March  29


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Reminiscencing about first Mopin celebration at Aalo

ITANAGAR, Mar 28: Mopin, the main festival  of Galo was first celebrated on community basis in a grand manner on April 1, 1966 at the then Town Club, (present police station complex), Aalo.

It was debated to a great extent whether to perform chicken-liver examination as festival cannot be performed without such examinations as per beliefs and practices. However, it was decided to celebrate the festival without chicken-liver examination.

But another problem crept up again. All the priests refused to perform the rituals of the Mopin due to superstitions attached to it. No priests came out to perform the ritual. At last, late Gotu Bagra turned up voluntarily to perform Mopin rituals. Kore Bagra accepted to perform animal sacrifices for the first time and he continued to take part in such works for the next four years.

It was only after four years that the people began to realize that evil spirit had not befallen on late Gotu Bagra and Kore Bagra as per their superstition perceived earlier. Their agriculture fields began to prosper and yielded bumper production besides enjoying a happy social and economic life. By observing all this things, the people forgot all superstitions and beliefs and came out to enjoy the celebration and indulged in ritual activities.

Rayom Jini voluntarily agreed to sacrifice a Mithun as Pingi Neri. Thus, superstitions came to an end and people of the Galo society took keen interest in the festival and festivities with a broader outlook. Iken Riba, late Yimar Riba, Dagi Bagra, Late Gotu Bagra, Late Gotu Bagra, Late Tadak Gara, Nyamar Ingo and Late Rima Taipodia, Late Doi Taipodia and Gumken Bagra  were the pioneer members of Mopin celebration in the year 1966.

Mopin became a popular festival in Galo society after traversing all odds and reformation efforts put-in by many veteran members. Mopin has awakened all the tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. One after another, the people of Arunachal Pradesh began to claim that every tribe should have one festival of its own. Mopin inspired all other communities to take interest in their festivals and as a result festival revolution started soon. The hidden culture, oral literature, folklores, folk-tales and various other cultural heritages were focused to the outside world. This is a great achievement and contribution of Galo society to the other tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. The pioneers of Mopin celebration, those who had dedicated and devoted their time and energies to bring about our Mopin cannot be forgotten by younger generation.




Assam-Arunachal boundary row resurfaces in Likabali area

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Mar 28: The Assam and Arunachal boundary issue is back to forefront once again. The tension is brewing up in Likabali town as Assam government has opposed construction activity inside Arunachal territory. The problem started on March 24 when Assam officials objected to construction of a multi-purpose stage near Malini temple as part of the preparation for annual Malini Mela-2012 celebration from March 29 to April 4.

Every year thousands of pilgrims from across the country visit Malini Mela for religious purpose. Majority of them are from neighbouring Assam. To cater to the needs of the visitors, the stage was being built by the organizing committee with the voluntary contributions by the public.

On March 24, Assam officials led by HK Pegu, the Sub Divisional Officer (SDO), Sissiborgaon, visited the construction site and sought immediate halt to the construction activities. Taking further step, MS Manivannar, Deputy Commissioner, Dhemaji district on March 26 wrote a letter to his West Siang counterpart Amjad Tak terming the construction activity at Malini area as illegal. He called upon DC Tak to advice Manilinithan Mandir Committee to take prior permission from Assam authorities for such construction. The letter claimed that the land belongs to Assam.

While replying to this, DC Tak clarified that people of Likabali under the banner of Malini Mela Committee have been celebrating this event since 1964 at same ground where construction of stage is going on. But Assam authority had never objected to it. Further he told that most of the visitors are from Assam and the stage is being constructed basically for their convenient.

As per the land record, the area which Assam government is claiming as its own comes under the notified area of Arunachal Pradesh. In order to protect the area from being encroached, the Malinithan archaeological site area was declared as protected area vide notice RES (H) 124/75 dated 12th October, 1981. Many people believe that this problem is arising out of political issue in Assam. The man behind this controversy, H K Pegu, SDO, Sissiborgaon, is believed to be close to Bhuben Pegu, former MLA of Jonai Assembly constituency, who lost assembly election to Pradhan Baruah, the sitting INC MLA. It is also believed that SDO Pegu, at the behest of the former MLA, is creating controversy so that public emotion goes against the present MLA.

However, the ordinary citizens of Dhemaji and nearby districts are getting ready to take part in the celebration. Like every year, they are hoping that this year too celebration will pass off peacefully without any problem. The local Arunachalee citizens of Likabali is seething with anger over this move by Assam.

“We began the construction of the stage with fund collected through great difficulty. Also, the stage is being constructed for the benefit of pilgrims, mostly comprising of Assamese people. Malini Mela is regularly celebrated at the present site every year since 1964. As far as our knowledge and memory is concerned, Assam Govt had never made any objection to it earlier. This sudden action is baffling everyone,” told a citizen of Likabali over phone.

When contacted Ibom Tao, Sub Divisional Officer (SDO), Likabali informed that the SP and ADC, Dhemaji along with police force visited the area yesterday around 7 pm and asked for immediate stoppage of the construction activity. He further informed that, for now, the construction activities have been stopped so that it does not hamper the festival beginning on March 29.

Meanwhile, Galo Students Union (GSU) has expressed strong resentment over this action by Assam officials.

In a press statement, GSU general secretary Pakmik Taipodia urged the state government to take serious note of the illegal action taken by Assam officials. “People of Likabali have been suffering at the hand of Assam authorities for quite long time. To make matter worse, Arunachal government had always given step-motherly treatment to people of Likabali. We are fighting to safeguard our land from being taken away by Assam but our own government is not worried,” said Pakmik. Further, he called on Chief Minister Nabam Tuki to take up the issue with his Assam counterpart immediately.



Assembly passes two more university bills

ITANAGAR, Mar 28: With the passing of the Venkateshwara Open University Bill 2012 and the Arunachal University of Studies Bill 2012 by the state assembly today Arunachal Pradesh is poised to have two more Universities.  

While the Padmawati Education Trust, Meerut sponsored, Venkateshawara Open University,  will be established at Itanagar, the Arunachal University of Studies  will come up at Namsai, Lohit and it will be  sponsored by World Education Mission.

Earlier, Chief Minister Nabam Tuki  said  with the passage of the university bills in the Assembly  the Arunachalee students  will able to continue their education  in own state with lesser expenditure and lesser hardship. The private parties are interested to serve the people of the state and have promised 25 per cent seat reservations besides free education for the BPL students of the state under public private partnership, he informed. There is a plan to have knowledge cities and scientific cities in the state as well, he announced.

Moving the Bills  Education Minister Bosiram Siram said it is right time to improve higher educational sector in the state. He assured of proper monitoring, supervision and vigilance on the functioning of the private universities.

Welcoming the bill, TMC MLA Tani Loffa said the opening of private universities and colleges would in no way burden the state exchequer. It would immensely benefit the economy of the state and its people.

Congress MLA Tako Dabii, while supporting the bill said passing of so many university bills at one go might invite public doubt on the credibility of the educational institutions and the government. He urged the Government to study all pros and cons of the educational bills.  The Assembly also passed Arunachal Pradesh Gambling (Prohibition) Bill 2012 and Arunachal Pradesh Fire Service Force (Amendment) Bill 2012 by voice vote.

Mini Secretariat in all the districts:  Admitting that some of the official bungalows of the Deputy Commissioners constructed way back in the 60s and 70s are in a very dilapidated conditions except for Anini, Tawang and Anjaw, the CM informed the house that the Government has decided to construct Mini Secretariats in phased manners in all the remaining 14 districts in the 12th five year plan on priority basis. The DC offices of Itanagar Capital Complex and Ziro would be taken up in the first phase to be followed by Daporijo. On the criteria for construction of the Mini secretariats as demanded by Roing MLA Laeta Umbray the CM said there is no such criteria, it is based on the proposal submitted the concerned DCs and on the need based basis

Poor BSNL Service: Dissatisfied with the written reply of the CM on horrible BSNL network service in Itanagar and Seppa, Tani Loffa said the damage of underground OFC of BSNL is a mere excuse as it could be reconnected or repaired within a day or two. But in some places service are lying defunct for years together. However, the Chief Minister assured to take up the matter with concerned ministry.

Commissioning of Pacha Hydel Project: To a supplementary of MLA Tapuk Taku, who complained that Pacha Hydel at Seppa is running on a single turbine due to which there is very irregular electricity supply at Seppa township, the CM informed that the other turbine of the Hydel project has been sent for repairing and will be commissioned on its arrival. Nyapin MLA Bamng Felix suggested  that a new turbine should be installed in place of the old one.  



National seminar on pre-colonial history & traditions of Arunachal

ITANAGAR, Mar 28: The Department of History, Rajiv Gandhi University under the UGC, SAP DRS-II has conducted a national seminar on “Pre-Colonial History and Traditions of Arunachal Pradesh: with reference to Tawang and West Kameng districts”, here today.

In his address, Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. David R Syiemlieh said that like many things, Indian history, despite its own historical traditions had drawn influences from the West and by western writers. From early part of the 20th century when Indian history began to be taken as an academic subject, its understanding of periodi-zation was drawn largely on the European models.

There is justified reason for objecting to the classical, if not archaic subdivision of Indian history into Ancient, Medieval and British. If somehow we accept the nomenclature of Ancient and medieval as they are based on variable time scales, there was just no credible reason to have a British period in Indian history as it negates a history of the people of India, he added. He further said though there has been a continuous history of India going to millennia, the periodization of Indian was more influenced on political lines and not on the social, economic and cultural institutions. Historians have to see the significant in change to arrive at the close of an era and the beginning of another. Historians have tried to classify history and to periodize history on the basis of some major event like the Arab conquest of Sind in 712 AD or the establishment of the Delhi Sultanate in 1226.

He asserted that ideally each history should be dated by their own local and significance and yet history incorporates the local into the general adding Indian history is replete with examples of this situation.

“I may be pointed out that historically many tribes and communities of the north east region were not really part of the Indian ethos till more recent times. Historians by giving them an ancient/early, medieval or modern connection past within the Indian contest and without the people’s consent will be contributing to a fallacy in history”, said Prof Syiemlieh.

He added that it is possible to reconstruct the pre-history of some of the tribes from material remains, it becomes difficult to provide the tribal histories with ancient and medieval past because there is an absence of written materials from which to reconstruct that past.

If we want to know about the pre-history, the conventional methods of writing history do not help. We need to take resort to research in linguistics, ethnology and archeology for the purpose.

The department of history RGU may ponder such points and examine what will be the most appropriate term and periodization to use in the case of the history of Arunachal in its long history of humankind in this region.

Speaking on the day, Co-coordinator, UGC SAP DRS-II, Dr S K Singh said the seminar is most important in context to Arunachal Pradesh as the students will learn about the Western part of Arunachal from its historical perspectives.

Urging the scholars to share their knowledge with other students, Dr Singh said the state has its rich traditions and cultures which should be known to all.

The western part of Arunachal Pradesh is rich in all aspects including religion, hospitality etc. and it should be explored and given exposure to the world particularly from historical perspective.

Seminar co-coordinator and Director of Institute of Distance Education, Dr Ashan Riddi said the traditions of Arunachal Pradesh need to be re-growth in historical perspective and the seminar is the best forum to discuss the issue.

Head of Department of History, S N Singh, in his chairman remarks, said the subject ‘history’ is not an opinion; it is based on facts and figures.  A historian has a vast scope to study on the western part of Arunachal and to unearth many untold and unheard histories with the implication of new methodology.



Yet another incident of vandalism


PASIGHAT, Mar 28: In yet another incident of vandalism, the newly constructed RCC boundary wall of the commercial plot adjacent to the Bogong Anchal Bhavan, near circuit house, Pasighat was demolished by an ‘illegal’ settler on Monday night.

However, the offender has reportedly admitted his wrong-doing before Pasighat police stating that he was forced to do so in order to open a path for his residence inside the commercial area.

The plot of land was allotted to a local family in 1982 by the district administration and since then the family has been running business activity in the allotted land.

Since, it is a land dispute case, the police has reportedly forwarded the case to the Deputy Commissioner for necessary action. The incident evoked strong reaction among the conscious citizens, who have demanded strict action against the offender.

“Vandalism has now become order of the day in Pasighat causing serious concern among the locals”, opined some government officials here.



15,000 hectares of Assam's land encroached by Arunachal: Assam Minister

Ojing Tayeng with inputs from PTI

ITANAGAR, Mar 28: Alike Indo-China border issue, the Arunachal Pradesh-Assam boundary issue remains a major cause of concern for the citizens of both the states particularly living in border areas.

In a fresh statement to Assam legislative assembly, Assam Border Areas Minister of State Siddique Ahmed said over 80,000 hectares of Assam’s territory are illegally encroached and occupied by Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya and Tripura.

He claimed that 15,000 hectares of Assam's land have been encroached by Arunachal Pradesh alone out of 80,000 encroached hectares of Assam’s land by neighboring states.

The minister further added that Assam has already approached the Supreme Court to have the lands occupied by Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh back. Efforts are being made by Revenue and Forest departments to evict the encroachers, he added.

Such statement of Assam minister would bring more eviction drives along the Assam-Arunachal boundary and create fear psychosis to Arunachal people living in disputed areas.

It is well known that our people living in Assam-Arunachal boundary areas are constantly living in fear, as the forest and police officers of Assam often resort to unprovoked eviction drive against  the people of Arunachal residing in boundary areas, thereby depriving them of their homes. The Assam officials conduct the eviction drives under the pretext of the Bordoloi Commission report's on the boundary despite signing of a status-quo agreement between Arunachal and Assam governments.

It is worth to mention that the Commission’s report was never accepted by Arunachal right from the beginning.

The Assam-Arunachal boundary issue was also raised in Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly many a times earlier by concerned legislators. But till today both Assam and Arunachal governments could not work out any modalities for bringing out a long lasting solution to boundary row in spite of constitution of a boundary commission.

Hope, the state government would ensure safety and security of Arunachal people living along the foothill areas of Assam-Arunachal boundary before any unwanted incident occurs.



Govt refutes BJP’s charges, spells out ‘path-breaking policies’

ITANAGAR, Mar 28: The present four-month-old state Govt has evolved a number of path-breaking policies and taken up a record number of initiatives for all round development of Arunachal Pradesh, said Chief Minister Nabam Tuki while refuting all charges leveled by a BJP leader on budget proposals and state Govt initiatives.

Addressing the media persons at Nokmey Nimati Hall of the Assembly Secretariat today the Chief Minister said the state Govt has taken up steps for improvement of health sector with recruitment of 100 doctors.  On education sector, the Chief Minister said, the Assembly has approved educational bills for establishing technical institutes, colleges and universities in tune with the Central Govt’s policy for expansion of education sector. Moreover, the state cabinet has taken up many important decisions which include enhancement of student’s stipend and ex-gratia payment and recruitment of police personnel in Tirap and Changlang districts is going on.

The Chief Minister further said that more than 18,000 km Trans-Arunachal Highway works are in progress at satisfactory level and Govt has decided to introduce e-governance in all the district as administrative reform initiatives.

“There could not be greater mockery of a responsible national political party like BJP that their leader’s statement was in total contradiction of what their elected members (MLAs) have given on the floor of the State Assembly during the last few days,” the chief minister said while adding that ‘We always welcome any positive criticism in the greater interest of the state and its people, but the Press statement of a BJP leader was unbecoming.” BJP leaders should know the basics of planning and implementation and difference between public finance and private finance before criticizing just for cheap political popularity,   Tuki said.



District level workshop on creation of DBR held

Aalo, Mar, 28: A one day workshop on creation of District Business Register (DBR) was held under the chairmanship of West Siang Deputy Commissioner Amjad Tak at his office conference hall here yesterday.

In his key note address as the resource person, North Eastern Development and Finance Corporation Ltd. assistant manager G. Thaosen disclosed that Arunachal is the first state to get first installment of 13th Finance Commission Grant (TFC) and each district will get Rs one crore to launch the programme. The ambitious programme envisages to list out enterprises and establishment to develope a frame work about all activities in the district and this will in turn help the government in developing annual action plan, formulating plans and programmes besides generating revenue. Effort will also be made to provide network connectivity to district, state and centre.

District supply officer Doge Naksang and SIS K. Loyi dwelt at length on establishment of District Business Register and Training to trainers recruited for the purpose.

BRC will provide business registration number and principal activity code as per National Industrial Classification 2008 to entrepreneurs in the district. It will be mandatory to quote BRC and activity code for all types of registration in the state.

The meeting was attended by HoDs, BDOs, Panchayat leaders. DIPRO



2nd phase training on NSSK concludes

ITANAGAR, Mar 28: The 2nd phase of 2 days training on Navjaat Shishu Suraksha Karyakram (NSSK, Basic Newborn Care and Resuscitation) for medical practitioners and Nurses concluded yesterday at Directorate of Health Services, Naharlagun.

The training was conducted by the Arunachal Pradesh Medical Council under the aegis of State National Rural Health Mission.

While addressing  the valedictory function, Dr. R  Doye, Vice-President, APMC, said that nurses play a vital role in health delivery system and urged them to be dedicative to their profession.

Dr. Moji Jini, Registrar-cum-Secretary, APMC said “knowledge is power in every profession and especially in medical profession so we must keep on learning to deliver.” After receiving training the nurses can save new born and help decrease Infant Mortality Rate (IMR).

Dr. D Padung, Nodal Officer, state NRHM also advised the nurses to do their duty regularly in their respective health centre. Nurses from District Hospital Seppa and Nampong PHC shared cases of similar nature on the occasion.  

Dr. Hibu Tagyung, Pediatrician, Dr. Bombey Tayeng Toko, Gynecologist and Dr. Koj Jarbo, Anesthesiologist of Arunachal State Hospital Naharlagun attended the programme as resource person.  Sine April last year, 404 medical professional were trained on NSSK.

Training on business registration held

ITANAGAR, Mar 28: A one-day workshop/training on Business Registration Center and Business Registration number was held at Yingkiong today.

Deputy Commissioner-cum-Ex-officio District Business Registrar Liyon Borang appealed the nodal departments/agencies and all other relevant department officers and officials to implement the government policies and programme of effectively and judiciously.

The resource person G. Thaosen imparted the training through power point presentation. He informed that under the thirteen finance commission the Center has allocated Rs 1crore to each of the district of Arunachal to implement the scheme of business registration.

Business Registration Center (BRC) will be set up in every district headquarters under the control of each Deputy Commissioner which will provide Business Registration Number (BRN) to each business entrepreneurs.  60 officers and officials attended the day training programme as participants.


New Banggo created

ROING, Mar 28: The newly bifurcated banggo of Meka Banggo was named as Kundung Banggo after a thorough discussion by all the gaon burahs (GBs) and the banggo secretaries of all the villages of this banggo in a meeting held recently at Kangkong Musup, about 26 km from Roing near Shantipur Gate.

The decision was taken in consequent to the bifurcation of Meka Banggo Bane Kebang into two banggos in its annual general body meeting held at Jia Musup on January 20, 2010.  

All the Adi  villages from Meka, Jia, Bolung, Parbuk , Kangkong, Kabang and its surrounding hamlets will come under the jurisdiction of Kundung Banggo.

This name has been derived from a perennial stream called Kundung that originates near Jia Village. The increasing number of local kebang vis-à-vis with ever increasing population and disputes have necessitated the bifurcation of erstwhile Meka Banggo into two namely, Roing Banggo and Kundung Banggo.


Cancel public hearing: SBF

ITANAGAR, Mar 28: Siang Bachao Federation (SBF) appealed to the West Siang deputy commissioner to cancel the proposed public hearing on environmental clearance for the proposed 2700 mw Lower Siang Hydro Power Project scheduled to be conducted by Arunachal Pollution Control Board  from April 17 to 20 at Jeying, Rottung and Gumin Kine, Aalo.

SBF, in its letter to the deputy commissioner, alleged that the state government has signed MOU and MOA with power developers for the construction of 2700 MW hydel project without any consent and knowledge of the people. Moreover, the Forest Rights Act 2006 for tribal populace has not been considered while signing the MOU/MOA. Further, the project details have not been provided to the majority of people who are totally ignorant about the actual position of the project.

“Mere publications of the DPR  in the newspapers does not serve the purpose,” the Forum said and demanded distribution/publication of literature written in local dialects regarding the project. Prior information should be furnished to PRI members, Goan Buras and public etc for full knowledge about the said project, it said.

Further, Aalo township which is the HQ of West Siang district which falls under submergence or Green Belt Zone did not reflect in the cadastral survey which maintains Aalo as non-affected area which entitled no-risk cover for future damages is a matter of great regret.


Cops urged to implement order

Naharlagun, Mar 28:  The district administration has asked both the Superintendents of Police, Itanagar Capital Complex and Traffic cell, Itanagar to strictly implement the Executive Order restricting entry of heavy trucks in the capital complex during pick hours.

This executive order has not been enforced in letter and spirit resulting in congestion of traffic and parking problems in the Capital Complex, according to the District Magistrate. DIPR


Federation endorses Marde’s proposal

ITANAGAR, Mar 28:  Endorsing former Home Minister Takar Marde’s proposal for an alternate road from Alipurduar in West Bengal along the foothills of Bhutan and via Nechipu Trans National Highway during the Assembly session, All Arunachal Youngster United Federation (AAYUF) today appealed to the other legislators to impress upon the Govt  for early execution of  the proposal to avoid frequent road blockade in Assam. It also said that government and corporations like NHPC should jointly take initiative to materialize the proposed four-lane alternate road project.


Irregularities alleged

ITANAGAR, Mar 28: Expressing dissatisfaction over the tender process for supply of school uniforms by the state project director SSA Rajya Mission, Siang Contractor and Suppliers Union today claimed that guidelines of Union Ministry of Human Resource Development have been violated while floating the tenders. Tender process should be de-centralized at district level as per the guidelines, the union said while adding that other departments  have already adopted de-centralized purchasing policy and SSA Rajya Mission  should also follow the same policy.


Association opposes payment

ITANAGAR, Mar 28: Claiming that  implementation of Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana in Parsi-Parlo area was not up to the mark, All Langbang Sera Yarba Pado and Sigriang Youth Association urged the authority concerned not to release the bill.

Project was not implemented properly as per the guidelines, it alleged and sought action against the erring officials.


INTUC welcomes university bill

ITANAGAR, Mar 28: Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC) state Youth Wing today welcomed the passage of bills in the State Assembly for establishment of universities in the state. It said  that the proposed Indira Gandhi Technological  and Medical University at Ziro will usher a new era in education sector  as well as  generate employment  opportunity.


Admn. assures

ITANAGAR, Mar 28: All Palin Chambang Yangte Gangte and Tarak-Landi Students’ Union  in a release claimed that Kurung Kumey district administration has assured to take up the issue of land encroachment of government higher secondary school, Palin.  The assurance came from the DC when a delegation of the union met  the DC and requested  him to solve the school land encroachment issue, it said.



ITANAGAR, Mar 28: SHRISTI-2012, the annual festival of the North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology (NERIST) will be held from March 30 to April 1. The three days techno-management festival will be participated by eminent academicians and scholars from various higher institutes of the country.

Rajiv Gandhi University Vice Chancellor Prof David Reid Syiemlieh and NERIST director Prof Dipankar Pal would attend the inaugural ceremony of the Festival on March 29 at NERIST auditorium.


Fire at car showroom

ITANAGAR, Mar 28: A major fire broke out at ‘Ford’ showroom near Papu Hill, Naharlagun around 9 pm today. While talking to this daily, Capital SP Hibu Tamang informed that two new cars were partially damaged in the fire incident. However, there was no report of casualty and fire tender from Naharlagun rushed to the spot immediately and doused the fire.   Electricity short circuit in the showroom is reported to be cause of the fire.


NES for enforcement of strict law and order in state

ITANAGAR, Mar 28: Expressing serious concern over deteriorating law and order situation in the state, Nyishi Elite Society (NES) has sought the Chief Minister’s personal intervention in managing the law and order problem in the state.

“The law enforcing authorities must activate the intelligence network, intensify surveillance including intensive night patrolling. Exemplary punishment should be awarded to the perpetrators of crime as per law without succumbing to any interference,” NES demanded in its letter to the Chief Minister.

Citing several instances of anti-social and criminal activities, including burning down of SE, PWD office at Mowb-II on November 4, 2011, APSTS buses at Itanagar bus station on the same night, torching of Government veterinary farm building at Nirjuli on February 2 and murder of an women near IRBn, HQ at Chimpu on March 5, NES lamented that “unfortunately, none of the criminals of those incidents have been brought to book and punished.

In recent past, we have unconfirmed reports of vandalism, threat and extortion in the offices and official residences of senior officers, especially, the technocrats in the state capital as well as District Headquarters. If the matter is not nipped in the bud, it is destined to metamorphose into a law and order disaster for the state, the letter added.


Mopin Sports Day

ITANAGAR, Mar 28: Mopin Sports Day was organized by the Mopin Festival Celebration Committee, at Mopin-Solung Ground here today as a part of Mopin festival.

Various games and sports events, like Sack Race, Three-leg race, T.T. Ball throw, Blind Hit and Spoon race were held during in the morning session today.

Pinku Pinte won the Sack Race in Boys event while Pinku Ome and Ampir Neli bagged the second and third prizes respectively.

In the Women’s Blind Hit events, Agam Neli won the first prize and Kargu Kardi won the second and third prize. In the women’s Table Tennis Ball throw Pinku Pinte won the first prize while second and third prize were won by Bis Bite and Dinyi Loma Popir party respectively.  

In spoon-ball race, Pinku Pinte won the first prize and Ampir Neli and Donyi Sago bagged the second and third prize respectively. The three-leg race competition for the Boys was won by Pinku Ome followed by Hip Tagi and Donyi Sago in second and third place respectively.

The afternoon session witnessed Men’s volleyball Final Match of Senior group and open competition.

Neli Nengo Popir Party won the senior volleyball title defeating Liji Lipin  Popir Party Ampir Neli Popir party won the open while the open competition title defeating Donyi Sago Popir party in a nail biting final match played in the afternoon.

All the Popir Parties of Itanagar took part in the games and sports events.

The Mopin Games and Sports events was started on March 22.

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Spare a day to help Ruma clean up!

Dear Editor,

Someone has truly said that a clean and healthy environment is the first sign of an ideal society. A clean and hygienic society reflects the civic sense and responsible attitude of the people of the locality. Well sadly, we Arunachalis are certainly not the best in this business, as like the rest of India we also lack the habit of social cleanliness and basic civic sense. Youth in Arunachal, I feel, is still unaware of its potential and is in sleeping stage. Most of them are ignorant, inefficient and directed towards the evil side of the society. Our youth are sinking in the glittering world of drugs and entertainment with every passing day. Civic sense and Arunachalee youth sounds like mangoes, on an orange tree. Seems like we have copied every single thing we could from the foreign countries except cleanliness.  

Arunachalee youths are today characterized by the color of ghutkha in their mouth, and it seems like they are proud of it too!

We the youth of Arunachal are one of the most ignorant, self centered, and wasted youth of the country, and do not mistaken my words as I am also inducted in this “youth”. If you feel my allegations are sarcastic, ask yourself what have you done for your society till now? We Arunachalee youths are those, who would die to attend a D.J night party, but never ever attend a social service drive. We would spend 1000 bucks on alcohol and entertainment but wouldn’t donate a penny to the social welfare.

Had our relation with the social conscience ended the day we were born in this world?

We the present generation youth are full of unused power and raw potential, and if ever used, it’s used for the wrong cause. Have you ever imagined what the condition of our state mainstream politics would be, if we youth don’t run around like puppets in their campaign? If youths from our state can climb mountains, win medals, make world records, and contribute to the pride of our state, why we can’t? We don’t need a big platform to contribute something to the society; it always starts with a thought. Let’s have a think about the unhygienic and pitiful conditions of the public places of our society. You must have been through lots of place in our twin capitals where the public places have been filled with trash and garbage everywhere, be it the Ganga market in the central Itanagar or the G- extension area in Naharlagun. Must have seen the garbage dumping area near Balijan or the biggest sewage canal in Itanagar, the Dikrong River?      

This is the story of almost all the sectors, over garbaged dustbins and dirt all around. Even the Itanagar daily market smells like shit.

We have been waiting for too long and I feel it’s our time to take the initiative now. We need to let the young and grown up understand that individual cleanness is good for nothing, without a clean society we all are dirty. Dirty toilets and spits on the walls of public places will only depict the pathetic civic sense in us.

When it comes to initiative, the first step is always considered the most decisive one. I feel proud to tell you that two youths from Itanagar are taking the first step towards the change we have been waiting for. Miss Ruma Nguri, and Miss Kobyum Zirdo, both residents from Itanagar have planned to organize a cleanliness drive programme in the sectors and localities of Naharlagun. This surely seems to be a brave and noble cause they are working up to. This group of college and school going youths met up in a social networking site to start this cleanliness drive and make their contribution to the society.

I request the people of Arunachal especially the “Youth” to spare a day out of their life and take part in this noble initiative and make the society a better place. The drive is scheduled on 7th April 2012 , 9.00am starting from polo park Naharlagun and volunteers of all age irrespective of any bounds are heartily welcome to help. Interested volunteers may contact miss ruma nguri, at 9402197103.

This is just a start, I also request the youths of other towns to conduct such programmees and give their best contribution to the society. Lets us seek the change, stay cool, stay clean and never forget the fact  that, “style is an option, cleanliness is not”. So, what have you decided? Are you helping Ruma clean up?


Nguli Dabi



Team based on nepotism and blatant regionalism

Dear Editor,

This is in response to the news report "Tendulkar's achievement something super human:Srikkanth"(25 March).

K.Srikkanth has stated that in his very first match, Sachin Tendulkar got hit on his mouth and still continued playing despite lots of bleeding! Either Srikkanth is completely ignorant of facts or he is cleverly trying to hide the fact that Tendulkar proved to be an absolute flop on his debut! The incident which has been mentioned by Srikkanth did take place in Sachin's fourth Test at Sialkot. Actually, in his first Test match, Sachin scored merely 15 runs! However such faux pas is not a bit unexpected from the likes of Srikkanth because all traits rational and true cannot be expected from those people who have adopted the Nazi theory that if something is said loud enough, convincingly enough and long enough, it becomes "true" in the minds of its listeners.

Rightly has Srikkanth said that Tendulkar thrives in an imbalanced world! Thus when the whole world witnesses that cricketers get dropped for consistent failures or asked to retire when they get past their prime; Sachin remains such an exception whose religious failures on crucial junctures had always been cleverly swept under the carpet.

Let's view the scandalous contrast in behaviour meted towards Sourav Ganguly and Sachin. It was none other than this very chief selector, K.Srikkanth, who played an instrumental role in forcing the 36-year "aged" Sourav Ganguly to quit international cricket despite aggregating highest Test runs among the Indians in the period between late 2006 to mid 2008, averaging 54 in his last Test series and scoring a Test-winning innings of 85 at Nagpur against Australia in his last match! But the 39-year "kid" Sachin, despite religious failings with the bat since last  year's tour to England and presiding over the team's loss against Bangladesh by wasting precious deliveries to pursue his personal milestone of "century of centuries", will be allowed to retire on his own terms! Thus Srikkanth has not only proved his supreme hypocrisy, but his spinelessness as well. Srikkanth is himself not aware of the fact that by making Sachin the "Super selector", he has undermined the very status of the post he holds! Had Sachin got conspired against like Sourav and was forced to retire in 2008, had he been firmly asked to quit due to his drastic failures; the "super human" achievement of Sachin would not have witnessed the light of the day.

The team which is purely based on supreme double-standards, nepotism and blatant regionalism is bound to bite the dust which is being consistently witnessed in England, Australia and Asia Cup.


Kajal Chatterjee,




Make space for common good

Dear Editor,

I am very fond of reading the Readers' Forum where people express their personal views, place their opinions, grievances and voice their sentiments in various aspects or issues. However, sometimes the contents of the Readers' Forum appear to be filled up with irrelevant, unwelcoming and misguiding stuff which gives wrong impression to our state machinery and citizens’ perspectives.

Therefore, it would be highly appreciated if all of us focus on positive aspects and issues related to common interest of the people of the State.


Jumli Rina,

New Delhi



Dilemma of candidates

Dear Editor,

I would like to express my grievances regarding the interview for the posts of UDC in education department which is going to be held next month in East Siang, West Siang and Changlang districts. Earlier, the interview was supposed to be held at state Capital which prompted me to apply as it was convenient for me to face the interview in Capital Complex.

Now I have to attend interview not in my home district Hq. Daporijo or state Capital but at Pasighat which is not possible for me as I will not able bear  to and fro expenses. I think, many other candidates will also face similar problem.

Therefore, I would like to request the higher authorities of education department to conduct the interview at Itanagar or respective district Hq of the candidates so that they can face the interview.


N G Aying, Itanagar





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