March  14


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IG Park soon to become history

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Mar 13: Indira Gandhi Park, popularly known as IG Park by the citizens of state capital, is on the verge of being wiped out from the map of state capital. The ever-growing encroachment is posing serious threat to the very existence of the park. Besides encroachments, the coming up of major infrastructure projects like convention hall along with proposed multi-purpose stadium inside the IG Park is going to have serious implication in days to come.

According to source, majority of the encroachers are from within the department.  The departmental quarters are being replaced by unauthorized private buildings.  If the trend continues, it is feared that the IG Park will become ‘IG Colony’ within next 5 years.

To make the situation worse both capital administration and forest department have completely failed to check the encroachment. “No one is bothered about IG Park. Everybody thinks, since it is government land it can be encroached freely by all. The lackadaisical attitude of the Forest and Land Management Departments along with Capital Administration is responsible for the shrinking of park,” said a sane citizen of the Capital.

However, officials of forest defended that they are doing everything possible to protect the park from encroachment.

“Forest Department had applied for allotment of the park long time ago but capital administration kept us waiting on and on. It was only on February 25, 2010, former deputy commissioner of capital complex, Padmini Singla, allotted 256180 sqm area of IG Park to principal chief conservator of forest (PCCF),” told a forest official.

The allotment came along with some funny conditions set by the capital administration.  As per the clause D, part III of the condition, “Allotment shall be liable to be cancelled, if the land is not put to use within six month from the 6th date of allotment for the purpose of which it is allotted”. By setting the above condition, capital administration is indirectly warning that land allotment will be cancelled if forest department does not carry out any construction activity in the allotted land inside the park within the given period of time.

The construction of convention hall inside the park is also generating lot of controversies with many citizens and organizations expressing fear over its impact on sanctity of the park.  As per record, the area, where the convention hall is being constructed measuring 16, 933.50 sqm, was initially allotted to Department of Art and Culture. Later it was transferred to Urban Development (UD) Department. The convention hall is pet project of late CM Dorjee Khandu and it was during his time that cabinet took a decision to construct it inside IG Park.   The project, being executed by Arunachal Pradesh Infrastructural Development Corporation Ltd and implemented by the state Urban Development & Housing Department, once completed, will have a seating capacity of 1000 people and include basic amenities like restaurants, food court, office with media room, amphitheatre with change room amid ample parking facilities. When it is completed the state of art convention hall will become pride of capital but at the cost of environment. Authorities could have constructed the convention hall at some other suitable place.

 Now there is another proposal to construct multi-purpose stadium at parade ground, where major celebrations, including Republic, Independence and Statehood Day take place. According to the source, the construction work might begin by the end of the year.

It is hard to understand what is the need of constructing a stadium inside a park? Sangey Laden Sports Academy, the lone sports school of the state located at Chimpu is running without any stadium for many years. Authorities can present biggest gift to the budding sportspersons of state by constructing the proposed multi-purpose stadium at Sangey Laden Sports Academy premises instead of IG Park.  With Polo Park of Naharlagun already vanishing, IG Park is the only hope for the citizens of capital.  Let’s save IG Park from going down in history book.


Tuki plays tourism & hydro-power cards, entices foreign investors in Arunachal

TORONTO, Mar 13: In a major path-breaking initiative, a five-member state delegation led by Chief Minister Nabam Tuki held high level meetings with the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce and the Consulate General of India at Skylink Business Centre here and pitched for international investments while projecting the unique natural advantages enjoyed by the State in various sectors.

This first of its kind effort by the state Government is likely to bring in substantial private investments in sectors such as tourism, forestry, hydro-power and horticulture.

Arunachal is now strategically poised for attracting foreign investments in several areas, Tuki said and marketed the state as future power-house of the country and the next major tourist destination. He invited various prospective investors, who attended the meeting, to visit the state and see for themselves the limitless possibilities that exist in the state and assured them of full support from the government in all projects that they propose to undertake there.

He also released a compilation of various investment opportunities in the state, titled, ‘Venture Arunachal’ which has been compiled by the State Planning department.

Speaking on the occasion, Planning and Finance Minister Chowna Mein highlighted the unique cultural diversity of the state and suggested how it should be looked upon as the centre of the South Asian region rather than being located in a remote corner of the country. A comprehensive power-point presentation on the investment opportunities in Arunachal Pradesh was made by the State Planning Secretary Ankur Garg.

The president of the Indo-Canadian Chamber of Commerce Satish Thakkar, while praising the efforts and vision of the Chief Minister, promised to lead a delegation of potential investors to the state within this year to identify specific areas for investment. He also offered to ink a memorandum of understanding to promote tourism in Arunachal.

The meeting was also attended by the Consul General of India in Toronto Pritpal Singh.

Earlier, on March 9 an advance delegation comprising of Tourism Minister Pema Khandu, Planning Secretary Ankur Garg and Tourism Secretary Sonam Chombay, in association with the Consulate General of India represented by the Trade Commissioner of India, New York Sugandh Rajaram, held meetings with the US India Business Council at Harvard Club in New York seeking investments in hydropower, tourism and food processing sector etc.  

Khandu indicated the sites with high tourism potential in the state and explained how these can be developed into viable business models to the mutual advantage of the people and potential investors.

The possible areas for PPP investments in the state were highlighted by Chombay and in a presentation by Garg.

A delegation of the American-Asian Hotel Owners Association will visit Arunachal Pradesh in the month of April this year to identify potential areas for investment in the hospitality sector.

After the Toronto meetings, the delegation left for Ottawa to participate in the Brand India Expo where the Chief Minister has been invited as the guest of honour and which will see participation from more than 300 delegates from 65 business houses.



A blanket state?

Tongam Rina

Winter seems to have passed us as the heat and rains are setting in. Yet we in Arunachal seem to be wrapped up in blankets of many kinds as we move to the financial year ending on Mar 31.

First there was the much discussed gift of blankets to state awardees at the recent Statehood Day celebrations. While done in all good intent, one was just unable to understand why recipients of a prestigious award like the state award was conferred blankets and not the traditional shawl or even a jacket. If nothing else, carrying them home must have been quite cumbersome!

Then we heard news of the blanket of smoke that enveloped the state capital as Dariya hills burnt away for few days. While weaning away people from Jhum cultivation and towards settled agriculture is a task that successive governments and scientific committees have struggled, the fact that this happened in the doorstep- rather in the courtyard of the flagship capital comes as a point to ponder.

When we are unable to dissuade people from burning forest right under the noses of the state administration, what can we expect in far off districts and circles?

While, we need to introspect on the issue of jhum cultivation and livelihoods, we also have to take into the account the blanket earth cutting that is going on in the state capital. As the rains settle in during the monsoon, yours truly can only shudder and imagine where all the loose earth and slush will go and what it will mean for the ordinary citizens who will be blanketed with blocked roads and drains.

As if these were not enough, we have been witness to the defiling of the statues of no lesser than the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi and that of the father of Panchayati Raj in Arunachal, Daying Ering- at a time when we talk loudest about grassroots democracy.

What causes concern about the incidents of the decapitation of the statues of these luminaries was that these happened right in the centre of town, supposedly under the security blanket of this oldest town of the state that only last year celebrated its centennial.

Speaking of security blankets, yours truly is also reminded of the much hyped incident at Borduria village where there was a gun-fight between the warring factions of the NSCN, when in true Hollywood fashion, the Honourable Speaker of the Legislative Assembly was whisked away to safety in a helicopter, I presume leaving behind a blanket of dust and fear in the other citizens who could not be airlifted and have to live their ordinary lives, covering their ears with their blankets to shut off the sound of gunfire.

The only proverbial silver lining in the dark cloud is that the blanket industry must be doing very well in Arunachal these days, as we citizens await the next metaphorical blanket to buy.



Aalo-Mechuka APST bus service


AALO, Mar 13: State Transport Department has re-introduced its bus service from Aalo to Mechuka after a gap of two-and-half years yesterday.

Flagging off the bus, additional deputy commissioner, Mechukha, G Poyom advised the drivers and conductors to wear proper uniform during duty hours and strictly avoid using alcohol while driving for safety of human life and govt. property as well.  He also asked the  passengers and general public to cooperate with the bus staff.  Station Superintendent, State Transport Service, Aalo urged the passengers not to board on the roof of the bus and asked them to journey with proper ticket.

Akar Koje, General Secretary, All Libo Bokar Ramo Student Union (ALBRSU), who organized an awareness campaign in the sideline of the programme, expressed its  happiness over resumption of the bus service and assured the department of full cooperation in every aspect.

T Ragyor ZPM Mechuka/Tato, R L Sarjo, Chairperson ASM Mechuka-Tato were also present and spoke on the occasion. DIPRO



AAPSU objects to Google showing Arunachal as part of China

ITANAGAR, Mar 13: The All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) strongly objected to the Google Earth showing the whole of Arunachal Pradesh and parts of Assam in the map of Chinese Republic.

The repeated showing of Arunachal and now Assam by the Google Earth, the most used search machine, as part of Chinese Republic is confronting with the sovereignty of the country, AAPSU president Takam Tatung said in a release. “The goof up by the Google Earth on the sensitive matter will have far reaching consequences,” he said.

The apex student body of the state called upon the state and central governments to pursue the matter with Google Earth immediately.

The union also criticized the central government for not taking any concrete policy on the border areas after the Indo-China war (1962), which has deeply impacted the region in development front. “No any substantial development has taken place in the border areas,” Tatung lamented and called upon the Centre to give proper attention towards the region and its development.



Govt., Orgs. condemn vandalism at Pasighat

ITANAGAR, Mar 13: Terming the desecration of statues of Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi, former union minister, late Dr Daying Ering and local deities at Pasighat Saturday night as anti-national act, GoAP spokesperson Nabam Rebia today said that the miscreants have tarnished the nationalistic spirit of the state.

Pointing out that the GoAP was in know of the entire issue and Education Minister Bosiram Siram, on behalf of the state Govt, has already issued directives to the East Siang district administration to bring the culprits to book and award them exemplary punishment to send the right message that such anti-national acts would not be tolerated and dealt with a very firm hand.

With the state posing for quantum jump in development with numerous ongoing projects and foreign investors evincing keen interest in investing in the state during the ongoing trip of a state delegation led by Chief Minister Nabam Tuki, Rebia, in a statement, called upon every stakeholder to realize the growth potentials of the state and become willing partner to reap the fruits of the development.

“Any development hurdle would be removed,” the planning parliamentary secretary said,” and regretted that the Pasighat incident was blot on Arunachal face which would be difficult to erase.

Hurt by the vandalization of the statues of Gandhiji and Dr Ering as well as defiling of the statues erected at the entrance gate of Independence Golden Jubilee Higher Secondary School, Pasighat by miscreants, the members of Dayng Ering Foundation (DEF), Pasighat said, “This dastardly act is an insult to the peace-loving citizens of the state which deserves condemnation from all quarters.”

The members of the foundation were unanimous in deciding not to be mere bystanders to the negativities of the development of the township and resolved to endeavour to be the path-finders of the society, more vigorously as ever.   

The Adi Students Union also vehemently condemned the incidents and demanded exemplary punishment to the culprits.

“This kind of dastardly act could create communal disharmony in otherwise peaceful Pasighat town, AdiSU said in a release and called upon the East Siang district administration to immediately nab the culprit(s) involved in the incident and give them exemplary punishment so that such incidents do not recur.

Condemning the incident, the Arunachal Pradesh Abo Tani Clans Youth Organization has appealed to the locals to co-operate with the district administration in maintaining law and order. It, however, threatened to resort to democratic movement in case the GoAP fails to bring the culprits to book within 15 days.    

Expressing resentment at the district administration’s failure to nab the culprits of Pasighat incident, the All Arunachal Pradesh Border Student’s Union (AAPBSU) today supported the Bogong Bango Kebang’s demand for immediate suspension of DC, SP and OC.

While condemning the incident, Pasighat Market Association (PMA) president Onyok Tamuk said that it is a crime against humanity and civilization.  He demanded to bring the culprits to book and award them exemplary punishment within seven days.

Earlier, hundreds of people braving rain joined the candlelight rally to protest the vandalism organized by PMA starting from the site of Gandhi statue. The rally culminated at Dr. Daying Ering statue, near the Siang Guest House followed by floral tribute and rituals.



The chaos theory

Ngurang Meena

I find it very funny when somebody asks me, why are you so unhappy in life? Why don’t you mind your own bloody business and fulfill your desires and be content in life ?

How can I? How can I be happy under such chaotic situations …… Arunachal is our mother land, it breathed life to us, providing all the necessities of life but what is happening to her today? She is being abused daily by the foreigners who keep claiming our land with the blessings of the corrupt leaders. She is being tormented and exploited by the locals and the private enterprises who raid our land for Hydro Power Projects.

Every now and then we hear another tragic story but not much about progress and development in physical as well as human capital.

Our morality has degraded so low that today people are ready to take up weapons for a small plot of land. We are not animals, we feel for each other. Other than blood relation there is a bond of humanity too, which we are loosing it to the foot.

Arunachal, known as the most serene and peaceful land is now taking a new face of terror, where we are starting to feel the vibes of the terrorism and in our own land we feel insecured.

The recent  recovery of  two peoples, including a body of a young boy at Papu Nallah came as a  great shock to me. How can this happen and the funny part is that the police are investigating it only now.

In another case, where a women and two children were charred to death in Nirjuli, here the interesting part is, where were the police, the fire brigades and the loving neighbours. Investigation is going on in this  case too and the so called responsible government compensated Rs 50000 to the husband,  what a joke.

This one is the best, have you ever gone for fishing and come back disappointed?  Try with this new stuff … ‘RDX’… sounds terrifying, right? But you will be surprised to know that people in East Kameng district have been using this fierce explosive to catch fish in the Kameng River which will be hazardous to the aquatic life as well as to the inhabitants. The price is very affordable too, only at Rs. 200. It’s so easy to join or become an extremist group if these goods are available at your door step.

A dream of mine came true when I actually saw the highness of our Governor JJ Singh in the so called flagship event for the convocation of the year 2009- 2011 in RGU. I was pretty excited about it, a huge pandel was setup for around 1600 candidates and also much anticipation for the other dignitaries like Professor Mrinal Miri, the Chancellor of RGU and many others.

To our surprise,  out of 1600 students who registered, only around 700 to 800 actually came.  The students who were seated with the shiny colorful gowns on them were eager to get their Degree Certificates but unfortunately their only role was to applaud for the event and for the toppers who were called upon.

And when the Governor delivered his speech, it wasn’t fascinating at all, we as students look up to them as great leaders.  He merely recited a written note. There was no motivation, no inspirational talks at all, he failed to connect with the students who were supposed to be the glamour of the day but it was the reverse.

And the speech of Prof. Mrinal Miri was so exhaustive ….. he read out almost 8 to 9 pages written speech.

Common, we are the next generation of our society; we look up to them for inspirations and motivations… do not ignore us or underestimate us. We learn what we see and what we hear. So guide us and lead us to the right path of life for a better tomorrow which can be possible only by imparting valuable knowledge to the society. But in a place like Arunachal where in every 15 meters walk we find a wine shop but not a book stall. How can you provide knowledge when the alcohol weightage is more in the society?

So under such pathetic condition how can you expect me to be happy when our very state Arunachal is under turmoil. Just waiting for the day when the good Sun will actually rise in our land.



Chief of Integrated Defence Staff

calls on Governor

ITANAGAR, Mar 13: Chief of Integrated Defence Staff, Vice Admiral Shekhar Sinha, called on Arunachal Pradesh Governor JJ Singh at Raj Bhavan here today. They had wide ranging discussions on development and security related issues.

The Governor dwelt in length on the development activities in the state, highlighting the projects under PM’s economic package, tourism, agriculture and horticulture potentials and socio-economic development projects in rural areas like Poma. The Governor also highlighted the role played in surveying of the Ganga Lake and marking the dangerous areas with multi-colour buoys by the Navy.

On the road projects, the Governor said that the roads are not only for defence purposes but for better administration, better governance and most importantly better socio-economic development of the people of this frontier state.

Vice Admiral Sinha, who is on a two-day visit to Arunachal Pradesh, was accompanied by Maj General PM Cariappa and Brig. H Ravi in the meeting. PRO to Raj Bhawan



Workshop on interim development

plan of Basar

ITANAGAR, Mar 13: The directorate of town planning and urban local bodies in collaboration with general administration and department of urban development and housing conducted the first ever workshop on Interim Development Plan with special emphasis on constitution of Local Planning Authority (LPA) for Basar at Basar yesterday.  Presentation on Arunachal Pradesh Building Bye-laws 2010 was also made as a part of awareness generation for citizen to adhere to the building bye-laws while taking up any form of construction activities in the town.

Basar Addl. Deputy Commissioner, Dr. Sachin Shinde, who presided over the meeting,  briefed about the purpose of the meeting and importance of Town Planning and Building Bye-laws in the real life. Further he urged all the participants to bring in meaningful inputs in the Interim Development Plan of Basar and sought active participation of all the members in the discussion.

Assistant Town Planner Siyang Rebe, discussed in details about the Arunachal Pradesh Urban and Country Planning Act 2007 and different provisions under which the Local Planning Authority (LPA) of Basar likely to be constituted.  He further highlighted on the different power, functions and responsibilities under  the Act  for  development of Basar.

Further, Tani Taloh, Assistant Town Planner, discussed at length about the Arunachal Pradesh Building Bye-Laws 2010 and made aware of its importance. He urged upon all the participants to follow Building Bye-Laws for a safer building by maintaining FAR  while constructing any kind of building in the town.

Heads of the various department as well as public representatives and senior citizens of the area participated in the workshop.

Relief for fire victim sought

ITANAGAR, Mar 13: Sagalee Assembly Youth Congress Committee urged the state government to provide immediate relief to one Nabam Hari, son of Late Nabam Tate of Sengri village under Rusu Panchayat, Sagalee, who have lost all his household belongings in a fire accident on March 9.

“As the incident took place during night hours, no any documents and properties could be saved,” the Youth Congress said in a release and appealed to the state government to provide immediate fund for relief and rehabilitation of the fire victim.


Forum gives 7 days to hold meeting

ITANAGAR, Mar 13: The proposed meeting to discuss the problems of Ranganadi Hydro Electric Project (RHEP) affected people to be held  today at Yazali was cancelled as local MLA Likha Saaya and the executive director of NEEPCO, Shillong could not  turn up due to  ‘ill health.’  The meeting was supposed to be attended by local MLA, DC and SP of the Lower Subansiri district, Head of RHEP, NEEPCO executive director  from Shillong and project affected people. Meanwhile, RHEP Affected Peoples Forum demanded holding of the meeting within seven days. “We will be left with no other options but to launch agitation if the proposed meeting is not conducted within the given time for solution to the grievances.”

The Forum had observed 12-hour bandh  in project site on March 11  in favour of its demand.


DoA distributes fertilizer to farmers

TEZU, Mar 13: The Department of Agriculture (DoA), Tezu distributed fertilizers, bio-pesticides etc. to about 300 farmers of Tezu circle  here today.

While distributing the agricultural utilities to farmers,  Karikho Kri, Parliamentary Secretary (PHE & WS), advised them to go for organic farming and use pesticides on need basis  and judiciously. He also asked the farmers to avail the services of experts of line departments in various farming activities which would help double their production.

The ADC, Tezu, W Khimhun, the Agronomist, VK Verma, DAO, R S Singh, ADOs, and AFAs were present in the function. DIPRO


RBI outreach prog

ITANAGAR, Mar 13: Reserve Bank of India will organize a financial outreach camp at Kimin village on March 26 in order to make the villagers aware on the services provided by the various financial institutions. RBI deputy director H R Khan, state chief secretary and bank officers of various financial institutions from North East are expected to attend the camp.


Checking drive

ITANAGAR,  Mar 13: Arunachal Jagriti, a capital based NGO has urged the dealers and retailers of tobacco products  of the Capital Complex  not to display tobacco products at point of sale (PoS) and abide by various provisions  of  the  “the Cigarette and other Tobacco Products (Prohibition of Advertisement and Regulations of Trade and Commerce, Production, Supply and Distribution) Act 2003.

The organization in a release today said it has decided to conduct a checking drive and impose penalty against violators of the Act.


Grassland development project demanded

ITANAGAR, Mar 13: Ambam Panchyat Anchal Samity Member (ASM) under Yazali circle today appealed to the animal husbandry and veterinary department to  take up grassland development  project in the state, particularly Yazali area  for the domestic animals.

Claiming that domestic animals in Yazali area are now facing starvation due to acute shortage of grassland and fodders, ASM Licha Serbi said  that time has come for state Govt to formulate policy to take up  grassland/fodder projects  to feed the animals like Mithun and cow.


AAPANWA demands action

ITANAGAR, Mar 13:  All Arunachal Pradesh Abotani Nibu (Priest) Welfare Association (AAPANWA) has urged the Capital Complex deputy commissioner to take action against the persons who have allegedly set the forest on fire in Jaami-Jate area on March 12.

In a complaint letter to the Capital DC, AAPANWA president Hari Taro alleged  that a group of persons tried to encroach land in Jaami-Jate area yesterday and later set  the hilltops on fire.

The Association further appealed the administration to take action against the land encroachers at Nibu Nyijik Model village, Jaami-Jate as per the complaints lodged earlier.  


RGU results out

ITANAGAR, Mar 13: The results of B. Ed Semester Examination of Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU), HCTE, Nahar-lagun and DECTE, Pasighat have been declared.

The results can be seen in the University website: www.rgu.ac.in.

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Climate change and river basin

According to a report by scientists, climate change could lead to huge water shortages in southern India’s fertile Godavari river basin. The team of scientists used water flows and soil data in the Godavarai basin from 1961 to 1990 as the baseline and simulated availability from 2021 to 2050 in the near-term and from 2071 to 2098 in the long-term. They predicted a mix of excess rainfall and drought-like conditions in vast stretches of the eastern part of the basin.

The simulations showed rainfall increase in the river basin due to global warming, but with variations in quantity and intensity in different areas. This would result in floods and droughts; soil erosion and deposition of soil sediments in river basins. Scientists say that an increase in soil sediments would lower the capacity of dams and hydroelectric power stations due to clogging, while higher temperatures would reduce the availability of soil water, affecting crops, and calling for conservation practices.

The Godavari study is the offshoot of a series of studies on river basins conducted by the Indian government as part of its national communication project for the 2007 meet of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The present study and the NATCOM project provide inputs into the national water policy that is being revised by the Indian government to incorporate adaptation strategies to cope with global warming.

The revised draft of the policy suggested options like more storage reservoirs including hydropower plants, creating basin committees to decide on local water issues and pricing of water.


Be true to yourself

Dear Editor,

It’s true that people of Arunachal Pradesh are agitated and completely not satisfied with the way our state is governed. Our system is in total mess.

Everyone is aware that the people in power are corrupt from head to toe. But the truth is we Arunachalees do nothing, only brag about everything. We never try to mend our own way of living. Our people have the habit of discussing everything but finally they will land up where they have started and sleep out saying what can we do. Each and every individual in our state especially the educated lots in some way or the other are entwined with the corrupt system and no one is willing to raise their voice. There is lack of sincerity, honesty, will power and determination in every individual. These words may sound like morale lecture but they are the pillar to success. Our people are like those fools who wait for the snake to enter their compound, otherwise they consider themselves safe. But they forget that a snake is a friend of none. I am not asking our people for an outbreak like in Tunisia or Egypt or Libya, but to be true to yourself.


Kesto Loriak




Preserve every drop of water

Dear Editor,

There is every possibility of an alternative for every thing except water.  It is next to impossible to survive without water.  Of all planets, our mother earth is the only planet that has life due to presence of water body. The water content of the earth is around 70 percent. But if we take the case of water scarcity in Itanagar, it seems that the water content is in opposite ratio. There is an acute shortage of water in every sector. It is being supplied once in a week in some sectors, once in three days in another sectors that too for a very short period of 30 to 60 minutes and sometimes the supplied water is not at all useable. How   the city dwellers are surviving with these small amount of water that invites a thorough examination and research.

In metropolis like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata, concern department makes water available every moment that too directly drinkable. Many a times, we use to blame rapid growth of population in the capital complex  for irregular water  and electricity supply, but the truth is that the big cities of our country with 100 times more than  the population of our capital are providing potable water  to the citizens regularly. No doubt, the public as a whole is also responsible for the scarcity of water.

There cannot be enough water without forest and thereby preservation of forest is the need of the hour. As responsible citizens, we can at least plant trees thereby helping in protecting forest and environment. We should remember that every drop of water is important for survival of all creatures. At the same time concern department should take necessary measures for regular and smooth supply of water to  city dwellers.


Minto Ete,




Learn to appreciate

Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

The pathetic batting display in Australia ultimately brought Rahul Dravid to the realization that he was way past his prime and the wall had got crumbled to pieces. Thus instead of trying to hang around the team by exploiting his past glories and achievements, the self-respecting person in Dravid has promptly quit the scene. It is high time the "God" in the Indian team takes a cue from Dravid and immediately calls it a day. When will the completely exhausted "superstar" learn to appreciate the fact that currently he is nothing but a liability of Team India and that he holds absolutely no right to hurt national interests by "presenting" a consistent series of atrociously poor scores just to pursue his "century of centuries" -- nothing more than a personal record and mere piece of statistics?


Kajal Chatterjee,







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