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March  - 30


Sahitya Akademi encourage young writers

Multi-lingual poets meet  held

By Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Mar 29:  At least hundred poets across the country of the different languages swarmed at Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum in Itanagar here today in first ever Multi-Lingual Poet’s meet being organized by the Sahitya Akademi Delhi in collaboration with Arunachal Pradesh Literary Society (APLS).

Speaking on the rare literary occasion Sahitya Akademi President Sunil Gagopadhyay who has presided over  the meet said that Sahitya Akademi is promoting and encouraging the young budding writers and poets by organizing various literary events in the  various part of the country. “Sahitya Akademi is translating one works into 24 languages so that people from different regions could be interacted and understand each other well, it is the role of Sahitya Akademi” he said.

Chief guest of the function Lakshmi Nandan Bora a renowned Assamese novelist, who is also convener of Assamese Advisory board has described Arunachal Pradesh as land of rich folklore literatures and oral history. “Despite lack of own script Arunachal Pradesh has produced many literary figures like Lummer Dai, Mamang Dai and YD Thongchi” he pointed out. He however opined that many poets and writers of the northeastern region are influenced by its environment of violence and ethnic clashes which sporadically erupted in the region.

Agrahara Krishna Murthy Secretary Sahitya Akademi said that Arunachal Pradesh is the right place to hold Multi-Lingual Poets meet.

While giving welcome address, Arunachal Pradesh Literary Society president YD Thongchi informed that language barrier and lack of own script is the main factor which put the Arunachal far behind in literary world as compare to other states despite the rich oral history and folklore tales.  

Expressing its gratitude to Sahitya Akademi for organizing poets meet, Thongchi said the coming of prominent poets and writers to Itanagar will inspire the young budding poets and writers of the state.

Earlier Sahitya Akademi members and Arunachal Pradesh literary Society have condoled at the untimely demise of late Sonya Bam daughter of Chief Secretary Tabom Bam. Late Sonya Bam was a member of APLS beside she was eminent writer.


Who Will Guard The Guards Themselves….?

Tongam Rina

The recent Daporijo MMS scandal, involving the debasement of two young people by representatives of the so called upholders of justice and security is another reminder that we have come a long way, discarding all moral ethos, which until recently formed a part and parcel of the tribal way of life. Today we don’t have any qualms about anything. There is absolutely no fear- not of god, of society or even of authorities. We live in a sense of false confidence that we can get away with everything and anything. Aided by the powerful, our moral corruption has reached such a level that we don’t think twice to rape, murder, indulge in corruption of every hue, colour and weight, which even includes usurping and selling off rice meant for poorest of the poor.

It is impossible to even think about what the young people in the video must have gone through and will continue to go through all their life. Similar inhumane atrocities were committed by the prison keepers of Abu Ghraib, which we well know of.  Difference is that in Daporijo the perpetrators were our own.   

Apart from those policemen involved, even officers who booked them under easy-to-manipulate sections should also be taken to task for negligence and professional misconduct. At least, they could have worked hard and booked those criminals under the strictest sections within the relevant provisions of law. The lapses are so obvious that it is apparent to all that the police seems to find its strength from the moral breakdown that has engulfed the department in recent times.

Why is that almost everywhere, police seems to be running into problems with citizens, incident after incident? Department might brush it aside as isolated. But if the department cared at all to cross-check, these ‘isolated’ cases have become too regular a feature to dismiss it.

Is the unbecoming behavior of Police personnel any reflection on the society that we live in today?

There was a time, when people in khaki commanded a lot more respect compared to those without it. But with time, the equations have changed. These days most police personnel manage to evoke in us utter disdain, which perhaps is a reflection of society we live in.  Earlier, we could do without police. But today citizens are demanding that police be deployed even in the villages. This is a departure from what it was during even the 90’s.

The video clip has travelled far and wide. Now, as citizens really concerned about these two young people, the first thing we should have done was delete the movie. But then, on one hand, we condemn the act and demand punishment for the culprits, and on the other, we continue to circulate the videos.

Not long ago, there was clip of a young girl being mercilessly afflicted with violence by group of women, allegedly for having an extra martial affair. The video found its way to the internet, which was promptly shared by many on social networking sites.  

No doubt, police needs disciplining. They need to be told that they are not above law and that law is equal for all. There should be no leniency at all.  Those heading the department should ensure that whatever little credibility it has today is saved before society itself turns away in disgust from its protectors. Black sheep in the department who seem to have outnumbered the rest, need to be reined in before the department’s reputation is. One thing that will reassure citizens of the department’s integrity is immediate arrest and persecution of those involved. But we have seen before that this is more a wish than a reality.

But also important is to think-have we looked at ourselves? As long as we willingly share such images with no thought of its impact on real people and real families-nothing will change. Cases will be registered, bails will be given, stories will be forgotten.

The guards will guard us, but who will guard the guards? Surely not the insensitive government or its equally insensitive people that we have become. Like yours truly’s grandfather said long back-it is difficult to figure out who is pointing a finger at whom because there are just too many hands to count!


AAPSU demands immediate arrest of main accused in MMS scandal

ITANAGAR, Mar 29: All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) has ripped apart Arunachal Pradesh police department and capital administration for letting main accused in Daporijo MMS scandal ASI Boham Bo run away after getting interim bail on 21st of this month. In a statement this evening AAPSU President Takam Tatung questioned how can they let accused run away knowing how serious the crime committed is.

AAPSU President warned that if accused are not arrested immediately, the  union along with civil societies and NGOs will use democratic means to protest. AAPSU also expressed serious concern over this whole incident.

“Usually police arrest poor citizen and torture them even for minor mistakes. In this case accused Boham Bo though himself a police officer committed heinous crime. Despite that police charged with bailable section and he got interim bail, which paved the way for him to escape,” said AAPSU President Takam Tatung. He further added, “It’s shocking how capital administration granted bail to the accused despite the nature of crime. We understand capital DC took decision as per law but he also should have made sure that accused report at CJM Daporijo. This whole escape drama should be thoroughly investigated.”

“First time such incident has been reported in media. There are many such instances which go unreported. Police department should learn something from this mistake and impart human right knowledge to the policemen,” said AAPSU President Takam Tatung.


Cyclonic wind causes damage at Ziro

ZIRO, Mar 29: After 11th days of earth quake and tsunami hit Japan, Lower Subansiri district Hq Ziro faced devastating cyclonic wind on Mar 20 last. Many garden fencings damaged, CIG sheet roof blown off, kuttcha houses capsized. Heaviest damage was caused to Govt. TPD Middle School - roof of the building completely damaged by fury of the wind. It all happened at about 4:30 pm on Sunday. Had it been in school hours, outcome would have been different. School office is now shifted temporarily to a class room.  As the class rooms are without roof, children have been sent back home on Monday.

The main concern to school authority is that the annual examination of school is being scheduled to begin from March 28, next. The incident has jeopardized the authority concerned in the matter of accommodation and management.

Meanwhile, Advocate Tage Halley General Secretary to Diibo Welfare Association (DWA), appealed district administration for immediate repairing of the damaged school building. All Dutta Development and Welfare Association also request concern authority for immediately repairing.

Executive members of All Diibo Students’ Union (ADSU) have visited the spot to assess ground reality and request authority concern for immediate repairing.


Lowang satisfied with team’s preparation

ITANAGAR, Mar 29: Parliamentary Secretary (Sports & Youth Affairs) Wangki Lowang yesterday visited the Sangay Lhaden Sports Academy Complex to assess the progress of the on-going intensive coaching for the state team for the ensuing 25th North East Games at Dirang.

Lowang along with Sports and Youth Affairs Director DK Dinglow visited every training venue and interacted with the players and coaches. He witnessed Wushu, Karate and  Tae-Kwon-do demonstration by players.

Lowang also tested his Archery skill during his visit and expressed satisfaction over the training and coaching being conducted by Sports and Youth Affairs Department under constant monitoring of its director. He directed the department to provide all necessary equipments and proper uniform to the players for the games.


CoSAAP pleads for enhancement of retirement age

ITANAGAR, Mar 29: 15-member Central Executive Committee (CEC) Confederation of Service Associations of Arunachal Pradesh (CoSAAP) delegate met Chief Minister at his office Chamber today.

During the meet CoSAAP member submitted a seven points memorandum to Chief Minister demanding enhancement of retirement age from 58 to 60 years as per central government pattern, grant of tour/transfer TA/DA as per 6th CCS revised pay rules 2008, grant of transport and house rent allowances, discontinuation of contract appointment systems, grant of Rs. 1000 per head per month as medical reimbursement instead of proposed Rs 250 per month and allotment of CoSAAP office at new secretariat building.

Meanwhile, responding  to their memorandum, Chief Minister Khandu has assured to examine the demands point-wise and consider them on merits and subject to availability of fund. He also assured to convene a meeting with Finance Minister and top bureaucrats in first week of April next to examine the demands placed by CoSAAP for a decision through state cabinet.

Further, the CM advised the visiting CoSAAP leaders to inculcate greater sense of honesty, dedication and discipline with high morality for all round development of the state.

Meanwhile, the CoSAAP members expressed gratefulness to CM  his assurances and also appealed to Chief Minister to release the 6% D.A from 1.1.2011 which, it said,  CM has assured to consider soon,  According to a CoSAAP release.


Outburst continues against  MMS scandal


ITANGAR, Mar 29:  The media houses in the state are still receiving condemnation from cross section of society on police atrocity, vulgarity and high-handedness in dealing with two minors at Daporijo inside the police lock-up.

Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for Woman (APSCW)  has reiterated  its demand for  immediate arrest of those accused who are now on the run.  APSCW  chairperson Komoli Mossang said “I have talked to S.P Daporijo and our commission has also formed an independent body.  “We are seriously enquiring on the matter and will soon take a step”  President, Nyishi Elite Society (NES) Bengia Tolum and also the Chairperson of the Arunachal Indigenous Tribal Forum, said that being the head of home department Home Minister should improve his communication with the police department before giving out any statement about the incident before the house. Condemning strongly against the incident, he insisted that law should take its own course and IT Act section should be applied in the case. “All the accused in the case should be hanged till death for doing such crime against those minors”, he added.

Former APSCW Chairperson Jarjum Ete and Arunachal Indigenous Tribes Forum (AITF) of which she is also the Vice-Chairperson expressing deep concern over the issue felt that the government should not be sitting on the issue. “We demand that the rule of law be implemented with full political will and involvement of police personnel in anti-social, criminal offenses; and willful negligence of their duties like booking of heinous crimes under bailable sections, and letting such cases to be compounded under their patronage is highly objectionable,” she said. Further she suggested that the government will do well to send a fact-finding team under the banner of the APSCW with representatives from civil society organisations like APWWS, HRLN, ACR including AAPSU also since students are the victims in this particular case.

Arunachal Pradesh Women Welfare Society (APWWS) President Gumri Ringu while stating that APWWS deals with only women related issues called out to all the pressure groups, opposition political parties to come out and raise voice against such injustice. While also informing that an independent fact finding committee for Daporijo MMS episode has been set up by APSCW of which she also is a member, she said that the act was a total violation of human rights. “Even prostitutes are not meted out with such kind of humanity”, she said. She said, “Just suspending or terminating the accused from their job would serve them no good, they should rather be sentenced for life imprisonment or be given death sentence.” We demand for the arrest of all the persons involved in the scandal, be it the policemen or anyone dealing with the moral trafficking”, she added.

“All the policemen involved in the case must be booked and arrested immediately without any delay. Even Home Minister should have cross-checked the information before making the statement in the floor of the house,” Arunachal Citizen Right’s Bamang Tago stated and warned that civil society shall not take it lying down anymore.


Workshop on RTI at Seppa and Bomdila

East  Kameng DC stress on use of RTI in right direction

SEPPA, March 29:  East Kameng District Administration with financial support from Arunachal Pradesh Information Commission organized a workshop on “Strengthening, Capacity Building and Awareness Generation for effective implementation of the RTI Act”  at Seppa on on  March 29.  Around 65 participants including HODs, Govt staff, PRI members and Public leaders attended the workshop.

In the inaugural meeting, Liken Koyu, Circle Officer (Estt) who is the Course Co-ordinator informed that  union ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions has launched the Centrally Sponsored Scheme  for generation of awareness on RTI  for effective  implementation of the  RTI Act. He further informed the objectives and salient features of the scheme.

DC Tope Bam in his inaugural address said, RTI  aims at effective governance  with  transparency  in all  Govt activities   and also facilitates the citizen of the country to know the functioning of various departments. If it is used in right direction, RTI is going to benefit both the Government functionaries and the citizens of the country, he opined. He further added that it is disheartening that some miscreants are misusing it to blackmail the Govt. servants that is why it is leading to wrong direction.   Saying that most officials are not aware about RTI he urged upon the participants to be sincere in learning the provisions of RTI  in the workshop.

The resource person included Khoda Rakhi, and Liken Koyu,  both APCS cadre.  DIPRO

At Bomdila, a one day workshop on “Strengthening, Capacity Building and Awareness Generation for effective implementation of the RTI Act” was conducted at Kameng Club today.

Advocating the need for immediate appointment of PIOs & APIOs  in all the departments of the district in the interest of public service and in accordance with the guidelines of the RTI Act 2005, Additional Deputy Commissioner B. Dehingia, who also happens to be the PIO of the Deputy Commissioner’s office Bomdila, gave a detail outline on the various provisions of  the RTI Act and called for voluntary disclosures by the offices, organizations and others, which come under the purview of the Act. Seemingly disappointed with the misuse of the RTI Act by some people, he however, impressed upon the PIOs & APIOs to diligently carry out their duties and responsibilities.

Master Trainer Dr. B. N. Jha, an Associate Professor of Government College Bomdila and resource person S. N. Yadav, a Senior Teacher of Government Higher Secondary School, Bomdila, imparted the training, which was attended by the HODs, allied officers and government staff in addition to the Gaon Burahs and PRI members of Sera and Pedung villages despite the crucial march ending period.

Earlier, DIPRO G. Taga, Nodal Officer, in his address highlighted on the various training programmes conducted so far in the district. Almost all the administrative circles of the district have been covered in the last two years.

To make the workshop more fruitful and goal oriented, an interactive session and a Quiz based on the objective format was conducted on the day. DIPRO


Kumari encourages small scale industries

ZIRO, Mar 29:  A team of All India Rajiv Gandhi Vichar Manch (AIRGVM) lead by its national chairperson B.S. Kumari has visited Lower Subansiri district Hq. Ziro on March 24 last.

In the visit, National Chairperson B.S. Kumari was accompanied by Prafulla Boro, president NE State AIRGVM, A.T. Kulo, president AIRGVM, Arunachal Pradesh, Niru Namasud, chairperson SCDB, Assam and Preetam Singh, general secretary, AIRGVM, Mumbai.

Fortunately for them, Myoko festival, one of the most popular festivals of Apatani community was at the peak of its celebration. They visited some of the Apatani villages including host village of Myoko celebration and interacted with people. In interaction with villagers, Kumari assured to provide all possible help in establishment of small scale industry in Apatani villages. However, she cautioned people not to go for similar nature of trade or unit of industry so as to maintain ‘product-demand’ proportion. Earlier, while welcoming the team, Kalung-Reru, ACP-cum-General Secretary, AIRGVM for Arunachal Pradesh at BulLa village has briefed the tradition, custom and religious practices of Apatani people as well as importance of Myoko festival.

The team also visited world’s largest Shiv Linga at Kardo and traditional village houses of Apatani.


Death of Sonya mourned

ITANAGAR, Mar 29: Officer and Staff of Directorate of Research, Itanagar condoled the premature demise of its former Assistance Research Officer Sonya Bam, who died at Guwahati yesterday.

The staff members observed two minute silence and prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul and also extended its condolence message to the bereaved family members.

Arunachal Vikas Parishad capital complex, Naharlagun Unit and Kargu Gamgi Naharlagun-Nirjuli also expressed shock on the demise of Bam.

The members of AVP and Gamgi prayed almighty God for the eternal peace of the departed soul and to bestow enough strength to the bereaved family members to bear the irreparable loss.

Meanwhile,  Confederation of  Service Association of Arunachal Pradesh (CoSAAP)  also mourned the death of Sonya in  a condolence meeting here at Banquet hall Itanagar today.

The members expressed its deep sense of grief  at death of a young officer.  On her death the entire government employee fraternity has lost a sincere officer, the CoSAAP said. The members observed 2 minute silence as a mark of respect to the departed soul.

The Sajolang Elite Society (SES), Nafra  has deeply mourned the sudden demise of Sonya Bam, who died at Guwahati yesterday due to ailment.  The society prayed for eternal peace to the departed soul.

The members of Kargu Gamgi Itanagar  also mourned  the death of Sonya Bam and conducted a mass prayer at the residence of Tabom Bam.

The members extended hearty condolence to the bereaved family and prayed to the Almighty Donyi Polo  for heavenly peace of departed soul  and bestow enough strength to the bereaved family members to withstand the shock and trauma of such irreparable loss.

Former Higher Education Director Pratik Potom expressed deep shock at the demise of  Sonya Bam. While sharing grief of Tabom Bam and his relatives, Potom prayed to Almighty Donyi Polo to grant enough strength to bereaved family to bear the irreparable loss.


ALSU and RGUSU endorse APPDSU stand on indoor stadium

ITANAGAR, Mar 29: Arunachal Law Students Union (ALSU) and Rajiv Gandhi University Students Union (RGUSU) have called for shifting of indoor stadium from campus of government higher secondary school, Sagalee.   In a press statement both the union urged authorities to immediately stop construction of work indoor stadium and shifts the venue to some other place.

“All student organizations have rightly pointed out that land is needed for future development of Sagalee higher secondary school. So, authorities should construct indoor stadium at another site and keep this land for future use,” the two union said.

The construction of mini stadium within Sagalee is appreciable but it should not take place at the cost students’ welfare, the RGUSU said in a release. The government should focus on development of science stream besides other disciplines in the institution, it added.

The union urged the local MLA to intervene for amicable solution to the matter.

Meanwhile, the RGUSU expressed their sentiment over the Daporijo MMS incident and appeal the authority concerned to nab the culprits and also appealed the people to delete the MMS from their mobiles or laptops.

Raise voice against injustice



Dear Editor,

Through your esteem daily I would like to draw attention of the District Students' Unions of Upper Subansiri regarding the recent incident MMS sex scandal at Police Station on innocent school going teenager, who were forcefully made to perform sex.  The crime committed by Police personnel is inhumane, shameful and violation of basic fundamental rights. In this connection I want to know why the various District Student Union of Upper Subansiri is so silent. The criminal activities have been carried out by the police on your brothers and sisters. So, we should not be waiting for another incident and mute spectator.

In the same line on 31St January, 2010 my brother Takji Pakba a Class-XII student of Higher Secondary school was shot with two bullets on his lower back shoulder by CRPF Daporijo market. Whereas he was absolutely innocent and had nothing to do with clash which occurred at market because he was returning to hostel after having lunch at home around 5.15 pm, still he was got shoot. In this regard I have lodged FIR in the Police station Daporijo and a case was registered Vide P.S. No 12/10/U/S-326 IPC, R/W Section No.27 arms Act, actually it should have been registered under U/S- 307 IPC but the police department has not taken any action against the following identified CRPF personnel that is A. K. Singh, J. Singh, SI CRPF and H. C. Dubey nor booked the above erring CRPF personnel under appropriate section of the law.

Even in MMS scandal the administration has already identified the persons and their places of posting but the action is still awaited. This is the time to awake to fight against such barbaric act of saviour’s of the law. As per the law of land is concerned every body is right to live peacefully, free to move and to get justices whereas police forces are considered to be saviour of law and to protect the people, ironically they are in a rate race to break the law and violation of fundamental right of innocent people. Is really they are protector of innocent people of state?

Therefore, I would like to appeal the concerned authority to award exemplary punishment to the all the accused of MMS sex scandal at Daporijo and the Police Department must compensate the victims for the mental trauma. Further I would like to appeal all students' organization and NGO's and Civil Societies to awake from deep sleep and came forward to raise voice against such injustice.


Tai Pakba




Dear Editor,

Here I would like to express my views about the MMS scandal which happened at police station Daporijo. Such cruel and  inhuman act against two minor helpless boy & girl is a big shock to each & every citizens of Arunachal Pradesh. For this matter, now my question to the Concerned Authorities, Administrative Department in particular is that, who will maintain law &order in our society? If law enforcing authority turned into a law breaker how will citizen feel safe. I urge authorities to terminate accused from job, so that such gross human right violation is not repeated again. I appeal to all the public leaders, panchayat leaders, student   & business community of Arunachal Pradesh to come forward against such evil persons.


Taro Pigia Tamin,





Dear Editor,

I very much appreciate the unity and cooperation shown by all the unions, association and organisation of the state in their fight against the heinous MMS scandal. I would like to request the people of Arunachal to come forward and raise their voice against such violation of fundamental rights by the state police personnel whom we depend for peace and security.  

Lastly my special thanks to All Upper Subansiri District Student Union for giving ultimatum to nab the culprit of this case.


Kali Gongo,




“Don’t take it lightly”

Dear Editor,

Every corner of the state is in shock about the MMS scandal involving minor boy and girl at Daporijo Police Station.

Another shock was given by the Deputy Commissioner Capital S.B. Dipak Kumar when he granted interim bail to the main culprit ASI Boham Bo without taking any security measures and precaution. As consequence by getting opportunity from D.C Capital, culprit has gone underground.

We demand immediate re-arrest of accused within short period of time. D.C. Capital should also  make sure that main accused Bo is rearrested soon.  Otherwise we the collegians of Upper Subansiri District will be forced to act against DC capital. Executive, legislature and judiciary are requested to immediately take up suitable measures to bring peace and justice within the State before it takes ugly turn because we will never tolerate such inhuman sex scandal within Police Station.


Suraj Ligu,


Upper Subansiri College Co-Ordination Committee DNGC, Itanagar



Who will fight the corruption ?

Dear Editor,

This is in reference to the news items "Around 2000 illegal appointments….” (on March 28). “Save Arunachal Forum did a good job bringing out the statistics to the public.

Because of this illegal appointments, interviews become meaningless. Enrolling the name of unemployed youths in Employment Exchange Cells is the mockery. What counts is how much money you got and who you know in the higher level.

Though, this is a common practice, this is the first time I saw it published. And I wonder, who will take action against  illegal practices when the departmental heads did the signing work and our political representatives approved ?


Liahey Ngwazah

Bangalore, (On email).



Punish the accused

Dear Editor,

The State Police is playing role like a "mafia" which we often see in the movies. You all know that duties of Police personnel are to serve citizen just like mother caring their children in home.

I would like to appeal people of our state, NGOs and Student Leaders and the Dorjee Khandu led Govt  to punish police personnel involved in MMS case.


D Nguki, DNGC




Renovate  the road

Dear Editor

I like to draw the attention of government and the concern authorities towards the dilapidated condition of the road from Pasighat to Yingkiong.   The minister never travel by road, they use airways. Therefore they don’t know the problem of long journey  on such  road. I rquest the government to take urgent step  for road improvement.


Omam Apang




Where have student unions gone hiding?

Dear Editor,

It was shocking to read news piece “Around 2000 illegal appointments in various Govt Deptt unearthed” published in your daily on March 28.  First of all congrats to Taba Ajum for his daring reporting and great kudos to Save Arunachal Forum for bringing such dirty truth through RTI. The poor of people deeply appreciate such work and hope that Forum will bring out more such corruption cases in the public domain.

However ,because of past experience, am worried whether this exposure will have any major effect. We have many unsolved corruption cases like PDS, Mining scam and alleged corruption in distribution of hydropower projects. In the past many unions and organizations had raised voice against corruption cases. But famously all of them goes silent after sometime and poor public like us keep wondering what went wrong? I hope Save Arunachal Forum will not behave like those XYZ unions, associations and organizations. Also after this exposure, why are powerful student unions keeping quite. Why are AAPSU, ANSU, GSU, AdiSU and numerous other great student unions keeping quite? People of Arunachal always regard them as mouth piece of poor and un-influential section of society, so their complete silence is quite shocking. 2000 people illegally appointed in various government departments are big thing. Are they keeping mum because their near and dear ones also got illegal appoint or what? Media has done their duty and now its turn of public to question government on this illegal appointment issue.

 Lastly we public thank The Arunachal Times newspaper for being the mouth piece of poor citizen of Arunachal. Work done by team Arunachal Times in the last one and half year starting with PDS scandal is highly commendable.


T Tahin, Itanagar.



We are not keeping quiet

Dear Editor,

It is due to Students Union and public leaders’ timely action that the district administration has initiated prompt action against the culprits involved in Daporijo MMS scandal.  Also we, the victims’ families (Gongo Society) aren’t keeping quiet over the major issue and we are continuously in touch with the District administration. The District administration has assured us to nab the wicked police personnel involved in the MMS scandal. Lastly we appeal to one and all to support us.


Damka Gomle , President

Anthony Gongo Nguba, GS

Gongo Society, Daporijo.



Resentment & appeal

Dear Editor,

It has been rightly said by Tsering Phurpa (on 18th March) that if BSNL can’t provide good network , they should allot their towers to private companies.

BSNL authorities are are not interested to provide good service to consumers.

BSNL SIM card and other products are more expensive in comparison to private service providers. Besides it takes very long time to get BSNL SIM and other products and requires lots of paper work. Moreover BSNL network goes missing for three to four days.

Therefore we appeal  to the private mobile service providers like Reliance, Tata ,Airtel etc to start their mobile service and Broad Band service in other district of the state, at least in all the District Headquarters.


K Chobing, and

J . Chetry, Hapoli



Re-start APST bus service

Dear Editor,

The people of Detak and  New Seren circle under Lower Ramle Bango have been facing lot of difficulties due to discontinuation of APST bust service from  Itanagar-Nari ADC (HQ) in East Siang district for last six month.  

I request the higher authority of the transport department to re-introduce the bus service in the said route for the benefit of common people of the area as the majority of  them are depending on Govt transport to reach State Capital for official, medical and business purpose or any emergency situation.


Kayi Dabi

Ex-publicity secretary

Ramlle Bango

Welfare Society






All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        




News Impact

Modified Legal Metrology Act and Rules enforced in state

ITANAGAR, Mar 29: The Legal Metrology Act, 2009 and the Arunachal Pradesh Legal Metrology (Enforcement) Rules, 2011 are brought into force in Arunachal Pradesh  w.e.f. April 1,2011, according to a release issued by legal metrology  and consumer  affairs department.

The Central government has notified the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 and in compliance to the directives  of Central Govt, the Arunachal Pradesh Legal Metrology (Enforcement) Rules, 2011 was also formulated in modification to the existing Arunachal Pradesh Standards of Weights & Measures (Enforcement)   Rules, 2000 and duly notified in the Extra Ordinary Official Gazette  on Feb 3 last,  the release added.


ASM alleged of fund misuse

ITANAGAR,  Mar 29:  The local people of Bada panchayat  have appealed to the EAC cum-member secretary of Mengio to remove Bada Panchayat ASM Chukhu Nachi for her alleged involvement in  embezzlement of development fund in the year -2008-09.

In a complaint letter to the member secretary, a group of 32 villagers of Bada panchayat alleged that she had misused EFC fund in 2008 and also misused the fund  sanctioned for construction of a suspension bridge in 2008-09. They demanded her removal under the  provisions of Arunachal Pradesh Panchayat Raj Act, 1997.


State AITC joins electioneering in Assam

ITANAGAR, Mar 29:  All India Trinamool Congress(AITC), Arunachal Pradesh unit led by its president Toko Sheetal launched election campaign in   support of their party candidate in Nowboicha a dn Lakhimpur constituencies for the ensuing  1st pahse of Assam Assembly  in April 4. AITC electioneering team included Nikh Kamin  and other hosts of party leaders.

Sheetal and other party leaders  addressed a series of meeting at Tarajuli, Sonajuli, Kasojuli and  many other villages at both the constituencies and  appealed to the voters to elect AITC party candidates Binod Pachi and Bulu Gogoi.

Meanwhile, AITC legislative party leader of Arunachal Laeta Umbrey, along with District Unit of AITC Lower Dibang Valley District also lunched extensive an electioneering campaign at Sadiya. He addressed a number of the election rally cum meeting and interacted with the electorates and appeal to the voters to elects only AITC Candidate Lalit Deori.


Borum panchayat place demands

ITANAGAR, Mar 29: Borum Panchayat in a memorandum to Itanagar Assembly Constituency MLA, Deputy Commissioner and Executive Engineer PHE and Water Supply Division, Yupia demanded provision for drinking water supply to Tarajuli  village  under Yupia Township water Project and steps for protection of natural vegetation and aquatic animals in the project area. It further demanded reservation of job, contract works under the water supply scheme, according to a release issued by Borum Anchal chairperson.


Mopin at Seppa

SEPPA, Mar 29:  Mopin festival would be celebrated in a grand manner here on March five.

According to an information, cultural troupes from different tribes including Nyishi, Apatani, Aka, Miji and Puroik are likely to take part in the celebration.

An Open Badminton Double Championship was also organized to mark the celebration.

The final match of the championship was played between the pair of Kego Essi-Liken Koyu and Karbia Dodum- Rajesh Neri in which the former pair defeated the latter 21-13, 16-21 and 26-24 in three sets.

Winners were given cash award.

The semifinal losers were the pair of Dahey Sangno and Tajum Ronya and Kata Rangmo and Takar Yangda.

Altogether 17 pair participated in the championshion which was started on March 20.


BJP mourns Bhatta da’s death

ITANAGAR, Mar 29:  The Bharatiya Janata Party, Arunachal Pradesh expressed deep shock over the death of senior journalist and former UNI bureau in-charge Abani Kumar Bhattacharya, lovingly known as Bhatta-da, who was known for his soft-spoken and guiding nature in the service to the people.

The senior party leaders and rank and file of the state BJP today assembled at its state headquarters here and condoled the death of Bhattacharya.

“His devotion to service to the people and inspiring works would always be remembered and will remain a guiding force for the younger generations,” the BJP said in its condolence message.

They conveyed their heartfelt condolence to the bereft family and prayed almighty for eternal peace of the departed soul.


Students threaten to de-recognize union

ITANAGAR, Mar 29: All the University Students of Tagin community in a joint meeting yesterday resolved that they will de-recognize the power and functions of the president and general secretary of All Tagin Students Union (ATSU), if both the president and general secretary failed to explain the reason behind their failure to discharge their power and functions effectively within 15 days.

The meeting alleged that both the office bearers have failed to deliver their power and functions effectively since their election which compelled them to take the resolution.


NEITCO to provide tool kits to successful trainees

ITANAGAR, Mar 29:  A total of 23 women entrepreneurs of Arunachal Pradesh have successfully completed the six months training course on hairstyle and beauty care conducted by North Eastern Industrial & Technical Consultancy Organization Limited (NEITCO) under the sponsorship of North Eastern Council (NEC) Shillong. All the successful trainees would be provided tool kits at function scheduled on April four which would be attended by J Lhungdim, Planing Advisor, NEC.


Drop HM, demands AAYA

ITANAGAR, Mar 29: All Arunachal Youth Association (AAYA), demanded the higher authority of Indian National Congress to drop Home Minister Tako Dabi from cabinet for ‘failing to tackle the deteriorating law and order situation in the state’.

Alleging that the Home Minister has completely failed to tackle law and order in Tirap and Changlang, the MMS scandal which stunned people of this peace-loving state, AAYA, in its letter to CWC member and Incharge of Arunachal Pradesh, questioned that what measures have been taken to verify the authenticity of the letter which dictated the MLAs and Ministers of Tirap and Changlang districts to withdraw support from Khandu Government.

It alleged nepotism and favouritism in appointment of 200 policemen and misuse of power and position by the Home Minister.


APWU calls on CM

ITANAGAR, March 29: A  30 member delegation of agitating Arunachal Pradesh Widow union (APWU) today call on the  Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu at his official Bungalow to apprise him about their demand for appointment on compassionate ground.

The delegation on the request of APWU was accompanied by members of All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) including President Takam Tatung, Astt.General Secretary (protocol) Luni Yangfo and Astt. General Secretary (Administration) Boge Riba. The members of the apex students’ body of the state pitch in their support for the widow union and requested the Chief Minister to look into the matter and expressed their annoyance over the stopping of reservation for 5% compassionate appointment since 2006. The members also suggested for accommodating deprived candidates in various public sectors units/ undertaking in the state like NHPC,NEEPCO etc till requisite vacancies are available in the said department.

CM Dorjee Khandu on his part, along with parliamentary secretary of sports & youth affairs Wangki Lowang, Advisor to CM  Kipa Tater   gave a patient hearing to the grievances of widow and assured to look into the matter after receiving all the necessary report from the home ministry. They also added that even if the recruitment is done it will be on seniority basis.


Dabi leaves for Assam to join election campaign

ITANAGAR, Mar 29: Home Minister Tako Dabi today left here for Dhemaji, Assam for election campaign in support of Congress candidate of Dhemaji constituency for the ensuing Assembly election.

Dabi will highlight the various achievements of UPA Government at the Centre and Congress Government in Assam headed by Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi during the election campaign. He will also highlight the historical relationship between the people of the neighbouring states. He hoped that the joint efforts of the Congress Government in both the states only can bring development in the field of rural communications, rural economy and other infrastructural developments.



ITANAGAR, Mar 29: Former minister Bida Taku has joined recently formed Save Arunachal Forum, the SAF informed in release today.


L Borang takes charge as  Upper Siang DC

YINGKIONG:  Liyon Borang APCS (Admn. Grade) joined as Deputy Commissioner, Upper Siang  Yingkiong yesterday. He relieved  Pawan Kumar Sain.


ANSU against enhancementof retirement age

ITANAGAR: All Nyishi Students’ Union appealed to the state government not to enhance the retirement age limit of the Govt servants in all departments.

It said that enhancement or extension of superannuation period will further aggravate unemployment problem of the state.


SBI open Green Channel Counter

ITANAGAR: State Bank of India Itanagar and Naharlagun branch opened its Green Channel Counter at SBI Itanagar and Naharlagun yesterday.

Three types of transaction will be executed under the Green Channel Counter- cash withdrawal, deposit and remittance upto Rs 40,000 in SBI core banking.


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