March  02

Poor infrastructure of DNGC mirror Govt’s apathy

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Mar 1: Every year various student unions of the state, particularly, the Student’s Union of Dera Natung Government College (DNGC) has been raising concern over the dilapidated condition of lone government college of the capital. Despite assurances and promises by officials and politicians to bring in changes, nothing has improved at ground level in the college. Around 5000 students of DNGC have been left to their own destiny by the authorities. This college established in 1979 as a night school was later upgraded as Govt. Degree College. 33 years has passed on but till today DNGC is crying for attention. Majority of the present generation government officials and politicians of Arunachal are the products of DNGC. Along with JNC of Pasighat, DNGC can be considered as pillar of Arunachal society. Considering the historical and educational importance of DNGC, it is quite shocking to learn that authorities have turned blind eyes to the problems of the college.  

“For around 5000 students, there are only 25 classrooms. There should be only 80 students in each class as per UGC norms. But in our college more than 300 students share a single classroom. The first 20 minutes of class is lost just in marking attendance,” informed Khoda Mission, General Secretary, DNGCSU. He further added, “When Chief Minister Nabam Tuki had visited the college during valedictory function of college week, we had apprised him of the various problems. He had promised to look into the matter but it is going to be almost 3 months and as usual authorities seem to have just made promises in paper.”   

The main problem affecting DNGC is poor infrastructure and shortage of teachers. The hostels need up-gradation and there is urgent need for construction of more classrooms. The college has about 50 lecturers to cater to the needs of thousands of students. Even though demand for B.Sc seats has manifold in recent year, the authorities have failed to increase the intake capacity.

When the discussion veers around poor infrastructure of DNGC, it generates conflicting view. While authorities claim that they have been doing their best for the college, the student communities have other views in this regard.

“State government, particularly education department has always tried their best to improve the condition of DNGC. The duty of authorities is to build infrastructure and the duty of student is to take care of them. However, sadly the student communities of DNGC have failed us in this regard,” informed a state government official. On their part the student communities complain that authorities completely neglect their cause. “When we visit any government office to express our grievances, we are never given proper audience. The moment we tell authorities that we are from DNGC their behaviour changes. Even public and students of other college mock at us. Most of the students of our college come from poor economic background and we believe that because of this we are treated step-motherly,” shared one student of DNGC. He went to add, “We are facing major problems because of insufficient numbers of college bus. Most of the time students travel by hanging the door and sometimes on the rooftop of bus. Especially girl students suffer a lot. But nobody cares about us including the concern authorities and public. In fact, we have become laughing stock before the public.”

 While claims and counter claims continue, nevertheless, there is urgent need to give patient hearing to the problems countered by the students of DNGC. When the condition of the lone Govt college in the state capital is below standard then what will be the state of affairs of other colleges in various districts.

There was talk about making DNGC as Model College in some quarter. It will be a great tribute to this college which has produced so many luminaries, if it is really developed as Model College by the government of Arunachal Pradesh.



3 more WW-II plane wreckages found

M Doley

ITANAGAR, Mar 1: Wreckages of planes used during World War- II (WW-II) continued to be discovered in Arunachal Pradesh -- the so called ‘Bermuda Triangle’ of North East. Over the last few years, three more such wreckages were found in dense forests of Changlang district.

According to M Yobin (Lisu), a resident of  Gandhigram village in Changlang district, the wreckages were found in remote mountain jungles of Changlang which can be reached after 11 to 12 days trekking from Miao town. The wrecked planes are believed to be the remains of US aircrafts used during WW-II.

“A metal plate with words "Signal Core, US Army" inscribed on it and some human bone parts are still there to be seen,” Yobin told this reporter over telephone this afternoon. He said that most of the metal parts were taken away by villagers.

Earlier, wreckages of MIA (several missing-in-action) US fighter planes were recovered from various parts of Arunachal, including one on a hilltop right in the heart of the state capital, Sagalee, Anini, Donli, Aalo, Tezu, Damroh and Chayang Tajo.

A search operation was also conducted by a US defence team in different places few years ago with the help of Indian Air Force for detection of more plane wreckages.

The allies had lost hundreds of aircrafts in Arunachal Pradesh during World War II while maintaining supply line to allied forces fighting against the Japanese mainly due to inhospitable terrain, unpredictable weather and mechanical failure.



Siang dry report is propaganda: FSD and SPF

ITANAGAR, Mar 1: Forum for Siang Dialogue (FSD) and Siang People’s Forum (SPF) reacted strongly to the Government spokes-person’s statement that Siang River has dried up. It termed the statement as a massive propaganda by pro-power project agencies in the state while challenging the statement of the government spokesperson.

 The organizations further said that such irresponsible statement by the government spokesperson is misleading as the fact remains that the water flow of the Siang River has been static.

PTI quoting Tako Dabii, government spokesperson, reported  that the mighty Siang River has dried up, shrinking about a kilometre from its bank in the century-old Arunachal Pradesh town of Pasighat in East Siang district, a phenomenon never experienced in the last half-decade.

Alarmed at the report, the district administration has issued a circular asking people to maintain calm.  

As per information received from Water Resource Department, average water level this year is 148.92 meters with an increase of 0.82 meters. The district administration said that the reduced level of Siang River at GD station at Komlighat is 145 mtrs while the average water level taken during lean period i.e. January and February'2011 is 148.10 metres.  

It further said that due to scanty rain, the ground water level is lower.

Siang basin has been a centre of controversy as more than 11000 MW of power is expected to be generated by different power proponents. Many indigenous organizations are opposed to the coming of such mega projects as they fear that it would lead to massive dislocation and environmental destruction.



Arunachal’s development viz-a-viz forest department

By Nyali Ete

Arunachal Pradesh is blessed with Nature’s immense blessings; she is endowed with the best of natural resources: extensive tracts of different types of forests ranging from lush green alpine meadows to tropical rain forests; unexplored wildlife diversity; perennially snow clad peaks; deep gorges; ecstatic waterfalls falling hundreds of meters down the cliff; beautiful valleys with alluvial plains along the banks of mighty, turbulent, majestic rivers and streams; different groups of culturally diverse groups of indigenous communities; etc.

However, the scenario is changing rapidly; various agents of modernization, the so called ‘wheels of development’ are arriving on our horizon; they are turning the things around. Trans-Arunachal Highways, PMGSY Roads, numerous hydro-power developers, several Army and Para-military establishments are in the offing to give a huge face-lift to Arunachal. Obviously, she won’t be any more what she was until recently. There’s enormous and sudden change happening pretty soon. True, nothing is permanent! Now, these changes will determine the course of our life: for better or worse, whatever! Yet the pace of change, I reiterate, for good or bad, of course, I can’t tell for sure, is extremely fast. These are those agents of change which would make our lives or, at least, the lives of our future generations better, bigger and brighter. I’m hopeful they will; but frankly, I really wish they will!

In this context, I would like to express my personal opinion. I have huge doubts regarding the future and the sustainability of these developmental projects. Now, people would argue like how dare he could possibly question or cast any aspersion on the future or the sustainability of these developmental projects:  Sheer nonsense! Blasphemy of sort! Out of mind! And blah, blah, blah! Well, my doubts are not unfounded. I’m making my assessment from the point of view of intricacies involved in actually implementing them in the ground from the beginning to the end via-a-via official procedures, not excluding clearances that are involved at various stages from multiplicity of organizations and institutions. These apart, there are myriad of other issues which will, undoubtedly, decelerate the pace of implementation. To name a few: public out-cry against these projects; land-disputes among siblings/clans to claim compensation; and the like. Inevitably, all these developmental projects are bound to get stuck at the implementation level with all these inherent issues. That’s why I opine what I mentioned above.

Yes, I would like to draw the genuine attention of all the concerned that, in this ever-changing time of the modern-world, the complex realities are fast-unfolding. Simultaneously, the roles and responsibilities of the department of Forest& Environment have grown manifold; in fact, almost at geometric progression, whereas the financial support for the department from the state ex-chequer is still too little an amount to match to the enormous amount of work-loads. There’s no wonder why work-loads are accumulating and piling up each passing day. Friends, traditional forestry practices and activities of timber operation and plantation only are not what we are concerned with only; now, we must necessarily perform our responsibilities as the custodian or guardian of the remnants of the natural resources too. We are the ‘Soldiers of Ecological Security’! This fact has been reinforced through various federal legislations and consequent Amendments. Prior to 1976, forest was a matter of the State Subject; but subsequently, it was brought under the Concurrent List after 42nd Amendment to the Constitution. Thereafter, it was included in Directive Principle of State Policy with these words: 48A- The State shall endeavor to protect and improve the environment and to safeguard the forests and wildlife of the country. Thereafter, several Federal Legislations were passed by the Parliament which would directly impact the Forest lands throughout the country. Notably, the Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980 is one of the Federal Laws, which hugely impacted the future management and administration of country’s forests. To simplistically summarize it, the Act prohibits the diversion of forest land to non-forestry purposes. And in the event of any diversion, it is mandatorily required to get the clearance of the Federal government with Diversion Proposals in hand. Further, the Supreme Court in its judgment (Writ Petition © No. 202/1995), also popularly known among the forestry fraternity as the Godavarman Case, interpreted “forest as not only those areas which are forest lands as per government documents; but also all such lands which harbor and support perennially, woody vegetation, primarily trees, and as such as per the dictionary meaning”. As a matter of fact, henceforth, the department of Forest & Environment throughout the country must deliver its responsibilities in conformity with both the State Laws as well as the Federal Laws.

The main idea that I want to highlight and simultaneously espouse is the cause of the Forest Administration in our state. As mentioned in the beginning, Arunachal is a forest-rich, hill state with primarily indigenous populations. In such scenario, as in many other such similar situations elsewhere, notably Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, etc. the department of Forest & Environment has been occupying a pivotal position of roles and responsibilities in the over-all set-up of the State Administration. With due regards as well as diligence to the present set-up of the State Administration, I must confess that the department of Forest & Environment in Arunachal is over-burdened with work-loads; but with meager budgetary support. Throughout the state, the department is hugely under-staffed. To aggravate the conditions for Managers/Field-officers like us: Divisional Forest Officers, the general perception about the department of Forest & Environment is very bad; it is portrayed in bad taste, more often than not; maximum blame goes to the department for  creating hurdles in the pace of development; the department is called names such as ‘dilly-dally’, ‘anti-development’, and many more. Many tell us that it’s not the domain of the Forest department to actually poke its nose in the developmental processes; they even suggest us to confine ourselves to forestry activities only such as timber operation, plantation, etc.

As mentioned previously, Arunachal is rich in forest cover, which over the years, has of course come down; but still rich-enough. Yes, more than half the geographical area of our state is covered with forest. Meanwhile, the land isn’t properly demarcated. Since the proper land settlement is yet to happen; there’s no demarcation of the land into Revenue land or Forest land. Consequently, ownership of the land is a big issue. There is huge ambiguity as to what is the exact extent and limits of various towns, villages respectively. In addition, the ancestral community ownership of the forests has complicated the matters. While taking cognizance of the Honorable Supreme Court’s judgment (Writ Petition © No. 202/1995), we are duty bound to do so as explained above, the most of the land in Arunachal would fall under the purview of the forest. As such, it requires forest clearance at each step. This would complicate the matters for the State government. In such scenario, it’s very difficult to identify enough non-forest land for compensatory forestation, which is what is mandatorily required for the Diversion Proposal against any forest land/forest used for the developmental purposes.

Here is another relevant issue which is socially and emotionally deeply anchored with the local people. The indigenous communities have been practicing slash and burn form of land use system (also known as Jhum cultivation) since time immemorial. In fact, it’s the major source of livelihood of the people of this land-locked area, which otherwise is blessed with unlimited natural beauty and huge biodiversity. Of late, with the passage of time, as the population increases, the natural resources bear the brunt of it. The shifting cultivation is increasingly becoming a menace, which otherwise was a sustainable resource utilization of the tribal communities of the area earlier. With hectares of forests being under jhum cultivation all over the landscape, and consequent ever-reducing shifting cycle, the forest resource is dwindling rapidly and the natural scenery as well as the wildlife diversity is being progressively destroyed, though it’s no intentional destruction, rather a manifestation of genuine needs and inevitable evil or peril in the event of no other effective alternatives to the people.  As forest resource accounting for the major portion of the state’s assets, the destruction of forest; consequently, deteriorating general quality of forest and diminishing forest cover, is pushing the state on the verge of chaotic socio-economic condition and economic bankruptcy. Thus, effective alternatives are urgently needed to avert any possible socio-economic and political upheaval.

With these backgrounds, it is all the more immensely important to realize the nitty-gritty of the administration and management of Forest & Environment. It is time to acknowledge the fact that the department of Forest & Environment is central to the development of Arunachal Pradesh. We have been so far, for too long, undermining this fact, either deliberately or unknowingly.  The Field-Officers, particularly Range Forest Officers and below are hugely disadvantaged compared to their respective counter-parts in other departments. They have got to patrol, prevent, control and manage thousands of hectares of areas against illegalities, pilferages, forest fires, besides; of course routine forestry works like plantation activities and timber operations. Meanwhile, they are mostly without sufficient or no facilities to transport and commute in their jurisdiction to perform their official tasks. In many instances, they are provided with motorcycles, which can, hardly carry two persons at a time. I think it is little too less! I say it’s too much dichotomy! Further, in terms of pay-parity, the Forest staff, mainly Range Forest Officers and below have not got sufficient attention from the State’s Sixth Pay Commission. I don’t mean to question the rationale behind the final outcome; but I do feel that more could have been done for them.

I must add here that the Range Forest Officers and below are the backbone of the department of Forest & Environment. They need to be provided with all the necessary requirements properly, else the problems will only grow in near future for worse. In nutshell, the Forest & Environment department needs its due urgently in order to ensure the smooth functioning and speed up the developmental projects. (Writer is Divisional Forest Officer, Anjaw Forest Division, Hawai, and Camp-Tezu)



Capital roads remarkably improved’

ITANAGAR, Mar 1: Most of the capital roads and drainage system in the Capital Complex have been renovated and the remaining portion of roads would be renovated in the next fiscal, said local MLA Techi Kaso while inspecting the ongoing road renovation work of 1.2-km Senki Park minister’s bungalow from tri-junction here today.

“I know the geography of my constituency and about 70-80 per cent roads and drainages in Itanagar, Naharlagun and Nirjuli have been renovated. Any portion left would be taken up in the next fiscal, he promised.

He further said the ongoing work throughout the Capital Complex with funds sanctioned by former chief minister, late Dorjee Khandu has changed the shape of the capital town. “I’m confident, Chief Minister Nabam Tuki, would show the same spirit always to achieve the goal,” he added.

Reacting to the resentment of a resident on poor road condition of Naharlagun’s Pachin Colony as reflected in the local media, he said “the people as well the media are my eyes and ear. I salute them for their support in my mission to make Itanagar a model township.”

Kaso also lauded the PWD and UD engineers and the contractors for their commitments leading to the achievements.

Constructing agency UD’s Deputy Director Gyamar Tachung said that all Itanagar roads have been improved for the first time by adopting bitumen course as per strict guidelines of Indian Road Congress. Further he said that the Tadar Tang road has been widened from 7.5 m to 10.5 m, Raj Bhawan road 5.5 m to 7.5 m with footpath & railing on both sides and P-sector road from 3 m to 7.5 m in same method. The Senki Park road is almost complete though the deadline is March 31 next, Tachung said.

The phase-wise quality work under the constant supervision of the MLA should set an example for his colleagues to utilize the limited funds to benefit the people to whom they represent, said Arunachal Chamber of Commerce & Industry president, Techi Lala.

“The work of media in highlighting the merits and demerits of development is worth appreciable, Lala said adding, and “Naharlagun needs further improvement”.  

UPOs S Maru and Gyamar Nyakum and site engineer Nangram Tamang were supervising the work.



Yet another incident of brutality against Arunachalee students

ITANAGAR, Mar 1: Arunachalee students studying in Bhuvan Polytechic, Yelahanka, Bangalore were allegedly beaten by the local residents and students without any valid reasons at around 10.30 pm today.

While informing this over telephone, All Arunachalee Students’ Unions’ Association of Karnakata general secretary Andy Teli said that the incident took place when an Arunchalee student was celebrating his birthday at Polytechnic hostel along with other Arunachalee students staying in the hostel.

Altogether 55 Arunachalee students are staying in the hostel.

“Students of another block of the hostel along with local residents suddenly attacked the Arunachalee boys without any valid reason. Police team also suddenly appeared and picked up 14 Arunachalee students”, Teli said.

Most of the students received grievous injuries, Teli further informed.

The Union appealed to the State Govt  to take up the matter with its Karnakata counterpart immediately and ensure safety and security of the Arunachalee students pursuing higher education in Karnataka.



Call to implement Building Bye-laws

SEPPA, Mar 1:  MLA Tapuk Taku today called for early implementation of the Arunachal Pradesh Building Bye-Laws in all towns of the state.

Addressing a development meeting on Seppa town planning held at the DC’s conference hall here yesterday, the MLA suggested that all the government policies which is people oriented and beneficial for general people including Arunachal Pradesh Building Bye-Laws should be implemented as early as possible in all the towns of Arunachal. He further said all the implementing agencies should consult with the general public before executing the plans and policies. Earlier, presiding over the meeting, deputy commissioner Tope Bam briefed about the purpose of the meeting and importance of Town Planning in the real life. Further, he urged all the participants to bring in meaningful inputs in the interim Development Plan of Seppa.

Assistant Town Planner Terge Sora,  through power point presentation highlighted in details about the Arunachal Pradesh Urban  and  Country Planning Act 2007,  Local Planning Authority under the Act  and its different power, function and responsibility. He also presented the prepared interim development plan of Seppa for discussion.

Dacha Bagang, Assistant Town Planner, through Power Point Presentation discussed in length about the Arunachal Pradesh Building Bye-Laws 2010 and its importance. He urged upon all the participants to follow Building Bye-Laws for safer building  while constructing buildings in the town. DIPRO



Union Minister calls on Governor

ITANAGAR, Mar 1: Union Minister of State  for Home Mullapally Ramachandran called on Arunachal Pradesh Governor General (Retd) J.J. Singh here today.

In the meeting, they discussed the overall internal security scenario of the State and other initiatives required from the Ministry of  Home Affairs. While highlighting the strategic importance of the state, the Governor emphasized on expediting the process of police modernization. He also  pleaded for  adequate funds to implement the police modernization programmes and called for more recruitment under state civil police.

Secretary to Governor Ankur Garg and PS to MoS (Home) Dr. Sagar Preet Hooda were present in the meeting.

Later, accompanied by the Governor, the minister went around the Raj Bhavan compound and visited the horticulture garden, Bee hives, the country chicken farm, medicinal plants house, orchid centre and kitchen garden. The Union Minister appreciated the efforts of the Governor and First lady in making Raj Bhavan as a repository of ideas. PRO to Raj Bhavan



DoNER Minister flags off ‘Youth to the edge’ pilot project


TINSUKIA, Mar 1: A pilot project ‘Youth to the Edge’ was flagged of by Union Minister for Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER) Pawan Singh Ghatowar here on Wednesday.

The scheme launched by DoNER ministry to promote adventure activities in North Eastern region with the motto ‘Adventure to the Paradise Unexplored’ proposes to promote adventure activities in the remoter areas of North Eastern region.

“The North Eastern Region (NER) is identified as one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots for its natural resources and the region is yet to harness the vast developmental potential of these resources for the benefit of its inhabitants,” the DoNER minister said.

Advocating adventure activities as potential source for overall development to create discipline and team spirit among the youths, the minister said the pilot project will help in skill development, leading to self employment like promotion of adventure and tourism which has vast potential in the region.

Also participating in the flagging off ceremony, Arunachal Pradesh Parliamentary Secretary for Sports and Youth Affairs Wangki Lowang said the project will help to address the feeling of isolation syndrome in the North East people.

Appreciating the DoNER Ministry’s pilot project, Lowang said the cross cultural and adventure trail promoted by DoNER ministry will also help in integrating the North East people with the rest of India, culturally and emotionally.  

Around 2000 youths from North East and rest of the states of India are participating in the adventure trails. Three trails have been identified, two in Arunachal Pradesh (Roing, Lower Dibang Valley District and Walong in Anjaw District) and one in Nagaland in Dzukou Valley).

The first batch of the Roing adventure trail will be flagged off by the local MLA Laeta Umbrey at Roing on February 2. During the adventure activities, visiting youth participants will have cultural interactions with the local people and also have a trekking expedition to Mehao Lake. The Roing trail will be led by Tine Mena, first women Everester from North East.

Union Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs Ajay Maken attended the flagging ceremony along with Nagaland Parliamentary Secretary for Youth Resources and Sports Naiba Konyak. Other dignitaries who attended the programme were : CS Jeinow, Anjaw Deputy Commissioner, Ramesh Linggi, Assistant Director, Sports and Youth Affairs, government of Arunachal Pradesh, Wangnot Tikhak, Additional Deputy Commissioner, Roing.

The ceremony was also witnessed by Anshu Jamsenpa, first woman world record holder to climb Mt Everest twice in a season.

The pilot scheme is funded by the Minister of DoNER through North East Council. Administrative approval for Rs.2.87 crore has been accorded and first installment of Rs.2.00 crore has been released by the North East Council (NEC) to the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports. The scheme is executed by the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports (MYA&S) through National Service Scheme (NSS).



Preparation for NE Youth Festival

ITANAGAR, Mar 1: A meeting was held today at Hotel Ashoka regarding preparation for the forthcoming North East Cultural Youth festival to be organized under the banner of North East Students Union (NESO).  The festival will have All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) as the local host.

It was unanimously decided in the meeting to organize cultural youth festival at Itanagar next month which will offer platform for cultural exchanges. This is the first time since 1996 that the North East Cultural Youth festival is being organized in Itanagar. The meeting presided over by NESO vice-chairman L Punte was attended among others by NESO General Secretary Gumjum Haider, NESO Advisor Artex Simray, representatives from all the students union of North East.

The main idea behind organizing this festival is to understand and respect culture and tradition of the region in much better way. The festival also aims to foster unity among the different tribes and communities of North East region. During the festival cultural and sports activities will take place.



Girls’ hostel inaugurated

ITANAGAR, Mar 1: The general secretary of Arunachal Christian Forum (ACF) Toko Teki and DDSE, Khonsa, T. Pabin jointly inaugurated a newly constructed building for girls’ hostel on February 28 at Poakkom English School, Poakkom, around 12 kms away from Khonsa.

The building was constructed with grant-in-aid of Rs. 30 lakh from the state government. Public leaders, students, teaching staff and leaders from the Nocte Baptist Churches’ Association were present on the occasion.

The ACF leader called upon the students to work hard in pursuit of excellence by overcoming all challenges of life. DDSE T. Pabin was all praises for the quality of construction despite the provision of relatively meager amount and expressed his eagerness to extend cooperation from his department for all such noble endeavours.

Earlier, the Field Director of NBCA Chuba Ozukom, briefed about the school while welcoming the guests and shared the word of God. He thanked the state government for recognizing the services of mission schools by giving such grant-in-aid for the school.

The team of Arunachal Christian Forum (ACF) led by general secretary Toko Teki also held a mass meeting with various churches of Tirap and Longding districts on February 27 at Town Baptist Church, Khonsa.

The ACF leaders exhorted the church leaders to unitedly work for upholding the Christian values and creating a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere in the society. The meeting also advocated spiritual growth of the people and called upon all sections of the society to have mutual respect and understanding among the various denominations and instead become messenger of peace.

All the prominent churches like Catholic, Baptist and Christian Revival Churches represented by key leaders like Nokthom Wangsu, executive secretary of Wancho Baptist Churches’ Association (WBCA), L. Sawin, executive secretary of Tutsa Baptist Churches’ Association (TBCA), Changngam Wangno, president of Nocte Baptist Churches’ Association, Hangliem Sumnyan, Parish leader, Catholic Church, Khonsa and CRC leaders from CRC, Khonsa town, Sinai Wangno, vice president of ACF, Tarak Kama of APCRCC and Tageng Gelo of NBCC attended the meeting.

Prominent elders like Manwang Lowang, Tonhang Tongluk and Wangpon Sawin besides a host of leaders also spoke at the meeting which concluded with a fervent prayer for peace and spiritual growth.



Nyokum Yullo celebrated at Nyapin & Chambang

ITANAGAR, Mar 1: Nyokum Yullo, the major festival of the Nyishi community, was celebrated with traditional gaiety and religious fervour at Nyapin and Chambang in Kurung Kumey district on Feb 26.

Attending the festival at Nyapin, an ADC headquarters, Tourism and RWD Minister Pema Khandu encouraged one and all to preserve and promote their culture and tradition through the celebration of one’s own festival.

Highlighting the Govt’s agenda for good governance and rapid development, Khandu called upon the people to cooperate with local administration in maintaining law and order and for peaceful co-existence.  The minister further exhorted the youths to devote in their study.

In his address, MLA Phurpa Tsering also implored the locals not to shun their traditional celebrations in the name of religion. He asked the people not to mix up traditional festival with religion. Tsering, however, expressed his happiness over the fact that people of Nyapin are still maintaining their tradition and culture. Like Pema, Tsering also sought people’s cooperation in developmental activities.

Nyokum celebration committee chairman Tadar Mangku narrated the Nyokum mythology  and requested each and every Nyishi to upkeep the customs and celebrations of Nyokum Yullo.

Attending the festival at Chambang, Parliamentary Secretary, Tax & Excise, Lokam Tassar exhorted the Nyishi brethrens to take active part in Nyokum celebrations in order to preserve their unique culture and  traditions.  Tassar announced an amount of Rs 5 lakh for construction of Nyokum rostrum at Chambang.

Kurung Kumey DDSE S T Zara stressed the need to learn Nyishi language by each and every member of the community as mother tongue is one of the constituents of one’s own cultural identity. He also announced Rs three lakh for erection of a permanent altar at the festival ground.

Attending the Nyokum Yullo celebration at  Yangte, ZPM Tarh Talo and  PWD AE Heri Robin  said such festivals also provide an opportunity to the community people to introspect and exchange ideas for preservation of rich traditional values.



Workshop on Arunachal Building Bye-laws-2010

BOMDILA, Mar 1: A  one-day Workshop on Interim Development Plan of Bomdila and Arunachal Pradesh Building Bye-Laws 2010 was held here today.

Beside the Power point presentation and deliberations by the Assistant Town Planner responsible for looking after the three districts of East Kameng, West Kameng  and  Tawang and the Deputy Director DUDA Bomdila, the interactive session that followed left some questions partially answered which seemed to need more reviews, deliberations and considerations.

Chairing the workshop, Deputy Commissioner Rinchin Tashi opined that the AP Building Bye-Laws 2010 is a new concept. When implemented it would revolutionalize and facilitate streamlining of a towns’ growth, he said.

With the alarming rate of population growth and the haphazard and illegal constructions going on, the Building Bye-Laws could pave way for a well planned and systematic set up to accommodate future population growth with provisions for other planning and layouts. Tashi further called for suggestions to be incorporated and further reviews, meetings and workshops for effective implementation of Building Bye-Laws.  DIPRO



ITBP launches series of civic action programme

AALO, Mar 1: The 20th Bn ITBP  conducted a series of Civic Action programme to mark its Golden Jubilee year at Yapik, Tato, Mechukha and Howling from February 26 to 28.

The activities under the programme included organization of free medical camps and distribution of free medicines by medical officer Dr. Vikas Sharma, distribution of 22 solar lights, sanitary and stationery items to the school children.

A film on ITBP, “Sajag Prahari” was also screened on the occasion to sensitize villagers about the role ITBP.

Attending the  programme, ITBP Commandant Anuj Kumar Singh sought cooperation of civilian for implementing the welfare schemes under Civic Action programme. DIPRO

CM’s mother dies

ITANAGAR, Mar 1: Nabam Maga, mother of Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Nabam Tuki died yesterday at Guwahati after a prolonged illness.

While expressing deep shock over her sudden demise, Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC), said she was very kind-hearted women for which she was admired and loved by all.

“May her soul rest in peace in heavenly abode,” APCC said in a condolence message.

District Congress Committee Changlang president Sethai Sena and Arunachal Pradesh Women’s Welfare Society Miao-Kharsang Unit also deeply mourned the death of mother of Chief Minister Tuki and prayed to Almighty to give enough courage and strength to the bereaved family to bear the irreparable loss.


Misuse of BADP fund by panchayat leaders alleged

ITANAGAR, Mar 1: Alleging misuse of Border Area Development Programme (BADP) fund by local panchayat leaders of Parsi-Parlo area, the All Langbang Sera Yarba Pado and Sagriang Association has demanded the Kurung Kumey deputy commissioner to immediately stop allocation of the said fund of the year 2010-11.

In its memorandum to the DC, the Association alleged that development activities have stopped while various education institutions, health centres etc. have gone defunct due to mis-utilization of BADP fund by the local panchayat leaders. It also appealed to the DC to initiate investigation into the matter.


CM inaugurates Sacred Heart Hostel at Daproijo

DAPORIJO, Mar 1: Chief Minister Nabam Tuki inaugurated the newly built Sacred Heart Hostel Building at the School campus here in presence of MP Takom Sanjoy, Power and Rural Development Minister Tanga Byaling  yesterday.

In his address Tuki appreciated all the mission schools for rendering humanitarian service to the people. He also lauded the yeomen service of the Catholic Church to the humanity, especially in the field of education, even in the remote areas of the state.  Host of dignitaries  including MLAs Nido Pavitro, Tapen Siga,  former MLA Yari Dulom, Upper Siang DC Ameya Abhyankar  graced the occasion.


Recruitment drive

ITANAGAR, Mar 1:  Recruitment drive for the posts of constable in Changlang district will start from March 5 at general ground, Changlang, informed SP Tumme Amo in a release today.  

The admit cards for all the eligible candidates have been  sent to all the officers in-charge of the police stations of the Changlang district for distribution to the  candidates, the release informed. All the eligible candidates are asked to bring their original documents during recruitment drive. For further information candidates may contact SP office ( Ph no.03808-222271/223149).


Awareness programme

ITANAGAR, Mar 1: A series of Information Education Communication (IEC) programme under Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC) was conducted at Komasaki, Kakoi, Lower Jhumi on February 27, 28 and 29 respectively.

Tamchi Niania, chairman, Rural Development and Heritage Society (RDHS) briefed about the aims and objectives of the awareness programme and advised the Panchayat leaders to keep their village area clean. He further advised the village water sanitation committee (VWSC) for implementation of village level scheme properly and look after the village sanitation, health and hygiene.

Resource person, Tamchi Doch, Supervisor Rural Development and Heritage Society (RDHS) Sangram, Kurung Kumey also highlighted about health and sanitation during the programme.

Panchayat leaders, GPM, Chairperson, GPMs, GBS, senior citizen also spoke on the occasion.

The programme was organized by District Water Sanitation Committee (DWSC) under PHED Department Papum Pare District in collaboration with N.N. Charitable Society (NNCS), Langper, Sagalee and Rural Development and Heritage Society (RDHS) Sangram.


Farmers’ awareness camp

ITANAGAR, Mar 1: NABCONS - a NABARD consultancy services today organised a one day awareness camp on Agricultural Marketing Infrastructure, Grading and Standardisation for the farmers at Yachuli. Altogether 10 farmers from each of the farmers’ club from 10 villages under the circle participated in the programme which was supported by NIAM, Jaipu, a Govt. of India organization.

Resource persons including NABARD assistant manager S C Sarkar and National Youth Project president HP Biswas made the farmers aware on the infrastructure  for marketing various farm products  in the state. NABARD sponsored schemes and  subsidy and capital subsidy schemes for the farmers were also discussed in the programme.


Farm school concludes

ITANAGAR,  Mar 1: The two-and-half-month long farm school organized by Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Upper Subansiri district at Lida village under Daporijo circle concluded with an exposure visit to College of Horticulture and Forestry, Pasighat and East Siang Krishi Vigyan Kendra on February 28.

During the farmers’ school focused were given mainly on empowerment of rural women by exposing them to scientific cultivation of fruits and seasonal vegetables. Altogether 10 interested farm women were taken to the institute under the guidance of Dr. W.Purnima Devi, Subject Matter Specialist (Agron) and Gyatiyakang, SMS (H.Sc.) to expose them to the various scientific technologies particularly the post-harvest processing and value-addition of fruits and vegetables, protected cultivation of flowers, herbal garden of medicinal and aromatic plants, nutritional garden, high density pineapple cultivation, mushroom production and rain-water harvesting units. They also visited Jampani, Pasighat to witness the vegetable cultivation in large scale. The whole programme was sponsored by ATMA, Daporijo.


Provide relief to fire victims: AASU

ITANAGAR,  Mar 1: While visiting the fire-ravaged Gobuk village, 22 km away from Yingkiong in Upper Siang district yesterday, a delegation of All Adi Students' Union (AASU) appealed to the administration to provide immediate relief and rehabilitation to the six families affected by the fire accident.

Appreciating the local MLA Alo Libang, Deputy Commissioner L Borang and other prominent public leaders for their visit to the fire devastated village and also Kusing Rumne Society and Epum Sirum Welfare Society for their helping hands towards the fire victims, the union appealed all like minded people and NGOs to extend generous help to the fire victims for their relief and rehabilitation.


Misuse of power alleged

ITANAGAR, Mar 1: All Arunachal Pradesh Agriculture/ Horticulture Dealership Registered Tribal Contractor Association (AAPAHDRTCA) today alleged that the Director of the department is not being allowed to work freely by parliamentary secretary (Horticulture) and the deputy director. The Association claimed that both officials are violating the norms of Chemical/ Fertilizer Acts by entertaining the contractors who do not have valid trading license and VAT and agriculture registration etc.  The association demanded the Chief Minister and Horticulture Minister to look into the matter seriously.


Skill development programme

ITANAGAR, Mar 1: The Subansiri Research and Social Welfare Society is organizing 44 days skill development programme on tailoring at Boasimla which began on February 20.

On the occasion Dr Gyati Mary, medical officer of Boasimla, PHC attended along with Bar Tayum, headmaster of government secondary school Boasimla.  While speaking during the day Dr Mary stated that skill development programme is the best way to create self employment and an income generation source for every one. On the importance of tailoring she told that besides providing employment opportunities, it will help to save money as people won’t need to visit tailor shops to repair clothes.


CM assures

ITANAGAR, Mar 1: The Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh has reportedly assured to fulfill four demands of All Arunachal Abo-Tani Clans Students Union which included establishment of Sainik school, Govt medical college, introduction of Tani Lipi as third language of the state and early regularization of SSA teachers in phase manner.

It claimed that proposal for establishment of two Sainik schools in Arunachal Pradesh was among the 12-point memorandum submitted to Defence Minister AK Antony during his recent visit to Arunachal Pradesh.



ITANAGAR, Mar 1: The Arunachal Pradesh State Council for Science and Technology in a release clarified that no scientist/engineer of  Arunachal Pradesh State Council for Science and Technology is involved in the reported irregularities in awarding works of State Data Centre (SDC) and State Wide Area Network (SWAN) as published on March One issue of The Arunachal Times.

SDC and SWAN are not a subject matter under Arunachal Pradesh State Council for Science & Technology but are under Arunachal Pradesh State Council for IT and e-Governance (Department of Information Technology), it added.


Association bats for single carriage contractor

ITANAGAR, Mar 1:   In its representation to the Papum Pare deputy commissioner today, Arunachal Pradesh Fair Price Shop Dealers Welfare Association has demanded the authority to select Arunachal Pradesh Cooperative Consumer Federation (APCCF) as single carriage contractor for PDS in Papum Pare district.

It claimed that due to numerous nominees for various public distribution items, the commodities are not properly reaching to consumers. The Association requested the DC to award the contract work directly without floating any tender notice.


3 houses gutted

KHONSA, Mar 1: Three housed were completely gutted in a devastating fire at Kanubari on February 28. However, there was no report of any casualty according to reports received from Kanubari ADC. WRD Minister and local MLA N.Tingkhatra expressed shock at the fire mishap. He urged the District Administration to render all possible help to the victims. DIPRO


Arrest of assailants demanded

ITANAGAR, Mar 1: Lobi-Cola Colony Development Committee and Lobi Wildlife Range Development & Protection Committee demanded the Itanagar police to arrest the assailants of its chairman Tagio Tadik at earliest.  It also demanded the authority to evict the illegal occupants of government quarters at the colony.


Re-polling demand quashed

ITANAGAR, Mar 1:  Reacting to the re-polling demand by some candidates of Indian Youth Congress (IYC) election of 31 Aalo East, IYC president today rejected the demand claiming that the demand was made by disgruntled candidates.  He claimed that out of the 57 voters 56 had cast their votes and hence demanding for re-polling holds no ground, added Aalo East IYC president.


Forum serves ultimatum to RHEP authority

ITANAGAR, Mar 1:  Ranganadi Hydro Electric Project Affected People Forum today served 7 days ultimatum to Ranganadi Hydro Electric Project authority to fulfill their demands failing which it threatened to launch rigorous agitation against NEEPCO in the project areas.  

It claimed that despite their repeated pleas the power developer has failed to fulfill the  grievances.  

Earlier, the Forum demanded immediate withdrawal of eviction notice served to circle officer by the RHEP. It also sought free power supply to affected people within 10 kilometers as per the agreement with government and regularization of local employees working under the project.


Documents gutted in fire

ITANAGAR, Mar 1: Claiming that all academic certificates of one Tezu Hakhun along with some important documents of Education Development Organization Society (EDOS) were gutted in a fire accident at Bank Colony Khonsa on February 29 last,  EDOS today appealed to the authority for providing immediate relief to the fire victim for rehabilitation.


Reshuffling of overstayed officers demanded

ITANAGAR, Mar 1:  Claiming that officers of Indian Administrative Service are rendering their service in the state for more than four years at one place, Arunachal Pradesh Indigenous Tribes Union today sought the authority to reshuffle the officials in order to maintain transparent and check corruption in government functions. The Union also demanded replacement of  the state chief secretary saying that he has already overstayed.


Weavers’ awareness camp

ROING, Mar 1: A weavers’ awareness camp on Weaver Credit Card Scheme was held at Anchal Samity Hall here yesterday. Altogether 75 weavers from various villages attended the camp which was sponsored by the Central Govt and organized by the Textiles  and Handicraft department of state Govt.

Attending the camp, Roing ADTH Aparang Pertin informed that the main objective of awareness programme is to provide timely assistance from banking institutions to the weavers to meet their credit requirements for investment, working capital in a flexible and cost effective manner.  

He further said all workers involved in weaving activities can avail the benefits of credit scheme under some conditions.

Speaking on   the occasion, Chief Manager (Lead Bank) Tezu, Abhijit K Deb called upon the weavers to avail the benefits under credit card scheme. He also highlighted the procedures of obtaining bank loans. Roing Apex Bank branch manager M Linggi and SBI field officer R K Das were present on the occasion.


News Impact


Water bodies and pollutions

Environmental experts say that the water bodies in Kashmir are feeding on a tide of pollutants and are shrinking at a rapid pace and devastation of these bodies of water has started particularly in the last two decades. The world famous Dal Lake, which attracts international tourists, has shrunk from 58 square kilometers in 1953 to 11 square kilometers. The lake has also lost 12 meters in depth.

Massive encroachments and erection of many structures, house boats, and hotels have led to the reduction in the size of the lake and it  has also witnessed massive pollution. Sewage from houseboats and hundreds of hotels in the vicinity of Dal Lake finds its way into the lake. Around 65,000 people live in houseboats and small islands in the lake. The plans of the Kashmir government to shift the Dal-dwellers and rehabilitate them elsewhere are yet to be implemented with success.  

Experts have expressed concern that pollutants not only pose a threat to the water body and human health, but are also dangerous for the fish and other fauna in the lake.  

Taking note of the deteriorating situation of the lake, the state's high court has literally taken responsibility of protecting the lake by issuing several directives ordering the government to safeguard the lake, which, according to the court, has turned into a swamp.

The Dal Lake is not an isolated case in Kashmir. Reports show that the Wullar, Mansbal, and Anchar lakes are likewise under threat. Wullar, the largest freshwater lake in Asia, has shrunk from 190 square kilometers to 72 square kilometers. Despite having been named a Wetland of Intertional Importance under the 1990 Ramsar Convention, illegal use of 8260 acres of land officially designated as federally-protected lakefront continues at Wullar.

Now what need is a policy to stop these water bodies from perishing.

Incorporate job openings too

Dear Editor,

I would really appreciate if you could possibly take the efforts to publish the details of job openings in the State in your online version as well.

Many a time, the student's who are studying outside fails to appear or actually fill up the forms because of lack of information.

Since this daily caters to a lot of people studying or staying outside, it will be an added bonus for them if they can have the job's information as well.


Tato Payeng, Mumbai



A gross mistake

Dear Editor,

I was travelling on Rajdhani Express on Feb 27 from Bengaluru to New Delhi. On the train I came across 'Rail Bandhu' - the on-board magazine of Rajdhani, Shatabdi & Duronto Express. Well, the magazine proved to be quite informative but i did not expect to see such a big blunder, a gross mistake in the geographical map of India.

In the article named "Saga of Saag" the map showed geographical area of the state of Assam but named it Arunachal Pradesh, This is a huge mistake. Even a fifth standard student knows that Assam & Arunachal Pradesh is two different states. Its not that both came into existence recently. Infact, Assam was born at the time of Independence of India and, Arunachal Pradesh was born in 1980s. What a shame! Today if this mistake is noticed by some foreigner travelling by train, what impression will he have about Indians!! He might think of Indian authors and editors as people who speak so much about everything but, don't know about their own country, their motherland properly. Even a 10 yr-old fifth standard student has better knowledge about India.

My efforts to bring light to this shocking incident will not succeed without the help of the media. Therefore, i request you to kindly bring this matter in front of the masses in every way you can. So that such big blunders regarding North-Eastern States are not committed again in the future.

Hoping for a better tomorrow.


Dr Tanmoy Nath



Reclaim all govt land

Dear Editor,

I am writing not to object over the land encroachment allegations by AAPWU. If the case is authentic, let us make it a beginning to reclaim all the government lands occupied by anyone irrespective of his position. If Ojing Darung has in fact encroached the land as alleged, he should be evicted from the site immediately. Nonetheless, before such a step is initiated, mass eviction should be carried out on all the encroachers in Itanagar and all the district headquarters. Why single out Ojing Darung?

Such type of finger pointing at individuals has become a common method in our state to target officers. The tactic has more cons than pros as it limits the corruption. However, it is adopted more of; to yield favours from officers. The AAPWU and AdiSu should refrain in meddling the affairs of court and government as I believe; the state government is capable to sort out such disputes on its level.

Why is government silent over the government servants taking rents from the quarters they have occupied? Name it and you will find list of people from the level of ministers to clerks occupying  govt lands illegally and often in connivance of land allotment officer.

All the land records should be verified afresh and offenders should be brought to book irrespective of his status.

The government is partly to be blamed for this fiasco. Do the individual departments in our state have enough quarters for its employee? While the low grade employees adjust the family in a single rented room, the boss of the departments builds sky towering buildings mindless of the fact that the department needs new buildings as well. The near and dear ones of ministers and officers flout rules as they please. Earlier, occupying govt. land was a thing heard in capital. Now the practise has become rampant in district headquarters as well.

It also has come into the light that when the authorities take action against the defaulter, the person is transferred at the earliest.

Occupying government plots restricts the development of new infrastructure hindering the building and growth of a state. Twenty years from now, it is my assumption that no vacant plots would be obtainable for new constructions in district headquarters if the present rage of land grabbing is not interrupted by the society.


Aditya, Itanagar



Restore connectivity

Dear Editor,

I fervently request BRO authority to re-erect Bailey bridge over Deopani which collapsed couple of months back.

It is matter of great concern that the BRO Roing-Hunli authorities are not inching towards the re- construction of this bridge. It is located at 0 Km point of Roing-Anini road, its restoration is vital keeping in view of summer pour which makes vehicle uncross-able through the temporary river crossing pass.

If not re-constructed at earliest, commodities supply to Dibang Valley District including part of Lower Dibang Valley District viz., Hunli-Desali Circle will be greatly affected.


Empi Meya

Zilla Chairperson

Dibang Valley




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