-11. The debt to GSDP ratio of Arunachal is the second highest in the country in percentage terms after Mizoram.

State Government has initiated several reforms over the years to tackle this problem of heavy outstanding debt. Firstly, we put a statutory cap on our borrowings by enacting the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (FRBM) Act. Secondly, we have established Consolidated Sinking Fund (CSF) for redemption of debts of all kinds when they mature or fall due for repayment at future dates. The CSF is being maintained with RBI outside consolidated Fund of the State. The existing amount of this CSF invested from 1999-2000 to 2010-11 is Rs.  90.90 crore.

The 13th Finance Commission has recommended the debt waiver of the outstanding loans given by the Ministries/Department other than Ministry of Finance, to the tune of Rs.  47.00 crore as well as recommended interest relief of Rs.  12.71 crore on National Small Saving Fund (NSSF) loans over five years period 2010-11 to 2014-15.

Department of RD and Cooperation, will work out an action plan to provide micro finance to 5,000 (five thousand) SHGs, specially in the field of Piggery Poultry Dairy, Fisheries, Handloom and Handicraft, Cultivation of Tea and Rubber, Bamboo, Apiculture, Sericulture etc. within a project cost of Rs. 1.00 lakh for each group. The State Government will provide a budgetary provision of Rs.  12.50 crore to subsidize 25% of the total project cost to minimize loan burden which would be advanced to those 5,000 SHGs by the Apex Bank towards Micro finance. The NRLM will provide Rs.  5,000.00 towards Corpus Fund and Rs.  7,500.00 towards Revolving Fund as per approved norm, total amounting to Rs.   12,500.00 to each SHG which would be parked with the Apex Bank in the shape of equity of Rs. 5.00 crore and Revolving Fund of Rs.  7.50 crore against those 5,000 SHGs, so that the Apex Bank can advance Rs.  50.00 crore.

Finance minister further said State Farmers Commission (SFC) will be set up to look into the issue of the farmers in Arunachal Pradesh based on the recommendations of National Commission on Farmers headed by Dr. M.S. Swaminathan. The Commission will be headed by Shri Ankur Garg, IAS, Secretary (Planning) with membership and participation from all the stakeholders. The SFC will make detailed recommendations with regard to credit, technology, market and insurance.

The State Government has decided to give thrust to rural sports especially the traditional sports by allocating Rs.  50,000/- in every circle headquarter to hold sports competitions and the winners at circle level would then compete at district level for which Rs.  2.00 lakh will be provided at district level and similarly thereafter at State level, suitable provisions would be kept. The winners of the State level would be given suitable rewards and benefits.

People suffering from 100% visual disability, or 100% disability in both arms or both legs shall be provided pension at the rate of Rs.  500/- per person per month. For this, it has been decided that an allocation of Rs.  3.00 crore shall be made during the current financial year and the fund will be provided to the DCs for distributing the assistance to such handicapped persons. A committee under the Chairmanship of DC will be constituted with SP, District Medical Officer and one Zila Parishad Chairperson as members.

Rs.  10.00 crore will be kept in the budget to undertake cultivation of tea by organizing cooperative societies. Further, in order to insulate distress sale of tea cultivators, Government will catalyze and facilitate Cooperative

Societies to avail NCDC loans for setting up of 4 Medium Scale Tea factories under private sector in consultation with NCDC, Government of India.

He put forward a proposal for one medium scale tea factory  to be set up by Ananachal Pradesh Forest Corporation Ltd specifically in Tirap district, which will be constructed and operated by the Government through Forest Corporation. This will go a long way in not only enhancing the economy of Tirap district, but also in reviving and sustaining Arunachal Pradesh Forest Corporation Ltd. A sum of Rs.  6.00 crore will be provided in the State Budget for this important project, the minister said.

Chief Minister Border Areas Housing Scheme" shall be launched by the Government under which,  1000 houses in the first instant @ Rs.  1.00 lakh per house to the rural people will be given. The Government will provide 25% subsidy for construction of each house and 75% will be provided through bank loan. The cost of total subsidy would come to Rs.  2.50 crore. The modalities will be worked out by Planning Department soon.

Under "Chief Minister Talent Award Scheme" the toppers (amongst both boys and girls in class 10th and in class 12th Board Examinations) of all schools will be provided a Laptop and Rs.  10,000/- as scholarship to encourage them for pursuing their future studies with sincerity, devotion and excellence.

It has been decided that in the border areas, out of BADP fund, 20% of the fund may be provided for protection of Mithun, Yak and such endangered cattle and wherever BADP funds are not available, assistance shall be provided under Veterinary Department through DCs to achieve preservation of these animals.

For organizing State functions on 26th January, 15th August and 20th February each DC will be provided @ Rs. 1.00 lakh, each ADC @ Rs.  50,000/-, each EAC and SDO Rs.  30,000/- and each CO @ Rs.  20,000/-respectively.

A comprehensive database of all Plan and Non-Plan employees and pensioners has been prepared by the Government which will soon be posted on the website.

Government along with the technical support of NIC, Itanagar has taken up the Treasury Net-Arunachal Pradesh project to computerize all the Treasuries and Sub - Treasuries in Arunachal Pradesh including Budget (Plan & Non-Plan) in phased manner.

Supplementary Demands for Grants for 2010-11 :

As per Arunachal Pradesh FRBM Act, 2006, the State Government's Budgetary Borrowing (Net) for 2010-11 should not be more than Rs.  164.00 crore to restrict the Fiscal Deficit of the State as percentage of Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) at 3% during 2010-11. The revised Annual Plan for 2010-11 has been estimated at Rs.  2604.27 crore which is above the Annual Plan 2009-10 of Rs.  2016.00 crore. During Current Financial Year, budgetary support for Rs.  815.92 crore has been provided being unspent ACA/SPA of last financial year.

The Annual Plan Outlay for 2011-12 has not yet been finalized by the Planning Commission. Based on the guidelines of the Planning Commission, by effecting 10% increment over the current year's Normal Central Assistance and estimates of State's own resources tentatively, Plan size comes to about Rs.  2750.00 crore. Government is projecting a much higher estimate of Annual Plan 2011-12 to the Planning Commission at Rs.  3180.00 crore. The actual Plan size will be firmed up only after the meeting of Chief Minister with Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission.

The Non-Plan Revenue Revised Estimates (RE) for the current financial year has been finalized at Rs. 2501.77 crore against Budget Estimates (BE) figures of  Rs.  2023.97 crore. The net increase in non-plan revenue expenditure in RE 2010-11 is Rs.  477.80 crore which includes resource supported expenditure of Rs.   88.11 crore. The Non-Plan Capital Expenditure RE 2010-11 has been finalized at Rs. 229.04 crore against BE 2010-11 figure of Rs.  196.32 crore. The net increase in Non-Plan Capital expenditure in RE 2010-11 is Rs.  32.75 crore of which Rs. 27.00 crore is resource supported. Total Non-plan RE for the current financial year has been fixed at Rs.  2730.81 crore against BE figure of Rs. 2220.29 crore.

The finance minister said that “My conviction as Finance Minister is to provide space, voice and resources to the poor and also to supplement the commitment of the Government through dedicated actions on ground” .


Budget highlight

Gender budget covering 12 departments

Setting up of State Farmers Commission

Setting up of rural employment training Institute

Promotion of rural and traditional sports

Promotion of tea industries, tourism sector

Chief Minister Border Areas Housing schemes

Chief Minister Talent Award Scheme

Preservation of animals in border areas,

Enhanced ex gratia payment

Restart the paper lotteries by May 2011 to be followed by on-line lotteries.



Tirap issue dominates legislative assembly discussion

Itanagar, Mar 18: Tirap issue dominated the proceedings of the legislative assembly today. The issue was raised at Zero Hour and discussion on Governor’s speech.

NCP MLA Ralom Borang initiated a discussion on the directive issued by the NSCN (K) asking all MLAs and Ministers of Tirap and Changlang to withdraw their support from the government.

A mail in this regard was sent to this daily by NSCN(K) on March 6.

Reacting angrily to the report, he said that no one has the right to diktat the people of the state while adding that “we don’t have to right to sit in this house if we listen to their diktats

An emotional Tangham Wangham questioned the silence of the people and government on the problems confronting the district.  He said that just mere creation of department of Tirap and Changlang was not enough while adding that the budget of Rs 25 Cr for 12 constituencies was too meager. He further questioned why the Home Minister was on tour of other places while Tirap was burning. He further said that there should be incentives for youths and surrendered cadres so that they do not indulge in anti social activities.

Tani Loffa said that if there was will to act, Tirap issue could be settled soon while calling for an early solution.

Padi Richo said that Rs 25 Cr was not enough for the two districts and called for consolidation of funds for the district. He further said that Tirap issue was a social issue which has to be tackled.

Newlai Tingkhatra said people of Tirap were faced with massive problems and called on the government to intervene.

MLA Lokam Tassar called for constitution of an enquiry committee to unearth the details of the email. He said that ultras has no right to dictate terms to the MLAs elected by the people of the state.

Home Minister Tako Dabi who was informed the state Assembly that the government has ordered a discreet enquiry into the whole issue.

Preliminary investigation reveals that the mail was sent from a Yahoo server based in the UK, he said while adding that all details are being dug out. Dabi said that the government will not bow down to any pressure from any unlawful outfits and would take strong step against such outfits, who, he said was trying to intimidate the people of the state.Sufficient security covers have been given to the MLAs especially those from Tirap and Changlang districts, he said while advising them to take necessary precaution.

Meanwhile taking part at the Governor’s speech, Jomde Kena called for Independent Border Management department on lines of Assam to tackle the border issue.

Likha Saaya and Tani Loffa called for proper marketing of agriculture and Horticulture produces in the state to enhance economic productivity of the people.

Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu said that power developers who don’t start work within a time frame would face cancelation of contracts.

Pasang D Sona called for opening of border trades to improve the economy of the people. He said that those living in border areas suffer the most because of isolation and the government should initiate action for opening border routes with neighbouring countries.

He further advocated for early disposal of cases under consumer rights.

T N Thongdok spoke on concentration of government officials in the district headquarters and called on the government for proportional postings.

Earlier, House extended condolences to the earthquake and tsunami victims of Japan.

Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Wanglin Lowangdong led the members and expressed deep shock at the tragedy which has devastated the country.

Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu urged the centre  to extend all possible help to the people of Japan.

The House also mourned the demise of late Wangnam Wangshu, former MLA, who died on December 15 last.


Quotes of the day

Most officials are doing business: J K Panggeng

Tirap MLAs should not feel that we are not with them. We are with you: Padi Richo

Surrender Kar diya Tirap ko, Good Bye Karna Baki Hai: Thangham Wangham 

70% of constables recruited by the Home Ministry were from East Siang and West Siang. This is a wrong message to the people of the state: Wangki Lowang

Arunachal Times to Khushi-khushi likhta hai: Lokam Tassar

DoTC is not department of criminals and terrorism: Thangham Wangham

Kutta  marnese bhi cabinet meeting hota hai: Thangham Wangham expressing his displeasure at lack of govt attention on Tirap problem. The sentence was later expunged by the Speaker. 


Orgs vows to oppose Lower Siang dam

ITANAGAR, Mar 18: Keeping in mind the massive destruction in Japan due to earth and tsunami  the Forum for Siang Dialogue (FSD), Mebo Area Bachao Committee (MABC), Siang Peoples' Forum (SPF) and Bogong Banggo Kebang (BBK) in a joint meeting at Pasighat on March 17 discussed  the possible disaster likely  to  cause in case of earthquake after construciton of large  number of dams in Siang Valley.

The meeting observed that Japan earthquake comes as nature’s rude reminder to all of us in the North East and Arunachal Pradesh,  particularly the People of the Siang belt about the massive earthquake of 1950 which washed away the old Pasighat town as the Earthquake had changed the very course of the mighty river Siang. We sit on the highest earth quake zone five  and Pasighat happens to be a place under zone 5, it said.

Stating that  the organisations had earleir have urged the  Centre, state Govt and even the dam builders to refrain from building the Lower Siang dam which can bring disasters for no mistakes of the land and water owners, it said, these dams are going to be built in an highly earthquake prone zone but also that these dams themselves can trigger seismically which is also referred to as teservoir-induced seismicity due to the impoundments of large Reservoirs and the Reservoir length of the 2700MW LSHEP is a whopping 75.5 Kilometers.

“The 8.9 Japan’s earthquake has not left them with any choice,but, we do still have time to think clear before heading with the mega dam projects that is planned in our state’.   The meeting called upon the CM to immediately halt all dams as the safety and lives of the citizens are more precious and concerned and valueable before any developments.  They call for moratorium of all big dams in the state and scrapping of the 2700MW Lower Siang Hydroelectric Project as 99 per cent of the local population are against dam as dam reservoirs are one of the prime factors of initiating earthquakes.

Criticizing the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s statement after the nuclear disaster in Japan that “there is no need to be panicky as India will take all safety measures” the FSD spokespeson Vijay Taram said the prime minister caused the nation unimaginable and unprecedented loss by allowing mind blowing scams including the Hydropower Scam in Arunachal Pradesh, which is valued even more than the 2G scam in terms of the total money involved.

In an attempt to lead a secured and tension free life as envisaged in the

constitution of India, FSD, MABC, SPF and BBK calls upon the People of the Siang Valley to stand up for the life and security and not for the greed and profit of a power corporate or for that matter just for the political interest of single individual whose life and time is not at all more valuable than any one amongst us.


Top NSCN (K) leader killed

ITANAGAR, Mar 18: Senior leader of the National Socialist Council of Nagalim-Khaplang faction Chipu Menon alias Khunwang, a brigadier in the outfit, was killed at Mon in Nagaland on Thursday night.

His body guards are reportedly missing.

Khunwang was the second son of an IAS officer, the late K D Menon, who married politician TL Rajkumar’s elder sister.

Khunwang joined the NSCN-K in 1995 and gradually worked his way up to become a major leader within the organisation.

He was military and political supervisor of the self-proclaimed Union Territory-3, which includes Tirap-Changlang.

So far, the faction has not made any comments on the killing.  

At least 30 cadres of the NSCN-IM and half a dozen of the NSCN-K have been killed in factional fight spread on either side of the India-Myanmar border since December 2010, according to reports in their fight to gain control of Tirap and Changlang.

The Cabinet Committee on Security had directed the army to launch an operation against both the factions of NSCN after escalation of violence in Tirap.


ANSU conducts drive against tobacco products

ITANAGAR, Mar 18: The newly elected executive members of All Nyishi Students’ Union (ANSU) and the District Administration today jointly carried out a drive against banned tobacco products in various shops located within the periphery of 200 Mt from various schools in Itanagar.

At least 13 shops were raided and banned tobacco products seized from shops near King Cup Public School and Govt. Middle School, Niti Vihar. Trading licences of all those shops were seized by the magistrate and shops which did not possess trading licence also closed down.

The seized tobacco products were burnt at Itanagar Police Station premises.

ADM Talo Potom hoped that the new ANSU team will take up more student welfare issues in the days to come. He informed that the drive will be continued for one more day in Itanagar and thereafter, it will be shifted to Naharlagun and Nirjuli area.

ANSU president Sikka Gapak said that the union will make it best efforts for total prohibition on sell of tobacco products and liquor shops near school premises.


Cultural shows enthrall Capital dwellers

NAHARLAGAN, Mar 18: In order to promote communal peace and harmony and national integration through cultural exchanges, the Song and Drama Division of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting conducted song and drama shows in different locations in capital complex from March 14 to 18 much to the appreciation of the people.

Renowned singers from Assam Dhritidipa Das and Debabrata Sinha who were a part of the 22-member team also performed on the occasion much to the enjoyment of the audience. The concluding day of the programme held at Vivekananda Hall at R.K. Mission Hospital was attended by a large number of audience including R.K.Mission staff, public and government officials witnessed the absorbing two hour show.

Besides participation from artists from Nrityangan Music Institution of Itanagar, the visiting artists presented Satriya Dance of Assam, La Haromba Dance of Manipur, Kashimiri Folk Dance besides other items from different communities. Another important objective of the tour programme was to create awareness on the importance of Consumer’s Rights Day and Immunization Day which were held on 15th and 16th march respectively.

Pranab Bezbaruah, the Programme Co-ordinator of the team, appreciated the tremendous response of the public of the capital complex who thronged all the venues such as Ganga Market, O Point, Chandan Nagar, Akashdeep, Donbosco School, and Borapani and other locations where the team performed various shows. He also lauded the active co-operation of IPR department and authorities of R. K. Mission Hospital in making the programme a success.  DIPR


Massive drive against opimum cultivation

TEZU, Mar 18: Lohit District Administration carried  out  a massive  destruction operation against illicit  opium cultivation here yesterday.

On being informed of opium cultivation near Tezu Airport, the district administration team led deputy commissioner h Kri destroyed the standing poppy  plants which were planted in area of land  about 4  to  5  acres. No untoward  incident occurred  during  operation.  DIPRO


ACR appeals for restraint, peace rally at Anini

Peace meeting held to bring normalcy in Roing

ROING, Mar 18: A peace meeting was held today in the chamber of deputy commissioner to discuss ways to bring normalcy in communally divided Lower Dibang valley district.  The meeting was convened by Deputy Commissioner on the visit of Home Commissioner T Bagra and DIG Robin Hibu, who flew from Itanagar to take stock of the situation.

During the meeting Idu community elders advocated to respect territorial boundaries for peace to prevail between Idu and Adi tribe. Bishen Mepo, local business man from Roing said, “Every tribal community in Arunachal maintains the status quo with respect to demarcated tribal boundaries. We hope similar understanding prevails in our area too.”

Similar opinion was expressed by Lower Dibang Valley Zilla chairperson Chiliko Meto, Namo Lingi, Roing ZPM and former Zilla Chairperson Dature Miuli.

Roing MLA Laeta Umbrey declared in the meeting he would now assume full responsibility of the situation at Roing. “I had to be confined at my home for last one week due to customary regulations.” Further Deputy Commissioner of Pasighat in the meeting in Roing DC chamber today informed the people of Roing that all Idu’s in East Siang district are safe and secure.

He was accompanying Home Commissioner T Bagra and DIG Robin Hibu. He also informed that Aohali, an Idu village in East Siang district has also been given adequate police protection.

Meanwhile, All Idu Mishmi Students Union (AIMSU) has strongly condemned the attack by a group of youths in lower market area of Roing town yesterday at 5 pm that culminated to outbreak of communal tension between the two communities.

Even in the midst of bitter communal tension raging across the Roing town, hope for peace is not completely shattered.  A peace march was held today at Anini jointly by the local Idu and Adi officials posted at Anini.  All the participants appealed Lower Dibang Valley administration to press in all possible efforts to restore normalcy in the area.

Earlier on 17th March, a co-ordination meeting was held in connection with the economic blockade and resultant issues arising thereof. The house unanimously expressed regret and pain over the prolonged economic blockade at Lower Dibang Valley District resulting into sky rocketing of the prices of essential commodities.

The house, therefore, urged the Dibang Adi Students Union (DASU) to lift the economic blockade immediately. The house also appealed Lower Dibang Valley District Administration to take effective measures in lifting economic blockade and arrest the culprits master minding the blockade.

All Idu-Mishmi Students Union (AIMSU) and Dibang Valley Students Union (DVSU) were also urged to help in maintaining peace and tranquillity in the area. The house sought intervention by the legislators of both the district in bringing amicable solution to the present crises. House also opined of holding peace dialogue between DASU and AIMSU.  Massive mobilization of troop is continuing in the district. Six companies of Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) have already entered the town.

An abstract estimation puts the strength of police force mobilized at Roing town at six thousand, which is two-third of the population of the town.

“If need arises, army is also ready to move anytime in the district,” informed the visiting police officials from Itanagar today in the meeting.

Three police officials in the rank of Superintendent of Police (SP) of which one belongs to IPS cadre have assumed the full charge of police forces in the district till the situation normalizes. Police further warned that anybody seen violating 144 CrPC will be strictly punished. Despite efforts toward peace, tense situation prevails for the second day in Roing. Whole business establishments and offices remained shut and few vehicular movements were seen.

Meanwhile, executive body of Dibang Adi Students Union (DASU)  demanded the state Govt for immediate arrest of  the persons involved in firing incident at Roing market area yesterday and to seek apology to the three persons who were reportedly humiliated on the way to their hunting expedition on the eve of the festival Unying Aran by the people of Chidu –Kebali, otherwise,  union said, its economic blockade will continue.

Deeply concerned over the stand off between the All Idu Mishmi students’ Union (AIMSU) and the Dibang Adi students’ Union (DASU) resulting to report of economic blockades and incidents of firing, Arunachal Citizen’s Rights (ACR) strongly condemned the incident and appeal both the unions and the people of Roing to restrain from such activities and sort out an amicable solution to bring an end to the crisis.

“People of Arunachal Pradesh, especially the youth and the student community, should be more sensible and responsible when the state as a whole is going through one of the most delicate phases. In a time and situation like today when the state is facing problems of insurgency and arm conflict in Tirap and Changlang which endangers the life of the people leaving the social structure at chaos and at the same time trying to justify its legitimacy to counter the Chinese claim, its high time we forsake our differences and work together rather then exhausting our time, resources and energy in infighting.” appeals ACR in a release. “Instances of economic blockades by the people of Arunachal on the people of Arunachal were never heard and imagined of in our state. It’s good to learn new things from the  outside world , but our people have picked up the wrong method of democratic expression of economic blockade from our neighbouring state(s) which they often resort to in order to assert their will.” ACR adds.

ACR further urges the govt. of Arunachal Praseds and the Dibang Valley district administration to intervene and defuse the tension prevailing in the supposedly serene and harmonious district.

Meanwhile, MP Takam Sanjoy has requested the Union Defence Minister for ugent deployment of 82 Mountain brigade to takle the tense situation in Dibang Valley district.  MP in his letter  to the Union Minister said  that he made this request on directives of the  state Govt .


Efforts on to prevent outbreak of MFD

ITANAGAR, Mar 18: All out effort is being persuaded by the veterinary department to control the out breaks  of Mouth and Foot disease of animals in  Papum Poma area since last couple of weeks, informed  Dr. Karbom Basar, Disease Investigation Officer of the department in a release today.

Stating that the recent outbreak of FMD in Papum Poma has been a cause of concern for the department, the release further informed that local veterinary officer and staffs were frequently visiting the Jote, Poma and Basarnillo areas and effectively treating the infected animals which were detected by the owners.

Due to semi domestic nature of Mithun the disease is seldom diagnosed in the early stage, but only when the animal is unable to move or on the verge of death it can be detected, the release said while adding that  few villagers when approached, expressed their inability to locate their Mithuns for necessary treatment.  Meanwhile, a team of officers lead by District AH & Vety. officer, Papum-Pare, Dr. D.P. Singh and Senior Vety. officer, Vety. Hospital, Naharlagun, Dr. M. Palit with Vety. officers and supporting staffs equipped with sufficient stock of medicines have visited the area  today and rendered necessary treatment to the affected animal.

While appreciating the officers for their dedicated efforts to combat the menace, Nabam Radhe, and Techi Ana, Anchal Samity Members of Jote and Poma respectively, expressed their innocence about the exaggerated report of selling the Mithuns for throw away price.  

The Vety. Officer, DIL, Nirjuli, collected few sera samples and epithelial tissues for virus isolation and sero-typing for confirmatory diagnosis. However, the primary diagnosis and the clinical signs indicates the disease to be Foot & Mouth Disease(FMD), a dreaded viral disease associated with pasteurolosis (a bacterial disease of animal) which can be well prevented by timely vaccination (twice in a year in the month of April- May and September- October), which is being provided by the department free of cost.

The Department urges the livestock owner of the area  to cooperate with vety staffs when they visit the area for vaccination  and ensure that all the Mithun of the area, especially from the border areas are vaccinated properly and discourage sharing of same grazing land by cattle and Mithun, as cattle may act as the carrier of the virus. For further enquiry one may contact District AH & Vety. Officer, PapumPare at 9436225527 (M) or inform Disease investigation Laboratory, Nirjuli, at 0360-2257436/2257209 at working hour.


KVK conducts farmers-scientists interaction programme

ITANGAAR, Mar 18: Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Upper Subansiri District, organized two day Farmer’s Scientist Interaction programme at Upper Dugi village Kuporijo on  March 15 and 16. The  programme was sponsored by ATMA, Daporijo.

Inaugurating the programme Taji Dugi, Fishery Officer, Daporijo appealed the farmers to take full advantage of the training programme and to discuss different problem of the village in agriculture and allied subjects.

Dr. W. Purnima Devi, SMS (Agronomy) delivered lecture on the Integrated Nutrient Management of Paddy. She encouraged the farmers to adopt new technology of paddy. Nani Yampi, SMS (Plant Protection) spoke  on Integrated Pest Management and Integrated Disease Management of Paddy by Power Point Presentation. The following day Dr. Bina Saikia, SMS (A. H. & Vety.) discussed the different problems on housing, diseases and importance of vaccination of livestock and poultry with the farmers.

Dip Jyoti Bora, Programme Assistant (Fisheries) discussed on the prospective of Fishery in the Upper Subansiri District and  responded to the problems  raised by the farmers.  A short film show on IPM on paddy and stocking management of fish pond was shown to the farmer’s. Nyape Bam, Farm Manager gave a brief note on the activities of Krishi Vigyan Kendra.


District level PMEGP exhibition at Tawang

TAWANG, March 18: Tawang District Industries Center has organized a three days district level exhibition on PMEGP on  the products of the beneficiaries for the current year at Tawang from  March 17.

Tawang Deputy Commissioner Gamli Padu inaugurated the exhibition in presence of district heads of department and PMEGP beneficiaries.

Exhibition stalls  are set up at the premises of Tawang Monastery for more exposer to create awareness amongst the rural people of the District as the local people throng monastery during the celebration of Losar, reported Tawang DDI, A Bhattacharjee.

Meanwhile, Tawang DDI, A Bhattacharjee had successfully  conducted Industrial Management Training-cum-Buyers/Sellers Meet at Lhou villages including industrial units and DIC Tawang and Entrepreneurship Development Programme for women beneficiaries in different locations from 7th March to 18th March 2011.

More than 70 beneficiaries had attended the programmes. During the training programme, two women have been selected for industrial study tour at Noida/Delhi. DIPRO


Training prog on quality planting materials

DIRANG, Mar 18: Deputy Director of Horticulture Dr. B. D Singh exhorted the public leaders, farmers, school dropouts and youths of  Barchipam village to utilize the god gifted agro-climatic condition of the region which is suitable for growing various temperate fruits crops like Kiwi, Apple, Pear, Peach,  Plum etc. He was addressing a training programe on quality planting material organized by Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), West Kameng under the aegis of NABARD, Itanagar.

The training mainly aimed at raising the socio-economic status of rural youth and farm women by way of providing them with self employment opportunity through horticulture and making available good quality planting materials at farmers doorsteps.

During the technical session, Dr. N. D. Singh, Programme Coordinator, spoke on quality planting material through slide presentation and also carried out method demonstration.

Various aspects of quality nursery, planting and integrated pest management measures were trained to the farmers of  the village during the three days training period.

Altogether 40 delegates including scientists, state department officials, KVK officials practicing farmers, farm women and unemployed rural youths attended the programme.

Another programme on same topic was also conducted at Sangti.

Speaking in the inaugural session, Dr. Benzamin Sangma, Sr. V.O briefed about the potentiality of various agriculture and allied sector of the district. He also suggested the farmers and school dropouts to explore the available resources for income generation.

Jagdish Singh, SDHO, Dirang, trained the farmers about the quality planting materials and nursery management in a scientific way for better and quality production to enhance higher income generation for farm families.


EIC campaign reach Balijan

BALIJAN, Mar 18: Erik Sakiang, the mascot introduced by the department of Public Health Engineering (PHE), Yupia division of the Information, Education and Communication (EIC) component under the Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC), reached Balijan circle of Papum Pare district beckoning people to avail Individual Household Latrines (IHHL) for a healthy and hygienic life.

Declaring open the campaign in Balijan and adjoining villages here yesterday in a simple ceremony, local MLA and Parliamentary Secretary for Industries Nabam Rebia urged the villagers to accept what the government was offering – IHHL – for their own good.

“Health is wealth. Any amount of money, material or power would come to naught if you are unhealthy,” Rebia said.

Impressing upon the villagers to go for individual household latrines being offered by the government through the PHED, he pointed that big buildings without a toilet are useless.

Rebia urged the department to target rural and interior villages for the campaign, which he said consisted mostly of BPL families and needed help for construction of low cost latrines. He also appealed the department not to fix a maximum number of IHHLs to be constructed in the area but go for as many as possible depending upon the needs and demands of the villagers.

Balijan EAC T Taggu, who attended the ceremony as guest of honor, also emphasized on hygienic way of life. Quoting ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ he told the villagers that it is a golden opportunity to improve their lifestyle now that the government has come to their doorstep to help them have their own toilets.

Resource person Dr Taw Kaku elaborately explained the ill-effects of open defecation. Besides causing spread of several diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, gastric etc, he said open defecation is a major problem for the womenfolk of a family. Advocating all to avail the facility being provided by the government, Dr Kaku expressed hope that this summer, the time with most health complaints, he would have to treat a lesser number of patients.

PHED Executive Engineer, J T Badal in his key note address, explained the scheme. He appealed the people not to see the scheme as something to churn out financial benefits but take it as their own for their own benefit.

“This is not like other contract works, where there is a margin of profit. This is something for our own benefit,” he explained.

ZPM Kabak Takam also spoke in the same lines. In chaste Nyishi, he drove home the point that IEC campaign and construction of IHHLs are not profit making businesses but to uplift the living status of those below the poverty line.

“In fact people should come forward to spend from their pockets to construct toilets. We are fortunate that the government is offering assistance to build our toilets,” he said.

Organized by PHED in cooperation with Anchal Chairperson T G Taba, the launching ceremony was attended by several gaon buras, PRI leaders, womenfolk and villagers from Balijan and its adjoining villages.

Later in the evening, a short film on health and hygiene titled ‘Apna swasth apney haath’ dubbed in Nyishi was screened, which was watched by more than a hundred villagers, both young and old.

According to PHED sources, now that the campaign has been launched, soon volunteers and resource persons would visit all the interior villages of the area to create awareness on IHHLs. Simultaneously, the department would assist in construction of IHHLs as per demands of the villagers.

“The aim is to make all villages 100% free from open defecation,” said Nabam Taga, Assistant Engineer, PHED.


Birum village heading  Agri-Development

Dr. T. Heli

Agriculture development blooms over the Birum village with Mushrooming Self-Help Groups and Farmers Clubs. The positive sign of development in the village includes Vermi-Compost units of individual farmers under one umbrella of SHG, blooming Mushroom unit of other Farmer Club, poultry farm of women group (Farmer’s Club) and still bio-pesticides unit of cattle urine popularly known a “Go-Mutra” sold @ Rs. 50/- litre produced which  is double the price of milk.

Birum village located on way side of towards the district Head Quarter of Papum Pare, Yupia, is heading towards self-sufficiency in Agricultural produce.

The whole farming group of the village has been divided into 2 (Two) Farmer’s  Clubs - Birum – I and Birum- II in addition to Self Help Groups (SHG) of like minded farming community. The whole initiative has been taken up by Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) Papum Pare and local NGO- viz. Action Aided Society of Arunachal (AASA) under the sponsorship of NABARD, Itanagar.

After group formation, the key issues and need for the technology back stopping  were identified. Based on the issues and needy of the farming group, the training and demonstration including exposure programme were planned. The need based capacity building programmes were organized for the Farmer’s Club and SHG members to provide first hand information.

Further, the interest farmers to a particular sector were identified and they were provided with specialized training particular subject of particular discipline of farming sector including exposure visit programmes.

After creating awareness and providing them the first hand knowledge on various farming sector, the genuine and needy farmers were identified. The feasibility of the Project was assessed considering the interest, land availability and market access. Such groups were taken and introduced to the bank- i.e. Arunachal Pradesh Rural Bank (APRB), Naharlagun for the credit support.

Moreover, Birum and adjoining village falls under the Financial Inclusion, each farmers is ought to have compulsory bank accounts for enabling them for the credit support. Field seeding of the bank account, the field officers from Banks moves round the village with requests to the farmers for opening bank accounts. “I have given my counter signature in several bank account forms of the individual farmers of my village. And so far many farmers have been getting the Kisan Credit Cards (KCC) in our village!” It was the statement given by Mr. Malo Tubin (GB of Birum village).

Our routine field visits to the farmer’s field has inspired the farmers. The subject matter specialists of different disciplines of Agri-Allied sector pay routine field visits the farmer’s field and provide them the service delivery support at their doorstep. With such support, the farmers have developed close linkage with the KVK team for the success of their farm activities.

Birum village farmers have been the eye opener for other farmers of the district and state as a whole. But there are miles to go for the rural development through sustainable agriculture. There is the need for the farmer’s friendly policy to address the key issues in farming sector by strengthening strong linkages of Inter-department, providing transport subsidy in farm inputs and prompt service delivery support to the needy farmers. If it could be done, hundreds of Birum village will be springing up in our state thereby attaining prosperity through agriculture. (The writer is a Programme Coordinator, KVK,Papum Pare)


News Impact

CWC appeals to CE

ITANAGAR, Mar 18: Chandranagar Welfare Committee (CWC) has demanded for immediately stopping LOC and payment to the contractor against the work under HVDS scheme in twin capital town till its completion.

CWC in its letter to Chief Engineer, Power Department (WZ) said that the specified time for the work is about to meet its end but works are  not yet fully completed.

“It is mandatory on the part of the fund allocating authority to verify the project by making  practical inspection of the work rather than depending upon completion report submitted by the project undertaking department”, CEC said in a release.

It also gave details of the area/places where the works were in dormant stage.


HM assures

ITANAGAR, Mar 18: All Arunachal Pradesh Private Drivers’ Union (AAPPDU) in a release said that the Home Minister has assured the union to apprehend the killer of truck driver Dorjee Lama.

The assurance was given by the HM when a delegation of the union met the minister today.

According to AAPPDU, driver Lama was killed by unknown person last month between Deed and Neelam village under Lower Subansiri district.

Meanwhile, the union temporarily withdrew its earlier decision to not to allow any commercial vehicles enter the Yazali check gate with immediate effect following the HM’s assurance.


SBYWA oppose survey

ITANAGAR, Mar 18: The Siyom Banggo Youth Welfare Association (SBYWA) has strongly protested the State Government and JP Arunachal’s attempt to conduct Full Reservoir Level (FRL) survey ‘forcefully’ at Jomlo circle before public hearing.


Pasighat to celebrate Holi in style

PASIGHAT, Mar 18:  Holi--the festival of colour would be celebrated at Pasighat town as part of the year-long celebration of 100 years of Pasighat.

Pasighat Market Association (PMA) Jt. Secy. Bhimlal Srivastava informed that bonfires will be lit at night on the first day of the festival to signify burning ‘Holika’ at main market ground. The second day will be observed as ‘Dhulandi’, as usual, by throwing coloured powder followed by Kabi Sammelon.


Capacity building programme on RTI

TAWANG, March 18: A day long workshop on capacity building and awareness on Right to Information Act 2005 for officers and ministerial staff of DC office and allied offices of Tawang district was organized by the Tawang district administraiton under the aegis of Arunachal Pradesh Information commission  at Tawang today.

Speaking on the inaugural function the Tawang Deputy Commissioner Gamli Padu gave a brief note on RTI Act 2005. Padu called upon all the all the government functionaries  to get themselves acquainted with its various provisions  of RTI for better dispensing of information to the general public. While stressing on proper maintenance of official records he urged them to maintain a checklist on information so that the same could be provided on time.

Dr. DK Chutia, EAC (Judicial) cum Programme Co-ordinator, Karma Leki, PD (DRDA), A. Bhattacharjee, DDI and Pema Chowang, Advocate were the resource persons who dealt in length on various subject matter related to RTI Act 2005. DIPRO


Social service

ITANAGAR, Mar 18: Barapani Youth Welfare Association conducted social service at Barapani area today. Meanwhile the association appealed to various work departments to look into the drainage and other related problems of the area.



ITANAGAR, Mar 18: Oyi Dai has qualified for the award of Doctor of Philosophy on the topic “Effect of AM inoculation and soil amendment on the growth performances of Chili (capsicum fruteseens L.)”.

She worked under the supervision of Dr. RK Singh, Associate Professor, Department of Botany, Rajiv Gandhi University.

She is the daughter of Okep Dai of Tekang Village of East Siang district.

The degree would be conferred on her in the next convocation of the university.


Shifting of office

ITANAGAR, Mar 18: The DDSE Office Yupia will be shifted to SSA Office, Naharlagun (Pedagogy Cell) temporarily from Mar 21 due to road cutting work in between Yupia and Naharlagun.


SAWS executive body formed

ITANAGAR, Mar 18: Samyor Ao Welfare Society (SAWS)  in its first ever election cum general conferene held at Geching  village in West Siang district recently formed its executive body with Takeng Samyor, Dorje Samyor and R Samyor as president, vice president and general secretary respectively. The motto of the  Society is to bring all round development in Manigong-Padi circle in all sphere.


Ph.D degree

ITANAGAR, Mar 18: Ona Apang has qualified for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) for the thesis “Revisionary Studies on the Genus Dendrobium SW, (orchidaceae) in Arunachal Pradesh. He conducted his rerearch  under the supervision of  Prof A K Das.

Degree will be conferred on him at the next convocation of the university.



ITANAGAR, Mar 18: The executive member of Central Anggong Society has appointed Tahung Palon, Talom Tashing and Tayi Paming as President, Vice President and General Secretary of Papum Pare District Unit, Akak Lego and Getem Lego as President and General Secretary of Dibang Valley District Unit, Takar Goi and Tayi Tali as President and General Secretary of West Siang District Unit, Keni Lego, Nalo Tashing and Tabit Tali as President, vice President and General Secretary of East Siang district unit, Karung Lego and Olik Tashing as President and General Secretary of Upper Siang District Unit.


Pre-Mopin in Delhi

ITANAGAR, Mar 18: The Galo Community in particular and all the students of Arunachal Pradesh residing in Delhi and NCR celebrated Pre -Mopin Festival on March 13 at Arunachal  House, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi.

John Mai, Indian Foreign Service (IFS) and Mijum Nyodu, Associate  Professor, Faculty of  Law, Delhi University attended the celebration as Chief  Guest and Guest of Honour respectively.

John Tato, Liyir Karso and Nabam Takar filled the evening with their mesmerizing special numbers in Galo and  English.

Jumbom Padu was crowned the Miss Mopin, 2011 the title for Mr Mopin went to Hendar Ngomdir.


ASUS  cry for scholarship

ITANAGAR, Mar 18: The scholarship rights of the Arunachalee students pursuing degree courses in some of the colleges in Shillong have been denied by the directorate of higher and technical education, claimed Arunachal Students’ Union Shillong (ASUS) in a release today.

The Union appealed the All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) to take up the issue and look into the grievances of the Arunachalee students at Shillong.


Interim committee reacts

ITANAGAR, Mar 18: The newly formed interim committee of All Nyishi Youth Associaiton (ANYA) said that there is no anti-ANYA group from the Nyishi committee.

Reacting to the news item condemning the ‘anti-ANYA act of forming  an interim committee’, the Interim Committee president Achung Yumlam termed  the use of word ‘anti-ANYA’ as unfortunate.

The interim committee in a release further said the committee was formed  by all the bonafide Nyishi youths of all the five Nyishi dominated districts following tag of war between two groups which resulted in defunct of the Association. It further said that the newly formed interim committee will hold general conference cum election within  six months in oder to get the newly democratically elected body of ANYA.


ALSU executive meet held

ITANAGAR, Mar 18: Arunachal Law Students’ Union (ALSU) conducted its first executive meeting here today.

During the meeting, the house resolved to take up six points agenda on priority which includes immediate and early completion of construction of the approved government law college, separation of Judiciary from Executives, installation of CC Camera at every check gate, establishment of Juvenile Justice Board, reduction of RTI rate from Rs. 10 to Rs. 2 and installation of ALSU website.


Repeal Freedom of Religion Act: ACF

ITANAGAR, Mar 18: The Arunachal Christian Forum (ACF), highlighting the grievances of Christian community said that there is total discomfiture in practicing their religion due to Arunachal Pradesh Freedom of Religion Act 1978. The Forum appeals to the Government to rise up to its democratic credentials and repeal “The Arunachal Pradesh freedom of Religion Act 1978”.

Though this Act was not invoked in the last thirty years against anyone, but it still remains a powerful tool in the hands of unscrupulous law enforcers to prosecute any Christian in the state, the Forum said while adding that Christians community is peaceful and law abiding and is making a very significant and noticeable contribution to the development of the state.


Coaching camp

ITANAGAR, Mar 18: The three-week-long intensive coaching camp in various sports disciplines to prepare the state team for the ensuing 25th NE Games-2011 started today.

The players are being trained to equip them for the competition in the disciplines of Athletics, Archery, Boxing, Badminton, Football, Taek-won-Do, Table Tennis, Karate, Judo, Weightlifting and Wushu, according to an official release.

Do something better

Dear Editor,

This is appropos to the news item with headlines “Tense situation in Roing, two injured in gunshot".

It amuses me very much to see that how the fools of Arunachal lend a grand spectacle!

Shakespeare could have produced another masterpiece of a novel by looking at these menacing tribals. Let me pose a question to you: does any one play a good table from the region of Roing and Shantipur? I am very sure they don't. But, of course, they can raise a 'dao', raise a war cry and make a killing of a human...

To people from A.P, keep the merry circus on!

To staff from this press portal: find something better to work on than this lame. CNN is hiring in India, I heard.



New Delhi



Maintain peace

Dear Editor,

The prevailing situation at Roing is a matter of concern. We are very sad to know and are worried about the students   who are  currently appearing for their exams. The situation in the town is surely going to hamper their approach in the exams.  

We request the public and students’ leader  of both the community to come forward with open mind and sit together to solve the problem. Let the district administration take its own course.  At this situation, rumours play a big role, therefore, we request the people of Lower Dibang Valley to act positively and maintain peace and communal harmony which has always been existed in the valley.  



Akepi Linggi Ehili

Mishmi  Students’ Union RGU



Improve net service

Dear Editor,

It is very unfortunate that the BSNL network being provided by the authorities at Changlang is very bad.

To make a single call we have to dial more than 1000 times as most of the time network remains out of reach. Whenever I meet my friend or relatives, they use to ask me, “ahree khun sha duniya mein jirhehoo”

Tower is already erected and network symbol is shown on Mobile but it always remains defunct may be carelessness of the authorities.

Now we have been reduced to use our mobile phones to listen to songs and click pictures. We just waste our top ups and recharges due to bad signal.

I would like to request the higher authorities of BSNL look into the matter and provide services. If BSNL fails to provide good network then they should give up and allot their towers to the private developers, so that we can enjoy better network. We are ready to assist them in any regards.


Takar Ruyi,Changlang



Give us justice

Dear Editor,

This is appropos to the letter written by land revenue and settlement officer (on March 15)  in  response to the letter of one Goda Madu.

Madu is a respectful person of our society and direct criticism to Madu while responding to the letter has hurtled us. This is not a proper way to deliver justice. It is a right of every citizen to seek justice, but instead of helping him, the officer directly criticise him.

We appeal the chief secretary to look into the matter and provide proper justice.


Goda Ranka, president

G4 Clan Youth Associaiton



Shocking remarks

Dear Editor,

I am shocked after reading the letter written by land revenue and settlement officer against Goda Madu directly criticising him which is illegal. Madu was working as APCRC area –II sub council as  vice president since 2008-2010 and he is a very sincere and dedicated persons. Such criticism before media is disappointing.


T Tallar

Kurung Kumey






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