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March  - 21


Nguso death: a case of high handedness and violation of human rights:

Independent Report

ITANAGAR, Mar 20: The Independent Fact Finding Committee (IFFC) on the Custodial Death of late Tasi Nguso, a bus conductor of the State Transport department knocked-down by a speeding VVIP police escort vehicle at Papu Nallah area of Naharlagun in the early morning of 15th July, has come out with its report.

The IFFC in its findings stated that it is clear case of high-handedness and a clear case of Human Rights violation while adding that it is also a clear violation of D.K. Basu Guidelines.

It said that Naharlagun police station General Diary (GD) pages no. 17992 and 17993 containing the records of the arrest of Late Tachi Nguso were found to be torn and tampered which is a crime and a serious violation of the rule of law while adding that there was no record of rough GD entered on July15, whereas record has to be maintained with dates.

While doing Post Mortem, videography was not done which is violation of NHRC guidelines.

“Police alleged the victim to be insane and fabricated the GD whereas according to Neuro-Psychiatrist, General Hospital, Naharlagun, late Nguso was not a psychiatric case, so the question of abnormal behavior or violent act by the patient does not arise” the findings stated.

Besides, according to witness No. 07, EMO on duty on the morning of July 15, late Tachi Nguso had no serious injury except for minor scratches on the left elbow and left toe. Therefore, the cause of death can’t be concluded as accident, though, according to witnesses, late Tachi Nguso did have an accident with the escort vehicle of HCM.

However, there is no sufficient evidence or witness to draw out that torture could be the cause of late Tachi Nguso’s death.

It recommended that a criminal case need to be registered against the police officer on duty for gross negligence of his responsibilities of not taking late Nguso directly to the hospital, although the situation demanded it most urgently, and that too inspite of the fact that there are four hospitals/medical centers between the accident site and the Police Station, Naharlagun.  Further the erring officer to be prosecuted, if found guilty.

A case has to be registered and investigated by a senior police officer not below the rank of a Deputy Superintendent of Police or any other specialize investigation agencies for tampering of record and documents as had been done with pages 17992 and 17993 of the GD of Naharlagun police station containing the records of late Tachi Nguso’s arrest as mentioned in the findings, it said.

It further made general recommendations which called for need to install CCTV in every police station.

The panel called mandatory videography of every post mortem as per the guidelines of National Human Rights Commission, designated forensic expert be posted at General Hospital Naharlagun and other District Hospitals, establishment of Forensic laboratory in the state with all adequate equipments, following D.K. Basu Guidelines strictly by Police Officers on duty.

Government should establish State Standard Morgue at General Hospital, Naharlagun and other Hospitals in the state, it added.

The Galo Welfare Society (GWS) constituted the Independent Fact Finding Committee to find out the truths and facts of the incident and punish the culprits involved as per the Law comprising of Bamang Tago, Chairperson, Arunachal Citizens Rights, Ajing Apang, the then President, Adi Bane Kebang, Sunil Mow of Human Rights Law Network, Arunachal Chapter, Dharmawoti Mongmow, the then President, Arunachal Pradesh Women’s Welfare Society and the GWS, Secretary, Legal Affairs, Domo Padu as the Member Secretary of the IFFC.

The terms of reference of the IFFC were to investigate the causes of the death of Tachi Nguso on July 15, to examine the physical assault/torture by police in custody, the efforts of the state government, the responsibility of the state government to protect and discharge the constitutional responsibilities and to provide the findings along with appropriate recommendations.


ABK, Ering appeals for peace, AdiSu questions administrative failure

Arrest the culprits, demands orgs while Pulu and Linggi says we did not do it

ITANAGAR, Mar 20: The traditional Apex, Appellate and Supreme Council of the Adis- Adi Baane Kebang in a crucial meeting on March 18 described the incident at Roing as unfortunate and strongly urged the District Administration to contain the situation and restore public peace and tranquility.

The Adi Baane Kebang appealed the law enforcing authority to constitute Peace Committee to defuse the tension.

The Adi Baane Kebang also appealed the entire community of Dibang Valley and Lower Dibang Valley district to evolve suitable mechanism to find a lasting solution to the problems between the two communities. The willingness to find a permanent solution should come from the two communities.

It also asked the members of both the communities to subordinate their sectional interests for the over-all interest of both the communities living in the district as public peace and harmony is paramount for development of the 2 societies. We should redress our problems/ grievances in a peaceful manner, based on spirit of brotherhood and tolerance.

The Adi Baane Kebang further appealed to both the two communities living in Dibang Valley and Lower Dibang Valley to work for preserving public peace and tranquility. It also demanded from the state Govt for more deployment of Police forces in the districts to contain further deterioration of law and order situation. Those who take laws in their hands should be dealt with firm hand, it added.

Meanwhile, ABK demanded the Law enforcing authority to immediately arrest the two culprits, who shot Mibom Pertin and Toni Riba by gun in Roing town on March 17 last.

Riba is in critical condition and battling for his life in a Nursing home in Dibrugarh.

It said that Vijoy Linggi, son of Sole Linggi and David Pulu, are allegedly involved in the shooting incident. As per information available, one of the culprits, namely David Pulu is the son of Jati Pulu, Member, Public Service Commission, Arunachal Pradesh, it added.

The Adi Baane Kebang further demanded that all state Govt officers belonging to Adis as well as Idus posted in different locations in the Dibang Valley and Lower Dibang Valley should be given adequate protection by the Govt.  

The ABK further alleged that some of the Medias, reporting on the incident are “distorting and misleading”. The ABK requested the Press fraternity, the Arunachal Times in particular, to refrain from publishing distorted and misleading news items.  It further said that The Arunachal Times in its news item published on 18th March edition made a mention of ‘Padam Adi’ which is a distortion and highly objectionable.

The Adi is the name of a major tribe in Arunachal Pradesh and there is nothing like ‘Padam Adi, the ABK said.

Distorting the word ‘Adi’ is not acceptable to the Adi Bane Kebang as it injures the sentiments of the entire Adi community living in different districts of Arunachal Pradesh, it said.

 The tribal people of different districts of Arunachal Pradesh enjoy different customary laws and rights. The hunting during the week of Unnying/Aaran is traditional practice and customary rights of the Adi people. Therefore, action against the traditional hunting during the Unnying/Aaran festival by another community or by the Forest Deptt or by the Administration is against the traditional rights of the Adi people, it said while taking strong exception to the use of word “Poacher” against the traditional hunting.

Meanwhile, in a message from New Delhi, the East Arunachal MP Ninong Ering has appealed  for peace.

Expressing deep anguish over report of communal clashes taking place at Roing, Ering stated sufferers are innocent citizens. He urged all to maintain calm in this moment of crisis.

AdiSU has appealed the Adis and Idu to strive for peaceful negotiation and maintenance of communal harmony.

It is fact that some anti-social elements are roaming in both sides that is sowing the seed of hatred among their fellow community to mete out their personal enmity. They do not belong to any community; they are common enemies of mankind, said a release.

AdiSU has welcomed the verbal confirmation for constitution of lost assessment committee under Administration to assess the property lost and fire victims.

AdiSU while welcoming the DASU’s decision to lift economic blockade for the sake of mankind, reminded the government to fulfill their demands.

While condemning the group clashes in Roing,  AdiSU has alleged that the passive role of District Administration is solely liable for the absolute failure in controlling the disrupting law and order situation in the district.

AdiSU has also called on the district administration to initiate stringent measures for the immediate detention of David Pulu and Vijay Linggi who it said “had the lion’s share in creating terror and havoc among the masses”.

Further anticipating the petrified environment in Roing, AdiSU, appeals to the student community in particular and public in general to maintain peace and communal harmony and come up with some negotiating means for a better end.  

Meanwhile, AdiSu questioning the reason behind firing and stone pelting while 144 crPC was on, said that it didn’t get satisfactory reply from administrative side.

It had met DC and  submitted a six points representation.  

AdiSU is still waiting for a reason behind Administrative and Police failure in dealing with the ugly episodes, it said.

Meanwhile, Vijay Lingi, Secretary, Roing Bazaar Committee and David Pulu, Secretary Lower Dibang Valley District Truck Association in a press release has denied their involment in the firing incident. It said that allegation against them were totally false, fabricated and cooked up story to malign their image.

In a joint statement, they appealed to Idu Mishmi and Adi Students’ Unions to refrain from such unlawful activities and urged them to maintain maximum restrain from both sides to ease the tensed situation in the District.


Rain fails to dampen Lossar celebration

ITANAGAR, Mar 20: Rain couldn’t dampen the festive spirit as the Buddhist Community of Capital Complex celebrated the Lossar festival yesterday  at Thupten GA-Tseling Monastery  with all religious fervour and gaiety on the 14th day of the 15 day Lossar celebration.

Organised by the Itanagar Buddhist Cultural Society (IBCS), the Lossar celebration was attended by the Chief Minister, Dorjee Khandu, and Kalikho Pul, Minister RWD, Tax & Excise, as the Chief Guest and the local MLA Techi Kaso as the guest of Honour.

Greeting the people on the auspicious and joyous occasion of Lossar, the Chief guest Kalikho Pul said that the various tribes of the state celebrate their respective festivals which are spread round the year adding that festivals promote the spirit of brotherhood and peace among the people and guide us to lead a righteous and upright life while at the same time renew and regenerate our spiritual and religious belief. He further also suggested for a common festival ground for celebrating the various festivals.

On the developmental front, he said that it is for all of us to see the unprecedented developmental initiatives taking place in the state under the leadership of Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu.

Since his taking over the rein of the Govt., the Dorjee Khandu led Govt. has received appreciation from various quarters for its performance, Pul said. He further said that state has also registered 22% GDP growth, which earlier used to hover around 7% to 8%, which he said is a commendable feat. The sizable enhancement in the Plan size of the state by the Planning Commission is testimony of the commendable performance of the Govt. he added.

Earlier, The Guest of Honour , Techi Kaso said that as local MLA he is always ready to lend a helping hand and called for fellow feeling & brotherhood among all for peace & unity. He said that the monastery is pride of Itanagar, which he said has been maintained well & besides being a spiritual & religious Monastery is a place of Tourist destination.

On the occasion Chief Information Commissioner Y.D. Thongchi was felicitated, while three successful candidates in the last State Civil Service Examination from Buddhist Community also felicitated.

Among the various dignitaries present on the occasion were MLAs R. T. Khunjuju, P.D. Sona, Jambey Tashi & Phurpa Tsering, Principal Secretary to CM, Yeshi Tsering, Chief Information Commissioner Y.D. Thongchi among others.

Colourful cultural presentation from various culture troupes from Tawang, Dirang, Rupa, Menchuka, Jigaon etc. also marked the Lossar celebration.


DC visits Richukrong, asks DDSE to withhold salary of absentee teachers

SEPPA, Mar 20: East Kameng Deputy Commissioner, Tope Bam visited Richukrong out-post on March 18 to assess the actual development in the area.

Bam inspected all the govt. establishments and expressed his dismay over the functioning of the govt staffs and establishments.

While inspecting the educational establishment, the DC took strong note of the absentee teachers and warned them of the legal action. He also directed the DDSE to withhold the monthly salary of the irregular teachers. Any complaint from public and students should be brought before the DC, he said.  The DC also directed the local administration to ensure the regular stay of all the govt. staff for smooth functioning of the administration.

During his visit the DC distributed the medicated mosquito net to as many as 150 beneficiaries of seven villages.

Deputy Director, ICDS, Lian Moyee while highlighting the various charter of duty of Anganwadi workers informed that besides their normal duty the Anganwadi workers could teach the students of Pre-Primary.

Earlier, responding to a public memorandum submitted by Seko Tagio, ASM, Tallam-Sima, the DC directed the DDSE to prepare estimate  for the renovation of teachers quarter and School building.

Regarding flood control, the DC asked the representative of WRD to prepare estimate for further submission to higher authority of the deptt. On the renovation of IB, the DC directed the PWD to look into the matter seriously.  He also assured to talk with local MLA for necessary initiatives for construction of bridge over Kiyan River and flood control in Kiyan and Lakari Rivers.

According to the people of Richukrong the Kiyan and Lakari rivers are eroding the extended land of Richukrong day by day.

While explaining the role of HGBs and GBs as village authority, he asked them to administer justice to the people in time as per the power conferred on them under the Assam Frontier of Justice Regulation Act 1945. He also educated the villagers about the need of hygienic way of living.

It is pertinent to mention here that Richukrong is one of the most backward administrative out-post of the district and comprises of 6-7 villages namely, Pakar, Tallam, Chambung Liyak, Picha, Kajong and Mlorang etc. The out-post was created in the year 1997 but to no development have taken place in term of infrastructure and human development. The govt. establishment was found to be almost empty. Except the hospital building all the govt establishments was not in a position to be used.

The area is also prone to the various killer diseases like Malaria, diarrhea, etc which very often breaks out in the form of epidemic and takes away many lives. One of the Goan Bura informed that this killer disease  had reduced the half of area’s population in the recent past. Due to unavailability of doctor and communication bottleneck the patient connot not be taken to medical in time. The place is connected with the road recently but is almost un-motorable,  especially during summer season that makes the stationing of the govt. staffs almost impossible.

The DC  was accompanied by SP  Kime Aya, PD, DRDA, Keggo Essi, DD, ICDS, Lian Moyee, DPO, Vijay Sonam, DSO sport Karbia Dodum, DMO, Talle Gungo, DDSE, Tapip Ramsing and  representatives of other department. DIPRO



Parent-teacher meeting held

Vision 2011- A new and exciting chapter opens in Donyi-Polo Vidya Bhawan

ITANGAAR, Mar 20: With the new principal having taken office in January this year, Donyi-Polo Vidya Bhawan ushers in a new beginning with a special meeting conducted in the school auditorium for all parents and students on March 19.

In his address, Vidya Bhawan Principal Kevin Phillips outlined his vision for the school. At the same time he highlighted the impediments in bringing ‘The Vision’ to fruition.  

In a frank, straightforward, no-holds barred discussion he sought parental support and cooperation, not their indifference, arrogance, antagonism and confrontational approach especially when their ward is recalcitrant. He laid emphasis on academic excellence through rigorous academic standards and supported by high self discipline of the student body.

Adequate time slots for remedial lessons, extra classes, coaching, games, supervised study, cultural pursuits, etc. have been fitted into the new daily schedule and the scope for a wider learning experience will be energised from time to time through the adventure learning programmes being introduced in the school. He emphasised the need for total compliance by students to the school dress code, academic regimen, abstaining from taking any intoxicants, skiving, in local parlance 'Bunking', 'goondaism' etc. A more holistic and meaningful inter-active learning/teaching approach will be the benchmark of all classroom transactions. The Principal himself will get into classrooms to monitor the students' progress. An adviser cum consultant has been brought in to give a boost to the academic innovations and initiatives for quality education in Donyi-Polo Vidya Bhawan. However, he lamented that all developmental programmes in the school cannot come cheaply. Therefore, to implement all the progressive measures, the school fees needs to be raised appropriately to attract talented and industrious teachers and for which he wanted the parents ready support.

The Education Adviser cum Consultant rounded of the meeting with his power-point presentation of VISION 2011 for Donyi-Polo Vidya Bhawan. Parents then interacted with teachers over the Final Examination results of their wards and collected the Reports Card. The day concluded with a simple lunch for all parents, staff and students.


Bishop declares the Silver Jubilee

Year open

Itanagar, Mar 20: The Silver Jubilee Celebration of Catholics in Itanagar was declared open by Rt. Rev. Dr. John Thomas, Bishop of Itanagar, amidst the gatherings of many faithful on the occasion of Feast of St. Joseph, the Patron Saint of Itanagar diocese, here at Nyokum Lapang, this morning. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. John Thomas said,called upon the faithful to be vigilant as they are now 25 years old into the Catholic faith. There are people who come in the name of religion to make money, and such should be dealt tactfully. All types of superstitions must not be practiced in the Church, he said.

Jubilee celebration started off with the lighting of the lamp by Rev. Bishop along with elders of the church.

Taring Mama the spokesperson of APCU highlighted about the series of activities to be taken up in the coming months. Various competitions on literary, cultural and traditions will be carried out throughout the state in both the diocese. The silver jubilee shall culminate into a mass Eucharistic procession on 20th November 2011 where many Bishops, priests, religious and general public are expected to participate.

 Rev. Fr. Tomy the Parish Priest of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church here at Nyokum Lapang nnounced a 5 days Charismatic Retreat to mark the beginning of Silver Jubilee Year which will start from 23rd March  here at Nyokum Lapang Church.


Theatre Festival and Workshop at RGU

RONO HILLS, Mar 20: The Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts (IGNCA), New Delhi in collaboration with Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalakshetra here at Rajiv Gandhi University is organising a Mega Event of IGNCA National Festival of Indigenous Theatres and workshop on North East India.

The programme focus on the Folk and Traditional theatrical Art from of the North East India with special showcase of Dhuliya Bhaoria ( Devi Durga) and Loi- Kaba (return from exile) from Assam and Manipur respectively and later to be showcased in Delhi along with a workshop/ symposium amongst artists, scholars and performers. Artistic Director of IGNCA Theatre Festival, Guwahati Prof. Lokendra Arambam in his speech while giving an insight of the programme said that the indigenous theatre of North-East India which had contributed substantially to the development of artistic and cultural discourse of the eight States through their original pristine forms, substantiated from ritual, dramatic encounters and other proto-theatrical traditions shall be previewed at Guwahati to be finally presented to the national audience at the IGNCA campus in March along with the workshop.

This is a major innovative step initiated by the IGNCA to bring North East India’s art and culture discourse into greater public visibility after a successful performance festival of North-East India and South-East Asian dances and a fusion programme last year.

Padma Shree Mamang Dai who was the chief guest in her inaugural address said we should feel proud and respect our art and culture.

Such programme will give us an opportunity to see how presentation are made, she said while adding that it is an arena to explore. The VC RGU, Tamo Mibang also spoke on the occasion.


Rain cripples life in East Siang

Prafulla Kaman

RUKSIN, Mar 20: Incessant rain for the last four days has paralyzed life in Siang belt, especially Pasighat, Pangin-Boleng, Jengging, Ruksin, Nari areas of East Siang and other places of Upper Siang district. Heavy showers is causing water clogging in several places, worsening the roads creating hardships for the commuters.  

The ongoing construction of the highway between Ruksin and Pasighat has also suffered setbacks.

With the monsoons dawning early this year, several portions of the National Highway-52 at Dhemaji Assam have been badly affected creating hardships.

The highway that passes along the Assam-Arunachal border here is the vital lifeline for the people of Siang belt.

Last year, the upper Arunachal districts witnessed heavy downpour resulting in landslide and disruption of roads at different parts, washing away log bridges and porter tracks disconnecting several remote circle headquarters from rest of the world. Moreover, flash flood caused by incessant rain created havoc in these districts.

However, India Metrological Department (IMD) had recorded about 30 percent deficit rainfall in Arunachal during the last monsoon (since June 1), which hampered various agriculture and allied activities in the state.


Silver Jubilee of NMWC

ITANAGAR, Mar 20: The eight days Silver jubilee celebration of Nirjuli Market Welfare Committee (NMWC) started on March 19.

The day was marked by Volley ball competition between Itanagar Market welfare association(IMWA) and United Doimukh in which IMWA won the opening match.

The celebration is packed by Games & sports and cultural events, said its Organizing chairman Mr Tana Khoda Tara.

The president of Arunachal Chamber of commerce & Industries Techi Lala was the Chief Guest at the opening ceremony while the president of Arunachal Pradesh catholic Union & General secretary of Naharlagun Bazaar committee Tok Buttum was the Guest of honour.

Buttum asked the gathered traders to love the state and its people, like the way they love the country. He discouraged the traders from selling of poisonous & outdated stuff to their citizen.

Lala informed the traders gather about the possibility of sabji mandi for the welfare of the public, the consumers & encouraged the committee for the celebration.


News Impact

Relief for fire victim

ITANAGAR, Mar 20: Camdir Foundation Trust, Naharlagun contributed a sum of Rs. 25000 to a fire victim Rallo Sham Camdir of Yachuli recently.

Meanwhile, the trust urged the District Administration and Relief Department to provide necessary help to the victim.


Issues sorted out

ITANAGAR, Mar 20: The ‘misunderstanding’ between West Siang District Public Carrier Union (WSDPCU) and West Siang unit of Arunachal Pradesh Public Transport Federation (AAPPTF) has been sorted out through mutual understanding in a recent meeting convened by Arunachal Pradesh Public Transport Federation at Aalo.

The meeting, meanwhile, took strong exception to the collection of money from commercial vehicles at Likabali check gate allegedly by Arunachal Pradesh Police and resolved that such kind of money collection should be banned immediately. The meeting further resolved that collection of money by All Arunachal Pradesh Motor Transport Workers Union from Likabali to Aalo and forceful collection of money by some groups should be banned.


Training prog

ITANAGAR, Mar 20: A training programme was organized by KVK Tawang on Protected Cultivation at Maidung village on March 16.

The training was sponsored by NABARD, Itanagar Regional branch in which twenty farmers participated.

Resource person from different line department participated in the training programme.


Students reach out to Help Age India

ITANAGAR: Students of Kingcup Public School, showing their great sympathy to older citizens handed over a Cheque of Rs 53,500 to Help Age India, an NGO working for the welfare of the poor and homeless old citizen of the country.

The contributed amount was collected by the students of class III and IV.


NCP suspends Jerang and Naksang

ITANAGAR:  Nationalist Congress Party,  Arunachal Pradesh unit, has suspended Kaling Jerang, Chairman RTI Cell and Naksang Tsering Chairman, Hydropower  from the primary membership of NCP for a term of three years for anti-party activities.

Both Jerang and Naksang was being suspended for their failure to respond the show cause notice served to them on 12th March 2011 for violation and breach of party discipline.


AdiSU resents Poyom arrest

ITANAGAR: Adi Students Union (AdiSU) has questioned the West Siang district administration at the arrest of AAPSU general Secretary Tujum Poyom. The Union termed the arrest as a matter of sheer disgust and disgrace for the whole student bodies.

The Union demanded ouster of the DC from the district.


Livelihood option & micro credit

ITANAGAR: The Regional Resource & Training Centre North East –II (RRTC NE – II) organized a training on livelihood option & micro credit from 15th – 19th March 2001 at Centre for Community Transformation, Dimapur under the sponsorship of National Institute of Social Defence, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment.

Representatives from 15 NGOs of Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya and Nagaland participated during the 5 days training.

The program was organized with an objective to orient the NGOs the option of resources accessible for a sustainable livelihood in the North East.

Participants visited the Bamboo Resource Centre, Dimapur on the 18th March 2011 for a hand-on experience about the activities of the centre.  


Pre-Mopin at RGU

ITANAGAR, Mar 20: Galo Students of the Rajiv Gandhi University celebrated the Pre-Mopin at RGU campus on March 17.

All India Youth Congress Committee zonal coordinator  Nyamar Karbak and AAPSU finance secretary  Debia Muj graced the festival as chief guest and guest of honour respectively.

Galo Students Union of Rajiv Gandhi University, the organizer of the festival, lauded the Power Minister (E) and  Parliamentary Affair Jarbom Gamlin, Capital ADC Bokar Basar and Parliamentary secretaries Jomde Kena and Gadam Ete and other well wishers for their support for successful pre Mopin celebration.

Rapidex course to be corrupt and unprincipled

Dear Editor,

It was rather refreshing to see Myank Sheel Chauhan's name again in The Arunachal Times,  March 15, for a different reason though. All these days one must have been wondering where the chief of a non-functional investigation agency called SIC hibernating, whose adeptness in not making any headway in the multi crore PDS scam with impunity is matchless. So is his mastery in compelling a state government not to replace him for reasons unknown to the aam-admi. After accomplishing a formidable task of awarding the former Chief Minister of the state, the accused number 5 in the PDS scam, a nightmarish experience during 2010, the investigating agency with premeditated sluggish pace, which will embarrass the slug itself, is yet to make a move against the rest 94 accuses presented in the list of accused, in contrast to the lightning speed and dramatic actions involved in taking the former C.M. into custody.

Inaction of the SIC against the rest accuses in the PDS scam is a clear indication that it is the few powerful people's prerogative to use the services of the agency as suitable to them and it functions on their behest and also is a tool that comes handy in playing venal and vendetta politics when ever their chairs feel slight tremor and are likely to be challenged.

Leniency with which individuals like Politicians, Officers or babus involved in various embezzlement scams or corruption are treated is emitting a wrong, negative and dangerous signal to the upcoming generation.

Today every governmental establishment is a source of minting money. One will be not surprised if Rs 10-20, 500-1000% more, is the discordant demand for a simple Xeroxed form worth Rs 2 in the market. It is obligatory to fish out a certain amount fixed for any favor awarded in form of contract work or tender. A poor government job aspirant must concede to the staggering cash demand in exchange for a job by parting with ancestral property or land. No less than blackmailing, one will be forced to part with around Rs 30 or so, a whopping 4000% more, for a stamp affixed to a certain indispensible document/certificate.

Blessed are those officials who handle Centrally Sponsored Scheme. Ignobly even old age pensions are not spared. Students are prepared for their future by peculating their stipends.

Under such corroding system it is not necessary to get presbyopic to visualize a future class room discoursing on subjects like 'Rapidex course to be corrupt and unprincipled' and under whose tutelage need no elaboration



(on email)



Guns cannot silence the truth

Dear Editor,

People of Tirap and Changlang are not a ‘piece of meat’. The situation that is prevailing in these two insurgent districts is at its worst and the innocent people are the only main sufferers.  Nobody living in a far off place would know the real scenario. This situation can only be felt if some other can face it himself. The innocent people are threatened like a slave or even worse. They are compelled to do as the insurgent group asks them to do without any hiccups. Even the state government and the central government are doing nothing about it, to be frank. The Chief Minister and the Home Minister of Arunachal Pradesh is remaining silent as if nothing is happening. Even the central government is doing nothing about it and is only concerned with the peace process with the NSCN groups. The peace process might sound a bit of relax to them but what about the real citizens of these two disturbed districts? Their peace process is going to do no good for the real world that is being witnessed in these two districts. To think logically, the peace process between the NSCN and the Indian government is not applicable for the state of Arunachal Pradesh, but is for the states like Nagaland and Manipur. So why is it that these insurgent groups are doing what they want hampering the local people’s land in Arunachal Pradesh? And why is the government of Arunachal Pradesh not taking any strong measure to flush out these so called outlaws? Or is the state government thinking that the NSCN case is a matter of Central government and so it’s better to remain silent. If this case is being felt that way, then let me remind the higher authorities that this menace is being done under the jurisdiction of the state of Arunachal Pradesh and so this becomes a matter of state affairs as well, and so steps should be taken by the state government too.

The word ‘Naga’ came upon the people of Tirap and Changlang many centuries ago but was used only by the other races like the Ahoms.

Here it can be accepted that the tribes of these two districts were known as Nagas but what has it to do with the people of present Nagaland and the other Naga tribes. They were never witnessed together in the history nor is there any story about the Naga tribes in connection with the tribes like Noctes, Wanchos or Tangsas.

It is just the Gun power that is taking control of all this issue. Now we are in the 21st century and we don’t need to know what we were called by some alien group about many centuries ago. We are the Noctes, Wanchos,Tangsas and the Tutsas and we have our distinct culture of which we are proud of. We just want this ‘Naga issue’ upon us to be closed once and for all. Now all that we can say is that we are just another tribe like any other tribe of Arunachal Pradesh and so this make us Arunachalees too.

We want support from all the other tribes as this is a state issue as a whole. When there was a situation called ‘PRC issue’, every walk of life in Arunachal Pradesh supported its cause, many rallies by Students’ Union were done and Many articles by almost everyone was written on the newspapers against the granting of PRC to the non-APSTs. So what about the insurgency of Tirap and Changlang? Are they not concerned about it? Where are the voices? Where is the sense of brotherhood and the spirit of oneness of the state? Just remember that we all have our different history which does not necessarily mean that “we are what we were”.

The voices should come from all walks of life and should not be made silent until and unless this case is solved, at least for the Tirap and Changlang districts.  Gun can only silent our mouth but not the truth.


A citizen (on email)



Mithun truly is an animal worth calling friend

Dear Editor,

Recent report about Mithun dying in mass scale is in fact a saddening alarm. This animal is mythically one of man’s best friends and undoubtedly has its chaste value in our social order. Unlike all other domesticated or semi domesticated animal, Mithun has never been reported harming man other than in exceptional testimony where individual got hurt during the ritual ceremonies while its killing. This animal act like a child when being cuddled and also surprises us with the amount of salt it can guzzle in a single lick. Mithun truly is an animal worth calling friend.

It’s the high time we should rethink and really think hard to check whether our instinct really can justify its killing in the name of custom. Little amendments in our thoughts to regard this animal can definitely result in greater value and interest.

Here is my request to the government especially to the concern department to help mitigate the declining state of mithun; I also appreciate ANSU for recognizing the value of mithun.


Nguri Rajiv

Mascot Network Society



We are ready to be taxed

Dear Editor,

State budget 2011-12 has nothing much to offer just because State has no money. It is high time that State govt. chalk out plans to augment revenue. Besides, I also feel that our State is now ready for Income Tax. It has many benefits. It will not only keep corruption under check but also will keep prices of goods down and we Arunachalees will proudly take part in nation building and not just remain as parasites.


L. Ete

Aalo (on email)






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