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March  - 25


Shocked  at Daporijo MMS, state reacts

ITANAGAR, Mar 24: Strong reactions are pouring out against MMS scandal at Daporjo purportedly made by police officials. In the MMS police official could be seen forcing underage tribal boy and girl to perform sexual act inside the Daporijo police station. After media houses of state brought incident to the notice of public, condemnations are coming in from every section of society.

While condemning the inhuman and sinful act at Daporijo police station, the North East Students Organization (NESO) said, “The act of protector of law has once again exposed the rampant hooliganism of those in khaki`s and it has saddened all of us.”

In a statement  NESO secretary general Gumjum Haider said  such kind of barbaric act is unacceptable. “It was never seen and heard before in tribal histories and folklore. Since the crime was committed by tribal, therefore, it has irreparably damaged tribal pride and degraded the sanctified moral values and ethos we had since time immemorial”, Haider said.

NESO demands termination of then in charge of Doparijo police station and  exemplary punishment for all the cops involved. While giving hearing and judgment to this kind of cases, all the court authorities should also remember that criminals does not have any relatives, he said.

All Nyishi Students Union (ANSU) while condemning the incident, called for immediate action against those policemen involved in such brutal act. “If savior of law start indulging in criminal activities, on whom do ordinary citizen pin hope.  This MMS scandal will go down as black day in history of Arunachal police and they need to give proper punishment to accuse if they want any respect from ordinary citizens,” said ANSU General Secretary Arjun Panye.

While sharply condemning  the reports of the explicit video clipping of forced sexual act of a minor boy and a girl inside the Daporijo police station, Arunachal Citizen’s Rights exerts that it is not only violation of section 67 of Information Technology Act 2000, but also crime against humanity and serious violation of human rights. Police stations, which are supposed to be temples of democracy where every citizen’s rights and security are protected and thought to be free from tortures and inhuman activities, now seem to be centers of criminal activities. But, ironically, the reported incident of inhuman act by a few police officers inside the Daporijo police station has not only damaged the image of the state police who otherwise work tirelessly and endures difficult times and situations in containing law and order problem, but also has murdered the very essence of the meanings of democratic safeguarding institutions and mechanisms. Hence, all the culprits should immediately be booked under relevant laws and awarded exemplary punishments in accordance with the law, ACR said.

ACR also appeals the general public, students, youths and people of different wakes of life to be more responsible and human towards their fellow citizens, and thus to abstain from further circulation of the said video clips.   

Galo Students Union (GSU) has urged home minister Tako Dabi to personally intervene and make sure that criminal policemen do not go scot free.  “Relation between police and Arunachalee citizen have soured in last one year owing to various human right violation committed by state police. This latest incident will further widen the gap and to regain trust home minister should ensure that accuse policemen be given exemplary punishment,” said GSU General Secretary Pakmik Taipodia. He further added, “After this incident came to light, sure parents of both victim boy and girl will be threatened by those policemen. It is duty of state government to give justice to the victim.”

West Siang District Students Union has also expressed deep anger over MMS scandal and urged police department to launch detail investigation into the matter. Union wanted severe punishment for erring police officials. All Maro Baririjo Area Students Union while condemning the shameful act, demanded the authority to initiate action against all the accused and to award them exemplary punishment. Capital Complex Kargo Ao Welfare Society also condemned the shameful and barbaric act of the police personnel. The Society requested the authorities to terminate all the accused from service and award them severe punishment.

Criticizing the police department for the shameful act, All Arunachal Youth Association demanded termination and punishment to the accused personnel and pleaded for security to the victim.

Association further said that Upper Subansiri SP and Daporijo OC should also be suspended for allegedly keeping the whole incident under wrap.

The MMS issue was also raised in the Assembly today.


Legislative assembly adjourned sine die

Police manpower insufficient

to meet all eventualities

‘Appointment on compassionate

grounds subject to eligibility’

ITANAGAR, Mar 24: Home Minister Tako Dabi said the state police force was not having sufficient manpower to meet all eventualities.

In reply to a question, Dabi informed the House that there is stagnation in the rank of SI, ASI, Head Constable and Constable in civil police and in the rank of constables and head constable in AAPBn and IRBn.

The government has already approved honorary rank of LNK and NK in civil police to the extent of five per cent of the total sanctioned post of constables in civil police and AAPBns.

The Education Minister informed the House that the new Education policy has the provision for taking action against unruly students and absentee teachers besides those taking political help in transfer and posting.  

Meanwhile, Dabi informed the House that compassionate appointment is a measure for the dependents of employees who die in harness.

Participating during the Zero Hour discussion on the steps being initiated by the government to compensate the deceased police personnel's widows, who were staging a 'Dharna' outside the Assembly for the last two days seeking compassionate appointment, Dabi said five per cent quota is kept in the Home department to appoint the dependents of the deceased police personnel subject to the eligibility of their and the rules do not provide for appointment of all such cases.

Stating that every widow of deceased police personnel cannot be appointed on compassionate ground, the home minister informed the House that 91 eligible candidates were appointed under the compassionate appointment quota.UNI


North East Games deferred

Arunachal to field 192 sportspersons

in NE Games

M Doley

ITANAGAR, Mar 24: The organizer of the 30th North East Games had to defer the event because of the upcoming assembly elections and Bihu in Assam.

The 6-day Games scheduled from April 15 at Dirang have been deferred by 10 days to April 25 taking into account the Assembly elections in Assam and Bihu, the major festival of Assamese people, Sports and Youth Affairs Joint Director Ramesh Lingi told this reporter.

Assam elections will be conducted in two phases are April 4 and 11 while the month-long celebration of Rangali Bihu begins from April 14-15.

Meanwhile, Lingi informed that host Arunachal Pradesh will field a 203-strong contingent in the Games, which includes 182 players and 21 officials. Of the 182 players 103 are male and 79 female.

The state will take part in 11 sports disciplines viz. Archery, Athletics, Football, Weightlifting, Taek-won-Do, Boxing, Karate, Wushu, Judo, Badminton and Table Tennis.

The sports events will be conducted in Dirang, Bomdila and Rupa. Five sports events viz. Judo, Badminton, Karate, Taek-won-Do and football would be held at Dirang while Archery, Boxing, Table Tennis would be held at Bomdila. Track & Field events and Wushu would  be held in Rupa. The  opening and closing ceremonies would be held at Lopen Stadium, Dirang.

Accommodation at Dirang for both men and women participants has been arranged at KV school and DIET building. Accommodation for players at Bomdila would be arranged at hotel and tented houses will be provided to men participants at Rupa.

Lingi informed that State Government has allocated Rs.54.99 lakh and  Sports Authority of India (SAI), Patiala has given Rs. 14.90 lakh to the Directorate for the Games. However, SAI, Patiala will bear the entire fooding and lodging expenditure of players and officials, he informed.

Meanwhile, Arunachal Olympic Association (AOA) president Padi Richo, his deputy G. Doke, Sports and Youth Affairs Director D.K. Dinglow along with presidents and general secretaries of various state level sports associations visited the on-going intensive coaching camp at Sangey Lhaden Sports Academy complex, Chimpu, this evening. Richo expressed satisfaction over smooth conduction of the camp being conducted by Sports and Youth Affairs directorate with help of departmental and local trained coaches to prepare the state team for the ensuing NE Games.

Meanwhile, SYA sources told that frequent power cut has affected the indoor trainings. They requested the Power Department for uninterrupted power supply at training venues.


Arunachal - the land of Rising Scam

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Mar 24: “From land of rising sun, Arunachal has become land of rising scam” stated Kahfa Bengia, former minister and chairman of recently formed Save Arunachal Forum (SAF) while deliberating about various corruption cases in a press conference today.

All members of forum including President Kaling Jerang, general secretary Naksang Tsering and Treasurer TG Baki was present during the press conference. Expressing deep concern over high rate of corruption in state under leadership of Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu, Save Arunachal Forum members recently visited Delhi and meet central leaders to apprise them of situation. “Dorjee Khandu is the most corrupt CM Arunachal ever had. In fact he had started Arunachal Institute of corruption and has become vice-chancellor with his corrupt dealing. He is selling tribal land to private hydropower developers without consent of tribal people,” said Forum Chairman Kahfa Bengia. He further added, “If Gegong Apang was known as timber mafia, then Dorjee Khandu is new the hydropower mafia of Arunachal. We urge student communities and civil societies to seriously study the possible impact of hydropower on state. Tribal population will become minority if large number of outsiders arrives to work in these hydropower projects.”

Informing about reason for formation of this forum, Kaling Jerang said, “Various student bodies and civil society groups raises some corruption issues but after a month they banishes. This makes public wary of these groups. We at Save Arunachal Forum will continue to fight against corrupt system and will never banish from the scene.” Forum further informs that they will raise PDS scam issue and reasons why other accused were not arrested.  “Why did SIC targeted only former CM? We want to know the reason why remaining 95 accused were not arrested and how they are still roaming freely,” questioned TG Baki. Forum also questioned how funds are being misused by state government.

“For PM package state government is getting 24 thousand crore. Beside they are getting fund under BADP, SPA. NLCPR. If these funds are properly utilized, the seven lakh tribal population of Arunachal will all become Lakhpatis,” said Naksang Tsering.

Members of Forum recently called on Governor JJ Singh and apprised him of various corruption cases.


ALSU questions appointment

ITANAGAR, Mar 24: Armed with documents, Arunachal Law Students Union (ALSU) has expressed serious concern over way Taru Siga has been appointed as Managing Director (MD) of Hydro Power Development Corporation of Arunachal Pradesh by the state government.

In a press release ALSU President Tadar Tarish stated that government has committed gross violation. “Taru Siga was superintendent engineer PWD and went on deputation as MD hydro power development corporation of Arunachal Pradesh Ltd. How can a civil engineer be appointed in hydro power department. This is gross violation of service rule,” said ALSU President Tadar Tarish. He further said, “Also Taru Siga took voluntary retirement as superintendent of engineer PWD with effect from 31st January 2011.  However he continued as MD hydropower and his service was extended upto 31st March 2011 by state government. This whole drama smacks of corruption.”

ALSU further informed that Taru Siga is also vice-president of Jindal Power Limited Arunachal. During his tenure as MD Hydro Power Development Corporation of Arunachal Pradesh, MOU was signed with Jindal for various hydropower projects in state. “He being part of Jindal might have surely lobbied for Jindal as he continues to be MD. In one particular project, Jindal has 51% share whereas state government owns 49%. Such instance shows that Taru Siga is actually working for benefit of Jindal than for Arunachal,” said ALSU General Secretary Romik Jogu. ALSU demanded state government to issue white paper on these serious charges.

ALSU also questioned role of TG Rinpoche, the former Lumla MLA who is also chairman of Hydro Power Development Corporation of Arunachal Pradesh. “TG Rinpoche is not able to give enough time to hydropower department as he is also chairman of Department of Karmic & Adhyatmic Affairs. Because of his carelessness such gross mistake are being committed by officials of hydropower. If he is finding it difficult to take care of both departments, he should let other take responsibility,” said ALSU GS Romik Jagu.  


Manabhum OIL observes water

awareness week

Pinna Kitnal Muklom

MIAO Mar 24: ‘We do not value Water because we don’t acquire it. Instead we have abused and polluted water for centuries’, said Father Paul Maippan, Administrator Diocese of Miao while speaking as the guest speaker here today at the water awareness week-2001 programme organized by the Field Engineering Department, Manabhum Oil Field.

There was time when people thought of the environment, they thought of its beauty but now as the natural beauty of the earth disappears many people around the world have awoken to the realities of just how fragile the earth actually is, Father Paul stated.

He further said that this is due to pollution which involves the introduction of harmful substances into the air, land and water. Although pollution has been occurring throughout the earth’s history, the rate by which the human species have contributed to the amount of pollution that has entered our environment over the past several hundred years far exceeds the earth’s inherent ability to heal itself, Father Paul added. Water is fundamental to life. For generations we have been able to find clean and abundant sources of freshwater. With growing populations and increased agricultural and industrial demands we are beginning to see this formerly bountiful resource becoming scarce, Father Paul said and added that as source water becomes polluted and weather patterns shift, communities are placed at the mercy of droughts, water diversion projects and political maneuvering.

Father Paul further quoted Gumjanong Singpho, who put the present climate change scenario as last year it was the year of the rain, this year it’s the year of the wind, next year it will the heat where there will be less rain, less wind but hot scorching sun and less food to eat.

Father Paul urged upon the people to “save good water for safe life”. He stressed on the need for inventing ways to preserve good water as water is the vital veins of the environment. He urged upon all to take a pledge that in our own little ways to work towards preserving and conserving good water to save lives.

Romendra Nath Chakravoty, Chief Engineer, Production Oil (Arunachal Pradesh & Dulijan Field) informed that to create awareness about conservation of water resources, Oil India Limited (OIL) has started observing Water Awareness Week since last year.

The awareness programme is in line with the World Water Day globally observed as per United Nations resolution, he said. It’s been OIL's aim and endeavor to conserve natural and energy resources as well as protect environment, he added. He further called upon the people to smarten up their practice in water management. Though there is enough water for everyone but because of mismanagement there is lack of good drinking water today, he said.

The water awareness week which kicked started at its headquarters in Duliajan and all OIL operating filed across the NE will create understanding of the consequences of water crisis and implication of water wastage, Chakravoty added.

Speaking on the occasion, Sasanka Pratim Deka, chief Engineer (Field Engineering Dept), OIL, Duliajan, called upon the people to join hands to solve this crisis for good and safe drinking water through conservation. He urged all to follow three rules of conservation -- judicious use of water, replenishment & harvesting and recycling.

India faces a rapidly worsening water crisis in urban and rural areas. A soaring population, a speedy sprawl of cities, a vast and thirsty farm belt and indiscriminate use of water has left water too scarce in some places, contaminated in others and in useless surfeit for others who are flooded every year, he further stated.

Deka said that if each one of us keeps our promise towards ourselves to use water judiciously, then we will be a step towards contributing towards water conservation for posterity.

The temperature increase in the environment has been caused by increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases, which result from human activities such as the burning of fossil fuel and deforestation said Father George Thazhathel, Rector of Christu Jyothi Seminary Miao.

Manabhum residential doctor Md. R Uddin Ahmed pointed out that the surrounding villages have scarcity of drinking water.

He further said that 70 percent of his patients that come in for check up have complaints of diarrhea.

R N Sahoo JE (Electrical), hoped that the awareness programme would go a long way to benefit not only the employees and their immediate families but also the society at large.

During the interactive session, Oil India Union member T Lammati stressed on the need to spread awareness on water conservation in the grass root level.

A pledge was taken by all present in three different languages to never waste or pollute precious water resources while making a judicious use of it. S Hussain Mustafa, Production Engineer and L Lammati JE (Production well) Manabhum oil field also spoke on the occasion.


Arunachal observes World TB Day

ITANAGAR, Mar 24: Joining the rest of the world Arunachal Pradesh  today observed the World TB Day on the theme “On the move against Tuberculosis – Transforming the fight towards elimination”. Awareness procession, public meeting and literary competitions relating to Tuberculosis (TB) were organized to mark the day in various locations.


At Naharlagun, Minister Health & Family Welfare T. Byaling flagged off the awareness procession on TB in presence P. Ligu, DC, Yupia T. Tapok, MD (NRHM), Dr. T. Basar, DHS, Dr. K. Nishing, Addl. DHS, Dr. B. Tada, DDHS(TB), Dr. M. Jini, CMO, DMO Yupia, NGO’s, Medical staffs, Staffs of DTC & STCS, Staffs of Private Nursing Homes, Nursing students and publics.

The programme was organized by District TB Control Society in collaboration with State TB Cell and general administration of Papum Pare District.

Later, in a public meeting, Byaling urged general public to co-operate the TB workers in eliminating the TB from Arunachal Pradesh and appreciated all the TB Workers of the state in achieving the national target on TB Control. Dr. B. Tada through power point presentation of briefed over view of RNTCP in Arunachal Pradesh which was followed by question hour from publics.

At Deomali, public, government officials and students  observed the World TB Day. Procession, public meeting, essay writing and Drawing competition were organized to mark the day.

DTO Deomali Dr. J. Thingnok highlighted about DOT for treatment of tuberculosis.

SDO Deomali and ZPM Soha also spoke on the occasion.

The Day was also observed at District Hospital Khonsa, CHC Longding and CHC Kanubari.

At Tawang, World TB Day was observed at Lumla and Jang Sub Divisions.

Addressing on the occasion as Chief Guest at Lumla, ADC Lobsang Dorjee appealed to the people to give full support to the programme for achieving millennium goal of 50% reduction in incidence and mortality by 2015.

DPO (RNTCP) Dr. Urgen Lhamu also urged the people to join hands in fighting Tuberculosis by adopting DOTS.

Public leaders, panchayat members, Assistant Commandant SSB Lumla, Medical Officer GREF, staff and general public attended the function.

In Upper Subansiri District, World TB Day was observed in all PHCs and CHCs with the involvement of the elected Panchayat leaders, ASHAs, Youth representatives, Cured patients and all the health department faculties of District health Society (RNTCP) Daporijo.

The main event took place at Dumporijo CHC, where a mass rally to create awareness on TB and DOTS treatment was flagged off by BCCI president Nyato Marde.

Meanwhile, District Programme Officer, District Health Society (RNTCP) Daporijo Dr. Y. Hankar informed that, the DHS (RNTCP), Upper Subansiri district has registered a success rate of 82.4 % in curing patients for the year 2010 and 99 TB patient were registered during the year 2010 under DOTS in the district.

Later, prizes were given away to the winners of an Essay and drawing competition.

At Yingkiong, Upper Siang, an Awareness Rally was flagged off by Dr. Kaling Dai, DMO. Members of the Upper Siang Women Welfare Association took the lead role being supported by all staffs of District Hospital Yingkiong.

Meanwhile, Mitu Hari Pertin, GNM and Ajit Gohain, STLS have been felicitated as best TB workers of the district.

Addressing the gathering Dr. A. Miyu, District TB Officer, highlighted the basic services under RNTCP. He stressed upon the role of women in disseminating the messages on TB.

Dr. K. Dai, DMO cited the lacunae of earlier TB control Programme and urged the people of Upper Siang to avail the free and best services offered by RNTCP and claimed that women are the most effective communicator and motivators.


Veterinary scientists from Guwahati visit Papum Poma area

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Mar 24: A team of veterinary scientist from North Eastern Regional Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (NERDDL) Guwahati today visited Poma, Rakap, Depra and other areas of the Papum Pare district where the foot and mouth and HS disease badly affected the livestock, particularly Mithuns.

Official sources informed that team of scientists collected the sample  of  the disease from affected animals for laboratory test at Guwahati for improved treatment. Sources further informed that the severity of the disease has been considerably reduced and the animals being treated are showing the sign of recovery.

Outbreak of animal disease in Papum Poma has caused concern for the veterinary department. However, a team of officers led by District AH and Veterinary officer, Papum-Pare, Dr. D.P. Singh and Senior veterinary officer from veterinary hospital Naharlagun, Dr. M. Palit with supporting staffs equipped with sufficient stock of medicines had visited the area recently and rendered necessary treatment to the affected animal.

Earlier, this daily had reported the outbreak of animals disease in Poma, Rillo and Jote village. Large numbers of Mithun have reportedly died in the last few days because of this epidemic.


Arunachal Assembly passes DPC

bill by voice vote

Itanagar, Mar 24: The Arunachal Pradesh State Legislative Assembly today passed the Arunachal Pradesh District Planning Committee (DPC) Bill, 2011 by voice-vote.

Urban Development Minister Nabam Tuki informed the House that the Bill was brought in order to regulate the District Planning Committees for consolidating the plan prepared by Panchayats and Municipalities over a prospective five-year plan period.

Tuki, while clarifying the provisions under the bill on the request by a member Dr Tangor Tapak (BJP), said Article 243 provides for constitution of the District Planning Committees (DPC), adding that the urban settlement have experienced population growth at a fast pace and has reached 20.41 per cent and is expected to reach 50 per cent by the year 2030.

Stating that the rapid scale of urbanization was evident in all 16 districts of Arunachal Pradesh, comprising 26 urban centres, Tuki said a systematic approach was required to regulate the growth and the Act has been extended to Itanagar and Pasighat in the first phase.

He informed that 80 per cent members of the DPC comprises elected members of the Zilla Parishad and Anchal Samitees.  UNI


News Impact

Unions to continue its tirade against DC

ITANAGAR, Mar 24: Galo Students Union and West Siang District Students Union have decided to continue their movement against deputy commissioner Amjad Tak till he is ousted from West Siang District. Both unions had launched movement against corrupt practices of DC and for his dictatorial attitude  against student communities. Recently DC had arrested AAPSU GS Tujom Poyom which had resulted in huge clash between administration and student communities.

The two unions had questioned the method in which AAPSU GS was evicted from circuit house and later arrested. “If administration thought that AAPSU GS had really overstayed at circuit house, they should have served him prior notice. But moment they got to knew that GS was filing RTI against DC, he used overstaying as reason to take out his personal vendetta,” stated the two unions. Further they added, “As students of school, college are writing exam or is about to write, we are not calling bandh at the moment. Also keeping in mind Mopin celebration we do not want to disturb public. But we will continue our movement till dictator and corrupt Amjad Tak is thrown out of West Siang.”


Hailstorm hit life in Anjaw

Hayuliang, Mar 24: Torrential rain followed by hail storm and thundering threw normal life out of gear in Anjaw district.

Road communication between Khupa -Hayuliang-Chaglaongam/Goiliang and  Walong were disrupted in  many  locations due to heavy  landslide caused by rains.

Hydro power project works at Maipani at Chaglongam, Kalai-I and  Kalai-II at Dhanbari/Suplang  have been affected due to road  blockade.

Power supply to Hayuliang  and its adjacent areas remained cut off for the last  one week, the release said, adding that a primary school  building, a teacher’s quarter and a residential house were also reportedly damaged at Chamaliang  and Roiliang  village. However no casualty  has been reported so far.


ANSU demands adequate compensation to fire victims

ITANAGAR, Mar 24: All Nyishi Students’ Union (ANSU) has apealed to the state Govt to provide adequate compensation to the fire victims who lost their properties and houses in a devastating fire mishap at Daporijo on March 21 last. Stating that 10 houses were gutted in that fire mishap, ANSU further appealed  to the district administration to evolve an effective mechanism and also deploy adequate fire fighting equipments to prevent frequent fire mishap in Daporijo area.

Mopin celebration

DAPORIJO, Mar 24: The Galo Community of Daporijo has decided to celebrate Mopin in a colourful way. Local MLA Tapen Siga and Upper Subansiri deputy commissioner Abhyankar have consented to be the chief guest and guest of honour of the festival on April 6. Melody legend Gemo Diyum will enthrall the audience with his mesmerizing numbers in the Mopin Night on April 5, according to Festival Celebration Committee release.


Farmers’ training prog

TAWANG, Mar 24: Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) Tawang organized a training programme on scientific methods of potato seed cultivation at Gyanghar village on March 22.

About 20 farmers participated in the training and they were taught about different aspects of Potato Seed Production. Resource person were drawn from different line departments for the training programme.


Health mela

ITANAGAR, Mar  24:  A health Mela is going to be held at Govt  M.E. School, Chimpu on March 26.  Renowned doctors  of the Capital will  conduct free  health check up in the health Mela which  will cover the health issues related to eyes, dental, gynaecology,  apart from immunization and  awareness programmes on sanitation,  informed I-Borum ZPM in a release today.

This time, punish them

Dear Editor,

Once again the Arunachal Pradesh police have come out in media. It was really shameful to read the news that was carried in your daily.  Every society must be feeling secure with police station in their area. But this barbarous act of 'men in uniform' in Daporijo has made us think. Whom shall we depend now for our security? They are now better to be called 'AADA PAGAL POLICE' (APP).

This time we want to see some exemplary punishment awarded to those involved Police personnel. At least this time we don’t expect our political dictators to interfere in the case.


T Debia Hania

(on email)



Give peace a chance

Dear Editor,

The  present scenario at Roing is the direct outcome of growing intolerance and lack of mutual respect among the young generation between the two tribes.

Since time immoral, the Adis and Idus of Lower Dibang valley are living together for centuries with great harmony and economically inter-dependent specially before the coming of market economy when only barter economy exist.

However the young generation might have been confused thinking  that, why we are not living separately like other tribes of Arunachal Pradesh with definite geographical boundaries.  In Lower Dibang Valley it is bit different, which is a clean sign of ancestral legacy of brotherhood and share many things in terms of socio-economic and cultural aspects.

For instance, we can still see that the Adi Galuk with many strips originally belongs to Idu-Mishmi which  Adi people popularly called as midi-Galuk which have been used by Adis.

Therefore, I would like to appeal to the young generation of both the communities to learn from our ancestral legacy of brotherhood and not indulge in violent activities. One should not take law in their hands rather problems should be solved amicably with great understanding. Further, I request every concerned to give full support to the district administration for peace and tranquility in the district.


Mark (on email)



Provide relief assistance

Dear Editor,

It is very shocking to know that more than 17 houses were gutted in devastating fire at Daporijo recently.  What is more pathetic is that  the students who are writing the examination lost  their books, clothe etc.   One can imagine the present traumatic sitution that the  students are facing in this hours of hollowness due to fire accident.

I request the authorities  to provide immediate assistance to the  fire affected families.


Kali Gongo




Security personnel and eve teasing

Dear Editor

As the Budget session of state Assembly is going on, security personnel are having fun. Some of the security guards deployed outside the assembly house are enjoying broad daylight teasing as they pass slangs and cheap comments on passerby females. This scenario is making the young office employees and tuition going girls uncomfortable. It is shameful that such cheap acts are taking place near the office gate of Social Welfare, Women and Child development department, that too by our well trained and sensitized Police Personnel.

The supervisor of the deployed security guard, is therefore, requested to intervene into the matter and teach some manners and civic sense to them.

So that, they stop to make mockery of themselves in public and stop to bring shame to state police as a whole.


A female employee

(on email)



A film worth a watch

Dear Editor,

No, this isn't a movie review. Actually, I'm not even sure if you've heard of the movie 'Mera Dharm Meri Maa'. Because frankly, neither would have I, had my father not worked in it.

After years of fruitless search for a copy of the movie, it was only yesterday that I caught hold of it. It was made by Bhupen Hazarika, in 1976. The movie, ofcourse, needed better editing, but it was pretty good anyways! It is in Hindi, the vernacular Arunachalee Hindi really, so the dialogues come out quite smooth. But I'm not talking about the technicality of making a movie here; I just wanted to talk about the heart of the movie.

As is quite obvious from its name, it is about the necessity of holding onto one's cultural roots. The movie shows how the concept of 'westernisation'  and wanting to become 'modern' made a young gullible guy, Talo, fall into the wrong path and eventually destroy his own family. His younger brother, Takar, is the noble guy, who romances the beautiful Yalam, and helps his fellow village people to rise up from the wrong tradtions like read dowry and child marriage of their community. The movie is set at the time when our state was being crowned 'Arunachal Pradesh'  from 'NEFA' . It shows the whole beautiful culture of all the different communities, even though the protagonists are all Nyishis. It is a really warm movie and the dialogues are strong. It has debates on religion in a classroom in the village, and a couple of scenes like these, which show the message Bhupen Hazarika was putting forward.

Besides, it has got some funny scenes and good actors too. I really hope you would atleast try to get a CD or something, or search for it online.

It is a movie, I believe, every Arunachalee must watch, not only because it has a very important message, but also because you will probably recognise an uncle or an aunt in their 20s, acting in it !

You must totally watch Dr. Bengia Mala who is also in the movie. She's gorgeous.


[email protected]



A reflection

Dear Editor,

I really don't blame Tujum Poyom and other so called "student leaders" for the fiasco at Aalo. They are the reflection of what our society has become today- corrupt, callous and characterless.


(A citizen)





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