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River and the RDX…

Lota Singhi

ITANAGAR, Mar 4: Nations across the world are engaged to save the world from further degeneration but unfortunately for people, government and administration in Arunachal Pradesh, environmental issues have become a mere joke. Many influential people, including politicians and bureaucrats of the state, are involved in creating environmental nuisance, inspiring the younger generation to ape them.

One trend that has been overlooked by the people in power is the use of RDX in the state. Indirectly, these people are responsible for such widespread use as many a times these influential people are invited as VIP in some occasions where villagers use explosive like  RDX to catch fishes to be used in the programme.

RDX is dangerous explosive materials which are issued to be used only by authorized licensees for lawful use in civil engineering applications such as mining, tunneling, removing of bedrocks, outcroppings for building or highway construction. But in Arunachal Pradesh almost in all the districts, people are selling RDX openly at the cost of just Rs.100 or 200. These RDX are used as a tool to kill fishes. Harmful chemicals in the explosive like ammonium and nitrate pollute the water body and kills aquatic lives which is a great threat to the environment.

Winter season is the worse period, particularly in East Kameng district as massive destruction is done because of use of RDX. Due to picnics and for commercial purpose, the killings using RDX goes unabated. The impact is maximum as the water flow is lesser during winter as compared to other seasons. The river, due to less flow of water is unable to protect organisms of the water body from intruders.

In winter season, fresh fishes are available in the local market because of RDX explosive.

The diminishing environment could be preserved if tribal faith and belief system prevails.

The tribal people have their own method of worshipping the nature and in the process nature is not only preserved but revered too. But with the onslaught of foreign culture, such trends are diminishing.  Modernization has brought in new culture which has no respect for nature.

Today the people of the region have lost their emotional relations with the rivers as the wave of modernity have blown away the love and affection of people towards nature. Such evil practices not only pollute the water but also contaminates the aquatic organisms, wildlife as well as human beings.  In the winter season, one can hear the sounds of several RDX explosions in River Kameng and other rivers of the district. Sometimes it shake Seppa town. The tremor is felt even in the offices of politicians and administrations but no one comes out from their rooms to take action against the illegal activities.

It is widely believed that if a construction works is initiated in the district it means that people have easy access to RDX to use in the rivers for fishing.

The loophole of administration is inviting a major disaster in the state, as RDX is a great threat to nature and human beings. If it falls in wrong hand, the consequences could be fatal. It is high time for the government and administrative and citizens to realize the danger of using RDX.


Appeal for resumption of road construction to connect remote Lada

ITANAGAR, Mar 4: The All East Kameng Students’ Union (AEKSU) and East Kameng Middle Zone Students’ Union(EKMZSU) have strongly reacted against the temporary suspension of PMGSY road construction from Richukrong to Sekong (Lada) of East Kameng district.

It is reported that the court has issued a suspension notice after a contractor filed a case against the ongoing PMGSY road construction.

Lada is a circle headquarters in East Kameng district which was established in 1980. However, the area doesn’t have any road connection till this day and native people have to march on foot for 10-12 hrs to get basic needs. In fact Lada is the remotest place of the district which is located along the international boundary and it needs urgent road connection for rapid development of the areas and also to provide a sense of security to the dwellers.

The sanctioning of PMGSY road construction was a great relief for the natives of the area; however due to filing of the case by some contractors in the court; there has been disruption in the smooth progress of the road work, the students unions said.

The construction has already covered 10km.

AEKSU and EKMZSU urged contractors to solve the case through mutual dialogue for the greater benefit of the native people of concerned areas.

Further, the unions have urged the state government to intervene in the case.



Celebrating Losar with a difference

Gyati Kacho

DIRANG, Mar 4:  It is said that new grounds are laid and hopes harnessed by building bridges across the unknown paths. True to the spirit of Losar, the new year of the Monpas, a new beginning was laid with initiation of celebration of this festival in open grounds perhaps for the first time in the history of West Kameng district at Dirang during this season. Heralded by Dirang MLA Phurpa Tsering, the shackles of so-called closed door nature of this major festival of the Monpa tribe was taken to new and unprecedented heights by hitherto breaking the aura of seclusion associated with the festival.  

The seven-day continuous non-stop celebration of the festival since last Sunday covering every major village of Dirang circle was an innovation in the sense that the festival attracted not only lively open Monpa participation unlike the past, but also avid and enthusiastic participation by other tribesmen and Govt. officials serving in West Kameng district.

“The idea behind this ‘open celebration’ is that I want our festival should also be celebrated like Nyokum, Dree, Mopin, Solung etc which creates not only bonhomie amongst the Monpas but also serves as a platform of camaraderie and understanding between all tribesmen of the state”, says the MLA.

The marathon celebration was also unique with its various topographical venue locations spread over a distance of more than 100 kms radius. Be it the extremely high altitude Lubrang, situated at an altitude of more than 10,000 feet above sea level and standing face-to-face with the majestic Sela Pass or warm Salari, located at the foothills of Bomdila, the charm and fun of the festival was livid which could have been a delight to tourists.

In midst of this air of festivity, the charismatic local legislator was also pragmatic enough to listen and understand the grievances of his people for which he announced suitable remedial and developmental packages on the spots. Joining him in reaching out to his people were the various heads of departments of the district including the deputy commissioner.

Acknowledging gratefulness to Chief Minister Nabam Tuki for extending his wishes on the occasion to Monpa community, a minute of silence was observed in memory of departed CM’s mother and 1000 blankets were also distributed to needy villagers which had been gifted by CM under his relief fund during the celebration at Lubrang.



MP resents quality of BRO works

ITANAGAR, Mar 4: The Member of Parliament Ninong Ering called on the officers of the GREF/BRO at Tuting during a visit and expressed his dissatisfaction and resentment over the sub-standard, low quality and poor maintenance of the road from Dite-Dime to Gelling constructed by the BRO.

During his interaction, Ering asked them to speed up the road widening work by maintaining quality and standard at the earliest.

He further informed that he would take up the matter with the Defence and Home Ministry at the Centre and High Command of the BRO in New Delhi soon as Tuting and Gelling are located at the most sensitive and strategic locations bordering China.

On way back the MP visited Mossing, Migging, Janbo, Bomdo, Ramsing villages and other  located along the left bank of the Siang river. The MP also visited the site of road construction under the PMGSY programme at Zido to Ngamying. Earlier, Ering inaugurated a mega eye camp at Govt. Hospital, Tuting on March 3 sponsored by local MLA Alo Libang.

Inaugurating the camp, Ering said that such camps in remote locations like Tuting bordering China was a very rare opportunity for the rural poor patients.

Ering appreciated the health department for organizing the Eye camp enabling the poor patients from the far flung areas to get benefit out of it.

Dr. Kaling Jerang, Dr. Rajen Kombo and others from General Hospital, Naharlagun and Dr. Ahik Miyu are camping at Tuting for a week to carry out treatments. DIPRO



Tribute to Late Dorjee Khandu &

Late Nabam Maga

BOMDILA, Mar 4: The 2139th Losar of the Water-Dragon Year at Bomdila was celebrated with all solemnity.

Chairman of the Losar Celebration Committee Deputy Commissioner Rinchin Tashi in his address paid rich tributes to Lt. Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu and Lt. Nabam Maga; mother of present Chief Minister Nabam Tuki, who died on February 29.

A 2-minutes silence was observed in honor and memory of Lt. Nabam Maga, praying for the eternal peace of the departed soul and to give strength to the bereaved family to bear the irreparable loss.

As a mark of respect to the departed souls, the general Losar celebration at Kameng Club Bomdila the day before was bereft of any cultural programme or other source of entertainment.

However, all the HODs, general public, General Manager BSNL, Commanding Officer 8-JAKLI with other army personnel and the chief patron of the Losar Committee MLA cum Parliamentary Secretary for HPD RT Khunjuju attended the community lunch.

Earlier, Ngawang Tashi Bapu, Principal Dahung University and a previous Grammy Award Nominee dealt at length on the concept of Losar – ‘Lo’ meaning ‘Year’ and ‘Sar’ meaning ‘New’ for the benefit of the non-Buddhists as the general Losar was mainly organized for the people having other religious affiliations, reports DIPRO.  

Meanwhile, the Paktu Ao Youth Association (PAYWA) along with Paktu Area People’s Forum (PAPF) has conveyed its heartfelt condolences to Chief Minister on the  sudden demise of his mother Nabam Maga. The organizations prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul.



Pariksha De Hastein Hastein cum

Career Counselling

ITANAGAR, Mar 4: Vivekananda Kendra Arun Jyoti organized a five day workshop “Pariksha De Hastein Hastein Cum Career Counselling” for the students of D. N .G. College from 28 Feb in order to prepare them mentally, physically and psychologically to face thier exams confidently.

Rupesh Mathur, State Organizer of  Vivekananda Kendra Arunachal  Pradesh explained the Concept of exam, confidence building, memory development, techniques for concentration, importance of sleep, technique for gaining energy and study.  

In practical session Students were taught breathing exercises to help them keep their body and mind healthy.

Jahang Ajang, Education Counsellor conducted the whole workshop and took the session on Career Counselling & guidance which helped the students to choose their goal.  

 It is worth mentioning here that the games for development of concentration and memory were also taken by the Vivekananda Kendra workers.



Assam writes to Centre for joint operation against Maoists

Jorhat, Mar 4: Assam government is awaiting union home ministry's clearance to carry out joint operations with Arunachal Pradesh government against Maoists who established bases in the inter-state border areas of the states.

Director General of Police Jayanta Narayan Choudhury told reporters here that they had sent reports to the union home ministry and was waiting for its nod to flush out Maoists along with Arunachal Pradesh government from the area.

"According to intelligence reports, the Maoists have established their bases in the areas bordering Assam and Arunachal Pradesh with the help of other militant outfits since 1990s, but during the last two years they have become very active in the upper Assam districts," Choudhury said.

"We have got some vital clues in Sadiya and Tinsukia recently after the recent arrest of two Maoists who frequently travel between Arunachal and Assam," the DGP said.

The Maoists were also working with some overground organisations for fresh recruitment and extortion drive in certain areas of upper Assam, Choudhury said. PTI

Poverty and World Bank

In every region of the developing world, the percentage of people living on less than $1.25 a day and the number of poor declined between 2005-2008.  An estimated 1.29 billion people in 2008 lived below $1.25 a day, equivalent to 22 per cent of the population of the developing world. By contrast, in 1981, 1.94 billion people were living in extreme poverty. The update draws on over 850 household surveys in nearly 130 countries, according to a World Bank report.

Post-2008 analysis reveals that, while the food, fuel and financial crises over the past four years had at times sharp negative impacts on vulnerable populations and slowed the rate of poverty reduction in some countries, global poverty overall kept falling. In fact, preliminary survey-based estimates for 2010, based on a smaller sample size than in the global update-indicate that the $1.25 a day poverty rate had fallen to under half of its 1990 value by 2010. This would mean that the first Millennium Development Goal of halving extreme poverty from its 1990 level has been achieved before the 2015 deadline.

The $1.25 poverty line is the average for the world’s poorest 10 to 20 countries. A higher line of $2 a day (the median poverty line for developing countries) reveals less progress versus $1.25 a day. Indeed, there was only a modest drop in the number of people living below $2 per day between 1981 and 2008, from 2.59 billion to 2.47 billion, though falling more sharply since 1999, the report says.

However, experts  feel, having 22 per cent of people in developing countries still living on less than $1.25 a day and 43 percent with less than $2 a day is intolerable.

A concerted effort is needed to reduce poverty by creating better job opportunities, delivering better education and health services and basic infrastructure.


Parents appeal for calm

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Mar 4:  Fearing a backlash against the people from Karnataka residing in Arunachal after 50 students were allegedly beaten up by a local mob in Bangalore on Thursday, parents of Arunachalee students, who were at the receiving end, has appealled for calm.

Expressing its serious concern over the latest report, parents of Arunachalee students today made fervent appeal to the people of the state not to commit such crimes. It said that such a move will pose a serious threat not only to those students studying in Bangalore but also jeopardize the interstate relationship.

The parents further stated that law should take its own course of action on  whatever happened in Bangalore and people of the state should not do anything that would have serious repercussion.


7  houses gutted in different fire accidents

ITANAGAR, Mar 4: Six houses along with properties worth lakhs of rupees were completely gutted down in a massive fire accident at around 2.30 a.m. at Sigin Colony, Daporijo yesterday.

Meanwhile, All Nyishi Youth Association, Upper Subansiri District Unit appealed to the chief minister to immediately provide relief materials and compensation to all the fire victims of Sigin colony.

It also appealed to the local MLA, DC, HoDs and public of the district to extend help to the victims.

In another fire accident, the dwelling house of Larmin Taipodia of Upper Borajan, Likabali along with properties including important certificates were completely gutted in a fire accident recently.

All Arunachal Pradesh Border Students’ Union alleged that the cause of fire accident was due to short circuit. It demanded the concerned department to compensate the loss.


National seminar

ITANAGAR,  Mar 4: The Department of Political Science, Rajiv Gandhi University, in collaboration with the Indian Council of Social Science Research, NERC, Shillong, is hosting a national seminar on “Voices from the Border:  India’s Response to the Chinese Claim on Arunachal Pradesh” at Banquet Hall, Itanagar on  March 8 and 9 .

Governor Gen (Retd.) J J Singh and Professor CV Ranganathan, former India’s Ambassador to China will deliver the keynote address. Scholars and Chinese experts from across the country will be participating in the two-day seminar.


AAPSU calls for proper investigation

ITANAGAR, Mar 4: All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) has appealed to the concern authorities to carry out proper investigation into Nirjuli fire incident, in which a 26 year old mother and her minor two sons were charred to death.

In a release, AAPSU General Secretary Tojum Poyom said circumstances of the fire incident is suspicious and therefore needs proper investigation.

“Few days before incident, some people during late night came to steal water pipe from the residence of the victim. When victim’s husband chased them away, he was threatened with dire consequence. Police should use such clue and carry out investigation,” said Poyom.

He called for enquiry by first class magistrate in this regard. Further highlighting the various case of arson in capital, AAPSU stated that capital police has failed to solve any case till now, which is encouraging criminals in the state.


‘Declare results’

ITANAGAR, Mar 4: All Arunachal Engineers’ Games and Sports Association has demanded the authorities concerned to declare the results of junior engineer recruitment under sports quota in various department.

“The advertisement for the posts was given six months back but results are yet not declared,” the association said.

The association also demanded state government and various departments, including RWD, PHED, Hydropower, Power, APEDA, Education, Tourism to advertise the posts of junior engineer under sports quota.


NPF incharge visits Changlang

ITANAGAR, Mar 4: Tingkap Wangnow, incharge Member of Naga People’s Front (NPF) for Tirap and Changlang visited Changlang.

Wangnow inspected the recently opened NPF office and appreciated the party’s progress. Later a general meeting was held at Phangtip village where G.B, ASM, local church members and village folks attended.

During the same occasion, Wangnow on behalf of NPF party felicitated the members of Naga Students Federation of Changlang.  He asked them to work for Naga People and their society.


IDEA distributes nets

BALIJAN, Mar 4: Itanagar Diocesan Empowerment Association (IDEA), IMCP II in collaboration with NVBDCP and Caritas India distributed long lasting insecticidal net (LLIN) to 620 beneficiaries of Balijan zone today.

Fr. Joseph, the new director of IDEA, inaugurated the function in presence of Tai Taggu, the  Extra Assistant Commissioner of Balijan, P.K Das Malaria Surveillance Inspector of Balijan PHC, Techi Kako, the Headmaster of Lenka Middle School, among others.


Awareness prog

ITANAGAR, Mar 4: NABCONS, a NABARD consultancy services organised a one day  Awareness Camp on Agriculture Marketing Infrastructure, Grading and Standardization at Aalo and Pasighat on March 2 and 3 respectively. The programme was sponsored by National Institute of Agricultural Marketing (NIAM) a Govt. of India enterprises.


ITBP’s relay LRP baton reaches Daporijo

ITANAGAR, Mar 4: The relay Long Range Patrol (LRP) baton of the ITBP golden jubilee reached Daporijo from Kimin yesterday.

Upper Subansiri deputy commissioner Ameya Abhyankar, senior officers of SIB, Rajput Regt, GREF and CRPF, civil administration, business men and local people of Daporijo witnessed the historic LRP.  

The team carrying the Baton motivated the educated youths for joining ITBP. The team also conducted an awareness programme on HIV/AIDS and water borne diseases.

The relay LRP will advance towards Nacho tomorrow .

The relay LRP Baton was started from Kibithu in Arunachal Pradesh and is scheduled to end in Leh, Jammu and Kashmir, on October 24, 2012.



1. The news item under the heading “Fresh allegation of govt land encroachment” was unauthenticated. We regret the mistake and apologise for any trauma caused because of the publication of the news item on March 3.

2. In a news item under the headline “New village inaugurated” that appeared in March-4 edition of this daily the name of the village was wrongly spelled as Pojo instead of Tojo. Error is regretted.

3. The poem published in Spark page under the title “Oh Lord, Rescue me from Blame Game!” was wrongly credited to Sanya Khan. The poem was actually contributed by Yumri Taipodia from Bangalore. We regret the mistake.


A clarification  

Dear Editor,

Kindly refer to the article published in your daily on 3rd March 2012 titled “Niglok IGC without man and machine” in which it is quoted that I moved the state Industry Minister to grant sanction for construction of RCC boundary wall around industrial complex and to appoint adequate staff but to no avail.

This is not true as the Minister is very positive about the Industrial Growth Centre and its development. He is taking personal initiation to develop the growth centre and had visited the campus on December 4, 2011, the first establishment he visited after being sworn in as the Minister Industries is the Industrial Growth Center, which says a lot about his will to develop the lone growth center in the state.

The author of the article has misquoted me and I would like to clarify my stand on it.


Jumbom Riba

ADI cum Project Manager

IGC Niglok



Govt’s hallow promise

Dear Editor,

I read the letter written by Hage Tarung on fulfilling the promises made by government under 'CM Talent Award Scheme announced in 2011-12. I would like to suggest all such students not to expect much from the govt. of Arunachal Pradesh who only makes hollow promises.

Actually they don't want to expend funds on education, they would not pay SSA teachers for months and months, they'll only express their fake concerns stating that the youths are the future of the state and they really need to work hard. I don't understand what kind of future they want to create when they cant even felicitate such talented students.

The people in power, the so-called  representative of ours does not seem like our representative rather they represent something else. We are not asking it from their pocket but at least they can sanction it from the educational fund which I think is merely used.

Neither we have good educational infrastructure and sufficient number of teachers from school level to universities, nor we all belong to well to do families that we could pursue our higher education in private schools and colleges.

Peter A. Burleigh, American Ambassador who recently visited RGU said that they in U.S emphasize more on innovations. But very unfortunately here those minds which have such potentialities are not being encouraged.

Lastly, I hope that despite such negligence all such brothers and sisters of our state will continue their hard work on their studies because it is the only price they have to pay for success.


Common Citizen



Who are we?

Dear Editor,

In European countries Indians are against racism. But in our own country racial discriminations have become an identity. Why mostly north-east students are discriminated in other states? Why we need safety in own country? The question is who we are?

Recent incident at Bangalore with fifty students as victims is condemnable act and justice must be given without any delay. I also request our students to be careful wherever they stay.


Pakli Lombi,


Arunachal Students Coimbatore



The media and dams

Dear Editor,

We all know about Subansiri project but in interior areas of Arunachal Pradesh many companies from Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata have set up small and big dams which media has not focused upon. The media which is again a tool of govt to an extent has not focused on those dams because of which the Brahmaputra is drying up.

You need not go to China, just go to interior areas in Tawang, Dirang circles and you will see dam constructions on the tributaries of the Brahmaputra, the water is held up in the gorges among hills and everyone should be ready for dam-made flash floods.

Next, the thing called power scarcity. It is due to theft in power lines and misdistribution and malpractices in power distribution. These things are never talked about. Nagaland is the only north-east state which is showing some sanity and investing on solar power. The Kohima solar city project and electrification of villages with solar power without causing flood and displacement is a great achievement of the Nagas and the Nagaland govt which does not kneel before Indian propaganda easily and question the truth behind statements in morning papers and TV channels.

Govt may fool around people but there is a superpower which does intervene from time to time to teach man some lessons in disaster, unfortunately the lesson affects common man in the form of floods and earthquakes. So these high profile robbers never care for the lives and living of the ‘aam aadmi’.


Vox Populi



Don’t harm the reputation of medical fraternity

Dear Editor,

Time and again Arunachal Pradesh Doctors’ Association (APDA) is coming across allegations and counter allegations in the Readers’ forum of the Arunachal Times relating to role of AYUSH Doctors in the state. On this matter the Association had extensive discussion with the Head of Departments and drew following conclusion.

Health is a state subject. The State Govt. has to decide what is best for the state.

Few AYUSH Doctors were trained (Short course) on use of Allopathic Medicine at State Hospital, Naharlagun. However, administrative approval for use of Allopathic Medicine by AYUSH Doctors could not be materialized at Government level as respective Councils had their reservations on ethical issues.

The supply of AYUSH medicines was short and inadequate till recently. However, there will be no dearth of AYUSH Medicines at all Health Care level in the state as the money from Govt. of India for procurement has reached the state and the Department is in the process of taking appropriate measures.

There is no registered Association under the umbrella of APDA or outside till date as Arunachal Pradesh AYUSH Doctors Association (NRHM). So credibility of claim of such Association is doubtful.

APDA request all concerned to approach the concerned Department or choose an appropriate platform to clear doubts before publishing in the mass media which harms the reputation of the Medical fraternity.


Dr. Mika Umpo,


Arunachal Pradesh Doctors' Association



Inadequate Law College

Dear Editor,

Arunachal Law College is running without sufficient and experienced lecturers since the last two years. The matter has been apprised to the Director of the law college by the students but till today, we are awaiting for corrective measures.

The faculty and other staff members of the college changes after every six months due to lack of payment of salary on time. The college is functioning at the whims and fancy of management of the law college.

Even stipends of the students are disbursed late.

To add to all these problems, the syllabus of law forwarded by the Arunachal Law Academy to RGU exceeds the number of subjects which is against the prescribed norms of Bar Council of India Education guidelines.

Hence in the light of above facts and circumstances, I pray the authority concern for kind interference into the matter for the interest of students and also to uphold the public interest.


Nuang Jamoh




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